A Call For Action To The Eritrean People

Eritrean American Public Forum: Dallas-Fortworth

Dear Compatriots,

At a time when the tide of freedom and liberation from tyranny is engulfing our region. At a time when the oppressed people across our region are dismantling tyrannical regimes, Eritrea cannot afford to be a bystander and not ride the waves of change.

This is a time when the whole world is focused on our region, watching in amazement as tyrants are toppled or challenged one after the other; and no Eritrean should watch all the events around him and not seize the moment.

We, as a people, had fought tyranny and challenged oppressive regimes for decades. We bled in pursuit of freedom for our people and country; and we should not succumb to a petty dictator and his clique, who have been brutalizing our country for far too long.

At this critical moment, we can’t afford to be bystanders. It is long overdue to rise as one body and challenge tyranny with the power of people. If few patriots, with no media coverage and no means of mobilization had the courage to stand against a giant force of occupation and finally defeated it, there is no reason in this age of technology and mass communication for the Eritrean people not to demonstrate the same courage to stand against the current tyrant.  The Eritrean people can’t afford to let this momentum pass without action. It is time to say enough is enough.

We call on all our compatriots who live inside and outside Eritrea, to defy the regime’s brutality and demand change by demonstrating in the streets of Asmara and all the capitals of the world in unison.

Dear compatriots in the Defense Forces,

You carry the legacy of the brave fighting force of Eritrea. Your institution is an offspring that has grown from the seeds of the Eritrea freedom fighters. That army had a sole goal: to protect, to  fight, bleed and die in pursuit of freedom for Eritreans. In essence, a national army’s first task is protecting the dignity and freedom of the people—and freedom has eluded Eritreans for too long.

We have now arrived at an important juncture in the history of our development as a nation—we can either let Isaias and his clique continue to destroy our country, or we can unseat him and reclaim our hard fought dignity. At this moment as we call on the Eritrean people to take action, we are also calling on you to stand on the right side of history, to protect and defend your people against a regime, that has a track record of brutality against civilians. 

The regime has already decayed and depends solely on your inaction to continue oppressing Eritreans. We call on you to stand by your people and avoid carrying stains of your peoples’ blood on your hands. 

Eritreans who depend on you

Arhe Hamednaca             Omer Jabir
Dr. Bereket H. Selassie Bashir Ishaq
Elsa Chyrum                       Dr. Daniel R. Mekonnen
Amha Domenico Saleh AA Younis
Dr Yebio Woldemariam Dr. Anghesom Atsbaha
Saleh (Gadi) Johar Samira Saleh Hassen
Abdulrazq Karar Semere Kesete
Seyoum Tesfaye Semere Habtemarim
Dr.  Habemariam Tesfaghiorghis Sheih M. Juma’a Abu Rasheed
Bothina Nasser Dr.Brhane Ahmed
Meron Estefanos Dr. Yonas Mahri
Dr Jalaledin M. Saleh Dr. Mohamed kheir Omer
Daniel Tewelde Amanuel Eyasu
Ismail Gabayta Redi Aybu
Dr. Negassi  Hadgu Petros Tesfagherghis
Dr Omer zeray Tewelde Redda
Zaki Robat Hussien Mohamed Ali
Khalid Abdu                      Dawit Efrem                                    
Mohamed T. Tawakel Ali Hindi
Meriem Omer Ashia Gaas
Fowzia Hassen                                Mohamed Osan Idrisay
Fissah Nair        Saleh Sabah
Munir Karrar Amauel Tsegai
Amanuel Hidrat Tabot Araya
Bashir Saleh Tzeggai Y Deres
Derei M. Debas Salwa Osman
Mohammed Ahmed Adhanom Fitiwi.
Kidanemariam Kiflezgi Mohammad Ali Lebab
Dawit G.Measho Bereket kahsay
Mohamed Salih Majawray Teklai Abraha
Kiros Yohannes Mehari Abraham
Hamdi Omer Ezaz Tedros Menghistu
Ahmed Abdelrehim Saber Rubat                      
Asefaw Ghebrekidan Bereket Stephanos                      
Yacob Gebre      Asfeha Tesfamichael   
Mohamed Ali Sheya Mohammed Ishaq

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