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Thank You Friends of Awate in Toronto, We Hope Others Follow

Dear supporters and friends of, and all readers,

Today, Feb 3, 2019, friends of held their second fundraising meeting in Toronto, Canada. The message above was prepared for that event. We take that opportunity to pass the same message to all friends and patrons of Thank you for watching, The message below is our last report of December 2018, which appeared under the title, Campaign Progress Report.  We will update it soon. ///Awate Team

Dear colleagues and friends of,

It is safe to assume that you are here because you are interested in the news, views, and analysis of what is going on in our region. You are one of the 4,000-5,000 people who visit at least once every three days, or you are one of the visitors who register the tens of thousands of pageviews in Imagine the next time you visit this website, you see an error message telling you this website is no longer active, a few would probably say good riddance and move on while most of you will be anxious about the vacuum this website leaves behind.
Now, ask yourself seriously if the services that provided for the last 18 years is insignificant. If you think it is, then you may stop reading this message.

We are proud to say that our unique voice is very important to our region and we have provided a space for anyone to express their views freely, regardless of their identities or political and social affiliation. That is why we need your support to continue doing what we do.

Evidently, being independent, and at the same time being inclusive, comes at a cost. It’s not easy to offer a balanced, fair, and objective coverage without becoming beholden to any interest group. Taking this precarious position limits the financial support for

However, despite the financial challenges that we face, we remain principled not to appease any social or political group or to advance their narrow agenda. Needless to say, we recognize that we have only those who genuinely appreciate what this website stands for will support it. And you are the ones we are appealing to.
We are grateful for the support of the few dedicated supporters. Unfortunately, we have to push more to get the rest of you to act and chip in whatever amount they can afford. We are still appealing to you to help us meet the minimum financial obligation needed for this website to perform and continue its operation in the manner it did for the last 19 years.

The current fundraising “Campaign” that we launched on November 2018, has yielded $4,100.00. Our target for this campaign is $12,000 and we are still short of $7,900.

So far, 18 friends have acted (15 through Paypal, 2 through bank transfer, and 1 direct), and together they have contributed a total of $4,100. The following are the initials of their names:

1)M.I. 2) G.M.Z. 3) A.W. 4) Y.M. 5) I.A.. 6)A.Y. 7)M.O. 8) T.F. 9) S.H. 10) G.T. 11) F.H. 12) B.N, 13) G.B. 14) A.H. 15) J. Y. 16) M.Z. 17) S.B.H. 18) A.S.

Please also note that one loyal friend has provided us with a camera worth about $400.

Also, during the last 40 days, we have incurred about $1,935 in expenses and we still have some commitments left in addition to other regular operational costs.

We hope that we will meet the fundraising target so that we do not have to go through such campaigns and instead focus on what we do best: providing you with news, opinions, and relevant information.

Finally, we would appeal to you all to help us by encouraging your circles of friends and colleagues to support


Your support donation can be facilitated through the following CHOICES:

1. Credit and Debit Cards

Below the “Support” icon on the frontpage, there is a form through which you can make your donation. At the bottom of the next page, you will have a choice to either make your payment through Paypal or Credit Card.

2. PAYPAL Click the Orange Paypal icon and make your donations. Your contributions will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.

3. Bank Transfer:
Account Name:
Bank: Bank Of America,
Acct #: 29570 76732

4. Other Payments: Contact us through E-mail to see alternative payment methods at <>

Please contribute as generously as you can. We appreciate your support, thank you.

The Awate Team

About Awate Team

The PENCIL is's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • Brhan

    Hi Awate,
    Keep it up…..the support will continue!

  • Amanuel

    Happy new year every one at Awate forum.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Aman (Mekusi),

      Happy New Year to you and your family, and the rest of Awate forum.

  • Haile S.

    Selam Awatawian,

    2018 ድሮ እንሆ ከደ ሃጸጸ
    ክዓ መጸ መጸ 2019 ብኣፉ እንዳ ኣፋጸ
    ኣብ ዓወተ ዘሕለፍናዮ ክርፍስ እንዳ ኣቆላመጸ

    ሓድሽ ዓመት ቦሎኽ በለ
    ካብ ምብራቕ ናብ ምዕራብ እንዳሃለለ
    ኢሳያስ ዓመት ኮይንዎ ተዛሪቡ፡ እንድዒ ‘ታይ ክም ዝበለ
    2019 ኣፉ ክኸፍተሉ ኣብ አእምነትና ንማህለለ
    ትምኒት ሕልሚ ንመን እዩ’ስኪ ዝበደለ

    ኣይንዘነግዕ፡ ንዓወተ ነዋጽእ ዝተኻእለና
    ንዕላል ንፍልጠት ከሎ ገና ካይመሰየና

    ርሑስ ሓዲሽ ዓመት happy 2019 to all

  • Amanuel

    Hi Awate Team
    Thanks for the progress report.
    I can’t stress enough the contribution of this forum to the freedom of opinion and expression about our region, specially Eritrea & Ethiopia. However, I must admit that I am shocked by the level of response and apeal to the regular forumers to chip in what they can afford and share the burden. “50 lemons are a burden for 1 person, but they are treasure for 50 people”.

    • Ismail AA

      Dear Amanuel,
      I add my voice to yours. Please help this oasis of free expression in inclement desert especially to us Eritreans. This is an only Eritrean outlet that serves regime advocates and opponents on equal footing without bias as long as individuals abide by civility and decency of character. Subject to correction, I think our Ethiopian friends and critics of this forum seem to be doing better than us Eritreans in enabling it.

    • Admassie

      Selam Amanuel,

      I also add my voice to yours.

      Don’t we buy news papers and throw them away after reading? Don’t we, once in a while, spend some money for trivial things? Why is so difficult making a commitment for a few bucks? If, all of a suden, Awate Team would tell us “Our service is no more available!”, I am sure, this forum would be flooded with tones of sad noise!

      I think your “ሃምሳ ሎሚ…” word is spot-on.

      Admassie A.

  • AMAN

    Dear All
    Today I feel so privledged to welcome each and
    every one of you on behalf of Awate to the open
    discussion forum to discuss our affairs and agendas without any reservation or barrier.
    Everyone is welcome to express himself or his
    opinions freely as long as they stand by and /or
    backed them.
    So please use this golden offer and opportunity
    to make your voices heard and express yourself
    and your talents and above all to put or leave
    your prints on history and its developments.
    The more you stay engaged in discussion, the
    more and more you learn about your own and
    your Society’s identity and reality and thus their
    true progress and development in historical
    journey helping you live happy and meaningfull
    life and in the present instead of being left behind and living in the past.
    So please take the advantage of the offer and
    the special privledge provided by AWATE. com
    for your own as an individual and your immediate
    community benefits.
    Here is the Field and Here also is the Horse
    for everyone and to All !!!!!!!!