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Food & Eating Etiquettes In Kebesa

People eat to live or to enjoy food if they are from the lands of abundance, but not in Kebesa. Eritrean highlanders ate to survive. They would do anything to survive and preserve their being because they valued the sanctity of life. They feared and hated death and they abhorred …

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Stick, Cross, Shawl and Hat

A Good Coptic priest in the highland of Eritrea would not leave his sanctuary, his home or church without carrying a cross in his right hand. Small cross made of wood or brass and always covered by handkerchief. People who noticed his presence will always approach him for blessing and …

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Eshok Mergem: The Thorn of Curse

Rough place. Rough and breathtaking. Humans, animals, plants, rocks, stones, living side by side, influencing one another. Shaping one another. Sometimes smoothly, sometimes roughly. Sometimes softly, sometimes boldly. Sometimes peacefully other times violently.   Baby born soft hardens in no time. Small delicate plant grows to be a tough tree. …

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Men And Women of Kebessa

Her good mother was so tough, precise and unrelenting, she did not let her slack until she was satisfied that she had totally absorbed her teachings and proved her qualifications. Distortions, variations or alterations were totally rejected. Opinions, excuses or suggestions were also totally unacceptable and punishable. Things had to …

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The Thorn Of Curse: Ishok Mergem

Ali Salim has become an entity. A noisy and powerful entity as such. Like artist in a rush he is painting with his brush, haphazardly mixing up colors and themes as if there is no tomorrow.    What Ali Salim does not understand is rushing and writing never go along.  …

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The Birth Of Despotism

I believe it was a telltale sign for what was to become an everyday act of terror and cruelty. If not a sign then it might have been the birth of brutality. If not a sign or birth, then it must have been the revelation of what was suppressed since …

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