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This is an appeal that appeared in June of this year; it’s being republished again since last week and will continue to appear on top every week..

Dear Friends of,

It would be nice to have a deep pocketed sponsor to fund your activities. If we had one we wouldn’t solicit your help publicly. We never sought such a sponsor, NGO or otherwise.

Since the day was launched in September 1, 2000 (that is fourteen years ago), we made a choice to depend only on our own resources, and when we feel we needed your help, we solicited your support.

The last time we appealed for your support, in 2012, we set a target of $12,000. By April 15, 2012, we collected $5,138.00 (five-thousand, one-hundred and thirty-eight dollars less 3.95% fee for donations made through Paypal.)

When we solicited your support in 2012, had a daily traffic of around 7000 visitors. We hoped a fraction of those who benefit from their visit to awate would respond. The usual loyal friends did, as always. Today, as we appeal for your support, our traffic is growing exponentially. For the month of May only, we had 437,605 page views and 280,121 of them unique page views. On May 13, 2014 only, page views hit 23,000 mark. In due time we will share with you detailed stats and what they mean. For now, we hope you will think about why has such a traffic and what satisfying that traffic entails.

As we stated before, we have reached a stage where we need to expand our operation and run it in a more effective manner; we cannot achieve that on our own, we need your support. That is the only way to help the freedom of expression denied to Eritreans by the tyrant and his regime.

It is our hope that enough readers will be generous enough to help maintain this website that has been serving them for many years. We appeal to you to help us bear the burden by chipping in whatever your budget allows. You have always counted on us; we have also always counted on you.

Again, this time we are hoping to secure $12,000 for 2014. Going forward, we hope you will support in a sustainable way, a sustainable support of a certain amount on a regular basis. We have set our system to accommodate different types of support.

We admit we are not good at fundraising; if we focus on that, it will be at the expense of what we do best: delivering reliable high quality content. Instead of spending the limited time and resources that we have on fundraising, we prefer to focus on our main goal: Inform. Inspire. Embolden. Reconcile. We hope you, our readers, will be responsive and support generously to reach our goal of $12,000 for 2014.


Your support donation can be facilitated through the following means:

1. Credit and Debit Cards
Click the “Support” icon and it will take you to the support page. All payments are processed through Paypal. Your support will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.

2. Bank Trasnsfer:Account Name:
Bank: Bank Of America,
Acct #: 29570 76732

3. Checks and money orders: Please send to the following mailing address:
P. O. Box 580151
Elk Grove, CA 95758

4. E-mail contact: write us on the following e-mail:
Please contribute as generously as you can.

5 Donate now?
Click Paypal Support image
(pay at paypal to:

We appreciate your generosity, thank you.

About Awate Team

The Awate Team is a group of individuals who collaborate in preparing editorial contents that mainly appear under the PENCIL signature and other columns that carry the Awate Team signature. It represents the collective team's view.

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  • Hope

    Hello All:
    Well,irrespective of this and that,I strongly believe that a website like this ONE should be supported by any means.
    Nothing is perfect and relatively speaking,as I said it before, there is NO better web that could accomodate such a diverse opinion besides being a source of Education…..
    I visit almost all African websites(Ethio-Eri,mainly) that I know and most western websites—the Guardian,NY Times, Washington Times—with difficulty though as you have to pay for most of them…,the Gulf webs including the Al Jazeera site…but ,honestly speaking,I have found the quite better,at least for me.
    The website has done lots of improvements,techincally and content and even attitude wise..and hope it will keep improving.
    Having said that, if Dr Fanti Ghana has contributed,which did not surprise me,btw,considering his unique positive attitude and perception, and his humane and diplomatic approach to lots of issues,I said:”Wait a minute,why wouldn’t I support a webiste that is struggling for a Positive change in my own Country and for my own people,as an Eritrean claiming that I am for a Positive Change?
    My point:
    I think it is only a noble cause to support this Family website…and Hope/pledge to do my part!

  • AOsman


    I will contribute $100 in due course.

    Last June with world cup competition idea (Nitricc 🙂 will take credit/blame) that was floating about, it did divert the appeal. You may have to leave this page hanging at the top till end of December and do a bit of pushing/reminder.

    Also I notice since you have gone to cloud land :), the site is still crashing….the frequency of Gedab news may be the cause, is the traffic gone over the 7000 pages view?



    • Thank you AOsman,

      Leaving the page floating is a good idea, we will not be shy anymore because many people think the website runs on solar energy 🙂

      Thanking the few who have always been there to contribute, the ratio of those who use this website and those who contribute is kind of disappointing.

      You are right,the database crush has been more frequent that we expected but the cloud hosting has nothing to do with it. We just need to upgrade continually (we did that a week ago, meaning more expenses).

      The 7000 page view is history, we are currently at 13,000 to 14,000 pageviews daily. Incidentally, we are working on awate 8.0 (looking for a code name for the project by the way, like Operation Shock and Awe, or Fenkil 🙂

  • Haben_Hager

    Awate- You have not been able to shake off your image as a religious and tribal website. It doesn’t surprise me that you have very limited real support. Assenna’s image as a fabricator of stories and spreading of false rumors is gradually changing which is good. I guess Awate has to work hard to change its image if it is to receive real support.

  • Thanks for the concern Santos,
    We ask for donations every two or three years but we do not see it the way you made it look. If that was the case, we would approach the many deep pocketed NGOs. And there is no doubt we would get funding if we set our minds on it. So far we haven’t. We preferred to bear the cost and when it becomes heavy, we solicit the support of those who use the service of Thank you for confirming to us that we suck at fundraising. We need the help of people like you 🙂

    Finally, please understand that your characterization our reason for soliciting your help is wrong. If we received $10 from every visitor for a year, you would have seen something different in the situation of the opposition.

  • Santos

    This is the least number of comments I have ever seen. It feels like asking for a donation is like spraying a commenticide. Where are Amanuel, Semere, the other Semere, Eyob, Eden, Ida, Fatna, Papillon, Haile the great. I thought they just pay the set target among themselves. Even Saleh Yonus is not to be found.

    Awate, I know how you came up with this donation plan. After Amanuel assenna started touring the world off of donation money and came to your turf like a diplomat, Salih Ghadi said to SAAY “wait a minute, if he does it with mediocre articles and unconfirmed rumors, then we should be a millionaire. Look at the traffic – just multiply that by $10 and divide it by 10 – meaning if one out every of 10 visitors donate adversely $10.” Ok SG, I am paying my dues voluntarily. But those I listed above? You should price their consumption and demand it from them.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Awate has been my home for years now and I know I didn’t do what I should so far. I know I should do my best and sure I will.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Awate team

    I thank you so much for your dedicated work.

    Let’s support to shine. has been a model of basic human rights, rights to information. We Eritreans are denied of this basic rights back home. Yet, we didn’t quite. Eritreans like Saleh Saleh Gadi Johar, Saleh Younis and their awate team mate are doing a marvelous work in Informing, inspiring, emboldening and creating a nursing ground for reconciliation. Supporting means supporting FREE PRESS and Rights of Human being to free access for information. Let’s put our penny. Your single penny has a lot to do in developing the website.

    Even a single penny can be worth of millions of information, just denote!


  • Rodab

    ሓምሳ ለሚን ንሓምሳ ሰብ ጨና፣ ንሓደ ሰብ ሸከም።

  • Fanti Ghana

    Thank you Awate Team, for you wonderful service over the years. Please keep up the good work.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Awate Team,
    I think there is a bug when choosing the radio button “choose custom amount.”
    It keeps coming back with an error message “Please choose amount you want to donate …”

    • Fanti Ghana

      Solution: Do not click the radio button, just enter the amount you want to donate on the “choose custom amount” text field.

      • Selam Fanti,
        Thanks for the alert.

        The “custom amount” is not supposed to be chosen, just enter the preferred amount and continue. It should work.

        Thank you again

        • Fanti Ghana

          Thank you.
          Is it supposed to charge 8.5% tax?
          If that is what paypal is collecting for their service or it will be credited to eventually that is fine, but I am mentioning it to make sure that it is not an over sight by paypal.

  • Shum

    Thank you Awate for the years of dedication and hard work on managing this site. I pledge to give my support.