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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Sobering Times

1.    Re-awakening the patriotic front;
2.    Lies;
3.    My Simple Analysis;
4.    A variable we do not need;

Dear reader,

You may not enjoy this article for it is filled with some angry expressions which seem to be dominating my reasoning these days. Please take no offense!

Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pea,r prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock, [not in the morning, but in the evening].
T. S. Eliot (The Hollow Men)

It is no secret that those who felt ‘empowered’ by Ethiopia tried to bully us into falling in line rather unsuccessfully.  On the other front, those who have been undermining our past struggle are debased because their escapades are slowly coming to an end.  In the beginning it was hard to get my head around what was happening – the gradual dismantling of our heroic history and the erosion of our moral dignity.  No history, no identity.  But now, as far as I am concerned, every alarming push seems to bring me back to the values I cherish the most as an Eritrean – the values instilled in me by the selflessness of our martyrs.   And I believe there are many of us out there whose patriotism has been reawakened not only by the Ethiopian incursion into our affairs but also by the twisted tales that were narrated about our history.

My fellow Eritreans, we should pay particular attention to the importance of Eritrea’s sovereignty while we continue our struggle to rectify our problems.  Those who are blinded by their hatred of Isaias and do not mind that Ethiopia loosens our grasp on our sovereignty need to think twice before things get out of hand.  They think, rather naively,  if they could only employ Ethiopia’s help in dislodging PFDJ the rest of our problems would somehow arrange themselves in a compelling and true solution – and we will live happily ever after alongside our neighbors from the South.  No matter how fierce it is the temptation to take shortcuts in our campaigns, we need to remind ourselves there are no shortcuts to victory.  If we ever apply the Ethiopia-shortcut, Eritrea will get cut short. Ask our martyrs!  I truly believe Eritrea’s future is intertwined with the lives of those who passed before us.  That is the trajectory of our struggle. Oh lord, my ‘paranoia’ never ends!
I believe that a strange turn of fate is bringing some of us together after witnessing the lies that were posted concerning our history.   Perhaps I should personally thank Tesfay Temnewo for his lies because he made me realize how much some of our thinking has been sullied and how far some of compatriots have strayed from the course outlined by our martyrs’ character.  Once again, I have seen how those skewed developments have been testing my nerves and harming my morale.  On the other hand, I have observed those lies turn into some ingredients of patriotic awakening.

Following the negative outcome of our post-independence situation, the PFDJ reality, many are looking for apportioning blame unto others (but never to themselves).   Tesfay Temnewo raised themes which did not resonate with me at all – he blamed everyone but himself.   His case is a simple hindsight bias which led him to a false autobiographical memory. I am glad Mohamed Berhan Blatta contributed to the on-going discussion in exposing his lies.  In order to underline his depraved standards, I have come to understand that the distorted version of our history he presented suited him well because it camouflaged the fact that he is a deserter.

A distorted understanding of our history certainly leads us to a distorted view of the present and is an impediment to our capacity to understand ourselves. Let me give you an example on the basis of Tesfay’s account.  His accounts are full of ‘wegen’ stories – that our struggle for independence was filled with prejudice and small-mindedness regarding one’s place of birth and origin. His claims made me reflect on the relationships that existed between our former fighters in Eritrea’s battlefields.  I thought about Samuel (China) who married a woman from Saho; I thought about Wuchu whose wife comes from Akeleguzay; I thought of Romodan and his Christian wife;  I thought of Astier  (gual Abatye) who married a Muslim from Saho (Sherifo);   Mesfin Hagos’ wife is from Akeleguzay;  DruE’s wife is from Seraye;  Adhanom’s first wife was from Hamasien.  Guess what,  Isaias Afewerki’s wife is from Akeleguzay.  The list goes on and on.  As far as Ghedli is concerned there is no issue of parochial loyalties.  Some with subnational mind-sets are simply bellowing without thinking.  It would be a sign of our maturity as a people if we could relax, accept facts and seek a proper understanding of what happened before us.

My Simple Analysis

My fellow Eritreans, my simple analysis is that Ethiopia’s involvement in our campaign against PFDJ makes it a flawed one.  First of all, why should we forfeit our self-respect and moral integrity and deny ourselves the dignity we very well deserve for driving the Ethiopians out of our country?  The strategy of the Ethiopians is simple – they would like to live as they once lived (as masters). But our history will not permit it. They have already indicated, in many ways, for their right to a bigger living space – I am referring to appropriating Assab.

The incredible suffering of Eritreans who were victimized by the Ethiopians is a bitter memory that hasn’t disappeared from our consciousness.  Why should the present day suffering under the PFDJ government erase the massacres in OmHajer, Hirgigo, Wekiduba, AQurdet, Una, Hazemo … etc?  The ENCDC and the Debrezeit groups seem to have forgotten such key moments.  Not only that, they seem to have misplaced their history books for they offhandedly talk about ‘federal system’, ‘future bilateral trade agreements’, ‘deploying our youth against PFDJ’, ‘the right to have access to seaports’ … all in accordance to Ethiopia’s design, and of course,  in accordance to ‘the wishes of Eritrean people’.  Mind you, once we cross the line, the line of assimilating to a corrupt system created by Ethiopian inducement, we will never be able to disentangle ourselves from ‘the dreams of the Big Brother’ or exonerate ourselves from betrayal.

The neo-Andinet group may feel uncomfortable now as it is being challenged for all the right reasons by the patriotic front. Their outlook is lopsided and short-sighted, and they know that they don’t have a leg to stand on when confronted with the Eritrean reality. I hope they are beginning to ask themselves whether they should yield to reason now or continue to yield to inducement. We need to harness the anger we feel towards the PFDJ regime and channel it towards our own campaigns instead of creating opportunities for the Ethiopians to encroach on our patriotic fervor.

Eritrean patriotism rests upon a pillar so solid that the unionist elements amongst us would never be able to destroy it with their capricious campaign for they do not know the fortitude of our forts built by the blood of our martyrs and those who hold the reins of reason in our communities on their behalf.

Here is why I think we need to do away with the Ethiopia-variable in our formula.  The message we send home will be formidable only when it carries a message of hope to our people.  We will give them a major moral boost if we respect the sacrifices our martyrs made in freeing Eritrea.  We are talking about the comrades, parents, spouses, brothers and sisters of those heroes who are watching our errant ways when we flirt with Ethiopian officials. It is then they feel disrespected. And that is how we end up undermining our own struggle. Again, it is then they would rather stay on PFDJ’s side rather than ours – because of the litter we carry in our campaigns.

Dear reader,

I would like to stop here for now.  I would also like to apologize for not delivering what I promised in my last posting – the topic regarding plans to prepare ourselves for what the future has for us as Eritreans.  I may have misjudged matters.

My fellow Eritreans, my wish is to call upon those who are linked by our past struggles to see to our current crisis.   At the same time please allow me to state my objective once again.  While we still have time we could examine the recurring tension in our lives: a) how we manage our campaign with what we have at our disposal or, how we are destroyed by the world around us; b) and how we assert ourselves against Ethiopia’s intrusion in some meaningful way.

I hope I will do better next time.

Sobering Times

Sheda footprints marked their paths
Along the trenches of Denden
The Filfil Valley, the heart of Sheib village
Witnessed by the stars in the sky
Punctuated by the moon that rose up high
Take heed! It is the 20 Sene season!

Sunstroke will be merciless to those who forget
The memories of the three-day battle of Afabet
Take heed! It is 20 Sene season!
These are our people’s stories of that era
The roots of our rhythmic recalls
Sing  bTsay sing, sing the ballad of Eritrea

Admas Haile, an Eritrean observer

About Admas Haile

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  • Dawit

    It is really a shame to relate a border issue with the right of the Eritrean people to vote i.e. its democratic right. Even during war times, countries conduct elections. It does not make sense to say that unless the border issue is solved there will not be any election in Eritrea. This is rubbish. Democratic right of the people of Eritrea is paramount to a border issue!

  • haile

    Selam Hameed,

    Here is the problem I see it. If you consider the work of an opposition is solely to oppose whatever position the government takes, then you have a very narrow understanding of it and I can at least see where you’re coming from.

    In my view, as my nagging is directed to those in leadership of the opposition, the job is that of a shadow government. If you believe the border issue is a done deal and there is no pointing analyzing it, as it doesn’t affect the perception, progress and long term position of the opposition movement, then that is OK, but don’t as far as labeling people as supporters of this or that. I believe it is affecting the opposition in certain way, serray believes it needs to be used in a different, yet others have their stands as expressed through the arguments of SG and more. There is also views by Ethiopian participants here. So, what is the point of going after someone for the specific view they hold?

    I sincerely think two things:

    1- The resolution of the border issue would set in motion for Eritreans in Eritrea to turn their attention to the more important issue of constitutional governance and more.

    2- The opposition can challenge the PFDJ in a more robust and effective manner. Our individual views are not huge deal, but the PFDJ has successfully deployed the the border issue to neutralize virtually any salvo directed at it and the opposition has not only decided to engage in a bliss ignorance of it but also continues to waste many opportunities to win public opinion.

    If they believe as you do, then they have a steep hill to climb, very unnecessary.

  • yegermal

    Dear awate team, is there any reason why I can no longer post at awate? thank you!

  • yegermal

    wow!!! Did Ghezae post get deleted?

  • Zaki

    Let’s negate, Guys, all what happened, aired , televised, or reported during the past twenty good years. As everybody knows, most of them (the stories) were and are aimed at blackening or damaging the image of the government at home irrespective of the source where those heinous news emitted from -whether it be true or not.I am sure those who reported about their findings could substantiate evidences to support it. those who negate the truthfulness of the news could also produce evidences to disprove the fabricated lies. What most worrying me is that there seems to be two types of Eritreans. One is the one who belies what his eyes viewing,,, and the other one is the one who helps his eyes to fabricate stories that don’t exist as if he was hallucinating.

  • haile

    Selam SG

    So far, so cool 🙂

    I must admit your approach to PFDJ or anybody else for that matter, that they don’t control your mind is an important inspiration for many people i.e. in my opinion.

    The problem with this particular dead-body is that it is that of a chicken that is still in spasm for the so called leaders of both countries failed to finalize it and move on. Hence, I bet you there is some exception in the “sin” directives for beating an allegedly ‘dead’ body that is still spasmodic 🙂

    Here the second part of argument as to why I think it is unwise to use the “IA started the war” political bait by the Eri opposition. As, you know there are both sides to the argument that I wouldn’t bore you repeating here. We also know most hold their respective positions based on circumstantial evidences.

    If you followed the political uproar that resulted from Susan Rice’s narrative of the Libyan killing of the US Ambassador, the reason was the fact that those family members of the diseased should never have been given information that was only “believed to be true” at the time. That was determined to be circumstantial and insensitive.

    The Eritrea Ethiopia war have cost many lives. There are many families torn apart because of that. It is very cruel and insensitive for opposition groups to tell these affected groups a narrative that they know lacks factual legitimacy. How can 19000 mothers be told their children were killed not in defending the nation as they hold, I do hold, based on available information, but were killed in the process of invading of another another country?

    The TPLF plays EECC, no surprise there, because that was made for exactly the same purpose of trying to achieve what they have know completely failed to do by military means (and will never be able to use force again despite their hot air). But, for an Eritrean opposition organization, to relay on suspect information and tell all those children of the martyred fathers that their father died for a reason that is hatched by woyane and sponsors is really a sham (not for individuals but organizations). And definitely a political suicide in the Eritrean political landscape.


    P.S. To all tPLF out there, facts speak louder than words, it was TPLF instigated and escalated war. You will never have it any other way.

    SG – check the plugs, the fridge seems to be warming up 🙂

    • Semere Andom

      Ihave a different theory: The Eritrean opposition started the war. While we were focused on building the nation and creating a brand new Eritrean Culture, while we were creating new Geography, unbeknownst to us the Eritrean opposition conspired with CIA and started the war, Woyane escalated it.
      But regardless of this theory whho started the war is shallow question; it is like the chicken and egg. Let say Melles started it, but IA started Melles (Woyane) so you cannot say Melles started the war. Or let assume IA started the war, but IA is related Melless in his mother’s side, so maybe none of them started war. There are endless questions and scenarios, this is hashewye and hashewye does not liberate our borders.
      Also Haile why are you raising the number 19,000, we paid more than that before 65,000? Also the new political theory is the separation of justice and politics and if you speak now, you will not speak later and”19,000. Ab aserarha tsfet. Neqifeka aleku
      The issue of the war dead will be settled in an international court after the crumbling of the USA civilization and hegemony and a new world, where the Eritrean ingenuity shines. Now let us focus our energy and our conversation to the demarcations of our borders. Who really started the war will be known in a just court, in a just word, where we belong. We know who started it, but we do not want to say. Tm knible delina. The often mentioned muzzling of free speech, we also applies to us at the helm as well

      Semere A

      • haile

        Semere A:

        Let me first recognize your poetic skills in the English language. I know of very few who excel in that (although we have many as worthy ones in Tigrinya too, KS comes to mind).

        Now, let me agree with you that it is indeed hashewye. Would you agree with me that such propaganda tactics by the opposition is also unnecessary and costs more that benefiting its cause?

        Suppose, by some fluke, that the organized opposition drops all their suspicion of me being incognito PFDJ, and even go as far as appointing me the ONLY official spokesperson for them. Here is how I would state the position:

        “Given the Eritrea Ethiopia border conflict is shrouded in secrecy due to lack of timely information on the matter and the fact that free expression is restricted in both countries. We do recognize the verdict that was given by the bodies set up as part of the peace process and various positions held by the parties in that regard. However, we assure the Eritreans people that we intend to engage in a full and transparent investigation on the matter once we are in a position to do so. Mean while, we encourage everyone to refrain from speculating as regards this terrible tragedy that our both peoples had to go through and reserve judgement for the time being. We also call on the inl. community to pressure the government of Ethiopia to abide by international laws and vacate from sovereign territories by expediting the process of pillar emplacement (demarcation as referred to by the technical definition) along the internationally recognized border line of Eritrea and Ethiopia of 2002.”

        However, to have an opposition that throws its hands up for lack of legitimacy to call for Ethiopian occupation to End, somewhat finds it within its legitimate sphere to pass judgement on the most convoluted conflict of our times.

        That is it, I resign, find anothe PR spokesman. I can’t understand you guys 🙂

    • Hameed


      The people of Eritrea doesn’t want to live in the past. Who started the war already has been judged by the EECC a decade ago, and if the ruling made by the international court is unjust, why then the dictator is silent for such a long time? He should look for another court that satisfy his ego. If such a court is not around then he should leave the case for history. It is not wise to hold our people hostages of his failures in all areas of governace. Move forward Mr. Haile to 2013 and assist to solve the predicament of the big prison and those who roam around the world in search of human dignity. Bye.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Haile, I opened the fridge and a can jumped out. I thought I accidentally dropped it and when I tried to pick it up, it was awfully hot. How did a can that stayed in the fridge get that hot? The 19000 buttons must be the reason my friend. Please don’t use emotional buttons.

      Look Haile, what we tell the mothers, the nation, the friends and wives is not relevant. They have been told what they were told. And we were told they ululated upon hearing the news–a big mouth disputed that, and he was punished. Remember the VoA reporter? This is an old story. No Eritreans should claim to be more hurt than the next Eritrean when talking about national issues. We feel the same (only immediate families have that right to be emotional and grief in that manner), all Eritreans feel similar degree of pain over the lost lives

      The issue is not how we package it Haile, it doesn’t mean all those who lost loved ones bought the PFDJ version of the story…in fact I would say very few believed them, very, very few. Mothers lament: deqna atfi’ulna. If you think what Isaias and his cohorts did (and are still doing) is/was anything less than gambling with the well being of the nation and with the lives of of our people, martyred or alive, please reconsider. Not all waged wars are just, there are unjust and crazy wars. To Eritrea, the border war was deadly and proof is there to see, fifteen years after it was ignited.

      The court said its word, Isaias started the war and Badme is Eritrean. I accept both rulings. We cannot accept one half of the ruling and reject the second half–if the Ethiopians would follow your reasoning, they could reject the ruling on Badme. What is to prevent them if they follow your reasoning? I think we should accept the court ruling and move on.

      Important: If our forces are put in precarious situation, they have no choice but to defend their land. That is what they did and sacrificed their lives defending their country. No one doubts that, at least not me. What I am saying is: there was no reason to endanger our forces.

      When I was a kid, a friend threw a rock and hit a boy…. the boy’s father came raging and wanted to hit my friend. My friend’s father came and had a go at it with the boy’s father. I had no doubt my friend’s father was doing the right thing, defending his son. But the entire problem was started by my friend who was reckless in throwing stones like a mad person..thus, he endangered his father–who by the way was beaten up badly. Our forces were put in harms way by a reckless leader.

      Now let me go back to the fridge, I will try to squeeze myself in 🙂

    • Serray

      Selam Haile,

      Sometimes you make these jarring statements that shocks the hell out me; here is one, “The TPLF plays EECC, no surprise there, because that was made for exactly the same purpose of trying to achieve what they have know completely failed to do by military means (and will never be able to use force again despite their hot air). But, for an Eritrean opposition organization, to relay on suspect information and tell all those children of the martyred fathers that their father died for a reason that is hatched by woyane and sponsors is really a sham (not for individuals but organizations). And definitely a political suicide in the Eritrean political landscape”

      According to your logic, after WWII, the germans, the italians and the japanese families should have been protected from knowing that their loved ones were the victims of their unscrupulous rulers. You started with isaias definitely didn’t ignite the war. When pressed for proof against EECC, your proof turned out to be jurisdictional – that EECC shouldn’t decide on who started the war. Now you are gradually moving to something that strictly pulls on emotion..”what are we going to tell the families..”

      Haile, you seem to be oblivious as to who is in charge in eritrea; it is the same guy who ignited the war. You are not protecting the families when you hide the truth as to who caused the death of their loved ones , you are protecting the perpetrator. Any opposition that comes to power by hiding the real cause of badme is more likely to replicate the regime. Truth is not a state of mind; you guys don’t seem to understand what is at stake once you downed your patriotic suit. Eritrean people are not children; you don’t have to hide things from them; the loved ones of the martyrs deserve the truth because the worst that could have happen to a person has happened to them already.

      In the US, the recent IRS and NSA scandals keep the leaders on their toes. Compare that to your badme statement I quoted above; not even a word is true. Here is the truth as decided by a court of law and unfolded right under our eyes:

      …The dictator ignited the war. The war ended up killing over a hundred thousand eritreans and ethiopians. The war displaced one third of our population. Isaias lost the war and, in the end, he accepted EVERY condition the woyanes put on the table including 25 km security zone inside eritrea. Instead of admitting defeat, the dictator turned eritrea into a giant prison. Today Eritrea is sanctioned and one of the most isolated countries on earth. Its military enslaves and traffics on our young. Basic necessities like water and electricity have become scarce. Last year, the woyanes went in, conducted a military operation, and brought back with them hundreds of POWs to ethiopia without any repercussion from the regime…

      An opposition that sugarcoats these facts has all the making of a dictatorship.

      NB: I wrote the above before I saw Saleh G. and Semer’s comments. I thought it would be redundant but your emphases on demarcation while blindfolding the eritrea people just didn’t sit well with me.

      • Hameed


        The ones who chocolate the dictator are those who are not ashamed to defend a transitional govenment that expired before more than two decades. How on earth you defend a dictator who usurped the freedom and rights of the Eritrean people. Isaias and his govenment have no legal mandate from the people of Eritrea to rule them. Isaias and his cohorts incarnate a typical (shiftinet). Bye.

  • belay

    Old habits die hard.
    Do not be like a child or Arogant,adult.It takes courage and bravery to accept your mistake.It is not even your mistake,It is Wodi Afom Biris’ mistake anyway.
    Now,be a real Hizbawi and stop misleading yourself and others.Do it for the sake of the Seweat Erireans,the sooner the better,other wise you are going to Hatela(Gelet) of histroy.
    DO NOT DO THAT,with the name Hizbawi.

  • belay

    “If Weyane Tigray is truly interested in peace with Eritrea, it should leave all sovereign Eritrean territories and let the border be demarcated with pillars on the ground. That would be a good start don’t you think?”

    Mr Fanus,
    If one is caught red handed stealing,in somebodys house,he or she loses their right and freedom then and there.But,this case is,you talking about is even a great deal more than that.Thousends died,millions displaced and Eritrea accepted responsibility.yes Badme is given to Eritrea by the court of law .
    Now,what Ethiopia is saying to Mr Isayas Afeworki is,because you are a lier ,i do not trust you,therefore i want to sit and see your eyes and discus how to put things right to the people involved by your( mr Isayas) sinister motive.
    How can one trust Isayas for any thing?listen to all his interviews,he has no shame and he is painting all Eritreans as himself and you are one of them.
    For Isayas it is a matter of survival,we are not fools,to be taken from one post to the other all the time.

  • hizbawi

    There is no the replay button there, so, I am posting here

    Salih gadi you said

    “”””Hi Haile,
    I am one of those who believe that Eritrea started the war 1) based on my following of the events, and other circumstantial evidence, and 2) because the court ruled so”””

    SG I disagree with idea of Eritrea started the war. Looking back, I can safely say, we walked right in bobby trap. Our lack of examining the situation in a cooler head, we rushed in to acting in which what was exactly they were looking for. So, we did not follow the proper diplomatic channels and regrettably we did not tried to win few friends. So, not that we started the war but we were simply out smarted and tricked by TPLF, no buts and ifs about it.
    Regarding the strategy of demarcation first, that is the right course of action. We paid dearly and the court has spoken, don’t you think we ought to those who gave their life and to those crippled?
    I think every Eritrean has the legal and moral obligation to stand and demand the border demarcation.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Wrong, Hizbawi!

      tplf was busy in its tigray-tigrinya policy while isayas was plotting how to use the advantage to make ethiopia the mother of hell of ethnic based civil war in Ethiopia. The war took many in Ethiopia specially tplf by surprise. While eplf soldiers took the first hand of the war, tplf was propagating ‘mother ethiopia is under attack by eplf’. This not only unite the ethiopian People but stopped the tpfl tigray-tigrinya policy immidialty. While eplf is in a victroy mood With its first world war trench (dont tell me eplf dug all that trench after tplf started the war). While tplf is begging the old army of ethiopia to come back to their duty becaue mother ethiopia needed them, eplf was bombing School in mekele.

      I understand Your regrate but the reason you gave is missleading as you are typical pfdj member. When ethioia starts the war With eplf you know it realy.

      After the war is over tplf which never being cured from this meless vision ie tigray-tigrinya was revised and started the New one tigray first. One thing you have to know you touch ethiopia then ethiopians support their government what ever the situation is.

  • asmara

    Saay said:

    “…. we are not talking about Golan Heights or Sinai: a land that exchanged hands after a war. The same land that used to be occupied before the war is occupied after the war. The angst is not all about violation of sovereignty but about self-disappointment of the “how could I have been that stupid?” kind…..”

    I say, Ah! – a smart man falling face down, well like anybody here who labels him/herself an opposition (Well, we have different names for you guys, but that is not the point here)
    Before the war the land was a disputed land, now after the war and after the court decision, that land is a sovereign land occupied by an aggressor.

    Common, sal, it would have been ok if this is coming from those useless and twisted bunch kissing Woyanie’s behind (officially, that is)

  • Hameed

    What is the difference between you Mr. Admas Haile and the diehard hegdfists? Keep your advice for your master in Asmara, the Eritrean people and their opposition don’t need your advice. Your novice tricks will not work anymore. Time has changed wake up Mr. Adamas Haile. We are in the 21st century, but you are still living in the seventies of the last century. Don’t waste your time, the road to Asmara is clear now to all Eritreans, except to the opportunists and fanatics. Bye.

  • Fanus


    If Weyane Tigray is truly interested in peace with Eritrea, it should leave all sovereign Eritrean territories and let the border be demarcated with pillars on the ground.

    That would be a good start don’t you think?

    As far as demobilizing its army, that is Eritrea’s business. Eritrea as a sovereign nation has the right to determine the size of its army.

    In other words, get the hell out of our land! Otherwise, it is pointless to talk about peace while you are illegally occupying someone else’s country.

  • Horizon

    Always blame Ethiopia for everything that happened in the past, happens today and will happen in the future in Eritrea, and never ever say thank you whatever she does for Eritreans. Ethiopia is an anathema and hating Ethiopia is a religion. Never feel responsible yourselves or accuse the regime for the predicaments of the Eritrean people. DIA, our dear leader went astray, not because of his weaknesses, but because of the Ethiopians and especially woyanes.
    By a natural process or otherwise DIA will be gone and the regime will one day collapse. On the contrary, a strong Ethiopia will always be there, blocking the way to our hegemonic dreams in the horn. Therefore, forget the devil in Asmara. After all, he is our own devil and of our own making. Concentrate on minor issues like border demarcation, and who was responsible and who was not on things that happened in the past, even though they would not add an iota to the solution needed, nevertheless, they would help sustain the status quo.
    Forget the people and the whole of Eritrean land, when there is a piece of barren land called Badme or a line called border. Although insignificant, they should be dwelt upon as the beginning and the end to our people’s predicament and as the alpha and omega of the solution required. These are among the giants that stand guard at the gates cowing the people. Who will dare untie the Eritrean Gordian knot or solve the Eritrean riddle as long as we blur the Eritrean reality.
    Anybody speaking of reconciliation with Ethiopia is an enemy of our Gedli and our sovereignty. They have come again, the Neo-Andinets. They are looking southwards to the land of Nod. Therefore, be vigilant. (God knows which one of the two has become the land of Nod).
    Can we use the adage for some ultra-nationalist Eritreans that says, never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. The majority of Ethiopians do not see Eritreans as enemies, and I believe that big or small, weak or strong Ethiopians should be able to live in a brotherly manner with Eritreans. I hope that reason would one-day rule in the horn.

    • Elihude

      That depends on what your definition of reconciliation. For most Eritreans, reconciliation could mean normalizing political, economical, and trade relation. If it is reunification then the people of Eritrea should decide and not chosen for them by a clique. Blind hate of Ethiopia will certainly not work. In the end Ethiopian will be there whether Eritreans hate them or not. The question should be “what is the majority of the people of Eritrea wants to do about it?”

      • Horizon

        Why should reconciliation mean reunification? Reunification is not an easy matter, not only for Eritrea but also for Ethiopia, at this very moment. Even for the two Germanys, it was not easy, let alone for Ethiopia and Eritrea with all the obstacles, we are all aware of. If the natural evolution of things lead to reunification in the end and it is the wish of both people, let it be so.
        We are saying that the way of animosity will not take us anywhere. It is killing the people. What the Eritrean opposition has in mind about the future relations with Ethiopia affects the outcome of the Eritrean struggle. If the regime and the opposition have the same feeling towards Ethiopia, then where is the difference? If the opposition cannot say that if it comes to power, it will demobilize the huge Eritrean army, negotiate with Ethiopia, create the environment for economic cooperation, then where is the difference from the regime in Asmara? The opposition should say that it wants to see Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers back in their towns and villages, contributing to the economy of their respective countries, and the sacrifice of young Eritreans by the regime should stop ASAP. These things should be told and specific actions taken in broad daylight without equivocation.
        You cannot protect the sovereignty of Eritrea by fearing the Ethiopian factor and putting her in an iron cage, in case Eritrea gravitates towards Ethiopia or Ethiopia would swallow her. Non of this is going to happen, because most Ethiopians seem to have come to terms with living without Eritrea. In addition, the status quo that is serving the regime, should not serve the opposition as well, unless it is satisfied with being the opposition forever, or some opposition members are in fact members of the regime in disguise.

        • Elihude

          But it certainly was easy for Haile Silasie.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Horizon, i appreciate your way of looking the facts as their are. Keep it up.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    From 1991 to 1998 the ‘victory’ of eplf and its succsess story combined With the propaganda eplf destroyed the one of the strongest military in africa has made the majority of eritreans believe that what ever eritreans have done or said is must be accepted as sacreed as religion. You oppose that then the punishment Depends on wheather you are eritrean and/or do you live in Eritrea. The closer you are to Asmara the sivier the punishment.

    Now since even we can oppose eplf on eritrean debate forum let me repeat what we have said between 1991-1993 once more.

    The Eritrea struggel and ‘victory’minus the fundamnetal conditions and facts which put eplf in Power for the last 22 years are:
    1) Egypt’s policy of distabilizing ethiopia
    2) tplf and many others organized and non organized struggel against derg
    3) The boycott or sanction of the west and propaganda against the dictator derg (what dictator isayas is experiencing now)
    4) The victory of the west on the Cold war.

    Other wise With out those four fundamnetal contribution Eritrea is the way it is now as we have witnessed for the last 22 years. the so colled oppositioner are waiting for such opportuinty to jump on the leader seats in case by some miracle pfdj falls Down. The mumba jumba of the eri-oppostioner following the FORTO 2013 episode is one more evidence to the opportunistic nature of diaspora oppostions in general and eri-oppostioner in particular. Suddenly all opportunists were salaivating to get the biggest share of the cake regardless what ever sacrifice those few soldiers had to pay.

    Mark my Word if isayas Accepts ethiopian resoulution concerning the border issue then you will agree With me 100% how opportuinsts most of the diaspora oppositioners are.

  • rodab

    Sebeyti: ata aytmrAwenn diKa?
    SebAy: diHri aykwinat ayselam.
    Sebeyti: grm eba memeKneyta.

    Source: Meskerem.net

  • belay

    Please read as,i am not a trickster.

  • belay

    It sounds,like,
    Nehna,Etu Quenat Ayjemernan Aybelnan,gedas,Weyane Jemerato Nebel Alona Heze(heje).
    Gimel Serika gombaah,gombah.
    By the way,haile i am a tricster i just asked a question.
    I remember once you said,Ab kareba endina zelena.
    Ye jib chekul kend yeneksal.

    • haile


      13 years and counting since the Algiers Agreement… nezi tahwakh elkayo? 🙂

      • haile

        By the way, I wasn’t saying you were trickster, I was referring to the claim held by some to declare us (we are Eritrea) as having started a war instead.

  • Serray

    Selam Haile,

    I posting this rather long response to Haile because he moved our discussion here….

    Let me first say, Haile, you are arguing the regimes case like a lawyer of convicted murderer who want to overturn the conviction because the cops who found the murder weapon didn’t have a proper warrant; not because his client didn’t commit the murder.

    Back to your jurisdiction issue. Whether a third commission was formed or not, once the EECC rejects the regime’s protest, the regime presented all the arguments it would have had the third commission was formed. Meaning, whether a third commission was formed or not, the regime had no more argument or evidence to present than what it presented to the EECC. The third commission would have dismissed the regime’s claims that it was justified to use force under UN Charter article 51.

    The regime’s arguments that it didn’t started the war boils down to these: a) the territories were given to it under EEBC, b) the incursions and fire fights between small units on May 6 and 8 justified May 12 or, c) that ethiopia started the war when it declared war on May 13.

    Let me quote extensively from the jus ad bellum decision to show how the EECC dealt with these issues:

    “11….As the text of Article 51 of the Charter makes clear, the predicate for a valid claim of self-defense under the Charter is that the party resorting to force has been subjected to an armed attack. Localized border encounters between small infantry units, even those involving the loss of life, do not constitute an armed attack for purposes of the Charter. In that connection, the Commission notes that Eritrea did not report its use of armed force against Ethiopia on May 12, 1998 to the Security Council as measures taken in self-defense, as it would be obligated to do by Article 51 of the Charter in case of self-defense against armed attack.

    12. With respect to the events in the vicinity of Badme that occurred during the period from May 6–12, 1998, the Commission takes note of the sharply different accounts offered by the Parties as to the precise location of the incidents of May 6 and 7 and of the numbers and types of forces involved. It need not resolve these differences, because it is clear from the evidence that these incidents involved geographically limited clashes between small Eritrean and Ethiopian patrols along a remote, unmarked, and disputed border. The Commission is satisfied that these relatively minor incidents were not of a magnitude to constitute an armed attack by either State against the other within the meaning of Article 51 of the UN Charter.”

    And the conclusion is:

    “14. The evidence showed that, at about 5:30 a.m. on May 12, 1998, Eritrean armed forces, comprised of at least two brigades of regular soldiers, supported by tanks and artillery, attacked the town of Badme and several other border areas in Ethiopia’s Tahtay Adiabo Wereda, as well as at least two places in its neighboring Laelay Adiabo Wereda. On that day and in the days immediately following, Eritrean armed forces then pushed across the flat Badme plain to higher ground in the east. Although the evidence regarding the nature of Ethiopian armed forces in the area conflicted, the weight of the evidence indicated that the Ethiopian defenders were composed merely of militia and some police, who were quickly forced to retreat by the invading Eritrean forces. Given the absence of an armed attack against Eritrea, the attack that began on May 12 cannot be justified as lawful self-defense under the UN Charter.”

    Now, Haile, do you have any other arguments than what the regime lawyers presented to show that isaias didn’t ignite the war? Or are you just sticking to, had the same arguments were presented to another commission, they would have miraculously attained the status of winning arguments? You seem to miss the crust of the issue on both critical aspects: the first and most important one is, there is no higher purpose why you want to exonerate the dictator. By clever but pointless legalese arguments, all you are doing is blurring the single most important outcome of the decision; that the dictator ignited the war and used it to shelve the ratified constitution (you avoided to mention the constitution as the victim of the war, again), second, the case was not a decided behind closed doors. The regime was allowed to present its case and it did to the best of its, and its highly paid army of lawyers, abilities. I am 100 percent sure you have nothing more to add to it.

    So why are arguing to exonerate the regime when the regime itself accepted the decision once its pointless argument that the EECC has no jurisdiction was shut down? What is that you want to achieve by creating noise around a decision that clarified to the eritrean people that the darkness they are living under is designed and executed by the dictator. This is a rare case that proved to what extent isaias had gone not to implement the constitution.

    Next time, if you want to pursue the discussion, please present evidence that the regime didn’t ignite the war using arguments other than the ones rejected by the EECC. Second, give your arguments a higher purpose outside the technicalities and legalese mambo jumbo; like what is it you are trying to achieve by denying the validity of a court decision that gave us the single most important blueprint on how we got here. Please don’t recycle your eritrea is being accused because even a child knows governments ignited wars, not land masses.

    • haile

      Selamat Serray,

      I think the higher purpose was and is always there. But it seems we are parting ways along fine lines that usher separate contours despite being invisible to the naked eye. I am saying that the hanging of a man was a travesty and and you are holding out that the hangs-men did the hanging professionally! Every report, decision, judgement and declaration that heralded in one sort of travesty or the other (Vietnam war, Hiroshima, Iraqi WMD, Rwanda…) have all been handed down with an articulate caliber that the best of higher learning institute can only brandish. Yet, they were repeatedly refuted by the very authors more often than once.

      Here is the higher purpose. To effect change you need to mobilize people. In order to mobilize the people they need to be convinced to invest their good effort to your call. But, in order to invest their good effort they have to trust you, and the actual level of trust is negotiated once they have chosen to form a relationship with you. To form a relationship with you they need to judge that you are safe for them.

      Now, you [opposition] is failing at the very first level of the the tall ladder that I have just described to you because it presented the people it hopes to mobilize with a scary package. Telling them that their Ghedli was in vain, they are not viable, they are responsible for a war that they feel was imposed on them, their disintegration is a priority and external forces are always right and the future is bleak.

      When you start with that kind of package that would scare the hell out of the ordinary people, they don’t feel safe to consider to form a relationship with you. If you don’t form a relationship, you have no opportunity to negotiate for a level of trust that would motivate them to invest their good efforts to mobilize on the calls you make. Hence my argument’s higher purpose is intended to transform the type of package that the opposition is holding when it rings the door bell from a scary one to safe one that would kick start the way towards ushering a methodical, yet successful, progression through the intrinsic stages of arriving at your goal.

      Apart from the above, the flawed judgement was identified as such and has never taken off as it was intended to.

      Of course, notwithstanding saay’s list of ingredients as baldonga, stamina, expectations and what have you too, as they form an important collateral in maintaining the integrity of any momentum that would be generated thereby.


      • yegermal

        Haile did you really mean “Dear Serray” or werre you responding to someone else’s comment? Your response is confusing as there is nothing in it that rebuts Serray’s assertions.

      • Kim Hanna

        Mr. Haile,

        I have read most of your comments and occasional bar room brawl with Eritreans and guests. This specific comment to win over Mr. Serray was the true death bed confession of a warrior. Truth does not matter to you. Another man of the same fervor and steel determination is I.A. He has pride plus. Truth to him is irrelevant to the objective he has set. No matter the cost, the goal in his mind has to be reached whatever it is.
        Marketing to rehabilitate the past is one thing. Marketing to mobilize to effect change for the future is another.

        Truth and reality will eventually surface. Haile, please don’t under value truth. Marketing is not everything. The higher purpose specially demands truth to be at the foundation, otherwise even if temporarily successful the eventual cost will be catastrophic. Excuse me, this is my humble opinion.


        • haile

          KH –

          In your humble (or was it?) opinion you declared that “Truth does not matter to you.” Such final assessment was apparently taken without asking a single clarification of the specific comment you replied to! How humble is that?

          “Marketing” is a good analogy, yet doesn’t capture the essence, just the process. I haven’t suggested that we tell our people something that they or us believe to be true. It may be hard for you and me to furnish first hand hand information (although in your humble opinion you seem to appropriate sole ownership of “truth”). However, just look around you, it is a foolhardy thing to try to convince diaspora Eritreans (much less those in Eritrea proper) that they’ve started a war that EXPMM was acknowledging through letters to IA regarding its simmering origins in July 1997. A war episode that also included the publication of the Map of Tigray a month later in August 1997 and formal declaration of war in May 13, 1998 while Eritrea called for demilitarization of the areas of conflicts. These are information in public domain.

          even push all that aside, and to convince the public that a sinister insertion into the implementation of a peace agreement that the TPLF had no intention of upholding (EXPMM wrote to UNSC that “it is unimaginable that Ethiopia would hand over Badime” in September 2003), is valid because it was written in a proper grammatical pros fly in the face of “truth”. And the results have been conclusively demonstrated.

          What I suggested is a sobered approach along the ideas of Admas Haile. Otherwise, this particular warrior is “ab brku zestenfs” gobez, and only thinks of beds and confessions in a different set of contexts 🙂

          • haile

            correct: “I haven’t suggested that we tell our people something that they or us believe NOT to be true.”

          • Abrham

            Dear Haile

            War is an organized and often prolonged armed conflict. There was no such conflict around the borders of ET and ER before 1998. The 1997 incident is in no way to be named a war episode.It is simple a very insignificant incident. OMG!! how could a map of Tigray province trigger mobilizing brigades with their heavy artillery to launch war against militia? No demand and no willingness was there from the PDFJ side to demilitarize but when requested to do so by the Rwanda, US and others Kab badme wets(x)Ana malet tsahay aytArbn ‘ya malet yu was the answer. PFDJ is the cancer of this region who ignited war in all fronts. who else could engage himself in war with Djibouti,Sudan,Yemen,Ethiopia and Somalia with in 2 decades except your country man Isu.

  • belay

    Who,sarted the war?
    Mr.President Kebur Isayas Afeworki Accepted responsibility for it and paid compensation for it.

    For those,who believe Ethiopia started the have to answer,why Mr Isayas accepted resposibility for initiating the war.Otherwise it is not going to give sense to protect a criminal while he is saying he was guilty with out any kind of turture.
    Thankyou in Anticipation.

    • hizbawi

      Ato Belay
      He was foolishly trying to capture the high moral ground. By not refusing and opposing the ruling, he thought will bush Ethiopia to accept the final and binding agreement. Besides; you will admit a lesser guilty verdict in order to gain the bigger one. So, he thought you people were civilized enough to accept you agreed upon. Unfortunately, that is not the case. That is why he is arming to TPDM the teeth. It is interesting how PIA created a buffer that is so protective, it is amazing. Yes, do you want go to war with Eritrea, oh well, you have to deal with TPDM first. Did you see how TPLF become toothless?
      good night TPLF, hello TPDM!

      • haile

        Selam Hizbawi

        Eritrea (Or IA as some take it to mean) did not accept this political decision, it was sneaked in with the whole package that was final and binding. This is what Eritrea said in rejecting the validity of this particular bait:

        ” The Claims Commission had no jurisdiction to entertain Ethiopia’s ius ad bellum claims because this issue had been assigned to another body. Moreover, the Commission’s mandate under Article 5 must be construed so as to be in harmony with the overall institutional structure established by the Agreement. In this regard, the Parties gave two other institutions clear and expansive mandates regarding events that occurred before the outbreak of the armed conflict. It is difficult to see how this Commission could inquire into and pass judgment regarding events prior to 6 May 1998 without running afoul of the mandates of these other bodies.”

        As far as Eritreans are concerned that decision is not worth the paper it was written on, just as the one that alleged there were 2000 warsays in Somalia!

        Do’t fall for this cheap trick, we’ve already paid out the cash, we are not owed anything as far as this little trickster is concerned.


        • Mesgena


          Suffice to say that for us Ethiopians and for stronger reason, the decisions of the border Commission are is not worth the paper it was inked on. Now who is winning at the end of the day.

          As to Ethiopia’s involvement in the Eritrean opposition, it’s only rational, they both want Isayas, a common enemy to give way for possible peaceful resolution of the conflict. The opposition can not deny the truth that Eritrea ignited the war and then try to get support from Ethiopia. You like it or not, Ethiopia, in relation to the opposition is in a way better bargaining position and as such there will be expectations. Removal of Isayas id not the only demand, but an assurance to see a different force is coming to power as well. You seem to demanding a lot that, rest assured, is not happening this time around.

          • haile


            I am afraid to suggest “The opposition can not deny the truth that Eritrea ignited the war and then try to get support from Ethiopia” is just nothing more than a blackmail. Unfortunately, there is no doubt that they have succumbed to that. And that was my argument all along.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Hi Haile,
            I am one of those who believe that Eritrea started the war 1) based on my following of the events, and other circumstantial evidence, and 2) because the court ruled so.

            I understand that your strategy of facing the PFDJ rule is based on demarcation (evacuation of Ethiopia from Badme) because you believe (correct me if I am misrepresenting your position) the PFDJ would not last if the border is demarcated. I believe half of that. So where is the main difference between your views and mine?

            While you think you can pressure your way to have the occupiers pushed out of Badme, I think our border is not different from many unresolved issues all over the world. While I agree with you in maintaining our demand to have Badme handed over to Eritrea, I disagree with you on making it central in our struggle against the PFDJ. To me, the PFDJ is also occupying the entire Eritrea. Therefore, focusing on Badme and forgetting the entire Eritrea is, in my view, disingenuous. Are we cool?

          • haile

            Ahlan SG,

            Cool, right out of the fridge 🙂

            1- Taking the “circumstantial” aspect of your position into consideration, as stated, and respecting your right to hold an opinion as you see it fit, yes I am cool.

            2- Is there anything that you can throw at the PFDG and that wouldn’t bounce back to you as [from PFDJ] the work of “woyane” to undermine Eritrea on the border issue.

            3- Has there ever been an opposition to PFDJ with such a position, not to have been labelled as a paid agent of TPLF (in the current climate)?

            4-Given the realistic value of such a position, and considering that you believe on the legally formulated resolution of the issue, is it worth holding back the progress of opposition to a grinding halt on that account?

            5-What would be the chances that an already feed up population, not to ask for demobilization, economic opportunities, constitution… and lead for things to quickly come to head?

            6- How would you think that PFDJ have responded to the SCSR, had there been no border issue?

            Dear SG, you don’t really have to answer as 1,2,3… but really would like to know how this thing can be re/positioned vis-avis the opposition movement. I was meaning to ask you this for a while, but felt it would be unwise to discuss borders with the owner of one’s favorite website 🙂


          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            Hi Haile,
            Excellent, let’s stay inside the fridge 🙂

            1. It is what I expected, case closed.

            2. Everything bounces back from the PFDJ to kill–even if I eat a humble shiro for lunch. Sebaay delikhn, Ch’Hmi Tseli’eken sort of things. So many things have bounced they don’t add or decrease anything. Besides, I don’t think the PFDJ has legitimacy to own our life and our thought process, Badme being one of them.

            3.Same as # 2

            4. The grounding halt is not because of the border positions, you are underestimating global and regional situation (not to mention internal dynamics) … besides, so far (speaking as a veteran:-) I think we spent all our time to preach that it is OK to oppose the PFDJ. It took a long time, but the current growth of the opposition didn’t come from thin air. Now, what kind of accountant would advise you to trash what you have invested on when the tidings are so near? (near is relative, I am talking on behalf of the patient, not the restless.

            5. I think the PFDJ respond to anything the way the PFDJ respond to anything: Recklessly and arrogantly. There are tens of incidents in the last twenty years and responses of the PFDJ has always been open hands, predictable.

            Haile, I believe you are a veteran of the Internet debate, don’t you think we have bled this debate about the border to death? It was on page one on a 300 page debate list. Remember, according to an Arabic adage, you are committing a sin: al derb Ala’almayet Haram. Beating a dead body is a sin, I must add cardinal. 🙂

    • haile

      Selam Belay

      yichi neger atzelqm 🙂

      It is not unheard of that there are such things as “unfavorable rulings” in court cases. The main thing is if it is a no appeals ruling or one with right of appeal. Eritrea disagreed with this “unfavorable ruling” yet had no choice but pay the “damages” because it was a no appeals case.

      It would’ve been impossible not to question your sincerity if you were to say otherwise. However, if your neighbor wins title to your home in a ruling that you believe was unfavorable, you have no choice if it is a no appeals ruling. I wouldn’t expect your neighbor to acknowledge that you actually own the house after going to court for it. Nor do I withhold recognition that the judgement may indeed be one you don’t believe in. The problem is when your “children” side with your neighbor inspite of obvious miscarriage of justice.

      The Hanish Islands were lost despite it is a known facts to the contrary. The problem is however, why does woyane took its money from the EECC ruling but then scuttled the EEBC? Well, it doesn’t work for itself. It was helped to make inadmissible claims during EECC, it was helped to bulk out from the EEBC at the last stage of mere pillar emplacement, it was helped to fight its war of aggression with extensive intelligence and weaponry assistance, it was helped to get Eritrea to ceasefire at the Bure frontline combats by direct phone call from his boss, it was helped (used as a cover) in every conceivable way right up to the current stage and their main guy had passed out on the job.

      What is amazing that Eritreans withstood hell-fire alone, settled out of their oun pocket and paid a heavy price that very few people were ever asked to pay. And the you bet, they came out viable as a nation, albeit at a cost in the form of severe restrictions imposed on their lives.

      Being an Ethiopian I fully understand your position, which is very natural. But as an African, I say it is time you switch alliances and join the Eritrean Fighters, it is hot out here 🙂

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It doestn matter now who started the war. The guy must Accept wheather the integirity or success of Ethiopia is not aimed to destroy Eritrea. As any nation we need a strong army proportional to Our need and capacity. If the guy was has any brain cells left then he would never shoot at least to School children the sons and daughters of the very People who sacrificed for only him to come to Power.

  • Admas Haile – the author

    Dear readers,

    I will have to disappoint some of you for not responding to many of the messages you have been posting on the comment board. Simply there is not enough time to deal with the touching, thought-provoking, and some denigrating comments for which I am grateful. Some of you are quite a handful though; nonetheless, I am humbled by your responses.

    The comments I do not understand are the ones with a particular interest in who the writer could be rather than issues he is raising – issues such as the importance of reconstructing our heroic image and warning against providing opportunities to the likes of Bereket Simon and others to reassemble Eritrea in Ethiopia’s image. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Perhaps you could ask our ‘representatives’ who are taking orders from Ethiopia.

    I am surprised at how loud some of the pundits become whenever I mention Ethiopia. Their ‘don’t go near there’ attitude is not going to help me – I am afraid you will have to get used to that for my plan is to remain true to myself and share with you some of my observations. Frankly I do not expect to receive praise from my readers. On the contrary, I expect to receive a lot of whacks from those who are angered by my assertions which is quite normal. Perhaps use a blasé approach until I finish with what I have in my mind. Diversions will be there. Punches will be thrown at me – punches below the belt; and I will take them standing to whatever degree (perhaps until I am totally knocked out). However, as l continue to dance in the ring (as if no one is watching), I may continue to make a toast to your input every now and then. Sorry, is my arrogant streak showing?

    1. Dear Semere, it feels as if some are trying to prohibit me from mentioning your name or appreciate your articles. Let it be. I am looking forward to reading your next interview with Dr Berekt.
    2. Dear Haile, I am not going to thank you for the support – someone may end up confusing me with you :-). You should write articles for your combative comportment is impressive.

    3. Dear Sal, thank you for your input … you provided a sobering input to my article. You raised a lot of good points. I liked the “general tendency vs. exception” issue you raised at the end of your message. You casually mentioned Yosief G and Ali Salim in your message – I am not sure what you expect me to say. FYI, I respect both individuals for their writing skills; but I do not agree with their suppositions. I admire M B Blatta for his analysis of the 3rd Zone, and his take on many aspect of our history. Tesfay Temnewo – I guess I have said enough.

    4. Again Sal: You wrote “you are not helping address the biggest challenge the Eritrean opposition faces: forming an effective coalition.” Is that our main problem, Sal? No coalitionary risks involved? No political manipulations? I believe that changing patterns of our struggle means that our preoccupation with failure is in need of serious revision. I take the view that the current thinking, the prevalent predilection towards Ethiopia among those who are opposing the Eritrean regime, is severely limited by the attachment to a model based on ‘neighborliness’.

    Many may find such treatment is somewhat palliative, but certainly it is not curative. We should base our new models not on causations but consequences (not causes). Understandably, many are frustrated by the lethargic pace of the opposition. I also notice that such frustrations that are giving way to dangerous impairments. But one should not sympathize with such lopsided and mean-spirited logic. If we ascribe such approaches to our faculties, we will need to keep a stack of apologies handy when we face the wrath of our people. Hopefully I will address this issue in the coming weeks.

    Let me take this opportunity to say something I have thought about today.

    This kind of activism is an attempt to influence the thinking of fellow Eritreans for or against a specific cause. In my case, Ethiopia is the cause for our disharmony – its influence on our passive opposition has become too domineering. My voice enables me to communicate my concepts which uphold the dignity of Eritrean lives. Because I, like many of you, have a moral duty to change or prevent dictatorships, my activities should not be viewed as an act which is optional but essential. I believe we in the opposition have already won half the battle, which is to portray the Eritrean regime in its true colors to the international community. Now is the time to start the second part of our journey through the machinations cyber activism has placed at our disposal. By dislodging Ethiopian solutions to Eritrean problems.

    • Habtom

      “Ethiopia is the cause for our disharmony”. Really?!
      This sounds like “The dog ate my homework”. Please, get real.

    • jack

      “a moral duty to change or prevent dictatorships”. Well sir you said a moral duty that does not bother to assumes the root cause of Eritrea´s problems is Ethiopia.Well I think and so many who are not IA and co. would say it is IA. I have to ask, Do you have any, please, any prescription on how the struggle for “change or prevent dictatorships” has to go on. To give a tip, Ethiopia is just a means to an end but you are describing Ethiopia as the cause of the suffering of Eritrean people in the past 2 decades. You know what you can change the means for the end at the beginning , middle or at the end if there is an better strategy that you are going to prescribe for us. We are waiting!!!

    • Salyounis

      Selamat Admas:

      Quick points, excuse the brevity:

      1. The sense of disappointment that Eritrean parties and individuals have with Ethiopia is due to unrealistic expectations they have from Ethiopia. Here’s an easy contrast: from Sudan, all we expect is for it to house our refugees and to not hand over our opposition leaders to whoever happens to be victimizing us. When it meets that expectation, we praise it endlessly (“the fraternal people of Sudan….”), and when it doesn’t (it arrests or hands over opposition to our victimizers, it facilitates the transfer of our youth to slave-traders in Egypt) we say nothing. Absolutely nothing. In contrast, we expect too much from Ethiopia for different reasons–(a) for the PFDJ types, the disappointment is because it was once its soul mate with whom it had mutual defense pacts and the “our land is occupied!”* wailing is disproportionate because of that. (b) For the opposition, the disappointment is not that Ethiopia is “interfering in Eritrea’s internal affairs” but that it is not interfering in their favor. There is a distinct trend in this beginning with the ELF-RC split in 2002: whoever ends up losing the favor of Ethiopia cries about how Ethiopia is interfering; and whoever happens to be the favorite flavor of the week talks about how it is so natural for Ethiopia to protect its national interest. It is as predictable as thunder after lightening. But the worst is not over: the biggest disappointment that is going to come is when the Neo-Andnet–the ones who keep talking about the Habeshaness they share with Ethiopia which allegedly transcends everything, including the sacrifices of our Ghedli– find out that, to Ethiopians, they are just another interest group and that the Habesha thing is a fine thing to read in history books but hardly a basis for establishing foreign policy.

      In short, keep your expectations of Ethiopia to a minimum–a neighboring country that will, at least for now, not arrest you and hand you over to your opponent in Eritrea and, at least for now, use only 50% ** of its refugee camps to house its own destitute people to travel to the West–and you won’t have a nervous breakdown every time reality bites. Even the US could not help build an effective opposition in Iraq: just keep your expectations of Ethiopia to a realistic level.

      2. The challenge the Eritrean opposition has is that it doesn’t we don’t know how to put together an effective coalition. One of the biggest reasons for this is the reason I gave above: unrealistic expectations of Ethiopia. The other is that many of those who throw in their hat in the ring, many of those who come preaching salvation and road maps and blueprints, run out of steam very quickly and/or are entirely incapable of saving themselves much less the Eritrean people. They are not built tough: they are sprint runners when what is needed is marathon runners. They do not have the EPLF/PFDJ’s stamina: they are half-hearted, part time fighters who are just fishing, most of the time, not for a formula to success, but for an alibi for their failure.

      Here’s something I had totally forgotten and I was just reminded of it when I notice you use “Haile Admas – The Author” in your byline for the comments. There was another guy, also from the UK, who used that monicker (“The Author”) last year. He wrote a series of “The Eritrean Holocaust” articles, each one communicating an urgent task, the hauling of Isaias Afwerki to the ICC, a must-do thing, and then…his baldonga was finished and he was done.


      * we are not talking about Golan Heights or Sinai: a land that exchanged hands after a war. The same land that used to be occupied before the war is occupied after the war. The angst is not all about violation of sovereignty but about self-disappointment of the “how could I have been that stupid?” kind.

      ** This is my own rough enstimate of interviews with Eritrean youth who came from Eritrean refugee camps in Ethiopia. My favorite story: an Ethiopian says he is from Eritrea, from Asmara to be exact. Which neighborhood, asks the Eritrean. Mai Jah Jah, says the Ethiopian. So you know Mai Jah Jah, asks the Eritrean. “Ewe!”, says the Ethiopian, “kndey zeyHambesnalo Mai Jah Jah!”

      Here’s where our Ethiopian friend grew up swimming: http://edenison.zenfolio.com/p700829620/h2646919D#h2646919d

      • Sal,

        I like your sense of humor. The guy who swam in My-Jah_Jah must have been a “wunjir” before he evolved into a homo-sapiens. If he were a wunjir, I would believe him if not Nah..

      • Kim Hanna

        Mr. Admas,

        Ethiopia is the cause of our disharmony..

        When I read that line, Admas, I wanted to respond to you in equally outlandish statement. I couldn’t find one. The closest I came up with is maybe we (Ethiopians) need to ask our new friend the Chinese to build us a 20 ft. tall wall from Sudan to Djibouti. That is so that we can’t see each other. Would that be all right with you, Admas?

        Mr. SAAY,

        You couldn’t pass up the “destitute” Ethiopian in the refugee camps, could you? Other than that, the statements you made to Admas Haile is what I would have said, if I had the abilities to say it in the way you did. I guess it is progress.


      • haile

        Selamat Saay,

        You’re right…not enough stamina with this “Coca Cola generation”:)

        What is more to that is also it [opposition] only cares about its message to the regime and not to the people! This reminds a joke I heard about a woman who divorced her oppressive husband. She saved some money and opened a Bar around Mai Jah Jah 🙂 And decides call her new venture Bar Sihaq Kirtim! To drive the message to her ex-husband that her life had became full of joy and happiness after she left him.

        Tata zeyblu seb’ay, after finding out what she did, he also opens another Bar right across the street to her and calls it Bar Kemey Asnanki Dirqm! His business never took off as the normal customers thought the place to be where bar brawls and fistfights are encouraged and it only attracted such crowd 🙂


        • Salyounis

          Selamat Haile:

          You are always forcing me to declare “I am getting off that bus”… particularly in this case, since the “Coca Cola generation” is a phrase invented during the border war with Ethiopia (98-00) by you-know-who when describing why the war was “Gulbub mrqa” to teach the young the meaning of “patriotism.” Apparently, it is patriotic to pick a gun to defend your land and people; but it is not patriotic to pick a placard to demand rights for your people.

          The lack of stamina I was talking about is not generation-specific and it afflicts the spectrum of the entire opposition.


          • Saay,

            You have never been on the same bus ride with Haile. Nor did I saw a hint of missing your bus. Your bus is moving on a sound ground, not like his, swinging right and lift (vacillating) as if it is without an oscillator that converts the needed energy into the desirable signal. Haile’s bus scares its riders and often we see many jumping out to secure their lives. Look the momentum of your bus, amazing if it the progress continue constant in the same trajectory.

      • Admas Haile – the author

        Dear Sal,
        Again, thank you for the input. I can see how enticing it is to continue the discussion on this medium. However, I will have to take it easy if I do not want to end up like the ‘Baldonga man’.

        Sal, at the center of my discussion you will notice there is an element regarding ‘control and dominance’ – I am not sure how much of the diatribe hinges on ‘expectations politics’. Anyway, I guess what you are saying is ‘expect less and you will be less disappointed’. In other words there is room, in my thinking, for ‘managing expectations’. Hmmm … let me think about it. I wonder if Ethiopia’s expectation is being included in your formula.

        Where is the kid, the one who feigned to be Eritrean and took a dip at Mai Jah-Jah now? He is not in the Ethiopian government, is he? Come to think of it, I wonder if there is any expectation (from the other side) to appropriate Mai Jah-Jah 

        • Salyounis

          Selamat Admas:

          I am suggesting that you need to scrutinize some of your assumptions, beginning with the most offensive, that there are Eritrean patriots and those who are not. I submit to you that almost all Eritreans are patriots–and if you accept that premise, it changes the dynamics of our political discourse:

          * The supporters of Isaias Afwerki are patriots. They just happen to think that the PFDJ is, far and away, the best political party and that, within the PFDJ, Isaias Afwerki is, far and away, the most qualified to lead the party and therefore the country.

          * The supporters of the opposition are patriots. They just happen to have a completely different understanding of how, in tomorrow’s Eritrea, the relationship between the people and their government (and their assessment of their history) should be re-structured to forever avoid the emergence of Isaias II. Within the opposition, there are many fractures. The most enduring one is between two groups: let’s call them Group A and Group B. Group A consider themselves the sole patriots in the opposition and question the patriotism of Group B. They suspect Group B are “Weyane agents.” Group B consider themselves totally committed to change and question Group A’s commitment to change. They suspect Group A are “hgdef agents.”

          This has been going on since 2002. So my disappointment with your piece is that you are perpetuating the narrative it is more of the same:) Same nightmare, different dreamer. If you go with the assumption that all Eritreans are patriots and love their land and people as much as you do, you would not lose sleep over what Ethiopia’s expectations are and whether it has occupation plans for Mai Jah Jah.


          • Abu Saleh,

            Well said. A cool mind never lose the ground. Am I right saleh.

  • Berhe

    Dear Zererom,

    You are right…yes Semere Habtemariam destroyed the vibrant EYSC facebook group discussion by using multiple pen names just the same way he is doing now by using pen names like Admas Hail and commenting to his own trashy articles by such names Haile and Araya and many more. This guy is a power and cash hungry guy willing to do any thing and willing to go to any length for his destructive and selfish objectives. I use to have a lot of respect for the Awate foundation…this foundation was the place of intellectual stimulation and an information source for many detailed and deep analysis of Eritrean and regional poletics. I don’t understand why the respected commentator Salhe Yonus and the likes at the Awate foundation are allowing their foundation reputation to be destroyed by the likes of Semere Habtemariam. I hope you guys take some action and rectify the damage to restor Awate to its former glory.

    • haile


      …what are you serious or lazy? So, you also think I am Semere H? By the way, zemxaka geyrka zeytkheyd kab habes qedes? If people are commenting with multiple shim br’e or shim qeshi don’t you think it is a matter for the website owners and how they formulate their policy in comment management. Why don’t you help the website you’re so fond of in tangible ways than run of the mill gossip?

      There are levels of privacy sharing. At the bottom are you and the rest of us commenters who are only allowed access to byline names as displayed along comments and articles, higher up are the website owner/administrator who has also have access to IP of participants, still higher up are the server owners have access to user information held by ISP and way high up the ladder are the intelligence community such as NSA (National Security Agency in the US) who know us like the back of their hand and can switch on our computer’s speakers and webcam at will.

      So, save us your amateur murder mystery game. If you have something to say good, else just read what is here and get shifted.

    • Abe z minewale

      The moderator is out for coffee brake @ city cafe

  • haile


    For those of you who are already following the discussion on EECC with Serray under the previous Admas Haile article, please ignore this repost. I am only re-posting it here as some people are still erroneously asserting that “Eritrea has willingly accepted” the politically motivated finding of EECC that “Eritrea started the 1998 border war”.

    Unfortunately, that was a ruse and a bait tailor made to give cover the no. 1 criminal of the horn of Africa, TPLF. The latter has been given all kinds of cover to do illegal acts that would ensure to ensnare the people of the horn of Africa are mired in perpetual conflicts and instability.

    Those of you who may not have the time to read and join the discussion in older posts, here is a re-post.

    To the Moderator – thanks for allowing this.


    Merhaba Serray,

    It is always best to underscore our respective bottom lines, hence let me put forth mine. I would NOT countenance any suggestion that I believe is intended to undermine Eritrea. The topic here is one example of such occasions. Let me first present concrete facts that:
    1) The EECC overstepped its mandate to ram through a politically motivated decision.

    2) Eritrea had in fact protested its action

    3) The EECC is not the body tasked to make such determination as relates the start of the war.

    1) The EECC was one of three bodies that was provided for by the Algiers Agreement to settle the Ethiopia Eritrea border conflict. The other two bodies being the EEBC tasked with delimitation of the boundary (and hence enable pillar emplacement or demarcation) and the body that was never set up but was meant to to investigate the origins of the conflict. Indeed this was a clear travesty of justice against Eritrea. The latter body was meant to be set up under the provisions of Article 3 of the Algiers Agreement, which stated:

    Article [3]

    “In order to determine the origins of the conflict, an investigation will be carried out on the incidents of 6 May 1998 and on any other incident prior to that date which could have contributed to a misunderstanding between the parties regarding their common border, including the incidents of July and August 1997. The investigation will be carried out by an independent impartial body appointed by the Secretary General of the OAU, in consultation with the Secretary General of the United Nations and the two parties.”

    The EECC was set up under Article [5] of the Algiers Agreement that expressly prohibits the EECC from investigating or passing determination on the issue of “use of force” by stating that:

    Part of Article [5] (the remaining clause (not included) deals with claims for awards)

    “…The Commission shall not hear claims arising from the cost of military operations, preparing for military operations, or the use of force, except to the extent that such claims involve violations of international humanitarian law.”
    However, Ethiopia made the ius ad bellum (Laws of War) claim to the EECC. And Eritrea argued that:

    ” The Claims Commission had no jurisdiction to entertain Ethiopia’s ius ad bellum claims because this issue had been assigned to another body. Moreover, the Commission’s mandate under Article 5 must be construed so as to be in harmony with the overall institutional structure established by the Agreement. In this regard, the Parties gave two other institutions clear and expansive mandates regarding events that occurred before the outbreak of the armed conflict. It is difficult to see how this Commission could inquire into and pass judgment regarding events prior to 6 May 1998 without running afoul of the mandates of these other bodies.”

    And in the classic case of interfering with the proceeding, it was not only that the proper body that was tasked to make such determination had been prevented from materializing, but also the EECC had, in a gross travesty of justice, decided the matter by giving the flimsy excuse that since Article 3 could only have ascertained factual determination and not legal responsiblity, it could be interpreted that [it] is the only body that could take decision in response to Ethiopia’s Jus ad bellum contention.

    The problem was however, if such interpretation was shared by the drafters of the Algiers Agreement, the parties would have chosen arbiters qualified to do the investigation determination of Jus ad bellum. None of the arbiters involved in EECC the were qualified in that area of International Law.


    Against the backdrop of the above realities, it is highly dubious to believe in the validity of the EECC’s finding of guilt, but the final and binding nature of the agreement is one that has lead Eritrea to accept it. Not the fact as you claim that it didn’t protest the matter at the time. It did.

    Now compare this to how the TPLF prevaricated and finally run away from its commitment to honor the EEBC. It was indeed a very dishonorable act of utter trampling of the rule of law by the same powers that rammed the above dubious decision that also gave TPLF the cover to get away with what it did.

    But the saddest part is that to see Eritreans, albeit distressed by political hardship at home, come back to accept such flawed proceedings that are clearly designed to help TPLF and its sponsors to run away from their responsibility of causing the death and detraction of the war and holding peace hostage thereafter.


    The problem nowadays is that it is not only those who are actively spreading falsehood in this regard, but those who chose to remain silent in the hope that these merchants of distortion would somewhat are doing their lying for the sake of the “bigger good”.

    We need to see the difference between a nation and our temporal sufferings, zeywegih mesiluwa’si ab bokhra…. as they say.


  • Semere T Habtemariam

    Selam all,

    Why are a few rushing where the wise fear to tread?
    Ignoring the basic rules of traffic that
    Slow is yellow and Stop is red.

    Road bumps and speed limit are there for a reason
    Schools, parks and neighborhoods
    Even the use of headlights varies by the season.

    Unless they have a siren flashing on
    Why should we step aside to make way for them?

    Ill-equipped to tell felony and misdemeanor
    Every violation is treason to them.

    But two wrongs don’t make it right
    Let Admas Haile tell you
    About, at least, one “Sobering Time”
    It might save all of us a penny or a dime.

    N.B. Admas, good suggestion, I will find the Awate interview and link it.

    • Semere Andom

      It is not about a penny or a dime
      It is about claiming what is mine
      I know my traffic sign

      But I do not see them implemented
      Adam’s fear mongering cannot be corroborated

      Are you asking us to obey invisible sign?
      How about if my chaser is proficient in crime?

      It may be too late after the tormentor defects, with money full of Kisha
      Everything including what is in Bisha
      In his wake repeating the events of WekiDuba

      Everything seems to be a waiting game
      I suggest to Admas to wait till the border is demarcated
      To talk about his formula of sobering time
      Can’t he understand, Woyane is occupying our land
      At least the opposition is taking revenge

      Maybe in the next demarcation phase, Shimeleba will awarded to Eritrea
      Rewarding us for our residency
      Like what happened in the Badme area


  • Reality Sucks

    I happen to think that there is a role for a “loyal opposition” within the Eritrean political sphere.

    But not if that opposition is manipulated, financed and driven by Eritrea’s arch enemy, i.e., Woyane.

    Until Woyane vacates every square inch of sovereign Eritrean territory and allows the border to be demarcated, the opposition doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • Michael, B.

    Dear compatriots, like many, I listened to the interviews of both Tesfay Temenwo and Adhanom Weldemariam, perhaps I missed some parts. Correct me if the missing part is crucial to my reasoning here.
    I am from Akkele-Guzay and was not a tegadalay and I think Tesfay T. was tegadalay from Hamasien who left the gedli in the late 70s? He was the first to tell us some of the gedli experience in his own sustained way. Thanks for that! He ventured to tell a little of the enormous pile of Eritrean gedli truth. His contribution however incomplete could only termed significant.
    Adhanom did not venture to tell us about the gedli in similar manner and tone. He failed and yet felt to criticise Tesfay and accused him of disinformation which imply intent to deceive. Tesfay could provide us the incomplete picture of our gedli for rather obvious reasons. Besides being a lonely narrator, he «deserted» meda early. The whole picture of our revolution could only be lived and described by the whole people who owns its history. It is a kind of existential and unavoidable truth perception and condition. This is an ever open problem of philosophy. To know is to be true, this can lead to the dilemma of Meno: we who are endowed with recollection, that is innate knowledge, do we know what we know or what do not know? Could we be able to communicate it to others? It will be an eternal question!
    What Tesfay delivered as true fact could be completed, corrected and verified by Adhanom and others zweAlu. I therefore believe Tesfay told some truth and Adhanom who seems to be unfair towards Tesfay, and at the same time, did come with some details, however important, he cannot disqualify the whole narrative of Tesfay. Thanks again, Tesfay!
    Truth must be told honestly and in any form possible and those who are in a position to correct and modify have the right and duty to do so. And from individual experience and witness we will be able to narrate and write our collective history and gain more credibility, albeit credibility allowed to human beings.
    Tesfay went to meda and fought for some years and that may be enough. It is better than not fighting altogether. To accuse Tesfay of desertion is not enough, because there may be acceptable reasons to desert, in fact, one would deserve approval for doing so in the context of the vitiated war of independence.
    Was he regionalist? It does not appear to me, even if he is, his testimony could be verified correct by other means. All his accusers should have the gut to speak up and feel the duty to tell and share their own testimonies for the sake of the holy national truth, because the have the right to tell. We need to know the crimes committed by the leadership and learn from our many mistaken approaches. To study that side of our history and to judge according to conscience. We invite those who sinned against their own brothers and sisters to confide to their people. Confession, is not merely a religious demand, it is conditio sine qua, in any life situation, for forgiveness, amnesty and reconciliation
    It is also positive that Adhanom felt the need to tell something of the truth and it would be desirable if he could expand the story farther and describe the gedli panorama sprayed with poison as he perceives it. He does not need to keep the skeletons in the box any longer. Wether he tells us anything or not, it will always be a part of the truth. His description could also be a partial narrative which may not satisfy us. He may also write his memoirs in a more settled manner, but bearing in mind that sort of literary genre is perhaps the most difficult, from the perspective of true information.

    • hizbawi

      “”””I am from Akkele-Guzay””””””

      why do you think we should know where you are from? you are Eritrean and that all it matters. did you see Tesfay’s effect on you, that is exactly what Tesfay wanted. division between Awraja and Religion.
      it is 2013 and no one cares if you are Ali from hykota or Kibra from Qazen. what it matters is you are Eritrean.

    • Micheal,

      Good observation. In fact I am completely disappointed by Adhanom why he is defending Issayas. As I listened all his interview up to now, he is making disservice to the public. For me context of time and space is important.For instance, watch the interview….the interviewer quoted from Tesfay Temenowo’s interview regarding What Issayas have done to Ibrahim Afa in 1972-1973. But Adhanom avoided that time frame and went to tell us about his Afa’s position in 1977 and afterwards. Isn’t this disinformation in itself. Adhanom must understand his listeners can listen both interviews side by side to scrutinize who is on disinformation project. If you miss the context you miss the answer and if you miss the answer you miss credibility. The simplest Adhanom could do is just give his own story from 1972 (tha date he joined the front) until this date without telling whether Tesfay’s report is a lie or not. Because the public could know where the fault was, simply from the account of Tesfay, him and other as I am sure the truth will come eventually. All his information is loaded with unnecessary adjectives. If he want to be the truth teller he doesn’t need adjectives only say it as is what he knows.

      The way his interview is set is not to tell the story what he knows but to discredit Tesfay before it resonate in the mind of the public. That is understood in politics….but this time the public seem to be ahead to identify disinformation.

      He still has more chance to tell his own story as a veteran who served long and could know more including after 1979 to fill the gap where Tesfay was absent. Stop accusing each other just tell every one his own story as they were part of story making journey. The rest will be the job of the public to discern it.

      • hizbawi

        Amanual, if the objective is to find and refined the truth; nothing but the truth, why are you disappointed, if PIA is defended just to find the truth? You don’t even blink to call a brutal murderer Melles, as visionary and a moral leader, yet, you are bothered that Isaias was defended by his staunch opponents and foes. PIA might go wrong somewhere but when it comes in to our revolution no one can deny what he meant and his contribution. The problem is people like you but everything on one basket and they label it all evil and nothing good. At least have the decency to differentiate the good from the bad. That is the only way you can arrive at the right decision and conclusion. The major reason the opposition failed is they all talk only the negative and the bad and the majority people know better.

      • simon


        You seem to have a problem when people defend the truth and you are also disappointed by the efforts of Adhanom to expose the disinformation of tesfay. I am surprised calling Adhanoms narration as disinformation.

        Adhanom is a person with high moral integrity who can even defend his enemies for truth and justice. At the same time we have learned that he is straight shooter and intolerant when he see fabrications. I am sure you appreciated the time he reacted when Ali said died but this time you have problems to accept because you are not in the same phase with him. For some known reasons you have decided to defend Tesfay temenewo not because tesfay tell the truth but his designed narration fits your politics at the moment. I am sure that Adhanom will continue with his efforts and he will surprise us as usual. Who knows next time it will be your turn to appreciate and those appreciating now might turn enemies. Many people think Adhanom is not good in playing his cards and to be honest I have difficulties to understand that. If they mean sometimes he have to be opportunist, forget it he will never compromise his integrity on basis on short term benefits.

        • Simon,

          I don’t think you are reading seriously what I am saying. It is a simple request just to present his story and as a story teller what he knows without characterization. Let the public discern it and give judgement to both stories. Second I have never uttered nor appreciated regarding what Adhanom had said about Ali Said. This is disinformation in itself. I haven’t put any judgement on what Tesfay or Adhanom’s narration….still I am waiting to have a complete story… being filled by others who are privy to the history. Just tell Adhanom to do his home work without telling us whether it is a lie or not. Tell him to leave the judgement for the public. He shouldn’t underestimate the capacity of the public as they are not spoon feed for basic politics.

  • T..T.

    In this weekend’s ELF/EPLF veterans Dardasha/ILAL, an EPLF veteran requested elaboration of the previously explained having a plan in five minutes for possible overthrow of Isayas. Because the veterans at the table did not have the same perception about the impact of the possible overthrow, the explanation was taken as is without contention to save time.

    The veteran first reminded that in the pre-Forto days no one dared to think and joke about removing Isayas, let alone plan for it. Moreover, Forto-2013 threw the diehard Diaspora Isayasists into disarray. Now, they are weak and can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Scared from their shadows, the diehards are hiding behind pennames when blowing air with their writings to resuscitate Isayas from his death-trap, which it’s few days, is certain.

    The veteran presented and discussed the Washington Post advertising slogan of: “If you don’t get it, you don’t get” as a means of identifying what is next and motivating actions. Along with this, the veteran added, goes that with the public support on the side of the pro-change groups, one could say that since the pro-change movement has the public support, it can afford and ensure telling “GAME OVER” on Isayas’s illegal stay in power. But, first thing is first.

    First, the pro-change movement should focus on freeing the Eritrean diaspora from the Isayas’s agents’ covert actions in intelligence and hooliganism. In covert action, the Isayas agents dismantled many pro-democracy families, plowed their businesses, caused trouble in their workplace and many of untold sinister and shocking stories.

    The pro-change movement should start exposing the dirty laundry of the Isayasists. Here, if the pro-change movement doesn’t get the wrong-doers under control, it won’t get Isayas’s long hands stopped from reaching to terrorize the Diaspora. Sometimes covert action comes to public view when pro-Isayas websites post list of pro-change members’ names in intelligence gathering for organized crimes to be carried out by Isayasists diehards. Alenaki and Meskereme post the lists of names and Dehai discusses the actions to be taken on those listed. Again, if the pro-change movement does not get the lists removed and the covert actions divulged, it won’t keep the safety of its members. This is not about crime and counter-crime but about freeing and making the Diaspora crime-free.

    Again, we are on first thing first, the veteran explained. If the pro-change movement does not get to secure the safety of the listed members, it won’t get the strangling hands broken and free the public’s throats forever by occupying the ground where the covert action of intelligence and plots are hatched against the innocents. That ground of covert action is Dehai. If that is so, FIRST CHANGE comes as a goal – a takeover of Dehai – and if the pro-change movement gets it the others will fall next easily. An EPLF veteran and ex-Dehai member confirmed that Dehai should belong to the pro-change movement because it is powered to empower and not to strangulate freedom of speech and democracy.

  • Zererom

    Dear Salh Ghadi Johar,
    I am not sure why you are building a special relation-ship with Semere Habtemariam….This guy killed the vibrant face book page of EYSC and was well known by using multiple anonymous names now and then..I am not surprised to see him again coming with another nick “Admas”…Let alone for a professional Psychiatrist,this is an ordinary guess to connect the dots..I have no clue why he is abusing his profession and of-course his consciousness.With his intelligent mind,he could have contributed a lot..I am not sure also if he has turned to be sub-nationalism perpetrator…I have said very few things only not to mention his hatred agaist some communities or what ever…I am sorry you are allowing such people to dominate your interesting page and I am sure , you will be his primary victim eventually….I ask to myself almost every time I see his post “why is this guy always against change?”…why?…I hope you will remember me one day but I wish I am wrong.

  • daniel


    [From Moderator: Daniel, this is “Ayni Iffun Free Zone”: do not type with all uppercase (CAPPS) as that comes across as you shouting. No shouting, last warning.)

    • haile


      You’re elevating HGDEF beyond its realistic limitations. There are those of you holding the short end of the stick whereby you believe with the overthrow of the current regime in Eritrea, that will be the end of all problems. There are also those of us who are holding the long end of the same stick and believe that such may not be the case. Those who support the PFDJ are holding/using a different stick all together (not a very nice one I might add – bflay netom zeyTe’amuwa:)

      The long end of the stick guys extend the debate to issues spanning both the internal and external dynamics of the nation, because they are convinced that when all is done and dusted they will be the principal owners of the fortunes or miseries that the future holds for our nation after PFDJ.

      The short end of the stick are not bothered by that and their concerns are here and now or as they put it “by any means necessary”, including polarizing Eritreans to the hilt by encouraging them to see each other as Nazis, Hitler, fascist… I can only suppose that they do so for two reasons:

      1- That they are naive to think that it is not all about them

      2- That they have assurances from third parties that they are not candidly sharing with the Eritrean people.

      So, the silent majority would remain silent and get on with their individual lives because the short end of the stick guys are few and full of nerves.

      If we both have the same position on an issue, that doesn’t necessary mean we both are working towards the same goal. Therefore, you can’t say that all Eritreans who have a point about taking a stronger position both in the domestic and external matters all PFDJ. Their paths are just intersecting momentarily but would sure go their separate ways in following their individual path.

      Also, this talk of opposition camp is not grounded. The political landscape only consists of loud activists, invisible organizations, silent majority, PFDJ and the crisis at hand. The notion of opposition camp has long been fizzled out.

      • daniel

        @ Haile , I don’t think you have read my message , or you have misunderstood it, I didn’t say the removing of Isayas will be enough to solve Eritreas problem , I said ”
        IF WE ARE UNITED AND STRONG ETHIOPIA CANNOT DO ANY THING TO US, ” is this short sighted or a concrete solution to our problem internally and externally ? as far as I understood it that is what Tesfay Temnewo was saying , the divide and rule tactic used by Isayas and his regime ,is not different from the British rule ,the Ethiopian rule ,we have to see beyond PFDJ and find a lasting solution to our problem , we have to make sure that NO BLOOD SUCKER rule Eritrea again . I 100% agree with Tesfay Temnewo , none of the other EX fighters have raised this issue and talked about it the way Tesfay Temnewo discussed it , I am very disappointed with Adhanom in his recent Interview when he said ” ab hizbawi ginbar awrajawinet zibehal ayneberen” after that I stopped listening to him, we Eritreans need to wake up.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Mr.Admas,

    ………. ኣ ይ ተ ዕ ገ ር ግ ር …………. the poem was prepared on May 16 after listining Mr.Adhanom And Mr. Mesfen. truth is one and remains truth. please read it in Jebena and see how much ordinary people are fedup of cheaters. see sample bellow.

    ሓሶት ከደጋገም ሓቂ ንኽመስል:-
    ብኹቱር ድምቀቱ ብልጭልጭ እዩ ዝብል:-
    ኣይኮነን ሰማዒ ከስተንትን ዝውዕል:-
    ነቲ ዋንኡ ‘ኳ የእመን የታልል:-

  • berhane

    Your article reminded me of a poster during the referendum. The poster bears a ghost like painting with big eyes a wavy like dresses in blue something similar to the horror movies. The slogan reads “the martyrs are watching you”. Honestly the Eritrean people did not need such scary poster to cast his/her vote for freedom. I always wondered who and why one had to come with that ides. But it is an indicator of the psychic that had dominated and still is dominating for such a long time: the “scare them”
    Latter, in the last two decades we have witnessed how the word SIWUATNA has been used and abused. Many political elites hide themselves behind it and failed to present a practical and intellectual approach to concepts and challenges.
    Now I see a similar old fashioned approach in your writing for the following reason.
    Firstly, it is our martyrs who initiated the political and armed interactions with Ethiopia (the woyane). I am sure you know how many of our brothers and sisters died in Ethiopia fighting along side Ethiopians and vise versa. So I cannot see your logic having interaction with Ethiopians can be translated as not respecting the wishes of martyrs and the weathering of an Eritrean value? Instead of the scary mode that you tried to employ, I honestly would have expected you to bring about factual and conceptual arguments to defend your article. Scare them! we had it enough , I guess.
    Secondly, I am not sure how far you have researched to prepare for your article. Have you noticed that our brothers and sisters are flocking to Ethiopia smuggling them selves across the border enduring all the risks associated with it? They know very well of the Eritrean values. They are the brothers and sisters of the SIWUATNA that you have mentioned in your article. They love their Eritrean Martyrs. But now they have realized how it has been abused for cheap propaganda advantages. Now do you honestly think that we can TELL this entire people “what your are doing is wrong …in the name of our martyrs”. Oh please what has gotten into us?
    In contrary to your article, some people are accusing Ethiopia of shying away from supporting the opposition to the extent needed in the struggle to bring the regime in Eritrea down.
    At the end we the people remain confused. So much talk and counter talk…so many political parties… with names and acronyms that seem to mushroom and change almost every night. Where are we heading to …to the unknown? I do not know… How will we go there? I do not know….when will we reach there? I do not know that either… What am I doing then…I do not know writing, arguing, shouting I guess… Is that all what I can do I ? I guess… But why? I do not know, I have never asked myself that question…can you ask your self now?…I think so but my inside is resisting.

  • Berhe

    Dear readeers,

    By now it is very clear…Semere H. Haptemariams project is to minimize and control the damage done to PFDJ by the likes of Tesfay Temnwo and Yosef Gebrehiwet. It doesn’t take a genius to decode his messages form his articles using his own name and written using pen names such as Admas Haile and the comments under the pen name Haile.

    In his earlier response pretending Admas Haile, he mentioned that Admas is some one who lives somewhere in Europe…ha..ha..hha…you make us laugh. Your tactics and style are outdated and stupid in many ways. There is no Admas Haile any where…it is your pen name. Admas is invited to refute this claim by giving his address or even providing the country and city of his residence. It is your pen name without a doubt. You are using a pen name, because you don’t have any confidence on your message. Isn’t this PFDJ 101…..Give up brother, your project is doomed before it started. As far as PFDJ, they are well known in gambling…what ever they pay you…they are big losers as usual.

    • Berhe,

      Didn’t Adhanom tell us in his interview in respond to Tesfay Temenowo that the organization (EPLF) was using “disinformation tactics.” The public knew it which is disinformation and which is free of deceit information. In fairness no one come close to respond to the core argument of Tesfay. Unlike their argument Tesfay didn’t argue against the armed struggle and the cause of our revolution. His core argument was how Issayas was liquidating any one against his way using different tactics. Not only that he told us how he dispose even to those who where his confidant and instrument of killing at one point or another. They can not make us loose the message of Tesfay by invoking nationalism or Patriotism. If they have really the inside knowledge how Issayas was liquidating the best mind in the organization here is “the meda and here is the feres” to use the traditional adage. To tell the truth how Issayas was liquidating our intellectuals in the armed struggle is not against the EPLF organization and the cause of our struggle. Haile and others you can’t escape from the responsibility of telling the evils of Issayas and his cohert.

      • daniel

        I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

      • zegeremo

        Well said!

    • Using IP address, Awate team/Awate staff can possibly find out whether Semere habtemariam is Admas Haile. Awate team does not have to be brain surgeons or geniuses to determine who is writing from what IP address/what geographical location. IP address allows them to determine the location of the ISP and possiblly the city and country Admas Haile resides. They have the technology at their disposal, it comes with most of the web site tools.

      But, for you ,sorry to say that but you have to be a brain surgeon to find out who is who. Admas Haile may be an assumed name that you are unable to find him on face book, or any other sites.

      [From moderator: Absolutely, Dawit. Our standard practice is to get contact info for individuals writing in the front page of awate (articles.) In the discussion forum, we check ip addresses if (and only if) we suspect that someone is using multiple names. In this particular case, the allegation that Admas Haile (London, UK) and Semere T. Habtemariam (Dallas, TX, USA) are one person is laughable at many levels. Our friend Semere is, on principle, opposed to pen name use and has always written using his full first, middle and last names. Semere doesn’t even use the American version of his name, “Sem.”]

  • Salyounis

    Selamat Admas:

    There is a candidness to your writing–the writer presented not as a know-it-all, but as a frustrated, terrified Eritrean–that I find charming. Last time I read an Eritrean with that kind of bear-your-soul trait (“angry expressions seem to be dominating my reasoning” “Oh lord my ‘paranoia’ never ends”, “I may have misjudged matters”) was Ali Salim, who shared his nightmarish vision, then (the part people forget) always apologized for his nightmares.

    I think the first thing you need to work on is to decide on your audience: is it the political junkie who reads every article, watches every video and listens to every audio clip about Eritrea? If it is, then they know what you are writing about. If it is the person who tries hard to keep up, but is deluged with information (I submit to you that is the majority of our readers), you owe them a bit more. As in: who is Tesfay Temenwo? What is it that he said that you find objectionable? Who is Mohammed Berhan Belatta? What is it that Mohammed Berhan said contra Tesfay Temenwo that you find pleasing? And why?

    Moreover, it is entirely possible for somebody to be wrong without being a liar. Lie requires intent. So, if you are going to keep calling Tesfai Temenwo not just wrong but a liar (as you have done twice), you have a higher burden.

    There are two statements Mohammed Berhan Belatta made that I find compelling in their ability to strike at two arguments the Ghedli-defamers (not Tesfai Temnewo) make: (a) the founders of the Eritrean revolution were clueless people whose cause was not nationalistic but narrow parochial concerns and (b) the Revolution had no popular support, particularly in the Eritrean highlands.

    With respect to (a), Mohammed Berhan Belatta says that Hamid Idris Awate repeatedly made one point–including in writing: that the Eritrean revolution would never succeed unless it appealed to the Eritrean highlands. “We have started the revolution, but it will never reach its goal unless it is joined by our compatriots from the highlands” is what he reportedly said. It is fair to ask, “oh, yeah, can you show me those letters?” But it is also fair to pre-empt that with, “oh, yeah, if we show you that, will you then stop defaming them?”

    With respect to (b), Mohammed Berhan Belatta says that by 1966 (while Haile Selasse was still alive and kicking), the Eritrean highlands had already embraced the revolution and this is the proof he gives: the capacity of the ELF in the Eritrean highlands was about 900 armed combatants. The population of Akeleguzay and Seraye was, then, about 600,000. Even some of the Neche Lebash leaders (Eritrean militia armed by Haile Selasse, a group that included notorious shiftas from the Andnet Party era) had reached an understanding with the ELF to have mock fights so Haile Selasse could get off their backs* If there was no support for us, argues Mohammed Berhan, we would have been wiped out. It was then that Haile Selasse flew to Asmara to hold an emergency meeting to ask how few, lightly armed people can get that close to Asmara and the Eastern Escarpment and to conclude that they are supported by the people and, thus, the infamous conclusion: “we don’t need the people but the land and the sea.” This was reported by Eritreans who attended the Haile Selasse meeting to the ELF leadership in Kebessa (ironically proving Haile Selasse’s point.)

    Finally, Admas, you are not helping address the biggest challenge the Eritrean opposition faces: forming an effective coalition. This is, of course, not a uniquely Eritrean problem: all exiled opposition forces, or nations trying to rise up against totalitarianism, have this problem. Totalitarians are experts at getting citizens to fear and be suspicious of one another to communicate one message: “I am the glue holding this thing together.” When you introduce a concept of “Eritrean patriots” as an exclusive club, you imply that all those who disagree with your analysis (most of which, you admit, is a result of your frustration) are not patriots. Not good.


    * The difference between, say, the YG telling of history and that of Mohammed Berhan Blatta is that the former would use the example of Qohain and Selamsa as the typical case of Eritrean militia rejecting and fighting the revolution, and the latter says that was the exception and that Eritreans, including those in the service of Haile Selasse, were supporting the revolution–in the mid 1960s.

    • Dear Saay,

      You hold your ground pivoted on targeting the flaws of Haile aka Admas Haile. Well argued as usual. They are here for disinformation to thwart the opposition camp. Look how they invoke nationalism to divert the current struggle using conspiracy theory with no tangible info to back their claim. As you have noted watch the unfounded attack against Tesfay Temenowo using lies as if he spoke against the revolution or even against the EPLF organization… all came to blackmail him.

      If there is one thing to argue against his core argument, to show us or enlightened us how Issayas was not using different tactics to liquidate all the known and unknown Eritrean intellectual nationalist. If they don’t come with reasons how and why they were liquidated as oppose to Tesfay’s assertion, then Tesfay’s argument will be taken until it is proved otherwise. The public medium was and is open for them to let us know.

      Saleh,let me give you an example. Adhanome told us that Amanuel wedi Keshi was a nationalistic-patriot and was a brave fighter. He also told us he was killed by the organization. As to why and how he was killed he left it open. But Tesfay told us the reason how he was killed and how Issayas used him at one point or another. But Adhanom failed to disprove that. So Adhanom and others who want to disprove Tesfay must go straight to the core of his argument and that is how and why Issayas has killed them and the political tactics he used to kill them. That is the red meat that Tesfay Temenowo gave us a little light to the darkness of human liquidation.

      • simon

        Dear Amanuel
        How can you defend tesfay when he fabricate events and black mail individuals like wedi flansa as regionalist.
        I am also surprised when you say those who want to disprove tesfay, must go straight to the core of his argument. Can you please tell us what is the core in tesfays narratation. He tried his best to divide us in regions.

        • Simon,

          Tesfay didn’t try to divide us. But let me answer to your question if it wasn’t clear in my first comment. Tesfay was explaining how the dictatorship of Issayas was evolved. In evolving the power he has he was killing anyone against his power using different political tactics, be it regionalism or ethnicity or religion and of course in subtle way.(BTW the social conflict was there and Issayas has used it). Tesfay told us how the intellectuals are liquidated in the organization.Tesfay told us the circumstances of their killing. Now Adhanom and his likes must argue against the assertion and tell us their story about the circumstances of their killing.Don’t full yourself, the Eritrean people is divided than ever at this time. Tesfay is talking what was and are the seeds of discordant and who is source of that discordant is….and it ends to the man at the helm of power in Eritrea today. This is Tesfay’s take and until they disprove it, Tesfay is in the heart of our young. Simon the internal contradiction might be beyond your grasp, but ask simple question, why wedi flansa and others was killed by the organization? that is the leading question to know the tactics of Issayas and how he hold the power he has….and yes continuing until this date by liquidating his opponent.

          • simon

            Tesfay is not the first person to speak about the killings. In order to be fair Adhanom has contributed in his serial articles( wefri Barnet) more details about the nature of the organization. Tesfay is not honest when he lists the intellectuals killed. He want us to believe that they were from one region and he did it with purpose. You mentioned that the eritrean people is divided than ever and I would appreciate if you can present the division since I do not see it that way. I can agree when you say there can be something which is beyond my grasp but to understand tesfay intention was not a problem from the start. The pattern in his presentation was ugly. Have you counted how many times he repeated hamsien,akelguzay seraye jeberti etc.

          • Simon,

            Not the circumstance of their killing. But if he knows it he has chance now.Let him disprove the circumstances Tesfay explained and come with his own. He can’t accuse him of lack of patriotism. Tesfay din’t question the patriotism of the fighters.He questioned the politics of liquidation.

      • haile


        I think it is not an undisputed fact that you and your likes control the decision as to who is admitted and who is not to be an opposition. That is called delusional….hade beleley

        We can’t be possibly engaged in “disinformation” for the simple fact that one can only do so if they are at the source level of any information, not at a consumer level!…qutser tray

        You have made up an opinion about the people discussed here, yet you have problems with Admas for doing that…kendey bexihka?

        You ask enlightenment on “Issayas was not using different tactics to liquidate all the known and unknown Eritrean intellectual nationalist.”…how can he use the same tactic to both the “known” and the “unknown”….

        Zeg bel Aman, zereba ykhedeka alo…

        • Haile,

          There is no door to knock to be in the opposition, it is all an individual volunteerism who cares to respond “awyat hizbu.” If you have the ear and act accordingly you are in the opposition. If you defend the oppressive government’s argument who is the cause of the “awyat” to begin with, then you are not in the opposition by virtue of your side taking with the government. That is the cretaria nothing else. This is a simple definition….no philosophy, no ideology in this specific time. Show the bleeding of your heart, the clearance of your soul all your attempt to save your people from the grip of the beast. That is the defining marker if you want own it.

    • hizbawi

      There is no surprise that to see one defector supporting anther. I can understand why Amanual stands up for Tesfay tmenewo. In my book, if you were Tegadalay and you did not participated in the greatest battle, ever, the battle of Nakfa 1979 then, I advise you to shout your mouth. Tesfay, sure, give him the credit for having a couple of tea in the gedli but the truth is he left the Gedli on the worst time possible, that is During Strategic withdrawal. If that is not enough, he took the little resource for survival on that time, whatever the money was. Tesfay Temenwo premises is, he is trying to justifying why he left the struggle, obviously there great guilt in his life. The sad part is, if the struggle was that much messed up and hopeless, how come the same struggle came to victory and achieving its intended goals? Tesfay is old with old and outdated mentality. The funny part is Tesfay telling how the gedli was messed up yet, the same messed up gedli achieved the impossible under the leadership of Isaias? Is he giving the credit to PIA or telling how PIA was bad? hmmmmmm
      by the way if Sal is good at pointing flaws, how come silent when we are told that Melles was a visionary and a democrat one, who was elected with 99.6 % lol

      • Defector speaks for defector!! hummm! who is a defector? You just came to united state as all our young are doing attending college….quoted from your comment sometime back. Your words will hunt you back. You left the nation when it needs you badly to watch Ethiopia at the border….am I right?

  • Admas Haile – the author

    Let me start by thanking the Awate Team for the services it has been providing since its inception. It certainly is an institution that should be supported so we can all nurture our patriotism both individually and collectively. Dear Awate, how much of an arm and a leg have you got left during this long tiresome journey? AjoKum, we are nearly there.

    Mr Semere T., your interview with Dr Bereket was marvellous. Allow me to make a request here (that is if you happen to read this message). Please add the link to Awate’s first interview with Dr Bereket (2000?).

    Dear Haile, Tamrat, Hizbawi, Haben and more

    As I continue to read your comments many thoughts come to mind. Whether you like or dislike my essays I can see you all care to comment; which means you all care about Eritrea.
    There are times when we need to apply the ethical brakes in the way we think about our situation, articulate our concerns and wage our struggle not only against the ossified political class in Eritrea that continues to trail behind the public, but also the dead-weights who await manna from the heavens of Ethiopia. The same logic applies to our opposition groups. I believe if our opposition politics is not guided by our moral compass then we will not be in a position to have a wider vista of the struggle; eventually, it will fail to possess neither substance nor form. And consequently, that is if we do not amend our ways in time, we will remain redundant. Are the qualities of our intentions being asphyxiated by our recklessness and lack of attention to standard of right that is supposed to shape our character? How do we develop our moral capacity in the face of today’s dilemma? How do we curb our individual peculiarities and allow our collective character to burgeon? Shouldn’t we be sowing character in order to shape (reap) our destiny? These are some questions that deserve answers.

    We all know Eritrea has been in for a bumpy ride for over a decade. With the development we have witnessed over the last few years the road has become even bumpier with Ethiopia’s circling like a vulture – preying on staggering sympathisers (dead-weights) on which to scavenge. Ethiopia will test our harmonious identity again and again until we are totally exhausted and disbanded. The evidence is there for everyone to see. Think of what happened to EDA, the various constellations of opposition groups, the ENDCD, the Debrezeit Group …etc.

    To make a fetish of Ethiopia’s involvement in our own struggle against PFDJ is not only done in bad taste, but, as I described it in the article, makes our campaign seriously flawed. So the first thing to do is to clean up our campaign by bringing the patriotic front to the fore. Perhaps Ethiopia and its ‘foot-soldiers’ are helping us here by frustrating our campaign. The say frustration is the compost from which the mushrooms of creativity grow.

    I would rather organize my thoughts and come back to you in article format rather than react to posted comments. For now allow me to say the following: we can create a new social order in our campaign (minus Ethiopia’s interference) against PFDJ so our activists can do better in pursuing their work and people back home can spot the twinkling start in the sky to gaze at.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Be afraid, Admas. Be very very very afraid.In fact, if I were you, I’d be terrified. Because, Ethiopia and Ethiopians are coming…Their coming from the back. They are coming from the front. They are coming from left. They are coming from the right..Everything that is around you is Ethiopia and about to get you…When you wake up every morning, make sure you check under your bed, there may be Ethiopians there. Check your pockets NOW. There are some of them in there, too. They may jump out of it and bite you off. Every where you go, at all times, just be careful…We are watching you…We are watching you..

    • Dear Admas,

      ….a continuation to my first comment…It is easy to incite and roar the public using emotive nationalistic slogans, that is the first thing any person who want to discover the elements of politics when he wanted to venture in politics as choice for his/her life. What it is not easy for any politician is to comprehend the social conflict of his society and formulate a political solution embedded on the common good of the population with the good will of his people to leave peacefully with regional and international community. Eritrea needs leaders who could own this character….a character to fill our deficiency. There has never been shortage of nationalistic patriotism so far. So now to make your refugee in nationalistic patriotism as a new specter of politics is not a remedy to what our pains are. And I am sure you understand this.

      But What I see in you from your pieces is like the rest of us you are not a “solution person” nor a sober communicator. You are venting your anger to induce more anger with no bases and justification to the claims of your anger. We have excesses of those behavioral characteristics. We need to avoid them rather to fertilize them. Sober mind, cool mind, broad mind, farsighted mind, strategic mind, diplomatic mind, co-existing mind, tolerant mind, friendly mind are what Eritrea and its people are seeking at this time.Eritrea as sovereign nation in the horn will continue to exist. You can’t make an argument of conspiracy to excite the emotional mood of nationalist. Think about “democratic-nationalism” rather than “patriotic-nationalism”. We have none in the former and abundant in the later. Paradigm shift is the order of today.

      • correction please,
        Read “Leave peacefully” as “live peacefully.”

  • Let me be a provocateur for a second. Let me tell it like it is. 😉

    Admas, in his opinionated writing, mentioned: Ethiopia 15 times, PFDJ Seven times, Neo-Andinet one time, opposition zero times. The presence of the above words in his writing indicate one thing: the cause of the Eritrean problem lies not on PFDJ but rather on Ethiopia. Writers like Admas don’t seem to consider PFDJ the main culprit. As a result, a real or perceived threat coming from Ethiopia appears to have caused Admas, Semere Habtemariam, and a few others a feeling of agitation and anxiety. You may ask yourself: why do these writers consider Ethiopia as an existential threat. Will Ethiopia destroy Eritrea irreversibly? Not necessarily. Ethiopia won’t destroy Eritrea but PFDJ would. Here is why:

    -Many Eritreans have started to see Ethiopians not as enemies but friends, family members, or distant cousins. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, Ethiopians of Eritrean origin, Eritreans married to Ethiopians, and Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. If you ask any of these Eritreans how they feel about Ethiopia, you would automatically hang yourself because the majority of them would tell you in your face that they love Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
    -Why did this happen? You have to go back to the root cause: PFDJ
    PFDJ created a raging inferno inside Eritrea for young men and women to live peacefully. Eritreans know that life is short, and they only live once in the world. If the PFDJ’s misguided domestic and foreign policy does not change, and if young Eritreans cannot live in Eritrea peacefully, they would keep choosing any place including Ethiopia to live the rest of their lives peacefully. The life of PFDJ and the existence of Eritrea are inversely related.
    BTW, you can no more cheat the youth in the name of “SuwuAat” or “Ghedli”. That kind of “shitaratat” does not work anymore. They have remained to be cliches. They can be good tools for making rhetorical arguments but don’t make impacts any more.

    • Tamrat Tamrat


      It is Our sub concious which does most of the work.

  • Eyob Eri

    Good job Admas.

  • jack

    “a strange turn of fate is bringing some of us together” and “Eritrean patriotism”

    These are happening in the sphere of internet and “tea-houses” all across Europe and America. They are going to send “strongly worded letter” to Eritrea and Ethiopia and Opposition and ….. Please give us a break and be counted as the hero of ????????????

  • abel

    Sorry but I have to be candid with you.I didn’t see any new substance in the whole diatribe except anger,frustration and the usual blame card.Instead of looking deep into the root of ur own problem and deal with it,u just like the rest of the Awate team and Muslim brotherhood advocates wasted ur time and my time blaming Ethiopia for every obstacle Eritrea faced.This was common with all sub saharan african countries,until recently were all blaming their previous master for every ill they encounter,blaming the former Masters was very popular answer of ever bankrupt politician,but didn’t bear any fruit.As you can see change has come to the horizon and most Africans say let keep history in history shelf and commit our self in making new history of hope and achievement for future generation and thus the beginning of African renaissance.look arround,the fastest economy is now in sub saharan Africa.Unfortunately Eritrea,be itthe government nor the so called opposition is yet join the moving train.Quarter a century after independence, u still are stuck on the blame game(Ethiopia).What I am trying to convey to you and the likes of you is that this is an age old formula tried and failed.

  • berhan gedem

    Adma haile you are act like smart politician interested in Eritrean national unity with diversity in your core idea I found it another meaning which means like PFDJ distorting the true explanation of hero nationalist like tesfay temenewo.
    tesfay is an Eritrean hero he break the great barrier wall of Eritrean revolution.

  • Horizon

    For how long would this person continue to undermine any reconciliation process between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Why and what is he so much afraid of? Can he serve two masters, Eritrea and its people and their abusers, DIA and the PDFJ? When is he going to come out of the fog and see the Eritrean reality? He is speaking of the martyred (God rest their souls), who cannot tell him if they wanted to or were forced to be martyred,and why doesn’t he ask the living, if they want to lose their dignity and humanity and are sold as slaves or die a horrifying death in the Sinai, the Sahara and the Mediterranean?
    What is his answer to all these?

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Brother Horizon,

      Imagine the criminal stands in court to listen his capital panshment, sure you will see him terorized and confused. this is what you see now with those old guys trying to save their ass. they were playing “lebana police” in the mountains of Eritrea while our innocent fighters were scarifizing their life. they have killed and let people fight each other which they found it impossible today.

      they are in trouble becouse they left PFDJ and they have no more space anywhere. as you can see the truth is comming out. you are going to listen even who were killers out side Eritrea (in other countries). you are going to see still who try to play the game by pleasing CIA.a lot of secrtes are on the way. then those guys will try to save their neck and talk and try to confuse the mass.

      I wish things go forgotten and just think about today but the way i see it is not going to happen as they are already desturbed with few facts of Tesfay Temnwo and we are not going just to allow them to play the old games.

      for some time you will you have to listen some nasty useless words from those expired old guys and their followers. don’t blame them they couldn’t update their mind as it is full of the past mistakes they commited. and you will see also the wisdom from those respected elders like Tesfay Tamenwo who were innocent and for truth.

      so relax brother, we are here to challange them all and they will desapear with their mother PFDJ if not before.

      • Horizon

        Dear Kokhob Selam,

        These messengers of darkness are in their last minute. Democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law will soon be the order of the day. Dictatorship and injustice are always defeated, and finally people are free. This is an eternal truth. Masters and their servants will face people’s judgment, and “woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter” (an old wise adage), because on that day and at that hour, they would choose that they were never born.
        They are fighting tooth and nail to sustain the status quo. They are few and you who stand on the side of justice for the Eritrean people are many. You are growing and they are diminishing, and without any doubt, you will be the final winners, and you will ascend the citadel of freedom and happiness with your people.

  • Hayat Adem

    Admas, lying is uncool thing!
    If reading your article is not a waste of time, then what is! Patriotism is not about shouting unfounded allegations; patriotism is not about acting Halloween (be scared of Ethiopia! be scared of neo-andinet; be scared of the opposition!) It is not about looking out for external excuses, either. It is rather about identifying your fundamental defining challenges of the moment and overcoming them selecting the best options at hand; and then aspiring to achieve even beyond while living a good life. Our Eritrea and we Eritreans are facing existential problems. None of them are external at the moment as you seem to wrongly reflect because Weyane/Ethiopia is not running the country, PFDJ is. And, please, can someone tell you that it is so uncool to falsely say bad things about someone? The first time you said things about Tesfay, we asked you to support it with facts to no avail. You kept on repeating “Tefaye lier” without caring to substantiate it. I mean, how is that possible that you find it easy to call a name on someone and you fail to show to the 3rd person your name-calling is based on presentable evidence? Does it not occur to you that you could be called yourself a “lier” when he don’t do that? Well, on the border of it, I don’t think a careless or false accuser like you would be appealing enough to call me for any patriotic line-up.

    • haile


      Our last discussion ended when we differed on the possibility that the Eritrean people would naturally be in a better position/or not to challenge PFDJ, if the border war pretext had been removed for them.

      I don’t know if you were tegadalit or warsay? Or more importantly a member of the EDF at any time? I know Kokhob Selam had likely taken part in the border war [from our exchanges a while ago]. If you were in one of those groups, I would like you to answer based on your first hand knowledge, and if not I hope that others can testify here.

      How many Tegadelti do you estimate that have been shot dead by warsays to date?

      Those who know, can attest that the incidents are many. I am not calling for that nor particularly interested to analyze that, but it goes to show you that where there is repression, revolt is a normal and typical reaction. However, such reaction has not happened in an organized and wide scale because PFDJ’s neck was saved thanks TPLF granting it the most effective rallying cause to continue with repressive and dictatorial practices unchallenged.

      Would you attest to the fact that Eritreans did and would fight back, if it wasn’t to the current situation created by TPLF that has created a sense of bigger threat that justify clamoring around the flag and the nation first?

  • You sound like one of those Eritreans who spend daily in a coffee shop chin wagging about unfounded allegations, speculations, and gossips. Consequently, you raised more questions than answers.

    You have not supplied any back ground information for your readers to know who Tesfay Temenwo is much less what he talked about. Tesfay Temenewo, in his narrative, has made many factual claims, and many of which have been verified to be true. You are clever but opinionated.

    I can see that you are relived because you have spoken your mind; yet, you have failed to show the validity of your claims. For example you stated that you were grateful for Tesfay Temenewo lied to you. Additionally, you stated that you “have observed those lies “ to be factors that have helped revive the “patriotic awakening” .

    1. But what are those lies?
    2. Can you give us examples of “patriotic awakening”?

    You also believed that, as a result of Tesfay Temnewo’s historical narratives, some Eritreans had been “sullied” and “strayed from the course outlined by our martyrs’ characters”

    1. What are those courses?
    2. Can you also describe the “martyrs’ characters”?

    Oh boy! You have said too much “hatew ketew” in which you also challenged what you have called “the Neo-andinets”. You claim that “Their [neo-andinets’] outlook is lopsided and short-sighted, and they know that they don’t have a leg to stand on when confronted with the Eritrean reality”

    1. How do you know that the “Neo-andinet” know that “they don’t have a leg to stand on when confronted with Eritrean reality”
    2. What is the “Eritrean reality”?
    3. Can you provide any example as to why the Neo-andinets’ “outlook is short sighted”?

    You also attempted to causally link Ethiopia’s so called intervention in Eritreans affairs to Ethiopia’s “encroachment of patriotic fervor”. Your non-cause for the cause is preventing you from becoming critical of your inclination to “ghedli” culture that has continued to destroy Eritrea. The “ghedli”, “SuwuAt” mantra has blinded you and your likes, so much so that if everyone thinks like you Eritrea would forever remain to be an isolated island.

    Eritrea is an independent country; what Eritreans need is a good relationship with all the neighbors including Ethiopia. Like one commenter said, yesterday’s Eritrea is not today’s Eritrea. Yesterdays thinking has been replaced by the 21st C thinking.

  • Semere Andom

    Admas Haile’s Lamentation 🙂
    Near the Red Sea, I once had a promising country
    In this planet that has no end
    Days has gone by and years rushed on, still devoid of democracy
    And before I knew it, 22 years has gone

    we had a leader, who was so bright
    Whose thinking was faster than light
    The opposition talks today, but HE delivered yesterday

    I never spoke the truth for the life me
    I know truth has no defined boundary,
    Just like my country

    Tomorrow I say I will murmur the truth for once
    But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
    Truth be told, PFDJ is my dalliance
    Oh I also know the truth knows me
    And that history will be merciless
    To those who lie willingly

    I evoked the sovereignty card
    To scare them, a tactic that has worked

    I throw soft balls to the PFDJ
    Just to show that I am in the opposition

    So that I can induce a conundrum
    To derail the momentum

    Now I am tired
    Tired with playing a failed game
    Tired with trying to make a hero’s name
    Tired of trying to attract the attention of the insane

    Did you hear the news sir?
    Eritrea has collapsed yesterday,
    And currency is now called “Bir”

    And that is what we deserve in the end
    If we become a willing mafia friend

    Semere A

    • Dear Semere Andom,

      Simply magnificent. You put it in a traditional “Du’gae form” that invokes a positive nodding.

    • haile

      Great skills there Semere Andom. I just thought such a great skill would be a waste if it didn’t serve the purpose of reflecting “Truth” from both sides. Therefore, I have attached the how those on the other side of the argument would read it. Copy rights to the original work is hereby acknowledged to be yours:-)

      Near the Red Sea, I have a promising country
      In this planet that every evil has an end
      Days has gone by and years rushed on, still devoid of relevancy
      And before I knew it, 15 years has gone
      we could have made a leader, who is so bright
      Whose thinking would be faster than light
      The neo-andinet talks today, even if it failed to deliver yesterday
      I never spoke the truth for the life of me
      I know truth can not stand beyond dark’s boundary,
      Just like my surrogate country
      Tomorrow I say victory will be mine for once
      But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes
      Truth be told, Woyane is for whom I moonlight
      Oh I also know the truth knows me
      And that history will be merciless
      To those who lie willingly
      I evoked the human rights & democracy card
      To scare my sponsors, a tactic that has worked
      I throw soft balls to the TPLF
      Just to show that I am not one of them
      So that I can induce a conundrum
      To derail the patriot’s momentum
      Now I am tired
      Tired with playing a failed game
      Tired with trying to make a hero’s name
      Tired of trying to attract the attention of the sane
      Did you hear the news sir?
      Eritrea has been made yesterday,
      And her currency is now called after the martyrs den
      And that is what we the hopeless neo-andinets deserve in the end
      Since we become a willing woyane’s friend

      **Edited from Semere Andom’s original poem,

      • haile

        …and K’brn zKhrn netom bret tslaE menz’om enamarekhu harnetna zeghadu Sema’etat!

        • yegermal

          Bone fide pfdjites
          patiently peeled one layer at a time
          stand buck naked , exposed
          to be or not to be , confused!

          Have a restful weekend !

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Haile, are you a member of awatestaff?

    • Wedi Zere

      Brother Semere,
      Well said and its an amazing way of telling the truth.Simply magnificent.

    • hizbawi

      semere because you were cleared out by the hero’s you are tried of. the only sympathy yo are going to get is the he Tesfay temnwo of the awate forum, Ananual hidaret.
      the truth is you have this grudge against EPLF, how about you come with terms that EPLF liberate Eritrea! why not?

  • Admas,
    I think the ground is finally sprouting Eritrean Patriotism again. It is my deepest hope that it will blosom and bear fruits.

    You mentioned one threat to our national survival , woyane, and its Eritrean foot-soldiers, the so called ” Opposition”, Tesfai Temnewo included . Unfortunately, you left out one crucial enemy embeded within us, extremely con artist, a consummate ilusionist who fooled so many tegadelti and others for decades inspite of the fact that he is the author of all the agonies our people are going through. He is Isaias Afewerqi.I hope you are not deluded by his artistry as I was for long time.

    I am convinced that woyane and Isaias Afewerqi are two faces of one coin. Their apparent antagonism is to divide and lock Eritreans against each other as a means of systematically killing their Nationalism and Patrtiotism. Of course, their final goal is Abai Tigrai. There are many evidences that suggest my assertion.

    1997 was the date when the ratified Eritrean constitiution was scheduled to be implemented, and it is the very year that woyane began border instigations against Eritrea. It is possible that the two activities might have happenned at the same year by accident, but the unnecessary rapid escalation to open war might also suggest otherwise. Isaias Afewerqi could have avoided the war by following the International Law, or at least, Eritrea might not have been blamed by the Claim Commission for starting the war.

    The woyane border instigation caused the date of implementation of the Constitution to be posponed to 2001. Luckily, the Cessation of Hostilities was signed by the two countries by 2001 and therefore, the Constitution could have been implemented but was not.

    Isaias Afewerqi openned another war, internal war against senior EPLF officials, private press etc. He unilaterally suspended the Constitution, Baito indefinitely, making himself the Absolute Dictator and surrounding himself with people of Tigrai descent, Hagos Kisha, Yemane Monkey, Yemane Gebremesqel etc.

    Eritreans must know that Isaias Afewerqi, in coordination with woyane, launched the unnecessary war of 1998 to bring about the very plight our people are going through today for sinister end, Abai Tigrai. Any Eritrean, who does not recognize this Truth, is giving this impostor precious time and veil to kill our country and people. Wake Up Eritreans Before It IS Too Late!!!

    • haile

      Selam Dawit M,

      Wth all respect, your analysis here, doesn’t amount to more than back of an envelop calculation, let alone to be entertained by those bracing to kick start the Eritrean Patriotic Front (EPF :-)). It takes either a hard fact or a fully tight proof to logically ascertain the kon do khon assembled narrative here.

      The EPF should have consistence as a key structure of its control architecture. Any claims with a wobbly foundations is more of a liability than an alibi. Hence, can’t be admitted for consideration by those troubled by the well being of their country, yet are aware of inherent pitfalls. As an Eritrean patriot, one should not be bothered about race, conspiracy, or waking up in the wrong side of the bed. We know we have failed in having a democratic nation, and we paid for that. What should we do to reverse that and take control? And once we take control, what is the job waiting to be done/ Should be the the center of the EPF orbital. Those things you mention belong to the old ways of looking at things in a despondent fashion. Let’s truly wake up on the right side of the bed.


      • haile,
        The hard evidences, that you said are missing, are written everywhere for you to see but you do not want to see them; as they say, there are no more blind than those who refuse to see.

        The fact that you did not try to refute any of my asserions amply demosntrates your die-hard position in favor of Isaias Afewerqi. And who takes such a position when the objective situation of the people in question is self-evidently tragic? Only the accomplice of the perpetrator, isn’t it?

        Let me write again what I wrote Yesterday in the hope that you refute my assertion instead of beating around the bush….. that the 1997 border instigations by woyane, and the subsequent War of 1998 were both conspired and coordinated by both Woyane and Isaias Afewerqi to bring about the current tragedy of Eritrean people as a means to the sinister end, Abai Tigrai.

        Mind you, the war could have been avoided if Isaias Afewerqi had followed the International Law, which purposely ignored because it would not serve his evil scheme.

        As verified by the Claim Commission, which he, Isaias Afewerqi, affirmed by his signature, woyane did not invade Eritrea ,as he lied back then and still does to cover up his evil scheme.

        He launched the War illegally, and not only without the mandate of Eriterean people but also lying to the Eritrean people, in which Twenty thousands Eritrean youngsters unncessarily perished, not to count the wounded, terminally disabled, the raped girls, raped women and massive displacemnet of more than million of our people etc.

        The irony of irony is he incarcerated Senior EPLF officials and War Generals under false pretext of collaborating with the enemy, the very scheme under which he launced the War. But again, there are ample evidences ,that during the Liberation War, he was killing so many somany Eritrean elites in the same manner.

        Remember, he is the one who tried to give woyane the Port of Assab by ordering the Eritrean Defence Forces to withdraw. If they did not reject his order, today our beloved Port would have been in the hands of woyane.

        He exposed our Defense Forces around Zalambesa to woyane forces by prematurely ordering them to withdraw under the pretext of the signing of the Cessation of Hostilities.

        He allowed woyane forces to attack our forces from behind at Gash Barka by purposely ignoring the relevant information our mililia were sending.

        Isaias Afewerqi is a War Criminal and he should be arrested, tried and hanged. Any one who supports this criminal must also be subjected to the same precedure unless otherwise he/she dissociates from him before it is too late.

        • haile

          Deawit Meconen

          I am currently discussing the issue you raised withserray, you can join in under the other article by Adamas Haile (Also, note that I am not the Mr Haile of the author here, just haile the trouble maker:)

          Stop seeing IA in the shadows that anything that moves and you feel you have no control in. You have already judged, sentenced and executed the punishment without a hoot to our rights, if IA is scary for you, you are far more scarier the way you carry.

          • haile,

            I knew all along that you are a die-hard supporter of the criminal, Isaias Afewerqi, and not the people of Eritrea. The fact that instead of refuting my assertion, you resorted to phony semantics and name calling is a litmus-test of who you really are.

            In 2011, when Isaias Afewerqi was in New York in a conference with Eritreans, he told them( paraphrased) that the Constitution would be implemented and National Election undertaken, but he reversed all that once he returns to Eritrea.

            He is a liar through through, and this is one of his hallmarks throughout his life. He was able to live well with Qiada Al Ama because he made himself a spy against his former University mates whom he got them killed as Ethiopia spies.

            The Qiada Al Ama ,with whom he had a good life, and who granted him special privilage of going to China for military training, he denegrated them as Murderers and religious fanatics once he returned back and splintered from them. Why? To hoodwink the Christian Highlanders into his wicked scheme of destroying them from within.This is precisely what he was doing for Thirty Years. His primary focus was the Eritrean elites. His false charges? CIA and Ethiopian Spies, the same charges he purposely misinformed Qiada Al Ama against the University students.

  • hizbawi

    Haile, it is great to read such timely article. I share your concern about Ethiopia’s involvement in our affairs but if it wasn’t for a few Eritreans who are adoring the Ethiopians to no end for their personal benefit Ethiopians have no power to have a say on our affair. They tried with everything they have to arm the already trained young Eritreans in Ethiopia against the government of Eritrea and they failed miserably. that tells you how strong is the state of Eritreanism. What the weyane got are old people like Tesfay Temwnwo and Amanual Hidarat to do their dirty work. Read Amanual post each of them adores the weyane to no end. Ask him he will tell you everything about Ethiopia and everything is Eritrea’s fault.
    Haile, Ajoka Eza hager Seb Alewa.

    • hizbawi

      I meant to say Admas Haile. I think i am becoming wedi America. starting to use last name. wey gud.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Hi Admas!

    You have listed the enemies of Eritrea like the unioinists, pfdj, ethiopia, encdc, etc. Where are the organizations whic do the right thing for Eritrea then?

    At least pfdj and its supporters do what they want/have to do in Eritrea not by writing on the web. The endcdc have the courage to come so Close to Ethiopia where one of the largest eritreans colony resides.

    The mass exodes of eritrean youth is in alarming rate which at the same time making the weakest pfdj relativly the strongest for common eritreans.

    Based on the fact what i mentioned above what must be done to remove pfdj from Power? What must ethiopia do for removing pfdj With out interfiring With eritrean politics? Isayas’ Eritrea is built on the demolition of Ethiopia. And anybody which continue With such policy would incounter the same reaction from Ethiopia. Remember isayas did not stop suffocating Ethiopia from Assab but he tried to stop Ethiopia from using dejibouti and Somalia ports.

    Last but not least the afar People will unite regardless the one ethiopia or Eritrea Death slogan. Democracy is the only solution for any nation to survie in this civilized world. When and if Eritrea and ethiopia excersice Democracy then it will be difficult for both the majority Ethiopia and Eritrea to deny the human right of the afar People. One of the reason isayas do not Accept multi parit system or demcoray is he can not tolerate a single Word concerning the grusome division of afar People in the 21 firs Century. Many tribes blamed the colonialist for such crulity. What Eritrea has to say for dividing afar in to two.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Now we have Eritrean colonies?

      Dictionary meaning: Colony, noun, plural, colonies. “a group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation.”

      They are called refugees and they do not have a colony, they reside in refugee camps. But if you are talking about longtime residents, they do not even have a neighborhood of their own that you can call and enclave, a ghetto, etc.

    • haile


      I wanted to answer your question that “What must ethiopia do for removing pfdj With out interfiring With eritrean politics?” By saying that it must immediately ending the illegal occupation of internationally recognized Eritrean territory. Too bad I can’t answer your question, because you answered it yourself by saying that “Last but not least the afar People will unite regardless…” in the context of objecting to “suffocating Ethiopia from Assab…” The problem is that you’re entitled and understood to say that being an Ethiopian, but we are having trouble to convince the “neo-andnet” as well as you are doing it in style 🙂

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Yes, Haile you can not answer the question.

        According to the international Law it is Eritrea which is sanctioned, not ethiopia. Wheather you like it or not either you stick With Your dictator government or afar will be United. Dont be sure that South afar wants to continue the way they are. So far isayas is helping the South afar while tplf helping the North afar. Both of them they do the ‘help’ not to unite the afar but to use afar for sabotaging the opposite.

        Isayas used Assab to controll what is going in addis. Between 1991-1998 ethiopians Connected With import export and oil refinary had have to governments tplf first and eplf second. Imagine what a horrible period for ethiopians that time.

        The moment Ethiopia stopped using Assab, isayas run to sto ethiopia using watter Access both from Somalia and dejibouti.

        If ethiopia has the wish to occupay Eritrea then this was the time while Eritrea is following the footseps of Somalia by mass exodes of the use and the scholars and the well to dos.

        • haile


          Sticking with my dictator isn’t a matter of choice, dictators don’t hold elections 🙂

          You are showing favoritism to the Afars, be fair…wish the same to the Somalis in Ogadien too 🙂

          I think your idea is a prelude to fragmented Africa. Here is my wish…

          Demarcated open borders between Ethiopia and Eritrea, free economic area, free cross border trade, preferential tax free and low rate port usage to Ethiopia, with provisions for Ethiopia to run its own Shipping Liners from Assab, free labour movement, provisions for Ethiopia to build roads and facility to make easier access to both Assab and Massawa…

          Now compare that to the proposal you’re putting forward…drawn out war, distraction, displacement, sanctions, losses, deaths, migrations, instability…and what would you hope to gain when you gain a port and you’ve lost everything?

          Seriously Tamrat, take a good look at your humanity…the double digit growth is crowding sense of humanity out you 🙂

          • Tamrat Tamrat

            At last you got me why Eritrea is stuck With the dictator. It is because People like you who keep the mass under the big prison called Eritrea as if Assab is the pivot point for every thing. Ethiopia has moved on With out Assab. Now Wake up and see how you can impliment demcoracy by suparating afar People in to two only 15 years ago? Who is colonizer now? Who says because somalians are divided then afar must be so? You sit in the lowest form of Power, both poor internal and international politics, the worst human right record and yet you try to justify the crulity of dividing afar into two.

            The afar state is developing. It has better condition to draft how the future of afar People looks like. Afar People are not that fanatic when pfdj or tplf abuse their own flesh and blood they Dance With their respective dictaor governments. This you have to learn well. You dont have to be afar to understand it. Waht could be Your excuse if afar state gets more its own saying soon?

  • Haben


    Your writing gave me the hope that after a period of madness reasoned minds are coming to life and winning. Well done brother. As to Tesfay Temnewo he tried to destroy not only our history but also our martyrs. What he does not know is a deserter, morally bankrupt person like him can not destroy any one but himself. He is useless creature.

    • Elihude

      First of all the article was timely and your response for reasoned mindedness was spot on. But your berating of Tesfay was unnecessary and wistful. He has his right to express his feelings and ideas no matter how twisted or wrong might be. In democracy that we all aspire to prescribes to the idea that people should be allowed to express how they see things. It is up to the listener to take or drop it. So how do readers choose what is right or wrong is by asking the author of references and source materials of his reasoning. Mind you an article without references and source is nothing but political propaganda or seminarian lecture where no proof and sourcing expected.

      • Gogo

        Hallo Elhude

        I like you responce, that is the way it should be. And that is what every one of us hat to learn (respect to each other, respect to other’s opinion), but also asking questions to get the facts.

  • Fanus

    [Moderator: You are not allowed to use multiple nicks. Since you see to have a problem sticking to one nick, we have selected the first letter of one of you your nicks “Fanus”. Stick to it, but if you try to violate our posting guidelines again, we will ban you. It is Fanus.”

    Let me also add that most Eritreans I know are offended to see the opposition groups fraternize with Weyane officials in Ethiopian cities. They don’t like it and they are offended by it. Actually, more than offended.

    Last I checked, Weyane is responsible for killing 19,0000 Warsays, refuses to demarcate the border as per EEBC instructions and is still occupying large chunks of sovereign Eritrean territory in defiance of international law.

    You may not know it but you are killing our martyrs all over again when you fraternize with the same Weyane officials that killed 19,000 of them.

    • Elihude

      True that, an independent observer might wonder as to why some Eritrean opposition groups should hangout with the current leadership of Ethiopia. Given the history between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the above is true even as the saying goes “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” These two nations will have to respect each other without shorting one another. Any other national idea of session, demarcation, unification or federation has to be the choice of the Eritrean people. No one else can and should force the Eritrean people to choose this or that!!!!

  • haile

    Dear Admas,

    Thanks for great article as ever. Forza The Patriotic Front! It is a great theme and I hope it starts to foot hold and be transformed into a successful cause that would turn into a real alternative for our people. The Patriotic Front, an Eritrea First cause by Eritreans for Eritreans, has a popular appeal however also needs to be firmly rooted on scientific facts, fervent patriotism, an inherent and abiding sense of responsibility (Respons-ABILITY: being able to respond correctly, as warranted, effectively!)

    Awet, انتصار victory to the patriotic front!!



    • haile

      some of the graphics are childish and photoshop wannabes, please ignore and just listen to the lyrics of the attached song:-)

  • Dear Admas,

    In your last article, after rambling with loaded of emotions, you have promised to your readers to come with a plan for the future and an exit strategy from the current predicament. Instead you came again with an argument based on perceptions and emotive expressions to agitate the public with emotional impulse. The public was waiting to hear from you rather with an intellectual sober mind to render facts with reasons and logic to tackle our problem. The public do not want an additional emotional feeds. The Eritrean people never had shortage of National patriotism. In fact they have excess of it as such it blocked the wider prospective one can imagine how to prosper and live in peace with our neighbors. The Eritrean people do not fear about the sovereignty of our people and our nation. Their fears as it stands today is the disintegration of our young generation as they are leaving the country in drove. Their fears is the lack of unity within our diversity. In short the problem is internal. Do not try to externalize it as indicated in your crying emotions.

  • Semere T Habtemariam


    “Sunstroke will be merciless to those who forget
    The memories of the three-day battle of Afabet
    Take heed! It is 20 Sene season!”

    zelealemawi zkri nsweatna!!!

    “The message we send home will be formidable only when it carries a message of hope to our people.”

    Well said brother.

    Semere T Habtemariam