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Human Trafficking & the Single Focus on Its Inhumane Aspects

Since 2001, Eritreans have added new words to their exile vocabulary. They have new words for new destinations and new graveyards: Lampedusa, Italy.  Calais, France.  Almeria, Spain. Tel Aviv, Israel.  They have new entry points to further destinations: the Tijuana-San Diego border.  The Quebec-Vermont border.  The Buffalo-Ontario border.  They have traveled to countries no Eritrean had before: to places with strange names like Cartagena, El Latal, and San Andres. They have walked the landscape of Gambia, Cape Verde, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. They have died in the Moroccan Coast; they have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea; and they have been raped, beaten, tortured and harvested for organs in Sinai, Egypt. Eritrea has become, on a per capita basis, one of the world’s largest exporters of human beings and, it stands to reason, that, on a per capita basis, Eritreans are some of the biggest victims of human trafficking. Eritreans have justifiably focused their wrath on the inhumanity of human trafficking—that in Sinai—but not enough outrage has been focused on why exactly are Eritreans leaving their country at such an alarming rate.

Like all complex issues, the increase in human trafficking has multiple causes—economic and political. It is the result of pull factors, push factors, and facilitators.

The West: The Pull Factor

There is no doubt that the destination countries (mainly the West) are a magnet to those seeking the help of human traffickers: (a) they provide economic opportunities that are not available in most states in Africa, Asia and South America; (b) they provide a welfare state that makes starvation and homelessness almost impossible; (c) they provide legal protection that give people a fighting chance to avoid instant deportation. These are the “pull factors” and they explain why, for many countries in Africa, remittances from abroad far exceed revenues the governments generate from exporting products and services or foreign aid the receive from the West. In other words, human trafficking is simply another export—one which generates a reliable and sustainable source of income—and the countries of origin will not only turn a blind eye to it but, when they can get away with it, they will facilitate it.  The UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has amply documented this, in the case of Eritrea.

In a world where the disparity between wealthy nations and least developed countries continues to grow, human trafficking will continue no matter how many panels are convened to stop it, and no matter how many reports or condemnation are issued by the State Department.   The human trafficking conference that is being organized by the AU and scheduled to be held in Cairo this fall should also be seen within this context.

The West knows that it has to take aggressive measures to curtail it. One of the least noted aspects of Italy’s offer to pay Libya $5 billion in reparations for its colonial occupation was what Italy sought: the right to patrol Libya’s coast for 25 years.  This is to stop immigrants at their point of departure. The West and Israel are already reconsidering the pull factors: to make it harder for immigrants to get a job and education and to expedite the deportation process. In 2012, Israel called all who cross its borders “infiltrators” and empowered its law-enforcement officials to imprison them for three years, no questions asked. And, globally, according to the UNHCR, the number of people asking for asylum has, after a spike, decreased.

But the pull factors are not pulling all Africans equally. Senegal and Guinea are closer to South America, than Eritrea is. Mali is closer to Spain and Malta than Eritrea is. Many African countries are, financially speaking, only marginally better off than Eritrea. In fact, many of the countries that Eritreans travel to on their way to their destination points are just as poor and their people are just as incentivized as Eritreans are to make more money—if money was the only issue. Still, Eritreans—on a per capita basis—leave their countries at rates far in excess that of most nations.  And, on a per capita basis, their traffickers are most inhumane. Why is that?  Let’s begin with the latter.

The “Rashaida” Traffickers

There are many routes Eritreans are using to make it to their destinations in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Israel. Most of the human smugglers Eritreans use appear to do their “job” well—it is a simple, if costly, transaction.   The smugglers get their money, and the Eritrean gets to his destination.  The steep increase in the price which occurred in 2009 is a simple function of supply-and-demand.  (The State Department says the increase is attributed to global economic meltdown of 2008.) There are all sorts of traffickers engaged in every sort of activity—in fact, the first documented case of Eritreans being trafficked to Australia in 2001 was carried out by UN employees in Kenya.

Of all the traffickers, the ones that have been documented to being the cruelest are the ones trafficking us from Egypt to Israel.  Actually, it should more accurately be described as the Eritrea-Sudan-Egypt-Israel route since the trafficking begins either in Eritrea or Sudan, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and ends up in Israel or, sadly, in Sinai.  Kidnapping refugees from Sudan, and smuggler-to-smuggler sale or transfer is increasingly common. There has been one clan that has been named as a facilitator—and that is the Rashaida group.  As Rachel Humphris writes in a UNHCR report, “It is necessary to stress only a small number of people from the Rashaida ethnic group are involved in this type of smuggling and an even smaller number commit abuses.”  Indeed.  No matter how frustrated and angry we get, we do need to remember that.  Just as it was wrong to vilify the entire Amhara ethnic group for the crimes committed by some of its ruling class against Eritreans, it is wrong to throw the collective name of “Rashaida” to describe a few people who commit heinous crimes.

Ethnographers say that the Rashaida arrived in Sudan and Eritrea in the mid 19th century. Nomadic, with deep ties to the Gulf States, they focused on cross-border trade, which later became known as smuggling. Because of Sudan’s politics, the Rashaida have no land in Sudan. Unlike other ethnic groups, their chief—Nazir—has no land and, therefore, no prestige or influence. We mention this because there is often some frustration that the cruelty inflicted on Eritreans must be sanctioned by the entire Rashaida because all that would have to happen is for a “tribal chief” to tell them to stop and they would stop it.  There simply is no go-to person.

The Rashaida live in one of the more marginalized parts of Sudan—Eastern Sudan.  It is to address this neglect by Khartoum that the Beja Congress was established in the early 1990s and joined by the Rashaida Free Lions in 1999—forming the Eastern Front, which was based in Western Eritrea. (Read a primer by author John Young on this subject.) In 2006, when the Eritrean regime gave up on the Eastern Front’s military capacity, it mediated a settlement between Khartoum and the Eastern Front. The founder of the Rashaida Free Lions, Mebrouk Selim Mubarek (himself mentioned as one of the beneficiaries of human trafficking in a UN report), was given a government portfolio; the fighters of the Beja Congress and the Free Lions were integrated into Sudan’s Armed Forces; Khartoum maintained security control for Eastern Sudan, and the Eritrean regime evaded the threat of the Sana’a Axis (Sudan-Ethiopia-Yemen) by breaking off Sudan from the trio.   That is: Khartoum got what it wanted, Asmara got what it wanted, but Kassala and Port Sudan didn’t.  Since 2006, there hasn’t been any change to the marginalization of Eastern Sudan.

When Khartoum clamped down on “contraband trade,” it disproportionately affected the Rashaida. A few moved on to the one other occupation they know: arms and human smuggling. This was facilitated greatly by the Eritrean regime which has become a key driver of the contraband trade. According to the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea, the Eritrean regime—and specifically General Tekle Manjus—is at the center of the contraband trade which is carried out on a vast network and profits handsomely from the illicit trade.

The Eritrean Regime: The Push Factor

In several interviews, representatives of the Eritrean regime have tried to downplay their role in the creation of the circumstances that have resulted in Eritreans risking injury, death and far worse to leave their country of birth. According to them, those responsible are (a) Ethiopia, for failing to abide by the final and binding boundary decision which has forced Eritrea to maintain a large army for the purposes of war-readiness; (b) the US and the UN for failing to compel Ethiopia to abide by the ruling; (c) the West for creating such an attractive magnate that the youth find irresistible.

This negates the fact that the Eritrean strongman has publicly stated that he doesn’t care if Eritrean youth leave the country because he can, thanks to globalization, always replace them with people from India and the Philippines.   He made this speech to Eritrean university students in Durban*, South Africa in 2002.

This negates the fact that the Eritrean president had, in an interview, said that youth abandoning their country is not a big deal: they are just going on a short vacation and will be back.

This negates the fact that, when it mattered most, Eritrea’s ambassador to Egypt told an Egyptian newspaper that Egypt has no responsibility for the well-being of Eritrean refugees in its land.

This negates the fact that it is unnatural to demand that the Eritrean youth remain in conscription indefinitely.

This negates the fact that the alleged reason for maintaining a conscript army—to defend against Ethiopian aggression—was proven to be bunk when Ethiopia twice invaded Eritrea in 2012 at will to conduct military missions against its own armed opposition based in Eritrea and there was no response from Eritrea.

This negates the fact that beyond waiting for Ethiopia to change its mind, there is no strategy, no initiative, no Plan B to change the status of the stalled demarcation of Eritrea-Ethiopia border. This state of “let’s wait” has been going on since 2002.

This negates the fact that neither the border ruling, nor Ethiopia’s refusal to abide by it, nor the West’s immigration policies have anything to do with the Eritrean regime’s refusal to have a country that has a functioning constitution that guarantees its citizens fundamental rights.

The “new normal” that the Eritrean regime has created—a land without a constitution, a people without any rights, an economy with no participants besides military and ruling party executives, a youth in indefinite conscription—may work for the regime because it is immune to it, but it is not working for the Eritrean youth primarily because they don’t see a reason to hope.

After all, there are many countries that are just as poor, or only marginally better, than Eritrea. The difference is that the citizens of those countries—at least enough of them—feel a bond to the land and have a hopeful preview of the future. When one can’t even till the land of his forefathers because he is carrying a weapon, when one can’t sit in the shop of his father, because he is carrying a gun and his father is, too; when one can’t look forward to a wedding, to raising a family, to enjoy the company of family and friends—in short to a NORMAL LIFE—what would keep the person in his own country?


Eritreans are spending a lot of time talking about human traffickers involved in inhumane activities. And they should. Unfortunately, not enough Eritreans are outraged by the fact that a large number of Eritreans—apparently using “humane” human smugglers—are leaving their country in droves to far-off lands.

The Eritrean strongman’s letter of protest to the UN regarding human trafficking is half-hearted and too late.  It is half-hearted because the regime is profiting handsomely from human trafficking and has given strong messages that it doesn’t care if the country is emptied out of its youth because they can always be replaced and that, in any event, they will come back. It considers it a means to easy money now, and a large base for remittances in the future.

There will always be human smugglers and there will always be Eritreans who will leave Eritrea in search of a better life elsewhere. What is scary now is the magnitude of it: and, no matter how unattractive the “pull factors” are, it won’t be reversed until the “push factors” are changed. Almost 90% of the new refugees in Israel are Eritreans and, in interviews, they describe their primary reason for leaving Eritrea: lack of freedom. By freedom they mean ownership of their own life: the ability to dream of a better future. Unless that changes and changes quickly, Eritrea will continue to empty itself out of its youth who will continue to discount the horror stories of Sinai because, in the words of an unnamed Eritrean who was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor (February 22, 2010), “If you’re going to die either way, it’s better to die trying to live.”
inform. inspire. embolden. reconcile.

* An earlier edition of this article misidentified the South African city as Dublin and did not have active links of the sources for some of the information cited. These have now been corrected.  

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  • Haile,

    Should I call Mr. A?

    Mr. I know everything. I read your personal statistics and definitely you love to play merry-go-round. Mr A, Mr I know everything, Mr. Eritrean genius just read…
    Some years ago, there was a student who was taking some classes at Yale University. This student always thinks he is genius, knows best, ….etc, then one day he came to take a class test. When he sat down to take the test he came across many hard questions that he could not answer. He talked to himself, if I could answer these questions no one can. So to keep his super-ego he decided to write the following:

    Dear professor,

    Only God knows the answer to these questions.

    merry Xmas!

    Professor writes back to the student (Mr. genius, like you)
    Dear student,

    God gets an A, and you get an “F”

    Happy New Year!

    PS. keep your toxic folk medicine for yourself, your group, or if you are generous enough “N Ayaka Etnenelu”

    • haile

      Just you know that your ill fated crazed discourse wouldn’t even make it past this comments section. You have earned “F” for life! No meds would work with your condition, it is called H*A*T*E*R

      • correction:
        I could answer these questions…. should been:- if I could not answer these questions..

        Finally! I am glad you cooled down. Next time don’t try to create ideas from thin air, for it is like “praying to be wrong”.

  • eritrawi

    Gumare, Haile, TiETiE( Shiro bubble),
    can you please call the rashaidans by their original tribe name which is Zibiedi.
    You said the Zibiedis were in Eritrea for 200 years. That’s pure lie from isias and his followers. Zibiedis come and go between countries as far as gulf and Sinai. They think all the land belong to them. throughout history they were in a move to kidnap Africans and sell them like animals in arab countries .if you see today zibiedi tomorrow his in kuit, Sinai, Oman, Saudi Arabia. The one who kidnapped our children longtime left Eritrea long time. It’s like grap(kidnap) and go. So they are not linked to any Eritrean land and definetly those you see today are not those who were there ten years ago. These Zibiedi(rashaidans) are brought by isias from Kerbelgash deliberately to mess up with eritreans ,some of them they just migrated from arab countries because they know each other ,they have cousins everywhere in the arab world. Sooner or letter everything will be undone. If you think people should be given Eritrean citizenship by how long they been in Eritrea. Then you should give Eritrean citizenship to Tigray, Amhara, Oromo, Italians ,Greeks, Turks, British and to Ethiopians collectively because you like it or no Ethiopians were there in Eritrea long before your ancestors and mine. If you think citizenship is given by joining the struggle for independence , I can confidently say more Tigray and ormo people died in Eritrean soil than eritreans helping us fighting Derg without them helping us could have been impossible.
    If each awraja decided to go alone to liberate their own land and people, Where on earth are you going to put Zibeidi . Sahel and Semhar has its own inhabitants. So you want to put them in some ones land to implant people and cause mess and war in some ones land. Please Do whatever you want with heritage land Being seraye, hamsein or akeloguzai , but do not touch my land because you are declaring war. Secondly Habesha people(Eritreans and Ethiopians) lived in sudan permanently for more than 100 years so would you be kind since you are a layer to advise the Sudanese and Egyptians governments to give Sudanese and egyptians citizenship to habasha (deki kebesa).would you also refer the Zibiedis(Rashaida0 to the Hague for ethnic cleansing the kebesa (habesha) Bihere Tigrigna people and for rape young and married women infront of their husbands because on your own words you said you going to sue in international court anyone who touched Zibeidi (Rashaida).Yes thre are some habesha money greed with traffickers but it is Your tribe ZIbiedi who transport and kidnap and rape and torture them on their vehicles. Finally If you are from kebesa why do not go to kebesa people and declare that the Zibiedis are sweer innocent people. I can assure you all you need is a grieving mother to tear you into piece in seconds.Since the ELF and the Eritrean people did not recognise Rashaida as Eritreans you do not have the right to call them Eritreans simply few stupid EPLF waheyo and isias put them as Eritreans at will treating Eritrea as if they own it.we are going to Reinstate the ELIT biher and abolish the Zibeidi Biher. Betri Haki Yiketin Ember Aysiberen.

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      you are talking about violating their rights – it is not acceptable by all norms. the coastal areas of Red sea from mersa teklay to mersaberite is their rightful territory including the town of Karora. even if they came up later time these areas were empty and desert and no ne had settled earlier than them on these areas therefore it is theirs. and they are Eritrean if they do not want to be Eritrean it is their choice since they are totally arab decent but the area is theirs by legal means. I would not care whether they want called Eritrean or not I would care about their rights and the land is theirs. If they want back to middle east that is fine if they want to live on the coastal areas of Eritrea that is their right.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Rashaida are Good People – they live hard life on the desert. they can not find water easily. they have to walk to Karora or Adebona.

    What is the difference between Rashaida human smugglers and human smugglers and criminals around south Mereb River?
    All are criminals, all rape girls. the case of smuggling is belong to smuggling. What I am reading here is jumping to different – Hating the whole Rashaida. It is possible to create criminal from all tribes. No tribe immune of criminal son.

    Please look into the entire life style of Rashaida and examine their time on the north red sea coast and their background. since they have been there they never engaged in any criminal activity, they never harassed anyone. their life is busy and hard – living in the desert is not simple so they do not have time for criminal activity.

    this thing smuggling tigryna people is new come up to them with lucrative business and dangerous to their entire tribe done by few of them and still they do not know what they are doing all they know is they got blessing from Eritrean top officials.

    • WediSouthMereb

      Dear TiETiE,
      Generally when people are intoxicated with hate, they draw illogical and hypocritical conclusions about issues and problems.

      You wrote: “It is possible to create criminals from all tribes. No tribe is immune from a criminal son”. Well, why don’t you then talk about a criminal in one of the tribes north of the Mereb River without having to exert much effort in crossing the river to find “criminals around south Mereb River”?

      You see, crossing the river could be dangerous for life especially when its waters are high during the winter.
      So my brother/sister, please think twice and never look into scapegoats for ALL of your problems.

  • Haile,
    In a way you are not that bad. Why? First let me tell you this true story: ኣብ ሓደ እዋን ምስ ተቃለስቲ ተ.ሓ.ኤ ውግእ ክገጥም ድልየት ዘይነበሮ ኮለኔል በየን ኣለካ ምስ ተባህለ ንሱ ዘይነበሮ ቦታ ንሓለፍቱ ይሕብር ኔሩ። ሓለፍቱ ድሕሪ ብዙሕ ኮለለ ጥበቡ ተረዲኦም ናብቲ ተጋደልቲ ኣሎውዎ ዝብሃል ቦታ ከም ዘምርሕ ገበሩ: ድሕሪ’ዚ እንታይ ከም ዝበለ ትፈልጥ “ጠውዮም ጠዋውዮም ከራክቡና እዮም”

    I think this is what exactly you did in the last couple days for some of us. You threw too many rocks at every directions expecting some apples in return. Too bad, this is an old tactic.
    Haile, of course it is good to be bold, hard charger, or stay the course in what you believe, yet realistic.
    If you are defending the law: no one is guilty until proven otherwise, I am with you. If you are saying we can not blame all people (Rashaida) in particular for the Sinai atrocities yet you have a right. Otherwise, you sound like you are defending the those criminals in the name of ethnicity, think about it again. And please understand: I never said or generalized that all Rashaidas are criminals or savages. My stand is clear, my view to those who are still committing unprecedented crime are SAVAGES. I may be wrong but that is my perception.

    What is wrong with having a different view from yours?

    If you really wanted to know why these people wanted not to be part of you ask them but not me. As far as my old and current information their first choice was to be part of Saudi Arabia, sent their elders, delegates, chiefs-tans and failed. Then they tried to be part of Easter Sudan, failed again. Then tried to be part of Egypt or Libya, the response was good try, at the end their choices came to dead end, and they end up “may be” to be part of you.
    Apart from that, if you have better information how these people finally chose to be part of Eritrea lay it down, I will be happy to be your student. Calling people bad names because of their view, and at times raising a HELP FLAG when you stuck doesn’t sound wise. If you are doing this totally to impress some of your by standers you are definitely in the right truck.

    Before I go and say Have a Good Day I like to say this to you: I believe we all have a style —a style of writing, a style of speaking, a style of talking, style of a way of being,… you name it. In this case, honestly, evaluate your style of engagement, and try to understand why many commentators are responding to you as they do. For now, as one of my friend always says- “there are times in life when you just do not want to miss a good chance to shut up”.
    I know you will continue throwing rocks, but you will not get a lemon let alone an apple from me.
    Have a good day

    • haile


      Here is an advise…for free. If ‘approval’ of others means much to you, group therapy is the best place to visit. Comments sections like this one are politically charged, and most of the time we write because we disagree and like to have our ‘different’ view point across. Yes, we can be immature to each other, but we are learning by the day. So, I come prepared for the heat, the heat seems to surprise you; try to remember you’re not in supportive group therapy session and hold on fast.

      The ink that ascribed your malevolent attack on the Rashaida tribe as a whole hasn’t dried yet, retracting it would earn you respect. Not just trying to disingenuously backtracking.

      FYI there is material evidence that many Rashaida men have taken part in the independence struggle.
      There is material evidence that Rashaida men have fought in the 98-2000 border war.
      There is material evidence that even only in the last six months, several contacts have been made with some members of their community best placed to influence the situation.
      There is material evidence that with in the Rashaida community, nowadays it is frowned upon and scoffed at to be known as a kidnapper.
      There is a large number of photographs of individuals involved in this being circulated in social media, none are Rashaida.
      If you can accept that Eritreans are involved in this, and what we need is Eritrean solution, I am all for that. If you are about re-considering citizenship status of people, pushing them off to the sea… then you’re just wasting your time. Get real.

  • haile


    I am afraid you lack knowledge. You’re just acting like an ignorant “marauding machete man”

    Kokob Selam,

    I agree with your last post that we need to go easy on the people and tackle the system. If we are to violate the rights of others, it is easy to do it to those weaker and worse off than you, not easy to do it to those stronger and better equipped than you!

  • Gumare

    Kokob Selam,

    Are you sure of you ncik, selam?
    You are saying ((((we notice from all part of the country people are suffering and fighting against this enemy except Rashayda as far as i know.)))

    In that cse you have to quantify the suuefring and allocate ittoeach group using the same method you used for the Rashidi tribe.

    You said ((( don’t ask to force them but at least they have to leave us in peace by not committing crimes.)))

    It means tribes are not leaving you alone, list all the tribes and not picking on the Rashida only.

    (((we have Highland criminals but the majority are struggling. if Rashida are our people they should fight against the people who are killing us among them.)))

    Be brave and say Tigrigna are our people they have to fight Isyas he is from them.

    (((yet if we will have good administration (from people to people) then only Rashida or any other Arab killer can be away is my stand. what do you say? gual zereba endo gdefo Hailat.)))

    Rashida have lived in eritrya more compared to many other racist erirtyans.

    If we struggle to get people thinking like you it is blash, blash and blash and blash. Your comment is very absard and racist and bigotry filled to the end. What is your ethnic groiup and I will tell you what your crime are afterv you tell me. You start a racist idea do not forget it will include you.

    • Kokhob Selam


      01.Don’t worry about the name. see the way i do things and that will describe me.yes, PFDJ is the best name but the group’s action is against the name. if you find my aim not matching my name , go a head and describe me. said “Be brave and say Tigrigna are our people they have to fight Isyas he is from them.” no one is ashamed of his identity. and i am proud to be from where i am.
      03.”It means tribes are not leaving you alone, list all the tribes and not picking on the Rashida only.” don’t tray to modify it what i said it there clear.
      03.”Rashida have lived in eritrya more compared to many other racist erirtyans” this might be true let historians show us. again what is in that? Eritrea was always there like other lands and things were changing everywhere “kab neyrunis ene’eny”
      04.and you said “If we struggle to get people thinking like you it is blash, blash and blash and blash” please try mine becouse that is the only

      • Kokhob Selam


        the only not tested way in yours and my country. say the truth and face the reality.
        5.”What is your ethnic groiup and I will tell you what your crime are afterv you tell me” by chance, i was saved by all Eritrean Ethnic group and my i belong to all except Rashida. one day if they proof me they are for peace i will include them to my Ethnic identity. because i have been forgiven by god and i love to forgive. and here i am forgiving you too for all nasty words. thank you

  • eritrawi

    Given that you said you are Christian, Kebesa .Take your wife, children, mother and father to one of the refugee camp, shegerab, Umgurgur, girba, wedisherifay, or near
    TiETiE( Shiro bubble, haile
    Eritrea sudan border hamdait, wedelhilow. Since only Christians kebesa are targeted by rashaida , I can assure you that within one hour of your arrival you will be kidnapped, tortured, raped by rashidans then try to tell us when you reach Sinai that rashaida are kind people.not to mention that what the rashaidans can do to your chidren and parents infront of you. I do not think you ever lived in Eritrea. Have you ever seen rashaida in seraye, akeleguzai or hamasein during hailesilasie or derg? But nowadays the entire kebesa people are at the mercy of rashaida. You went out of your way to say the kidnapped Eritreans are liars. The girls and boys, fathers and mothers are telling you they were kidnapped by rashaidans and you are telling them they are liars. Have some life please. For your information I lived near rashaida camp in sudan and I know them like the back of my hand. So do not say that what I lived through history in person in my life as hatow ketow. Why do not research why Isias changed their name from ZIBIEDI to Rashada? Offcourse you do not have a clue. You are the only Eritreans to say that rashaidans never kidnapped, or sell slaves to arabs throughout history. Get some MAYSELOT please. Furthermore you talked about resti , rashadans do not have land in Eritrea do not have resti. You said gedli was voluntary. If it was voluntary Eritrea will still be part of Ethiopia. All those young people kidnapped forced by ELF in seraye, hamsein and akeleguzay and those who tried to cross the border forced join ELF. ALL those from senhit, barka, sahel forced by EPLF , you are saying did not happen. But no body forced Zibeidi(rashaida) to join gedli because they were not considered Eritreans.

    • haile


      1-Have the criminal done this to benefit the Rashaida tribe as a whole? Evidences please.
      2- Since the Rashaida are Eritreans, can we just say Eritrean kidnappers? Why bring the whole ethnic group?
      3- Since there are non Rashaida (other Eritreans) involved in this, can you be fair and also attack the whole ethnic group of the others too?
      4- To the best of my knowledge, the Rashaida haven’t been spared from the independence struggle and the war in defence of the nation from woyane aggression, where is your evidence otherwise?
      5- Some Tigrayians committed crimes in Eritrea during derg, are all Tegaru criminals? The same with some Amhara and Oromo, is the blood of Eritreans in those cases too cheap for you to address in the same manner?

      Please give uyour answer in 1,2,3 format…no grades assigned for incomplete answers! 🙂

      • Dear Haile,
        I just do not understand what you are trying to materialize out of this Rashaida/Zibiedi case. One thing you need to know is:- At first, it was the tribe’s choice not to be considered Eritrean. As far as I know, during the armed struggle they asked to be left alone. Their main belief/in principle was they are wanderers, PERIOD. And, the best example they offer was and quote: “We are just like a desert flower( NOW YOU SEE IT, AND NOW YOU DON’T).

        Now the question is how and when do these people change their mind to be part of Eritrea or were they forced to be part of Eritrea by Iseyas?

        Haile, please join the main stream with good questions if you have any, rather than trying to materialize something out of nothing.

        • haile


          You are being a RACIST beyond measure! Let me explain. Suppose there is a place full of white people. One white man is caught pick pocketing a stranger in that location. Guess what would be said about this? Well, a guy was trying to steal from people in place x. Now, imagine that there was only one black person in the same place, and it was this black person was caught thieving. What you would hear about it is that not just “a guy” but a “black guy was…” If this is then reported on the media, you will have many people commenting how immigration is damaging their lives, blacks should be deported, they hate blacks…all sorts of racist jibs. Hardly any one would notice if it was a white person instead. Some would even say all blacks are thieves…you are doing the same! short of proving the entire tribe does this, approves of it and benefit from it.

          • Haile,
            Are you pretending you are the only person who knows about Rashaida or you are the only one who have some type of historical documents about these people?
            Let me guess, “I think you are just pretending” or just writting for Keyten. Remeber, what I stated above is: these people requested not to be part of you if you are Eritrean indeed, and their request was respected back then. Now, I see them part of Eritrea. As a citizen I have every right to ask what went right or wrong with these people? Is this fake nationalism/ nationality or real? The question goes on and on. At the same time if they are forced to be part of the country for unknown reasons they have every reason to fight the fight against the government, but not against children, women, ….

            Being a minority in one nation does not excuse you to do anything you want inside or outside the nation.

            Second, if you think you are smart enough to change their behavior why do you have to waste your time here? I mean why don’t you go there, change their mind, make them behave like the sons of Adam and Eve,….then they will have human dignity like everybody else. Otherwise, I don’t think your comments will make a dent or any change about these millenium savages.

            Now, you can continue writing and posting your comments, but here is my advice to you: “N Qebaray MerD’E ke’y KoneKa.

  • haile


    It is mind boggling that individuals who preach to us to forget the barbarity of our southern neighbor, are also telling us to renounce our fellow Eritreans, because some of their members committed crimes. Where ever the Rashaida come from, they’re here to stay and if they haven’t contributed before, they should be empowered to do so in the future. Melk’E hagerna B’kentu anebalashu…two wrong doesn’t make a right.

    Here is a wonderful Eritrean Rashaida Name Giving ceremony…brukat deqi hagerna!

    • Kokhob Selam


      EPLF count Rashida as one Ethnic group of Eritrea as if they were interested of Eritrean people. they even put some Jebdrties in leadership position while killing that wonderful Ethnic group in every chance they find. we Know all those games played. anyhow let the coming Eritrea decide if Rashida are really Eritreans and if they are interested and have strong base to be Eritreans let them show us how much they care by standing for truth. for now one things is important …and that is knowing and agreeing that PFDJ’s removal from Earth is the first step and door that can let us solve all our problems. that includes the way PFDJ play it all.

      • haile

        Kokhob Selam,

        The point I am trying to make is that the Rashaida are far bigger than this problem, and regardless of their history starting almost 200 years (longer than Eritrea itself), it is strange that some are talking about “renouncing” their citizenship. I know it is a dreamers field day, but I am challenging the idea. I once saw a documentary, soon after the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, and the economic problems that were followed for soon after, a Romanian father was featured on a BBC’s Panorama documentary while selling his under age daughter for street prostitution! What would you do to Romanians now, revoke them of their Europeaness? Kill them? massacre their men?….No Germany and the EU helped with the emergent eastern European economies at the time, now that father can look back, grieve and heal his soul. Let me ask on the scale of gravity who has done worse to us, Woyane or Rashaida? In fact, the Rashaida youth have in fact defended Eritrea from Woyan’s aggression on the pretext of border conflict. Refer to EECC for details of the war crimes and other violations that woyane committed against Eritreans in an UNNECESSARY escalation of a small conflict. And here is an article proof that the Rashaida have in fact paid in blood for Eritrea:

        It is shame that comment from “Eritrean” says to TieTie that he must be related to Rashaida, yes we are all related by shared Eritreaness, but he/she must know that using the penname Eritrean doesn’t make him one.

        Those contemplating genocide against an ethnic group, it is obvious where they learned their lesson. Everone knows about the Ogadien..

        • Kokhob Selam


          you again brought Weyane in this topic.though out years we were discussing about Weyane. it is strange intelligent people talk about weyane in every equation. Haile, I am among people who suffered long before the war between EPLF+TPLF against ELF with that weyane and i know what that front is after. but they are just politicians whom you can go for win-win with them and if not “ENTE QEDO QEDO ENTEZEY QEDO HINTATO”

          what i am saying is again the article above should be discussed to solve our problem. talking about Rashida at this moment is not important and priority. at this very moment PFDJ is our enemy. and we notice from all part of the country people are suffering and fighting against this enemy except Rashayda as far as i know. i don’t ask to force them but at least they have to leave us in peace by not committing crimes. we have Highland criminals but the majority are struggling. if Rashida are our people they should fight against the people who are killing us among them. yet if we will have good administration (from people to people) then only Rashida or any other Arab killer can be away is my stand. what do you say? gual zereba endo gdefo Hailat.

          • haile

            Brother Ks,

            I am sure you know my issue with woyane, so OK let’s leave that.

            We need to be careful when walking sensitive issues as it relates to human rights. The Rashaida are minority, disadvantaged, devalued, with little access to education and other vital services. May be saay can break down the statistics about Eritrea by ethnic demography. They are vulnerable to further violations of their rights, by virtue of their disadvantages. Let’s not attack a whole group of vulnerable minority because their members have engaged in such criminal acts.

            I know some people are hoping against hope that this would be good to take advantage of for attacking Eritrea by sawing division. The point is if Rashaida Eritreans are committing crimes, then Eritreans are committing crimes, let’s not racially profile the guilty for ulterior motives. No you though, I believe you are an honest man.

          • Kokhob Selam


            I think what you are saying is not far from truth. you let me slow down and not to attack the majority. yet, i want you to agree with one truth, we should should search a way to inform them now and by any means before it is late. the other truth is that our main problem is with PFDJ.

  • eritrawi

    TiETiE( Shiro bubble) Awate team (Rahaisa’s Public ralations affairs)
    Awate team , you renounced your eritrian citizen and you alied with forigners rashaida (ZIBEIDI). In the 70’s, 80’s they were called ZIBEIDI only isias renamed them as rashaida. As semare Andom was talking facts. I was at bet timhirti sewra (keyahti embeba) when we were told that Bihere Elit was omitted as one Biher of Eritrean because they intermarried (crossbred) with BEJUK(Beja) and disappeared and instead we were told to recognise the ZIBEIDI in a new name as Rashaida. At the same time ELF never recognised this people as Eritreans. Eritreans took it as none sense because while their loved ones are killed with bullets and bombs and EPLF has found time to talk about none sense, so nobody took attention. Rashaidans never participated in war for independence. Now Who have the right to omit or add bihere(etnic) in Eritrea. TiETiE( Shiro bubble) , you must be the beneficiary of the rashaida human trafficking , or you must be yourself rashaida or do you have blood relations or in-laws rashaidans? Do you see only Christian girls are kidnapped and raped. Why not the binamir or tigre girls?

    • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

      I am not rashaida.I am proud seraye pure tigryna and orthodox the son of pure hagereseb farmer. I have no connection by anything with Rashaida, not at all.
      when I said the right thing I am treated as beneficiary of smuggling. that is big wrong. Rashaida are Eritrean it does nor matter whether to participate in gdeli or not.they have the right to own the location they are living. do anything bad to them and you will be accused by human right abuse and your evil government Hgdef will be screwed up tightly again. Gedli is voluntary it is not obligation. to humiliate others that you do not like that is not right.
      you do not know much you are saying Halowlow and lawlessness, greed and disrespect to others.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)


    1. I am not son of Rashaida and they are not butchers. I am proud seraye and I believe seraye and Akeleguzay are the original bHeRe tigryna. anyone tigryna outside seraye and Akeleguzay must be RisTi less and LqMqaM AleT.

    you do not know the Rashaida well. I know them well and deeply. all the things said about them is not true. it is true they are involved smuggling but lured by money and the Eritrean officially lead them for that.

    2. The arabs, sudan, Eritrean officials are the butchers. the rashaida do not know what they are doing but they love the money. Though all over the world from all type of human race there are criminals – they do mistake by many reasons. for example the rashaida case they are lured by money and encouraged by the Eritrean officials and these wanted to be smuggled for better life and better pay. the rashaida never picked people from Kebesa villages. these wanted to be smuggled gone to them and showed them the GREEN and who refuses money regardless the next consequences? why you are not talking about these human smugglers around the vicinity of Mereb river. there are smugglers around mereb river worse than the Rashaida.

    3. Rashaida do not like guns but they have sword – it must be for reason of culture and family heir. they are not violent nor they harass anyone.

    4. Brother you prove it ask these living around them and they will tell you the good side of Rashaida.

    5. simply because the Rashaida look arabs and must have Arab attitude not true. they very very do not know anything about doing bad, they are shy and distant I never saw them doing bad but I saw sometimes they were doing good. at least they mind their business, they are quiet, calm, and live on the hot desert, they have no formal town except the town of Karora.
    their life depend on fishing, animal rearing( goats and sheep) and most it is the women work. the men boating and fishing and they bring goods from the middle east.

    6. I always sorry for the Rashaida women they are very quiet and oppressed not educated not allowed to go anywhere even they suffer teeth pain and no one know about their teeth problem, some die or freeze their head and jaw due to lack of medical care for their teeth. At one time several Rashaida women raped by Ethiopian soldiers later all cut their head by their husbands and family members.

    • Zaul

      “1. I am not son of Rashaida and they are not butchers. I am proud seraye and I believe seraye and Akeleguzay are the original bHeRe tigryna. anyone tigryna outside seraye and Akeleguzay must be RisTi less and LqMqaM AleT.”

      TieTie kab disti d’yu wey’s Kebdi ?

      All Eritrean Ethnicities are related (except The Rashaidas), you do know a little mixing is good for you. If you don’t expand the gene pool, you’ll have a high frequency of rare genetic diseases. So that first point is stupid. I’m not being a racist towards The Rashaida, All I’m saying is that they’re being selective in their choice of victims. They are not equal opportunity kidnappers/traffickers/Transporters/Rapists/torturers. They are choosing Christians because they’re Infidels and not worth much in the eyes of God. Thus a crime against them is not a sin. What Annoys me most with this Website is that you want to hide this fact. “Really it’s just a few of them”, Well we have to harm just a few of them so they release a few of us.

      When this is done, We can move on to what is happening to those who survived the Arabs and end up in the concentration camps of Israel.

  • GM


    “There will always be human smugglers and there will always be Eritreans who will leave Eritrea in search of a better life elsewhere.”

    What a miserable vision!

    I often wonder if Eritrea will ever become a viable nation when i observe la creme dela creme of its muslim intellectuals (the awatistas preachers team SY & SG) to minimize,defend and try to divert the magnitude of the crimes and atrocities perpetuated and still ongoing in the arab/muslim lands by the bedouins, the rashaidas and the arabs in general towards our defenceless countryman the Eritrean Cristian refugees.

    • Tesfa

      Thank you!!!
      For your honesty and for telling the TRUTH!!
      Some Sudanese along with Bedouins are destroying the people of Eritrea day and night
      Rashaida people who involved are in crimes against crimes against the Eritrean people should be brought court and justice must be served in the name of innocent victims who lives have been destroyed.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Justice For Rashaida people.

    In this human smuggling matter the Rashaida are the real victims.
    the Eritrean exploited the Rashaida because the rashaida speak Arabic and have Arab skin including the Rashaid know well on how to survive and walk on the desert. this is exploitation.
    The mean and dangerous Arabs used the Rashaida people because they live and have connection with the Kebesa people source for smuggling.

    Someone suggested the Rashaida are suckers. this is baseless. the Rashaida people never sucked anyone money or resources. they have been living on the desert with out school , with out hospital with out formal administration. I do not get it what they sucked and from who?

    Someone suggested they living in the remote area.what does mean this comment? the coastal areas of red sea Eritrea from 30km south of mersateklay to the north mersa Berite is their rightful territory.they never grabbed it from anyone, they are the first settlers of the area.

    if they did not participated in Gedli there is nothing wrong with it since Gedli is voluntary not obligation. Esayas Afewerk joined Gedli because he failed in school and was mad including he was not feed well in his home, his family was poor so if he claimed he fought to liberate Eritrea that will be false. Wuchu joined Gedli because he was jobless, lawless, and drunker and gambler. if he boast about why he joined Gedli it will be false.

    Every one must know about Rashaida people – they are shy, peaceful, never have bad attitude, bad behavior, or intention to use or exploit anyone. they walk straight never look back.

    About the contraband business – how they should live in the desert then? if formal administration formed for them they would do better job and contribute more. but they have no help how they should live is need to be answered.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    it is like this – Kab BeAl Taf BeAl Af. they just want blame Rashaida grossly. The arabs around Senai and the sudans Libyans are mean and dangerous but not Rashaida.
    Since they began living on the coastal areas of Eritrea the rashaida never involved in bad activity such as killing people or become radical with religion. they live by animal farming and selling goods brought from middle east. they are well boaters.they drive land cruisers over the vast desert between Marsa Berite and Marsa Teklay,Karora, Awget Hasmat, Emberemi. The rashaida are more Eritrean than sudan. they may not sudan rashaida but gone from Eritrea. I mean they are originally from Eritrean coasts. Whereever they go to sudan or middle east they come back to the coastal area of Eritrea, they have strong love and attachment with the coastal desert area of Eritrea.there is nothing on the desert they live except few sparsely Agudo or tent.but for them it is heaven.
    the Rashaida are lovely peaceful people.

  • Zaul

    “You sound you have been “personally” affected or a person chocked with frustrations and looking for a vent. If you are the first type, then I understand how those people feel, but it is best to avoid this type of internet discussion, very dangerous for you to do so! However, if you are the second type, where most diaspora Eritreans fall in the category of which, you excused and also informed that “keep dreaming baby” when you imply that you have any sort of power to sway Eritrean opinion, let alone mobiliza them ALL against one of their own (Rashaida).

    PS. you may be new to this talk shop, please don’t scan words, underlining with sharp pencils while looking at them with a magnifying glass, if there are inconsistencies, just contextually correct and read. Otherwise, we know you’re “fara, falfala” around the hood ”

    This comment from Haile is so smug, condescending and a thinly veiled threat against people who do not share his views. If you don’t like what anyone has to say, point out which part you disagree with and leave it at that. English is my third language, I’m aware of my shortcomings there. You should just “contextualise”

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    More Accounts About Rashaida people.
    they are law abiding people. At one time they got trouble with two closer clans. they were about to fight each other then they decided to go to Tegadelti for mediation. they submitted their bitter dispute to the Tegadelti. And all parties said they will abide by the Tegadelti decision no matter who would win. the decision made by the Tgadelti and Rashaida clan agreed by the decision – finally they settled their dispute by the Tegadelti judgement. they never engaged again.

    The rashaida women raped by Ethiopian soldiers and all these raped by the Ethiopian soldiers killed and cut their head by their husbands. very very sad they were double victims.

    The rashaida were victim of landmines planted by Ethiopian soldiers.

    The rashida do not have schools for their children almost all rashaida have no education background these grown in coastal red sea Eritrea. Why people blame them.the smuggling is not created by them it was created by Eritrean officials.

    the rashaida are victims too. they are used, lured by money. you need to know that they never picked people from Adi Leteslase or geza AnDu.
    this is the same to date Rape – a girl agree for date then claim she is raped. the answer is MenedKi Kidi Eluki MsU.

    • haile

      TiE TiE

      What a great point you make when you said “The rashida do not have schools for their children almost all rashaida have no education background these grown in coastal red sea Eritrea. Why people blame them.the smuggling is not created by them it was created by Eritrean officials….the rashaida are victims too.”

      unfortunately, there are people who won’t like your words of wisdom here, because they are so desperate that the couldn’t careless about the subject matter, just how they may use it to get what they failed to win by fair argument.

      Great point

  • I thought the essence of the above article is loud and clear for everyone to understand. Who said the Rashaidas( wherever they are living) are not a problem, who said Tekle maJos is not a problem, who said the so called military generals are not a problem, and who even said all perpetrators are not a problem; indeed they are all disgusting. Then, if we all agree to all the unprecedented problems, don’t we have to ask ourselves what exactly is the root cause of all these problems? To make myself clear from day one to this moment: It is Eseyas Afeworki and yes it is only him the root cause of all these problems. If so, now, instead of exchanging constuctive ideas such as: should we all call or write a pettion to the UN, EU, AUO….., some of us are simply ridding wooden horses (merry-go- round) again and again. At this moment people are dying everywhere while we are just crusing from written articles to posted comments.

    • haile


      I can assure you that NO ONE fro this comments forum is going to be headed to the field to join the great fight for freedom. For now, just grab a stool, and join us in the discussion.

      One point I would like to make is that let’s leave IA for now, let’s get serious about this. There are serious evidences that far more non-Rashaida are involved in instigating, leading, benefiting and maintaining this issue. We know what we know, all this Rashaida, IA….is just cover. I am certain that time will come, and those responsible will be held accountable….tehabiEka ztegebre aykonen…kelu atsebiqu yfaleT eyu….

      • Haile,

        you said, ….”For now, just grab a stool, and join us in the discussion”.
        YehaySh Elka? Eti Wrayna kemo?

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    There is a popular saying in Ethiopia: ‘Afraid of the donkey ‘they’ hit what it Carries.’ No doubt here the donkey is pfdj but what it Carries this time unfortunatly is Rashidas.

  • T..T.

    After quietly, patiently and reverently listening to blames and counter-blames, an old wise woman said, “Here’s a saying that I have to tell off like I was told: Weden Ky’Yiblas SitiWeden (don’t blame the son’s wife, blame the son).”

    What makes the Isayasists narcissistic in nature is their culture of blaming others. Do we have to blame Rashaida of Eritrea or Rashaida of Sudan or Bedouins of Egypt? We all know that the whole blame goes to Isayas. Now, if the ball in your court, strike it out right or stay away. No distraction and no Kolel by blaming others. The involved generals are the generals of Isayas; the involved agents are paid agents of Isayas and each time we don’t need to regret and say ‘knowing now what we didn’t know then we might have not erred on or blamed this or that but the enemy, Haile Selassie/Mengusto .’

    What has gone wrong with the Eritrean refugees? Remember, the old good days when the Eritrean refugees were welcomed and liked everywhere. Well treated and respected. The enemy never cared once an Eritrean left the country, even the top wanted Eritreans were at peace and welcomed. But now, wherever Isayas is in goods terms that country treats the Eritrean refugees with total disrespect and like dogs. Don’t blame them. Blame him.

    • GM

      Yes I agree with You 100%.

      Starting from the sick and coward dictator IA,his coward generals,his coward colonels,his coward ministers,his coward ambassadors,his coward PFDJ/YPFDJ high ranking leaders,coward Eritrean individuals and rashaidas involved in HUMAN TRAFFIIKING BUISNESS – MUST PAY DEARLY.

      And for sure there will be time the coward Beasts the Arabs, the Bedouins will pay dearly for the immesuruble crimes and atrocities committed against defenseless Eritrean Refugees.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    I think many Eritrean have misunderstanding of Eritrean Rashaida.
    they are well behaved, they walk like a camel they never look back for bad purpose.
    The tigryna and the tigre live around them especially the tigre live closer to Rashaida and the rashaida are peaceful nor they show trouble or any sign of bad behavior. For reasons I do not know they are always keep distanced even they live closer to tigre or tigryna.
    The good thing about them is they are peaceful. if they are asked to help anything they do that with full honesty but one thing they do not like is to mix and become closer whether with tigre or tigryna. that is not bad.

    The only thing I saw bad from them is – They control their women especially they do not let them take care of their mouth and teeth. many Rashaida women die of tooth disease. almost all the women suffer teeth pain and they are not allowed to take care of their teeth health.

    What they are doing is – they are suddenly lured by the money. And the people who were victim or wanted to be smuggled encouraged them so they can lead them in the desert and muslim areas sudan, Libya and Egypt. THEY ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF TROUBLE bY THE MONEY THEY DID NOT THOUGHT IT WILL BRING THEM WORLD ATTENTION AND CRIMINAL ACCUSATION.
    WHO to blame is Hgdef and Tigryna officials. Please stop blaming Rashaida – they are good people.

    Around 1989-90 people accused Rashaida they kidnap children but it was false. There was a girl about 5-8 years old she was the daughter of tegadalay. That kid came up from Sahel Arag or somewhere in sahel to the desert Rashaida area. she walked out of her group to catch and eat birds because her body needed protein and she was hungry. All the BeTtmhrTi Sewra kids eat alive birds. It was very horrific see them eat alive bird, I do not know why. Then the heavy desert dust obscured her direction – she gone to sudan walking the vast desert finally arrived far away sudan city. And all the blame gone to Rashaida that they kidnapped her that was false even they never meet her or they must helped her. The girl lost and no sign of her whereabout. She presumed died or will never found again however for sure it was not the work of Rashaida.

    • eyob

      You sound the son of those butchers trying defending their evil act. The Muslims have morality and so the Christians, but these uneducated,crule that don’t have religion to have mercy. They are money worshiper’s terrorist sons and daughters of tyrant Issayas. I pray to God/Allah for their inhalation for the earth

  • yebio

    It is a Thorough and detailed analysis so far on Eritrean refugees and the actors involved in their predicament. However,reading some of the messages regarding the Rashidas left me with some uneasiness when a fellow dropped a hint that kidnapping Rashaidas themselves in particular their children and women would do the trick.This is absolutely evil because two wrongs don’t make right. The best and easy solution to the refugee problems is to get rid of the rogue regime who from the Ghedli era extorted and blackmailed Eritreans.

  • zero le zero


    Let’s be respectful to each other if we are to engage in to a discussion, when I asked you to stop the name calling I was deferring to your statement ‘we know you’re “fara, falfala” around the hood :-). Maybe I am not understanding it, please elaborate what you meant by that.

    • haile

      Zero le zero

      aha…sorry just a joke. If you think about it people comment here in between busy schedules and some times the spell checker lest them down, at other times they just in an informal mood. I never try to score points on such spelling and grammatical issues. Especially when most of us are non-native speakers and doing our best to communicate. Your point about respect is well taken though…and hope that others are taking note as well.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Why the youth leaving the country and are taking risk and death.
    Lack of opportunity for economy and education.they saw their family die hunger and suffer in
    shame a single TayaTa for whole family, no enough food. Who to blame – esayas, wuchu, sbhat. they love to gamble in bloodshed at the expense of the family. If they worked hard for work, education, good life this would not happen even no one would think to take risk since they would enjoy good life.
    Wuchu, esayas Sbhat they talk about Gdeli and the Trek – we did this and that. If you replace Gedli by Gedli it is death and hunger. But Gedli then to good life it is meaningful.

    From 1991 -1997 Sbehat, esayas, wuchu they were doing nothing when the war opportunity come up they were very quick fuel the war. why not for jobs and education. Wuchu said SraH tEREKIbA aLA – He meant for the war with the weyane.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    The Rashaida Eritrean are peaceful people however they love money, they love luxury cars and multiple wives. They mind their business, they never threat anyone. you can prove it in Karora Marsa Berte, Emberemi,marsateklay and other areas. Since they have lived on the coastal areas of northern red sea they never revolt against anyone. The only bad I saw from them was they abuse their women I mean they control them tightly. If they rebel Sword is their fate. When the women sick or infected they never take them to medication. There is not justice for the women of Rashaida and no one interfer in their lives even the Former intrusive EPLF never interfered them. I myself I do not blame them for the current bad business they are doing. Even the highlanders do that. Who hates green(Lucrative money).
    All the problem in Eritrea was set up in 1991-93. The EPLF failed to draft new road new Eritrea.
    What they are doing is offense an act ofcriminal like anyone would do regardless religion or race.

  • Araya

    Why all this Kolel?
    What is the main reason people are leaving the country?
    Is there any responsibility the victims of this horrific crime should shoulder?
    Please don’t tell me because lack of democracy. All African immigrants are victims of this too. What is the root cause of this madness?
    Are you, you The Diaspora, playing major role In contributing to this sad episode?

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Yes, araya! But not all the Diasporas. Only the ones who support the horrible regime using their key positions in social, religious and political outside of Eritrea (especially the Rich arab countries and the west)to support the regime financialy,politically (intimidaiton, spying also included as politics in pfdj policy makers), misusing the 2% contribution for supporting the country to personal luxry life and to suffocate the mass at home and thus force them to leave the country for better or worse etc. And to make things worse the pfdj members use the very Money send to support Eritrea as a whole for their private luxury life at home and finally bribe or help one another to come to the west and get a quick ticket for a better life using the horrible experience of the mass who suffere in Eritrea and on the way out of the giant prison of pfdj.Who knows better the suffering of the mass in Eritrea than pfdj itself thanks to their good for nothing but inumerious cadres.

      Sir Araya, i know exactly which Group you belong, but what is the sadest thing is to come Down to this lavel. Your Group use the very Money sendt to make a better life for all the nation while only pfdj People abuse it for luxury life while the rest suffer. Use use the very Money sendt to the Development of the mass while the majority suffer like in hell. While the mass risks their life in escaping the Dangerous border (shooting, mines), the miserable refugee camps in the negihbouring countries(not to be ungreatfull but the conditions are facts), the deserts, the abuse, the organ harvest, the boats sinking, the hunger and the endless waitting, etc while the pfdj fly Direct to their Destiny by the very Money send to help the mass. If one pfdj member comes to this lavel it is outragious and dispicable. But if all pfdj are doing it then we hit the bottom, Araya. That is what pfdj and ypfdj are doing in the west and Rich arab countries. this one has a great effect on suffering of eritreans in senai.

  • zero le zero


    You can’t take the heat and you want awate to take down this article, that shows how weak you are.
    This is a great article by awate and I commend them by bringing out the facts, it is timely and educational and we all need to act responsibly to resolve this issue.
    Haile, stop the name calling, as a fellow Eritrean I recommend an anger management class or suck it up and keep you hand off the keyboard.
    wish well with you AM class.

    • haile


      “Haile, stop the name calling, as a fellow Eritrean I recommend an anger management class or suck it up and keep you hand off the keyboard.”

      Who/what…name calling are you talking about? I stated in “reference” to what others were saying….please read again zero hawey, hanti ayhazkan gena 🙂

  • Zaul

    Semere Andom,

    Dear Semere Andom,

    As in every culture, The Tigrinya has some ignorant and backward traits, no doubt about it, e.g FGM, child marriage, oppression of women. There are also many other people on this earth, who feel they are “better” than everyone else. It may be because they are a certain race, a certain religion or certain wealth. It seems being a fellow human being is never enough.
    How can you with a straight face say tell me all Tigrinya accept Despotism, unless you as a Tingrinya also accept it, it doesn’t make sense Semere, or are you from a “better“category of Tigrinya.
    You know most of our people are poor peasants (have you forgotten ?) and most of the youth fleeing are from families on the countryside who know very little about the outside world, They just want to be able to provide for their families.
    While growing up, they’ve heard of the uncle or aunt who left Eritrea with sand in their pockets and came back with gold, they are taking a stupid and emotional decision most of them, but that is not the issue here.
    There has been too many fascistic statements about Tigrinya people on this website, and since both Saleh & Saleh (SS) are from my ethnic group, I conclude that it’s the Tigrinya Christians they are gunning for. I just find the sudden balanced approach to the Rashaida killers smacking of hypocrisy.
    Those Generals making money from selling our young (Christian and Muslim) deserve to be hanged.
    What the Rashaida are doing is different, They’re singling out Christian Tigrinyas systematically!
    I don’t buy the argument that we have to topple the PFDJ before we can free our enslaved brothers and sisters (slavery in the 21st century!!!). If they don’t have traffickers their business will die. Therefore we must stop the middlemen (Rashaida) by all means. Since they are an isolated group who probably don’t mix with other ethnic groups, don’t want to pollute that fine pedigree with Abd-blood.
    I can’t imagine there being any other ethnic group who’d continue this business. They do it because they can roam free among their fellow Arabs in Sudan and Egypt.

    • semere Andom

      I will make the following points;
      Eritreans have been dehumanized by the PFDJ to the point of becoming so impotent to defend them. The Tigrinya who you say are beign murdered and raped by the untrained Rashaidas were once heroes who fought bravely in battles against Woyane and Degu, but after more than a decade of dehumanizing they are herded by Rashaidas with no military training. I am not blaming the victims here; I am saying the mental torture at the hands of PFDJ rendered them to be herded some times over 100 of them by two Rashaidas with mere iron batons. We know PFDJ will not stand for them, but why are not the Tigrinya so outraged by what is happening to them and go hunting the Rashid villages and burn them to ashes, they will listen. I heard of a case when an Eritrea family was told to pay by a Rashaida kidnappers to free their son, instead of obeying they went randomly and kidnapped a 10 year old girl from a Rashaida village around Tesenay, took her to Kassala and called her family. The Rashaidas talked to each other and negotiated the release of the girl by releasing the Eritrean kid. Here you have a blueprint.

      Eritreans are also involved and cruelly sell their brothers and sisters to the Rashaidas as middle men. The Eritrean hands are not as clean as we might think.

      We do not have to wait for the collapse of PFDJ to help the victims, I agree with you. But what are we doing to help ourselves, what happened to our defiance and courage that sustained us before to the point that we are herded like cows. The answer is both of these virtue have been snatched by the PFDJ like all other Eritrean virtues.

      Human trafficking is a world problem that the UN has documented and it happens all over, but the extent that is happening to us, cutting the umbilical cord is not that hard. I believe the fault is ours.

      Now there is talk that kids are disappearing form Asmara and if this is true, then someone is deliberating targeting us with the full knowledge of the government that is allowing it.


      • Salyounis

        Selamat Semere:

        I realize this is very emotional issue and I realize that a lot of what is being said has to be taken within the context of “people are grieving and when they grieve they take out their anger against anyone and everyone*.” But having said that, I expect intelligent people like you to stop saying “the Rashaida.” Can you imagine what kind of reaction we would give somebody saying “the Kunama” or “the Afar”? It is just flat out wrong to criminalize a whole group of people (whether they are a recognized ethnic group or not) for the crimes of the few. It is maddening, I know, to hear these barbaric stories; it is frustrating, I know. But “the Rashaida” is not the right reaction.

        The question that you asked–why don’t Eritrean youth rebel against their victimizers in Sinai–is something that has perplexed me for a while because it just doesn’t match the image of the Eritreans that I know. Just as you can’t imagine Somalis putting up with that, I can’t envision Eritreans putting up with it either. I am hoping that the social scientists in this forum will place it in the context of war and trauma survivors elsewhere and educate us about it. (There is one I read about traumatized Cambodians, but the context is different. Because “talking” was practically criminalized in Cambodia, you had an entire generation that couldn’t speak.)

        No, I don’t buy the argument that the Isaias Afwerki regime has changed Eritrean youth into Ellis “Red” Boyd** There is still some fight in the Eritrean youth. Remember when Eritrean youth who were being deported from Libya to Sudan fought and forced the plane to land in Khartoum? Do you know how many Eritrean refugees are in Tigrayan prisons of Shire, Endaselasse, etc right now? Besides, if you have ever seen the new arrivals fighting with the social services of their host country and demanding their rights*** (meseley equa iyu!), you know that there is still some fight in them.


        * anyone and everyone apparently includes this website. People who are pissed at “the Rashaida” have been cursing for sometime now. I think it is part of the grieving process: because everybody who has accused us of having an anti-Tigrinya bias (we are self-haters? Or “Jihadists”?)simply because we are sticking to our policy of not publishing news that has been published elsewhere unless we can add some value to it, has been challenged to bring evidence for their accusation and has done nothing but hemming and hawing.
        ** Morgan Freeman’s character in The Shawshank Redemption. Years of incarceration rendered him incapable of dealing with life on the outside.
        *** the post-Isaias Afwerki administration will deal with years of pent-up anger and demand by Eritreans. Even privileges will be called rights then and our parliament will be as messy as that of post-World War II Italy. I am looking forward to it:)

  • Hayat Adem

    This is only to Haile:

    Dear Haile,
    A man was robbed by thieves on his way to his home. He was in a very awkward situation as he was left with his underwear only. Apart from the challenge of the cold, he was more worried about being seen naked. Then, someone he knew in his village came to his help and offered an advice: “I don’t have spare clothes to give you. But since you are not very far from your house, put your underwear on your head and mask off your face and walk up to the point of your house, and put back your underwear to cover your private the moment you reached your house door before your family members see you like this.” “Why do you advise me to mask my face instead of my private in the first place?” asked the naked man. The 2nd man explained, “That is because you might save yourself from more embarrassment of walking naked. Remember, nobody will tell who you are by looking at your private parts but your face. And that has to be reversed when you get home.” Then, the naked man was suddenly happy and shinning with a smile of relief on his face. “Ahhha! I got it; you must have been through the same problem to have known all this. That means I’m not alone to go through this kind of bizarre experience.” The 2nd man was amazed to have seen the worry of the naked man gone away suddenly from his look. “Ok”, he said to him smiling back, “that is fine if it makes you feel better but you still are naked and have to do something about it before your embarrassment becomes worse”
    Please give your full attention to the issue under discussion and ponder to come up with ideas to tackle this inhuman practice. For us, as Eritreans, nothing should be more fiercely urgent in our minds. This is inhumanity at its worst, too bad to see it happening even on anyone else let alone on fellow Eritreans. All of us should have gone collectively furiously outraged and sleepless on this matter long ago. I sometimes question myself if it is normal for any society to continue acting and sleeping normal while sons and daughters of very it are being raped, tortured and skinned for their organs.
    Awate brought this subject of human trafficking to y/our attention to impact and inspire y/our conscious for action. Awate attached a pointer to this topic, seems to me, to help us zoom-in for maximum depth when it said “…the Single Focus on Its Inhumane Aspects”. And here you are trying to use this thread to re-traffic our attention to a non-event or none-of-our-business-event in Norway. Haile, I sometimes thought I captured you for a real concerned, thoughtful and patriotic Eritrean. At other times like this, I consider you as a true spoiler and deflector. Which one is your priority: identifying with and addressing the agony of a helpless Eritrean Eyob in Senai or pissing off an Ethiopian (Weyane) Eyob – which one, Haile?
    This comment is not directed at you, as such. It is not finger-pointing at more than it is at myself. It is rather figuratively addressing the tendency of Eritreans to have gradually evolved from one hardened hard solution seekers in the past, to one that is helpless and over civilized café people in the present. It is mind-boggling but self-evident when you observe someone easily navigating from a subject-“our youth is perishing in the deserts of Senai” to the- “I heard about that but something else happened in Norway, too.” Since when have Eritreans become insensitive to each other’s pains? It might require a comprehensive research as to how Eritrean moral and patriotic values evolved over the years.
    Haile and, myself, Hayat and the rest, OK- something happened to the Weyane officials in Norway but our youth is still perishing in Senai and we need to do something about it yesterday. Our laser beam focus should be completely placed on the huge problem at hand.

    • haile

      Dear Hayat,

      If your example was directed at me (mindful of your last declaimer), then for Goodness sake couldn’t have you based your main character on a ‘naked woman’. Really, does it have to be a naked man? Or are you assuming too much about me that I am not even aware of in my self? 🙂

      My message was specifically for Eyob, as the guy loves to p!ss off people here for the heck of it. There are many Ethiopian cementers here who drop by to make a point or two as regards the discussion. However, I felt that Eyob needs to know his glass house is just as fragile as that of the rest of Africa. That’s all.

      As regards the discussion in this thread, I gave my views directly and indirectly (through a response to other’s) and I am surprised that you were unable to see those entries from me or prioritized the defense of Eyob instead.

      Again, in case you haven’t got my take on this, all respect to those who are doing something and those who plan to do something soon. However, I am abit concerned that the comments here are devolving into “hate speeches” and “threats” that it may be better for the AT to reconsider if it is necessary to continue with this thread.

      So far, the Eritrean ethnic group Rashaida have been called “bastard criminals” by a commenter, another one threatens they “will pay a heavy price”, yet someone else accuses them of threatening “to kill all Tigrigna” while many are uttering racist remarks asking “if they even contribute to Eritrea”….

      I don’t consider this to be helpful to what you seem to be alluding to as regards seeking for solutions. It is damaging, and the AT should re-consider.

      In general, all sorts of issues are commented on in here. No need to label each other and may be helpful to ignore entries that are addressed to specific individuals.

    • Hayet,

      Who could say better than yours….you nailed it out. But it is not new rather it become customary, that Eritreans love to talk about the problem of others than their own problem. They love to talk about Ethiopia while our nation is isolated by unruled dictator. They love to deflect any subject pertinent to the livelihood of our people in order to shield the dictator from any critics.So the situation of our people as bleak as it is, we will just keep fighting to keep the hope alive.

      • Zegeremo


        …..questioning your roll model, the dead prime minister and his policies, is totally relevant and fair game.


        • Dear Zegeremo,

          I wish we had a pragmatic and visionary leader whose eyes is focused on eradication of poverty. He is a kind of man when someone forward program or agenda for development he always ask that particular agenda helps the poor. Zegeremo slowly we will absolve him as the footprint of his program was for peace and development of his country in particular and the region in general.
          BTW I like your grip on the Eritrean issue.

  • Kokhob Selam

    I wonder if there is any single man from Rashida in opposition. if they have a feeling of Eritrean citizenship we could have seen them even at least few moving. they are only killing our people and they don’t even have any feeling of humanity.

  • haile

    Awate Team,

    From reading through some of the comments being forwarded in this section, it appears that individuals who are personally (as in close family members) affected seem to be commenting. I think under such circumstances, it is unlikely to be had a rational discussion (in fact, the discourse can only be detrimental). Hence, I recommend that taking down this article, until such later opportune time to bring it up.


    • Kokhob Selam

      dear Haile,
      every young Eritrean is my son or my daughter.those poor parents who lost their children are all my brothers and sisters. as for me i will not allow any young Eritrean at any circumstance to let him go and face those savage people in Sinai. i will not even let him fight with PFDJ uncivilized supporters. i keep teaching everyone around me that he is worth living in peace and if he want to fight his soul is as expensive as entire PFDJ group and should pay his life with good job.
      and yes brother our problem is not Rashida our main problem is PFDJ. the first job is to finish the problem inside Eritrea. Regarding Rashida, as person i don’t consider them Eritreans but i will accept what ever a legal government in the future decides.

      if our people chose Arab as an official language that doesn’t mean we should allow the neglected Rashida put their nose in our country. they have their own country.

  • zero le zero

    In your response to Habte you wrote “Obviously you don’t have any collaborative evidence for your claims, yet there are concrete evidences, from news sources, that none Rashaida are also involved!
    First of all your analysis doesn’t add up, secondly I am hoping you meant to write Non-Rashaida instead of none Rashaida otherwise you are confusing the heck out of me.
    And you stated “there is a sad intent going on to stoke up ethnic division for political gains.
    I beg to differ, which group’s intent is to stoke up the Rashaida ethnic group.
    But I can assure you when all these problems come in to conclusion it will be all Eritreans against the Rashaida, they will pay a heavy price for what they are doing, and sure thing time will come.

    • haile

      You sound you have been “personally” affected or a person chocked with frustrations and looking for a vent. If you are the first type, then I understand how those people feel, but it is best to avoid this type of internet discussion, very dangerous for you to do so! However, if you are the second type, where most diaspora Eritreans fall in the category of which, you excused and also informed that “keep dreaming baby” when you imply that you have any sort of power to sway Eritrean opinion, let alone mobiliza them ALL against one of their own (Rashaida).

      PS. you may be new to this talk shop, please don’t scan words, underlining with sharp pencils while looking at them with a magnifying glass, if there are inconsistencies, just contextually correct and read. Otherwise, we know you’re “fara, falfala” around the hood 🙂

  • Rashaida cover up

    You are not credible when you try not to make sweeping generalisations. You can not see your hypocrisy? This whole website is a sweeping attack on Tigrinya people, culture and history? The bigotry is coming from you. We’re simply calling a spade a spade. Our sisters and brothers are being raped and humiliated! You’re advocating for the removal of the government to solve this problem. We can allow our family to be slaves in sinai for that long. Learned? Racism and the Ideology is the driving force in choosing the victims. Because I don’t hear of any muslim eritreans being captured. It would have been better if you had continued to stay silent instead of coming to the rescue of the Criminals. YOU ARE SHAMEFUL BROTHERS, OUR ANCESTORS ARE NOT RESTING IN PEACE.

    • semere Andom

      Hi Rashaid cover up:
      I do not like the Rashaidas either and when Eritrea is free and I have my say I will vote to revoke the Rashaidas; Eritrean citizenship and give it back to its rightful owners I am a nut when it comes to undoing everything that PFDJ did in Eritrea: this includes toying with the provincial geography, denying or giving Eritrean citizenship at whim by the Tigrinya-EPLF. A friend asked me how about the independence, do we have to undo it because the EPLF brought it. No, No the independence was not brought by EPLF, actually if they had their way I am convinced that they would not have brought Eritrean independence.
      There are many of Rashaidas who are God fearing and are doing honest business, collaborating with Tigrinya business people in Tesenay for example.
      But to your fallacious assertion of this website being the worst enemy of the Tigrinya, the Tigrinya are actually the worst enemy of the Tigrinya. To wit they are the most ardent supporters of PFDJ as they cling into the adage “ mblaE mbluEs zbie adna ybleayo. I was told that the proverb had its origin when a the donkey of a traveler died while he was in a different village and he dragged the dead corpse until he arrived in the uncontested border of his village and when asked why, he reportedly said, if the dead donkey is to be eaten by hyena it is better that it is at least eaten by the hyenas of my village. The fallacy is that the hyenas are not loyal to his village and so is the PFDJ.
      I do not want this debate to carine into Tigrinya vs. the others, but PFDJ blossoms because of the Tigrinya, I will not make a sweeping statement, but there is a cultural flaw in our culture that tolerates despotism.
      We are notorious of looking down at everyone and PFDJ feeds this flaw flawlessly, inducing an aura of invincibility and that when conspired with the dehumanizing that is going on may lead us to become the future Rashaidas of the region, when our number dwindle and we become the subservient of our stones.
      The good thing about this article is that it did not accept the wisdom that is accepted at face-value by all Eritrean and its attempt at an inquiry is very commendable. This trait was shunned by the intellectuals during the armed struggle and we all know how that contributed to our current plight. Take for example Alemseghed Tesfay, who had his grad studies in the USA, joins the EPLF and writes `Wedi Hadera kab Badme Nsahel`. This book is the most bigoted book about our struggle, it outshines Al-Amin`s book by folds and bounds in bigotry ad lies.
      PFDJ has created an eternal enmity not only between Eritreans and Rashaidas, but between every ethnic group and I hope that that innocent blood that has been spilled will serve as a redeeming factor and peace and if this happens PFDJ would have failed in its satanic dreams of corrupting the Eritrean citizenship.

    • Zegeremo

      Dud! The non Muslim dictator has destroyed
      -our justice
      -our values
      -our past
      -our present
      -our future
      -and our life

      Get real!!!

  • semere Andom

    To PFDJ supporters do not gloat over the innate intellectual bent of AT. Please do not find solace on the pull factor and lest you perceive it as sprinkling the root cause of the suffering of Eritreans among the factors cited.

    The enticing life in the west has been there as long as I can remember. And in the mid eighties people drowned trying to cross the Red Sea on boats. But on in this magnitude and desperation

    In PFDJ Eritreans did not find a government that speaks on their behalf and welfare. After 20 years of an intense love affair with EPLF, Eritreans went to a deep slumber and after a brief honey moon we woke up to find an abusive lover with thousands of skeletons in the closet. And we are haunted.
    I believe that PFDJ can stop the suffering of Eritreans under the traffickers in its tracks if they want to. But dehumanizing and profiting illegally is PFDJ’s implements. Many Eritreans are also involved in human trafficking business.
    There are many anecdotal stories, but the following story succinctly tells involvement of Eritreans in the business.

    An Eritrean father was told he must pay $4000 to save his son’s life and he scarps the amount from relatives and strangers and heads from Serenity to Asmara to pay the money to a certain shop, the shopkeeper happens to be his Asmarino nephew. After a brief discussion, the shopkeepers plead with the father to keep the secret to him and promise that his son will be spared. The shopkeepers make a call to the human trafficker that his is holding his first cousin and to let him go. The trafficker was the brother of the shopkeeper and the hostage was their first cousin, whom they never met as he grew up in Segenety.

    This article could have used additional section: The Eritrean Collaboration Factor.

    The Rashaids:
    The fact that this ethnic group is one of the nine Eritrean tribes was made by the whim of a few people in 1977 in the EPLF first congress. The Rashaidas were included at the expense of “Elit”. The ELF documents list the “Elit” as one of Eritrea’s nine tribes. EPLF drops them in favor of the Rashaidas. I think they lumped the Elit with Tigre or Saho. When EPLF caders want to protect the questionable identities of certain people they hasten to remind you that Ertrawint bsirah eyu, you gain the Eritrean identity by working for the Eritrean cause. By this logic, the Rashiadas do not pass as by 1985 there was only one Rashaida Hizbai Melisha.
    In the contrary the Felatas, who lived peacefully in Asmara, Keren, Agordet, Tesney, Barentu and many of their children have joined the armed struggle along with their peers. Yet, a proposal to count them as a tribe was vehemently ridiculed in the 1987 EPLF congress. PFDJ’s province re-assignment has its debut in EPLF’s tribe assignment.
    Furthermore the intense yearning of Jeberty to claim their culture heritage has been told to invent a lanauge.Unbeknowest to DIAthey have created their language

    This article in its noble pursuit of intellectual integrity and in its desire to inject intelligent discourse, it inadventery bolstered the line the PFDJ often uses: “the reason the Eritreans are abandoning their country is due to economic problems.” Just 20 years prior EPLF told the world the Eritrean refuge problem was a political one and not economic one .


    • Kokhob Selam

      some time i wonder what that EPLF was after. the good thing is things like categorizing the Ethnic groups can be done only when you have a government chosen by people and when people create recognized system.

      Rashida most probably will not be accepted as an Eritrean Ethnic group in the future. this way or the other they will have to behave and stop playing the worst game the world had experienced ever. the future Eritrea is the result of our struggle today and who ever stands in our way today will pay a lot say it individual or any tendency (doesn’t mater if he is Christian or Muslim arab of any) again the change of PFDJ is urgent, priority…. no scape from this task.

    • Dear Semere,

      It is a good observation on your side, when you said that the article “bolstered the line the PFDJ often uses: the reason the Eritreans are abandoning their country is due to economic problems.” The team by virtue of saying “there will always be Eritreans who will leave Eritrea in search of a better life elsewhere” in their concluding remark can not mean other than our young are and were leaving the nation for economic reasons rather than political reasons. Your eyes looking for the subliminal message of the piece is right in its place and I applaud for that. We need those filtering eyes.


  • haile

    This is only to Eyob,

    News coming out of Norway indicates that an EPRDF called meeting had to be called off and the TPLF delegates shouted out of their venue being called “thieves”

    It would be cruel to tell you “enjoy it”

  • Habte Tsaada

    You got kidding me? Really, it dawned on you now. I was wondering if this article was really written to speak on the behalf of the victims or protect the Rashaidas. You tell us only a fraction of the Rashaidas are culprits- You insult the intelligence of Eritreans awate. Let me tell you what happpened about three months ago in Shegerab when the young Eritreans groupped to defend themsleves. One night the traffikers came and took two ladies. Then they came back after few days to take more. The refugees got into a fight with them and ended up killing a Rashaidan. There was a lot of uproar. Police was involved. Then one day all the Rashaidans gathered and headed to the camp with their kalashinkovs and knives shouting “We will decimate all Tigrigna Eritreans.” I repeat they were swearing that they will kill every Tigrigna ethnic group in that camp. The elders and authorities from Kessela Region gathered and stopped them. Begged them. And that is how it cooled down. But few weeks later they came and took five women and some kids. Now do you think these are just few Rashaida? You are just sick and trying to protect them simply because they fall into that religion you follow. You tried to protect Ali Abdu aka Eritreas Chemical Ali. And NOW THE RASHAIDANS. It smells like a Rat. Bbooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But history will judge. Time will come. God bless all those suffering in Sinai.

    • Awate Team

      Habte Tsaada:

      The population of the Rashaida (in Eritrea, Sudan and Arabia) is estimated to be around 250,000. The Rashaida, like all communities in the world, are made up of men, women, children, old men, old women, handicapped, able-bodied, good and bad people. Now, unless you can demonstrate that every single member of the Rashaida (including the children) was guilty for the heinous acts of barbarity being committed against Eritreans in Sinai, it is wrong to use the identifier of “The Rashaida” or “the Rashaidas” to establish culpability.

      If you are having a hard time grasping this concept, substitute any name of any Eritrean ethnic group for “Rashaida” and see how odd you would sound saying it. What would be worse is if you did do the substitution and you had no problem saying it. In which case, the problem is the man in the mirror.

      We shouldn’t be shocked to read this level of ignorance from people who are supposedly learned because even the learned have their fair share of bigots, but we continue to be shocked, nonetheless.


    • haile

      Selam Habte,

      “One night the traffikers came and took two ladies. Then they came back after few days to take more. The refugees got into a fight with them and ended up killing a Rashaidan. There was a lot of uproar. Police was involved. Then one day all the Rashaidans gathered and headed to the camp with their kalashinkovs and knives shouting “We will decimate all Tigrigna Eritreans.” I repeat they were swearing that they will kill every Tigrigna ethnic group in that camp. The elders and authorities from Kessela Region gathered and stopped them. Begged them. And that is how it cooled down. But few weeks later they came and took five women and some kids. Now do you think these are just few Rashaida?”

      The way your story is narrated:

      – Those perpetrators are “kidnappers” not “traffickers”. The latter is involved in transporting people not abducting them.

      – “one day all the Rashaidans gathered and came back…” is this including the whole population of the Rashaida?

      – Obviously you don’t have any collaborative evidence for your claims, yet there are concrete evidences, from news sources, that none Rashaida are also involved!

      – The rashaida are small minority group in Eritrea, the can’t possibly be taking on the “the Tigrigna” especially that when we are told an Eritrean Tigrigna General is commanding them, both assertions are mutually exclusive hence can’t be true at the same time.

      Generally speaking, there is a sad intent going on to stoke up ethnic division for political gains, on the back of such a tragic set of events. Associating a whole ethnic group with the crimes of few of their members can only be for evil intentions.

      • Kokhob Selam

        I totally agree with people who think most most Rashaida people are not cultured nor are religious they don’t have ethics honestly speaking.and not only them i have all around horn and Arab countries. there are a lot of crimes going on. there is a lot of work to be done in those Areas to make people go back to their original culture. there are a lot of evidences Egypt doctors play with the life of people. things in Arab countries are not as you think from long distance.

        but the way out is not to talk about their crime. the way out is to live in peace in our own countries where people have strong value and Ethics. we Habesha people are kind and generous people. our only problem is administration. and we have to solve it by any means possible. my stand remains the same… tackle the enemy within.

      • fithawi

        You can say what ever you want/think. Many or majority of the Rashaida men are committing the ever uglies crimes heard in history over Eritreans(Habte witnessed their main target was the Tigrigna/Christian). I heard on some of the interviews also many Muslim brothers/sisters are suffering in Sinai by the same group. Such ethnic groups are centered by their chiefs and crimes of such magnitude, perpetuated openly is not hidden from their chiefs. If the heads of the group were really serious and would understand the consequences to follow, they would haves stopped them long ago.
        It won’t be far these minority group would get their bitter penalty. Who ever wants to cover up their crimes or tries to add some excuses won’t work. “Yewega biressa yetewega ayresam!” yiblu amHara.
        Wait your time you bastard Rashaida criminals!

      • Habte tsaada

        Dear Haile and awate,
        Human trafficking is defined by many as or something like – “all acts involved in the recruitment, abduction, transport, harboring, transfer, sale or receipt of persons, within national or across international borders, through force, coercion, fraud or deception, to place persons in situations of slavery or slavery-like conditions, forced labor or services, such as forced prostitution or sexual services, domestic servitude, bonded sweatshop labor, or other debt bondage.” So they were human traffickers all right. But you could call them kidnappers as well. Fretting on the terminology is not important here.

        Let me tell you one thing that could illucidate the case for you. In Sinai other nationals have been abducted several times, just like Eritreans. When it was out in the news and the involved governments started talking about the incidents,the government authorities, the lords, chiefs, elderly, and important people in Sinai took initiatives in advising and coercing the traffickers to release their captives. Norwegians, British, Americans and other nationals had been abducted. Just google it. They all were released respectively in no more than 4-5 days camptivity. Now when it comes to Eritreans and some few other africans, the government of Egypt does very little; the influencial people in Sinai do very little too. There might be few who can be finger-counted who help this captives. But the society at large sleeps as if nothing is happening in their doorsteps. Now what do you think is this double standard? Would it not make you say that the society`s indifference and silence is not acceptable? I am sure if your brother forcibly brings a young girl to your house and abuses her, you would not just look the other way and let that happen. If you did, it would just mean one thing- you tacitly agree with what your brother is doing.
        As to the claim that non-Rashaida are also involved, indeed there are people who are involved. But we don`t hear that Tigrigna traffickers, Tigre traffickers and etc…but we hear Rashaida Traffickers on daily basis. Just talk to someone from Sudan and you will know. This just didn`t come out of the blue. It is a fact that there are many Rashaidans who are involved in this heinous act, if not every single of them. But for sure they all know and the influencial Rashaidans could have forced these traffickers if they really wanted. And just because there are concrete evidence that others are also involved does not give any one, much less Rashaidans, to continue perpetrating such shameful act. But if you are doubteful or dubbing the Rashaidans, at least a lot of them, innocents simply because `concrete evidence` is not found in your computer or whatever you read, then this just tells one and only one thing. And you damn well know what it is.
        Here are no gains for political scores by blackmailing the Rashaida. It is just the facts. Google and read the stories regarding the incidents that took place in Shegerab three months ago. Or just take time and find out someone who was there around that time and you will know for fact that what i have recounted is just a drop. You will hear horrific things that the rashaidans do and say, especially to and about Tigrigna Eritreans. People who apologetically tone down or try to tone down the hateful and abhorrent crimes of the Rashaida and the Sinai Arabs on our people is equally unacceptable. And there will always be time. Just because PIA or General Manjus or other lakeys of the rogue regime commit crimes does not mean that Rashaida or other traffickers can perpetrate crimes on any people.
        But above all what is sickening is that you and your likes likes double standard. Just yesteryear Awate wrote in bold and loud generalizing that the Tigrigna ethnic group is the ruling class simply because `majority`of the PFDJ were highlanders. And it was ok for them to generalize and dub every highland tigrigna as …what ever they wanted us dubbed. They blanket -accused the highlanders in several of their articles for believing and supporting Isayas when he created an offshot org. and wrote `nihinan Ilamanan`, when infact the facts could have been otherwise. But when it is generalize that the Rashaidans are committing crimes; when it is generalized the Arabs in Sinai are torturing and raping our brother and sisters, they run into their rescue. They tell us that it is only few of them doing it. What a double standard! The fact that they waited this long to write such an article belatedly, after the world has written myriads of them, speaks for itself. But they are just doing what they do best- protecting those they like to defend. There is always tomorrow and our brothers and sisters who suffered and are suffering at the hands of the arabs including Rashaida will definitely be vindicated one day.

  • Kokhob Selam

    I wish i hear any better solution to the problem than what i gave. if there is no solution, then we should go on informing our people that going out of the country will not help and we will have to tackle the enemy within than complaining and crying in deserts. i think it is time to unite and work.

  • Mesfin

    I don’t have any confidence in awate team or they don’t have any morale ground to blame any body in Eritrea or abroad.

    They become a hidey-hole for someone who was one of the right hand person of the system and you blame some else. Awate team please clean your back yard first or at least bring Ali Abdu facts up in the air. We want every relevant information about Eritrea not only very convienent for you.

    Ali Abdu was minster of information, he is not only your brother but he did affected the lives of so many Eritreans. As a news media you have the responsiblity to make his information public or get out of the media business.

    • saay

      To: Saleh G Johar

      From: Sal aa Younis

      RE: Inter Office Memo – “Mesfin”

      Date: April 21, 2013

      This is not a test. This is code red. What we feared has finally materialized. Mesfin has lost “any confidence” in awate. Repeat, it is not just confidence, but “any confidence.” I have broken the emergency glass. Please retrieve Ali Abdu from your hidey-hole. I will take an inventory of our emergency supplies: I think I have enough canned beans but please bring some generators with you. End of transmission.

      PS: Iti gezana: Abi hdmo: tukwan qunchi: meli-omo::

      • Dear Saay,
        Have you decoded the “red code” by any chance? Or should we try using the well experienced radio operators in our possession. Just kidding.

    • Abe the minewale

      The title of the article is about human trafficking and the response from some is about Gura an ,insult now someone misses Ali Abdu now it’s my turn to complain to Awate team About my frustration about twist and turn of events people crating Would you please put z song Akli Tsibet koinuni by Osman Abdelrahim on line

    • Translate


      Are you serious about this? Trying to shift the focus from the man who created the system and who is still in controll of that system makes you look like, I dare say, his shadow supporter. Ali Abdu did not create Isaias. We all did. What about the G-15? What about the honorable Sherifo? What about the guy with your namesake only spelled “Mesfun” who is still around? My brother, I know Sinai is too painful for us Eritreans to ponder, but think about it. Ali Abdu had no such power to cause it.
      By the way, to set the record straight, I do not believe you supprt Isaias.

  • T..T.

    This weekend’s Dardasha/ILAL discussed Isayas’s position statement on human trafficking vide his letter to the UN general secretary. In his signed letter, Isayas vowed to punish the perpetrators who were committing the hideous crime. The ELF and EPLF veterans discussed the statement not to review for relevance and accuracy as content experts but as concerned citizens to fully understand what Isayas meant by his vows.

    From day one Isayas depends on handpicked yes-men in order to freely engage in unrevolutionary practices. Besides, he is capable of causing distrust and sow mistrust at the same time. Many veterans, todate, wonder how Isayas got the title ‘General Isayas’ from his appointment as a representative of the ELF’s General Command in Hamasien region when he was indeed engaged in malicious slanders and false accusations against the General Command. The discussants at the table agreed that Isayas’s tricky words made him, in most cases, appear like a good liar due to the fact that contradicting his words doesn’t last long. To those countries at war with him, nothing moves them to exchange vows or signatures with him because they consider him pathological and arrogant liar.

    That being said of him, can he be serious about his vows to punish those involved in human trafficking, this time. He knows well that his dictatorial government is the one that made the human trafficking possible because it originates from inside Eritrea. Isayas, as defender of his slaughtered youth, should have come earlier – in immediate, plain and simple reaction – to state this vow prior to the UN’s implication of his regime in the business of human trafficking. Now, with the signed letter his enemies may be involved in getting him caught red handed.

    On the part of the Eritrean opposition, Isayas’s vow boosts their position because the Isayasts may join them in search and catch of the perpetrators. For the Isayasts, the part of Sinai where the Eritrean victims are victimized is in Zone ‘d’ (Sinai’s demilitarized zone), where the Egyptian government does not have full control. This Zone is a UN’s demilitarized zone and because of that the Israelis and the UN are more accountable. The Isayasist appear to be right in blaming the Israelis and the UN. Besides, the Eritrean opposition is more about rationalism while the Isayasts are more about emotionalism. The Eritrean youth case needs catchy words that appeal to emotions and the Isayasts are good at it. The question demands louder voices; joint demonstration in New York against the UN will get our relationship off to a good start.

  • Anti Ghedli

    You guys are very slow. This news about Arabs abusing Eritrea was everywhere except in the racist Arab world minus Alajazeera English. Then after many years you started to talk about the Arab crime to Eritrean refugees in a sanitized article. Shame on you.
    By this pace, you may denounce the criminals in jebha in 25 years after the death of Issaias.
    Tell me more what is free press. “I dono what is free press!”

  • Besedira

    Finally Rashaida come to Awate why now?

  • Alem

    People may not understand the relationship. The national service has two major objectives and none of them is military. The first major objective is to get the youth out of the cities and put it under the control of the army. That gives PFDJ a guarantee that there is no threat to the government that comes from inside. That is where the second objective comes into play. How many youth can the military accommodate? With the successive recruits that come from sawa every six months, the economy does not allow it to have all of them indefinitely. So some of them either have to return to civilian life or leave the country. Returning them to civilian life negates the major objective. So giving them the alternative to stay in the army or leave the country became the choice and ultimately the youth chose to leave the country. The west wanted to create uprising by the youth due to the economic hardships in the country. Smartly Isaias fought such objective from being materialized by sending the youth out of the country and infiltrate the western world. Once the Eritreans left the country Isaias played another game. Declaring no one will be in castrated for leaving the country because he/she left in search of green pastures. Such declaration is simply to bring the money from the youth in and give them the hope that there is no need to cooperate with the opposition groups while you are free to come and visit your families. So I would say for Isaias sending the youth out of the country is his major national priority and it will continue like that. No national service conscript will not be allowed to go back to its civilian life ,even if the border is demarcated tomorrow.

  • Abe

    A little correction: The DIA meeting with Eritrean students was held in Durban, South Africa, not Dublin.

    [AT: Thanks Abe, the correction has been made. While we are at it, some of the links to sources within article have been activated.]

  • Eyob Medhane

    “…I beleive many of us still remember how ugly the 1983-1985 Ethiopian famine was…”

    Weren’t you part of Ethiopia, then? Wasn’t there a drought and famine in Eritrean highlands, then? Wasn’t the food aid getting delivered to the future ‘Singapore’, then?

    My God! When will it become clear to many of you that sanctimony and just plain ‘gura’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Jesus!!!

    • haile

      But the event is called “Ethiopian Famine.” It is given that name for posterity. Dictionaries, archives, blogs, news outlet…all know the phenomenon as “Ethiopian Famine.” Bob Geldof’s live aid is about “Ethiopian Famine.” The are many books about the “Ethiopian Famine” the infamous catch phrase of Seyum Mesfun “Skeletons in your TV Screens” was in reference to the “Ethiopian Famine.” The reason your country is the biggest recipient of aid is because humanity has been touched badly by the “Ethiopian Famine” that no donor feel they gave any thing unless they have given something to the home of the “Ethiopian Famine.”

      • Eyob Medhane

        Yeah, vanity, bravado, vindictivness, empty pride, fake identity is the source of ‘your countrymen’ predicment in Sinai and elsewhere. Your fredom and ‘independence’ is wrapped up and gifted to ‘your people’ by individuals like you. It would be crule of me to say ‘enjoy it’, because my culture and country values humility. Not ‘gura’ and empy pride, and I am very proud of that.

      • haile

        Regardless of this “I am better than you, only too humble to admit it” akaki zeraf, there is nothing that any one can do to change the coined phrase “Ethiopian Famine.” That is just a fact. Funny are those with unique humility, as if the word ‘gura’ has been borrowed from somewhere else.

    • Translate


      You are being disigenuous, disingenuous indeed when you picked that quote from Meretse’s posting and went “Jesus!!!” with it. Please read that posting again and be honest about it this time!!!
      Where is Sal when Eyob is trying to provoke him?

      • Salyounis

        Selamat Translate:

        You are holding your own and no need for me:)

        Eyob has a tendency to come half-cocked with guns-a-blazing but little does he know he is shooting blanks. Nothing in what Meretse wrote warranted that kind of haughtiness. He reads a lot of “woe, Eritrea! The end is coming! We made a mistake in 1961! We should have stayed with Janhoy” articles and he actually believes that those sentiments actually express the zeitgeist, the dominant belief of Eritreans and he is shocked when he encounters the “stubborn and unyielding”* Eritrean who does NOT think his identity is fake. It would also help him, and the conversation, if he follows the awate chron and actually reply to writers, instead of opening a new thread every time, but, hey, that’s our Eyob:) It is the stress of having to support every decision of EPRDF, no matter how contradictory.


        * a friend is writing a book. She uses the phrase “stubborn and unyielding” whenever she affectionately describes Eritrean behavior she doesn’t agree with. I have suggested she call her book “Stubborn and Unyielding: A love Story.”

      • Eyob Medhane


        Trust me. My response had nothing to do with me reading YG’s articles or my need for my beliefs to be validated by Eritreans, “stubborn” or reasonable. However, Lately I see a pattern of writers and commenters who are perfecting a devious and manuplative way of denigrating and insulting Ethiopia and Ethiopians. I have detected such a trend particularly from a certain writer, who writes on another website, (because I have very little regard and respect for him, I won’t mention his name here.) Meretse’s style of rubbing the saddest chapter of our history on our face, then omitting the fact that Eritrea was part of that history is exactly the conniving way of this particular writers way, which I assume catching on with so many of his readers. That’s what got me, Sal. Like I promised to Abu Saleh 🙂 I am wrapping it up now. As you instructed, I have responded directly on the already started thread, sir. Anything else? 🙂

        • Salyounis


          Like begats like. When you write of Eritreans misery as being caused by “vanity, bravado, vindictivness, empty pride, fake identity”, you are not just engaging in the favorite activity of every Ethiopian ultra-nationalist (practicing psychology without a license) you are insulting people: their culture, their identity, their struggles, their heroes and their saints. It’s interesting how Mengistu’s disastrous rule of Ethiopia reflects only on the psychotic nature of the man and only the man (and his henchmen) but Isaias’s disastrous rule of Eritrea somehow reveals some deep defect in the Eritrean character.



          * translation to monolingual people available upon request.

    • Saleh Gadi

      Eyob, are we becoming a bit itchy here? I didn’t read anything that hinted the famine was an only Ethiopian issue. The guy even had this (Ethiopian/Eritrean) in the joke that he quoted. There was no Eritrean famine then, it was The Ethiopian Famine. That doesn’t mean Eritreans were not famished, not at all. But it is ok if you wanted an excuse to blurt that Singapore thing… that abused term has become boringly…. funny:-)

      • Eyob Medhane


        Sorry, but you don’t understand. There is a trend latley among some Eritreans talking the way Merets and Haile do with renewed vigor. And frankly I got so tired of it, I opted to respond. I said my peace, and I will stop, because, you seem surprised that I got a bit ‘itchy’ 🙂 You know I listen my elders especially those teacher types like you 🙂

      • haile

        Very puzzling to hear some from a place of known thieves (Badme) and a fugitive from the law (EEBC) would like to have people think of them as “respect elders” (many elders have died being deported after their life savings were thieved) and “especially teacher like” while flaunting the greatest teacher of all – history.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It is Ethiopian famine, ethiopian civil war, ethiopian boycott by the west, ethiopian dictators, there was no country called Eritrea then. And the famine is directly Connected With the civil war. Somalia With the direct help of usa attacking ethiopia, Sudan helping both woyane and shaiba and the west boycotted ethiopia, derg got wiled With its dictatorship and the strongest men who fed Ethiopia must go to military service and never came back, the list is long. The famine was/is all ethiopian buisness, what made it miraclous is that we survived still. Eyob With Your silly discussion how to refer that horrible period you are ignoring the price paid to survive that Ethiopia famine. The discussion here must have been what must be done not to repeat that histroy. Imagine Eritreas oppositions started armed struggel and the boycott is going to last longer what could have happened in Eritrea now? The harvest of Eritrea is dependent of the free Labours of the so called miliarty service. if these youngsters are ingaged in war then you are intitled to Call the New famine ‘eritrean famine’. But one thing must be Clear. concerning the mass, eritreans famine are ethiopian famine.

    • Abe the minewale

      ZegereM eyu How the gentle man from Ethiopia failed to see the Eritrean kidney even physically tired person like me can see the connectin between famine and kidney I donot want to guess why he intentionally hijack just z famine to make his point way to go African man Direct your sword to Arsenio Hall or Bill crystal when Harry met Sally

  • Fino Pallotta

    What Eritreans are enduring is one of their own making. Eritreans need to resolve their own problems and find their own solutions without escapisms. Get your house in order. Look inwards not outwards. Good luck!

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Ad-Habab,

    I agree with you in some but not in some. like “If you see the case of opposition parties of Eritreans that are supposed to topple the regime, they have become good for nothing, they have spent a decade to sit together, plan and do some action against..” blaming opposition will not help much. they are people like you and me.yet i agree with you to put our suggestions and to accelerate and work with them. but the very important thing here is people should not just surrender here and their. they stand and fight. don’t even wait the opposition the young should create his own party. by the way the young is not doing what he should. we may need parties to handle the future Eritrea but to remove PFDJ? what is there? why it is easy to face Sinai but difficult to remove the small died group in Asmara? this the question my friend.

    • Ad-Habab

      Kokhob Selam

      I confess, I am frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the opposition parties, they have failed big time, they never achieved 1% of the expectation of the oppressed people of Eritrea, as a young, I might be interested to join one of the opposition parties, How over there is nothing attractive or motivating achievements unless a heart breaking mess. They call themselves a party and an opposition party but so far they haven’t done any visible or remarkable activity to measure their achievement in order to motivate youth to join them, the old Duds will never be replaced, they will get more tired and bored and of course they will result from ineffective to completely dead.

      When we was the last time you heard ” the opposition parties had a meeting with the youth” . Have they ever sat together ? I am sorry I never heard. Do the opposition parties campaign to join them,No, they never did that. If they do that, they have to first state what is their objectives, … They are too shy or lazy to do that.

      Some time, I think, DIA was right when he said there is no Oppositon, (Denied the existence of the opposition parties) and you know what of course, recognition comes after you do something on the ground. Not gathering like Uqub of Ansti…

    • Kokhob Selam

      dear Ad-Habab,

      I understand your feelings. it pains me a lot. i want to say something but I know there are a lot of intelligent and generous people who can let you understand better the real situation of opposition. allow me to leave it to them. for now here i am inviting you a cup of Ad -habab Jebena Poem. press Merhaba above and enjoy it. they title is ………….መክት………… the same topic of today that express my feeling and solution of the problem. thank you brother.

      • Ad-Habab

        Dear Kokhob Semay…

        I mean Kokhob Selam, Thank your kind response and decency, I hardly get that quality from Eritreans. By the way, I am ready to learn about the failure of all the dozens of opposition parties. Always ready plus curious too.


  • Kokhob Selam

    I think we should all work to let the young understand that the solution is inside the country not outside. Death in Sinai should be considered like a crime on self. don’t misunderstand me. every young should start to think that he deserve to live in peace and no one is allowed to victimize him. why lose you life in Sinai when you can simply get with you the entire PFDJ leadership and give peace to the majority? so let’s become tough on the subject as temporary help will not solve the problem. people should start to think that no single PFDJ supporter’s soul is equal to their’s and should not surrender nor fight with ordinary followers and the head of pfjd should be broken. the day everybody think in such way we will get our freedom. but if everybody want to go through risky journey then that is what will will get.Arabs are not in peace with themselves and we should not think of getting kindness from them. then even our own Eritrean leadership is worst. and the young who is going through Sinai is not kind to himself. if you are kind to help him in Sinai by telling the world, you will only make the tragic more attracted. so be tough. tell them that is no more acceptable. instead let’s even come near to Eritrea and start our radio transmission and sites like this. let’s start to be practical people. PFDJ is gone before people prepare themselves.

    the death of 250 Eritreans was a tragic but if they were willing to fight they could have cleaned pfdj in single day. worst even some people who survived all those difficult journey become pfdj members. so the way out is to fight fight and fight inside.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Kokhob!
      What eritreans dont have in Eritrea, they find it plenty out side of Eritrea. What eritreans dont have it oustside of Eritrea, they find it plenty in Eritrea. 250 People can not have a chance to organize them selves to do what ever thing they plan except a festival wich appriciate the regime. In Eritrea People can not meet or discuss or get Access to internet etc while you, kokhob can do With any Groups concerning Eritrea you wish to join where ever you are. What you dont have or lost in the process is the reality in Eritrea. How to feel, react, survive in the real time in Eritrea in the present now. The goal is to Escape the repression. No boody plans to end up in Sinei dessert. But the majoirty endes up not in Sinei. Thus People takes the chance. The chance for opposing eplf significantly in Eritrea and stay alive is almost zero while running away from the regime and not end in Sinei is great. this is a simple statistics. But i understand Your frustration. Loosing 250 People is painful. Ethiopians lost in one day 200 poeple in 2004 election in their own country.

      • Kokhob Selam

        dear Tamrat Tamrat,

        “The goal is to Escape the repression” so the goal should be changed. you also said ” Ethiopians lost in one day 200 poeple in 2004 election in their own country” but we still don’t have chance to fight inside our own country. and what? you had rule and system yet some of the people even want better and some people want to go back to their old governments. still nothing to compire my friend. i totally don’t accept the and no justification can be given for all the sufferings of Eritrean people. you know what an Eritrean use to be in fighting for his dignity. how can people and young people go to Sinai and kill themselves when the problem is as small as pfjd? my mind is no more accepting it.

  • Rashaida cover up

    Yet another Shameful Awate article. The factors for Eritreans leaving Eritrea may be many. People preying on inoocent young Christians is glossed over because the Rashaida lost rheir other illegal livelihood?

    Salehat, You are having a hard time hiding your hatred and agenda this days.

  • Ad-Habab

    Eritreans were heroes, their old generation had guts to demonstrate in the streets of Asmara against Hailesilase back in 1950s, they fought for 30 years for their freedom from Ethiopia, and eventually they got it. However, now what really happened to Eritreans??? The story never continued as everybody could expect. Now Eritreans are the most coward of the world, they only flee to the unknown danger from known danger. For the past few years, Eritreans scored highest not only refugee status, but in body organ markets, and that keep motivating the smugglers to speed up their kidnapping, extortion of money or killing them for their body organs. Somebody rich has failed kidneys and wants to live more days than predicted. That kept the market in high demand. If you see this view on Eritrean side, they collect money by all means and try to release their kidnapped family members. It happens again, and again, and again, and never stopped till this date, Still Eritreans are ready to pay ransom money, even it happens for again 1000 times, I don’t think Eritreans will something to stop. Somebody might ask, what can actually Eritreans in the Diaspora do to stop this? Nothing actually, at max they demonstrate and say our organs not for sale, stop extortion and appear to some foreign media outlets cry very much loud to let the people that have no concern for you hear their voice, at best they get some generous personalities condemn this barbaric act over an article, some useless organization will release some report about the issue, and that is it. Nothing more happens, not only tomorrow even in the coming years. Believe me or not, the same horrible things are about to continue for years to come. I thought that there is an end point for every start point, but the case with Eritreans there is no end point it is just going to the infinity. They all know that why? In fact they know exactly ‘what is the perfect solution to all the tragedies Eritreans are duped into.’

    If you see the case of opposition parties of Eritreans that are supposed to topple the regime, they have become good for nothing, they have spent a decade to sit together, plan and do some action against the evil regime in Eritrea, the fact is that they are getting divided as the same model of amoeba way of breeding. They have not only lost unity; trust, respect and cooperation, but also lost their common human sense. They are politically so weak in a way that they cannot even influence the rising youth. Let alone to influence the trapped people inside the country. They have never even made diplomatic or strategic relationship with important regional governments. They never liberated an inch of Eritrean land. They never freed any imprisoned Eritrean. They never delivered a hope to the oppressed people of Eritrea. They never tried to protect victimized refugees, they have never achieved the status of the ambassadors of the victimized people of Eritrea inside or outside the country that is why most Eritreans today who had recently fled from the regime fall again in the hands of the PFDJ at the outside, their nationality held captive unless they have to pay illegally imposed taxes. Either way, the Eritreans remain under a complete trap between foreign governments’ legal procedures and PFDJ embassies extortion. For instance, Eritreans residing in the gulf countries especially the KSA, which are repeatedly threatened with deportation to Eritrea. How important political gain could it be if the opposition make a relationship with such governments in an attempt to protect Eritreans from falling at the hands of the regime, where is the sense to the urgency of the matter that the Eritrean people is languishing in the dark jails of the PFDJ, that is needed to be priority No.1. What are the actions made on the ground to at least notice that somebody is doing something? To just evaluate any visible progress of the opposition, one of my close friends quoted as ” It is better to wait for prayers of the helpless Eritrean mothers to come true than to wait for the opposition to bring the solution,” well, he has a point. As of my knowledge, there is no any visible progress made by the opposition, the only show we get to see over the news is ‘there were conferences in Ethiopia, Sweden, DC, UK almost every corner of the world and reported as “concluded successfully”. Is it conducting only seminars and conferences the means of toppling the regime adopted by the opposition? By the way, how many of the so called concluded-successfully type meeting/conference/seminar achieved the targets of their successful meeting? What followed then after the so many successful meeting? There must be NOTHING in your head you can remember right now.
    The point is the Eritrean Heroes died long before they get married to give birth to their Xerox copies in bravery and heroism. All who are left breathing in the lands of heroes are all cowards. They are used to oppression than they are to Freedom. If they get a little pocket money, they will try to make it out of the country, today if you see, the yesterdays enemy Ethiopia accommodates about 80K Eritreans mainly youth. I bet you all, the flow of refugees will never stop at all, don’t ever dream about it unless the regime is uprooted and thrown off. There is well known proverb saying that “You can’t solve your problems, by running from them”. The first comes to your mind” O Eritrean People! What are your problems?” and ask the next question “Why are you running from these problems?” The proverb makes you think that there is only one way to solve your problem, face it, challenge it and you will win. Why everybody can’t react this way for this simple logical sense? Is it because freedom is not free and you really don’t want to pay, if so it is fine, but you must also have better knowledge of arithmetic mathematics to calculate and perform cost analysis on which is more expensive to pay, so that to save drops of blood, the cost of Freedom and the cost of Oppression? Compare them, and decide, remember time and wave wait for no man, plus time is really not on your side, it adds up to the cost of oppression. At least this makes you think about the choice you make!
    There are so many living witnesses in Israel victims of smuggling, torture, extortion and now they being threatened for deportation from Israel to Eritrea, after crossing all the horrible situation they were being through. Many of these victims have said they taken from Sawa, the military training center, and brought to Sudan and were sold to Beduin smugglers. The whole way till Sinai were sold several times among the network of well organized smugglers, and in Sinai they were kept prisoners/ hostages for money extortion purposes, they were inhumanly tortured to speed up fast ransom payment from the family members of the victim. Most of them reported they were dragged and sexually abused. Many Eritrean women today in Israel have kids from the rape incidents happened to them while they were in Sinai. The father of her son kidnapped her, tortured her, raped and sexually abused her, finally extorted her thousands of dollars and left her with beautiful Arab Eritrean baby to raise. This is the status of Eritreans today. Eritreans in the Diaspora who happen to be relative or family members of the victim will manage the ransom by all means possible, which is a fact that the extortionist know very well. Too many horrible stories to tell, the point is even all these are known to all Eritrea, why the hell that the opposition can’t use this case to the highest level, why they never lodged a legal case at the ICC against the main elements of the regime who are behind this racket of smuggling? To support the evidence to this, there are also reports saying some ransom money was paid inside Eritrea. To add fuel on the fire, the list of smugglers reported so far was found out to be the names of Tigrigna Eritrean Smugglers in the smuggling network list happen to be 5-6 folds of names of Rashida or Beduin in list of recognized smugglers, in contrary to this, most Eritreans dare to blame it to the whole Rashida people and Beduin. Some even they don’t know the difference between Rashida and Beduin? Something that I don’t understand, how come that all victims found themselves in Israel after their ransom is paid? Are the torture camps located at the dead end to the road to Israel?
    Oh God, how do you feel that if you have a brother, taken from Sawa, sold like a goat from one to another, smuggled across the desert to Israeli-Egypt border Sinai, tortured, beaten, sexually abused or raped for months, till you come up with $35K either by begging at Churches on Sundays or by selling your a** 24/7 and finally reached Israel, and Israeli government arrested your brother and put him in jail and few months after deports him to Eritrea. God and you know what exactly happens to him in Eritrea. Still all these don’t work to buy a little bit of guts to raise or revolt seriously against the regime. I don’t know how to convince Eritreans, which way is easier for you? Is it the way that you watch your own people getting killed, their body organs got extracted and sold as spare part to the rich of the unknown country? And fight to collect money to pay the ransom, today for brother, tomorrow, for your sister, few weeks after for your cousins, and may be few months after for your mother and also see your people drowning in the deep sea. And stop thinking about those people you left behind who went on way ticket to the underground dark and torturous jails? Do you forget that you can basically get back your stolen and robbed freedom in home country? I don’t think that you need a special direction or advice on how to get your freedom back. Just be yourself, use your mind and let your heart motivates you if you are human.

    • haile


  • haile

    Awate Team,

    A very good outline of the issues surrounding this tragic events. The “pull factors” you raised are valid. Also, one might extend it to questioning the commitment of the western nations to address the issue (even acknowledge its gravity) impartially. The resent revelations of scandals in this regard is case in point.

    On the “Rashaida factor” I am totally in agreement. I might even add their group as a whole could be considered as much a victim as the subjects of this article above. The seems to be a blanket condemnation, reminiscent of how Moslems are treated as regards to “terrorism.”

    On the “pull factor” section of your assessment, yet more valid points. What’s more, it is encouraging that you brought up the border conflict as a “compelling factor” used by one of the parties. This is a positive development, albeit wanting rather more politically dispassionate treatment. Because, such would inadvertently limit the sufficiency of the scope that is necessary for a rigorous treatment.

    In closing, it is a timely issue and a good think that you featured it at this time.

  • I beleive many of us still remember how ugly the 1983-1985 Ethiopian famine was. For many reasons, some western media outlets were very much fascinated about it, and viewers came to respond in their own way. In fact, some even went too far with it and they tried to make ugly jokes, such as: “how many Ethiopians / Eritreans can fill the telephone booth? The answer was ALL. When one Eritrean kid heard this he ended up fighting against all who were making such jokes. Some of those high school kids were hurt with his swift and unexpected move and that was then.

    What about today? Well, if you have not heard any I will like to sahre with you what I heard yesterday. A young Eritrean man who came to the west recently is working for one resturant. Because of his hard working habit he is loved by his co-workers and his supervisor. He said, one evening the resturant was too busy. While I was going back and forth serving the customers one man was standing on my way for considerable minutes. Then I came to ask him politely: Sir do you mind taking any sit? First, the man took a good look at me and he asked, “are you Eritrean”? I said, yes. “Thank you! “I just have a new kidney”. When I heard these comments made by him I was lost and did not know what to say. However, after a pause I cam to realize it was not him but the dictator and I closed the chapter.

    Eritreans let us be honest with ourselves at least in this case and fight the dictator to death; otherwise, “WE ARE THE WORLD PART TWO” is coming soon and it should mean nothing but just a song.