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A Third of the Bombing Sorties on Yemen Deployed from Eritrea

Gedab News has learned that more than a third of the approximately 18000 sorties deployed by the Saudi-Emiratee coalition against Yemen was launched from the Red Sea coast of Eritrea.

After initially training and arming the Yemeni Houthi rebels, the Eritrean government switched sides and supported the Saudi-Emiratee coalition allowing it to use Eritrean land, sea, and airspace to conduct the war in Yemen.

The UAE has a naval and airbase in the Eritrean port of Assab, close to Bab El-Mendeb. the southern mouth of the Red Sea.

The relentless military campaign that started in 2015 has turned many Yemeni cities into rubble exposing the people to unprecedented displacement, hunger, and disease in the history of the region.

It’s still a mystery why the Yemeni war has not produced floods of refugees fleeing outside its borders similar to other conflict zones in the region. However, millions of Yemenis are seeking refuge in their country’s mountains and deserts while others have surrendered to their fate and are being exposed to the Saudi-Emiratee bombardments.

The August 9 airstrike that killed about 40 children traveling in a school bus has triggered a widespread condemnation of the Saudi-Emiratee campaign in Yemen. Eleven adults were also killed while “79 people were wounded, 56 of them children” according to Yemeni sources.

The human cost of the crisis in Yemen has become so embarrassing to the international community to the extent that last week, the US Defense Secretary James Mattis warned and issued an ultimatum to the Saudi and UAE authorities to stop their campaign against Yemen within thirty days starting with a ceasefire.

As per the latest statements, the US wants to see peace talks between the Saudi-Emiratee coalition and the minority Yemenis Houthis, hoping for an end to hostilities soon.

The US warning has been hailed by diplomatic and popular organizations, though the bombs and fighter planes that the Saudis and Emiratees use are mainly supplied by the USA.

So far, shy pressure by the international community on the Saudis and UAE in the last two years to stop their campaign on Yemen didn’t bear fruits. However, the recent warning by the USA is expected to slow down the airstrikes that is attacking both military and civilian targets indiscriminately.

It’s widely believed that the recent murder of the Saudi Journalist Jemal Khashogji at the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul has caused the short-lived popularity of the crown prince to wane and brought  international attention to the war in Yemen

To date, the airstrikes have resulted in the death of more than 12,000 people and exposed almost half of Yemen’s population of 28 million to disease and starvation.

Children are the worst affected by the airstrikes that claim the lives of tens of children daily.

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  • bardavidi

    Hello Everyone Tyrants have a specialty in Betrayal and changing alliance whenever needed to keep their Power at any cost………….Isaias is no different .Actually he first Expelled the yazidis after Years of assistance and Escort and denounced his alliance with Iran mainly over Assab and its Refinery in order to secure the payment of 2 Billion Dollars for the massacare and ethnic cleansing of Houthis and the Innocent children in Yemen…………. The deeper the more troubling since local sources have witnessed Eritrean Special forces numbering around five hundred in Al- Hudeidah. reportedly involved in Securing the Port area which the Saudis want desperately.The Blood of the innocent is Crying out in Yemen as well as Eritrea…………..Selah.

  • said

    Culprit of Eritrean regime is unforgivable and to participate in horrible genocide war is crime of Humanity. The United Nations says that seven million Yemeni children are at risk of starvation . It is difficult to comprehend the scale of the humanitarian disaster unfolding on the people of Yemeni Western allies such as the US have also increased pressure on the kingdom to stop the war in Yemen and may ask for an end to the Saudi-led embargo on western ally Qatar
    Recently Defense Secretary James Mattis’s recent comment on the war in Yemen is the strongest U.S. statement since the war’s inception in March 2015. “We’ve got to replace combat with compromise,” Mattis said at the United States Institute of Peace, “It’s time to stop this.” three-and-a-half years after the Saudi-led coalition entered Yemen, the American media as well as officials on Capitol Hill have fortunately begun shifting focus toward the conflict. Saudi trying to bomb Yemen into submission .The Collations don’t seem to care one whit about that tells us all we need to know about their collective moral compass.They don’t have one. Saudi Arabia is governed by a large family riven with divisions and feuds spanning decades.
    The only solution to end the war is a ceasefire, to lift the blockade.
    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while blasting Saudi Arabia for a crime committed in his country, pulled his punches against the crown prince. “We know the order to kill Khashoggi came from the highest levels of the Saudi government,” he wrote in an opinion article in The Washington Post. “I do not believe for a second that King Salman, the custodian of the holy mosques, ordered the hit on Khashoggi.
    How in the world a crime committed in the premises of the Saudi Diplomatic Mission, with a substantial hit team ordered by closest high advisors of the Saudi Crown Prince as all rounded in custody in close access by the Crown Prince, How MBS remains incapable of extracting the simple information from the accused criminals who carried the act of murder and mutilation of the corpse of Jamal Khashoggi the information of the exact condition and the location of the corpse of JAMAL Khashoggi, if not by civilized means the information can be extracted by coercion and under torture, the standard practice of interrogation routinely carried in the police state governed by a ruthless Saudi Regime???

    Beside the horrendous ugliness of the minds and the souls of the Saudi Ruling Regime committing such an ugly crime, total lack of compassion and humanity that render a demential father King and his Crown Prince danger on the safety and fate of their people that they should not be longer trusted to rule over their citizenry…
    With this added the horrible genocide war and starvation siege that are being carried out on daily basis since nearly 4 years on neighboring Muslim Yemen, with the close participation beside MBS of other GCC Countries in close collaboration with the US and other NATO members, as all are Culprits qualifying for being labeled conducting a war against humanity.
    The Saudi Rulers with their conduct utterly un-Islamic pounding Yemeni Muslims without mercy should be deprived of any claims of leadership of the Islamic world.

  • Abrehet Yosief

    Selam Awate Readers,
    May last year, the president gave an interview where he mentioned the Italian occupation. He said in his view there was no Italian occupation it was Eritrean askaris who conducted the war. He challenged the journalists whether they knew the true history. Early this year, eri tv showed a documentary on the participation of Eritreans in the Italian wars. It is very interesting and you can see it on you tube. A youtube account: I Tesfamariam has released it under the title “Eritrean Documentary Film. Kab Feleg Tarik 2018”.

    To come back to the topic at hand, I wonder if the President is suffering from some form of megalomania. His take on the Eritreans askaris in the Italian wars, and parts of the documentary reinforce this, is that in fact it was Eritreans who were the occupiers or invaders. Mind you showing the documentary at this time, without historians giving it a proper context, is bound to raise hatred by Libyans and Ethiopians.

    Again in his Saturday interview, the president intimated that he is now part of a bigger geopolitical game, he pushed what he would consider “borders of concern” north up to Yemen and all the way south to Somalia. Perhaps in his sick mind he thinks, he is part of a conquering force.

    If Eritrean copilots are participating in the sorties, who is to say Eritrea is not fully engaged in the atrocities. With the lifting of sanctions, UAE could transfer some military assets to Eritrea making Eritrea a full fledged and active member of the criminal coalition. Perhaps the minimum we can do is some kind of media/social media campaign to show our opposition to the war. #Eritreans stand with innocent victims in Yemen.

    • Ismail AA

      Dear Abrehet,

      No wonder! despots, especially the aging among them, suffer from mysterious maladies. These remain mysterious because arrogance and self-esteem obstruct them from diagnosis. In the way, the unfortunate subjects they rule bear the burden of their mental ailing and absurdities.

      The despot in our land is aging and his already hampered mind is over stressed by aging and running of time. At this stage of his despotism, he is capable of saying and doing a lot of absurdities. The worst may still come as long as he stays because he will feel more stress due to his smallness in the big game his unfathomable ambition pushes him to get involved.

      The sad part of the story is the terrible legacy he will be leaving to eternally burden the conscience and collective memory of our innocent people. The images of the dying and emaciated skeletal children of Yemen shall remain haunting us, as we helplessly look on now while knowing the despot is taking part in committing crime in the name of our people just not more than 60 km to the east of our sea shores. The clan chiefs of oil rich Gulf region have found a perfect pawn to play with: so small on the chessboard but big in harmless ambition, which money and patrol would take care of.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Awatistas,

    This time around the despot has involved our people and nation in child extermination criminal war in Yemen. Bin Salman and Bin Zayid and their geopolitical stakesholder backers who are committing child killing holocaust with the conscience dead world, by and large, looking the other way.

    The despot is receiving blood money in our name while we watch helplessly. It’s no surprise that Bin Salman has open hotline with him as our Kbrom had mentioned in his post earlier today.

    Thank you Awate Team for doing the minimum you could do as commendable fulfilment of duty as responsible media outlet.

  • Brhan

    Hello Awate,

    Isayas Afeworki lies….he lied on Yemen’s Hanish Island . He also lied on, Badme and the sanction against Eritrea. For the Hanish and Badme crisis and wars he said there were created and preserved by the US.

    For the sanction, he said international community was wrong and he was right.

    Isays Afeworki always creates fear. First it was the border issue and now it is ” still the Woyane.”

    Dictators usage for lies and fear have become famous these days. Trump uses it , except he is not a dictator.

    Lies and fear always fail. Facts win. You will see this tomorrow, Tuesday , November 06, 2018!