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Yosief’s Circular Journey In Search Of Ethiopia

 Yosief’s Circular Journey in search of Ethiopia: an identity Crisis or just plain mischief?

When I suggested ignoring Yosief Ghebrehiwet in my last article[1], I had no idea that he had already netted quite a few disciples or that his views were spreading. Since then, I learned from many quarters including from comments on my article that Yosief is not a lone wolf and that his ideas have in fact taken root in the minds of some Eritreans particularly the young and the gullible. Moreover, after reading some of his articles in their entirety, I now know why some are enamored by him.  Yosief is a brilliant writer and his recent articles on “Discontent at the top[2]” did not originate in a mediocre brain but in one that pulsates with intellectual vigor.  It is not intellect he lacks; it is wisdom; not articulation but substance. He is good at laying out premises but horrible at drawing valid conclusions from them.  That in a nutshell is how I would sum up Yosief: the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused.

It is with the latter in mind that I decided to reevaluate my previous recommendation to ignore him because if his extremely demoralizing and terribly imbalanced views are impacting others, then silence would not be the best response.  On the contrary, we should speak up or at least warn others of the consequences of dwelling on such type of negative thinking[3].  No. That is putting it too mildly.  Yosief does not just dwell on the negative aspects of Eritrean history and of Eritreans in general, he literally roars and blurts them out like a Godzilla about to devour everything that Eritreans hold dear!

If we put aside for a moment the validity or lack of validity of Yosief’s views and consider only his brazen assertions in their totality, they are truly astounding!  He not only bluntly denies the justness of the struggle for independence and disparages its heroes but also expends a great deal of energy to “prove” that the opposition is not only weak and impotent now but has no future!  He further postulates that if any change comes, it will be from within “Shaebia family” and then only at the hands of those close to the seat of power!

By any measure, these are extraordinary claims!  Ponder for a moment what all these would mean if Eritreans took him seriously and believed in his theories.  It would be a complete disaster!  Among other things, liberation movements would lose all motivation to struggle hard because his contentions totally and completely strip the opposition’s justification for existence (its raison d’etre). Why bother when one is destined to fail?  Eritrean people would also lose all hope for a better future resigning themselves to another dreadful period under shaebia as a fait accompli.

A political entity or liberation movement survives and thrives on the strength it draws from its belief in its ability to make a difference or to make things happen; even when weak and the odds are stacked against it, this is what keeps it going and here is Yosief telling all resistance movements that they will never be able to effect change in Eritrea! If we keep in mind that these assertions are coming from the same writer who has been campaigning so relentlessly to discredit the entire struggle for independence and its heroes, we will begin to see how detrimental his highfalutin ideas are or can be!

Moral culpability aside, is there anything of value in Yosief’s long rhetoric?  In other words, if his views are reproachable in terms of their impact on the morale as we postulated, do they have any merit at all?  I would say yes and no.  His articles contain some indisputable facts here and there that we can all agree with.  Some of his critiques of PFDJ for example are excellent.  Unfortunately, even this turns out to be a façade to lull us into a receptive mood for the falsehood that follows.   Taken as a whole therefore, his longwinded articles with their wearisome iterations around the same catchphrases have propaganda value but nothing else.  Then why are some Eritreans so besotted with him?  There can be a number of reasons:

First, his outlandish conclusions have a shock value and as advertisers would tell you, shock works like magic for grabbing attention.  Yosief, who seems to have developed a starry eyed child-like fascination for the notion of an “antihero” wants to shock us. So he lampoons the gedli era; the opposition; heroes of the past; the PFDJ; and in fact all Eritreans.  Our crime? We resisted Ethiopian occupation.

Second, his articles or views appearing as they are at a time in Eritrean history when the morale of our people is at an all-time low exploit the general despondency of our people.  A grueling thirty years struggle for independence followed by decades of tyranny is finally getting to Eritreans which makes them ripe to be plucked by any would-be charlatan that comes along to deliver the final blow to their pride in themselves and their history.

Third (as we alluded to above), his articles are not totally devoid of truth which buttresses his credibility somewhat. To be believable and to puncture through the deep convictions of Eritreans, he has no choice but to begin with facts we can all accept.  This is a technique that Socrates used for nobler goals.  Yosief uses it for ignoble ones – as a bait to lure us into contrived conclusions.   As we shall see in coming examples, facts, scenarios, or possibilities that weaken his thesis are fastidiously omitted while those that support it are relentlessly harped upon.  One has to look beyond the ostentatious display to discover that there is really nothing there but tangled logic masquerading as dialectic.

In other words, Yosief is not an impartial researcher but a person who is quite adept at taking molehills of truth and constructing a mountain of falsehood around them.  His articles are full of inferences reached in this manner.  We all acknowledge for example that we made mistakes in the past and that a high price was paid for independence but Yosief then takes this molehill of truth and blows it out of proportion to reach the hefty conclusion that the entire struggle for independence had been futile and that we would have been better off if we had remained with Ethiopia!

Now, how does he know that?  What oracular vision assures him that our lot would have been better if we had remained with Ethiopia or that less people would have perished?  This is an attempt to divine the unknown and the unknowable.  To reach such a conclusion, we need to know not only the consequences of our decision to struggle for independence but also what the consequences might have been had we opted to surrender to Ethiopia.  The latter is unknowable.  Absent a crystal ball to show us the two scenarios side by side, we can only conjecture.

And that is exactly what Yosief does. He forces a conclusion by resorting to presuppositions including for example that Ethiopia would have embraced us as equals – an inclination that it has never demonstrated at any time in its association with Eritrea or Eritreans during the period in question.  It also assumes that Ethiopia would never have resorted to ethnic cleansing to make room for its growing or exploding population.  This is relevant because Ethiopia has reportedly once stated it is Eritrea’s land and access to sea it covets not its people and slaughtered many as if to prove the point. It also discounts the possibility that Eritreans may have been reduced to a permanent underclass.  So even surrendering to Ethiopia may not have guaranteed a better outcome nor could we say indubitably that less Eritreans would have died.  There were inherent uncertainties in both choices and Eritreans gambled on the side of liberty and honor whatever the cost.  And Hurray for them!

Yosief also fails to factor a crucial point: the retarding impact on a revolution of people like him who are ever prone to dwell on negativism and cynicism.  There have been many Yosiefs in Eritrea’s history (and world history) and one can hypothesize that success or failure of a revolution or its duration is directly proportional to the number  of detractors the revolution spawns (other factors being equal).  Perhaps Yosief should first look in the mirror for an explanation of why it has taken so long to liberate our country from foreign occupation and why it is now taking so long to liberate it from a domestic tyrant!

Yosief wants to prolong Eritrean suffering even more since if we believed in his theories, we would have to leave matters in the hands of shaebia family to put its own house in order which brings us to the next point: his contention that only those near the PFDJ seat of power can bring change.  What does he base it on?  He starts legitimately enough (as is his wont) by enumerating facts we can all agree with:  the mass exodus of our youth; the semi-impotence of those inside Eritrea; the dispersion of youth in various camps; etc… but then runs with it to conclude that our only hope is for an implosion from within.

Such a scenario is certainly possible but again Yosief is playing the Cassandra[4] here pretending to see the future without making allowances for human ingenuity and random factors that can and have always changed the course of history. The future is simply inscrutable, unpredictable, and indeterminable.  The breakup of the Soviet Union and the Iranian revolution are perfect examples of how the unexpected and the unpredictable can still happen.  No politician and no social scientist saw it coming and no one predicted it.  In our neck of the woods, who would have predicted that something like the G15 protest would erupt in the highly regimented personality-cult driven culture of shaebia?  A few months ago, how many could have predicted anything like the forto operation would happen. (Incidentally, if Forto operation never happened, Yosief’s thesis would have ruled it out.  But since it happened, he quickly adjusted his theory to make allowances for colonel-led rebellions! )

To give another example: we all know Eritrean youth are leaving the country en-masse – so no revelation there.  Yosief nonetheless finds it necessary to dwell upon it for the sole purpose of persuading us that an uprising is not possible and to that end adorns this simple fact (exodus of youth) with needless complexity and mystery.  Is he deliberately obfuscating to ‘wow’ us and to justify his off-the-wall conclusions?  It appears to be so.  Take for instance his elaborate concentric circles, what do they tell us that we do not already know?  Take away his far-out interpretations of these realities, what are we left with?  Absolutely nothing!  Who doesn’t know about Eritrean prisons?  What Eritrean is ignorant of the condition of the slave camps camouflaging as national service?  Who doesn’t know about the condition of civilians in Eritrea?  Almost no one!

Moreover, despite Yosief’s proclamations, Eritrea is not totally empty of its youth.  Nor are those who stayed among the young, the middle aged and the graying as helpless as he portrays them to be.   Nor can we rule out other possibilities even if they seem unlikely at present:  for example, those who stayed or those in national service may learn to trust one another enough to rise against and defeat their oppressors; those who left can come back armed with help from other countries or in some other way;   A war may erupt with Ethiopia or with other neighboring countries that may trigger widespread revolt by the masses who are sick of war; Shaebia leadership may turn against each other thereby providing an opening for the core opposition to launch a grassroots revolution. We know from Tunisia’s revolution how even a single isolated incident can lead to a mass revolt.  There is nothing that says the same thing cannot happen in Eritrea.  In other words, the future can unfold in a zillion different ways.

But according to Yosief, there is only one way out of Eritrea’s predicament:  call for “demobilization”!  This is an attractive proposition.  As Yosief is quick to remind us this reunites families.  What more could we ask for? What he doesn’t tell us is that demobilization will also render them sitting ducks making them as “helpless” as the family they will reunite with.  Shouldn’t we instead call for the guns to be pointed squarely at the slave master, the oppressor, and tyrant?

Besides, who is going to demand demobilization?  The Diaspora?  No, because according to him, they are in the “wrong stage”.  Those in Eritrea?  Impossible! Didn’t he tell us that there are only helpless women, illiterate peasants, children, and the old?  How about the soldiers?  Again, no.  They are too atomized and too indoctrinated according to him to stage any collective action or demand.  Thus, in Yosief’s “disjointed” Eritrea, no one is fit to demand the “demobilization” he is proposing. Perhaps he wants Ethiopia to make the demand?  His own words say it all: “the demobilization demand cannot be entertained without the intention of making peace with Ethiopia” (note the emphasis – his not mine).   Is “demobilization” a path to ensure Ethiopia a final victory over a disarmed Eritrea and to reverse the achievements of a dearly won war of independence that he openly derides  – to somehow wind back Eritrea’s history to square one?  We all want peace with Ethiopia of course only not in the manner Yosief wants to bring it about.

To stave off criticism like the ones I lodge against him in this article, Yosief sometimes likes to compare himself to a builder who razes a shaky structure to erect a more stable structure.  Is he such a one?  Of course not! The analogy is preposterous and totally inappropriate for several reasons:  First, a builder works with a tangible entity – a solid structure that he can see, feel, and touch whereas our would-be builder (Yosief) has to grapple (like all of us) with Eritrea’s foggy past (and an even foggier future) which though conceptually imaginable can never be assessed with the same degree of certitude that the engineer has at his disposal.  Second, the builder (or his team) work from a detailed blueprint or CAD drawing and are absolutely certain to the minutest detail that they can reproduce the blueprint.  Our would-be social engineer on the other hand has no blueprint and could never achieve even a fraction of the degree of exactitude that the builder enjoys. He could only guess and speculate about the future because of the inevitable uncertainties that beset all socio-historical phenomena. Third, the builder and his team have been given the authority to erect, fix or improve a structure.  Who gave Yosief the authority to raze or build anything?

In many ways, his polemical style reminds us of another beloved compatriot, Semere Tesfai: both like to dazzle with volume and pomp; both love propaganda-style repetitive formulas; both rely on elaborate use of emphasis (even when unwarranted); and both happen to be Islamophobes (though in different ways).  For Semere, the Muslim/Christian dichotomy would be solved instantly if Muslims would only “blend” with Christians.  For Yosief, the Muslim/Christian divide is irreconcilable[5]!  And while Semere wants the blending to happen within Eritrea[6], Yosief would “habeshitize”[7] everyone to eventually blend us with the greater “habesha” across the border! At least Semere (May he live long and prosper) had sense enough to limit his ranting against boogeyman “Islamic threat”.

But where is Yosief going with all his campaigning? If there is one goal that can neatly explain his “circular journey”, it has something to do with Ethiopia. Ethiopia factors big in all his theories. Consider the following three-pronged attacks he constantly engages in:

First, as we all know (and as also noted above), he told us in no uncertain terms that the struggle for independence was futile and that we should have opted to stay with Ethiopia. That was the first and crucial step towards his “Ethiopia tqdem” goal. Movements receive their greatest shot of energy and inspiration from their past heroes.  So this serves a dual purpose: it discredits the past and demoralizes contemporary movements that draw inspiration from it.

Second, having dealt with the past and marginally swiped at the current opposition, he then turns to deliver a frontal and direct assault on the opposition by ridiculing those in the Diaspora as impotent “cheerleaders” and those inside Eritrea as helpless women, children, and the old.

Third, having “established” the total powerlessness of the opposition movement (its past and present), he then denies it any future potential by assuring his readers that only shaebia family close to the seat of power can bring change as mentioned earlier.

This forces us to wonder:  if the opposition (both those in and those out of Eritrea) will never be able to bring change, who is to rescue Eritrea from the jaws of Shaebia?  Ethiopia, silly!  In other words, Yosief wants Eritrea – which according to his thesis is a rebellious teenager that run away from home against her best interests and  suffered for decades as a result – to come back home fully repentant to reunite with “mama” Ethiopia. I can think of no other explanation for what drives his long diatribe against Eritreans particularly when we factor his most recent mantra: demobilization.  A disarmed Eritrea will of course be more amenable to re-annexation.

The greatest weapon any movement for liberation possesses is the high morale of its members.  Anyone who wages a deliberate campaign to tamper with the collective self-esteem of a nation is therefore by definition an enemy of the struggle for liberation.  Only an avowed enemy would so deliberately and so persistently target people’s most prized possessions. If Yosief is not doing it deliberately, then he is the most “disjointed”, clueless, and compass-less Eritrean that ever was.

But I suspect he knows exactly what he is doing and revels in it. Yosief is provocateur extraordinaire. So beware beloved compatriots!  If you let his vacuous philosophizing sink into your consciousness (instead of off you), then his predictions will be self-fulfilling and the half a century plus years of struggle would then be truly wasted. Educate yourself; learn to identify such ploys and they will eventually flutter aimlessly and die.  But if you let despondency get the best of you, then many Yosief’s will crop up to confuse us again and again and woe to us as a nation!

It is a firm belief in a cause and an unshakable determination in one’s ability to effect change along with a sensible appreciation of the past that sustain movements.  Yosief and his likes want to take that away from you.  Don’t let them!


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[7] I am coining a term here – a derivative from the word “habesha”.  Notice that I am getting carried away with these end notes.  I ordinarily avoid them but Yosief values them so much, I wanted to oblige.

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  • Biniyam

    I’m pro Eritrean independency , but I believe Eritrea was liberated for the Arabs! Now, Eritrean are being pushed out of Eritrea one by one! You can see it happening! All freedom fighters of Eritrea are being killed one by one! Instead of falling into 100 years of colonial history forgetting thousands of years of history with Abyssinia/Ethiopia, you end Eritrea where it is now! It is so sad! Ethiopia is the best place for these who are escaping persecution in Eritrea , nevertheless , some of you guys still hate Ethiopia! I don’t know what you guys are thinking! Be better, think better just for the sake you ! Some of you are simply taking with out knowing who Ethiopia is!

  • emastmagy

    I was reading his “Romanticizing Ghedli” this morning. And yes he’s got so many points that I thought were valid. However I see too many problems with his attempts to construct a basic point. If I were to ignore the mistakes he is making along the way, then yes; he’s done his objectives. But I have to wonder why he keeps rendering his own argument invalid by injecting points that he already nullified. For example he was to quick to deprecate the #1 reason why Eritreans would likely to tell you as to what’s sickening the country. The government; and yes mainly Isayas. To do so, he argues is to inject a whipping boy argument. But then again he goes on and squarely blames the government here and there and wherever he thinks merits it.

    He also said that Eritreans, once all the negative variables are eliminated, believe that everything would go back to normal. What’s “normal”? Say a person were to be diagnosed with a second stage malignant malinoma. The number one objective is to beat the cancer. Along the way, some wrongly prescribed medications might have adverse side effects. Now recognizing this fact and removing this wrongly prescribed drugs would put you back to the originally concocted plan. That is never to mean overnight to doing so is the patient would be “normal”. Do you get my point?

  • Addis Alem

    I was about to write a response to this cadre sounding writer of this old article I had already seen, but instead opted out to rather go google Yosief Ghebrehiwet, and learn more about this erudite Habesha! I am starting to feel like he is our contemporary Habesha hero not unlike Meneliek … who said a hero had to go to war to bring us pride and dignity as Habesha people? Let me go google him right now …

  • Kelemu

    Ismail Omar -ali;
    I appreciate that you defended your Eritrean identity.
    In the process though you committed two errors that you accused your compatriot -Yosef made:
    1) you asserted that Ethiopia would never treat Eritreans as equal based on the pst history of Ethiopia. You very well know that Ethiopia never treated its people on equal terms. This is no a lot carried by Eritreans only. your comparison does not rest on fair a fair assessment.
    2) You said that Ethiopians have once said they do not need the Eritrean people but their lands. Save some radicals aside -radicals who are found in all societies – Ethiopian governments, even the butcher Mengistu’s – have never said that.
    I would like you to know any conclusion that come out of these assertions are invalid

  • Rawya

    Selamat Awate !

    It is quite annoying to witness your obsession with Yosief G’s Unionist views.As you seem to have a double standard…if you are doing this for national reasons…what about challenging the narrow and divisive views of Ali Salim?
    Does an evil issue of the same magnetiude shall be applauded because it used Awate.com as its venue?

    • Addis Alem

      Did you say Ali Salim? If the guy managed to enrage a cadre sounding brother like yourself, then I am immediately interested in him. I smell delicious reason … I know cadres like yourself are allergic to reason.

  • Anti Ghedli

    The proper title of the article should have been:

    “Ghedli’s Circular Journey In Search of Arabs”

    Aren’t we who are burning Eritrea’s languages to walk, talk and pretend as our Arab masters who really do not respect us?

    • Danny

      I am surprised your comment is allowed at this phobic site.

      • Kokhob Selam

        anti Ghedli,

        but you can’t challenge Ghedli by being Anti Gedli because you need to armed to face Gedli, and if you try to be Tegadaly and fight Gedli, you need to turn back all those years and see how Derg with all what he had fought and lost his gedli (tagainet).if it was not possible all those years how could it be now? there is no more U turn and all we have to do is go forward. now we have a red traffic that should be programmed to be green. be part of the programmers if not drivers.tks.

  • What is at stake is the sovereignty of state Eritrea.
    Ethiopian Imperialist force committed unspeakable crime for over Thirty year none stop of virtual destruction with hundreds of thousands innocent civilians killed and hundreds of thousands made refugees succeeding in terrorizing and causing the mass eviction of Eritrean from their home.
    For YG blamed squarely Ghedli and not the Ethiopia illegally occupation and aggression.
    For YG and cohorts the Eritrea and today’s lost soul today‘s Andinet they been so dehumanized and care less that they are becoming more disfranchised and detached from realty and devoid their souls where compassion and sympathy resides.
    Andinet ,YG and like, are using our histories, politics and our harmonious cultures as enemy and antagonistic to each other .
    Andinet and YG have being wrong on Ghedli and Independence. What Two Wrongs do not make for right? What is at stake is the sovereignty of state.
    Andinet and YG blind follower have lost their critical minds to the YG long Circes article and allowed him to shape the perception of reality and dictate his narrow follower to react through subliminal conditioning.
    Justice and dignity of man stand supreme before and above all Habashiness ,religionbs and laws. As with regard to the hypocritical useless YG article do not contribute peace and harmonies among Eritrean people.
    Post DIA, Eritreans have a duty to shape a new Eritrea with progressive political vision and the country will need to embrace an economic revolution
    What is at stake is simple and crucial: it is Eritrea s ability to offer a better future for its people.

  • Mebratu

    As an Ethiopia I see Eritreans to be very confused and trying hard to establish an identity that does not exist. We said they were Ethiopians first but Eritreans refuted that strongly now they can not become Eritreans because Eritrea is a fake colonial identity that is no more….Now they want to be Habasha but they don’t understand that Habasha is also a fading identity. In this globalized world identities are never stable. They are always shifting. The best thing to do is seek a secular fluctuating state that is all compassionate.

    • ZengaZenga


      How does one tell Ethiopians to buzz off Eritrean affairs and try to mind their beggar business? The people of old Ethiopia should thank Eritreans for helping them end the brutal rule they suffered under the barbaric Haile Selassie and Mengstu regimes and keep their hands off Eritrean state of national affairs if they can’t be of any help?!

      Remember that if Eritreans can liberate Ethiopians from the rule of their earlier backward and bestial rulers, what makes these hypocrites think that Eritreans [do not] have every political, moral, legal, and historical, and military justifications for being a free nation like any other under the rule of national and international law? How does one tell an Ethiopian that humans can only have peace, order, good governance when they obey the rule of law that the world has established to go govern its smaller and greater actors? Go figure!


      • Tamrat Tamrat


        How many years do you need to be convinced that the so called eritreans liberators contributed for more suppression, subjugation, blood shed, non-ending civil war both in ethiopia and Eritre by the weapons and Money contributed by forgein forces to weaken the horn of africa and controll the red sea? Dont you see the liberators stopped to make a mess in Somalia the moment isayas is blocked from alshabab. People like yourself reduced Eritrea to a battel Field for the controll of read sea coast. How dare you to say eritrean liberators make Ethiopians free from dictators!! Every time a New government we succeeded to have you would be a victim for forgein agressors and wellcome them by shooting at them. What more proof you need after shabia created woyane by its image and both ended up in massacaring 120,000 more youngsters life!! Stop this obsolate propaganda that Eritrea liberates Ethipia. And stop to be a victm and work for that Eritrea is more than 1000 km coast of red sea.

        • Kokhob Selam

          dear Tamrat Tamrat,

          why mix things brother? do you think all the price we pay was for”forgein forces”? do you think the support we get was from outsiders? don’t you think we were getting weapons from the armed forces of Ethiopia after every war? don’t you think every Eritrean was participating in paying money from all the world?

          during our struggle days we don’t care much about watching the leadership. Hey, by the way don’t think EPLF leadership were not fighters. we care only everybody participates and that is what take us toward Asmara. do you think we had enough time and facilities in choosing the leadership democratically? even though we have done what we can with that limited time. our first aim was to free Eritrea form Derg. one phase of the mission was over.

          don’t you know our Eritrean fighters bones are buried all over your country? go to Tigray , Begemder, Gojam and ask the people. do you even know there were our fighters keeping security of Addis Ababa for first months?

          now we are proceeding to ward our main target..free and democratic Eritrea. in here as you can see PFDJ has hay jacked the power which will sure end soon god willing. and we are not responsible for all the crimes done against your country because we are suffering as you can see.
          now let me agree with you we didn’t liberated you as you only liberate your country. but we have played our part which in fact in turn had more chance in destroying Derg. not less and not more. it is a cooperative job between two nations.

          “And stop to be a victm and work for that Eritrea is more than 1000 km coast of red sea.” what do you mean? yes the read see is even 1200km and belongs to Eritrea. no question about it. but you don’t have to go for war to use it. be civilized like Meles and accept our national identity. you can use it peacefully. “business is business” my friend. leave we both Habesha even others can use it if their intention and work for good of humanity. tks.

          • Ethiopiyawi

            Dear Kokhob Selam, I like your comment. I sense decency and tenderness. Brother I feel your pain. To be frank, Ethiopians and Eritreans have suffered a lot as a people because of misguided hardliner leaders. If only people preferred to put love and forgiveness at the front and discuss their political issues later, our region would have been a good place. Dear brother, I have no expansionist fantasies. I personally would prefer if both Ethiopians and Eritreans would have been together based on love. But that is gone, and I truly respect Eritrean wish to be on their own.But do you know what I wish, I wish we ccould live together as brothers with love and peace. I truly believe that our leaders took us to war. What does the ordinary Ethiopian and Eritrean knew about the war apart from the fact that we were both told that we were envaded by our respective leaders. Dear brother, I hope peace will come and we both live with genuine love and respect like the one we see in brothers in a family. Because I like this Eritrean girl who is sooooo nice and kind and I want to roam Asmara and Addis with her like love doves. God hel us all

        • ZengaZenga


          First thing is first and thank you, Kokhob Selam, for educating our Ethiopian friend:-).


          For how long and in what manner do Eritreans have to tell you that Eritrea is Eritrea and Ethiopia is Ethiopia de facto, in 1991, and de jure, in 1993?

          Third, Tamarat:

          If what you want is the good of the two peoples and countries, then,quote: “How does one tell an Ethiopian that humans can only have peace, order, and good governance when they obey the rule of law that the world has established to govern its smaller and greater actors?”


          • jack

            Hi Guys
            You always tell us that we are backward thinking, ignorant and undeveloped.You always say you thought us every bite of manner, skill and knowledge. You tell us you are the best human race in this world and on many occasions you have compared yourselves with Americans and Israelis. We know we are under developed but if we just compare you references. Bademe for your war skills, your roads and buildings that are crumbling with our daily changing roads and skylines. As being a human, what kind of human would run from his\her country with the real possibility of being killed by your brother, taken part of your body for spear parts, eaten by shark, humiliated in getting asylum, leaving in a whole hell in Ethiopia and finally ask for forgiveness from your gov,t. well who is human. Please read YG articles.

          • ZengaZenga


            Come hell or high water,the fundamental truth that sensible humans should understand is that “humans can only have peace, order, and good governance when they obey the rule of law that the world has established to govern its smaller and greater actors?”.

            Until people stop being hypocrites and start respecting the rule of law both in Eritrea and Ethiopia, the rule of the jungle will continue to reign in both countries and people will continue to suffer the consequence. People ought to understand that it would be worthwhile to spend one’s time trying to bring about the end of the rule of the jungle in both Eritrea and Ethiopia according to the rule of law.

            Nothing stays the same but rises and lives or falls and dies! The two errand and bestial regimes in power in Eritrea and Ethiopia still fail to be governed by the rule of national and international laws and will sooner than later fall from the height of power they corruptly climbed and meet their disgraceful end.


      • Addis Alem

        [From moderator: Welcome to Awate. Please read the posting guidelines first. That way you can clean up your language and have it posted.]

  • nurhussein s

    Folks! foget about ysief i’m sure thisi gentle man thinks we r on the brink of collaps and this is the right moment to bring the unionst agenda and succeed.yosief is nostalgic fo the old days .My compatriot Eritreans we have a better urgent job to do .Let us consentrate on the real issue at hand we don’t have time to intertain this kind of hidden agenda. And dear yosief let me tell u something; the old days of DEMETROS r long gone “WEYO TEKLISNAS TEWADIKNA” We have

    no identity crisis here what we have is a struggle for LIBERITY ,and as usual we’ll succeed!!!LONG LIVE ERITREA AND ERITREANS!!!!!!!GLORY TO THE DREAMERS ,LIKE KEBIRE WOLDEAB ,IBRAHIM SULTAN TESSEMA,AWATE……ON AND ON!!!!!!!

  • ZengaZenga


    Following is an earlier note from elsewhere that is more or less relevant to what is being discussed here:

    It goes without saying that Isaias and his lawless PFDJ regime are the number one enemy of the Eritrean people as things now stand! Without wasting word, suffice it to say Lawless regimes like the PFJD in Eritrea can’t represent anyone except themselves. The Eritrean despot and his bestial PFJD regime have done well in continuing to shoot themselves on the foot and seem to be determined to keep doing so till their ugly end comes in due time.

    Proceeding, the Wowyane regime in Ethiopia is just as lawless as its PFJD counterpart because it stands in violation to the Ero-Ethiopian international border demarcation verdict that it signed as “Final and Binding”. The Weyane regime is just as lawless and bestial as the PFDJ is to those Eritreans who see it as the enemy of the rule of law and peace and order! Therefore, TPLF or EPRDF or Weyane regime in Ethiopia is the number two enemy of the Eritrean people for its lawless dealings and wheeling in connection with the unity of the Eritrean people it is trying to undermine and the integrity of their sovereign land in violation of the rule of international law. This is so because the Weyane regime lawlessly stands on the way of the very reason Eritreans fought for 30 years to liberate their land from Ethiopian colonial rule.

    Furthermore, Eritreans are their own number three enemy for they take part in creating and or prolonging their miseries by siding with one lawless regime or another. Just as the tyrannical PFJD regime ruling and ruing Eritreans is lawless, so is the Woyane regime in Ethiopia whose only interest is to divide and rule the Eritrean opposition it patrons to weaken their unity while violating Eritrean territorial sovereignty. Sooner or later, Eritreans living inside and outside their country will have to unite their forces and resources to end the rule of the PFDJ plague and establish their own constitutional, institutional, and democratic government in their country without siding with one lawless regime or another or another.

    In conclusion, Eritreans won their independence from Ethiopian beggar rule by the force of arms in 1991 and sealed it legally in the court of international law. The border war followed because the two thieves that stole the Eritrean dream together finally turned against each other and wasted precious life, limb, and material of both the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia! Peace does not come through those who use the rule of the jungle to run the affairs peoples as the PFDJ in Eritrea and the EPRDF in Ethiopia do but through obedience to both national and international laws! It takes two to tango and the former EPLF and its former TPLF friend have turned into each other’s worst enemies and dragged both the poor peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopian into a costly, bloody, and useless war to keep themselves in power! The only way to deal with these two lawless regimes is to challenge both of them to abide by the rule of national and international laws forthwith and let the two peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia start living in peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence.


    • memyself

      My Friend ZengaZenga;
      It is only and only the lawless and shameless EPLF regime and some blind extremist Eritreans who are the #1 enemies of Eritrea. Ethiopians and the Ethiopian Government are doing their business regardless of what happened in Eritrea. So, please stay away. You will never have the right and the gut to claim border, or demarcation issues. Sooner, the Ethiopian Government will officially Nullify and void the Algeris agreement staff that did not work for the last 7 or more years. In Ethiopia, we believe in practice and justice not in talk and useless claims. So no more Algeris agreement from soon onward. It will be then, followed by nothing from Eritreans side regarding border, war or …! selam