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The Political Fate of Eritrea: In The Context of Our Time

The Eritrean political condition has occupied the major part of the lives of four generations of Eritreans. In the processes, such political condition has consumed countless lives creating untold sufferings; putting on regression for human and technical development. This is neither my pessimistic view nor the wishful thinking of the opposition groups that do not see any good from the regime in power. It is a realistic view and an opportunity for honest reflection and inventory checklist. We can only look at the situation in the context of our time, specifically of our region from the failed State of Somalia to the recent Arab Uprisings that eclipse our views with a desert sand storm at every spark of light in search of clear vision.

The one step forward and two steps backward of democratic process emerging in the consciousness of the masses if not on the ground have become elusive and messy. What has been unfolding in Egypt is a clear example of the legacy of oppression with lasting effect in every citizen on the victor and the vanquished. Many scholarly studies have been done on “internalized oppression syndrome” that can help understand some of the behaviors exhibited though in vision of noble goal but are entangled by circumstances they are unable to explain or overcome.

Those who paid dearly for such messy process to emerge with the hope of gradual evolution of democracy and rule of law this might be disheartening. For those who believe that they offer unwavering stability against hoards of adversity staying the course of progress yet do not offer any semblance of democracy or due process of law, they live in self-delusional reality. Eritreans, especially those of us who see reality through rosy-pair of glasses; sooner or later we will be surprised by the unfolding naked reality to rude awakening.

The political mess exhibited by the opposition groups, who could not see beyond their internal conflicts and the regime in power could do no wrong should be evaluated from the point of internalized oppression. Both suffer from “victimhood syndrome,” which is clouding their vision for possibilities and any goodness that could emanate out of their collective efforts. For example, the opposition groups operate from misplaced priorities; though they profess that the enemy is the regime in Eritrea; they wage war with each other. The Eritrean regime sees itself as a victim of visible and invisible enemies. Whether these are tactics of political ploy or not, they have insidious effect on our society. They put additional layers to the complexity of “internalized oppression.” For example, during the war of liberation and even now Eritreans have gone too far in exhibiting their victimhood to successive oppressions reciting litanies of colonizers – Ottoman Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Great Britain and Ethiopia. Such unqualified recitation of history had political goal not historical objectivity. Its main purpose was to claim that Eritrea was never part of Ethiopia; therefore, it should be independent as sovereign country. The argument that Eritrea was creation of colonial boundary created by Italian occupation as a result of the Berlin Conference in 1884 would have sufficed to claim and fight for sovereignty without stretching and abusing historical facts. For example, the extent and the influence of the Ottoman domination has never been fully analyzed in comparison to the local culture, language and other spheres of influence colonizers normally do; the same analysis should have been done with other successive colonizers. Eritrean culture has never been abused by all successive colonizers as much as the current regime; the opposition groups do not have clean track-record either.

The internalized oppression or sense of victimhood in Eritrea should be compared against brainwashing that took place during the war for independence. The legacy of victimhood still plays prominent role rehashing politicized history or arousing sentimental of enmity. Therefore, as much as the legacy of external oppression the self-inflicted “internal oppression” should be taken into consideration as the problem of Eritreans at home and in the Diaspora.

In the context and movements of our time, how will Eritreans handle when the inevitable time of reckoning finally arrive; will they recoil to the shell of victimhood, to avoid facing their true image in the mirror or admit the mess they created picking up the pieces and move forward?  The avoidance of reality; blaming everything on someone else, mostly the previous generations including “the heroes of the armed struggle” exonerating ourselves as do no evil generation is the real problem at hand. In this context, the fate of Eritrea is bleak unless there is a national introspection, each one of us admitting our contribution to the current mess by commission or omission. However, there is huge mountain each one of us to climb, which is a mountain of Eritrean arrogance coupled with slippery slope of ignorance.  On the other hand, no one can underestimate the awakening of our collective will latent within that can be commandeered with visionary leadership and hope for possibilities.

Finally, the possibilities should not be mistaken for copy-cut democracy that defies the socio-cultural and historical reality of a people. In the case of Eritrea, once we overcome the blame game and victimhood, we will realize democratic process, consensus building and rule of law are deeply rooted in our history and culture regardless of ethnicity and language background. When the inevitable takes place are we going look for a solution that move us forward anchored in our values or look for someone to blame at every turn we face challenges. The fate of Eritrea is in our hands, those of us at home and in the Diaspora – are we going to seal it with fate of hope or the fate of doom? Let us reflect on the current situation of Eritrea and make an inventory checklist to our role and contribution.

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  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Where is the exact location of Ethiopia?
    I know that the present day of Ethiopia is Wello, showa these adjacent areas under Ethiopian government administration and spread to north during haileslasie and derge times so the center or ground zero Ethiopia is Shewa and adis abeba. However all these areas were founded in the late of 19 or 20th century.
    The believe that Ethiopia has 3000 years history could be false or unproven. I believe the first person said this must be copied from the movie “Moses” 1956. there is nothing connection between 3000 yrs ago and today’s wello, shewa districts. these areas were covered with tropical rain forests and wild animals no civilization or human lived there.
    Simply the name of Ethiopia slowly gone to south as flying balloon does not make these areas have 3000 yrs history. It is fake there was no organized Ethiopia only was name and it is unknown the exact location of Ethiopia.
    All present day Eritrean villages and Tigrayan villages were known by Adi or village. No one claimed I am Ethiopian but said I am from Adi Hawya or all village names. Even a distant village about 10 miles away called GoDoBo or foreign.
    Therefore my point is there is no exact location of Ethiopia prior to 18th century.
    3000 yrs history is false/fake just borrowed from the Moses Film 1956. IN the movie the king ForOn did not mentioned the exact location of Ethiopia except Habesha seem people appeared – they could be from sudan, south Egypt or present day Sahel areas.
    The truth the name of Ethiopia covered vast areas and there was no organized Ethiopia. Even the Axum and Ethiopia no connection because the history name of Ethiopia and Axum no connection except the name Ethiopia slowly ballooned from north Africa perhaps also from Europe or Arab land to south east Africa.

    • Dibe Kulu

      The name Ethiopia, during the era of the Pharaoes was used to describe the land of all dark skinned people south of Egypt as known to the Greeks and Romans of then. The name most associated with present day highland Eritrea and northern Ethiopia was Abyssinia. So whatever historical claims are made for that era, good or bad, belong to the people of both countries.

      As to the claims that Eritreans came bare foot and became millionaires in Ethiopia, well, if the factories and industries the Italians left behind in Eritrea, were not systematically dismantled and taken south, they probably would have made it at home!

      Asseb by the way, is never mentioned in connection with any of the kings of Ethiopia (Abyssinia]. Massawa on the other hand, was always mentioned in one form or another. It was in the 80’s, when the Dergue realized that Eritrea’s independence was imminent, that it hastily curved out a chunk of Eritrean land, including Asseb and associated it with Wello.

      For obvious reasons, no one can lay claim on Massawa. Although if we go by historical precedence, often cited as the basis for claiming Asseb, that would be the most logical thing to do. Ethiopians with the old nostalgia of expansionist ideology have instead incessantly claimed Asseb, an unambiguously Eritrean territory to be historically theirs. There is neither legal nor historical backing for that so we wonder how they intend to accomplish it?.

      As to the sympathy for one or more Eritrean ethnic groups wanting to join this and that adjacent Ethiopian state, I say, you must lead by example and let the Ogadenis go free to join their Somali brethren in Somalia? How about letting the Oroms go free or even set up a real federal state with real authority? The Afars & Isas to join Djibouti?? As the saying goes, people who live in glass houses should not be in the business of throwing stones!

      We have to choose to live in peace and harmony with one another. If we try to think out of a box, we can creatively come up with many ideas to solve our seemingly intractable problems. There are many benefits that come from establishing good neighborly relationships based on mutual respect than from the no war no peace situation we currently find ourselves. Otherwise, both of us will be doomed to similar fates of war, destruction and all the misery that comes along with that.

  • To Zehara,
    Reading through your bluff, one wonders from which stand you are trying to criticize today’s Ethiopia..Are you not from the Eritrea we know which after 30 years of straggle turned it’s people in to war zone scavengers and gypsy of the region?….this is like the gypsy on the street of London feeling sorry for the British. you people never fail to amuse….

  • Eyob Medhane


    Got to understand this. A bulk of Eritreans (Not All of them. There are few) But very good number of them LOVE their ego inflated. Even Sal, agrees with this.

    Other wise, you wouldn’t have had someone, who’d tell you to name five people, who fought and died for their country, from a country that has resisted colonizers for centuries.

    For every decent Eritrean you mentioned, who helped, during those five years of occupation, I can give thousands of Eritrean bandas, who killed and maimed my people. Their mercinary deeds have not ended only in Ethiopia, but extended to Lybia and Somalia. So, my man. take a chill pill.

    Don’t get me started with the fourth grade graduates of the former auto mechanics, autantis and bakers. I had this discussion with Sal before. A guy like Gebreselassie Bakery got to Ethiopia with his bare foot and made it to be millioniaire, and yet the fact that his only 4th grade knowledge, which he never managed to advance it with ‘temkero’ of an old age, never helped him to act like a decent human being at the sunset of his live, and died insulting a people and a country that made him somebody from what he was. No body. So, please don’t give us that crap of ‘Eritrean taught you’. When? Where? There were 100 Indian teachers in Ethiopia for every 1 Eritrean teacher. Where as, if you ask every single Eritrean official starting from Isayas Afeworki, all were educated in Ethiopia. I know, that you need to feel big and inflated as big as possible. Well ask someone to do that for you. Not Ethiopians, because as Emama Birqe would have said “..እናቅሻለን: እናቅሻለን..” 🙂 (If you didn’t get that reference, don’t worry about it. It’s very Ethiopia 😉

    • dawit

      Eyob: Eritreans were drafted to the Italian colonial army, because they were a colony of Italy and that was true for Ethiopians in the five year of occupation. That was true for British Africans and AngloIndian colonies. There were thousands of Ethiopians from Tigrai, Raya Azebo, Wello, Gonder etc who joined the Italian colonial army in the just few years of Italian occupation. There were also thousands who were employed as spies betraying their own brothers who were resisting Italian occupation for few Italian lire. That was the reason how Italy was able to occupy the country of ‘3000 years of independence’ in just few years and built roads from north to south East to West. Today Ethiopian soldiers are dying in Somalia and Sudan where ever their masters send them. Again I also challenge you to mention five prominent Ethiopians who died fighting Italians. Let me help you Belay Zeleke of Gojam, Abebe Aregay of Menze, Ras Desta Damtew of Sidamo, Ras Imiru Haile Sellasie of Harar. Now can you add one more name?

      Gebreselasie the baker was hard working Eritrean who made millions working and finally your Woyane army robed him after fabricating a border crisis; and what do you expect him to praise Ethiopia when you robbed him in a broad day light? There is nothing wrong to be rich by working hard. You can not mention one Eritrean who became rich through theft or corruption but I can count thousands of Woyane foot soldiers who became billionaires through corruptions. They also arrived in Addis bare footed in 1991, pretending to be ‘Ethiopians’. Ethiopian masses called Eritreans, ‘Simetiru Hmasien’ that tells volume to Eritrean integrity!

      • “There is nothing wrong to be rich by working hard.”

        Dawit, true there is nothing wrong with being rich through hard work, but there is nothing wrong in being grateful to the people who accommodated you despite the fact that you were conspiring to disown them..You are mistaken if you think the Amaharas didn’t know all the derogatory names you called them right under their nose, but perhaps laughing at your stupidity is the only saving grace they had for their their “3000 years civilization”…The only irony is no Eritrean is able to explain which civilization they were part of, except the 50 years slavery from which they have gained some petty technical skills that turned out to be outdated by the time they freed themselves from the “backward civilization”..in fact I am right now inside one of the fancy Bilos cafe in Addis and fantasizing to invite the dead Gebretensay to one of my favorite cakes…With his then famous bombolino, he will have to be colonized for another 3000 years to beat bilos in cake backing ..my apologies for leaking my fingers, it is one of those lessons I missed for not being colonized..

      • Eyob and Dawit,

        Why don’t we work for the future rather bickering on the past. The past is a past with all the consequences and results as recorded. History is not a guidance for the future for there are many factors of the present that dictate the future. Eyob as much as I love your debating skills, you always focus on the past. I have no doubt that you could contribute a lot to the future including building good relationships for the two brotherly people. Dawit stay focused on the current struggle, leaders will go but the two people will live side by side for ever. Our role should be to restore brotherhood and good neighborliness (friendly neighbor). Let us work for friendship and cooperation.

        • Eyob Medhane

          Ato Amanuel,

          Because I respect you, (and I really really do) I am going to stop. But, please understand that at times, setting the record straight is very tempting, because, there are some wounds that hurt so much, when they are scratched, because they are cut so deep…

          • Salyounis

            Selamat Eyob:

            I take it as a personal failing that after two years of the Awate Academy, you still have the same Freddy Krueger nails you had when you first came here.

            I am willing to dismiss your blanket accusation of nameless banda who did terrible things to Ethiopians (you invented some incredible statistics for a good: bad Eritrean ratio): that is standard Internet posting hyperbole that I am used to. But then, in a shocking and, dare I say it, most un-habesha behavior I have seen, you actually are trashing a man (a private citizen, not a politician) who has gone to meet his Maker.

            This is wrong and you should admit it is wrong and you should refrain from doing it– not out of respect of someone you really really like but because it is wrong.


          • Eyob Medhane


            During the last two years, I thought I mellowed a bit. I guess you don’t think so. Well…

            Look, I like Amanuel Hidrat. Reading him, he comes of as a very nice thoughtful and very much knowledgable intellectual. I again say out of respect for him and his request for me to stop dwelling in the past and go back and forth with Dawit, I gladly oblige. However, I never regret or apologize for what I said and what I think of Gebretinsae Bakery. The man was one of the first Eritreans, during the border war to insult belittled and denigrate the entire Ethiopian people, whole sale. The people, who made him who he was. I was actually very polite describing him. Go to Addis Piassa area and mention his name. You will get an earful. It would have been nice, if he acted his age, at least at the end of his life. Anyway, that is how I feel and I don’t think I owe an apology for what I feel….

          • Salyounis

            Hey Eyob:

            I didn’t ask you to apologize; I asked you to “admit it is wrong and refrain from doing it.” I guess that is part of the Habesha culture (refrain from speaking ill of the dead) that you don’t have much use of. So don’t get all insulted when other people some parts of Habesha culture/tradition not worthy maintaining.

            Incidentally, I would never ask anyone– in the field of politics– to apologize and ask for forgiveness. It reminds me of the saddest scene in Orwell’s 1984: people forced to apologize to the State for crimes they didn’t commit. In Eritrea, that began happening on a mass scale in 2001 when University of Amara students were made to sign an apology letter for the crime they committed against the State– a crime that could be forgiven, if they apologized, thanks to the goodness of the government. They signed it and it broke them as fighting men: which was the whole purpose of the letter. To this day, Eritreans who escape the country can use consulate services if they apologize to “the people and government of Eritrea” for the crime of wanting to live.

            I think the “apologize! No, you apologize!” did its share in the breakup of many Eritrean political and civic organizations.


          • Eyob Medhane

            Oh Come on, Sal

            This has nothing to do Habesha culture. It’s about one man who has no honor, and a fact of what he said and what he did. I did not speak ill of him by fabricating a fact. He was spoken about for his really lowly behavior at the time. In abesha culture, actually, you could talk about the dead (only the true stuff) after you said ” Nefsun yimarewna…” 🙂 If you are faulting me for not saying that, I’d do it. Nefsachewin yimarewna…. Then insert the ret of what I said about him….

            Melkam Addis Amet

        • dawit

          Hi Amanuel;
          Thank you for your positive note on the futile argument of the new ‘Ethiopians’ who are trying to perpetuate enmity between Eritrean and Ethiopian people. Believe it or not I am not even Eritrean. I am an Ethiopian who grew up in Addis with several Eritreans. Our parents refered to them ‘Simetiru Hamasien’, I guess to distinguish them from ‘Tigre’ Growing up we were good friends, we played marbles, tipitib, and football together. They were children of Eritrean patriots who fought for Ethiopia against the Italians. I learned a lot about Eritrean history from those my childhood friends, we were like brothers. Two of them were killed by DURG during the Red terror, suspected as members of EPRP. After Eritrean independence their parents were deported to Eritrea after the fabricated Woyane border crisis. I was in Adigrat for Zemecha and I recall when students from Tigrai harassing us those of us who went there from Addis to leave their part of province, because we were Amhars and they had their TPLF for Tigrai province independence. They saw our support for EPRP as a threat to their plans. Now these same people are calling Eritreans ‘blood suckers’ of Ethiopia. I hate when these people like Zeru and Eyob perpetuate the false enmity of Eritreans and Ethiopians. These pseudo Ethiopians consider themselves as Supra Ethiopians and seems happy when Eritrean people suffer. I don’t know what satisfaction they get by degrading Eritreans struggle for independence, the very people who enabled them to grab state power. They seem to enjoy the death of people like Gebretinsae the baker who died of heart attack after they robbed him his lifelong saving. Well they will also die just like their leader who ignited the Ethiopian Eritrean war. There is an Amahric saying ‘Betbach kale yetera wooha aytetam’ and ‘Beseferut koona yesferal’. Sorry as long as there are people who benefit from the enmity of our people, there will not be future for our people. Those who perpetuate hatred must be confronted and discourage at all front.

          • Abrham

            Your content mismatch with your claim of citizenship!!any way If you are Ethiopian you must be from G7. A terrorist group which is working day and night spreading hate, hate and hatred to wards the people of Tigray. If you really believe in peace and love between these brotherly people how dare you left the Tigray people as the enemy of any one in the horn. Ignoring your bla bla, review this one
            “I was in Adigrat for Zemecha and I recall when students from Tigrai harassing us those of us who went there from Addis to leave their part of province, because we were Amhars and they had their TPLF for Tigrai province independence. They saw our support for EPRP as a threat to their plans.” Your ignorance is beyond imaginable.Do you ever forget many from Adigrat at that time were members and supporters of EPRP than TPLF?

          • bukretsion

            u r clearly eritrean , don’t lie.

    • Eyob, You used a good name Gebreselaie the famous Eritrean baker was called Gebretensay. He was a very good proof of a Shattered “Eritrea yegil and Ethiopia yegara” dream. He died of heart attack when he realized Ethiopia is no more the caw he milked for far too long …But one wonders why as some Eris claim he was hard working he could not do the same thing in his country…same goes for all Eritreans, they boasted how they were the once who changed ethiopia for the better in the thirty years they lived in Ethiopia, but all they have done in the last 25 years for Eritrea is abandon it in mass..Perhaps is it Eritrea stupid?

      • Eyob Medhane

        Astra begeta,

        I stand corrected. Yes. You are right Gebretensai. An old man with no culture, no shame and died in disgrace. How can one compare his kind of bottom feeder with the likes of Belai Teklu and Zemui Teklu ( They all came together, but Belai and Zemui had character, dignity and class. They are still alive with grace and God forbid something happens to them, they always will be remember for their grace and class. Thank you so much for the correction.

      • Sefora Temesgen

        The famous Gebretensay is my grandfather.

  • dawit

    The Eritrean people struggle for independence did not start with the Ethiopian occupation. Eritreans referred to the chain of colonizers as part of their historical argument during the struggle for independence hased only the Berlin conference. Italian colonization alone would not have been sufficient in their argument for independent, because Ethiopia claim to occupy Eritrea was based on the bases of its ‘3000 years of history’. Don’t you think the UN did not know the fact that Eritrea disserves its independence as an Italian Colony? Why did they federate it with Ethiopia, knowing that it was created as an Italian colony? Had Ethiopia and UN stood on the side of Eritreans seeking for independence, all the mess that followed by Ethiopia’s occupation would not have been necessary. Eritreans have the right to refer to their history of victimization and which still continued by those interfering in their internal affairs by various countries large and small using different pretexts like Democracy etc. Do you believe Eritrea deserves UN sanctions, when its territory is occupied by Ethiopia? What do you refer to this victimization?

    • “Don’t you think the UN did not know the fact that Eritrea disserves its independence as an Italian Colony? Why did they federate it with Ethiopia, knowing that it was created as an Italian colony?”…

      Dawit, I guise you need to request for a copy of UN fact finding that took 10 years to decide Eritrea is better of with ethiopia.(keep the conspiracy theory to yourself)..the fact that your identity crises got exploited by whoever sponsored your struggle and made both ethiopia and eritrea hell for it’s people does not justify your not so free freedom…people like you would like to bash those who stood for unity just because you have achieved a flag, but the fact still remains you have yet to prove them wrong…Dawit, one thing I can be certain is, had the world not decided to hand Eritrea to Ethiopia, you wouldn’t have had time to form your identity(ask the Brits who nearly portioned you for Sudan and Ethi) let alone to get the education you are now using to discredit the very people who taught you how to write and read..Thanks to the unionists, at least some of you got the chance to learn beyond forth grade, succeed in business and bleed the very people who gave you the privilege…

      • dawit

        Here we go again a distorted history trying to prove the negative. Ethiopian chauvinists have always tried to elevate their history as they minimize the history of others. Even the 3000 years of Ethiopian independence 90% of it is borrowed from the pre-colonial history of Eritrea. Well Zeru, I am sure you will not like this truth about Eritreans and Ethiopians history.
        1. Eritreans liberated Ethiopia from Italian colonial forces. You need proof read the history of Italian occupation and get a glimpse of history like Ras Desta and Ras Imiru who were the resistance leader of Ethiopians fighting the Italians. The bulk of their trained soldiers were Eritrean patriot who defected from their colonial masters with their arms to join the Ethiopian resistance that kept the struggle for five years. Just to mentione few prominent personalities in those days, Zerai Deres, Lorenzo Tazaz, Abrahm Debotch, Mogos, General Isaias, General Mengesha, General Mebrehat, Capitain Solomon, Colonel Gebrekal etc. Can you name five prominent Ethiopians who died for Ethiopian Independence struggle during that period? Yes there is that Egyptian monk Abune Petros and Ras Desta. The rest of Ethiopians like Ras Hailu and Ras Haile Selassie Gugsa were busy Eating Italian Spaghetti.
        2. The Patriots that I listed above all had 4th. Grade education under Italian colony, but they were conscious of their identify and preferred to join with their fellow Ethiopian to liberate Ethiopia. They were counting their Ethiopian brother will stand with them when they demanded for their independence. But Ethiopians joined the British to partition their country while the British were busy dismantling and looting Eritrean infrastructure built by Italians, to prove that Eritrea cannot be a viable state and must be partitioned between Ethiopia and Sudan. Your UN report is nothing but a 10 years of conspiracy to erase Eritrean Identity, when Haile Selassie was paying hooligans to intimidate the Eritrean people to vote for his Andenet Party he created.
        3. As to the education of Eritreans, you must be joking. During Haile Selassie’s time, there was no Ethiopian that did not have an Eritrean teacher in his Elementary or High School education. It was the 4th. Graders Eritreans who gave basic foundations of education to millions of Ethiopians, after Ethiopian independence until they reach to learn English and be ready to be thought by Indians. Yes Eritreans took advantage of the education opportunity in Ethiopia, but don’t you think Eritreans would have established universities under independence if they were not forced systematically to move to Ethiopia under occupation?
        4. On the Economic side, you claimed Eritreans that moved to Ethiopia “succeeded in business and bleed the very people who gave you the privilege”. Eritrean succeeded wherever they went and it is not by stealing but by working hard. But it is the mentality of chauvinist Ethiopians to think Eritrean exploiting them when they invest and profit from their sweat. When an Arab, Indian, Chinese or European do business in Ethiopia, they are investors who help Ethiopian economy. It is the envy that kept Ethiopia backward nation for centuries. If Ethiopians were honest in their dealing with Eritreans, today they would not have been backward nations in the world; they would have been like many developed nations in the world. ‘Mikegna yerasu megagna’.
        5. Eritreans do not have identity crisis. The only people who may have that are the unionists. The proof to them was made in 1960 when Awate lead small armed men to declare Eritrean Independence and the fruit was realized in 1991. No one defined Eritrean independence struggle but Eritreans. They owned their struggle at its beginning, and they have not only flag but an independent country recognized by the world.

        • independence is defined by viability..A closed Eritrea since independence has lost more citizens through immigration than it did during civil war..just imagine if those shoot to kill hungry soldiers fall asleep for an hour..I think you’r confusing Arab supported secessionist military success for capability in nation building..nation building requires brain, not guns.If I was you I would shut up at least until I prove something..the reality is the longer you brag the less capable you are becoming as people…Even the late PM Meles Zenawi’s donation to educate some of your refugees might not save your rear!

      • Zahra

        Hi Zeru,

        Have you ever heard one claiming “we the Roman Empire” this years old, or the “the Eritrean Bija Empire” this years old, or “the Mongolian Empire” or the “Ottoman Empire” etc with the exception of the “Ethiopian Empire.” This is so, because of them were fragmented due to lack of any commonality among the people of the fragmented empires.

        The modern nations of today were all formed after the industrial revolution limiting their borders their the people’s economic bondage. As such, Eritrea became as nation by virtue of the scramble of Africa long before Ethiopia of today. Tunisia was the first to so be declared as a colony having a defined border and about the same time the Eritrean border of today was defined by the Italian colony.

        Unfortunately, when Eritrea was stuffed into the federal relationship with the backward and raw (unprepared as a nation)Ethiopia had to suffer a lot. Eritrea was totally stalled until Ethiopian people were brought to the level of Eritreans. Traces of backwardness are still in Ethiopia and will take sometime until the Empire’s favored parts and unfavored parts that suffered under the system find some magic to correct them. If not correct the fate of the Empire of Ethiopia will be the same as those fragmented into their original magic glued parts.

        Accordingly, the 3000 years were not years of a nation but years of an empire. We pray for you to stick together but science proved that magic glue is not as strong as the natural glue. The natural glue, despite the fragment Bija empire, Eritrean people created same peopleness under the various colonies and thanks to the ELF’s psychological revival of the feeling of Eritreaness that the Isayasism todate failed to make it work through a requirement of a ticket of 2% forced payment in order to be recognized as an Eritrean. The weak is paying and the strong is defying by tell Isayas “I am voluntarily paying, know that, I am forced to pay.” It is just an Eritrean nationality for sale, even the BiDoons of the Arabian Gulfs are getting it for money. All these are temporary and the Eritrean sufferings cannot be taken of its context to show the Eritrean were better off with Ethiopian Empire, which empire need the support of Eritreans, Sudanese, Somalis and Kenyans in order to remain intact or unfragmented.

        • tazabi

          Wishful thinking ! ‘… As such, Eritrea became as nation by virtue of the scramble of Africa long before Ethiopia of today …” So being a colony of Italy makes Eritrea a nation. Poor advanced Eritrea …

        • zizi

          (From moderator: zizi, clean up your language and re-post.)