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Statement: Network of Eritreans for Democracy, Justice and Equality (EDJE)

Statement by the Network of Eritreans for Democracy, Justice and Equality (EDJE) on the decision of the ENCDC Council’s leadership dismissing the Secretary of the Executive Committee

The ENCDC represented a qualitative development in the Eritrean struggle and it motivated national forces to promote the national interests of the people. The decade long process to upgrade the of struggle culminated convening the National Congress for Democratic Change in 2011. In that convention, the National Council, a broader and more sophisticated coalition compared to its precursors was established and it provided the struggle with more capacity to manage and mobilize resources by embracing most of the political organizations and civil societies and independent personalities under its umbrella. It also increased the potential for more effective struggle to achieve a democratic change by removing the dictatorial regime and rectifying its catastrophic sectarian and chauvinist policies and practices.

Unfortunately, though our people pinned high hopes on the National Council, its leadership failed in achieving the objectives of the Conference and accomplishing the tasks entrusted to it. This fact has been elaborated in several assessment reports that EDJE issued with the aim of enabling all concerned to properly diagnose the problems and identify weaknesses so that we can all work to rectify the matter before it was too late. Alas, our calls were not heeded similar to many appeals expressed in Paltalk rooms and by writers in different websites.

EDJE summarizes the main reasons for the failures as follows:
1. Lack of qualified and efficient leadership,
2. Absence of institutionalism and lack of commitment to abide by the regulations and work according to the set programs,
3. Failure to separate powers within the Council; that caused interference and overlapping of assigned tasks and responsibilities,
4. Undemocratic work tradition and practice,

5. Lack of transparency and accountability and absence of collective leadership in executing daily duties.

Due to absence of institutionalized approach and practice, spontaneity and individualism prevailed in the Council’s activities. Also, the overlapping of tasks and responsibilities led to discrepancies, disputes and conflicts about the nature and limits of responsibilities. In turn, that resulted in power rivalry and the ensuing confusion stalled the work finally bringing the operations to a complete stagnation–a feature that characterized the whole work period of the Council.

The current crisis, which revolves around the legality of the decision taken by the chairman of the National Council to dismiss the Chairman of the Executive Office, and the debate raging around it, is only a reflection of the deteriorating reality and the depth of the crisis that has reigned for so long. This is in fact nothing more than a clear manifestation of the accumulated errors and failures that have slowly eroded the bases and weakened the structure of the Council. If not rescued quickly, that will inevitably damage the supporting pillars of the whole structure of the Council, eventually causing its total disintegration. Therefore, we call upon all concerned to pay attention to the imminent danger facing the ENCDC and to take responsibility in preserving what has so far been achieved. We appeal to all concerned to overcome the difficulties and safeguard the Council’s establishment and improve it further by preparing properly for the convening a successful national congress.

We reiterate our firm conviction that both chairpersons of the Council and the Executive Office have been incompetent in managing their responsibilities. Thus, we hold them responsible for their utter failure and incompetence. It was long overdue for the members of the Council and the Executive Committee to notice the defects and to have exercised their rights in relieving both the council and the Executively Chairman from their responsibilities.
With respect to the Executive Office chairman’s dismissal, we consider that the ENCDC leadership has no legitimacy to take such a decision, and we call upon them to immediately withdraw the decision and urge the Executive Committee, which has the authority to exercise its right, to reshuffle its offices as deemed necessary.

Since we do not expect any meaningful work to be accomplished during the remaining life of the Council, we call upon all stakeholders to strive to form an efficient and competent preparatory committee, with balanced and inclusive representation, where political organizations and civil societies and other stakeholder would participate in satisfactory proportions. With that we hope to attain a better outcome than the last time, in order to make up for the wasted time and effort, since the previous Congress. We urge all concerned to put the Eritrean struggle back on the right track to achieve the goal of getting rid of the dictatorial regime, including all forms of oppression and tyranny without delay so that Eritreans can establish a government based on democracy, justice and equality.

Long live the just struggle of our people for freedom and decent life
Glory and eternity for the memory of our martyrs
Shame and disgrace upon the ruling junta and its dictatorial regime.

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  • A. Benstar

    Hello all,

    Happy Bahti-Meskerem Eve to all Eritreans and their friends. Tomorrow, September 1, 2013, marks the 52nd anniversary of the initiation of Eritrea’s armed struggle for national independence form Ethiopia colonial occupation by force of arms that ended victoriously in 1991. Many Eritreans around the glob celebrate Bahti-Meskerem and honor Awate who announce the initiation of the Eritrean armed struggle by firing the first bullets agains Ethiopian occupation forces in mount Adal in September 1961 as the commander in chief of the first Eritrean Liberation Army! Today, Eritrea is liberated but its people have ruled by evil men and women who came to power by the blood and sweeet of the Eritrean people as whole! Meanwhile, Eritrean’s arch-enemy in the form of the TPLF/EPRDF , aka Weyane, is still playing his old and ugly tricks to undermine its territorial sovereignty by refusing to let the Ethiopian-Eritrean border be demarcated on the ground according to the rule of international law that he and all concerned agreed to abide and live by! The state of the Eritrean opposition to PFDJ’s despotic rule in Eritrea is, to say the list, on the talking stage where everybody sings the same song but don’t know or don’t want know how to go about dancing to their song on the ground bring the changes they seek by themselves instead of living in a delusional world of their own myopic creation while going around circles of trivial and sectarian or personal interests for decades on end.

    Having said the foregoing, it is important for Eritreans and others concerned that Eritrea was created by Italian colonization, a colonial construct like any other entities in its class. Eritrea, however, did not get its independence like other colonially formed states but was put under British Military Administration in 1941 and later joined to Ethiopia in a federation in 1952. As soon as the federation came into effect, the little king of Ethiopia called Janhoy violated the spirit and letter of the Eritrean-Ethiopian federal union. Seeing that the Eritrean-Ethiopian federal union was turned into that of a colonizer and the colonized, Eritreans challenged the Ethiopians to respect the articles of the federation peacefully to no avail and were forced to ultimately take up arms to liberate their country from Ethiopian occupation.

    Thus, Eritreans soon realized that they have all been tricked by Ethiopia and its patron America, they started peaceful political rresistance to Ethiopia’s violation of the terms of the federal union between Eritrea and Ethiopia but were met with brute force! Thus, Eritreans soon established an organized resistance to Ethiopia’s illegal acts under the Eritrean Liberation Movement which soon gave birth to the Eritrean Liberation Front as political wing and the Eritrean Liberation Army. The ELA was established by Awate and his colleagues in western Eritrea and was exclusively Muslim in composition at its inception and started resisting the Ethiopians military to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopian occupation. Awate as a leader of the first Eritrean Liberation Army,the ELA, is said to have fired the first bullet that announced the initiation of the Eritrean armed struggle for national independence from Ethiopian feudal and backward rule in 1961 .

    The ELA gave birth to the EPLA which concluded the goal of Eritrea’s territorial Independence after the ELF was ejected from the Eritrean field to the plains of Eastern Sudan by a combined EPLF and TPLF assault in 1981! However, territorial independence from Ethiopia occupation brought with it the loss of both individual and collective freedom in Eritrea to the whims of one man whom many considered as their saviour till many soon found out that he was a vicious wolf come garbed in sheep’s clothing at the helm of a national plague that is now known as the “PFDJ”. The EPLF, aka Shaebia, was a possessed organization from the get go and it said and did what its master Esaias wanted said and done without ifs or buts of any significance. The old PLF or Shaebia now named “People’s Front for Democracy and Justice” has brought neither democracy nor justice but has turned the lives of the Eritrean people into living hell and rules them like laves and beggars in their own country for which they paid dearly!

    Thirty two years ago, Esaias’s Shaebia or EPLF and its TPLF or Weyane sister organization conspired to eject the ELF out of the Eritrean field with the support of the regional and international powers and soon defeated the Derg and took power in their respective countries! Now, 32 years later, some of the former adherents of old Shaebia want to destroy its new self by siding with its Weyane old friends and the remnants of their old enemy or the old ELF, their mother and aunt whom they destroyed as foreign and dangerous to the realization of Eritrean unity and Independence or so the liars said! Shaebia babies, be the old or young, generals or journalists, or simple fools that were used like tool, are the last ones to raise an accusing finger at those who air the simple truth that has been out there for all that care to see from right from the outset of DIA’s march of death and destruction on his way to absolute power! A large part of the Eritrean people without regard to the religion, regionn or ethnicity served and followed Esaias and his Shaebia. The old beast called Shaebia has been baptized as the PFJD and still keeps devouring anyone that voices a world against the cult master as it did devour those who tried to stop Esaias and his ELPF from theirs singular march to absolute power which brought the Eritrean people to the miserable and hellish lives they are leading today!

    Proceeding, people make their own governments and what they deserve is what they make, be it government or otherwise! Reality is hard to get rid off and those who in some way or another served Esaias to gain absolute power in deciding the fate of the Eritrean people have to first recognize that they have built a plague of an organization called the EPLF or Shaebia, for starters! Those who abandoned the plague after they saw that the fate of those it eradicated was coming home to roost and what went around started coming around to visit them after which they either have to bow down to the boss or get thrown in jail to rot or die for finding the gusts to question their former hero and leader while many took to flight and are making noise from their places of safety as if they have not much to do with bring about the problems that are bedeviling the Eritrean people like never before! Now, it is too late to cry foul on others and pretend that one is clean from being a party to what brought about the tragedy that has been and is still befalling the Eritrean people without let up!

    Bay way of conclusion, on this Bahti-Meskerem day of celebration and reflection, another great Eritrean known as Wedi Ali deserves mention as a national figure of historical significance in the current leg of the Eritrean people’s struggle to assert their political sovereignty and end PFDJ bestial rule in their homeland! It goes without saying that Awate stands tall in Eritrean history when it comes to look the beast on the face on the battlefield in order to remove him from the Eritrean homeland. Likewise, Wedi Ali stands tall in Eritrean history when it comes to look the beast on the face and challenge him to set the Eritrean people free from his tyrranical oppression. Awate’s leg of the Eritrean revolution ended in victory with the liberation of territorial Eritrea from Ethiopian occupation in 1991 with wrold acclaim and may Wedi Ali’s call for liberty, justice, democracy, and the rule of law to reign in his homeland become a living reality where the Eritrean people could live in peace by establishing a government of their own making whom they can hire to or fire out of office under the rule of law that governs all Eritreans equally and democratically!

  • David Kelly

    I have been reading about the plight of the Eritrean people for 2 weeks now. What a heart breaking situation. And what type of world do we live in for the world to stand by and do NOTHING! I was born and bred in Australia and feel so ashamed of our government and other western governments who claim to be the “policeman of the world” and then stand by and turn a blind eye to the plight of these people…….i am very ashamed to be a citizen of this world at the moment!!

    • A. Benstar

      David Kelly and all,

      Brother David, thank you for the care and concern you have showing regarding the miseral live that the Eritrean people are leading under a government that many Eritreans hailed as their own and found later that they were deadly mistaken and a world of evil where lawlessness rules and the criminal in the form of a gang or government or a sigle shifta calls the shots! Following it part of the said note and take good care and keep up the goood work! The said part of my earlier note follows thus:

      {{… the people of Eritrea seem to have received the bitter end of everything that this world of ignorance, fear, hunger, lust, greed, arrogance, hypocrisy, betrayal, war and the like has to offer and govern the nature of modern mankind! Where does this all end? Everybody have their own religions, ideologies, theories, doctrines and much else and foresee the future based on these and accordingly make or create their friends or foes that become their agents of peace or war to defend what they think and believe is their past, present, and future that is informed by modern culture which is mostly of the degraded and self-serving kind!

      The world has created a laws that rule the governments that compose its members and have many ways of dealing with them as do the governments that form it! However, the Eritrean people have fallen victim to its injustice as they have been denied to live and let live under the rule of law that all agreed to abide by! Democracy is to freedom as law is to justice and both for keeping societal order and peace, all of which have been denied to the Eritrean people from inside and outside their homeland! Eritreans need to recognize that the full realization of their dream to live in peace with themselves and others will materialize only when national and international laws are respected and made to govern their political and territorial sovereignty!}}}

    • Asmara Eritrea

      Dear David

      I can understand your sentiment and hopelessness on the prevailing situation in Eritrea and like you I ask myself day and night why the entire world is standing by whilst the Eritreans are tortured by a brutal regime day in and day out. I have been an Erirean exile for over 35 years and I was more proud to say I was an Eritrean whilst it did not exist as a nation – I had hope and aspiration for my “country” then.

      To answer the question why the world is giving a blind eye to the human rights abuse in Eritrea, one has to look at the recent countries in which the West intervened. They all had and continue to have the scarce commodities the Western countries desperately need. Sadly Eritrea has not got those commodities.

      The other sad fact is those of us in exile who cannot see beyond our noses. It makes me sick to the stomach to hear from people in the comfort of western cities that the people who flee from Eritrea are people who have an excellent and comfortable life there. It seems to me like someone in the 60s to 80s escaping East Germany for the Western part because he or she had plenty and were living a comfortable life at home. That is absurd and defies all human logic. Why would they flee their home if they have nothing to flee from?

      We need to face the facts that huge number of Eritreans are fleeing ther homeland for one and only one reason; day in and day out brutality by unelected so called president of Eritrea. Whilst he remains in power the torture will continue unabated.

      Eritrea for ever, death to the dictator

    • TrustBldg_is_a_process

      Hi there, David,

      Nice to hear from concerned people from all corners of the world about the plights of the Eritrean youth. Nice to hear voices like yours saying enough is enough but where us those who claim “leave actions for us, if concerns are exceedingly worth attention.” As we all hear and see, the Eritrean youths sufferings are beyond the already described worst-than-Nazi’s and yet not a voice coming up to condemn it and those who are causing it. Here, we know that Isayas is being protected by the Arab Gulf states and that is why no any western nation dare say anything against his him. Just as an example, we have the Bahraini people where the west is saying nothing let alone take action. Let me also mention that it is not the wish of any Eritrean to see the west intervene using destructive forces in Eritrean, enough our people suffered of untold plights. Thanks again for you voice and standing up for the right of a people.

    • TheTruth

      Mind your business. You have no moral authority to intervene in Eritrean affairs.

  • Abu Khamsa


    On September 1, 1961 Hamid Idriss Awate, the former Italian Ascari, is considered to have fired the first shot in the liberation of Eritrea. There is much that is still unknown about Awate but recorded interviews with his comrades indicate that he was harassing the Ethiopian Army with just a few rifles and only 7 men for years in his native Gash Barka demanding that the Ethiopian flag come down and be replaced with the Eritrean one. Following the increasing brutality by the Ethiopian Army in lowland Eritrea, he steadily gained more followers in 1960 and 1961. Needing more ammunition for his men he launched a daring attack on a police post and arms depot in Western Eritrea on September 1, 1961 that lasted for several hours. That night’s gunfire exchange with the Ethiopian Army marked the first shot being fired in liberation of Eritrea. That night’s armed conflict started a chain of events that led to the long and bitter armed struggle for the liberation of Eritrea. The resistance gradually spread to the highlands and culminated with the total liberation of Eritrea in 1991. Indeed long before the heroic tegadeltis of Nakfa, there was the Lion of Gash Barka.

    Happy Awate Day!

  • A. Benstar

    Hello all,

    I have being trying to post comments in but failed several times for the last little while! Earlier, I posted a note in the same said site and it doens’nt seem to have made it this time either! Thus, I am injecting it here for what it is worth with some a quotation from the article I was trying to comment on together with my hastely written note following below:

    Eritrea for Eritreans was the slogan under which Mahber Shewaate,aka the Eritrean Liberation Movement or The Movement, aka Hareka in Arabic, for short, after Janhoy started undermining Eritrea’s autonoy and the articles of the federal union between Eritreaa and Ethiopia. That slogan was not only the slogan Eritrea’s Party-Time era but became a revolutionary slogan that gave birth to the ELF or Jebha which later gave birth to the EPLF or Shaebia and host of other Eritrean political movements and organizations both during the armed struggle and after Eritrea’s territorial independence from Ethiopian occupation that ended with world acclaim, de jure and de facto!

    Eritrea for Eritreans, by Eritreans, and from Eritreans is the marching order of those Eritreans of different eras who chose to be free from foreign occupation and have accomplaished what they set out to do in freeing their homlenad from Ethiopian occupation but have yet to assert their political sovereignty under the rule of national and international laws that governs all civilized nations from within and from without! The stumbling-block standing before the will of the Eritrean people is the PFDJ that now have turned has turned their live into a living hell on Erarth and the Ethiopians that refuse to let the Eritrean-Ethiopian border be demarcated according to the “Final and Binding” verdicted that the law that governs all nation have delivered and all paties concerned agreed to abide by!

    There cannot be a nation called Eritrtea without the Eritrean people and there cannot be a people called Eritreans without an Eritrean homeland except in the delusional world of external creation! Eritreans should strive unite around an Eritrean vision that embraces all of them as civic citizens of a new would be nation to bring about a government of their own making and let the Eritrean people hire or fire those who wish to govern them under the rule of law that treats all Eritreans citizens equally in their unity in diversity: Eritreans should seek to establish a government of the people the Eritreans people, from the Eritrean people, and by the Eritrean people and stand up to claim what is rightly theirs before God and their kind under the rule of national and international laws that the world have established to govern its minor and major members!

    {{{This has troubled me a lot As an Eritrean who is doing the little he can to change the course of history and as a result I decided to start my observation

    Why do people see the slogan Eritrean Solution for Eritrean Problems negatively?

    In my humble observation the following two reasons are the ones to blame for

    The first point is the wrong historical correlation between this slogan and the one from the 1950’s. Some colleagues claim this slogan will be instrumental to engage the ‘silent majority’. The slogan is almost the same in meaning to the slogan of the 1950s “Eritrea n Eritrawian “ and that is the reason why some are saying why it is an issue if one said “Eritrea N Eritrawain “. However our grandfathers used the slogan as an antithesis to the effect of “Mhaber Andnet” not to awaken the silent Majority. Indeed it was an effective slogan for that time. However the current usage of the slogan will not have anywhere near that kind of impact an effectiveness as rather than uniting the people it is divisive and it is antagonizing a large number of diverse groups based outside the homeland…}}}


  • L.T

    Without Isaias Elka hakey do?
    Te Te-Te Te or Tamrat Tamart;
    To study in the psychology of power politics and mystical reliion in Ethiopia,in a sense to think from Kedemawi Menelik or Abne-melik born in May-Bela Asmera for 3000 yrs ago to Yodith and fm King of Shiwa Lebndengel to Weyane of Dedebit they all are outbearks of panic were short lived and the death of them rate was relativly low.The young King Meles lived in constant fear that Atsi Isaias were working black magic against his rule Tigria Tigringa.Now similar forces are also at work in you….Isaias doing that …Isaias is so……Is he satan or sexual charms….

  • haile


    Here is a recent video about Eritrean brothers and sisters being kidnapped in the Sinai. Please translate for those who may note understand Arabic:)

    The Eritrean regime is commonly assumed to be part of the crime syndicate in the human trafficking operations (of which 95% of victims are estimated to be Eritreans), however, such is not conclusively shown [with hard evidence].

    Despite the fact that an allegation of such a magnitude being very serious and potentially catastrophic , why is that the regime being so unwilling to let independent investigations to take place inside Eritrea? What can it possibly gain by refusing such an independent investigation? Its refusal can only be construed to mean an indirect admission of guilt.

    The UNSC’s SEMG report to the UN includes a section on “revenues” of the Eritrean regime that they follow up and report upon. One area of such revenue that is listed on their report is “[B.] Revenues from human trafficking”. Under that title, the SEMG makes the following allegations among many other things:


    137. The Monitoring Group has obtained copies of money transfer receipts
    documenting the extortion payments made by the families of Eritrean victims of
    such kidnappings in 2011 and 2012, and where the recipient of the funds are named
    Eritrean individuals who collected the payments from locations within Egypt. For
    security reasons the receipts have not been annexed but rather archived at the United
    Nations, in order to mitigate any possible threat against any of the named individuals. The recipient on one receipt is a self-confessed agent for the Eritrean

    138. The Monitoring Group has also received testimony regarding ransom fees that
    have been paid directly to Eritrean officials. In one case, a Germany-based Eritrean
    citizen was forced to raise roughly 9,000 euros from friends and family to release
    two of his cousins who had been kidnapped in Sinai, Egypt, in 2011, after they had
    escaped from Eritrea and had joined a human trafficking caravan in the Sudan. The
    funds were transferred to a family member in Eritrea who delivered it in cash to a
    Government security office in Asmara.

    Full Report:


    Wouldn’t that any self-respecting regime would allow for an independent investigation into these allegations in order to clear its name? How could the regime hope that such an allegation would just go away, if it simply bury its head in the sand long enough?



    • haile

      Also, is the UNSC special rapporteur justified to seek entry to Eritrea to independently assess the human rights situation?

      Eyob Bahta says that if anyone disputes his claims, let them produce the people in this video to challenge him!


    ¨እቲ ዝድለ ዝነበረ ምቕጣን(weight loss)ክሳዕ ዝኾነ__እቲ ምቕጣን ዋላ ብሕማም A.I.D.S ይምጻእ እቲ ዘገድስ እቲ ውጽኢት እዩ ዝዓይነቱ RETARDED ኣተሓሳስባ እዩ እቲ ጸገምና !!!!!¨


    ከምዚ ብምስትውዓልን ልባመን ዘቕርቦ ዘለኹ ኣርእስቲ ___መን ዕቡድ እዩ ነዚ ዝቕበል፧ እንተበልኩም ፣መልሱ____
    ንስኻ ፣
    ንስኹም እዩ።
    * እታ ኣስላም ሓረድቲ ኢላ ምስ ወረቦላታት ተሓባቢራ ንኣሕዋትና ቶርዓ__¨ወይ ኢትዮጵያ ምረጹ ወይ መሬትኩም ገዲፍኩም ትወጹ ዝብሉ ___እቲ ክርስትያናዊ መንግስቲ ኢትዮጵያ ክዳኸም ምስ ርኣይዎ ድማ ምስ ሙዳዳ ¨ናይ ክርስትያን¨(ሻዕብያ) ወጊኖም__ ኣኼስን ገፋዕን ተግባር ዝፍጽሙ ገበነኛታት እትውግን ውድብ__(ሕጂ ድኣ__ድሩዕዶ__ኮሮኔል ዑቕበዶ )__ወዘተ__ዝብሃሉ ኣሲራ ኣኾርያቶም እምበር ፣___
    * ፍርቂ ህዝብና ዝኣምኖ ሃይማኖት እስልምና እናቆናጸበት ተወሊዳ ዝዓበየት__
    * ደቀምሓረ __ድምበዛንብብርቱዕ ተቓዊሞማ (ምኽንያቱ ንዓና መታሕት ኣሕዋትና እዮም)_፡ብምዓር ዝሰረቑ ፣ቀጥቂጣ ናብ ዋህዮ ቀይራ __ብፈገረግር ትኣቱ__
    * ኣብ ገሽናሽም፣ሓደ ዘይረብሕ ዘመደይ___ሽሙ ¨በረቐ¨ እንከሎ ኣብሓጎይ ገና ብንእሽትኡ ከሎ ¨ዓረበ¨ ኢሉ ዝጽውዖ ዝነበረ ጸረ ህዝቢ ዘርኢ መርገም ፍጥረት__፣
    * ሓደ ሓወቦይ ክኣ ኔሩ__ካልኦት እናሓረሱ ከለዉ ንሱ ንበይኑ ምስ ሰበይቱ ሓዊ ክስሕን ዝውዕል ዝነበረ ኩርሙይ ሰነፍ_፡___(ዓርኪ ነቓዕሲ ሰባር ይብል ዘርኡ ዓርከይ)__ነቶም ደቁ፡ ዋህዮታት ጌራ__ ነቶም ሕያዎት ደቂ ሓወቦይ እናባሳጨወት ዝመጸት።
    * እታ ኣካለ ስንኩላና ትርሽርሽ ውድብ__፣
    * እታ ከተምስል ገመል ኣብ ገንዘብን ኣርማን ኣቐሚጣ ክብረት ት ህባ፣ ነቶም ነታገመል ዝስሕብዋ ህዝብና ግን መሬቶም ፈጊራ ንኳጃ ደቂ ኸበሳ ከማዕብልዋ ኢላ ትዕድል።____
    * እታ ንኣድጊ እኳ ሓንቲ ቦታ እንተዘይሃበታ__ነቶም ካብ ጎረቤት ሃገር ኣድጊ እናኾብኮቡ ዝኣተዉ ትግራውነቶም ዝጸልኡ ተጋሩ ግን ወገናታ ጌራ ብእኦም ጌራ ተውግረና ውድብ፣__ነቶም ናይ ብሓቂ ኣቦታትና__ ተጋሩ ናይ ትግራይ ግን ቤት ትምህርቲ ዓይደር ከይዳ ቆለውዖም ብክላስተር ቦምብ ትወቅጥ ሽፍታ__
    * ነታ ኣብ ሽፍትነት በረኻ ከላ ደቀንስትዮና ድሙ ድሙ ኣስትያ ኣመንዝራታት ጌራ ካብ ትሽዓተ ብሄራት ትሽዓተ ቆለውዕ ከም ዝወልዳ ዝገበረተን__
    * ህዝብና ፣ምስ ራሻይዳ ተሻሪኻ ናብ በደዊን እንዳሸጠት__ኮላሊትና ካብ ካይሮ ናብ እስራኤልኒ ኣሜሪካኒ ከይተረፈ ከም ዝሽየጥ ትገብር__ዘይከፈሉ ደቂ ተባዕትዮ__ ኣብ ቅድሚ ኣንስቶም ብሴክስ ክዕመጹ ትገብር ውድብ__
    * ነዛ ሸፋቱ ሓዚላ ዝኣተወት ጸረ ህዝቢ ፣ጸረ ገድሊ፣ጸረ ኤርትራን ኤርትራውያንን ዝኾነት ተምጽኦ ባርነት ክምሓየሽ ዘለዎ ናጽነት ጌርካ ምቕባሉ__ነዚ ኣብ ኣርእስቲ ዘቐመጥኩዎ ይገብረካ።ዳርጋ ኩሉኹም ኣህዛብ ኤርትራ ክኣ እዚ እዩ ዝጸገምኩም ።_ (ብዘይካይን ፕረሲደንት ኢሳያስን)
    ትንተና ኣብ ርእሲ ኣናሊሲስ እንተ ኣምጻእኩም ምንም ኣይክፍይድን እዩ።መጀመርያ ነዚ ህሉው ኩነታት ተቐበልዎ እምበር ንሰይጣን ናይ ኣቦይ ሼኽ ዕማመትን ናይ ኣቦይ ቀሺ ጸናጽልን ብምሃብ ጻድቕ ክትገብርዎ ምፍታን ነፍስኻ ምዕሻውን ፣ህዝቢ መፍትሒ ንኸይረክብ ነብሰ ኣሻጥር ምፍጻምን እዩ።ነዚ ኤርትራ ኣብ ፩፱፱፩ ዘምጽኣቶ መርገም ፣ነጻነት ኢልኩም ምቕባል እቲ ዝዓበየ ግፍዕን ንዕቀትን ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ እዩ።

    ዓወት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ
    ዕንወት ነቶም ባርነት ዘምጽኡ ሸፋቱን ፣ብህዝቢ ኤርትራ ዘቃጭጩ ¨ተቓወምትን¨!!!


    What is EDJE?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It is an eritrean ‘humaniterian’ organization which controlls the perfection of democracy, justice, equality of a party system before it takes over the ‘People’s front for justice and democracy’.

  • yegermal

    I apologize in advance for my ignorance. Is this a new group?

  • Kokhob Selam

    Thank you. please let’s work hard to save what was achieved (at least the common ground we created).

  • T..T.

    In this weekend the ELF/EPLF veterans Dardasha/ILAL continued to evaluate the governance of Isayas on the occasion of the days of September 1 – the Eritrean Revolution weeks. The veterans continued to view the Eritrean people as a besieged people because of Isayas’s policies and behaviors. Eritrea today is viewed as a country where lawyers cannot defend their clients, a country where there is no constitutional accountability, a country where the ministers/members of the government are errand boys for the autocrat, a country where its self-appointed leader and his groups are said to be nonhuman or two-legged vicious predators preying on the country’s children and the weak. In fact, the veterans noted, that internally Isayas knows that he is besieged by people who hate him. So, to partially relieve the siege, Isayas moved to Massawa. If it was meant to be a safe place for its strategic location, he should have moved to Keren. However, externally, Eritrea and its people are besieged by hostile neighboring countries and continents. That is why the escapees from Isayas’s Hellish world are not finding a single welcoming person. Again, that is why the escapees are diving blindly into any place, just like a drowning person struggling to grab anything.

    A veteran explained that Isayas as a son of the Eritrean Revolution was taught to condemn abusing power. Like everyone who learned from the hardship in the field, he must have learned about the power of respecting fellow citizens, the power of fairness and equality, the power of selflessness, and not self-hatred that destroys everything. For Isayas, nothing or no one is safe unless s/he is weak. If one is not weak, s/he has to undergo some modification in order to be blackmailed and silenced, the veteran further explained. In other world, we see the wicked people are ordered to undergo counseling in order to free them from being blackmailed.

    Yes, Isayas as a son of the Eritrean Revolution was taught to celebrate power as well as difference in opinion by respecting others’ opinions and views, another veteran seconded but expressed frustration. Many were thrown into prisons for not being of his duplicates in everything. Isayas forgot the Revolution was about celebrating similarities and differences as the whole Eritrean people come together to celebrate our great Revolution day. Then a veteran reminded, what about if Isayas didn’t see the advantages of all we said because he is blinded by his own and the other (Ramadan Mohamed Nur) group’s Nihnan Ilamanan goals and culture. Another veteran jumped in to present facts that Isayas revolution was more guided by his and the other group’s Nihnan Ilamanan and that was why he was always wrong in every aspect of his governance.

    A veteran asked if the Eritrean people would be better off without Isayas? The table requested the sentence to be rephrased “better off without him or people like him.” Then, it was explained that Isayas’s love for power was contagious and some already contracted his sickness because they secretly adore him. The table concurred that life was too hard for the Eritrean youth to join the veteran in saying “life is too short” but yet the youth could join in saying “together we’ll do anything to make the changes work” and make the reborn of Eritrea possible and meaningful.