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An Eighty-nine Year Old Eritrean Man Abducted In Addis Ababa

Ato Yohannes Shoba’a, an eighty-nine year old man was abducted in Addis Ababa by unknown gunmen in October 2011; he is still missing.

The abducted man is the father of a Lt. Colonel Gebrihiwet, a security officer of the Eritrean regime, who allegedly operates in the Southern part of Eritrea bordering Ethiopia.

Ato Yohannes had arrived earlier in Addis Ababa from Eritrea via Khartoum, Sudan to visit his relatives. He was preparing to go to the airport in Addis Ababa to return to Eritrea via Khartoum when he was abducted by the armed gunmen who drove him away in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The abductors claimed to belong to the Eritrean opposition forces when they took him away from the residence of his relatives; but it seems unlikely that an Eritrean organized opposition organization would carry such an act of kidnapping inside Ethiopia.

During the first two weeks after the abduction, his abductors called his family home in Asmara and asked to talk with his son Lt. Colonel Gebrihiwet, a condition they said would make them release the old man who they said was “in a safe place.”

The caller ID of the phone that the abductors used was 249-998-544-750. They have not called again since November 2011.

A relative of Aboy Yohannes contacted by Gedab News said, “so far this seems like a kidnapping case, and we hope whoever is holding him would let him go to his home and live his final years in peace.”

Gedab News has been investigating the case since November to no avail. Repeated e-mail and telephone communication with the Ethiopian authorities in an attempt to find information on the whereabouts of Ato Yohannes were fruitless. Opposition leaders contacted By Gedab News said they have no knowledge of the incident.


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  • This is The Work of DIA and his Dogs No Doubt about That. Down with DIA and his Diaspora Dogs Long Live Ethio-Eri Peace will come sooon to HOA inShalah)

  • Amin

    Please be ready to answer this questions before commenting adds and ends on the above issue
    1. How come that an old man of 90yrs old travels to another country to just visit his relatives?
    2. How come that a Lt colonel (security officer of the south border region) sends his own father to the land of his enemy Ethiopia?
    3. If this old man, wasn’t send to Ethiopia by the PFDJ regime, what grants you that this old man will not face the same faith in Eritrea by the PFDJ regime?
    4. Did he came as refugee or as a visitor? Did he ever know that his own son is a security officer and the risk associated to that and to his life?
    5. What makes you think that this old man was used as an envelop to deliver a message or to take a message?
    6. How could you just blame it to the Eritrean opposition group just by naming the abductors look like Eritreans ( For sure they must have spoken tigrigna)?
    7. Does the old man thought of causing risks to the relative visited other than himself?
    8. How come that in this report, there is no mention of how many days or month this man has stayed in Ethiopia?
    9. He was in preparation to go to Addis Airport to go back to Eritrea… Isn’t that fishy by itself?
    10. The relatives that was visited, are they refugees or long time residents of Ethiopia, or Ethiopians?

    • Akordat

      don’t worry guys, the old man came went to Eth for paving the road to his son; colonel G.hiwot. loll

  • Hameed

    I think the case at hand has no existence on virtual ground. It is a trap set up for on the eve of the national congress and their intention is understood. The regime in Eritrea thought that will swallow the lure at the right time, but disappointed the regime, they are not gullible people who can be taken away easily; they don’t publish without scrutinizing it well. As their publishing in January 2012 shows their humane side to engage all in search of the old man. The timing of the news now works against the regime in Eritrea.

    The relatives of the old man if they have a real case, they would have sent a photo of the old man to but they didn’t. This confirms there is no case of abducted old man.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    And you have a NERVE to state -“let go the anger!” .. If I had crossed you in the streets of Addis.. only God knows… ! No Eritreans/Ethiopians (including you) deserves the life that we have seen growing up in that down-trodden city of Addis. You may have lived in the secluded “Bole” and went to school to “saint Josef” if so.. my brother .. you should have said so.. You are totally fogiven… totally !!!

    Those who have lived in the Bole neighborhod circa. , let alone Ethiopians, even Eritreans who had shared Ethiopia’s pie with them actually kept their Eritreanism secret from their Addis born off-springs. If you only to be truthful.. and had not been kept in total darkness, and had tapped that individuality, and roamed around the streets of Addis … then only then.. perhaps.. may be ..perhaps… you would have seen it alll what is still hidden from you.

    … in case if you don’t know it while the people of Ethiopia from Wollo to TiGray to Harar to Wollega to Sidamo… had been neglected, those plutocrats Ethiopians (and sell out Eritreans) who had (and still have) lived in Bole send their off-springs to Higher Institutions that is ONLY a dream to us the Ordinaries. Those of us who even made it to AAU… it was exceptional hardwork.

    But their kids didn’t just go to normal Higher Institutions in the West. But, Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, MIT,… where not. They didn’t go to our favorite and sweet UCB (Berekely CA), or Georgetown, or the likes. They enjoyed the beauty of Stanford… while the Ordianries sell Injera, Qolo at Gullits and couldn’t even fill their tammy day in day out. If this doesn’t anger you then you were/are part of the established that have peeled off our ordinaries life and future with their cruel rationalization, reason, justification like you.

    That is all to you dude. you ain’t even desrve this.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    what can I say bro Eyob. you are the dummiest Eritrean/Ethiopian blogger I have come across. The dummiest that justifies, rationalizes: Institutional theft, institutional prostitution, institutional injustice, ultranationalism. even if one slices your skull in-half for the umpteenth time and insert a few senses and sew it back… it is a matter of time before it evaporates it.. .

    And you have a ball to tell me to “let go the anger” ! what a dumm you are bra! … Those who gets angry don’t get angry just becasue as to what happened to them (individually). me and my friends made it alright .. but our anger will never go away.

    you have a nerve to talk about BeAlu Girma:
    .. while you rationalize, justify the ordianry people’s oppression (the people that BeAlu died for).
    ..ለመሆኑ እርሶ – እረ ባክዎ ቅል ነገር ነዎ ጃል.. do you know the established selfish bunches, ultra-nationalists, that rationalize, justify our two people’s destitution and annihilation actually were behind the push for his disappearance & liquidation? do you?

    …His book Oromay – its forms & contents, its substance weren’t the primary cause of his disappearance on that April 13, 1984.
    It was the Interpretation, dictation of those Ultranationalist Ethiopians (btw, BeAlu is half Ethiopian in case you were in darkness of it .. His father was an Indian and his mom Ethiopian) that was put forth and streamlined to Mengistu the butcher ..and then only then…Mengistu approached BeAlu in the life-and-death interaction. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    You see-that is the problem! You don’t get it .. Obviously your values intersect with the established.. so … your reasons about the churches summed it all up. When you stated what you stated about the churches “generating.. ..and how the Internet cafe’ serves students.. ” blab bla …

    In a nutshell …Brother .. one’s gotta feel sorry for you though since you lack የሕሊና ደወል when you see the real-deal.. the destitute Humans – በድህነት ያገጠጠ face & soul … while The institutions, the institutions, the institutions that you don’t get it .. that are hatched, erected to serve the established with the power of gun & politics.

    The institutions that have failed African citizens. From the higher institutions such as the Addis ababa Universities that only allowed us a 1HR limit book-checkout to the indifferent churches whose premises & thresholds are swamped with citizens that have been made beggars, lepers, homeless…what not …

    Yet, YET, the church leaders bogged down in the WORLDY mess living lavishly, driving the latest crusisers .. what not … just like you, they too, rationalizing, justifying their actions in the “tokens” that they do here and there .. yet these “church leaders” even being the biggest thieves… even worse soliciting from these destitute STOIC citizens … in building the tall buildings that they did in the rush to riches… I was right there in my sisters house when a Deacon knocked the door and explaining to me what the solicitation was about..

    Well.. the “new schooler, the sophisticated.. the ያራዳው ቶክቻው … for you the lifestyle that citizens were inevitably forced to plunge in to beg, to sleep rough, to roam around hotels for rifraf, to not be able to read.. and – the prostitution in “American Gibi, CherQos, Kassanchiss, Merkato, Sebategna, Ledeta, Teklehaimanot, … and right at the foothill of the Palace that is separated by a 2-lane from the downtrodden absolute decayed neighborhoods of ; እሪ-በከንቱ – ካዛንቺሥ – ኣዋሬ – እሥቲፋኖስ ! … all these for you the “new-school” … it is those cruel politicians, church leaders.. in reason their fellow citizens destitute life as a collateral damage to your insane apetite of the “as long as the pain, injustice hasn’t reached me .. “ rationale’ !

    Girma Asmerom (don’t elementerized him) surely, easily can recruit the ultranationalist Amara (the ordinary Ethiopians have nothing to do with them so don’t mix up things – clear your head dude ) that hate the people of TiGray in one basket, and people of Eritrea. Fact is fact it is the Ultra-nationalist Amara that still refuse to accept Eritrea as a free nation.

    if you are drifting too much, get this; Ethiopians, the Ultra-nationalist and crudes, always claim that they have never been colonized. Good then we are all proud. And so why is that they try to claim Eritrea as one of theirs whereas Eritrea has already been colonized for 50+ years? wouldn’t this make them colonized if Eritrea had been theirs? .. so brother … ain’t expect you to crack the nuts… you have exhibited what you are made of.

    • Eyob Medhane

      I promised to myself not to be dragged to have another እንካ ሰላንትያ with you, but this time you lamented with coherent sentences, so I thought “..Ok, he’s back to his sane self, so he may be deserving a response…” And I am also a sucker for anything that quotes በአሉ ግርማ And, if I may, I am impressed with your attempt to channel the anger of ሃዲስ the antagonist in the book የሕሊና ደወል You must have read that book dozens of times.

      First, I suggest you let go of your anger at the world, though. You are not Bealu Girma’s Haddis, and you are not leaving Addis Ababa for ሱጴ ቦሮ to become a school teacher. This is the real world. The Church leaders, Addis Ababa University that used to let you check out a book only for an hour (damn them!), the people who drive cruises, the ultra nationalists. the Amharas., every body, forget them. Don’t let them bother you. I really think your unmitigated anger at the world (…and a little bit of trying to imitate ሃዲስ of የሕሊና ደወል…) is clouding your rational judgment, you may otherwise could have…

      Your knowledge of the names of the neighborhoods of Addis is also impressive. Though, I was born and raised in that city and married to an Ethiopian, I don’t think I can say, I have been in everyone of those neighborhoods…But I know this, they are much much better of f now than those years, when Addis Ababa University let you borrow a book only for an hour. Oh…by the way, they use books less and less these days. They came up with this thing called computers and they hooked up Kennedy Library with it, and if the library is full, usually the student’s go to internet cafes…if you guys had those things back in the days. You now would have had one less thing to be angry about…

      And yes. I don’t think much of Girma Asmerom (..”Elememtrize him”…is that what you said? That’s a cool word..have you copyrighted it? Because I really want to re-use it) Back to Girma…Oh yeah, I understand why you think of his manipulating ability is so high. He tricked many Amiches 12 years ago didn’t he? Come on, man. Stop being stung with that forever. Move on. Just be happy he’ll never get the best out of you again….kkkkkkkk

      About the ultranationalist Amharas, you don’t get it do you? They can be what ever they want to be. They have a stake in that country. It’s theirs. They share it with Tigrians and a whole bunch of other peoples. They can shout as loud as they would like and argue their political beliefs with their fellow countrymen. Your opinion of them matters little..very little for them.

      Oh and NO. Ethiopia was never colonized..That’s just a fact. Those, who claim Eritrea should be part of Ethiopia do not base their claim on colonization, but cultural and ethnic similarities. They simply say, “..We are the same people, therefore, we should live together..” They never said .. ” ..We have same colonial back ground, therefore we must be one country..”… I hope I cracked that nut, hommie…

    • “And so why is that they try to claim Eritrea as one of theirs whereas Eritrea has already been colonized for 50+ years?”

      Mr Ordinary,,,,,,,,,,,
      who would have thought people would take pride in being colonially raped and base their identity on it and in fact go as far as wasting precious lives and resource just to end up gaining nothing but misery…to be fair I shouldn’t blame you for not predicting the dire situation your beloved country is in, but surely given pr-indipendence bravado, i did not expect to hear from you let alone to see you burn yourself with anger over every thing Ethiopia…If you think your Internet badmouthing or should i say bad-fingering of Ethiopia on the net would change facts on the ground and get Eritrea out of the dire situation it is in, then it can only be a tradition of continuous historical miscalculations and I don’t pretend to have an answer for that…But I can confidently tell you that Eritreans have yet to see any sign of the promised land…the land you told them and you are still telling them to be greener than Ethiopia…keep hating and we will see who is going to hurt the most!

  • Gerimuna

    well, What an embarrassment act of cowards. At least the weyane and the toothless oppositions scored major victory on this one, I guess? The man is almost 90 years old. As I detest as the Eritrean opposition I refused to believe they will do such thing. This is a work of Tegaru. Look how they are acting lately. I could be wrong but I refuse an Eritrean will do such thing for 89 years old man.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Didn’t PFDJ do worst than this? Didn’t they put G15 in containers for more than 10years? those men are not less than 70 years old. didn’t they promise Aster to come home and will be free to see her husband and children and eat her? didn’t they kill and hijack men earlier in history? didn’t they sign for unity and kill innocent freedom fighters ? what is a crime not committed by those devil type people? DON’T ever think PFDJ will not do any crime. we are suppose to wake up although late after all those crimes. The core problem is just one small secretly organized group that cause all those crimes and we still have innocent people who are unable to see.

      • abdat

        very true khokhob Selam

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    The fact of the matter is the oridinaries for far too long have been deprived from extracting their (our) individuality, our sharp minds, our energetic bodies, our independent-minds.. what not ! as for us, the street kids …to our best ability at the early ages, we hit the streets and worked in the garages as mechanics, Electricians, Tornitores, welders (Batlameras) and even sold paper bags in the streets of Merkato, Shola, Berbere berenda.. where not… and.. we love only the ordinaries be it Ethiopians or Eritreans.. and we will never forget how life was and is by just seeing some tall buildings. And we will never forget the millions of Tigray/wollo who were made to starve in the millions in 74 & 84. Because HUMANS ARE HUMANS. THOSE of whow are attached to narrow tribalism will never get it anyways! That we say friends (Eyob and the likes) – Ignorance is indeed a BLISS!
    Sadly but realistically.. we Africans are pinned down and imprisoned by የጭንቅላት ጨቅላነት -and- ከርሞ ጥጃነት !

    Besides if you were perceptive and truthful to one-self when you were 10 then you ain’t fool oneself when you are 30/40/50. But if you had been the cheat, the passive, the justifier, the rationalist of theft, injustice, destitution, corruption (even if it deosn’t happes to you) at the age of 10.. then … only the numbers in your ‘new” school mind-set will just roll over ..transforming nothing in the inner you with visible decyance in the physical outer orbit! That is about. and then like the rest of the deprived souls we with our now Western fed thick ass and tammy go to lick the dust. That is about it !!! we are worthless “educated” Africans.. ain’t we homeboy !?

    • Eyob Medhane


      Next time, when you have something to discuss, please bring along a translator to help us to understand about what in the world you are talking about. In your attempt to sound profound, you made my head spin trying to figure out what your deal is. Your speaking in drivel reminded me someone, I don’t care much to listen to, though. Isayas Afeworki. Just like you, he LOVES sounding smart and profound. You two kids are so much alike. Jamming your sentences with big words, wondering why the rest of the world is not smart and wonderful like you….What you probably don’t know is at the end of your speeches, most of the time, you and he end up saying nothing, or at your best, you say something utterly repulsive or bizarre. You said you don’t like churches in Addis building high-rises adjacent to their Churches and rent it, because “..ONE expects to keep the MORAL COMPASS & DIMENSION of society..” I have no idea what building high-rises have to do with keeping “.Moral Compass and dimension of society.”, but as far as I know churches don’t own 1/3rd of the land in Ethiopia, anymore. Hence: in order to administer themselves and to keep “Moral Compass and dimension of society”, they have to look elsewhere to generate income. Collection plates and “Silet” may not cut it these days….By the way, when they built those buildings, they provide employment for hundreds even thousands of day laborers, who may be poor and in need….How’s that for keeping moral compass and dimension of society?…Oh yeah…another thing…You think Internet Cafes are to introduce porn? You gotta be kidding me! Have you seen how many poor college students who can’t afford computer do their homework in those internet cafes in Addis? You know that there is no Sawa over there, right? Instead, they have a whole lot more colleges than your days in Addis, and that’s where young people go in their spare time, right after they finished dealing with Girma Asmerom to do their daily work of kidnapping and such.. Of course, those colleges are housed in high rise buildings, which you said don’t do much to the “..Moral Compass and Dimension of society..” See, this is where your and Papa Isu’s similarity is shockingly striking…You both tend to belittle and ridicule everyone and everything to make yourselves feel important..I could have gone on and take your drivel apart point by point, but you strike me as someone, which I may be wise not spend any more time conversing with….

      PS…I hope the Tigray/Wollo people, who you said you’d never forget their plight, during 74/84 famine appreciate your sympathy. I am just curious, though. Did you know people in Wollo are Amharas? Yup…They are! The same people, you thought could easily be bought by Girma Asmerom to kidnap a 90 year old man…

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    you see these new tall buildings in central Addis…from MesQel square to MeGenagna to Bole to LeGehare surrounding that center and the here and there around Addis like mushrooms… you may read Saleh Gadi’s beautiful narration… and observation…

    It is NOT only the few plutocrats that are institutionally destituting Ethiopia though, even sadly and far worse, the RELIGIOUS Institutions. Chruches in Addis are in HOT pursuit of building tall building in adjacent to their churches and the Lideta and Urael churches are the pioneers. These churches built these buildings and lease them to whoever got the $$$ .. caring less who is the lease. In these buildings even those who introduce porn sites (Internet café) , boutiques that sell all kinds of stuff to the youth that devastatingly corrupt it… and these are the churches that ONE expects to keep the MORAL COMPASS & DIMENSION of society. And the church leaders are beyond humility and fear of God.. they in their own way are the dictators of our poor souls Ethiopians, Eritreans.. what not… so if the churches fall this low.. (go to Addis and examine more) … we have visited not long ago.

    So my friends Eyob Medhane and the Ethiopian .. you are covered… the bitter pills are spilled here. We have seen so many Ethiopians, Eritreans from Addis so gullible, so detached, so clueless, and it is because they are from Addis but they had been too imprisoned in their neighborhood, too dependent on their parents sweat or just passively sitting not getting bitter at those who institutionally destituting them, their people.. stripping off their fathers’ manhood, their mothers’, sisters’ feminine dignity… they are just too ignorant fooled by tall buildings and the here and there flashy windows.. !

    • “We have seen so many Ethiopians, Eritreans from Addis so gullible, so detached, so clueless, and it is because they are from Addis but they had been too imprisoned in their neighborhood, too dependent on their parents sweat or just passively sitting not getting bitter at those who institutionally destituting them, their people.. stripping off their fathers’ manhood, their mothers’, sisters’ feminine dignity… they are just too ignorant fooled by tall buildings and the here and there flashy windows..”…

      wow Ordinary, with your sensational story about Addis you now got me curious about the life in Eritrea, cos I am sure you are Eritrean. come on Mr ordinary, tell us about any thing new in Eritrea….any thing that is Eritrean,…cos remember, it has been 20 years since we the backward Africans have left it with your colonial pride intact, so surely some things must have changes for better or worse…but be-careful about overstating facts cos you don’t want destitute Ethiopians to flock to your tiny country do you?

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    ‘ታ ብዓልቲ Dragon ውቃጦ:
    In all honesty & respect to you, I beg to differ. I am not only the product of Addis but also its breed. Not only the product of it but also, (me & my friends) we were the restless souls and the type of the Asmara’s ቀንጠ-መንጢ / መደብር kids (which we have developed a special affection & attachment to them in our very first and last visit of Asmara dec 2000..) Without exaggeration we lived it thru, knew the streets of Addis in all 4 quadrants…and witnessed the ugly reality of a watered-down citizens (be it Ethiopians or Eritreans)… The institutional destitution in the mind, the body, the soul that was waged upon the ordinary across Africa that had left all of us (directly or indirectly) is what a intelligent person like yourself ought to see.

    if you had gone thru the alleys of depleted streets, neighborhoods of Addis surrounded by their own human waste.. then only then… you won’t get that fazed by the high-rise building that just popped up and captivating the naïve Hearts-N-minds the likes of –Eyob Medhane- … The Politicians are too slick and know that there are “educated” countless Eyob Medhane’s who are too diluted and ignorant that only see the surface…and clueless what is beneath the surface! because they have been made institutionally destitute in the mind, and decapitated in the soul .. and Life in the West ain’t helping .. squeezing out their who they are and cloned them to think the way the West sees our Ordinary, our originality, our lingua, our culture… for Eyob and the likes.. it is ‘de’ja’vu like those gullible “educated” detached souls of Africans .. it is what … WUCWUG …

    if we the gullible diaspora see hundreds of Tractors lined up on ERITV –intended to fool the fool- then we will say look PFDJ is gonna leave these behind for the nation… like the Semebel buildings..look the dams.. look … and showing our sophistication.. advancement .. plagiarizing and showing off our street wiz.. “my man.. watch’yaa’know… w’sup… my man that is old school man … ..” be cont’d ..

  • wedi adem

    Two wrongs can not make right. Repeating the same cowardy tactics to go after elders to avenge their children deeds is not cool at all. Sorry, it is dead wrong.

  • Hameed

    How on earth an old man of ninety years goes to visit relatives. In the Eritrean culture, the young visit the old specially when he is too old. Tell me he went to Addis Abbeba for treatment that will be acceptable. Moreover, how this old man will return to Eritrea after he visited Ethiopia; surly, the regime in Eritrea will arrest him and make his life hell. This old man most probably is sent to Ethiopia to pass some message by the regime in Eritrea and now he is under the custody of the Ethiopian regime and shortly Ethiopia will speak after investigation in his case; I think that is the reason that made Ethiopia fail to speak about the case. The ransom and Eritrean opposition is the fabrication of Eritrean regime. The regime wants through this old man to cause rage of the Eritrean people against the Eritrean opposition and Ethiopia. In any case, I pray this old man to return home safe.

    • Hameed

      The key information in this case is the abductors claimed they belong to the Eritrean opposition. This claim shows it the work of the Eritrean regime. If it happen the opposition to do it, they will not claim they are from the Eritrean opposition.

      When the regime in Eritrea kidnapped Sheikh Mohammed Omar Akito (a tested patriot) in his late 80’s was only last year refer.( the people of Eritrea was in a great rage against the regime. This time the regime in Eritrea wants to cause a great rage of the Eritrean people against the Eritrean opposition and Ethiopia through this old man. Most probably his son Lt. Colonel Gebrihiwet, a security officer of the Eritrean regime is part of this fabrication.

      • Hameed

        The man may be now in Asmara with his son. Ethiopia should investigate whether this man left Addis through the airport to Khartoum or not.

        • Hameed

          The abduction date October 2011 before the national congress is another indication that makes the regime in Eritrea suspect about the abduction allegation. In any case, I hope this very old man not to be a doll in the hands of the mafia in Eritrea.

          • wedi adem

            I do not want to predict on this occasion, but what amazed me most is how come as high grade security officer send your daddy
            to your enemies land. Doesn’t shows you their arrogance to underestimate others. I don’t know, it might be from his own
            Eritreans enemies. Anyway I hope the old man go home save.

  • Fekrawi

    The sad part of the story is that bloody colonel, his father, mother and even god is Isaias and would not give a xxxx about what has happened to this old man. It is sad PFDJism is like Pentecostalism..serving DIA comes first.

  • “መልእኽቲ ኣዴታት ኤርትራ ,ናብ መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ, ብፍላይ ድማ ንኤርትራውያን ብረት ተቓለስቲ ም.ደ.ፍ.ኤ….(ምንቅስቓስ ዴሞክራሲን ፍትሕን ኤርትራ), ብንብዓት ደም ዝተጻሕፈት ሰታሪት”

    ኣብቲ ማዕዶ ትኸይድ መኒኻ ?
    ጎይታ ቆረጣ ወያናይ ጥንትኻ
    ብኡ ኣይኮነን መንገዲ ተጋጊኻ
    ንሰሜን ኣብል ንጽበ´ለና ንኣኻ
    ንደቅና ም.ደ.ፍ.ኤ ኣሰንዮም ኢኻ
    ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ሸየንቲ ኤርትራውያን ዝበሉ ይበሉኻ
    ብዘይ ኩርምቶም ክቑርጥሙ ´98 ርኢኻዮም እንዲኻ
    ንስኻ ኣድሕነና ,ከምታ ዝፈረምካያ ባዕልኻ !!!!!!!!!
    ግደፎም የኾምስዑ ሆት ዶግ, ሃምበርገሮም
    ክትዖም ዘይውዳእ ዘወትር ምዕግርጋሮም
    ሓሳረይ ኣንዲዱ ንቓልሲ ክንዲ ዘባራብሮም
    ኣብ ሲናይ ክንዕመጽ ክንዲ ዘቃጽሎም ዘሕርሮም
    ውድበይ ውድብካ ወዲ ዓዲ እከለ ዘይበትከሎም
    ሰላማዊ ሰልፊ´ኳ ዘይወጹ ኩሎም
    መዕበይቶም ዝሃሰይዎም,ሕልና ዘይብሎም
    ተስፋ ኣይብሎምን ምሕረት ጥራይ የውርደሎም !!!!!
    ወያናይ ርህሩህ ,ኣብ ሽዱሽተ ወርሒ ደቅና EMDJ ክንቅበሎም
    እንተዘይኮነስ ካብዚ ግሃነም እዚ ምስ ደቅና ክንሕነቐሎም
    ንህግደፍን ደቂ ወጻእን መሳዕስዒ ሃገር ክገፍሓሎም !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ordinary4ruleoflaw

    Factor 1: Addis is not Asmara that is in an absolute control of by those who rules it, considering its immense size with more than 2mil residents, its demography, its 90% of it a very a run-down and Ghettoized neighborhod, Factor 2: if ONLY those of us now “Westernized Africans” rmember how our mind-sets, thinking-process, trian-of-thoughts used to be (if you only tell yourself in earnest that you truly know how the streets of Africa (Asmara is nothing – unlike now it used to be, comparing to the African mess, heaven) then only then you can never rule out PFDJ (it now being uncontrolled mess – anyone within PFDJ that has a beef with the General or if PFDJ big shots wants to demolish the General then they have their remote gizmo monster Girma Asmerom in Addis who is there to only do these type of evil.

    And Girma is packed with the money, the local lingua, the cultural familiarity, the city familiarity, and can simply buy anyone with US $$$. Especially in a city that has already produced a very politicized youngsters (remember: Hate produces irrational mind and totally collapsed reason and there are plenty Amhara youngsters in Addis with absolute hate of the EPRDF & people of Tigray and ready to do whatever it takes let alone being lured by money and attractive promise. )

    In Eritrea, facts on the ground teach us what PFDJ is made of. now, we can boldly assert that PFDJ’s top echelon and its executors, are masters of total demolishment of anything that is good to soceity, anything that is morally right that dignifies human. their world: It is a DOG eats DOG world! Remember, at the outset of May 24, 1991 how it introduced the -Gedli family breakup-the “divorcing of those exceptional heroine that nurturted the males in every sector of their needs from the battle-front to their fleshpot needs to their depleted moral.. what not ! .. but post-independence1? They, like a paper cup, discarded them and headed for the young ‘innocent” virgins that were totally romantizcing Gedli like the rest of us. and the end-result: what you have Eritrea: Morally corrupt. The Diasporans also add salt to the wound. Yea -Each of us – ask yourself – Have you added your share of Corruption? you only know!

    So, perhaps, it has come to this if the people of Eritrea are fortunate enough: PFDJ’s final phase may have arrived; its big DOG eats smaller DOG may be turning head and perhaps big DOG is turning onto big DOG. who knows if something is in motion that PFDJ is prepping to unleash another DOG on the General. Poor him… so to simply get PFDJ out of any cruel equation is ….

    what surpeises me is the fact EPRDF is letting Girma Asmerom to sit in Addis. There is somethiong that EPRDF believes (perhaps a bit overconfident that may have developed a thought that we are now in control of PFDJ and on top of it, it is hurt.. it aint go nowhere.. type of .. ) if EPRDF is thinking that way I think it is making a huge mistake instead of finishing off PFDJ. If it is for PFDJ, Eritrea and its people can go with it down to the drain. Not just the PFDJ few but those who support it are as cruel & selfish as it. If EPRDF thinks that PFDJ doesn’t do the unthinkable and won’t take Eritrea in its entirety to the hole then EPRDF’s knowledge of PFDJ is questionable. no peace no war is neither good for the people of Eritrea nor the people of TiGray (the brunt of Ethiopia’s political mess) . EPRDF must replicate back itself to TPLF and finish off PFDJ to rid off the people of TiGray and Eritrea. Then only then the pendulum of peace rest at equilibrium. ONLY then !!!

    • Eyob Medhane

      My man, Ordinary.

      You sound very, very old school. When was the last time you were in Addis? Your description of “….considering its immense size with more than 2mil residents, its demography, its 90% of it a very a run-down and Ghettoized neighborhood….” May fit your, (if I may borrow the lingo from your hay day) “..hipsters..” days of the late 80s and early 90s. Go over there. Update yourself See what it looks like now, and tell me it’s still 90% ghetto….And while you’re at it, take it down a notch with the disdain and looking down your nose on the “..Amhara youth..” It’s their goddamn country. Not yours. They can approve or disapprove whoever the hell they want. Were they as violent, hateful, money hungry maniacs as you portrayed them to be, that city today would have rivaled Mogadishu. I understand though. You are bitter. You probably were booted out some ten years ago, from where you were waiting your “lion of naqfa” to stroll all the way to Addis Ababa and subjugate the world, and make you proud. Probably some of your “..Amhara..” friends still live peacefully and may be thrive in the old neighborhood, while you had to trek some terrain to get, where you are now… I don’t know…but I assume, it sounds that’s where your disdain comes from. Or else, how could you malign millions of people in blanket to be bribed to be bought and sold by the likes of Girma Asmerom to be bombers, kidnappers and common criminals? You are right. PFDJ could commit the kidnapping, given it’s reckless and thuggish behavior. But those who are trust worthy to do his bidding would not be Ethiopians. It would be those who slavishly obey it. You know?! Those who used to raise funds to invade a country, they themselves used to live in. Those, who cheered Isayas, while they were behind “enemy” lines. Those people. I am sure you know them. Y’know, those people, who in 99 and 2000, “Woyane” showed them where they belong. Gave them the opportunity to cheer their leader from behind…Those people…..They are the only easy preys to do PFDJ bidding. Not Ethiopians….Dude, change your tune…This is a different time and a different world….

    • b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).


      If you were to take a casual stroll in the streets of Addis and tune in to a chill-time conversation, you would be struck by the fact that, Eritrea is a non-issue with in any given stretch of a talk either between groups or with in groups. That is, as much as Isaias tries hard enough to remain relevant, he is a relic of the past at best. People invariably would talk about him if any as a dude who is suffocated in a do-time cell.

      The deal is, Girma Asmerom could show off his designer three piece suit and top of the line shades, but at the end of the day, let alone the ordinary folks who make up the segment in Addis, the leaders in the power-center hardly take him serious. The people have moved on. The people are not in abstract ideas or in a quoting frenzy of colourful personalities in the political realm, rather, the people are into what Capitalism has to offer where the idea of war to punish the recalcitrant and a sore loser Isaias loses any meaning.

      For those with a keen sense of history and politics, an undeniable fact is in the offing. That is, Eritrea as a nation can not sustain on its own. That is, Eritrea under Isaias is the problem child of Ethiopia and Eritrea in a post-Isaias era is a prodigal son who could always find home in Ethiopia. That is the fact. You could call me a Unionist if you will but we can not escape the reality when it is sane to remain true to ourselves as opposed to living in a chronic denial with a dire consequences. We have tried the alternative and two decades is a generation to say we are a new nation in a growing pains.

    • I forgot to say my response is to ‘Ordinary4ealflaw’,

      Never mind the fact that non of your theories make sense but I am surprised by how an Eritrean who claims to oppose shabia is not any different from shabia when it comes to dreaming a divided Ethiopia. After 30 years of bitter struggle to prove nothing but your uniqueness from the people of Tigray you are now trying to find a common cause with Tigrians cos the going is getting tough and you portraying the whole issue as Tigrian Eritrean issue. in your little desperate mind you are trying to use your ethnic bond with Tigrians which you in the past denied to divide Ethiopians…”young Amharas who hate Tigrians” must have got your information from Girma Asmarom whom you described as having everything in Ethiopia..but sorry to spoil your day, Girma Asmarom is not as free as you think, he is under 24 hours surveillance and one should only be surprised if he isn’t…

  • gambit

    At the outset I pray for safe release of the elder.
    But what worries me is the diehard fascist and mafia tactics

    M/s MUH

    Incriminated Tigrayans , not the system or any gang there. Claiming such action as a culture of “Tig-Tig behair” is a gross unbecoming and fascistic legacy (inherited with unfound superiority complex), let alone the bad mouthing.

    As for the assertion that Sudan is better in terms of abduction is contrary to facts. Sudan witnessed an accounted for abduction of civilians, assassinations in broad daylight by EPLF/HGDF- there was an occasion an EPLF assassin was caught in a failed attempted murder of a civilian . Eritreans abducted from Sudan are not paralleled by any neighboring county.

    I hate to jump into conclusion, yet I can understand those who suspect HGDF’s involvement (such as M/s kokhob) given last 20+ years alone numerous attempted abductions by GOE were witnessed in Sudan including elders such as :-

    Mr Hassan Rashan, marafit, south touker-Sudan- 1987
    Both Mr Wadi Bashai & Mr. Bahlibi , Kassala-Sudan-1990
    Mr. G/Hiwet Qalata -Kassala -Sudan – 1990
    Mr. Mohamed Ali haramitai- Portsudan-1990
    Mr. Norai Ismail, Kassala-Sudan -1990

    Besides innumerable assasinations and failed attemptemps reported on several web-sites

    The abduction (from Yemen) of Sheikh Mohammed Omar Akito (a tested patriot) in his late 80’s was only last year refer.(

    So kindly hold your horses.
    We have a long way to go to rehabilitate our cultured encounters and get rid of chauvanistic tendency.
    At least once should respect their sacrifices by offending Fascist Italy and defending their land, what ever the aftermath – developement hinderance then.

    • gambit

      I am sorry I misunderstood MUH, I thought he is speaking about Tigray.

  • Kokhob Selam

    What if this is done by PFDJ ? I am really saying this as Shaebia was expert on doing such type of games.
    forgive me bat my mind has stored memories of such acts from this group. but After investigation if this found to be the act of PFDJ, Ethiopia will move and that will be the end of the film. what makes it is dangerous is that the crime is inside the country and with very secret and planned way. I hope PFDJ will be free of this as it will complicate things although that will be the end of PFDJ.

    • kokhob Selam

      Meron, I am thinking this is going to happen. God, every time I read the picture is going brighter.
      BESME AB WELDEMENTFES QUDUS, YA ALLAH., becouse of this dirty group the world will lough on us. EZGIO MEHARENA.

  • muh

    this is the culture of TIG TIG behair- that never deffernciate between innocent and nation partners, look how they are selfish, they are controling evry things and marginalizing obver 50 percent of the orignal population of Eritrea and I am sure when the gold and wealth are finished once, they will claim taht they mistaken they have been cheated, simlpy it is cultre of moral less people, descendants of gangs.and we should not expect more than this, this is what made us prefer to live as refugges over 45 years in Sudan and other countries, than living with such peopl
    log live to Eritrea and its real citizens and the invadors

    • haileab

      Wow….I couldn’t make head or tail of the above comment for the life of me!!!! Any translator in da house???

      • Kokhob Selam

        I am confused too. What do you want to say? forgive me, actualy I was a farmer and then a fighter I have never been to school and I might have problem in understanding. can you help me to explain in simple way you point.? tks

        • Kokhob Selam

          What if this is true and confirmed ? for sure Ethiopia will destroy PFDJ So we will have to take stand now before the day comes and unite. Is it acceptable to see end of PFDJ by EPRDF?

  • b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    It would have been fascinating if it was a plot in one of Robert Ludlum novels but in a real life ‘drama’ it is rather stupid to agonize a practically ninety year old frail man. Desperate situations could as well call for desperate measures but this is way off the mark. This may sound a bit callous but in actuarial mathematics, putting his age into a consideration, the in-return asked for his “ransom” is pretty low for he is out of the “productive-force-age” but given he is the father of a hot shot PFDJ operative the people behind the scheme could try to pull cheap punches where it sounds more like an operation terribly gone wrong. I hope they release him in no time and he makes it home safe and sound. And let’s hope that it is not the Opposition who pulled the “operation” for they will be a laughing stock of the people in Dehai and Alenalki land.

    • kaddis

      Lady Dragon –

      I feel your frustration but – I tell you Eritrea can sustain as a nation – even can be prosperous, trust me. As an Ethiopian – I dream a job opening in Asmara to read on Addis newspaper and contemplate to go or not. You have so much wealth for a small nation in minerals and coastline and above all the hard working people. All you need is a government which introduce your nation and itself to the reality. We Ethios had the same self exaggerations during Derg specially. We all thought Eth is rich, more Christian than others, greener, patriotic, everyone speaks Amharic and so on. The current gov gave us some painful dosage of reality that we are poor, uneducated, environmentally degraded – but hopeful.

      What I recommend you do in the mean time – push the discussion of reality around your fellow citizens. I love reading Eritrean sites because I learned so much about Ethiopia from you guys. The more you dialogue about the true past and present – you will be ready for the future.

      • KeAddis,
        with all due respect, I don’t often agree with those who argue about Eritrea’s non-viability, If Dijibouti can be viable there is no reason why Eritrea can not. ኑሮ ካሉት መቃብርም ይሞቃል, it is all about accepting reality and living within your means which Eritrea due to the nature of it’s identity refuses to accept…Eritrea’s problem is the fact that it has been misled by historical events that gave it a wrong perception of itself and others and it is struggling not to accept the otherwise out-come. The fact of the matter is Eritrea may be independent but it can by no logical means be dominant and the more it tries to reverse the irreversible the more it’s people suffer….