Thursday , December 3 2020
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Negarit #19- Half-baked bread – ዘይበሰለ እንጀራ!

Happy New Year. This episode is dedicated to Berhane Abrehe

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  • dawit

    Selamat Saleh,

    When I was a child I remember when my mother feed us not well cooked shiro when we were hungry and we were inpatient to waite till it cooked well. She tell us it will be cooked in our stomach. The most important fact when we were hungry was to satisfy the hunger even if the food was not well cooked. So PIA and PMAA are feeding the people of Ethiopia including Tigray and Eritreans with Peace and Hope, even there is no “Democracy” to satisfy everyone. With Peace and Hope for the new year, the rest goodies will follow and hopefully people like you will wakeup and support their effort for peace, development and democracy for the region and beat a new drum or negarit to all including to the people of Tigrai.

    Happy New Year!

  • ኣያ ሳለሕ፣

    አዚኣስ ኣብ ሞቕሎኣ ኮላ ብስልቲ ቅጫ ወይ አንጀራ ዘጽገበትኒ ኮይና ረኺበያ። ዓሰርተ!


    • Saleh Johar

      10! Thank you
      PFDJ unknowingly served us well on the date. They use the Julian calendar so September 1 is meskerem 1.

    • dawit

      Dear Son Solomon,

      Neither. I believe it is according to Gregorian ‘Catholic’ calendar. Meskerem 1 of Orthodox or Coptic calendar was designated as the Federation Day between Eritrea and Ethiopia and now it symbolize the official opening of Ethiopian and Eritrean border.

      Happy New Day

      • Abi

        Mezmure dawit
        መስከረም ፩ ኤርትራ ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር የተቀላቀለችበት ዕለት
        መልካም ዳግም ቅልቅል !!!

  • Wedi Gula

    Aboy Saleh, I would like to ask what the name is of the music at the beginning and the end of your videos. I like it very much.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Wedi Gula,
      It is an untitled Rebaba (Krar) music folk music from Beni-Amer/Hedareb culture

  • Haile S.

    ርሑስ ሓድሽ ዓመት ንኹሉኹም!

    ሎሚ መዓልቲ ጽቡቕ ርኢና
    ዋላ ኮይና ጎቦ ርእስና ከምኡ’ውን ልብና
    ናይ ጓሂ ይኹን ናይ ሓጎስ ንብዓት ጥብ ኣቢልና
    ጎደሎ ዘይብሉ ሓጎስ ይግበሮ ናይ ጽባሕና
    መስከረም 01 ሙሉእ በዓል ሰላም ክኽውን እንተደሊና
    September 01 ሓፍ ነብላ ልዕሊ ርእስና
    ዘይኮነ ጥቢቆን ዙርያን ጥራይ ተኸዲንና
    ልውየትን ጀለብያን ንውደዮ ወሲኽና
    እታ ኣፍንጭኣ ሰቋር ካብ ሱዳን መሊስና
    ካብ ኣግነት ብመንደቕ ኣብ ዝተሰርሐ ኣስፊርና
    ንኹሉ ዜጋ ተኸናኺንና
    እሱር ካብ መቑሕ ፈቲሕና
    ናይ ዓመታት ሕሙም ፈዊስና
    ድኽነት ድንቁርና ንግበሮ ጸላኢና
    ንኻልእ ኣይንሓምቕን እንተኰንና ንባዕልና
    ሎሚ ቅዱስ የውሃነስ ሙዕጉርቲ ከሲብና
    መስቀል ነዚ ኩሉ ትምኒት ተሰኪማ ደበኽ ትበለና
    ናይ ሎሚ ትምኒተይ ተስፋ እገብር ክኸውን ናይ ኩልና።

    SJG congratulations! ሓቒቕ (crystal clear) ዘረባ!

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    ሰላም ሳልሕ,

    ጽቡቅ መልእኽቲ:: ንህዝብና ኸአ ሰላም ይፍጠረሉ:: ርሑስ አውድአመት ንኹልና::

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Brother SGL,

    Nice..What an explanation!!! Excellent. Really ይበል እጀ-ጠባብ :: ታይ ክወጾ!!