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PFDJ Dictionary Hooligan: A Citizen Who Demands His Civil Rights

eritreans parisPFDJ Dictionary

If you are an Eritrean living in Africa or the Middle East, you have to go to the Eritrean embassy to renew your passport, which you will need for your residency permit.

If you are an Eritrean living in Europe, North America, Australia, etc, you can go to the Eritrean embassy to pay your 2% tax.

If you are an Eritrean* living in Europe, North America, Australia, etc, and you want to protest the policies of the Eritrean regime, then you are a hooligan.

* Chances are, you are not an Eritrean and you don’t even know it.

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  • Ethiopian

    Eritreans_who cares wheather isayas supporters or not_are crazy enough to think that it was Ethiopians who were demonstrating against eritrean embassies elswhere.Why should they waste their precious time for the matter which has nothing to with them?Who cares wheather Mr.Isayas leave the office or not?Aren’t You independent still lead by Ethiopians?Stop blaming Ethiopia,heaven for chickenhead eritreans, for this & that.What matters seriously is the massive influx of eritreans in thousands every day despite the intest of Ethiopian people.

  • Eritrawinet

    wow, I think we have seen the end of any kind form of opposition. Even the awate-team are Advocating violence. Say what you want but destroying properties is an act of chaildish hooligans.
    Good bye opposition,hello Issaias for life.

  • Daniel

    Ok May be they could be hooligans what about the old men who has not mind he doesn’t care about the future of the people…. selfish old hero. Already he gonna eat 2 persons{ old sinners } we happy with him too coz they were hooligans …he could never ever live with out blood . So according Embassy dictionary HE IS OLD god HOOLIGAN

  • Teklit Asfaha

    Awate staff, how come you are not talking about the violence committed by EYSC against eritreans in Europe and North America? Last year, Zemach was heavily injired and almost killed in Zurich by dozen of young eritreans members of the opposition? What about Solomon Assefaw in Bay Area? Etc…why do you want to hide this? In your own dictionary, what do you call this kind of person who vandalize, terrorize and attack a community? Freedom fighters? Democratic militants?

    • yegermal

      Teklit, EYSC and the likes are called “whining-catalysts”. Forto 2013 has reduced hgdifawyan to immature whiners. Bekeyti!

  • sara

    just trying to connect!

  • Abdu

    I think this is not New. These people are not really responsible Eritreans. But they claim they are!! How ever if you Eritrean and responsible you would never undermine the question of oppressed citizen and their demand. I can’t say and any violation concerning the Activity of the young Eritrean in London or else where, to go to the Embassy that claims, theirs, and presenting their demand, I believe the problem is because they didnot go there to pay 2%….. Any way we’l keep fighting for the liberation and PFDJ will continue insulting and defaming us… at the end we will win!!

  • yegermal

    Embassies do not run money laundering and blackmailing businesses, mafia organizations do. DIA’s mafia operations will be treated according to what they represent:contempt, mayhem and destruction. Get over it !


    ነንጭዋ ገዛስ ኣንጭዋ ደገ ተውጽኣ በሉ ዓድና ።ኩላትና ኤርትራውያን ንኹን እምበር እቶም ደቂ ኣርብዓ ደቀባት ኮይኖም እቶም ኣቐዲምና ዝሰፈርና ግን ኤርትራውነትና ተነፊጉ። ግን እቲ ቃልስናውን ብጆግራፊ ኣቃማምጣ ብደቂ ኣኽሱምን ደቂ ከሰላን (ኢትዮጵያን ሱዳንን)፣ኣብ ካይሮ ግብጺ፣ዝተጠንሰ ስለ ዝኾነ ምንም ክገርመና ኣይግባእን።ንሕና ኤርትራውያን´ውን ¨ቸ ጉቬራታት¨ ኴንና ¨ዘይሃገርና¨ኢትዮጵያ (እህ ህ)ከም ብዓል ኣብርሃ ደቦጭን ፣ሞጎስን ፣ከም ብዓል ዘርኣይ ደረስ በሽሓት ዝቑጸሩ ¨የውስጥ ኣርበኛ¨ኮይኖም ሻሸማኔ ሓማሴን ሰፈር ዝነብሩ ¨ዘይሃገሮም¨ኢትዮጵያ ዘገልገሉ።ወረ እቲ ኣኽሱማዊ ንግስና ክሳዕ ማዳጋስካርን የመንን ክገዝእ እንከሎ ንኤርትራ ኣብ 1991¨ነጻነት ስለ ትእውጅ ኢሉ ንበይና እዩ ገዲፍዋ.
    I have a migrane.I need extra strength tylenol.

    • HGDEF

      ደቂባት ዲካ ደቂናት ይጽነሓልካ። እቶም ንስኻ ተደናጊሮም ግን ወይ ናይ ብሓቂ ደቂ ኣርበዓ እዮም ወይ ከኣ ብቅርሕንትን ጽቢብ ኣተሓሳስባን ዓይኖም ዝዓወሩ እዮም። ነቶም ጽቡቅ ገይርና ንፈልጠካ ግን ኣይገርመናን እዩ።

  • Dawit

    Hooligan according to the English dictionary “a person, usually young, who belongs to an informal group and commits acts of vandalism or criminal damage, starts fights, and who causes disturbances” . So what do you call people who break into an Eritrean Embassy in London and Rome, who break properties and trash the office, disturbing normal embassy daily operations other than “Hooligans”? Of course they were not Eritreans. A picture tells a thousand words. When I watch the video pictures they distributed, I don’t have any problem to spot that they were not Eritreans. Their uniform and their Tigrigna betrays their identity which the repeatedly the Embassy staff that they were Eritreans. They came with their recent uniforms, that they received from Ethiopian embassies, to mourn the passing of their beloved leader Meles. Those black jackets tell me they are not Eritreans. Tigrigna is spoken in Eritrea and Tigray Ethiopia, and the two are different. Mekele Tigrigna is Amharized tigrigna. In Eritrea when we say post a picture on a wall, we say ‘Tekaayo’ and in Makale Amharized Tigrigna they say ‘Letifo’. Therefore, anyone who speaks Tigrigna is not an Eritrean. They can fool others but not Eritreans or Eritrean government and when the government declare them Eritreans they are right. A peaceful demonstration is not vandalizing property. One can bang his drum for days in front of the White House or White Hall; you don’t get inside and break the leader’s pictures. True Eritreans have conducted Peaceful demonstrations worldwide since early seventies, and never demonstrated vandalism which is the characteristics of Hooligans.

    • with all respect ,the whole statment you put them one after the other shows your ignorance.tigrigna either it is spoken by tigrians or by the eritrean tigrigna speakers it is tigrigna there is no formula to speak it.if you thing tigrigna is tigrigna when it is said by you and your follows good luck keep saying till you run out of words.the tigrigna spoken in eritrea could be different let alone reginaly even if you go from one district to the other one.if you want how our language tigrigna is wide just open your mind wounder from one part of eritrea to the other then you will get the right answer.if you are still you have tigrian phobia go to gabr deranto and get treated on a top of this ask all those army generals and some ministers and high ranking ethiopian origine officials in thing you have to understan the eritrean people we donot have any problem with the tigrians the only problem is between the original tigrians in tigray and the tigrian origin in eritrea.if you are not one of them lets work together and fix it.there is no reason for the tigrians to come to the embassy of eritrea to disturb they have a lot to do on their part for their benefit.donot be divisive.if you are really concerned about eritrea and its people donot worry about the broken picture of the killer care about your brothers and sisters on sale in sainai and your brothers and sisters at the endless national service.for dictators and their collabrators this is only the begining .for some one who doesnot understand peace you chalenge him using his language.this is all i can say toyou mr.dawit.

      • what kind of moderation are you trying to say.

    • aman

      you are write on explaining the words meaning but you are wrong when you try to compare with the white house or white hall demonstration because in those place the is rule of law .you can call them any way you want but can you answered their questions lets have a rule of law in our country what is wrong with that?

      • Dawit

        If there is ‘rule of law’ in US and UK that their citizens should follow and abide by, also there is a ‘rule of law’ in Eritrea a law written by the blood of thousands of Eritreans martyrs. Eritrea is a peaceful country that is trying to defend its independence against those who are trying to reverse its historical achievements as a nation. As I indicated earlier, those hooligans who are terrorizing Eritrean Embassies are not Eritreans. Their uniforms, their languages and actions reveals who they are, therefore they are not of true Eritrean origin who are always law abiding citizens wherever we live. The hooligans are the grandchildren of those who were terrorizing Eritrea in 1940s, paid and sent by Haile Selassie to Eritrea as ‘Shiftas’, and now they are sent to blackmail Eritrean government internationally, paid by the same Ethiopian government and their supporters as ‘oppositions’ to Eritrean government.
        Awet nhafash!


    On the other hand anyone who says ‘NHNA NSU NSU NHNA’ and is s bootlicker and repeats whatever the regime says irrespective of its validity is considered an upright citizen, a devot patriot.


    You are a hooligan when you enter the embassy with violent motives and destroy properties of the embassy, take down the internationally recognized flag, disrupt embassy staff from doing their duty, boast that you have occupied the embassy as a sign of solidarity to mutiny who tried to take control of the MoI.

    • Kokhob Selam


      you are talking about small office of Mafia but what do you call the old guys (pfdj) who are destroying the entire country not only property but human-beings and all what ever is inside the country? the bad thing is even they are old guys with long experience of national struggle according to them.and they are telling us they are thinking of future will you think of future if you are not alive today?

    • Asmerom

      Simple question to you and all the papagalos’ of PFDJ.

      If these people who you call are hooligans did violet any law then why is it that the government that the Embassies are in did not arrest them (other than detain them temporarily until they cleared them)? Let me spell it for you, what they did is called civil disobedience. This also include to the group of youth in Oakland… they appeared in court and they were not arrested cleared from all charges. I bet that would have being a different story in Eritrea, thanks to your mafiaso government.