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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Sobering Times

1.    Re-awakening the patriotic front;
2.    Lies;
3.    My Simple Analysis;
4.    A variable we do not need;

Dear reader,

You may not enjoy this article for it is filled with some angry expressions which seem to be dominating my reasoning these days. Please take no offense!

Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pea,r prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock, [not in the morning, but in the evening].
T. S. Eliot (The Hollow Men)

It is no secret that those who felt ‘empowered’ by Ethiopia tried to bully us into falling in line rather unsuccessfully.  On the other front, those who have been undermining our past struggle are debased because their escapades are slowly coming to an end.  In the beginning it was hard to get my head around what was happening – the gradual dismantling of our heroic history and the erosion of our moral dignity.  No history, no identity.  But now, as far as I am concerned, every alarming push seems to bring me back to the values I cherish the most as an Eritrean – the values instilled in me by the selflessness of our martyrs.   And I believe there are many of us out there whose patriotism has been reawakened not only by the Ethiopian incursion into our affairs but also by the twisted tales that were narrated about our history.

My fellow Eritreans, we should pay particular attention to the importance of Eritrea’s sovereignty while we continue our struggle to rectify our problems.  Those who are blinded by their hatred of Isaias and do not mind that Ethiopia loosens our grasp on our sovereignty need to think twice before things get out of hand.  They think, rather naively,  if they could only employ Ethiopia’s help in dislodging PFDJ the rest of our problems would somehow arrange themselves in a compelling and true solution – and we will live happily ever after alongside our neighbors from the South.  No matter how fierce it is the temptation to take shortcuts in our campaigns, we need to remind ourselves there are no shortcuts to victory.  If we ever apply the Ethiopia-shortcut, Eritrea will get cut short. Ask our martyrs!  I truly believe Eritrea’s future is intertwined with the lives of those who passed before us.  That is the trajectory of our struggle. Oh lord, my ‘paranoia’ never ends!
I believe that a strange turn of fate is bringing some of us together after witnessing the lies that were posted concerning our history.   Perhaps I should personally thank Tesfay Temnewo for his lies because he made me realize how much some of our thinking has been sullied and how far some of compatriots have strayed from the course outlined by our martyrs’ character.  Once again, I have seen how those skewed developments have been testing my nerves and harming my morale.  On the other hand, I have observed those lies turn into some ingredients of patriotic awakening.

Following the negative outcome of our post-independence situation, the PFDJ reality, many are looking for apportioning blame unto others (but never to themselves).   Tesfay Temnewo raised themes which did not resonate with me at all – he blamed everyone but himself.   His case is a simple hindsight bias which led him to a false autobiographical memory. I am glad Mohamed Berhan Blatta contributed to the on-going discussion in exposing his lies.  In order to underline his depraved standards, I have come to understand that the distorted version of our history he presented suited him well because it camouflaged the fact that he is a deserter.

A distorted understanding of our history certainly leads us to a distorted view of the present and is an impediment to our capacity to understand ourselves. Let me give you an example on the basis of Tesfay’s account.  His accounts are full of ‘wegen’ stories – that our struggle for independence was filled with prejudice and small-mindedness regarding one’s place of birth and origin. His claims made me reflect on the relationships that existed between our former fighters in Eritrea’s battlefields.  I thought about Samuel (China) who married a woman from Saho; I thought about Wuchu whose wife comes from Akeleguzay; I thought of Romodan and his Christian wife;  I thought of Astier  (gual Abatye) who married a Muslim from Saho (Sherifo);   Mesfin Hagos’ wife is from Akeleguzay;  DruE’s wife is from Seraye;  Adhanom’s first wife was from Hamasien.  Guess what,  Isaias Afewerki’s wife is from Akeleguzay.  The list goes on and on.  As far as Ghedli is concerned there is no issue of parochial loyalties.  Some with subnational mind-sets are simply bellowing without thinking.  It would be a sign of our maturity as a people if we could relax, accept facts and seek a proper understanding of what happened before us.

My Simple Analysis

My fellow Eritreans, my simple analysis is that Ethiopia’s involvement in our campaign against PFDJ makes it a flawed one.  First of all, why should we forfeit our self-respect and moral integrity and deny ourselves the dignity we very well deserve for driving the Ethiopians out of our country?  The strategy of the Ethiopians is simple – they would like to live as they once lived (as masters). But our history will not permit it. They have already indicated, in many ways, for their right to a bigger living space – I am referring to appropriating Assab.

The incredible suffering of Eritreans who were victimized by the Ethiopians is a bitter memory that hasn’t disappeared from our consciousness.  Why should the present day suffering under the PFDJ government erase the massacres in OmHajer, Hirgigo, Wekiduba, AQurdet, Una, Hazemo … etc?  The ENCDC and the Debrezeit groups seem to have forgotten such key moments.  Not only that, they seem to have misplaced their history books for they offhandedly talk about ‘federal system’, ‘future bilateral trade agreements’, ‘deploying our youth against PFDJ’, ‘the right to have access to seaports’ … all in accordance to Ethiopia’s design, and of course,  in accordance to ‘the wishes of Eritrean people’.  Mind you, once we cross the line, the line of assimilating to a corrupt system created by Ethiopian inducement, we will never be able to disentangle ourselves from ‘the dreams of the Big Brother’ or exonerate ourselves from betrayal.

The neo-Andinet group may feel uncomfortable now as it is being challenged for all the right reasons by the patriotic front. Their outlook is lopsided and short-sighted, and they know that they don’t have a leg to stand on when confronted with the Eritrean reality. I hope they are beginning to ask themselves whether they should yield to reason now or continue to yield to inducement. We need to harness the anger we feel towards the PFDJ regime and channel it towards our own campaigns instead of creating opportunities for the Ethiopians to encroach on our patriotic fervor.

Eritrean patriotism rests upon a pillar so solid that the unionist elements amongst us would never be able to destroy it with their capricious campaign for they do not know the fortitude of our forts built by the blood of our martyrs and those who hold the reins of reason in our communities on their behalf.

Here is why I think we need to do away with the Ethiopia-variable in our formula.  The message we send home will be formidable only when it carries a message of hope to our people.  We will give them a major moral boost if we respect the sacrifices our martyrs made in freeing Eritrea.  We are talking about the comrades, parents, spouses, brothers and sisters of those heroes who are watching our errant ways when we flirt with Ethiopian officials. It is then they feel disrespected. And that is how we end up undermining our own struggle. Again, it is then they would rather stay on PFDJ’s side rather than ours – because of the litter we carry in our campaigns.

Dear reader,

I would like to stop here for now.  I would also like to apologize for not delivering what I promised in my last posting – the topic regarding plans to prepare ourselves for what the future has for us as Eritreans.  I may have misjudged matters.

My fellow Eritreans, my wish is to call upon those who are linked by our past struggles to see to our current crisis.   At the same time please allow me to state my objective once again.  While we still have time we could examine the recurring tension in our lives: a) how we manage our campaign with what we have at our disposal or, how we are destroyed by the world around us; b) and how we assert ourselves against Ethiopia’s intrusion in some meaningful way.

I hope I will do better next time.

Sobering Times

Sheda footprints marked their paths
Along the trenches of Denden
The Filfil Valley, the heart of Sheib village
Witnessed by the stars in the sky
Punctuated by the moon that rose up high
Take heed! It is the 20 Sene season!

Sunstroke will be merciless to those who forget
The memories of the three-day battle of Afabet
Take heed! It is 20 Sene season!
These are our people’s stories of that era
The roots of our rhythmic recalls
Sing  bTsay sing, sing the ballad of Eritrea
Admas Haile, an Eritrean observer

About Admas Haile

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  • Crocus

    Like the groundhog,I stop and peek in every so often wondering if any light has seeped into this morass of darkness. The glaring weakness of this article is that it says nothing about Economics. How is a nation to be built? How are a people to be lifted up? One must start a journey with the destination in mind. Start with economics, I say. 1000 miles away from anywhere but from Ethiopia, that is the reality of Eritrea. Its economic salvation and future depends on Ethiopia to a large measure. I am all ears if the writer has a different light. But, I am afraid that he, and people who share his conviction, are caught up in a mental warp. It is self gratifying to talk about patriots, pride and all. That is not the right prescription for this malady.

    The reality is, the world is much different today than it was even 5 years ago. Sad to say, Eritrea is all dressed up and no where to go. And I say this in all candor. Eritrea now is like a person who has just stepped his foot on a land mine. It is in an impossible situation. With Isaias and his cohorts in power, the picture will continue with a familiar certainty. Without him, I dare not think what can happen. The system is so rigged that it is more volatile than high Octane fuel. Even if things by some miracle turn out as the writer wishes, I do not see how Eritrea can overcome its hurdles. The country faces hurdles much bigger than Isaias, grim as the present situation is in its own right. Darn if Isaias stays, darn if he goes. So, the plaintive coo we read against those who are trying to plot alternate resolution is vain and hollow. At least it would have been wise and promising to begin from the perspective of economics and nation building – energy, water, markets, trade, synergy, and viable peace which can make it all happen. It has a strange power to diffuse the tension that has been building up. Every individual can be persuaded in favor of his/her own selfish interest, and economics, and the talk of economics and the hope and promise of a bright day ahead has a tendency to do just that.

    This groundhog has seen his shadow. I am afraid, he has decided it is still Winter.

    • haile


      The only problem with your analysis there is that you forget to factor the Eritrean nature. Materialist agenda doesn’t motivate as you make it out to be. We are a nation who settled up the greatest price asked of us in bringing out our country from the yokes of a backward empire supported by super powers. Economy,,,,is not a motivator in Eritrea people would lough at you. Money is not a problem 🙂

  • YAY

    Dear All: Claiming Eritrea Started the Border War is essentially groundless

    There are some people who, based on the EECC findings, believe (honestly or by design) that Eritrea started the 1998-2000 ET-ER border war. That exactly is Woyanne-Ethiopia’s claim and continued propaganda, and nobody ought to fall for it. That belief is really groundless because it fails to consider what the EECC said in EECC “Decision Number 7: Guidance Regarding Jus ad Bellum Liability.”

    In Paragraph 5, EECC states that “…the Commission informed them [ET and ER in its April 2007 proceedings,] as follows:

    “The Commission does not regard its jus ad bellum finding as a finding that Eritrea initiated an aggressive war for which it bears the extensive financial responsibility claimed by Ethiopia. At the same time, it does not accept Eritrea’s argument that there is no financial responsibility….” for Eritrea’s violation of the UN Charter Article 2(4) on May 12, 1998.


    EECC did not regard that Eritrea initiated the border war because of its factual findings and also because the UN Security Council did not say so. In its own words, the EECC, in Paragraph 31 of “Decision Number 7….” states that,

    “The Security Council’s actions in relation to the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia took a quite different course [than it did with Iraq-Kuwait war, as ET claimed].Its resolutions are markedly different in substance and tone from those adopted regarding the invasion and occupation of Kuwait. None of them assigned responsibility for the conflict to either party.”

    Woyanne-Ethiopia charged that Eritrea was the aggressor who attacked and occupied parts of ET while ER conteded that its forces attacked ET forces in self-defense and as part of the war occupied Badumma and environs (whether the locations were Eritrean or Ethiopian) as a result of changing circumstances on the ground. The UNSC “demanded that both parties immediately cease hostilities and refrain from using force” because of “territorial disputes” and “changing circumstances on the ground”.

  • Berhe

    Dear Readers,

    It is very intersestig twist, Semere Habtemariam starts this whole Shenkollel using a pen Name Admas Haile and now he himself is commenting as Haile. It is just a west of time, there is no any values in his hatew ketew. The last few articles under his name, Admas Haile and the comments by Haile are nothing but recycled and boring thechniques tuned to support the PFDJ and defame the most visible threats of PFDJ, such as the Eritrean opposition (Hafash in and outside Eritrea) and Ethiopia.

    [Moderator: please stop making a joke of yourself, don’t chase a ghost that exists only in your imagination. We know you are dead wrong, it is your own wild guess. Haile, Semere and Admas are three different people, not a trinity]

  • Hameed


    It is good that you understand about a police state and cyper police. I think you have forgotten that you are advocating for a police state that changed the life of Eritreans into hell. You are defending the undefendable that is condemned by our region and the international community and before that from the majority of the Eritrean people. Our youth who are voting by their feet are stark evidence of the existence of police-state in Eritrea. The only solution that Eritreans can embrace peace among themselves and the region by leaving the dictator and his cohorts the Eritrean areana.

    Concering bare Haile and Admas Haile, there is no difference in content. Both of you spring from the same source, therefore I didn’t shoot outside the goal I intended and I understood my message has reached you from your first reply to me.

    • haile


      I also happen to share PFDJ’s stated belief on irrigation farming and water conservation. That is just to add to your list of incriminating evidences to judge that I am indeed PFDJ!! See how silly that make you look? I can only say you need to “carefuk*” less about drawing conclusions about a person’s motive and focus on the issue. And say you have nothing to add, if such is the case. It saves everyone hurting their eyes to waste reading such none-sense.

      * Carefuk: a word borrowed from the moderator here when he warned a commenter by the penname “me” on:

      • Hameed


        By the way, do you have an issue except the rotten one that expired years back. Your issue doesn’t need a well informed person to delve at to understand. Shortly, you want to reiterate a call for the Eritrean people and the opposition to fight on the side of your master for the border issue. This is the pivot of all your argument. Do you have another issue? Definitely, you have none.

        To cut it short for you, we bless you to fight beside your master, but the opposition and the Eritrean people will not side with your psychopath master and do the job for you. Have you got it?

        • haile


          Seriously, I don’t get it (no pun intended), care to explain…I am also curious to know what it is rendering you to be so hurt at the thought of Ethio/Eri peace. Chill will you, I know the Eri people far capable to effect change than us…but seriously, why you brooding over nothing? please say more…

          • Hameed


            Don’t attempt to act as a deaf person; this is an old (aqol shitara). Secondly, it doesn’t hurt me to live in peace with our neighbours, whether Ethiopia or the rest of our neighbours.

            Yes, it is true the Eri people are far capable than your mad master to bring change. The Eri people liberated the whole nation within 30 years, but your master failed to liberate a tiny portion of Eritrea within the past 15 years.

  • Haile,

    What are the issues I promised to write about but differed for unknown reasons to you? You might be right, b/c at times I am frustrated by diversionist’s argument, who successfully pulled us from critical issues “the lively hood of our people” and “the fate of our young” at this time. Is the border issue and the Nile issue are important just to set them into our debate? No, and loudly No. Many have lost their writing mood (that includes me), when you and your likes are here not to debate the issue that matters most and that is “the reality of our people.” I will be back when we become focused to the issue pertinent to our people. Now you could enjoy it while the nation is devouring its future generation. Am I right Haile? But in the mean time could you tell me the differed subject I promised to write? I know there is one which is ready…waiting for a sober time and fertile ground to resonate in the public mind

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Hello Amanuel,
      This is my unsolicited advice: Let people debate and write about what they feel and you do the same. It is impossible to have everyone be interested to what you think is important; some people might not agree with the way you see things. You might not be interested in the border and the Nile, but others might see it critical in the geopolitics of the region, the bigger picture. Were you not advocating for a “Globalized” view of issues? I also observe that some of us want to limit our regional interest to Ethio-Eritrean relations only. For example, at this moment there is an issue with Yemen over the arrested fishermen and confiscated boats in Eritrea. Since some Egyptian politicians want to involve Eritrea in their schemes, we have to remain engaged, etc.

      Now, if you want to sway commentators to debate subjects you believe are important, convince them to do so. That is the only thing writers do, convince people. Convince people and you cannot do that if you lose your “writing mood.” If you do, you also lose the opportunity to convince, and why would a writer do that?

    • haile


      (-the article you said you were going to write was one about “deferred matters in the work of the opposition” or to that effect. You said it after we made some rapprochement following saay’s criticism of me calling people names here. The awate archive seem to be hard to sift through for articles/comments before Jan. 21 but they can help if they find one of your responses to me then…)

      Let me now address you with your proper title Tegadalay Aman,

      I want to do so to remind you the fact that such a title resonates a heavy meaning in the Eritrean psych. Because Tegadalay, alive martyred, able bodied or disabled in action, is the great landmark of the big shoulders that brought Eritrea into existence. What is wrong with addressing all issues as they concern different Eritreans in different manner. Diversion in its proper sense would be if I talk to you about emerging markets in the Eastern European countries when we are discussing Eritrea. No body is diverting anybody, just airing what they think is important.

      Here is my belief clearly:

      1- If the border issue is resolved, it would be good in the short term and long term of our country. Is that reason enough to accuse me of working for dictatorship in Eritrea?

      2-I understand there may be calculations by some that the stalemate would be the quickest way to undermine the regime and bring about change of government. I don’t see it, because it has taken long with no tangible progress. And when things seemed to boil during Jan.21, there was no official opposition that could even guide media opinion on the matter. The world was turning to for progress updates. I know you have a set topics you like to talk about, but what is the point of talking about them when they fail to convince your audience because they doubt your sincerity, again because the border issue bullet was fired at you from PFDJ.

      3-There are people, such as serray, who think emphasis on who started the war would lead to public realization of the true nature of the IA, my point was that because both sides of the argument are based on circumstantial evidences (his on EECC and mine on what I read and come to note from factual documents and media), I believe it may be best to leave that argument out. It is decisive issue and would reinforce the perception fault-lines that the PFDJ has created within the public mind.

      4-And finally, as Tegadalay, you need to awaken your senses of shouldering lofty matters and trying to engage issues at all levels. Don’t settle for a single issue and over zealot activist. Ghedli run schools, pharmaceuticals, cultural and art works, international and regional politics and agricultural and re-afforestation activities. Your sense of struggle seems too obsessed with single issues. That can’t be considered a responsible approach.

      • Hameed


        The border issue is in the hands of your master and the Ethiopian government, if you see the entire problems of Eritreans lies in the border issue, then tell your master to solve it. The border issue is not in the hands of the Eritrean people or the Eritrean opposition. I think things have complicated to you to the extent of not knowing who hampers the border issue from being solved. If the border issue obsess you much, then make a favor and take it as homework to influence your master to solve it. Believe me, if you do this homework well then you will get a cheer from all Eritreans.

      • Haile,

        Yes haile, as you have said regarding the border ” I believe it may be best to leave that argument out. It is decisive issue and would reinforce the perception fault-lines that the PFDJ has created within the public mind” is what makes me to ask why a conscious person like you resort to such lame excuse. You know the border issue is in the hand of both governments not in the hand of us, and as far as there is not war (b/c you believe we are on no war no peace) why would not engage to change the delipadated life of our people and free our young from slavery? Think about it that we are elongating or extending the predicament our people are in. Regarding the differed article it is ready and will be released when we settle from this chaotic exchanges.

  • Semere Andom

    No Eritrean will disagree with you on our indebtedness to those who died on our behalf. The problem is as Sal once said, it is about investment, the people who invested more than their fair share like this mother tend to support the regime regardless of how wrong and how insulting is IA to the martyrs. They hope and pray that the blood of their loved ones would not be in vain.

    Now back to the content of the poem. It incites hate and revenge, a typical EPLF/PFDJ tactic perfected over the years. It takes jabs at the opposition by borrowing derogatory phrases from the play book of IA. You would expect someone who lost two children to advocate that peace, unity and justice must be achieved among Eritreans and you would also expect them to say peace with Ethiopia instead of telling us that they are good for nothing as they have inherited the cruelty of their ancestors like Yohannes.

    One of the big problems is that EPLF glorifies and celebrates death and many Eritreans just follow. The terrorists glorify death too, but at least in exchange of eternal life, paradise and Hoor Al aYin.

    EPLF/PFDJ celebrates martyrdom and death for exchange of more death, suffering and eternal hell. Also she said to the effect of “Qsenu Sewuatna”, a lie that has been repeated again and again by EPLF.

    No reconciliation, no call for peace while as a mother of two children who gave their lives, she could have been rightly more demanding on behalf of her children who perished so that others could live a life serenity and justice. It is a shame to use this occasion to incite propaganda, hate and colossal lies of “Qsen SewuAtna”

    • yegermal

      Do we even know if this woman is legit,i.e., is the mother of two martyrs? Considering DIA’s modus operandi, one cannot discount the possibility that the lady is just another paid operative that has no qualms with posing as a “proud mother” of two valiant tegadelti. Never underestimate DIA’s propaganda machine!

    • haile

      Semere A

      One point I agree with you is that the message was one that was martial in style and content. Knowing your expertise in that aspect of literature (poetry), I am not going to delve further. However, this was an event specifically observed to call homage to those who lost their lives in action (to me every single Eritrean soul to have been in medda at the time, regardless under which side, and paid in life is a martyr). Under such events, it is understandable that the content aims to justify, glorify and beautify the whole saga that lead to the event being commemorated.

      Semere, if you insist on wearing the political glass at all times, it is bound to distort your perception. Some times to those with a hammer, everything may end up appearing to be a nail! It is sometimes worthwhile to take it easy, take off your hats and glasses and just immerse yourself in it, even for the sake of the poetry if not for anything else.


      I thought humans left mindless stampede to those in the lesser orders long ago! You’re proving me otherwise.

      • yegermal

        ayyyyyy,do you not realize that your diversionary tactics are getting old? Unless you have evidence that this lady is legit, my insinuation that “all that glitters is not gold” stands. I find it quite amusing that those that have no first hand experience of the struggle for independence are the most vocal about our martyrs and exploit their memories in vain for their political gains. Another case of “Kab beal taf si baal af”. The callous and audacious individuals that they are, DIA’s operatives don’t even have the decency to let our martyrs rest in peace!

  • wediere


    As SAAY pointed out many of us may follow the articles but following the Paltalks, Youtube series is a tall order.

    A link that I checked on facebook tonight, shows a disabled tegadalay relating the story of Mai Habar (it looks he crossed the border to get protection by Weyane).

    I wonder how Haile would relate the story to the people, since saying DIA screwed up may not go down well.


    • haile


      There is a great advice if you are going out to buy your food grocery. Don’t go when you are hungry. It is believed that if you go full and rested, you’ll make a rational choice about the type of food items you shop and therefore eat.

      Now, you may like to think of issues that relate to Eritrea, along side the person you hate most, whatever you come up with however, can’t be taken seriously because you have compromised your judgement competency by putting yourself under duress to begin with.

      Please regain self control, it would be good for everybody, including those you profess to care so much for.


      • yegermal

        Have ever heard of “entatie n’zerie Alena”? That’s how DIA debates, on purpose, and it seems you have picked his bad habits. Yegermal!

      • wediere

        You claimed you are not fond of using analogies to make a point as it can be used or extended to drive a totally opposing message…..I was tempted to switch it but I will hold my breath.
        In your last debate, your last reasoning of “what should we tell the mother” or something to that effect was very weak that it looked you admitted to DIA igniting the war, but….you sounded terrified of telling the truth to our people…….why? To put it mildly, you are just looking for soft landing, can’t explain it any other way. Even though you see the mess, you sound that you admiration for the dictator is still there.
        Having said that, the assertion by Serray that the sole reason for the war is avoid the implementation of the constitution is another absurd point I read in this thread.
        I just don’t believe that our entire problem can be pin pointed to one factor only. That is neither the border war nor the shelving of the constitution. One may wrap it by putting it all in the man at the helm (good for peace – taking DIA as the sacrificial goat), still we take a big chunk of the blame for allowing him (or empowering him) to be the dictator he is.


        • haile

          Selam wediere
          Let me give you the benefit of the doubt and think that you honestly misunderstood me. I didn’t say what should we tell the mother. I said the mother deserves the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Since we are not in a position to ascertain that at this point in time, we must refrain from using it for cheap politicking. You have a million things you can criticize IA for, don’t go into such a cheap lie that was put there to ensnare the Eritrean people. When time comes and TPLF is exposed for what it is, I assure you that l’tiftafu ewen temali’u kekheyd eyu.

          • Hameed


            A person who is not convinced by all the dilemma that has fallen upon Eritreans within the past 22 years, then he will never be influenced by arguments from Eritreans of good intentions. If we discuss the whole of our life to influence the servants of the dictator we will never bring one of them to stand on the side of our people. There are two cases that bring them to their senses, either they have to be slammed by their master, or the Eritrean people should be able to change the status-quo on the ground. Such things only make a brain-wash to the likes of Admas Haile.

          • haile


            I had to find this one. Since you are so interested about the issue of “mothers”, let me also have one mother give you her side of perception as regards two of her children who were martyred.

            Adey Asgedesh puts it as follows:



          • wediere

            “I said the mother deserves the truth and nothing but the whole truth. Since we are not in a position to ascertain that at this point in time, we must refrain from using it for cheap politicking.

            There has been a verdit on who started the war……but you are saying let us wait to know….I wonder how long that waiting will be, according to your estimation!

            But then you have made up your mind when you state:

            “You have a million things you can criticize IA for, don’t go into such a cheap lie that was put there to ensnare the Eritrean people. When time comes and TPLF is exposed for what it is, I assure you that l’tiftafu ewen temali’u kekheyd eyu.
            Kolel Nkaynbl, I think the mothers know enough of the ugly war, heard the worst news and they are not hanging for an answer from us.

            The Eritrean people are not living in a condition that we are happy with, as you said there are millions of things that DIA has screwed up on……but our job is not even to enumerate them, he has no legitimacy, if he decides to hold to power by force, a forceful removal is a must.


      • Haile,

        This comment of you depict what Haile is Up to and how loyal to the tyrant you are. At least until now I didn’t know how insensitive to our disabled Tegadelti you are. You see Haile when your are caught you lose the grip of the issue you jump to your common theme of language, and they are “compromise, incompetency, neo-andnet.” Don’t act as you are the yardstick measurement of competency, for Eritrea has so many by far honestly by far, brighter and humble individuals than you to filter the issue at hand…Yes slowly but surely will guide the ship to the promise land.

        • haile


          “At least until now I didn’t know how insensitive to our disabled Tegadelti you are.”

          ..amd how did you read my mind on that? You see, Aman, my way or the highway is at it again. Don’t you think we would be working for another tyrant, one you’ll loyal too if I go by your logic, if you don’t change your way? Put it differently, what is the point of fighting a dictatorship to replace it with another one?

          I am still waiting for a mere one paragraph worth of counter argument from you. All that you do is either to tell us new slang to use to insult the Eritrean people, offer unsolicited advice to people not to debate with one another or simply to label people.

          Let me help you sort the pile of papers on your desk, how about writing about the “differed issues” that you said you were to write about and instead differed it into the black hole of “I will write about…” thing.


          You can’t misrepresent, insult and label people for an argument. You’ve got to tackle them at their core issues. That is all this comments forum is for.

          • Hameed


            The age of cramming the population from one source of information has gone forever. The contemporary people swim in a vast pool of information from different sources. This leads me to assure you there is no way that leads to another tyrany, all the ways that leads to another dictator are blocked. If you want to be sure visit any kindergarden and compare your childhood understanding and those sweet flowers you visit. I believe the minds of modern kindergarden comprehend more than their fathers and mothers of the olden age. Please, stop to use the rotten politics of scarecrow.

          • Hameed


            Since all of us are swimming in a vast pool of information from different sources and corners of the world walks of life, it is impossible to give way for a new tyrant. This advanced understanding has created the minds of all of us to function properly, except of those criminals.

            Contemporary man/woman/child demands are boderless, they are not an easy prey that you can hunt with a little (baqshish). That age has ended, Mr. Admas Haile. Please, Move to 2013.

          • haile


            It appears to me that you are confusing haile with Admas Haile. I am for that form of knowledge driven process to guide and influence our lives. Is it likely that you may somehow find a bolt of inspiration to notice that you can still disagree and live with [your] people? My rule of giving someone as good as what they come with is always applicable. And I don’t shoot unless provoked….you are insisting that you are not only going to be disrespectful but amazingly lacking in any substance other than insults and threats…are you cyber police or something…show me your badge ID?

  • Hameed


    The border demarcation will never change the colour of the despot and his cohorts. If you believe in that, you are either don’t understand the sick mentality and hatred filled spirit of Isaias and his dull-minded supporters, or you are a cunning person endeavouring to dig a way out for the regime that entangled in a critical situation.

    Isaias and his clique perpetrated crimes against innocent Eritreans, therefore to seek a way for peace with the people of Eritrea and their neighbours is beyond their calculations. I think no one has heard of criminals handed themselves with their own will to the court of law. You attempt to cheat, but I think there is no way for that in the modern free world that changed to a village due to technological advancement.

    I am from the quarters that you hate, Mr. Haile, and I will be there untill I see the dictator and his cohorts behind the bars. I believe justice always prevails against injustices.

    • Hameed


      The Eritrean people liberated the entire nation of Eritrea within 30 years, but your master is unable to liberate a tiny portion of Eritrea within the past fifteen years. Don’t you consider this an apparent failure? Primarly, Isaias and his regime should be removed after that the Eritrean people wil get back their tiny portion of land through peacefull negotiation or fight for it.

      No one has forced the Eritrean people to fight for their country in the past and now too no one has the right to dictate the priorities of the Eritrean people. The timely dream and demand of the Eritrean to see their country ruled by law and not by criminals.

  • abel

    [Moderator: if you feel like insulting people, go to the nearest rowdy bar and try you luck, not here in this forum. Consider this your last warning.]

  • yegermal

    Dear AT,

    It is very sad that you deleted Ghezae Hagos’s post while giving ample opportunity to the hailes to populate your site with their utterly redundant and boring comments. And, it is quite shocking that you misconstrued (most likely deliberately) his timely call for active “activism” and interpreted it as belittling’s contribution to the struggle. In any case, thank you for posting Ghezae’s comment long enough for some of us to jot down his email. May you return to the olden days of focused, unflinching, and above all tolerant mode of struggle. Yesaltelkum!

    • haile

      Mr/Mrs yegermal,

      You are confusing the hell out of people here. What are talking about? Here are the comments with Ghezae’s email:


      • Ghezae Hagos


        No, thanks for your support. All is fine. The message was not deleted. You can reach me too at:

    • awatestaff

      Yegermal, wouldn’t it be nice to verify before throwing accusations haphazardly? None of Ghezae’s comment’s were deleted. NONE.

      • yegermal

        Dear AT,

        I apologize profusely for the unfounded accusation. I was thouroughly convinced that the comment was in this thread, but guess that is what happens when one reads awate half-asleep:).

        • hahah,

          Let’s not be like Mitt Romney. Let’s not have the “tendency to shoot first,[then] aim later”. Habeshas call this kind of “hiwket”: Yegib Chikul Kend Yineksal or tehawiken yefsisiUo tedebiren yihafsuUo”

          Yigermal’s best strategy could have been to stick to his/her gun just like “bixay Haile”. Bixay Haile would have responded differently. In other words, he would have denied that he had made a mistake. 🙂 He would have argued that he was right by bringing other people’s complaints/comments against Awate.

          • haile


            Mechem haile zeybla huket, huket aykonetn n’akha…we gud 🙂