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The Document Of The ELL: An Analysis

OFF TOPIC: This year 2015 – my new year and that of family and friends, was clouded by the sudden deaths of at least two great landmarks in the way many of us have come to know and approach Eritrean politics.

The first in my case, was the loss of Yassin Mender, who, as far as I know, had distanced himself from the mess of Eritrean politics – opposition & PFDJ alike – right around the time that “mess” was first introduced into Eritrean politics in the 1980s. Apart from contributing to purely humanitarian aspects of the Eritrean tragedy, throughout these years, he managed to keep his mouth shut, his hands clean and his name off the list of conspiracies for good and conspiracies for bad. Yassin had touched my life and reasoning so much that I cannot construct a single statement of politics or a word of personal motivation, where his shadow is not present – approving or objecting. It is not my intention to re-inject his name into the politics that he had chosen to stay clear of, and I will not say much more than to pray that – Yassin and his beautiful wife, Alem, rest in peace. My condolence to all their children, family and friends. If you have ever read anything intelligent, moderate or sensible in what I ever wrote, credit belongs to this ever-present friend that I will always miss.

I have never met or spoke to the Great Omer Jabir but his flood of writings and tireless presence in Eritrean opposition politics will continue to be the reference and inspiration that will guide generations ahead. Some of us might not have agreed with what this great icon of our politics wrote or said, here and there. I wish we knew better in due time. Yassin, Omer and many others who passed before them belonged to a different generation of Eritreans, and a different brand of Eritrean lowlanders, who followed their hearts to the grave. They belonged to a generation of good men and women who believed in visions, trusted promises and marched in good faith with total strangers in the dark. Here too, I will not say much more than to pray that – the Great Omer rest in peace. My condolence to his family and friends.


This section presents general orientations among lowlanders as they debate ideas and proposals hoping to solve the chronic equation of ethno-regional politics in Eritrea. The observations derive from reading the ELL’s Wathiqa and trying to situate the initiative within the broader debate. Nothing in the document, however, should be taken as final & binding as far as the ELL is concerned as the document is expected “to be extensively discussed … [before being] adopted and abided by as a covenant and a joint plan of action.” This contribution, as stated in the previous article, is made in good faith by a committed supporter (that’s me) and aims at infusing a useful (heated) debate to define the ELL into the giant that its constituents expect it to be. This process of definition should, I believe, take off from identifying the organization based on the starting definition of the ELL in the initiating Wathiqa.

I tried to make the picture below self-explanatory but it would not hurt to supplement it with a few words to draw your attention to the following ideas:


Almost all existing orientations on the debate around where lowlanders should go from here implicitly answer the following three core questions.

Question 1: Did lowlanders in the 1940s and 1950s really have multiple options from among which they chose to stay as part of a united Eritrea?

Most lowlanders (in fact most Eritreans) seem to believe that to be not only true of the 1940s & 50s but to be true today too. In other words, the overwhelming assumption is that if lowlanders decide to split from Eritrea in favor of other options, the alternatives are just as feasible as that of a unified Eritrea.

Question 2: Do you consider the decision of lowlanders of the 1940s & 50s (especially the RabiTa) to dump the proposal to split Eritrea and to go for “National Unity”, to be a heroic decision?

Most Eritreans including lowlanders believe the RabiTa’s decision to be heroic (hence worthy of maintaining) in the same manner that the ELL document presents Sheikh Ibrahim SulTan as an iconic hero. We would probably see a little difference in the “heroic” judgment for a reframed question. Example: Would the RabiTa and Sheikh Ibrahim SulTan have similar support among lowlanders if they were characters in today’s opposition politics (assuming identical choices being true)?

Question 3: How uniquely desperate is the situation of lowlanders in post-independence Eritrea under the PFDJ and how optimistic are you that systematic discrimination (against lowlanders) would end with the end of the PFDJ? In other words, does the degree to which discrimination against lowlander is systematic and structural in post-independence Eritrea warrant the search for solutions outside a united Eritrea?

My personal assessment is that most lowlanders do agree that the situation of lowlanders is that bad and hopeless but they also agree that there are no other feasible solutions, i.e. we are stuck. There has so far never been any Eritrean initiative with a serious proposal to split Eritrea (including the initiatives of ethnic organizations that pay lip service to “self-determination up to secession”). Hence, I am not very sure that the answer to Question 3 actually defines an orientation with serious political implications for Eritrea’s future.


This is intended to give an idea as to where the following broadly defined political orientations stand in relation to the three core questions:

  1. The Unionists

These are the ELF-EPLF styled lowlanders, who believe that the history of colonization and armed struggle has blended all Eritreans in a melting pot and they are now indistinguishable from one another in Eritrean politics. Unionist lowlanders do take the specific grievances of the lowlands very seriously. They recognize ethnic, religious and other discrimination by the “dictatorial regime” but do not see the magnitude as justifying the undoing of the Eritrean union. They consider the RabiTa’s decision to be heroic. However, they consider it as a one-time opportunity where the overwhelming response of lowlanders has been sealed for good. Hence, they consider assuming the relevance of “other options” in today’s politics to be irresponsible politics and ‘question 1’ above to be irrelevant.

  1. The Separatists

These are Eritreans, who believe that lowlanders will always have multiple options and the RabiTa’s decision to favor the Union was only one of them. Separatist lowlanders do not care about whether the decision to stay as part of a united Eritrea was heroic or not. Some may say the RabiTa was duped into the wrong allies and decisions. Others may say, the RabiTa’s original decision was made in good faith and hence heroic at the time. What matters for all separatists is that having seen the attitude and behavior of the Tigrigna in Eritrea (past and present), lowlanders should base their decision on current possibilities of mutual coexistence. The primary preoccupation of lowland separatists is with the feasibility of splitting from Eritrea. Although relatively dormant in today’s Eritrean politics, this is an orientation that has a huge potential to determine Eritrea’s future pending the emergence of alternative regional attractions in the unpredictable dynamics of the Horn of Africa.

  1. The Federalists

The term “federalist” here is broadly defined to include all those who call for some degree of decentralization as a solution to ethno-regional grievances against Tigrigna domination. The term does not refer to the “federalist” opposition organization specifically and to “decentralization” in its limited administrative qualification.

Federalist lowlanders care about two of the three questions above. They stress that lowlanders had a choice to stay or go in the 1940s and 50s but view that to be a one-time opportunity concluded for good in favor of a united nation. They stress the belief that the RabiTa and Sheikh Ibrahim SulTan made a very heroic decision by rejecting the split. At the rhetorical level, federalists are the loudest whiners of ethnic grievances. In practice, they are not very different from the unionists in that they do not see the difficulties that lowlanders face in Eritrea as serious enough to warrant undoing the union. They are a little more advanced than the unionists are in that they see administrative restructuring from a unitary to a federal arrangement necessary to control Tigrigna expansionism.

  1. The Islamists

The term “Islamist” here refers to all lowland groups who approach Eritrean politics from religious demographics and call for an arrangement that reflects the combination. Included in this definition are two brands of “Islamists”. Theological Islamists are those who promote political Islam in mobilizing Eritrean Muslims to rally in the fight against Tigrigna domination. Secular Islamists are those who promote secular politics to rally Eritrean Muslims to fight against Tigrigna domination.

Both versions of the Islamist movement (the theological and the secular) believe that the answers to all the three questions are critical to deciding on the future of the Eritrean union. They believe lowlanders had an option to stay or leave in the 1940s and 50s. They believe the option to be open and feasible in today’s politics. They believe the RabiTa’s decision to be heroic and insist that lowlanders should respect that heroic decision as final and binding. They believe that the degree of Tigrigna (Christian) domination is serious enough to warrant the breakdown of the union. The critical difference with the federalists lies in the degree of self-confidence to affect change. Federalists recognize the capacity of the Tigrigna to crush all options and hence opt for defensive mechanisms to limit the potential damage on lowlanders. Islamists are over-confident in the capacity of a united body of Muslims to turn the table around on Tigrigna Christians and hence are not particularly keen on changing the administrative arrangements of politics as they are on switching the demographic basis of the politics.


In blunt language, the idea you might have had from reading the Wathiqa was that the ELL aims to mobilize a formidable force of victimized lowlands to do one of two things: if possible get the Tigrigna to sit down to negotiate the terms of a united nation, failing that get lowlanders to fight for solutions without highlands. There is, however, still a long way to go for the document to be as blunt. The actual language that defines the ELL in the Wathiqa is muddled with a lot of hesitation, indecisiveness, confusion and apparent conflicts of opinion among the authors. Essentially, the document specifies the crime and files the accusations against an elusive and anonymous criminal.

Although the PFDJ is described as a “dictatorial chauvinistic regime”, it does not say what the “chauvinistic” stands for and does not attach any ethnic, regional or religious label to the regime. The document actually assumes that there is an “ongoing democratic struggle for realising justice, equality, freedom, democracy and the rule of law” and assigns the role of contributing to this struggle to the ELL initiative. The call “requires closely and continuously working, coordinating and cooperating with … national components” with the aim of “setting a realistic, integrated plan” that would avoid any “form of adventure of unpredictable outcome … [with] dire and disastrous consequences.” Since there are only two extremes of the possibility, i.e. establishing a united democratic Eritrea on one extreme and the breakdown of the Eritrean union on the other extreme, it is obvious which of the extremes the ELL considers a “form of adventure … [with] dire and disastrous consequences.” The Wathiqa’s rhetoric implying that lowlanders might head the other way because ‘national unity is the responsibility of all and as lowlanders we will not continue to pay for others’ might safely be taken as bluff defining itself away from the class of separatist lowlanders with a serious threat of overturning the RabiTa’s choice with alternatives.

Starting from the “fundamental rights and principles” and everything that follows includes the basics and limits that operationalize the anticipated ELL project. On the surface, the “fundamental rights and principles” have nothing that is specific to lowlanders as identical rights and principles are listed in the political programs of almost every Eritrean grouping including the PFDJ’s. The difference is of course in how we interpret these rights and principles and who the presumed victims and villains in the background are and that is where the ELL defines itself out of the camp of unionists.

In the case of progressive rights where more is better, lowlanders (who are scared for their lives – from the villains) would have the “right to life”. They would have basic freedoms with some “protection against illegal, extra judicial arrests, incarcerations and disappearances” by highlander villains. They would own their ancestral land without the fear of being chased away by “organized settlements” of the villains. In the case of conservative (regressive) rights where less is more desirable, the state would protect the Islamic religion against secularization of legal and relational public spaces in the lowlands, i.e. by limiting freedom of belief. Although all languages are to be equal before the law, the state would protect the Arabic language as the language of instruction and communication in public spheres, i.e. by limiting the possibility of Tigrigna taking over. Viewing history as the inspiration of political entitlement, the state would protect the recording of history against distortions, i.e. by cooking and spicing historical facts in ways that serve peaceful mutual coexistence.


A simple comparison of the Vision & Mission of the ELL with that of the EPDP (chosen as the standard of a unionist group) makes it very clear that the ELL has a long way to go to distance itself from the unionist camp. The ELL’s Vision, which is the dream that members believe will be realized partly by what the organization will be able to do in its Mission, states the following:

  1. The lowlands will rise as “a conscious and flourishing society that is aware of its rights and responsibilities”.
  2. This new lowland society will exist “as part of a democratic system [in Eritrea as a whole] where justice, equality and the rule of law” will prevail.
  3. Then everyone would live happily ever after in “a prosperous and stable country with bright future”.

Operationalizing the ELL’s Vision, the Mission states the following:

  1. Build “a strong, cohesive, united and interest-conscious society” in the lowlands.
  2. The building specification is such that the lowlands will be “able to realize its objectives and future vision, meet the challenges encountered, [and] properly defend its interests” and come back to playing its “due role” in national politics.
  3. This “due role” is to be defined as “actively and positively contributing to the common struggle waged for democratic change”.
  4. This “struggle for democratic change” is to be defined as the struggle “to replace the current dictatorial regime with democratic one”.

The following is from EPDP’s Vision:

  1. EPDP also dreams of building “a united, prosperous, constitutional, democratic state”.
  2. The resulting state would then “guarantee all liberties to its people and defend its sovereign existence”.

The Mission of the EPDP, what they will do to achieve that, includes the following:

  1. They will establish “an elected government accountable to the people under a multi-party system”.
  2. This system will allow for “free competition and peaceful transfer of power”.
  3. Towards that end, they will respect diversity; establish decentralization; eradicate ignorance, disease, poverty etc; priority to education; promote peace and stability; peaceful relations with neighbors and the world.

The key difference based exclusively on the Vision & Mission of the two organizations is probably on the arenas where each group wants the respective mobilized masses to fight for the stated agendas. The EPDP’s struggle obviously starts after the fall of the PFDJ and until then the organization will do whatever it takes to overthrow the PFDJ regime. The ELL has a slightly different idea that comes in three overlapping phases. In the first phase, mobilized lowlanders would fight political battles in the opposition to dictate at least part of the agenda for the kind of democratic change that favors lowlanders. In the second phase, the opposition including the ELL as an influential component would fight to overthrow the PFDJ. In the third phase, after the fall of the PFDJ, the ELL would fight the real battle to make the progressive and conservative rights mentioned above.

Many readers may be mad at this categorization but here are the questions that need answers: (a) if there is any hope that the “democratic struggle” of the opposition would conclude with a system of ‘democracy, justice, equality and happiness’ why would anyone think about weakening the spirit of brotherhood by digging into sub-national grievances? (b) if there is no hope that such will be the fruit of opposition, why mobilize to join the opposition? The Wathiqa does actually answer these questions implicitly in an underlying assumption in the backgrounds of the three phases of its struggle. It makes it very clear that a properly structured and equipped Eritrean opposition can potentially replace the current PFDJ regime with a democratic constitutional system with justice, equality and the rule of law. It states that the current opposition is not structured to produce that kind of result but can be restructured to become such an opposition. The critical phase of the ELL’s struggle is, therefore, to help restructure the opposition, i.e. to play opposition politics. Where it does not succeed in achieving the effective democratic opposition, there is no way to the core responsibilities of delivering the promise.

In a stubborn pursuit of success in phase one, the document assesses that “the political opposition of the lowland society utterly failed to deliver results on the objectives of safeguarding and promoting the interests” of lowlanders mainly due to “lack of adopting strategic planning methods” and the inability “to reap the fruits of its struggle.” It concludes that this “necessitates serious reconsideration and careful investigation of the root causes of these repeated failures” and invites “deep soul-searching to find … ways out of these chronic failures.” In spite of the assessment of “utterly failed to deliver results”, which in plain English means failure to a point beyond which there is no hope, the document “commends the resolute stand and struggle of the political opposition” and calls lowlanders to join the party.


Uniquely distinguishing the ELL from the camps of secular Islamists and federalists is hard to do based on the Wathiqa alone, although it was relatively easy to rule away the unionists and separatists. A necessary criterion that defines the ELL away from the camp of Islamists is front and center in the Wathiqa, i.e. the exclusion of highland Muslims from the definition of constituents. The excessive rhetoric of praise around the RabiTa and the apparent guilt consciousness for excluding highland Muslims, however, cast doubt as to the ability of its membership to define themselves away from the camp of secular Islamists. The similarity with the Islamists is also clear where the Islamists stress the need for national unity emphasizing power-sharing arrangements along religious lines while the ELL holds the same with switching to ethno-regional lines instead.

A critical parameter that defines the federalists in Eritrean politics is the tendency to downplay the grievances of lowlanders, the standing to fight for national unity at all costs, and in spite of big talk of horrors against lowlanders, the presumption that things are still within limits that can be handled through administrative rearrangements of the provinces. We may therefore, define the ELL as the right wing of the mainstream federalist orientation promoted by the federalist opposition organization (EFDM). While the solution that both right & left wings of the Eritrean federalist movement hope to bring, as the ultimate solution is identical in form (i.e. a structurally decentralized provincial administration – distinct from the unionists’ limited administrative “decentralization”), the right wing defines itself around xenophobic politics in both ethnic and religious forms.

It should be very clear however, that ethnic and Islamist movements promoting the political rights of specific groups within the nation do not automatically qualify as xenophobic. For xenophobia defined as “fear or hatred of foreigners” to apply as a label for a political movement at least two conditions need to be satisfied. (a) The country must be such that the rule of law guarantees ethnic and religious equality. Otherwise, ethnic and religious groups would have the right to organize along the flaw-lines to fight in order to bring their respective constituents to a point of equality with the dominant group without qualifying as xenophobic. (b) The “fear and hatred” must be exercised by the dominant group with the aim of preserving an unfair advantage over new arrivals, as xenophobia cannot be exercised to promote equality in a fight among established national components. As a means of political maneuvering however, it is possible to first establish a certain group as an outsider or invader and then use fear mongering for mobilization.

  • Habtegiorgis ABRAHA

    Dear Ali Salem!

    Insome of your paragraphs (2nd Sec. of your article), you said “… The Tigrigna of the ELF were guilty for its failure … …” Would you elaborate how you specified “the crime” and filed accusations against … …, pls?

    On a different section, in this article again, you also said ” … the ELF-EPLF transitioned without leaving permanent marks of bloodshed and destruction.” Oh yea! you seem to be one of the lucky Eritreans/ person, not to feel its brunt!! Nevertheless, isn’t it in any way related to what we have today, our ‘independent Eritrea’, and the reason the ‘Wathiqa’ and your contribution? And thanks.

  • selam

    If we examined the weaknesses of opposition parties .For instance, most eritrean political parties are plagued by weak organisations, low level of institutionalization, and weak links to the society they are supposed to represent . Often parties had no constituencies or are ethnic- based; equally, political programmed, interaction with the populace and financial transparency are non-existent, internal party democracy are often unknown in most Eritrean opposition and many opposition parties actually disbanded between high time.”

    Decisions are usually made only by the top leader(s). Moreover, followers of such parties identify the leaders with the party and show their loyalty solely to the party leader and not to the party’s ideology.

    They are in a cycle of endless “fusion and fission”. This makes the opposition parties to be short-lived and pop up again.
    They suffer from lack of mass membership.All opposition parties are highly fragmented.This fragmention is resulting to reinforce the power of HGDEF for unlimited time.

    • tes

      Did I read this from you, “….and weak links to the society they are supposed to represent”?

      How hypocrite you are to talk about links to the society? You are an Athiest, you have no clue about Eritrean history, you don’t know a single Eritrean language. How hypocrite you are to speak about such?

      In Eritrea, except few from Kunama, all are believers. Even the very few in Kunama have their own belief system. But you lost your religion and became an athiest? Are you a marxist follower, materialist and you say, “everything comes from matter” or are you an athiest according to Atheism philosophy, doing things opposite of good. You have no moral background to speak about Eritrean society as you are completely out of the society. You are a lonely citizen serving your PFDJ master, DIA being in winter cave of Scandinivian countries.

      • selam

        can i and you compute in Arabic ? I guess you should know Arabic is Eritrean language and i can speak arabic as any one who go to school in Saudi schools with accent , grammar and every thing that Arabic can offer.

        As i stated all eritrean opposition lack every thing i stated on the above post.
        As of my believe i should tell you i will not talk here in but if you insist i can .

  • sara

    folks.. the subject of the matter was/is about ELL and ali salims detailings- but all turned into a various issues of border war,
    religion, region, tribe,sect,personalities, southern neighbors,if this is then permissible why don’t we go further….global issue
    that is creating havoc in our region and beyond. hey where is this country called usa? in north amrika.. is this the country
    that has a president named Barak hussein Obama?/ then shame to the people over there , how could a small time thug named bibi has the gut and humiliate a president of the so called superpower,a leading democracy .. unbelievable! the worst is those who claim to be elected by the people 26 times standing clapping for someone who is on the watch list if the ICC, but only shelved because of procedural entanglement. ya .. eritreans ahbabi is this the world power which professes democracy ..liberty.. bla..bla ..and in the end they make stand ovation (26 times) for someone who is racist, fascist and the core. and here is why.
    arrogant — his behaviour towards barack obama (the first black/brown president of amrika) and other masakeen americans
    Racist–how he treats non white jews and arabs
    Fascist– i am sure we all heard the occupation, aggression against the people of palestine.
    As an eritrean, what to you think/say?

    • selam

      I think we Eritreans should back the Palestine people to have their own country. I hope i am young enough to see a free Palestine in my life time. They are the only people on this earth who are suffering at their own home with foreigners. Even though i do not like the Islamist side of the PA but i think they have no choice except to do what ever it takes to have their dignity restored.

      It is very surprising to see Americans love a killer. This man (bibi) is criminal still almost 600 elected officials of the so called free world have the courage to listen his war mongering ideas. Even though Israel has a legitimate concern , i do not think Israeli security personals are that much worried about Iran nuclear activity because they have the arsenal way way long time ago.

      • sara

        the eritrean and palestine narrative was similar we sorted ours but they couldn’t , i think they lack something we had or we did and i am sure as eritrean you know what i mean. that doesn’t mean they have not tried everything under the sun but due the unjust world powers support to their adversaries they got stacked and i am afraid there is no sign of achieving their independence soon. one thing i am sure one day they will as their cause is JUST.
        let us lend them hand!

        • selam

          Ja lets give our voice ,it really is true they are against evil people. I feel very bad when they caught in between two fire especially the children ,women and the old , what a crisis . Can you imagine they are not even allowed to fight their enemy. The PA people should and must get their land and their dignity from these evil leaders of israelis .

    • said

      President Barack Obama’s reaction yesterday describing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of the legislature of the most powerful nation on Earth, the US Congress, as “Theatrical” came as a no surprise to me as I already reached the same conclusion as I began minting the above title to this article that is more critical of the US Congress than a foreign visitor downloading his banal and platitudinous tirade.
      In matter of truth, it was not the Prime Minister of Israel’s speech that is insulting to the intelligence of the audience with its contrived and mechanically patched hearsay allegations; however, it was the travesty of succeeding in the first place of using as a forum, as a stage, as a theatre the supposedly most serious and credible Forum of the legislature of the most powerful nation on Earth, that of US Congress.

      The US Legislators frequently standing on their feet with enthusiastic applause to the utterances of a speech fraught with the banal slogans by Prime Minister Netanyahu left a spectator dumfounded on how demeaning and disgraceful of members of the Most Important US Democratic Institution, the US Congress, to be readily subjected to this kind of political manipulation by a foreign visitor advancing a narrow and a private agenda of his own.

      A wise observer watching Netanyahu’s theatricals of a speech before the most powerful and venerable institution of the world is bewildered how would a supposedly highly revered institution, the epitome of the nation’s ultimate wisdom and propriety submit to this kind of political manipulation by a foreign politician advancing a narrow personal political agenda? How, in the first place, the beacon of Democracy of somber rational debate, the US Congress, would render plausible a foreign politician to poke his nose in the order of the debate among the nation’s legislators on matters strictly pertaining to the nation’s national interests as best argued among elected members of a bipartisan congress?

      Ironically, the reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech by members of the most powerful institution in the world left any intelligent observer watching the scene in a near state of disbelief inquiring to himself: could that truly be members of the Pillar of the US Democracy; the epitome of the ultimate wisdom, jumping from their seats as school children reacting to sound bites with frequent thunderous applause and standing ovations in lieu of judiciously and gracefully weighing the words, pondering respectfully over the validity and rationality of the advanced arguments and judging matters based on the content of political speech.

      At the end of the day, it is not what the Israeli Prime Minister said in his speech or on the manner he behaved, as to the analysis of the pros and cons, but rather, most Definitely on how the legislature, the most powerful institution of the most powerful nation on earth allowed itself to slip into this situation in the first place that can be demeaning and fraught with manipulations by a foreign agenda and a foreign party.

      • sara

        actually i felt sorry for the us president, he is being attacked by everyone as never before to an extent they doubt he represents them. the x mayor of new york even said something like… he doesn’t love america..
        that is a strong accusation for an american president, that equals a traitor etc.
        i think under barak obama the presidency has lost its prestige ” heba al reasya”
        btw, have you noticed that thugs country has lent its playbook (on a national and international policies) to our southern neighbors. see what is going on and what has been for the past 60 years in our neighborhood and its similar story.

  • Ali

    kebesa is full of Abesa

  • Ali

    thank you moderator for exposing such people who use different names and disturb the genuine people who wants to forward idea what they feel is good. But this people are not only disturbing Eritrea even the region why Ethioreview to camouflage himself as an Ethiopian and vomit his ugly idea. Such people are disturbing the region peaceful existence.
    thank you moderator again

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  • Hope

    U rock Aman’
    Only few have understood you well….thus far!
    Very scientific ,realistic and visionary ideas!
    Keep it up!

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Good questions Mr. Aron. At a time of state failure and despair like what we Eritreans find ourselves in, there are always evil forces that look for cracks in the society to exploit them in order to attain their only dream of power. It is, therefore, not surprising to see such forces also supported by the TPLF-regime sowing the seeds of disintegration of the Eritrean nation along religious, regional and ethnic lines. As you point it out our main and most acute problem is concerning the removal of the PFDJ. Once we succeed in that objective, the issue of addressing these diverse socio-economic problems would be much easier. All these problems could be solved among Eritreans themselves, within the context of a democratically elected government. Futher divisions within the opposition camp would only lead to continued failure of the already non-functional resistance forces, which means the prolonging of the suffering of the people under Isayas-rule.

  • Hope

    Dear Aron,
    Good questions to a well informed and educated young chap.
    I am sure he will come up with a bunch of proposals for solutions like that of Cousin SAAY!
    Bro Younis,
    Ahlan We Sahlan ya Habibi!
    Long time , man!
    How is Post-Grad School?
    Hope you are done or close to be done…. Not before Ph.D though!
    Am expecting you to come up with your Thesis on ” Challenges and the Solutions of Eritrean Socio-cultural and Political Issues” …..
    I think the Staff at the Awate University can come up with a Great Book on our current problems and their solutions.
    I am talking about Prof SAAY,Ustaz Saleh Johar,Ali Salim,”the notorious “Scientist,Haile TG ,Mr Amanuel Hidrat,Mr Akhlilu Zere’,Mr Semere H and Semere Tesfay,.Vet Mahmoud Saleh,Prof Tes,Nittric the Challenger,Kokhob Selam the Peace maker,Dr Saba Ogbay,the Articulate Hayat Adem and the Philosopher Pappilion,Dr Tsighereda, Dr Saba and her Clinic Staff,Lawyers Ermias and Ghezae Hagos and all the other Awatistas that I did not mention including the “Under cover PFDJ Agent”,Ms Selam,aka Sofia Tes.
    My point is that all of the above Awatistas could contribute a lot positively for the ongoing struggle if pursued in an organized and United way!
    It is so saddening not to utilize such a big resource!
    Welcome back Ali Salim!
    Btw, right now, what we need is not ” New Songs” and new Groups but a well organized and United old Groups for one goal:
    “To bring real change in Eritrea” in a United and strongly organized way,not in a divided way!

  • sara

    i don’t, curious because i have a pen pal named megan ali.

  • selam

    Hulla taxi driver and the two largest party in America which are totally married to idea of protecting tax driver . is that what you know from american political system? , what is this?

    ELL is advancing a religious political party behind regional name like naming low landers .That is not a coding complex to understand .

    I hate to tell you this , but from my understanding they are not clear from the so called we and them. That is very serious worry for Eritrea. Imagine if all these Christians form highlanders party based on their religion and culture.

    AT this time it will be very hard for any Islamic party to function in Eritrea . Here is the reason ,
    A. The highlanders are every where you go in lowland and they are multiplying from day to day.

    You can not have a government who says , this place is called asmara and no Muslim is allowed to own a shop , the same goes to the christens if they go to tessenei which they do , and own countless shops and wealth . Tell me what are they(ELL) going to do even if they have power in their terms? They will tax extra to the Christians because they happens to live in the low lands , i am just asking.

    The Christians are in a very very good position to dismantle such claims of land, wealth and port or some thing like that.

    As per the advantage of this current dictator , if you think he give more wealth to highlanders , i do think you fail to understand who lost more wealth in the current situation.

    Mind you though , i am not a christian and i have zero blood relationship to Christians so take away your black dots.

  • Ali

    I have tried to mention the advantages if you like to repeat it the gold mine, the sea and the lowland fertile land of Gash Barka if you do not agree tell me the answer why. I f you like I can add more. For you second question now I had discussed that every Eritrean is migrating but the cause is different. The highlanders are migrating from Eritrea because there is no democracy, freedom and for better life. The lowlanders are, however, migrating in addition to the above problems they are an able to exercises their language, culture, and religious practices. Moreover, their land is confiscated by the government and their agricultural products can not sell with market price. The worst of all is in the Afar area the government is settling people from the highland and the indigenous people are forced by the government from their locality.
    My brother the number of moslims and Christians is true if you want you can refer to wikipedia. I am forwarding idea I am not disseminating hatred like you. It is also my hope to live the people of Eritrea in peace, respect and mutual understanding in all aspects. But I do not think will happen where people like you who have totalitarian thinking are available.

    • selam

      Eritrea is a multi-ethnic country, with nine recognized ethnic groups. It has a population of around six million inhabitants. Most residents speak Afroasiatic languages, either of the Semitic or Cushitic branches. Among these communities, the Tigrinya make up about 55% of the population, with the Tigre people constituting around 30% of inhabitants. In addition, there are a number of Nilo-Saharan-speaking Nilotic ethnic minorities. Most people in the territory adhere to Christianity or Islam.[1]

      source wikipedia but i do believe only the government can have a true numbers

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        About 75% of the Eritrean people are Moslems and about 25% Christians; this is the information we have from the federation time. I don’t accept the certificates of the so-called nine ethnic groups made by Isaias. Everything done by Isaias and his group don’t mean it was done by the Eritrean people collectively. The information you are crammed with is a forged information; therefore, (بلة واشربها), that means, soak it in water a drink as much as you like from it.

        • selam

          hulla your statistics looks very very good. please get to know the reality

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            I think you should be the last person to speak about reality. All your knowledge is composed of fake information that you collected from the Stone Age man (Isaias) who dragged Eritrea to his retarded Age.Mention anything you wish and you will get Eritrea at the bottom of all nations around the world. For example, pick internet use in the world and you will get Eritrea at the tail of all. Don’t you think it is strange a person like you who collected information from a retarded group to feel arrogant?

          • selam

            can you please help me upgrade my information. i have used Wikipedia and you said that is not true so what will i use tell me. By the way wikipedia is not stone age even though it could have potential flow.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Sorry, I can’t install new information in you. If your chips are compatible I should first format you and then install new programs applicable with modern age. In case the chips are old there is no way to format or install new programs. You are not alone with old chips in Eritrea, we have many like you. (الله يكون في عون الشعب الارتري) I have just to pray for the people of Eritrea to get support from God.

          • selam

            what kind of chips are old ? There is no old chip , there is only old system which was done with too much chips.Now certain code translate machines are used to break old codes using the oldest chip which is programmed with new and modern ideas. No need to pray to none existent , You are far better than that. Get ready to the free world , i mean a world which is governed by fact based ideas and scientifically proven mechanism , i mean no need to go back to fiction books.

            I still believe, the best statistics about population can only found from government but it is very very hard to find.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Still I say you should be the last person to speak about science, modern ideas, and free world, the reason is simple, your mind operates with very old programs. Computers functions with software and hardware; the old computer desktops were operating with windows 3.11 as a software, processor 166 MHz and hard-disk 2 GB. The old softwares and chips don’t operate with the latest softwares and chips. The old softwares and hardwares you possess you possess should be kept at a museum for new generations to compare how far computer technology developed. This is the reason that made me say if the chips (hardware) and softwares you possess are that of the forties of last century then it is impossible to function in the third millenium.

          • selam

            Well lets come to basics that you have then. What i am saying is the basics remain to be the starting point of any innovative mind set in which we operate step one and counting . You may try to compare the latest software and the oldest processor. what is new is the simplification of the process. You see information can be stored in new software and old once. What is common is the information . I said give me your information about the % , i mean source and so i can see it. You said on the time of FEDERATION and it is quite hard to take you serious when you say 75% of eritrean population are Muslims and that is not in your latest chip. The chips should have kept the information you stored about the 75% and so they can be source for you.

            Forget about the elementary school 166MHZ and hard disk thing. You can give lecture to some one if you want but i am not your student in software and hardware thing.

            Just bring the source about the 75% you stated.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Education is an open-ended issue. Scholars are students the whole of their life, everyday they learn something new, but half-baked minds when they compile some letters together they think they have reached the end. You have proven your ignorance and arrogance the main reason that hinder yourddevelopment and maturity. I think there is no space in your mind which is tightly locked from getting new information, and I don’t think there is hope to depart the stage of the forties of last century.. .

          • selam

            Still you failed to bring prove or any sort of that kind to your 75% statement . Ask apology it is not a crime. so that you will not run to other issues unnecessary to this article.

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Wikipedian didn’t made census for the Eritrean people; their source of information is Isaias and his group.

  • said

    The Regime NEEDS A Different Framework & A Different Paradigm to Relate to a Grownup Eritrean ethic. The Regime continues to operate in perceiving and defining its people relations with the Christians and Muslims Eritrean out of an archaic paradigm befitting a bygone era and that’s symbolized by condescending Colonizing powers and the Colonialized& vassal nation; ill legatee and Unentitled Mandates of the nation in one of the least developed & less modernized, i.e.or similar to a colonizer lesser developed nation requiring and in need of tutelage and sponsorships. In short, an archaic relationship defined by a condescending Grown Ups: the regime ; and a Minor, the lowlanders that never reach puberty.

    Much as in the paradigm governing the relationship between Grownup Guardians and immature minors. the regime impose its agenda and perceptions of values and interests on the lowlanders and the rest of Eritrea that they have to conform. The Grownup (the regime), as with the Guardians of a minor (lowlanders ), gets readily upset and considers it a sign of rebelliousness warranting immediate reprimand and punishment once the Minor deviate from the precepts and guidelines set by the Guardian.

    Up to this point, the metaphor and analogy of Grownup Guardian – Minor relationship ends with the added very distortive new dimension of exploitation, abusive obsession by the grownup adult assuming full control of the continuing life and the destiny of the grownup youngster.
    What truly governs the local relations between a dominant the regime and strong materially and their people and spicily the lowlanders ,is this condescending relationship where the Regime insists on enforcing its political, social ,culture , extreme secularism, and economic values and vision on a far more strong culturally entrenched value . The Regime impose and to continue to dictate policies and vision on a long grownup lowlanders out of narrow ulterior political and economic agendas that keeps the grownup lowlanders in a permanent Vassalage and disadvantageous relationship.

    The Regime , and despite changing times and the passage of an old era, still starts in its relationship with same paradigm and political philosophical thinking of the archaic Conspiratorial Colonialist era of the early 20th century. It was an era that saw the oppression and plundering of colonialized Eritreans that was culminated by the Nusu a Paradigm intent on the division and fragmentation of the Eritreans world to facilitate its permanent control, dependency, weakness and relative backwardness.

    What further complicated and continue to complicate and poison regime – lowlanders relations is the planting of an imposed culture, one official language, reasonably alien similar to colonialist entity, in the midst of the lowlanders as a wedge to ensure the splitting and separate the Western flank of Eritrea from its Eastern flank. And center to serve as a spearhead, an advanced post, for regime schemes has transformed and began to assume a life of its own, much as the Frankenstein dictating to its master.

    Nusu ideology has proven with time what was created originally as a facilitating scheme in the overall Ethiopian imperialist design has grown out of proportion and is becoming a huge liability on an improved relations between the highlanders- Christian on the one side; and the lowlanders – Muslim on the other side. Not only that the regime continued to deal with majority of Eritreans – issue the same archaic paradigm, however, the regime set an additional, far worst archaic dimension to that relationship that predicate on permanent use of force, territorial land grape expansion and discrimination like a Apartheid.

    As the regime attempt to accommodate at all times its core supporters , most impractically and most unrealistically, regime ’s confrontational colonialist mentality and cruel appetite and deviation of the norms , in dealing with its citizens, the regime finds itself further bogged in an archaic paradigm and a stale vision governing its internal and international relations,. Suddenly, the regime agenda is dragging the some of its core supporters mainly highlanders to its very narrow, most impractical agenda and archaic framework.

    That explains – beside the most inexplicable and wasteful regime double-standard in the treatment of the worst injustices perpetrated by the regime entity in violation of the international law and the observed declaration of human rights.

    The Eritreans lowlanders are grownups and the regime and its die hard cohort needs to depart from a totally new paradigm in dealing with these important and significant and rising awareness.

    The regime needs to deal with the lowlanders and all the Eritreans ethnic, especially those of the Marginalized be it lowlanders or others , as compatible and equal, and with a spirit of open cooperation and respect. The regime needs to cease to dictate through the convenience of lackey vassal lowlanders its vision, political philosophy and agendas on the lowlanders and all the Eritreans ethnic. The regime needs to start respecting the legitimate aspirations of the lowlanders and all the Eritreans ethnic for meaningful equitable and balanced socio-economics.

    The regime needs to redefine its role and relationship with all Eritrean ethnic, as not to create a major friction point with the lowlanders,and deal with them on the basis of the requisites of equality, inclusiveness,rule of law and human rights.

    In short, the Regime needs to redefine a new paradigm and depart from a new political framework in dealing with the lowlanders and all Eritreans ethnic on the principles of equality and promoting genuine harmony,peace based on justice and total respect of rule of law.

    As a first most urgent practical expression of the new paradigm, the regime needs to IMMEDIATELY start the reigning of on its chauvinist gone wild; hold them to the same standards responsible members of the world community are held for starting with the implementation of return of refugee from Sudan and return land taken to its rightly people.

    The Regime needs to make the necessary steps to rescind its age long double standard and deal with
    all Eritrean as equal citizen., that to stop lay to waste very scarce economic resources best allocated for
    development and the betterment of the impoverished tens of millions of Eritrean masses.

    The regime needs to FIRST take the initiative to promote genuine human cooperation and render a more just and a more safe and secure place for us as Eritrean to enjoy.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Said,

      Since your comment is composed with “compound” and “compound-complex” sentences, it is hardly to follow and understand the core messages of your argument. Could you give a little thought to it, make some changes to use simple sentences, and avoid to many conjunctions for the simplicity to your readers.

      • said

        Thank you for your observation .You are without doubt the most political commentator
        and intellectual, I have an a habit of using the a lot words to tell the story or truth and comments .
        Every comments I writes, always says the same thing: Exactly!

  • Mahmud Saleh

    اهلا بكم يا ابناء المنخفضات الافاضل
    Dear Awatistas;
    By the heavier-than-Embassoira powers vested in my by the great society of Awatistas, I invite the great ELL members to discuss some of the concerns debated here. I think it’s an opportunity for them to come and enlighten us, because it’s their document that’s been analyzed and discussed. So, please, ELL members come on and welcome.
    PS: The Arabic reads welcome distinguished lowlanders.

    • tes

      Dear Mahmuday,

      I am of the opinion that Ali-Salim injected his opinion heavily into the original document to look a document prepared based on the 40s and 50s political argumentas as a base for what they are claiming for. If it is consistency with that of Ali-Salim’s analysis, it is simply a big mistake. I would equate it with that of YG discourses and it need to be challenged and rejected fully. We are not going to undo our history and bring the “Had it being” claims. It is simply a fatal mistake that has never considered the sacrifies paid by the lowlanders and hence denying history of search for liberation. ELL could have done it in much more strong and legitimate way as the grievances of these people is quite noticeable.


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam tes
        What intrigues me most is we are here on the second installment and have not seen one representative of ELL commenting on comments concerning their agenda. I have the same feeling as yours, but saying “welcome come in, tell us more” is not bad. You fight ideas with ideas. There are three discernible groups in such a situation. One would be the provocateur, the other the defendant, the third, hopefully, the bigger one, would be one that listens. The provocateur will stir up things; the defendant will assume defensive posture. The third (middle) will listen. Purposeful listening is the mother of solutions. Listening will help us address the situation appropriately, using appropriate attitudes and language.

        • T..T.

          FYI Ismael is one of the ELL leaders.

          • Saleh Johar

            TT, Which Ismael, does he have a last name? There are many people named Ismael.

          • T..T.

            I knew from a third party that ELL leaders were following up the Ali Salim’s analyses, here. The Ismael that I referred to, was the one hereunder. The name could be his real or assumed name but for sure not Ismael O. Also from the intensity and impact of his (Ismael, hereunder) words, he sounds like the one [of the leaders that I know]. Anyway, if same person, he is expected to make the discussions about the ELL more active and interactive, responding to the discussants’ questions. As a matter of best luck, I would only suggest: just let the discussants put their questions thereunder.

    • guest

      هلا بك ايها العزيز محموداي
      الله يعلي فضلك و مقدارك..ويبعد عنك وﻻد الحرام
      May Allah make Lofty your excellence and rank, and drive mischief makers out of your way. Ameen.
      1– I am not a representative or even a member of ELL in order to respond to your invitation to debate the Watheeqa or assume a position of an apologist of their society, document, vision, concerns or the action task they have on plan. Nevertheless, i can contribute few more to those i already commented on the introduction and analization of the watheeqa articles of brother Ali Salim.
      2— I applauded br. Ali Salim’s articles as a postitive and right thing to do because a) you cant hide such big elephant of ELLin the bazaar and nobody see it or talk about it. b)

      it is the hot stuff at this time that touches
      half of eritrean components. It is the talk of
      the town in Metahit Circles. ( doesnt mean
      endorced by all Metahitians)

      3— We can discuss here Ali Salim’s introductions and analizations of the Watheeqa ( kudos Ali. I luv ya ). I take Ali Salim’s work on ELL as his personal TAFSEER to the watheeqa from what Allah has given him of understanding it; I am confident each and everyone of you are gifted enough to make your own readings of the document and make your own TAFSEERS to it from your perispectives and smart observations. But to discuss ELL as

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ahlan guest
        And shukran for your initiative, I hope to see ELL members here and hope that they will be available throughout the series sharing their views with this great forum.

      • guest

        But to discuss ELL as an Eritrean Civil Society, we need first to read the document wholly, It is not that long of a document. Anyone of you can read it cover to cover in an hour or less. So we discuss the text, not the detractors of it.
        4— most objections I read to the birth of ELL are from misconceptions. Either thinking it is another new political party added to the existing ones in the opposition parties we already have in the diaspora..One even claimed ELL delegation went to Turkey and told the officials there that Eritreans are all muslims…… a totally fabricated news. What Gedab News reported last month was the visit of Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development ( EIPJD ) delegation to Turkey. I guess Yusuf Afendis are alive and living well even in our ” If you dont like ELL, call it EIPJD”. The fact is, EIPJD as an opposition political party is fundamentally and philosophycally different from the civil society organisation ELL. The fabrication of duch unfounded stories doest benefit anyone.
        5— From my reading and understanding of the Watheeqa, ( alternately spelled Wathiqa ), it calls for
        A) unity of lowlanders to protect their history and culture from distortion by the regime as well as by some opposition groups who dont have big difference in their agenda from the current regime when it comes to the lowland.
        B) work in a unison voice and demand to adopt Arabic as an official/ working language in all lowland schools and office, not just a lip service and forms; so as to be their language of education and uniting all small tribes in that unifying mode of communication. They dont need a kebesite to choose for them or their children their preference of language.
        C) Combat the displacement of Metahitians and repocess their ancestoral land and granted to new settlers from kebessa. Dismantle the unjust and unfair Italian discriminatory law of considering Kebessa Meriet risty, i herited from fathers and passing to their children while the Metahit land granted to sny new settler u der the pretext of TERRA DOMINIALE. Or shared land to anybody, everybody.
        D) work to bring back the displaced refugees in sudan since 1967 and onward, and place them in their ancestoral places and support them to rehabilitate and resume their traditional life style of farm and graze on their pastural land.
        E) Share power and wealth to balance all components of people in all areas, with special emphasis of establishing a de centralized system of governance. ( much of the demands can only see light after the demise of current regime and system)

        • guest

          Anyone can agree or disagree with any or all of these demads and calls in a respectful fashion and based in his/ her components’ interests while explaining why they oppose.BUT throwing statements such as ” the ELL is wrong about everything…” and calling ELL leaders ” kids” is lack of taste if not childish comment.It is typical esayasism 101 and his fre ghedli’s ” BIHIM ZBELE YITTEHAGOM” attitude that we heard for the last 24 years, not counting the years of that attitude in Meda. That kind of bad mouthing will not hurt ELLor its eritrean people. But will add another dark mark to the bad mouthers resume and profile. Thosr type of people, not only are imitating esayas
          and his stooges, but exposes their lack of any civilized way of
          disagreement and are politically
          banckrupted. My utmost respect and
          regard to those who support or reject
          ELL ideas without name calling.

          —- finally, another misconception or way of defaming ELL is by equating

          • guest

            — finally, another misconception of ELL or intentional misleading is to equate this league with MASHROO3 TAQSEEM of shaikh Ali Raday in the mid 40’s of last century during the selfdetermination era. That is also another twist to the truth. There is NOTHING in the Watheeqa that calls for dismantling the State Of Eritreea by partitiong it between Ethiopia for the highlands and Sudan for the lowlands.As i said that is not true.
            The Partion of Eritrea is a totally different subject and has nothing to do with ELL as a civil society or its ” Common Principles and Action Plan” known shortly as ” al Watheeqa ” or The Document.
            May God Almighty guide us to tell the truth, and testify for the truth. AMEEN.
            thanks brother Mahmuday for letting me know that recognizes arabic fonts too.

            و يستمر نضال ابناء المنخفضات

          • guest

            4) … the opposition parties we already have in the diaspora or a gang of muslims preparing to fight kebesite christians*
            ” Yusuf Afendy’s” type of people*

            C) ….inherited*

            To any new settler under*

        • selam

          are there any members in the ELL from the EIPJD or from the nahda party ?
          Sorry for misplacing the travel to turkey , i said it in connection to the set in the article where the islamists connect with all other groups just see the picture on the top of the article.

          You have mentioned the goal or the reason from A to E in which most of are demands and i guess these demands are in the center of ELL by such they are political party. You demand land and power so what is then it is culture , how does it come to point where they are cultural organization.

          If the picture is ok then my understanding is correct by any rule of the set i have described.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            You are right Dr. Sasra, whether they are political organizations or civil society organizations or ethnics or tribes or individuals, they are all the same as far as they are Moslems. They are Jihads, fundamentalists, retarded, and you can pick any bad name and label them with. Ba’al nisikhi niberulna deah, mihurat, niquhat, seb haqy, seb hiqy, qedamot liqawint ab alem, wzt ….

          • selam

            No i will not do that and i have never said what you said , you have wrong understanding about my explanation of the circle. If you have answer you can say it with out going to another things.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Sorry Dr. Sara, I intended Selam. I made a short-cut for what you want to say, Selam. I think you have to thank me.

          • selam

            For what is it ?

          • guest

            Hameed ..wallah ad’haktani…i am a good tigrinia speaker..i know seb haqy. I dont know seb hiqy. What does it mean? Every day i learn something new in awate university…btw. what does the acronym YG mean?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            peopple who practise and respect law أهل العدل

          • guest

            loool ! HIGGI…qanoon….i got it now…..Thanks yal-Arabi

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            YG means in Arabic يوسف عبدالنفس

          • guest

            Hala ya akhal Arab.

            Okay.. i got it. You said Y stands for Yusuf/ Yosief..what does the G stand for?
            Wa shukran

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            The G stands for “GebreHiwet” which means in Tigre ” Gebir Edinya” عبد الحياة

          • guest

            Alrighty akhal Arab.Now i got it all. YG for Yosief Ghebrehiwet…thanks again.

        • Hope

          Dear guest:
          Disclaimer:I am an Original Low lander BUT a Proud and Blessed Chistian as well!
          Since you seem to speak on behalf of the EEL,let me ask you few questions:
          While I understand where you are coming from:
          1- how much is it essential at this particular period of time to talk about the EEL and other groups?
          2-Was it essential for the same group to pop up at this time and worst,claiming as if the low landers are particularly targeted,when the truth of the matter is the other way round?
          3-Since this Group popped up at the time when the TPLF Junta maximized its effort to divide Eritrea and Eritreans into pieces and Caliphates based on Religion,Region and Ethnic based Politics, don’t we,the “Unionists” ,have a legitimate right to be concerned,at least theoretically, that the same TPLF junta could take advantage of this kind of Grouping and/or could be involved directly.
          Consider the coincidence of the visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Ethiopia and the visit of the EIPJD to Turkey…. the rest being history!
          Please advise!

          • guest

            Hope hawey way habtey
            1–I assme you mean ELL, Eritrean Lowlanders League.Twice you wrote it EEL as the snakelike slippery fish.
            2— If you read my responce to br.Mahmuday, I stated clearly there that I am not a representative or even a member of ELL. The most qualified person to answer that would be Ali Salim himself. Even he, hasnt been baptised in the river of ELL yet. We havent read all his tafseers of the Watheeqa and we dont know where the conclusion will lead us to. He may X it by then. Regardless, i give him a medal of honour for breaking the ice surrounding this group or any positive remark about it for a long time, as it was a taboo to even utter or type ELL.
            However, i will be glad to share my thoughts about ELL and the
            greavances of Metahitian nationals . I
            really sympathise with their
            predicaments.It may reqire me to do a number of posting, but by the end of my postings, trust me, your questions will addressed, God Willing.

          • guest

            3—- From my view, it is very important, patriotic, and right thing to do for the Kebessa Habeshites to stop-stealing and snatching acres and.acres of the fertile lowlanders fields.Those lands are ancestoral of the metahit people. Kebessaites can utalize metahit fields with the permission of the real owners.
            4— It is very important the some arrogant Tigrinia speakers refrain from the use of demeaning phrases and mockery, ” Emberdooo B’haqqii Eritreawi ekha? How come you don’t speak Tigrinia!” kind of attitude.Glad nobody humiliated me that way, because I speak Tigrinia GOOOOOD.Infact, with a city accent, unlike those hugguries. yessssss!
            5—- i think it is the obligation of the lowlanders to fight for their real existence as real partners and components of the diverse societies of Eritrea NOW before too late, today before tomorrow and not be swayed by the shoutings of the opportunists who kept then dull and numb for decades, which turned to be passimists even to even raise their voice or objection while they see their pastures and fields grabbes by people from other regions before their very eyes. We dont see Metahitians coming to kebessa villages and snatching the RISTY GRATTS against the will of the land owners. But the Christian Kebessites have been doing that to the ancestoral land of the Muslim Munkhafadatians for years. They have been sooo patient just for the sake of the union..But any person can take only so much of himiliation. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. As the ELL watheeqa says, the bill of keeping the UNION intact, should be paid by ALL. That means the Metahitan should have this pride and his land in his hand so he can the ultimate bill his life to keep Eritrea a ONE free state as he sacrified with his blood for its liberation. A Metahitian is a very proud Eritrean when he sees no one people is enslaving the other, when no one group is oppressed by the other; when
            no greedy Kebessawian deqqebbat leave their RISTY MERIET to their cousins and establish Kibbutzs on the8r metahitian brothers land. If these rich Habeshites REALLY want to work for the removal of the temoval of the dictator in Asmara, they must direct their effort to THATgoal, not to proccurement of thousands meters of barbed wire fencing the land they grabbed , where the indigenous people can’t even go thru that land to where the water stream is, to quelch theirs and their herds thirst, because of the killer CERCHIOLATA set around the land and the K-47 carried by the ranchers by the main gate of the ranches. What a sub-human way of life imposed on these indigenous people!!
            NOW…..To Your Questions

          • guest

            NOW….. To Your Questions.
            1— Yes, I think it is very essential at this particular time to talk about ELL and all/ any other Eritrean groups. If we feel comfortable to talk about Badme for years, The Good Professor Dr. Bereket, the seven/ eight sleepers of Ephesus, TPLF Anniversary Celebrations and their FuTa, or ” sarong”, the legendary Al-Amin Abdul-Lateef, Swiss Cave of Ali Baba and theForty Thieves, ” Houthie” rule in yemen,and on…on…and on…UNLESS the question was for ALL the above subjects…then my answer may be different. As i mentioned above, ELL is not the ONLY subject taught in this great university of I am glad our hero Ali Salim brought the
            subject. HABA’E QUSLU–HABA’E FEWSU. I wish other professors of this great institution read it and disect it for us so we can have different interpretations and tafseers of the watheeqa. What br. Ali missed in his analization could be catched by the other.or discuss the watheeqa from a different angle as its implications with the re-patriation of the refugees in soudan of 1967-69 massacres, like legalizing the holding of the land for certain years while hiring theindigenous owners as workers for pre-agreed period till they are rehabilated enough to assume shouldering responsibilities and running the fields smoothly, or any other perspective.
            For those whos comfort zone is same old issues like badme, weyane, amharai, Alamin Abdellateef, etc can skip this ELL topic and do what they
            are good at doing. For me, i would rather spend 7 minutes listening to the melody of Qari Adel Basset Abdes Samad than spendinv equal time listening to Fennan AlAmin Abdel Lateef. ( N’khullu wewnnamu allewwo ).

          • guest

            2— Yes, though most Eritreans are victimized by the regime to a varying degree and level, Munkhafafites are particularly targeted when it coming to losing their land and culture to the new Tigrinia setlers. The Watheeqa also calls other marginalized components to stand up for their rights. We all are aware the Kebabi Asmara villages losing part of their fertile walekha gratts to city expansions and rich Eritrean TIKKALAT corporations. Two wrongs dont make a thing right; just double or triple wrongs.
            3— yes, i see this group i.e. ELL and others such as EFND’s popped up simultaneously. I’m not a big follow TPLF political agenda or do i give ear to esayases’ Sha3biya propaganda machinery. But, i strongly detest and abhor blaming these newly formed civil societies for the failure of the 20+ years old opposition fronts and political groups.BETRAY HABOUNI—ZEH’MQO ALLANNI. These ” oppositions” have failed miserably i defining our goal, having plan to achive it, and even in preserving the Eritrean Unity. They failed to emancipate our people from the yoke of sha3biyyah and its lion of Naqfa, Ato Esayas Afu Worky. These failed ‘ oppositions’ should go thru genuine soul search in humbleness and humility to find the source of their non stop failure as nothing has been materialized i knocking down Sha3biya regime. They should be ashamed to point finger at ELL, EFND,or Ethiopia for their problem….i dont think tbey are that foolish to even think going that “blame others” ally.

          • guest

            —-Aah..that khilafa thingy! It is an entire Muslim Ummah issue that covers an entire population of 1.7 billion muslims scattered all over Axia, Africa, The Balkand. It is a wish and a dream of many muslims to find their nations united in some kind of strong ties like the USA or European Union. It is a noble that hasn’t materialized yet.
            Said that, i will be the first Eritrean Muslim to stand against establishing that khilafa’s Headquarters in Keren, Massawa, Aqordat, or any other Eritrean town or city..Not despite my religion, but because of my conviction to my faith. If there are any Eritreans who want to establish that world-wide khilafat in Eritrea, i would tell them NOT IN MY BACKYARD. i dont want to see my beautiful eritrea turn into a magnet of global muslim neo-jihadists, dajjalists, mahdists, meseehanists awaiting for the second advent of our Master, yesus al maseeh ( peace be upon him ). We have seen enough blood already been spilled in our land. No more blood aint worth it.
            one more thing… it is NOT the ELL that has its HEADQUARTER in ADDIS; rather, the other opposition groups. To my knowledge, ( and i will stand corrected if not so the case ), NONE ofthe Founding Committee for the Eritrean Lowlanders League resides in Addis Ababa, or Ethiopia in general. Ig concerned, the cpncern should be directed towards the other opposition groups that are financed by ethiopia. I still wont condemn them for that. They may have a very legit reason.اللي ايدو فى المية موش زاى اللى ايدو فى النار
            — ” we the unionist”. I bet ELLites are unionists too. They are not secessionists, they are no patritionists. Anyone claiming they are advocating for 2 states of eritrea, one for munkhafadites and one for murtafa3aites like the confederates versus unionists, or dismantling Hagere Eritreaall together and annexing the metahit to sudan and the kebesa is just a hoax, scare tactic, and baseless.i still have my concerns of a dived yemen into 2, sudan into 3 mini states will affect the whole region including Eritrea; with the rising nationalism among the afars of eritrea, ethiopia, and djibouti will directly affect to our continues existence as one unit…but that is due to totally different regional subject, nothing to do with our peaceful ELL.

          • guest

            I would take that as a flat coincidence.
            till then,
            و يستمر نضال منخفضات ارتريا

          • guest

            actually, it was the president of Turkey who visited Addis lately, just six weeks ago; and yes, around the same fortnight of EIPJD delegation visit to Turkey. I think it was a dheer coincidence. If i have a couple drops of conspiracy theory believe in my blood circulation, i would be singing to the tune Ethio/ Turkish contro Erit/ Egypt polities. Two GREAT fast thriving and flourishing nations versus two dormant fastly falling and disintegrating military regimes. But even for that plausible explanation, i choose to float above enuendos, gossibs, or too much readings between the lines . Just K I S S.
            Said that, i am soo glad to see these smart Ethiopian leaders balancing their foreign policy between east and west; muslim and none muslim world, specially after the unfortunate incident that occured in Riyadh which resulted in the deportation of 100,000 of our ethiopian brothers and sisters in addition to some hundreds of Eritreans. I hope Ethiopia regains regains full trust and friendship that was marred because of its old history in Eritrea and its current interference in the islamic agfairs of the Majlis in addis.

          • guest

            NOW ! Here is the مسك الختام
            The Closing’s Musk .
            When you eloquently started your post with the disclaimer, i intentionally kept that best of you to the last to comment upon; because i dont know howmany pages i will write about it. Nevertheless, to save your and other readers time, i will try to make it as shrt and as concise i possibly can. May Amlakh help me retain my composure during my writing of this comment
            hawey way hawtey Hope: (btw. I’m male)
            We, the people of the land of Habasha, have been so fortunate, and Allah has favored us so much to be among the first people in the whole world to
            accept HIS WORDS. Our forefathers/ mothers accepted the BISSIRAT of Goytana Maseeh 3alaihi Salaam peacefully centuries before North Europe and the majority of the world.
            They were good Christians and servedGod Almighty thru the teaching of His chosen, Yesus, the son of our Mother Mariam, ( 3alahi wa 3ala ummihi salaam ). These same ancestors were so God fearing, so loving, so pious, that when Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam started his mission in Mecca and his desciples were oppressed for being muslims and rejecting paganism, they couldn’t find find any place to escape the meccan torture BUT in the land of HABASHA. our land became the center where muslims can live in peace and harmony with their hosts. The habeshan guest lovers opened their hearts and houses to the new migrants, gave them permission to till the land, conduct trade business and intermarrying. So, habeshas not just gave refuge but played pivotal role in the spread of islam in the area and allover Africa. By the 5th. year of Prophet Muhammad’s mission, the number of muslims in the land of habasha exceeded their number in Mecca and ALL arabian peninsula combined. Our Noble Qur’An recognises the chivarly, magnanimity, and nobility

          • guest

            and nobility of our forefathers towatds their muslim guests compared with the ill treatments and mal intentions thry got from the jews and polytheists of Arabia.
            Al Ma’ida [ 5:82 ] Strongest among men in enmity to the believers will thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers will thou find those who say, ” We are Christians” , because amongst these are men devoted yo learning ( aqshishti ) and men who have renounced the world [ felesti ], and they are not arrogant.
            So, btother/ sister Hope : when you said ” i am a blessed christian” in your disclaimer, the mental picture i got was of a person who is loving, giving, proud but non arrogant believer.
            There is an old saying, اكل عند اليهودي…….و نام عند المسيحى
            OMG ! i need to stop. I must shut up right away. I told you i’m such a boring old fart.


    ato.berhe, how did you know ali is a moslem and an eritrean? just asking !

  • tes

    Last trial of PFDJ through NUEW after YPFDJ severely failed in its mission

    The last survival struggle PFDJ is trying to penetrate to the already distanced supporter is coming on its third wave. This wave is now taking place via the National Union of Eritrean Women. What a failed strategy is this and shame NUEW to be engaged in this last survival crocodile tears of women’s rights


  • tes

    Last trial of PFDJ through NUEW after YPFDJ severely failed in its mission

    The last survival struggle PFDJ is trying to penetrate to the already distanced supporter is coming on its third wave. This wave is now taking place via the National Union of Eritrean Women. What a failed strategy is this and shame NUEW to be engaged in this last survival crocodile tears of women’s rights


  • guest

    Mashaallah brother Ali Salim. A successful endeavor to analize the watheeqa. I wish you be around to clearify some points or genuine questions of our eduated commentators. Like in the first series, the introduction, a number of commentators raised questions.i remember 1 asking what the ELL stand would be with national drafting of females taking into account the religious and cultural difference of Metahitians. Another one was about NOT excluding Afar dankals from lowlanders membership. And many more others equating ELL to the other opposition political parties or umbrella underwhich many parties are gathered. Hope u get chance to go thru those comments and give your reply.
    —For what i know about ELL, it doesnt exclude afars or kunamas for the matter, from membership to ELL. It only recognizes the special situations of both ethnics as to their geographical and life style such as of dankalies or religious,linguistic, and cultural specials of kunamas..and that was as recognizing their difference from typical Metahtian and give them extra leverage in their watheeqa. A matter very commendable. Still they can be active members of ELL..i dont know the ethnicity of the excecutive body member Ustatha ‘Aisha Gaas, but in her latest talk radio interview in Melbourne, a caller described 3aelat GAAS as a prominent afar family..Also when the Jeddah branch of convened their first meeting, the munkhafadat news described the delegates as led by afars with their elderly leader. It didnt say what that elder’s name was.
    as for darfting and national service post esayas era, i see having a very smal ( fifty thousandish ) but strong, properly and competatively paid, men and women with best military/ commando training, best equipped for s macimum of 20 years service.All on voluntary enlisting. The mandatory national service for the rest could be for a maximum of 2 years in different capacities, like elementary classes teaching,heathcare service, or a reserve/ national guard in the event of national/ regional disasters, epidemic, earthquake, heavy rains…etc

    • guest

      That kind of policy, will take away the forced conscription forever as we see it now happening, and the descision of METAHTIAN and Kebessanian women serving will be left to her and her family descision , not upto the central government in Asmara who seem to be in detach from their constituent and religious/ cultural compromise.

      • Hope

        Are you preaching special culture ,religion or law here?
        You reminded me about the ENDC Charter where it strongly advised us to ban the National Service for thee yrs and allow only Police Force.
        Then came up those kind of Eritreans,who advocated total Arms Embargo on Eritrea!
        So,you believe that only 50 thousand ” well trained” Eritreans can confront the more than a million strong well trained and well equipped Ethiopian Army.
        These kind of National Security and related issues should be left to the Inclusive Constitution and the Constitutionally elected National Assembly!

      • Hope

        Can U use the term ERITREANS, instead of Metahitans and Kebessans?
        It might sound like a divisive way of labeling Eritreans,at least in m opinion!
        Just asking!

  • said

    Eritrea is not an exception. Like in every society one should not be alarmed by the blind dogma; stereotype, sweeping generalizations and blind self-righteousness that the Eritrean Political Discourse has descended into. No room for compromise, middle-of-the way dialogue; It is the “They” and “Us;” “Black” and “White;” no “Gray” Areas: Taking No Prisoners set way of arguments and supposed dialogue of a politically civilized nation.

    Incredible the “Tempest in the Tea Cup” amounting to total frenzy, a heated national argument of the failure of the regime not addressing equality and common goods during last two decade and their elks may like ELL are infuriated to some degree rightly so
    Some found it logical – trying to wedge middle of the road appearing without being apologetic to the regime and their Audience – to remind Eritreans at large the injustice face by lowlanders among many.

    The regime and the cohort polity in control of the Eritrean politics are joined their merciless regime in waging a merciless push to the edge of obvious cold war on lowlanders much as part of a hidden Agenda that’s easily marketed and sold to an Eritrean public that’s increasingly disenfranchised by the dearth of general knowledge and near slavery preoccupation with their daily survival priorities trying to cope with their own necessities of life.

    Sadly, any meaningful and constructive political dialogue with the Eritrean polity right across the board trying to present an objective analysis of political facts and political events, especially with regard to the lowlanders has made a sharp turn to a point of No-Return rendering any dialogue between the lowlanders – and the some opposition highlanders at this stage almost Pointless and Virtually to no avail.

    This despite the fact that nearly all highlanders and lowlanders are actively participating in the most disruptive information war on Asmara regime, despite the fact that nearly all the Eritrea passive or active, what count most are not providing tangible material support and the bulk of financings, and are not enlisted greater public supporters to oppose and stemming out PFDJ; despite all the facts that show that the greatest human casualties, and are inflicted on the innocent people of Eritreans.

    All this despite the indelible fact that the rise of the Eritrean opposition phenomena and the mushrooming of the so-called “opposition ,” and many have eloquently elaborated their democratic and inclusive platform and Eritrean many opposition find their roots in the series of unjustified ,oppression befalling on people and illegal land grape by the regime, in full disregard to their god giving rights ,and spicily targeted against a number of Eritrean ethnic group causing in the process much irreparable damages, wanton destructions to innocent human lives; properties and life hood, beside total disruption to the normal life of Eritrean societies at large .

    In this regard, it is the regime and their supporters that are at the very source, the inevitable conclusion of creating the conditions, the ripe and fertile soil for the rise of all kind of “opposition,” its siblings and its offspring. By creating the conducive environment for its breeding and fattening to the point that one day it will grow to haunt the regime at large.

    However, “opposition ,” need not to fall into the trap; be put to the test to pose as apologists and being reduced by the polemics of the politics of expediency and the hidden agendas of short-sighted power and interest groups. Eritrean Muslims ought to never lose sight of the indelible fact of who they are as the inheritors of the far more encompassing Islam as justices, loving, civilized a great culture; a rich universal heritage and the products of a rich Islamic Civilization with innumerable great contributions to humanity and the world civilizations, including the Christian European Civilization. And coexist in equality, equitable and promote peace and harmony with their compatriot fellow Eritrean.

    If in matter of truth any people to feel guilty of wrong doing in nearly all across history to others – as with all truth we all humans are capable of perpetrating injustices and violence on other fellow humans if history is a guide – it is more historically the European Christian World that owes the others, including the Christian of the south and Muslims for crimes and gross injustices falsely committed under the banner of religion. Hence, it was Pope Urban II, the head of the Christian Church making the most influential speech of the Middle Ages on November 27, 1095 giving rise to the Crusades by calling all Christians in Europe to War against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land, with a cry of “Deus Vult!” or “God Wills it!”

    The crusaders’ wars lasting nearly two hundred years ravaging war on the orthodox Christianity in east Europe and Arab lands witnessing the worst atrocities, plundering and violations committed under the name of Christianity in the whole annals of the human history. By the end of the 11th century, the Holy Land—the area now commonly referred to as the Middle East—had become a point of conflict for European Christians.

    At any given time you will have Mania of Islamophobia exceeding all proportions, only tiny minority of Eritrean are proving closed minded and xenophobic giving readily to oversimplifications, generalizations and negative stereotyping, formulas that would sharpen the debates and cause a profound break of communication between our society.

    However, end of the day, and judging on the current mood governing Eritrean regime attitudes and conducts, it seems it is TOTALLY futile but rather counterproductive for the lowlanders to keep trying to pleading their case, admonitioning moderation in the regime Discourse that’s completely lacking the political wisdom, maturity and the objectivity to play it fair.

    One would have hoped that this admonition would fall on the right Eritrean ears of caring, judicious and strong-willed opposition and statesmen had it not, most sadly, been that the Eritrea is suffering from an endemic state of amnesia, of possibly ever since the turn of the 20th century, of failed state; failed political leadership and, mostly, failed intelligentsia that could never grasp the facts and are short on the will to change.

    IA appears to adherently or inadvertently be taking Eritrea to the unknown in new adventures that Eritrea and the Eritreans with a rundown economy and could hardly afford.

    This is very unfortunate, and this brings back what we were talking about, Double Standard. If this shows anything, it shows that there is no real difference in our suffering today between lowlanders and highlanders except the short distance. We all are in the same boat. Stupid, silly and ignorant regime that rule Eritrea. Please don’t be shocked. Advanced civilizations share with the most barbaric, the common ground of depraved sinfulness. All humanity and to varying degrees share selfishness, indifference, lust for power, pomp, conceit, unkindness, the spirit of independence from God’s authority and many ungodly Satanic traits. Don’t be deceived by those who cloak themselves with the grandeur of modernity. They are the ones who thrive on making others look bad, while they conspire to further their demonic, self-serving agendas. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    As long as humility, love and brotherly care are considered to be weaknesses, while self-servitude is a virtue, we continue to live in ‘crocodile’ infested world, regardless of the degree of material advancement. I call this, ethical cancer. Pray that we don’t get afflicted by it.

  • selam

    Eritreans are known for their addiction to any new song. If there is a new song in the market , there is a 90% chance to hear every one singing the same song again and again .I am afraid to say, we have the same reaction to any new political party.

    90% of these ELL members are more or less with EPDP. we will continue to talk and talk about them until a new group pop up with crazy idea. What we all forget is that HGDEF is destroying our country for 23 years and continue to do so.

    How many years do we need to moblize our people and dissolve HGDEF?

  • tes

    Good synopsis of the “School of Undoings”.

  • Tafla

    Here are some maps to help illustrate the disaster ELL got cooking for Eritrea.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates

    Often times your ways of categorization and classification and the use
    of terminologies are at odds with those universaly accepted ones their
    standard usage. This has been hapening for a long time and is so confusing
    to base judgements and make analyses based on it.
    Most of your terminology and vocabulary seems to be based on Ethiopia’s
    experience which almost completely at odds with the western usage of the
    terminologies while it is attempting to follow the western democratic system
    without understanding the terms correctly and implementing their usage rightly.
    Actually, this is one of the many given little attention reasons that Ethiopia’s
    experimentations often end up stuck or failed or misplaced according to my
    observation. I have seen this error so many times.
    They use the terms
    RIGHT, ………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    FEDERATION and many other terms often wrongly from their usage in democratic
    countries in the west. Or may be they could be intentionaly deviated to fit some
    of their agendas……without knowing the consequences they bring about later.
    It is good to be vigilant in understanding and using these terminoogies before
    put them into a trial and error mode of practice.
    It is like the virus or germs in a patient can adapt and develop immunity to a not
    well administered medical prescription and a new medicine is needed or required
    to treat the illness or disease later after TIME.
    *** Note also the faulty flow chart you presented once that attempted to predict the
    eventual transformation of political organizations in the opposition I think by Burhan
    Ali if I remember it well. It just didn’t go that way other than confusing the people in the
    opposition at that time.
    So when you come up with such classifications and categrizations they should reflect
    the objective realities and correct usage of the terminologies to their universally used
    meanings and standard of usages. Otherwise, they will do more damage than benefit.

    • guest

      AMAN??? Are you the same AMAN who good byed us few days ago and i wished you Godspeed, Tsa’eda Yitz’nahka?
      If so, do u need me to remind you Mahmoud Darwish saying, ” 3indema tureedoonar raheele;;ERHALOO
      Laakin la ta3oodu abadan
      koonu lir raheeli awfyaa’u
      le’3allena nekoonu aydan LE NISYAANIKUM MUKHLISEEN”

      • AMAN

        You are right I said that
        Sorry ! My bad !
        But I always felt you need help because it always seems to me
        you either get lost or always come short.
        But I do not understand it why you expressed yourself with a
        language I do not understand or know what it means. Got lost
        again ? or want to hide something from me ? Didn’t get that part !
        But you are right I said I will not and shouldn’t come there.

        • guest

          Marhaba AMAN hawwey/ hawtey
          glad you confirmed it was you. Jockingly i wrote those words of the great Palestinian poet and writer.why i wrote it in arabic? They are his words.verbatim.
          If i try to translate the stanza into english, it may sound like this- excuse my weakness in poems please-
          — when you want to leave, DEPART!
          — but do NOT return EVER!
          — be loyal to your depature!
          — may we also be sincere in forgetting you!
          But i’m not as harsh as Darwish, welcome again to the fold of Awate’s free education and perpetual learning.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Ahlen Younis (AS),

    I think you become the “think tank” of ELL. You defined the principles and the missions of ELL beyond the founder’s intention that was conveyed in their declaration. Your categorization the “Federalist, Unionist, Separatist, and Islamist” is quit telling, though I don’t know whether they have crystal clear precipitation in to such political configuration. Whether it has truth in it or not which I will leave it for now, the analysis is breathtaking that goes in to micro-politico-analysis of Eritrean politics. Good reading until you finish your project.

  • Abel

    Question 2: Do you consider the decision of lowlanders of the 1940s & 50s (especially the RabiTa) to dump the proposal to split Eritrea and to go for “National Unity”, to be a heroic decision?

    I personally think it was wrong decision. Had it not been for Haiti’s vote on league of nations, we wouldn’t be in the never ending quagmire we are now. The low land would have been part of the Sudan and the high land with Ethiopia. Perfect solution.

    • selam

      The low landers fight more than the highlanders to have a united eritrea.

  • Amde

    Strange to read a new utilization of the word “Unionist”in Eritrean politics.

    • T..T.

      The two, ELL and EPDP, are unionists in their way but with divergent inclinations. According to those who hold dual membership of the two, the EPDP has 90 percent inclination towards Isayas’s regime while ELL has 90 percent inclination towards the opposition. Alem Goitom and Selam are good EPDP-examples of the 100 percent grey area political activities making them look like opposition to the opposition or having confused political stances promoting a flip-flopping politics on the People-and-Isayas issues.

      • selam

        tell me where i filp flop , do not make up things

      • Hope

        That is an unfair way of judging the EPDP,unless you are joking.
        If not, please clarify and justify your judgement and your figures.
        To my best knowledge, no one but the EPDP,Mr Alem Goitom included dared to openly criticize and expose both through Media outlets and at the International arena/Fora level besides its crystal clear Political Program,which is totally the exact Opposite of that of the PFDJ!
        We have to be cautious and considerate when we judge each other ,not too emotional and speculative .
        Judging by assumption is Illegal besides being defamation.
        Plus,FYI, some of the top members ,Founders and Leaders of the EPDP are Low landers… Muslims and Christiansas well!

        • guest

          You said it perfectly, ” we have to be cautious and considerate when we judge each other…….not too emotional and speculative. Judging by assumption is illegal besides being defamation”. If you scroll up, you will real selam saying on tbe same tolpic, ” 90% of these are more or less with EPDP. ”
          I rest my case for now. She may be able to defend for that % and stateme t.

          • guest

            Correction ..selam’s quote is, ” 90% of these ELL mem ers are more or less with EPDP. “

          • guest

            Grrrrr. members*
            lots of typos

  • selam

    When it comes to gaining influence, remember the law of reciprocity. The more you support others, the more they will support you. If you want people to adopt your ideas in the future, you need to be collaborative yourself. You need to support their ideas, or at a minimum, show respect and a willingness to listen before weighing in. Squash a colleague’s pet initiative too quickly or be perceived as a naysayer, and you may find that your initiatives will increasingly fail to receive full and fair consideration.

    “It should be very clear however, that ethnic and Islamist movements promoting the political rights of specific groups within the nation do not automatically qualify as xenophobic. What is it then ?

    Lets reject such evil ideas and do what ever it takes to break these evil Islamist at the core of the ELL.

    • Ali

      The majority of the people of Eritrea is Lowlander and the all the resources belong to the lowlanders including to the ports and the existing mining area but the most advantaged to use the resources are the highlanders.
      A majority of Eritrea’s population adheres to Muslim. Estimates of the number Christians vary from 36% to 48%; they predominantly belong to the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Between 52% to 64% of the population is Muslim, mainly following the Sunni denomination.

      I think this time the lowlanders start to understand the exploitation and dominance of by the highlanders particularly the tigringa speakers. So it is good to have a good organization for the lowlanders and make aware of the worst political situation in the lowland. thank you Ali Salim for you nice script.

      • selam

        Where do you got this % of these Christians. So this was the main reason the ELL traveled to turkey , to tell Turkish leaders that all Eritrea is Muslim lets put Islamic government after the dictator , hulla.

        I would love to see how this kind of attitude work out.

        • Kokhob Selam

          No selam, you should not take the words of Ali as final and binding Lol. you know the true nature of our people. we have ethics, and we know of to handle our case when comes to highland lowland , Muslims and christian etc. What we didn’t knew was how to manage replacng PFDJ, by democratic government. by know we are aware of PFDJ nature and everybody is awaken and hopefully days are not far to see the alive nation.

        • guest

          Selam..that means you are still in dark of what ELL is…ELL didnt go to turkey..didnt say all eritreans are honest so we can take you serious. One more thing…ELL is not a political party, and is not in its charter to be one in any feasable future. You dont have to make up stories about ELL..let me remind you as i did in General Ahmed KAKAY’S coffin airlift from Khartoum..but this time for ELL’s journey to turkey and your claim they told turkish people all eritreans are muslims ” BRING YOUR EVIDENCE IF YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH” : ” hatu burhanakum in kuntum saadiqeen”. Bring your evidence

          • guest

            Gedab News reported on january 26, 2015 to the effect that Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development ( EIPJD ) met Turkish politicians.

            ELL is not EIPJD

          • selam

            About the General Ahmed Kaay transport thing , i have told you i have the prove . i know exactly he traveled by air and his body come by air. I do not need to send any thing to Gedab news about this , As a matter of fact i know they also make other news which is not true and i do not need your approval for this .

            Now there are also people in the center of this ELL group who are part of the EIPJD. To reconcile about his % and others . I posed the statement to him about the turkey thing yet he did not reply, so lets wait his answer then.

            Do you support ali on his claim about the % and about other things , i do not see you say any thing about that.

          • guest

            It is not shame to admit you were wrong and you got mixed up ELL with EIPJD..dont be such arrogant to admit mistake.we all do get mixed up in acronyms jargon..but have the balls to admit you were wrong about ELL which is totally different from EIPJD….

          • selam

            Hi guest ,
            I will not do such thing. For me to ,” say sorry i was wrong” is so easy that i can offer even if i am right. But what i said about ELL was right and that is my understanding from the picture. May be you have hard time to understand the sets.

          • selam

            How about if we go back to school and learn sets and check the AUB= BUA by adapting that formula we should say AU(BUC)=(AUB)UC in in which we can find the center of the picture by saying AnB=BnA which is , AnA=A now take A as the islamists from the picture which is quite easy to find the universal set E. I can make it clear for you by driving the formula way down to a single person in ELL but i am sure you are smart enough to know this set rule.

            I hope you understand how i reach my idea about the travel to turkey.

    • Ali

      To Selam
      The lowlander is clean from any evil it is your idea and the bad highlanders which is evil. I can not generalize all Christians are bad. But it is Christians like you who are evil doing bad against the lowlander. You are enforcing people to have one and the same idea like that of your bad leader Esayas.

      • guest

        Brother Ali..hayyakallah
        this is not in defense of my selam. She’s more than capeable to defend herself and protect her reputation; but first thing first: Selam Gualey, if the person i”m describing is not you, please let me know, as i get sometimes caught up in mixing screen names.
        back to my brother Ali…
        1- where did you get the idea selam is your typical christian from the highlands when you wrote, ” But it is Christians like you who are evil doing bad against the lowlander?”
        2- she repeatedly said here that she doesnt ascribe to any faith as she is an atheist.
        3- she said that repeatedly and even sarcastly mocked her debator for listening to his QESHI about Virgin Maryam’s giving birth to Nabiyullah Jesus Alaihi Salaam, which is a similar teaching we muslims get from our SHAIKHS . You know we share same beliefs with our brothers and sisters of Towahdo Church adherents, and i believe of all christians in general, when it comes to the miraculous conception and birth ofJesus Christ without any male intervention. She finds that miracle impossible. It is a free country. ﻻ اكراه في الدين. No compulsion in religion.
        4- my advice would be to you and myself first of not maki g assumption of one’s faith or questioning whether he/ she is si cere in their claims. We muslims have been lately the biggest victims of been called kaffirs, munafiqies, and even yahoodies, by other muslims just because we stood up against their IS or Qaeda, or any other groups. And we have been their targets just because we dont share same values when it comes to freedom of believe or the right to life regardless of that persons religious affiliations..
        There is no islamic terrorists
        There is no catholic pedophiles
        There is no Judaic rapists
        just rapists, pedophiles, terrorists and land grabbers.
        Selamta for ALL

        • Selam

          Yes you are right sir. I have zero interest in religion and i have zero interest in region or what so ever like that. What i am saying is that we are wasting too much time to creat and destroy so many organization . I am saying we should move fast to mobilize the Eritrean people and topple this dictator with out dividing the Eritrean people across region and religion. I am not denying the suffering of all people .

          • guest

            Well said selam gualey.we need to fire esayas and his henchmen sooner than later. And i dont have problem yo work hand on hand with my brothers and sisters regardless of their religion, region, or background, as long as the aim is to give right to all eritreans.give back the confiscatedlands to owners give , create a decentralised people’elected regional governments and let the people choose wether to use tigrinia or arabic in their region for education and office use..we are no more naive to say ” lets depose esayas now and we’ll discuss the land and tigrinia supremacy later” no way hosay/ josey.المؤمن ﻻ يلدغ من نفس اجحرمرتين. And we have been ” uldaghin” again and again and again from same pit of been naive. From italian to british to hailesellassie, to aman andom to mengistoo, and for 24 years to esayas..everytime getting worser and worser..This time my support is to those i have trust who will uphold HIGGI ENDABBA. Not to the students of marx. To those who have a clear agenda to repatriate our forgotten refugees and give them back their land..and as of kababies same thing. No tikkal should flourish on the expense of the poor harestai. For those kind of justice i dont have proplem to cooperate with any political force inside Eritrea or diaspora. Make sure, i dont have or support any agendathat inforces islam orany religion among all eritreans against their consent. Eritreans should be able to choose the kind of system they like for their central as well as regional governments. No more status quo will be tolerated in post esayas regime. Eritrea will continue thrive in UNITY..not in partition or secession. Said that, i will still continue to search for some kind of solution to to the Afari people plight where the majority of them are in ethiopian side of border and the minority in ethiopia and djibouti.Some kind of solution should be found to unite these dispersed people while protecting the international borders in one way or another.It would be hypocratical on my behalf to support the unity of KURDS while looking the other way when it comes my cousins, DENKALIS

          • guest

            Minority in eritrea and djibouti side of tbe borders*

          • selam

            If You believe Eritrea is a sovereign state that should close the door for any favor to any ethnicity based on their location and relationship they have in Sudan , Ethiopia and Djibouti .

            Think about this scenario, if these so called Akleguzay said we need to go to tigrai and form some kind of the afars , just think about that for one moment. I am not saying they are thinking or they will but think about that. what will be your answer to them ?

            Back to the reality ,Afar people are among the smallest ethnic groups in Eritrea and they will never ever get any chance to convince or force the Tigre and Tigrina to let them form any thing with their kinship in other countries . That kind of idea is just not going to go well with our brothers in highland and my lowland Tigres . So the afar movement should focus on toppling IA by forming a strong opposition with their Eritrean brothers then demand their right equally no more no less.

            That is my understanding and if you have any thing more that can convince me please , i am always open to listen to new ideas.

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