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Dr. Abiy Ahmed the Dictator of Eritrea ዶር ዓቢ ኣሕመድ ጠቅላሊ እምባ ገነን ዘኤርትራ

ሞዓ እግረግልዮን ዘኣምነገደ OPDO ግርማዊ ዶር ዓቢ ኣሕመድ ርእሰ ሚኒስተራት ዘኢትዮጵያ ወጠቅላሊ እምባ ገነን ዘኤርትራ

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  • Selamat Conspirators,

    These men (involved in the conspiracy) became illustrious because they were part of the conspiracy.

    This corrupting nature of the very pursuit of power explains why the moral mind of the individual who neiser desires power over others nor understands the desire for such power cannot fathom why power seekers would want to creat human misery through wars, ….

    Video for weekend:


  • Aron

    Hi SGJ
    Unless Nsu is faking your Amharic is a lot better.
    Aron the Habesha

    • Saleh Johar

      Shuuush Araon,

      Don’t let the guardian hear you, He is already mad at me 🙂

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam Gash Saleh J
    Waw , i really love the mo rabbit thing, it is so funny. But for those kind of panta’s i don’t wanna interfere in somebody’s religion but it is weird and needs to be investigated and i know it is fake(don’t wanna interfere) and need some kind of mechanism to control the weird practice.
    But calling other country Pm(3A) prime dictator is not cool/joke.the rest is series and funny.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Tedros,
      I understand your feeling but not your rational. The leader of the other country was given the power publicly. And the leader of the other country accepted it happily. Isaias is a dictator and that is the only job he can give. He is not a carpenter or a lawyer. So, abi basically accepted the title if dictator. I hope you see my rationality. Just promise me to think it over calmly. Will you:-)

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Gash Saleh J
        But Saay7 explained it perfectly 3A rejected the offer. He didn’t accept the leadership of eri.

      • FishMilk

        Hi Saleh Johar. Back in 2011 when you interviewed the late Meles Zenawi, in response to him referring to PIA as your president, you responded by saying ‘Ok. Now, he has never been my president…sorry for the correction Mr. Prime Minister’. I wanted to ask if you felt at the time that Meles was a truly elected Head of State?

      • FishMilk

        Hi Saleh Johar. I also found it very interesting during that interview, that in response to your question : Do you think that this business is lost forever by the Eritrean ports or Eritrea would be able to regain these lost opportunities under normal situation? MZ replied ‘It is going to regain it precisely because the demand of the Ethiopian economy is going to go beyond the capacity of Tajura and Djibouti to take care of the requirements of Ethiopia’.

  • Abi

    Selam Ato Saleh
    You said
    1) there is no problem among the two people
    2) the problem has always been between the two leaders
    Now that the two leaders are making peace what is all this lecture about?
    What am I missing?

    Besides, belittling ones religious beliefs should never be part and parcel of the posting guidelines at awate.
    Either the guidelines or this post should be revised, edited or removed.

    • gebremedhin yohannes

      Selam ATO Salih
      with all due respect sir i don’t appreciate that you are trying to belittle once religion , that is something you should not start , you are playing with Fire sir, or do you want people start to insult your religion , i think you don’t appreciate that. This is one a courageous man , what this young man did in Asmara, you cant replicate that.
      There are always extreme one in all religion but this is not the place to insult or to joke about something you have no idea.
      BTW you always talk about posting guidelines line are you above the law?
      This is not appropriate .

  • Ismail AA

    Ahlen SJ,

    Your Amharic is amazingly fluent. Never imagined a Kerenite boy who hailed from the staunchest Anti-Amharic hub of Eritrea during his teen and youth period speaking so an impeccable Amharic. Incidentally, I don’t know in which language the next time, but I would like to suggest an item for Negarit # 16.

    Have you seen a video about how the great Prezident and his brother in love and peace, the great PM, acted in the royal hall of Sheikh bin Zayid?. They acted as toddlers trying to outs smart one another for the attention of a father. That curious spectacle ended, however, cordially when the PM acted so humble! and kissed the hand of the older kubur Prezident. Then, the benevolent Sheihk took time to exchange a few may be consoling words in turn before hugging each one of them as close and as hard as possible to his warm chest. Man,those two are lucky not to have back home free and scrutinizing civil society and press.