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ነጋሪት #13: ባንደራ ኣውለብልቡ

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  • Acria

    Hell Ustaz Saleh, always enjoyed your Negarit!
    One of the most important principles of making peace, at least on the surface, is to keep others represented in areas that are visible to the masses. We shouldn’t see things through the prism of western democracy. Ethiopia has diverse tribes who are all vying to be in power. If you put many members of the same tribe in the visible parliament, it will send a message of non-inclusiveness. You will reward the people who brought you to power by placing them in the invisible but powerful institutions that run the day to day business of the government. You don’t see these individuals on TVs or other medias; nevertheless, they are powerful enough to support the Prime Minister (PM) and his policy objectives. Moreover, the PM has unprecedented support among majority of the masses! Therefore, whomever are visible around him, as long as they support his vision, should represent the various people of Ethiopia.

    As usual, most Eritreans and Ethiopians would like to see eternal peace develop out of this newfound love between the two leaders. Nevertheless, true peace can only result only when the PFDJ can make peace with itself and the rest of Eritrean people first! Our PIA was treated like a king in his visit to Addis Ababa and Awassa, in a country where we were fierce enemies. This is mainly because the Ethiopians will benefit immensely from the use of our ports and the advantage that comes from peaceful relations to their devalued Birr. The PIA, PFDJ, and their supporters, should take this opportunity to bring genuine democratic changes in Eritrea. Otherwise, the Eritrean misery will erupt in another civil war that will eventually engulf Ethiopia.

    One possible scenario is the possibility unity of the oppressed masses of Eritrea and Tigray, oppressed by PFDJ and by racism by the rest of Ethiopians, respectively. I could give you other scenarios that can cause problems in the horn of Africa. The only way to avoid this and other problems is to institute a genuine democratic change in both countries. Currently, Ethiopia has the upper hand. I would respectfully request PMAA, all Eritreans, and Ethiopians to press PFDJ to institute democracy inside Eritrea without any delay.

    Eritrean sovereignty should be respected! Borders between the two countries should be demarcated! Any entertainment of unity between the two countries should be voted by all Eritreans! No ruling party should decide on this issue independently of the masses! I am not happy with idea of having ‘Ye Ertra Kelel’ as in ‘Ye Tigray Kelel’ without all Eritreans having a say in it. Otherwise, it will be ‘Kelel’ of Eritrea only for the PFJD, the only beneficiary of the proposed unity-En’demer.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Abi,

    Unthinkable events always do happen in human being history. Did you ever thought a man from no where “the current PM” will come to the public stage, to try and solve the “real political difference of Ethiopians” by preaching from a gospel about “love and peace” nd to quell the schisms in your society? No one can predict exactly for the “unthinkables” that might happen in the volatile Ethiopian politics, but still will happen, be it negative or positive. We will witness it. I have never had ill wishes for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. In fact I defended their success, the developments that is going in many fronts at different occasions. Read my response to George about the industrial park as an example. In the mean time enjoy the trip of our despot in your country.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam SGJ,

    You asked: Where are the OPDO who brought PMAA at the helm of power? My goodness! I was asking to myself the same question? All the political cacophony we are hearing is from ANDM party and their supporters, including the Derg remenants, be it in the diasporas or inside Ethiopia. I think in the near future we will see the unthinkable to happen, especially if the center of their unity “EPRDF” that has been so far, disintegrated.

  • Samson Tesfalem

    Gadi, you are inteligent and funny. I was saying the same thing about the road use toll. I was also saying eritrea will be a weekend stomping spot for the rich ethipian philanderers, just like the sudanese who come to Asmara to sin.

    • Saleh Johar

      Thanks Samson,
      Indeed it is a toll system and only the payers feel it. The rest are so callous to realize the parasitic state they live in.

      Thank you again