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Detoxifying Our Politics

It’s almost 2014 and Isaias Afeworki is still there, reigning over and ruining Eritrea. Change will come sooner or later. Of course it will! Sooner, if the movement for democratic change manages to quickly create an atmosphere ripe enough for those who can act, take a decisive action; or later, when nature takes its due course, as it always does. To have this decaying system linger for another 4-5 years is simply to sentence the Eritrean people to more suffering and to subject young Eritreans to disasters akin to Sinai, Sahara, Libya, Lampedusa or another godforsaken location where we would once again impotently wail, mourn and brace for the next disaster.

It is still conceivable that the regime can survive the diplomatic, economic and political quagmire it dug itself into in recent years by simply positioning itself that all interested parties have no better choice but to deal with it. The international community, the neighboring countries (including Ethiopia), and even some Eritreans (including the very victims of the regime) are giving signals that they are willing to accept the status quo as the new normal and move on. The recent sectarian politics based crises in South Sudan and the endless butchering in Syria may serve as a backdrop to scare off would be supporters of regime change in Eritrea and lead them to conclude that Isaias Afeworki may be needed as the necessary evil to maintain stability.

This leaves the committed Eritrean activists who are fighting to see a just Eritrea based on democratic institutions in a rather lonely place and swimming upstream. In a world driven by self-interest instead of by the more egalitarian aspiration of the common-good, change becomes that much harder. Is it a worthy fight? Absolutely! But it is also a fight that must be fought not to make a point but to win. That means the opposition camp need to retool, refocus and get rid of failed strategies that are simply working against itself, and to the delight of the dictator and those who upkeep the system.

We have to, we must and we can hasten the downfall of the regime; but not in the state of toxicity our politics is currently in, which only helps create thriving conditions for the venomous mafia regime in power. The fragmented opposition need to realize that to defeat Isaias Afeworki, it cannot afford to be perceived (and perception is reality!) as a sectarian movement, whose members spend more time infighting than laying out their alternative vision. Let’s face it, no one group, sector or political party can defeat a system that has ingrained its cult-like culture deep into the Eritrean psyche. The truth is, we will all need each other’s support more than we pretend not to and create synergy that would take us beyond where we are today. Otherwise, why would 2014 yield a different result than prior years? To detoxify the political environment is then to deny breeding area for a system that needs this toxic situation in order to survive and multiply. We must detox, treat, heal and restore our political environment, if not out of more mature reasons, at least as a smart strategy to defeat the system.

But first, we need to understand what ails us? How did the movement suddenly become so unpleasant to operate in? How can the silent majority jump on this wagon for change if it continues to become uninviting for those who are already on it? Was it always so, or is it getting amplified by technology and simply getting louder? There are no simple answers to confidently say how we got here but it helps to take a glance at the last few years and look for general trends and make a learned choice for 2014.

Fresh Wave

The year 2011 was a game changing year in the long winding road of Eritrea’s movement for democratic change. Thanks to the inspiring accomplishments of young revolutionaries in the Arab world and ease of access to social media tools, a wave of young people stood up to be counted. It was a year to simply declare that enough was “Enough!” and “Down Down Isaias!” The euphoric energy was palpable, veteran Deleyty FtHi whose calls for respect of human rights and freedoms was mostly landing on apathetic ears finally saw the arrival of the long overdue wind beneath their wings, in the form of this youthful energy. The final countdown to the end of Isiais Afeworki’s brutal rule had begun.

The following year, 2012, became the year of organizing this new and unprecedented addition to the movement. Everyone learned that unorganized movement cannot bear fruit. There must be an orderly and more effective way to execute actions and mobilize the public. So the organizing, aligning, structuring, restructuring, strategizing, ideological refinement went on and on with earnest. With that, the opportunities for disagreements multiplied and to some, winning ideological arguments became more important than actually winning – crossing the most important finish line that will remove Isaias Afworki from power.

As the disillusioned and less experienced younger generation tried to navigate these uncharted waters, by the end of 2012, it got entangled by the usual nets that have entangled its older compatriots. Once again, instead of getting encouraged to independently galvanize the public, something those who tried before could not do, the “youth” based movements that were mushrooming all over the world were viewed as either a threat to squash or a shiny new tool to squash others with. Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the zero-sum game of either-with-us-or-against-us mentality won the day. The proxy chess game continued, bringing with it toxic attitudes and vulgar languages. And Isaias Afeworki smiled. The proverbial countdown clock seemed to have been placed on hold.

The year 2013 began with a rather surprising but welcoming news of a coup d’état attempt of what came to be known as Forto-2013. Believers, doubters and fence sitters celebrated together briefly, bringing back that organic euphoria and energy back to the movement. However, it was short lived. Now that the post Isaias era is not a matter of if but a matter of when, the pseudo generals of the proxy chess games intensified their do-or-die campaigns to control and “purify” the movement for change along narrow ideological, regional and tribal lines. The aptly repeated buzz word was “unity!” but the desired result was a thinly veiled “uniformity!” – zey semere kabana yfele – an eerily familiar mantra. The defamation, purging, splitting, insulting, bullying and counter-attacking continued unabated and fanned by 24×7 Paltalk sessions, Facebook posts, press releases and gossipy phone calls, all in foolish attempts to control the movement and thereby controlling what happens after Isaias Afeworki is removed from the scene. Very foolish and very insulting to the Eritrean people indeed. For a while there seem to be only two kinds of Eritreans left in the world: patriots and traitors. Of course, which label one is bestowed upon depends on who is holding the label maker. The vitriolic and rather toxic commentary people are willing to use to paint those they disagree with was enough to give a reasonable person to pause and think what this could mean in post Isaias era, the tinderbox Eritrea the dictator is sure to leave behind. The change that we seek, at the very minimum, has to be better than what the PFDJ machine offers, doesn’t it? Could we be playing with fire? But the downward spiraling continued anyway.

Then we were hit with a bitterly cold splash in the face that sent shudders not only among Eritreans but also throughout the world community. The tragic loss of so many lives in one lump sum off the coast of Lampedusa became a glaring symbol of what it means to keep Isaias Afeworki and his PFDJ machine in place, and a shaming reminder that the futile, foolish and dangerous division among pro-democracy Eritreans must stop and fast. Lessons learned from moments of glory and tragedy wane real fast in our political arena, but at long last, the need for true unity seems to be taking hold – not uniformity, not purity, not sameness – but true unity of purpose and action coupled with respect of diversity of strategies, tactics and rights of others to go their own way.

The recent vibe is encouraging but, needless to say, we must correct course and once again restart the countdown clock toward the demise of our brutal dictator in 2014. But HOW do we accomplish that? We always seem to get stuck on the HOW part, don’t we? If we agree that that the current environment is too toxic to practice a movement of hope and better alternative, then we all have a duty to detoxify it. Only the dictator and those who suckle from his dying system can benefit from this contaminated environment where activists are continuously pointing fingers at each other, spreading baseless gossips, accusing each other of ulterior motives, looking over their shoulders for spooky characters borne out of figments of their imagination as well as constantly engaging in endless criticism, counter-criticism and self-criticism. For Delety FtHi, this toxicity should be viewed for what it is: a cesspool of a counter productivity where Isaias Afeworki’s demons take a refreshing bath. That is why, by at least attempting to take some practical steps toward changing the music if not the lyrics of our politics, we have little to lose and a lot to gain in the coming year and even beyond.

Let’s go to the solution then…

Conflict resolution experts might use healing words and phrases such as: anger management, open communication, reconciliation, issue isolation, tolerance, win-win situation, positive feedback, appreciation …….bla bla bla bla ……let’s face it, this stuff never works for us! We hear them but can’t comprehend them. Where does one begin? How about some realistic and more programmatic steps that can be easily applied.

Here are two unconventional, yet more familiar suggestions.

Toxic item #1. Too much criticism and self-criticism (the self-cleaning oven is destroying the … oven!)

Solution: One Month of Fasting (but eat all you want)
Our culture is deeply rooted in religion. Both Christianity and Islam call for a spiritual discipline that involves willful abstinence from food and also from other human temptations. In the Bible it says, “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth”. I am sure there is an equivalent verse in the Quran. During the fasting period, one is supposed to try to be a better person as well. How about we take a lesson from that chapter in our religious/cultural book and use it to detoxify our politics? For far too long, we have deluded ourselves into thinking that criticism and freedom to express our thoughts are virtues in and of themselves. We seem to have forgotten that the silent majority is always observing and making decisions … silently. We owe it to the struggle not to scare off potential activists.

To Do: Take one month, preferably the month of January, and abstain from criticizing the shortcomings of the opposition in any shape or form. Instead force yourself to say something positive, something you appreciate or praise someone who’s doing a great job. If you have nothing good to say, say nothing. This must include private phone call, coffee ceremony chit chats, social media posts (yes, ‘liking’ negative posts count) and if you are truly committed your private thoughts as well. Don’t worry, after one month it will be open season again – and you can criticize and self-flagellate to your heart’s desire. Chances are, however, the positive attitude will stick longer. BTW, I am resolving to do my ‘fasting’ in January. Care to join in? Shoot me an email (see below) and let me know how it is going. I think it’s not as easy as it sounds. And yes, this entire article can be qualified as criticism of our movement. Hope it is the constructive kind.

Toxic item #2. Parochialism, Regionalism, Nepotism (these narrow silos of division are cannibalizing the movement).

Solution: Celebrate Individualism, Practice Diversity.

Politics is essentially the competition for power to manage public resources. There will always be those who try to grab power and they will try to tap into our prides, prejudices and egos to turn the movement into “us Vs them” existential fight, if we let them. To belong to a certain linguistic, ethnic, regional administration or village is not a crime, nor is it an accomplishment. All these sub-national tendencies are rooted in elements of ethnocentricity where individual members feel their group is somehow better than others, is more capable, is more nationalistic or more deserving. The problem arises only when individual members are gullible enough to believe it and start to use it as a discriminatory weapon. This is undeniable and something that must be addressed urgently, otherwise we risk making the PFDJ look more mature. What we are suffering can be summed up in the Tigrigna saying: Asha Wedi Qeshi Si amelaK abaHaguu ymeslo (roughly translates to “a foolish son of a preacher thinks God is his grandfather”). Similarly, some foolish activist might tend to believe Eritrean affairs belong only to him and his grouping. This kind of parochial and narrow thinking is simply toxic and unworthy of those who claim they are fighting for equality and justice. It only creates toxicity, division and resentment when practiced by those who are in the opposition. Hopefully we won’t witness this kind of backward thinking in the coming year.

What we all should be fighting for is liberty and justice for all, regardless of region, religion, gender, age and how many of one’s forefathers have purportedly lived in Eritrea.

To Do: This one is borrowed from my friend Saleh Gadi’s recent speech in Bologna. I think it is a good exercise for all of us. Go through your mobile phone’s address book and review your contact list, especially the ones you are in contact with most. Is the list of your Eritrean contacts as diverse as you thought it was? No one is expected to have a list proportional to the mosaic of Eritrea, but it boils down to this: don’t preach diversity, practice it.

And if I may add … If you suffer from unwarranted region of origin superiority complex, just close your eyes, think about how babies are made, and decide if you should take pride in that “achievement” that resulted in … YOU. Every one of us should be judged not by our kinship to some African ancestral village, but by the type of individuals we are. No exceptions.

On to 2014

Will the foolishness of this year follow us into next year? After Lampadusa? After the images of babies in small white caskets? I hope not. I think the lessons have been learned. In 2013, Forto’s Wedi Ali (RIP) has captivated our imagination by showing us that change from inside is possible; Wedi Vacaro has demonstrated that one person with a humble and timely message can mobilize the public; Wedi Tikabo has given us a reason to once again synch our rhythm and dance in unison and national pride: Ere nHadnetna ye sheT meAntana goes his song. 2014 will have its own heroes and heroines. Let’s just resolve to detoxify the political environment for them and the countdown to the end of Isaias Afeworki will start ticking real fast.

Happy New Year to YOU!


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  • Hayat Adem

    Exclusively for Zigeremo and Regime+ (I’ll spare Nitricc**),
    You really don’t understand!*

    *I’ve 7years old sister and 5yrs old nephew. They sometimes argue and argue…my sister usually comes to say this in closing the argument: “you don’t understand!”
    **For some reason, I don’t feel desperate on Nitricc. With him, I prefer to keep my diplomatic offices open, you never know…

  • Horizon

    Happy NEW YEAR to all ETHIOS and ERIS!

    Let us all wish that 2014 would be a different year. In the New Year, our people want to see the following.
    − less ignorance and arrogance,
    − more open minds and softer hearts,
    − less hate and more mutual understanding,
    − less bizarre and delusional behavior,
    − less antagonism and more cooperation,
    − the year we recognize and accept the Ethio-Eri reality,
    − the year of emancipation for those condemned to poverty, destitution, slavery etc., due to callous and insensitive personal and partisan politics,
    − the year when the people will be more important than the land, when we understand that the land without its people becomes a desert or a jungle, where only serpents and wild animals can live,
    − the year cyber warriors understand that peace is a necessity, those who continue to live in the past will lose the present and the future, greatness and prosperity does not come out of bravado, wishful thinking and inflated ego, but through hard work, peace and cooperation,
    − the year when pseudo-patriotism and ultra-nationalism will disappear from our lives and are replaced by rational thinking,
    − when DIA is replaced not by his kind, but by a peace-loving and democratic leader, who does not suffer from an inferiority complex covered with a blanket of superiority complex, a leader who has the Eri people as his main priority,
    − we understand that our humanity should be superior to our ethnicity,
    − our religions become religions of love and not hate, for God/Allah is love,
    − we understand that digging out and bringing to the surface past history is not a weapon of progress but a weight tied to the leg of the people meant to prevent them from moving forward,
    − in the age of globalization those who want to isolate themselves are condemned to vanish,
    − we stop to be infatuated with poverty, destitution and misery of our people and call these horrendous situations dignity and pride,
    − stop being the best example for the worst things happening in this world,
    − the year when our intellectuals work to bring a positive result for their people, and they stop being messengers of negative outcomes, because they are immersed to the neck in their personal interests,
    − the New Year will be the year when we are all born again so that our people will be able to see a bright day. We will be able to choose for our people peace instead of war, happiness instead of sadness, prosperity instead of poverty, health instead of sickness, education instead of ignorance, a full belly for the children instead of a hunger stomach, no deaths at the borders, the deserts and high seas…etc.
    − we try to be in our peoples’ shoes, so that we might understand their plight. Make our people feel that like all peoples in the world, they are also equal human beings that deserve every good thing this world can provide.
    − Finally, I hope that our gift for our people for 2014 would not be again empty words like pride, dignity, special breed of people etc. that have not helped the least, but on the contrary, have brought the people to the verge of destruction.


    • Hayat Adem

      Happy new year to you, too, Horizon. Good stuff, you brought up. People should take notes as they could use these as inputs when they develop their action plans for the year.

  • Eyob Medhane


    Sorry. The thread is getting a bit crowded down there. I had to come here.

    I see you reverted to your favorite thing to. Deflection.

    Fine. It doesn’t matter how the Habesha kings were and how they closely resemble Isayas. What I was asking you was, the two gentlemen (Aklilu and Aman) were advocating a federation for Eritrea and all fourteen provinces of Ethiopia. Had they been listened to and what they were advocating was materialized, Eritrea would have been a federation state of Ethiopia. You said these two gentlemen should have been listened to, but they kept running into Kings and leaders, who were (add your own superlatives here ) My question again. As you said, had they been listened to and Eritrea was a federated state of Ethiopia, would you have been for it? As far as your 98% thing, well, people chose ‘Natsnet’ vs. ‘Barnet’ (Who would choose barnet, anyway?) Even though, what they got was totally opposite of what they chose. Speaking of 98% I thought you hate and always suspect such ‘total’ results. As far as I know EPRDF and it’s allies won 99% of the seat in the parilament. Since your figure is believable and warrants a ‘brag’, what disqualifies EPRDF’s 99% victory from being genuine?

    About ‘Gursha’. Well, that’s what we do, brother. “Gursha’ is so famous, even the simpson’s try to emulate it. I am sure you saw that..


    “..When a friend stick a pancake in another friend’s mouth, it’s called ‘Gursha’…”

    “…They are selling CD’s in the restaurant. Back to the car..”

    “..They are using pancakes, as spoons…”

    “…ooooh..let’s see what else they do wrong…”


    • Eyob Medhane

      Oh Sal,

      I forgot. I meant to show you something that would drive you cra…………zy.

      Actually, consider it my New Years’ gift..

      Very short article…..

      Please enjoy…or not…. 😉


      • saay


        Too serious for New Year’s Eve.

        Speaking of Awra amba, some amce chick sent me a link to an amazing documentary about Awra Amba as my retirement home…


        It’s beautiful, but it gives weird cult vibes. We are not going to have a Jim Jones mass murder/sucide incident there are we? And is the Awra Amba Times the Reverend Moon publication of the cult? Don’t get defensive, just asking! It is the job of the Minister of Research and Documentation to clarify these things.

        Happy new year


        • T.Kifle

          Selamat SAAY,

          My New Year Greeting to you and all members of Awate House

          Thank you for the video link of Awara Amba Village which I couldn’t have watched it otherwise.

          As you said it correctly “The Awramba Times” took the alias for all wrong reasons completely out of the spirit and practice of the Village Awra Amba. You shouldn’t be surprised though that part of the press and their proponents never tire of quoting Gandhi at length in whatever they utter and write but they have hard time to prove us that they actually ” practice what they preach”. Enough politics on the EVE of the New Year so would like to end my thread with Zumra’s answer to a question raised by one of the university students as saying: “ሰው መግደል ክልክል ከሆነ መሳሪያ(ጠመንጃ ማለቱ ነው) ለምን ትይዛላችሁ?” ብሎ ሲጠይቀው “መግደል ክልክል እንደሆነ ሁሉ መሞትም(ራስን ሳይከላከሉ መሞት ማለቱ ነው)እንደዚሁ ክልክል ነው”. 🙂

          Once again Happy New Year

        • Eyob Medhane


          Ah..Awra Amba and Zumra Nuru. Every Liberal/communist’s wet dream… 🙂
          You want proof? Well, just two weeks ago, the liberal media bastion NPR/PRI has this story about awra amba.. (Your link is pretty old, by the way)


          BBC some three years ago


          France 24 some 4 years ago


          Press TV some four years ago..


          My point? Yeah…It’s a cult…ok ..cultish. And as we all know, liberals/Communists love this cultish stuff and singing Kumbaya while smoking the bong. They just went all over it for the last few years, because Zura Nuru’s community resembles their largely the sixties and seventies drug inspired vision of the world. Other than those TV coverages, you have no idea how large the publications all over the world that just go on and on about them…So, when fox news ding bat Gretchen Carlson, in her own barbie doll way declares the “liberal media owns the universe, and even out side of the universe, like Mars” she may have a bit point there… 🙂

    • saay

      Selamat Eyob:

      Hmmm, I think tnsh moq bloshal, you are unusually slow today. I was introducing you to the missing character (Ethiopia) in why our 30-year war was a 30-year war. In the revisionist version of history (YG’s), throughout those 30 years, it was only Eritreans stubbornness that just dragged it out for decades. In the actual version, the war took that long because Ethiopia took a rigid, inflexible position for 30 years. EVEN when Gorbachev had cut off Ethiopia from military/financial aid in 1990 (and Mengistu had no problem taking a 180-position and embracing capitalism), when it came to Eritrea, he was saying in 1990 (after he lost Massawa) that the war will go on for 100 years if it has to because we Ethiopians have never been colonized and never been defeated by foreign powers m’nam’n m’nam’n.

      It is this “all-or-nothing” Ethiopian position that emboldened, strengthened Eritreans to go for it all; otherwise, if Ethiopia had shown some flexibility and adopted the Aklilu Habtewold and the Aman Andom proposals (some form of federal status), the Eritrean revolution wouldn’t have been born or it would have died a quick death because Eritreans would have settled for SOME kind of autonomous self-rule, even if the revolutionaries wouldn’t have. That is: Ethiopia had many opportunities to separate the revolutionaries from the people and it always chose the one that drove them to the arms of the revolutionaries.

      I only like 99.8% results when some objective third-party (preferably a WHOLE bunch of objective third parties) says it was “free and fair.” Not “mostly free and fair”, not “kinda free and fair” but “free and fair.” As Gash Saleh said about two decades ago noting the persistence of atheism, “even God doesn’t have 90% popularity.”

      About Gursha and your argument of “well, that’s what we do, brother”, are you saying that you are for anything that “we do” forever and ever amen? Slavery was one of those “that’s what we do, brother”, remember? Child brides? Women as property? Human beings as subjects of kings? Rampant illiteracy? Wild superstitions? There is not one single tiny thing you are willing to criticize about Abesha culture, you are a brave one, aren’t you? 🙂

      Anyway, here is rare footage of Mengistu personally fighting in the war:

      http://youtu.be/Jvqhk7YDH9U (it’s a 2 minute video; Mengistu is the one in black)


      • Hayat Adem

        So hilarious a clip! And very entertaining. And very educating. And very fitting to Mengistu’s hard-nose, bleeding nose. I also see Mengistu in Isaias.

  • Yemane Johar

    Zegeremo, what is painfully worst is that you are not only poor of the material world that you are trying to insinuate but also of the rotten faculty between your ears. Every time you and your likes open your foul mouth, one can vividly see through your ignorance.
    As a matter of fact, the right and be fitting name for us would have been TIGRAWOT instead in attempt to distant from Tigray/Ethiopia and create their “hadas Eritrea”, the mediocre/evil “leaders” came up with a makeshift and meaningless name, “Tigrigna”. Mind Tigrigna is a name designated specifically for the language we share and speak and not for our true identity.
    I myself better be called Tigraway than “Tigrigna” as there is nothing of a connection,honor and/or pride in the latter.
    On a different note, I believe things happen for a reason. Yes! It is worth mentioning that Weyane has made us a big favor and that is, while defeating the Badme war that dia ignited, they have also shatter the deeply rooted bigotry and superiority complex that you appear to be fond of. BTW now we all know who is Memher and who ended up to be Temaharay. Now just for a reality check, I will take you for a solo bus tour to Tigray to visit all the refugee camps and my song of choice would be nay wedi tukul “Ne’om zbelnayo nabana tet’wyu…” and hear I will leave you with the following foot note,
    “*The non-Kebessa Eritrea has more civility and sophistication on such issues, and you don’t hear them talking about petty issues of superiority/inferiority towards any group. Such talks had gone to the dust bin even in the class-conscious European societies let alone in Africa where economic classes are not yet stratified. Where economic classes are non-existent, the feeling of supremacy has to come even from much stupid claims, i.e., by attribution to blood class. Can you think of such a situation between Ethiopia and Eritrean societies? More: you belong to a country inching every day to a deadline on its own; you run away from it in droves south and east; your brothers and sisters are camped in 10s of thousands in Tigray, the political challenges at hand are becoming visibly existential and you have the gut to talk down on others that are doing way better than you? If you have a word for this, help me.”

    • Yemane Johar

      Ps Zegeremo, while on tour please don’t glance at their recent build universities etc.I guaranty, you will pass out of envy!

  • zegeremo


    (Bes-Maa’m Beli, Mulue Maa’lti Hateftef K’tebli We’eilki) hmmm..probably that sucker self-deception is keeping you awake from resting:( Ha’?

    Isn’t true that you have saying almost in every comment that Ethiopia is doing well without Eritrea? And what’s wrong with saying Good and Happy for them, but I would rather be poor Eritrean than rich Tigraway. what has decency to do with this? I mean why is it ok that Hayat do not want to be Muslim, but zegeremo has no decency or brainwashed to say he does not want to be Tigraway?

    And just in case you haven’t noticed, your twisted nick name,your secret hate,your deceptive logic, your false abbay Tigray belief are accentuating your true colors. Please learn Eritrean history and try again.


    • zegeremo

      Correction “you have been”

      Thank you moderator!

      • Belai

        What is the corection for?Zegeremo!it is all wrong anyway.

        Zegeremo is a real Wind-up marchant.please let people who care about people speak.you do not care about Ertreans but your ego,and your ego is shattered beyond repair.
        Call it a day Zegeremo and come back to the reality,and accept yourself as a total waste of time to those who care.Hapy new year any way.

    • Nitricc

      The Tigryans objective is to turn awat.com in to asmarino .com
      take Hayat, she fooled any one who wants to be fooled. if that woman is Eritrean, as much as i love Eritrea, i am scraching it of my Eritrean identity.
      that woman, why hide? it is okay to be from Tigray.
      Hayat Adem, Hayat my foot.

  • Hayat Adem. Thank you I love your highly intelegent realistic commente.the vision less wasted bodies for the last 50 years can dream otherwise. A pie from the Sky.

  • Halewa Sewra

    YG is a fraud.

    He needs to stop his fraudulent misrepresentation of Eritrean history.

  • Halewa Sewra

    Neighborly cooperation is not a bad thing but, honestly, what does Tigray have to offer Eritrea?

    As far as I know, the Tigray economy is devoid of anything of value.

    I would rather foster better economic relationship with the Sudan than Tigray or even Ethiopia for that matter as long as Weyane is in power. Post-Weyane Ethiopia may be a different thing. But we will have to wait and see.

    The Sudanese do not have all that inferiority complex, resentment and envy that is common among Tigray people.

    We can’t keep forgiving the Tigrayans and Ethiopians only to end up getting sucker-punched. They are untrustworthy. You can’t be partners with someone whose heart is “twisted” as that saying goes.

    As someone aptly put it, “Eritrea’s economy needs Tigray as much as a fish needs a bicylce.”

    For those of you Tigrayans who think Eritrea is a Habesha nation, it is not. Biher Tigrigna is only 1/9 bihers.

    Yes, I would much rather deal with the Sudanese than a Tigrayan.

    Remeber we had trouble with the Sudanese and Yemenis as well in the nineties but everything got fixed quickly and we now enjoy good relations with both countries because they don’t suffer from all that baggage that Tigray does. In the case of Yemen, we handed back the islands and Eritrea’s maritime border is demarcated.

    But Tigray is still occupying sovereign Eritrean territory illegally because Tigray does not deal in good faith. They can’t ber trusted.

    • Eyob Medhane

      Halewa Sewra,

      As a very well known ETHIOPIAN man of Tigray origin, would say

      “መንገዱን ጨርቅ ያርግልህ” to Sudan…

      Find a Tigray man to translate it to you… 🙂

      • rodab

        Quick question before you go on your vacation to TiHlo land (thi is compliment,btw).
        You know how the Woyanes are obssessed with copycatting the PFDJ…Didn’t they start national service in Tigray (and only in Tigray, funny) sometime ago? Whatever happened to that program? As a mid-level cadre, I thought you would enlighten us.

        • Abrham


          Agbe was the area, youths that can not pursue their education farther join the handcraft,building construction.. vocation training for months. It was not national but voluntry and terminated long years before.
          “You know how the Woyanes are obssessed with copycatting the PFDJ..” Parroting SAAY. He told us that many time.What I observed from Weyane is they are obsessed with any thing good and if it is not worthy they throw it in to dust bin unlike your…

        • Eyob Medhane

          Whatcha talkin bout, rodab?

          You know, they used to tell us mid level cadres every thing in the old days, but they stopped now. They said ‘..you mid levels are good no more, only high level cadres should do the job. So, that’s what my vacation is about to TiHilo land now. To get myself promoted to a ‘high level cadre, from my current ‘mid level’ position. Crossing fingers, I hope I will make it. Please pray for me. If you do, I will bring you all sort of ‘goodies’, which only we high level cadres get…..

    • The Tigrinya biher may be 1 out of the 9 biherats, but it is more than 50% of the population of Eritrea.

      • Halewa Sewra

        Here is the dirty little secret that the government doesn’t disclose. Truth be told, Eritrea is a majority Muslim nation. It’s true it was a roughly 50-50 split at one time, but that was a long time ago. It’s probably closer to 60-40 majority muslim now. The reason being birth rates are higher among Muslims while immigration is higher among Christians. These two factors combined have changed the population share in favor of Muslims.

        But we have no hangups about religion and society in Eritrea so the issue doesn’t matter.

        I do seem to recall Weyane officials like Siye making fun of Eritrean currency during the 1998-2000 war saying things like “N mobae zeykewin genzeb” because it had pictures of Muslim kids on the currency.

        N Mobae zeykewin genzeb means you can’t even use at the collection plate for donations to the church. If this isn’t religious bigotry from Tigray I don’t know what is.

        • Eyob Medhane

          Halewa Sewra,

          I like you. I really do. You know why? You are honest. You don’t beat around the bushes.

          You said,

          “….It’s true it was a roughly 50-50 split at one time, but that was a long time ago. It’s probably closer to 60-40 majority muslim now. The reason being birth rates are higher among Muslims while immigration is higher among Christians. These two factors combined have changed the population share in favor of Muslims….”

          That was frank, bold, honest and to the point. Sad as it is, Eritrean Kebessa has never seen this coming and seem to never understand what is happening to them. You the the Chutzpah to tell everyone that “…Eritrea is now demographically changed, because we the Muslims are starting families and having children, where as Christians are leaving the country. Hence, from now on we constitute the majority. End of the story…” Wow…Just wow. Kudos to you for the telling the truth, as exactly how it is. It also is a warning tell tell signs for us the south side of Mereb…

        • rodab

          Actually, what you call the “dirty little secret” is THE ONLY thing the government discloses. If you follow the presidential media, it rarely misses the opportunity to remind us that Eritrea is a half-Christian, half-Moslem country living side by side for centuries…..

        • Ermias

          How do you (eyob) know he/she (halewa sewra) is Muslim? Just curious but I do miss a lot of memos here so forgive me if I should have known.

    • Hayat Adem

      Is that why we were fleeing the country in hundreds of thousands between 1991-1997, and we are talking with high hopes of building Eritrea to the growth level of Singapore since 2000 and onwards?

    • Azeb

      Is Eritrea better off now than during Dergi era?

      • Ermias


  • Eyob Medhane

    Sal, Haile, gash Saleh and all Habeshas in big ‘H’ and small ‘h’ (As Sal would like to refer to us, Melkam Genna and Happy New Year.

    I wish you all the best with this incredible ‘Yegna Music Group’ Coca Cola Dance…



    You must watch this, and of course scoff at it.. 🙂

    • The youtube made me buy a dozen of bottles of Koka Kola. I am switching from drinking beer to drinking Koka Kola.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Actually, I read you complaining “…Ay Yabesha neger..” few posts back along with Haile. I need to exorcise that out of you with this another 4 minutes clip.

        (Warning to Sal! Please cover your ears for only four minutes, as there is a repeated mention of ‘Hbaesha’ in the following clip. I or the performers will not be responsible for the side effects you may experience, if you didn’t do, as it’s advised. 🙂 )


    • saay

      Ambassador Eyob:

      It is as bad as advertised 🙂

      But then, all things choreographed are bad. This is true whether it is Broadway musicals (ug), flashmobs (ugg), military parades (uggg), lining up poor little kids to march up and down the street in Asmara and goose-stepping to greet Haile Selasse (ugggg) and college football marching bands (uggggg.)

      Nobody* except those who organize these things, which are designed to destroy individualism and independent thinking, likes them. They are group think experiments, and when given a choice, people would rather do anything else but, as our good friends at Monty Python proved years ago:



      *Nobody except those who are not themselves unless they dissolved themselves into something groupie.

      PS: I wasn’t responsible for the Big H small h distinction. That was YG: and he offered it as a helpful means so people don’t get stuck in terminologies. Big H is traditional Abyssinia (you know the ones in your favorite pre Menelik II expansion map) and small h is the rest of Ethiopia and the rest of Eritrea.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Help me figure this out.

        Isn’t it a group thinking , which helped thousands of Eritreans, who ‘would rather do something else’ instead of being at war for thirty plus years? Don’t tell me that was not a ‘group think’, but sheer ‘patriotism’. If it were, patriotism also would have make them question and lead them to the same bushes, when they were trampled on in their own country….That’s my take. Sorry for being serious for a minute…

        • saay


          I don’t do serious on New Years Eve Eve.

          But. The thing that you and YG and the entire YG Church of Illusion misses is: it was a thirty year war ONLY because your guys (Haile Selasse and Mengistu) were stubborn and stupid with their Old Habesha rigidity 🙂 They should have listened to Aman Andom and Aklilu Habtewold. (New Habesha) Thirty-year wars are thirty year wars (The English and the French had one) because both sides refused to give in and our side outsmarted yours by lining up and bonding with a stronger Fifth Columnist (Harbegna weyane) than your guys (Nech Lebash, Militia Sernay, Dembelas Army (YG’s favorite), Kunama “Ethiopian Tikdem”, “Ras Gej” losers, etc 🙂

          Much love,


          Oh, this is what I mean by Old Habesha rigidity. Mengistu: talking about “whatever sacrifices even if it continues for 100 years.” In 1990, after Gorbachev cut off aid to Ethiopia. It is hard to take (for Ethiopians), but you did say you want to talk about “serious” things. So here it is: the imbecility of Ethiopian regimes. Habesha regimes.


          • Eyob Medhane


            New years eve is tomorrow. So you still don’t get to take a break from ‘qum neger”..: -)

            Wait a second…did I read you right endorsing Aman Andom and Aklilu Habtewold’s idea? Did I read it right?…Did you know what those two were advocating for? Federation for the then all Ethiopian provinces (Asra aratu kiflehageroch) So, are you telling me that you’d have been ok, had they achieved that? I thought the whole premise of Eritrean ‘struggle’ was an independent state based on colonial mad, as it was agreed by the charter of OAU or nothing else. All my life I heard the Ghedlists (a new phrase I coined, trademarked 🙂 ) Were saying “..well, when all of the other African countries have become independent countries, when the colonialists have left, except us. We were federated with Ethiopia by the conniving UN compromise and then the evil Ethiopians annexed us..” And now you are telling me you’d have been as satisfied, had Aklilu Habtewold or Aman Andom had their way, which was in Ethiopia, but in a federal arrangement? Wouldn’t that leave the whole “ghedli” “principle” under water? Hummmmmm .. “ዋእ: ወይ መኣልቲ” አለ አሮሞ.. 🙂

          • saay

            Ha, Ambassador Eyob:

            I love it when the Andnet Party (Neo and Paleo) stumbles on an old established fact and thinks it is an insight it just discovered. Reminds me of the kid who goes to the beach collecting “rare” rocks that are rare only because it is his first time on the beach 🙂

            Listen up, ambassador: Yes. Ewe. Awo. NeAm. Aywa. Amanka tu. Si. Oui: IF the senile Habesha king, Haile Selasse, had listened to Aklilu Habtewold; and if the nutcase Habesha Stalinist, Mengistu Hailemariam, had listened to Aman Andom, the “thirty year war” that you blame ENTIRELY on our HEROIC Revolutionaries (many of whom are FINE HABESHAS, btw) would have never started or it would have ended sooner. Because revolutions can’t advance much without popular support.

            And, wrong again (don’t you ever get tired? :): the Ghedli was not about colonial borders: it was about SELF DETERMINATION. If the SELF had determined to be part of the Old Habesha Empire, it would have been fine with us but, wouldn’t you know it, 98% said, nope, I think I will try something else besides that suffocating, decrepit thing that hasn’t made one step towards progress when it comes to governance 🙂

            So, when you are celebrating Habesha Culture by listening to bubblegum music (man, it is so un-hygenic to do that hand-to-mouth feeding, uggg), take a pause and ask: why did we Habesha always have rulers who were so deformed? What is in out culture that produces deformed leaders? By the way, while on the subject, I consider Isaias Afwerki as exemplifying everything about all Habesha Kings: inward-looking, paranoid, petty, xenophobic, anti-education, and obsessed with one and one thing only: his throne.


          • Thisisyourdeparturepoint

            Just for change, can we be the multi lingual that we are and say : hadnet or Hbret instead of andnet . Why r some Eritreans so ‘infatuated ‘ with the Amharic language 🙂

  • Zegeremo

    I would rather be poor Eritrean than rich Tigraway. Period(shenkolel zeibulu)


    • In aggregate ,Tigrawot are richer than Eritrawot in general and Bihere Tigrina in particular.

      • zegeremo

        Good for you we just don’t want any part of you!

    • Hayat Adem

      You are who you are, and you can’t choose that. You can choose what you can be and your choice seems to be to be poor. OK, no objection- be poor but be a decent poor, at least.
      *If there are no redundant entries with different names here, I would be totally shocked by the number of people here who have no shame of saying such stuff in public. It seems we are sleep-walking into the shameless zone of medda acculturation YG has seen it coming for long time. It is a strange sleepy walk that urges for a wake up call of a different kind. We finally are reaching a time where we are about to shake off the PIA group from our shoulders. ut, it really worries me if we will ever have the right tools to deal with all the brainwashing of minds that had been done over the years.

  • Hayat Adem

    You said “…Dr. Trivelli’s independent (free from conflict of interest) scholarly work based on research offends you…while YG’s [doesn’t]”.
    YG is me. You are me. And Trivelli is not me. Trivelli is writing about you and you are quoting him with pride for the worst lines he had to say about you. You are so intoxicated in happiness because he used words like “crooked, twisted, untrustworthy” to show how some KebessaTigrigna describe their brothers across the river. How much does your happiness worth? You can have a couple of glasses of wine if you have a habit of drinking to generate an equivalent fulfillment or watch a movie that soothes your emotions. Or you can handle yourself in a bed with your him/her partner; or without one. BUT the thing you are carelessly soiling can make Eritrea and Eritreans (and the other-side) pay a huge price. For example, if you buy TTrivelli’s logic that Eritrea’s superior/Tigray’s inferior (or vice verse, or the hate/contempt attitude had to do a thing or two in causing the war, then how much price do you think was paid for it? You are OK in entertaining that for petty personal egos? You can never rationalize why that makes you happy. You are happy because there is an itching urge inside you to insult people for no policy result. You don’t even take a moment to ponder “how does that help me or my family or my Eritrea”. He, your scholar, is trying to say how that nonsensical unjustified urbanite perception caused a full blown war that devastated and ruined the two countries. And that seems what you are cheering up. If you slice a small part from a dog’s ear and offer it back to him, he might mistake it for a piece of meat. Am I over-expecting if I expect you to behave better than a dog?
    For you, all these shared layers of blood and heritages, cultures and history, and above all the shared future and challenges ahead don’t mean anything to you but few negative words written by this guy, do. If you are an Eritrean, you definitely look like the Tigreans south of Mereb, you have generational shared history of civilization and past heritages, you speak Tigrigna* like them, you are probably a Tewahdo* christian (like them)…the interdependence “curse” can never be written off, more so especially now in the 21st century where you need economic partners from far away let alone the natural ally next door.
    May be my experience in the last months has mad me a bit sensitive. But through out my adult life, I have almost a bodily distaste all acts of bad-mouthing for the heck of it on sensitive issues that may influence efforts of building future relations.
    *The non-Kebessa Eritrea has more civility and sophistication on such issues, and you don’t hear them talking about petty issues of superiority/inferiority towards any group. Such talks had gone to the dust bin even in the class-conscious European societies let alone in Africa where economic classes are not yet stratified. Where economic classes are non-existent, the feeling of supremacy has to come even from much stupid claims, i.e., by attribution to blood class. Can you think of such a situation between Ethiopia and Eritrean societies? More: you belong to a country inching everyday to a deadline on its own; you run away from it in droves south and east; your brothers and sisters are camped in 10s of thousands in Tigray, the political challenges at hand are becoming visibly existential and you have the gut to talk down on others that are doing way better than you? If you have a word for this, help me.

    • Regime Change is out


      Based on the passion that you are showing on this issue, it is no longer practical for you to continue to claim to be an Eritrean. It’s better if you disclose your true origin, Tigray, so that people can have correct information about you when communicating with you.

      Our forefathers were the ones that came up with the word “Libi Tigray Tiwiyway” or “Twisted like the heart of Tigray.” This was long before Weyane Tigray betrayed the State of Eritrea and needlessly killed some 19,000 Warsays, for which it will never be forgiven.

      Furthermore, all those democracy related issues and complications about Eritrea that are discussed on these awate pages are a direct result of Weyane’s betrayal and backstabbing of the State of Eritrea.

      So Dr. Trivelli is correct when he concluded that once the war broke out, Eritreans went back to stereotyping Tigrayans as “shifty, stingy and untrustworthy.”

      Keep in mind that Dr. Trivelli did not come up with these characterizations on his own. In the fields of academic research, you go where the truth and facts lead you without any regard to hurt feelings.

      • Zaul


        Hayat is right,you are presenting what the researcher found some Eritreans (your likes) believe about Tigreans. It is not a scientific finding, but a prejudice. Our Tigrean brothers and sisters should rest assured that is not a majority view, the Tigrinya-Eritreans are in fact one and the same ethnic group as you divided by an arbitrary border since 1890.

      • Daniel

        As to Hayat

        You still are talking about Tigrayans. We are good strategist to avoid you not to claim back to Ethiopia and become impediments . Eritreans never have been think independently as you were not free for centuries. It is utmost shame of you Eritreans to claim you are puppies the foolish Arabs . God help you to help yourself.

      • Danny

        Regime change,

        Before you get too far with villifying a whole population with you archaic mentality, you should be reminded about “the truth and facts” that it is DIA who ignited the border war single handedly and is ultimately responsible for the death of tens of thousands young lives and its subsequent effects.Straighten your twisted heart first before you point your finger else where.

        • welde

          Some one once wrote a comment in this forum regarding the Ethio-Ert situation: “Eritrea got its independent from Ethiopia in 1993, Ehtiopia got its indeoendent from Eritrea in 1998”. I think PIA should be honoured by Ethiopia for cutting once and for all the umblical cord that holds Eritra to Ethiopia. The future, regardless of any form of normalisation will never be the same as it was pre 1997/98, period.

          • Hayat Adem

            Are you a victim of the differential advantage mentality?
            A guy was intercepted by God. God made it clearly known that it was in fact Him standing in front of this lucky guy, who was immediately offered to make a quick wish. That was his never-again chance and he had to get the best of it. God put only one condition to his wish offer: “wish as much as you want and you will get it; your next door neighbor will also get twice as much.”
            To any reasonable person, that condition doesn’t limit you from wishing what you want and therefore, it was as good as it can get…it was inconsequential. To this guy, nope- it threw him to an opposite direction. His hating heart get the best of him. It became clear that all he wanted was not a good life but appearing marginally better than his neighbor. That logic dictated him to report his wish to God as folows: “please destroy one of my eyes because that would mean I will still have one eye but my neighbor will go totally blind.”
            PIA deserves no honoring on this or another. We will reconnect what is cut off. These two countries will be good examples of fraternity and neighborliness, just like Canada and the US or even better. The two countries have a lot to gain from cooperation…cooperation is their fate that cannot be traded for whatever irrational sentiments flying around on both sides.
            I know a few brothers/sisters on the Ethiopian side who praise and credit PIA for strangulating the Eritrean dream. If that is not evil, what is. If Ethiopia is doing well now without Eritrea, it could even do much better when it brings Eritrea on board. If Ethiopia is benefiting from its good relationship with Djibouti and Kenya, then the advantages of doing that with Eritrea is twice as much. If Ethiopia is suffering from the failed state and ciaos in Somalia, anything similar to that coming from Eritrea is much worse impacting as current trends seem to be signaling. The same from the Eritrean end. Of course, Eritrea at this time has to do a lot of housekeeping within itself while readying and repositioning itself for regional collaborations. The two countries have mutually intertwined future. It is a case of swim or sink together. Please, Regime and Weldie, be reminded that you have a lot of laundry to do to your brains and hearts before you turn in yourselves to contribute anything good in this platform.

          • tezeta

            Interesting observation. I liked the way you put it.

    • Nitricc

      Hayat, I am confused by your contradiction and preposterous comments.
      It is okay if YG destroys Eritrea and every fabric of Eritrea, because YG is yours, but you went banana because a white guy did far less what your coward YG did?
      I am normally against the whites but I am always fair. So, for you to support YG but to be offended by the white guy, that makes you hypocrite to the core.
      YG is writing of the entire none Habesha Eritreans, yet, you don’t have any problem with it? I don’t get it? To tell you the truth, there is no Eritrea with out none Habesha Eritreans. As far as Eritrea and Tigryans, it is good to have strong economic and cultural ties but IT IS NOT GOING TO BE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE NONE HABESHA ERITREANS. And YG can go to hell with his Habesha crap.

      • zegeremo


        “L-/_i-/-_b-/_-i/… T/_-i-/_g-/-/r-/-a/_y… T/-i/-w/-i/_-y/-w/-a/-y

        it is all confusion!!

        • Nitricc

          okay I read between the lines. lol you are creative.
          Hayat Adam is 100% from deep in Adi-grat lol

  • Eyob

    The sad reality is no change will occur given the following points 1) those of us in the Diaspora have made our homes in the West and are not willing to sacrifice it for the cause we claim to care about, and 2) Eritreans in Eritrea will not kill each other for the benefit of people highlighted in point 1. Isaias knows this and sadly too many of us have not come to grips with this basic fact. All the articles, comments, petitions, demonstrations, etc are futile if you’re not willing to die for your cause. Stop lying to yourself and your audience. Let those in Eritrea work and the best we can do is support them. With economic prosperity comes the demand for political rights. This is the route we should be taking.

  • Belai

    Regime change is on,
    It is good to know people like you are still around.
    Do you know what,you are an embarrasment to Eritreans,but to us (Tigrayans) that is exactly what we expect from you.If that can make you superior tell us more or think and detoxfy your self.
    Do you know what,i have a surprise for you,i wish you a very happy new year.And do me a favor,please free your self,and think with your own mind.Good Luck.

    • Regime Change is out

      Slow down Belai. I am going to tell you what I told your compatriot, Hayat.

      I didn’t make this stuff up. Nor did I write it.

      I just quoted from Dr. Trivelli’s independent (free from conflict of interest) scholarly work based on research.

      It is based on historical facts.

      If you are saying that none of those things happened, then say so.

      Otherwise, attack the arguments. Do not attack the person.

      • Regime change,

        The superiority/inferiority argument is a subjective matter.It is all an argument of self-aggrandizement, nothing else.All human being are the same if they are grown in the same environment. Why are you beating the drum of self-aggrandizement?…I don’t know. You should have better argument….and remember the two people are brothers living as neighbors separated by “Nesella Mendeq”. we should cultivate our brotherhood and our co-existence if you are a person of peace. Your attitude is not good for both people.Remember such attitude will also reflect within your own people….it is an undermining attitude. It is not good as person to have such attitudes…. a small advice from cornucopia human wisdom.


  • haile

    Selamat Awatista,

    An Eritrean air force pilot has safely landed in Djibouti after abandoning the regime that is in turmoil and crisis:


    The pilot is said to have been involved in the Ethio-Eritrea border conflict in 1998-2000


    • I wonder if the president or his close confidant was in the plane. With the frequency of pilot defection with planes, the chance is high that the world would one day witness for its first time that a pilot , while flying the president to say Massawa, has decided to land in Saudi Arabia. Such a thing would certainly be a huge embarrassment to the president and a story for a Guinness record. Issayas must avoid using Airplanes to visit Eritrean towns and cities. He needs to stick to his land cruiser.

  • haile

    Selamat Daniel G.M.

    Interesting points overall but I am not entirely sold at the efficacy of your proposed solution, i.e. a month long fasting from bad temperament. I fear that such an undertaking would leave many of our fellow country men with having nothing else to say to each other!

    Negative talk is deeply rooted in the Eritrean diaspora culture, i.e. from what I am able to conclude based on my limited experience. All you need to do is assess the sort of discussions our people have during social gatherings: “so and so has been divorced”, “so and so ended up in bankruptcy”, “so and so killed so and so”, “so and so children have run away”… Now, bring up a good news such as “so and so is doing well in such and such”, the reaction is typically “it won’t last, wait and see…”.

    You know the common bravado “ane ms habesha ayqerbn eye…” we have poor grasp of our collective aspect. Many sad events happened to Eritreans over the last decade and half because we like to suffer alone and give the impression that all is well. I am sure you heard that Eritreans are the preferred assets for Sinai kidnappers, that because Eritreans have found themselves in solitary mental existence. The regime has played us real good in creating the sense of mistrust and isolation but I suppose we were a weak target too. Eritreans nowadays are known runners from their problems. Wherever the problem emanates, we run! When was the last time you observed a debater here gracefully accept loss and apologize for a mistaken stand? We are intransigent, we see little value in compromise and hence escape is an attractive way out. The problem is that it leaves us to die alone, suffer alone, get destroyed alone and put up with the worst form of human indignities alone!

    Regardless, what needs to be done needs to be done. IA needs to be overthrown asap. For that we can contribute much, as diaspora, but must appreciate that we are not the most (or the only) decisive factors. As I said many times, the regime will fall in set time, whether we have attained the desired organization or not. It is under tremendous pressure and the odds are stack against it.

    In order to be in a better shape at the appointed hour, perhaps we need to do more than fast from badmouthing each other. That something is an earnest attempt at institutionalizing the activities of any organization we work with. For example, so and so thinks, Mr so and so is sectarian or whatever. Then so and so decides to write to meskerem. Then meskerem tells you that so and so exposed Mr so and about such and such. This is followed by Mr average coming along to question the validity of the struggle for justice because so and so is falling out with Mr so and so and now Mr average has given up hope following their reading of it in such and such. Finally Mr smart kick comes along to tell you IA was the best to happen to Eritreans thing after slice of bread. The Merry go around continues.

    Now, suppose such and such organization had institutional procedures to manage conflicts, suppose also it has dedicated people that would work there, this would have stemmed such mediocre politicking among people with common problems and need each other more than anything. Suppose so and so was first expected to raise his/her issue with Mr so and so to settle. If that fails, the matter would be raised to internal adjudication by conflict resolution personnel. If the outcome is disputed, it can be referred to external shimagle that is independent of the organization but wish to assist it in such matters of conflict resolution. Throughout the whole process, all encounters, minutes, agreements,witness..are well documented and organized. If such procedural mechanics become independent of individual issues but established and their integrity maintained, then perhaps one may not attempt to do the impossible – tell an entire segment of random people to be nice to each other or to what they represent for a month!

    As Eritreans, we are embarrassingly unaware of the relevance of institutionalized discourse. The PFDJ has no clue about it, look how it runs the country. The opposition has no clue about it, examples abound. The masses don’t really understand why all this is happening, it is chaos. Eritrean scholars should be at the forefront of setting up such institutional structures for various opposition movements. Unfortunately, they are no where to be seen (i.e. by and large – not meant for all)

    So, in short: no institution = chaos. Simple as that. Language has grammar for an institution, transport has traffic rules for an institution, children have rules for an institution… What are the institutional mechanisms of order in the opposition?


    • Haile ,

      Your quote that “ane ms habesha ayqerbn eye…” seems to support YG’s arguments in which he states that the elite arab wannabe Eritreans’ perfect pretext to get as far away as possible from that entity they believed to be too habesha .

      YG further argues that “… to traverse the longest distance from the habesha world”, one must join the Arab world.

      This bring us to a logical conclusion that the person who says “ane ms habesha ayqerbn eye…” must be an Arab wannabe Eritrean Elite.

      Higi ke tibilo neger alleka?

      • haile

        Merhaba Daw!t

        Happy New Year.

        “ane habesha ayqerbn..” “ms habesha business shigr eyu..” “habesha nbehal eko…” is common and not said in along YG’s “orginal wannabe” 🙂 theory. In fact, I have an Amhara friend whom I learned the meaning of the amharic word “wereteNa/ ወረተኛ” to refer to people who express early excitement of something new to never continue. He was at a restaurant and said that the customers won’t last long “mknyatu abesha sibal wereteNa new”. Eyob, please correct my amharic 🙂

        So, this attitude is about self image in the collective rather than an intention to make a historical statement as it relates to colonialism or what ever propelled YG to misconstrue its effects.


        • Haile,

          I am just connecting the dots. Besides, you don’t hear from Ethioians phrases as “M’s Habesha eko aykeribin eye”. Trying to Remove anything Habesha is not new among Eritreans. These Eritreans need to remove this toxic denigration of one self , or feeling of self-hatred. Detoxification should begin with these kind of Eritreans.

          • “mknyatu abesha sibal wereteNa new” is not = “M’s habesha eko aykeribin eye”, the former is used to convey a message of undesired behavior similar to many other sayings such as this: ጭስ:ና:ደፋር:መውጫ:አያጣም while the later is said intentionally to demonstrate feeling of superiority.

        • Eyob Medhane


          Stop frontin’ 🙂

          There is nothing wrong with your Amharic and your (your friend 😉 ) translation of Amharic for the word (werteNa) is perfect. To substitute your long sentence with only one (Weret) can also be ‘infatuation’ . 🙂

          Speaking of what one habesha thinks the other habesha, I just heard Meron Estifanos’ interview, which shows her attitude towards Ethiopians came out really shining. Though her concern for the victims of Sinai could be somewhat better than many people did, based on so many screechy voices that she utters about Ethiopia and anything Ethiopian is…I say…less than honorable and in fact very small of her.

          In this first eight minutes clip, she is talking about her encounter with an Ethiopian Jew in Israel. Admittedly, the person she encountered may have been a jerk. But it seems, one jerk was enough for her to rant and go on and on generalizing everyone with the same paint with a fake “..I am sure they all are not like that..”, yet thinly veiled hostility. Mind you, the worst racists in Israel against Eritrean and Sudanese immigrants are the white jews of Israel, yet Woizero Meron has reserved her ire to Ethiopian jews. Please watch these to clips and you’d know what I am talking about. In the second five minutes or so clip, she referes Ethiopia, as an ‘enemy country’. She says “..for Eritreans to go to an enemy country country like Ethiopia, you can imagine how bad it is for them at home..” Not “supposedly an enemy country”. But, a flat out “enemy country”. That is pathetic. It is not in Ethiopia, the ‘enemy country’ that Eritreans are kidnapped and soled to Arab Bedouins, it is in a ‘friendly’ country Sudan that happens. Wizero Meron, a habesha herself seems to be one of the self deluders of the throngs of Eritrean habeshas, who believe “they are # 1” and hold unabashed hate to Ethiopia and Ethiopians and through that their own habesha self. I was appalled last time, when I read her letter to Ethiopian authorities about refugees being mistreated in Ethiopian refugee camps right after Lampedusa, when the PFDJ instigated demonstration took place in those camps, and listening to these interviews, I see she is someone to be thought very little of. Anyway, I brought this up just to point to you another self hating and self loathing habesha, just like those, who say “..Ay yabesha neger… 🙂 )

          Here is her rants. Please watch them..It’s not that long. Only about 7 minutes each



          • haile

            Eyoba…Eyoba…the tension is robbing the better of you ma friend!

            – As regards the Ethiopian Jew, she clearly says “this doesn’t mean that they are all the same”, yet that one she was referring to made her feel a sense of loss as to her “normal” expectation that an Ethiopian whom she describe as “we are the same” can be so pathetic and down right rude (lucky he didn’t get … you kno wot 🙂 )So she was criticizing him of his lack of solidarity. In the same vain she was criticizing many Israeli administration members too. Why do you see the red Eyoba??

            – On the second part, you probably missed the non-verbal/body language that went with “Ethiopia the enemy”, please check again. It was sarcastic (albeit sadly so). It so happens that that both countries had waged one of the longest wars in Africa in the past and across the battle lines “enemy” was applied to refer in vice-verse which ever side you stood! For Eritreans to end up to make the choice of being a refugee in the side of the so called “enemy” that they draw huge pride in succeeding against, shows how desperate their situation at home was, is clearly the point that she made.

            As I said, it is not advisable to listen to such sensitive recordings, when internal tension levels haven’t been reined upon. The issues at the Ethiopian refugee camps were a political set up to divert the Lampedusa crisis (in my opinion), and both Meron and the Ethiopian authorities have played their cards right. PFDJ has long moved to S.Sudan now and is hustling social media with pictures of that conflict and saying “if you don’t let me shize on ur heads, ya all gonna end up like this!” Forget it, Meron and Elsa and the Ethiopian authorities have defused that masterfully 🙂

            mechem ya’besha neger tsk tsk tks 🙂

          • T.Kifle

            Hey Eyob,

            ወረት is not “infatuation” . Infatuation in Amharic means ፈንጠዝያ OR አሽረሽ ምቺው. ወረት is fad. 😀

          • Abe z minewale

            It sounds Aboy Rezene speaking English after consuming so many of Birke of MeSs(teJ)

          • saay

            Ambassador Eyob:

            Two compliments and one abetuta:

            1. You have an amazing capacity for research for anything Eritrea or Ethiopia-related; and
            2. you support your arguments with sources and you are kind enough to tell us the relevant parts of your sources.

            At year-end retreat held at a lush 5-star hotel, the awate board has recalled you and named you Head of the Research and Documentation Department. But, remember, “ambassador” is like a military title: once you are recognized as one, you get to call yourself ambassador for life. Thus, you can choose either title, on top of the unofficial ones Gash Saleh gave you (what are you up to now, Shaleqa?)

            Now, my complaints:
            a. Rant (verb): to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way. Thus spoke the dictionary. Was Meron Estifanos really ranting in the interview or was she, in a calm voice, explaining something quite maddening?

            b. Is it unreasonable to expect that those who have been discriminated against the most in the past be the most sympathetic to those who are being discriminated against now? I think Meron (who, lest we forget, calls Sweden home) was expressing her surprise that the Felasha (a persecuted Jewish minority in Ethiopia) and Jews (a persecuted minority in the world) were not only unsympathetic, but extremely abusive to her and fellow Eritreans. A felasha told her you Eritreans smell. She is judging the Felasha by the standards of Africa and expecting them to show solidarity with their fellow African; and the Israeli politician by the standards of European (NOT Middle Eastern) politics and expecting them to be at least politically correct when you insult us. She is being critical of her fellow human rights activists who have no problem being critical of the whole world except that when it comes to Israel and then they say “I am a friend of Israel” because they don’t want their entire career to fall apart if they are accused of being anti-semetic. She is talking of journalists who send her drafts of what will be published in the newspaper about the abuse Eritreans find in Israel, but the drafts are completely changed when they get published. All explained, calmly: the opposite of rant.

            c. The phrase “enemy country” when referring to Ethiopia was (notice the laughter when she says that), to express amazement at how dreadful things must be in Eritrea for Eritreans to escape by the tens of thousands and be housed in 6 or 7 refugee camps in the “enemy country.” It was said within the context of: even despite the fact that there is a shoot-to-kill policy; even despite the fact that there is a high percentage* of failure to cross border; even despite the fact that there is a high percentage of being kidnapped once one crosses the border to Sudan, even despite the fact that Omar Al Beshir personally told her he knows about the kidnapping but there is nothing he can do about it, people still do it out of sheer desperation because things back home are real bad.

            d. This whole thing was an overkill by you to demonstrate the behavior of the “self-hating Habesha.” Is it self-hate (which, of course, automatically translates to Arab-love, Ghedli-love in the bi-polar world you live in) when one is critical of his culture? You do know that Eritrean youth say things like HST (Habesha Standard Time) when they are referring to the Habesha’s, um, very flexible attitude towards punctuality. Some of the funniest videos on youtube are first generation Eritrean Americans mocking their parents Habeshaness: do you laugh at those or do you consider them rants? Here’s one about how parents think their kids are their maids; use abusive language; and, worst of all, how the Habesha teach kids to lie at early age.



            * Having praised Meron, one criticism: she is good at citing sources for the estimated number of border-crossers (UNHCR, CIA) but that 50%, 60% etc for success/failure rate has to be backed up because she is unnecessarily giving ammunition to her adversaries, which is the entire Mad King establishment.

          • Eyob Medhane


            1) Thank you so much. ‘Adisun shumet teqebyalehu; 🙂

            2) If you expect European Jews to be ‘politically correct’, apply that to yourself, also, sir. Please do not refer Ethiopian Jews as ‘Felasha’. It’s demeaning, dragattory and most of all they don’t like it. Ethiopian Jews (Ityoppiayawi Yihudi) or Bete Israel would be appropriate description of them…

            3) May be instead of ‘rant’, I should have said ‘nonsense’ about what Meron said in that Interview, the parts I mentioned and objected are just nonsensical to me…

            3) I love the ‘habesha parents say’ clips. In fact, there are lots of those clips that are made with collaboration of Ethiopian and Eritrean kids. Especially Gergish videos are really funny. Search Gergish on you tube…

            4) Happy new year…starting January 13th, I will be out for about 4 or 5 weeks. Going back home, baby… 🙂 Remember? last year, I missed almost the entire ‘forto’ thing here in awate, because internet was…. oooooh……. 🙂

          • Eyob Medhane


            You are absolutely right……Damn it! How did I miss that.. 🙂

            Thank you so much….

        • crocus

          “Weret” literally means “fortune,” as in “weretun yatha negade” (A merchant who lost his capital/principal”. Weretegna describes someone who lacks loyalty. It is said of minstrels (azmari), who would be singing to, and lauding, a man of fortune when he has riches, and abandon him in a heart beat when he losses his fortune. They transfer their loyalty to the next rich man.

          High school students (and immature adults) can be weretegna. They befriend a person who is popular. Then, when the person’s popularity wanes, they shift their attention to the next popular person. Generally, one is cautious when new “friends” show unusual eagerness to hang out. Weretegna “friends” do not stick around too long. (They move on to where the grass is greener.)

          In the restaurant example you mentioned above(and in businesses in general – specially night clubs) clients routinely patronize and create a buzz about a new eatery when it is the “in” or “hip” thing, and just as soon, they move on to another establishment du jour.

    • You said “Regardless, what needs to be done needs to be done. IA needs to be overthrown asap. “. But,who will replace IA after he’s overthrown. If he is violently replaced, his replacement would most likely be a violent one. His replacement will soon want to consolidate his (not her*) power by purging both the former HGdefites as well as any other rival opposition parties.
      *It’s unlikely that the next dictator or democratic president to be a woman given patriarchal nature of the Eritrean society.

      The main factor in having a very strong oppositon party able to challenge IA is economic resource. You can have all kinds of political organizations with all kinds of agendas on paper, political meetings here and there, and protests but all is for naught with out private or public funding to carry out the day to day activities of a political organization. Money is important to access skills and buy goods and services in order to maintain the organization.

      Issayas recognized the power of funding political organization in Eritrea. As a result, he falsely accused many as stooges who are influenced by outside financiers.

  • wed garza

    you nailed it right brother, well done.
    I see the 2014 bright, organised, oriented and advancing.
    The remaining is how to change this hatred of one another into hatred of the sick system that benefits from our conflicts to stay on power grip.
    The triangle is soon up right; the inside, the oppositions and the diaspora. Hand in hand we make the difference.
    The time is in, by itself. With a little adjustment we’ll reach the goal, the common good, for us all.

  • Nitricc

    “”To Do: Take one month, preferably the month of January, and abstain from criticizing the shortcomings of the opposition in any shape or form. Instead force yourself to say something positive, something you appreciate or praise someone who’s doing a great job””

    This is funny, lol
    It shows you the state of the opposition mind. They have no clue. They are not only weak but flat out dejected. Normally, there is no way I can say a single good word about the opposition but this time around I found something . I guess there is a toothless opposition group (open the link) booted YG from their organization. Lol any toothless organization dumps YG I will say something good about that organization. Here it is I said it, finally a positive thing to say about the toothless oppositions. How great YG is dumped by the dumbest oppositions. The language they used to boot YG is hilarious


    • rodab

      To be clear, which YG are we talking about here? As you know there are thousands of Eritreans with the name Yosief G/Hiwet. If it is the writer YG, then it will be news to me since I wasn’t aware of him being a member of any organization.

    • Zegeremo


      The guy needs to break the Neo-Andnet chain and ascend into the light of reality. The ironic is that he has yet to learn from his own life experience, no sense of relevancy whatsoever. Somebody has to educated him that “politics is not about yesterday; it is about tomorrow” as Bill Clinton famously Said.

      • One must have a firm understanding of the past to make sense of the present and form collective real as opposed to perceived identity. Armed with historical facts, Eritreans can challenge and defuse outsiders (e.g. Arabs) and/or some special groups that suddenly appear from within us whose purpose it is to replace our long held beliefs, cultures, customs, traditions, and languages with alien ones.

        Without non-defective collective memory of the past, it is difficult for us Eritreans to come to consensus about the political as well as social problems we Eritreans face. If two groups of Eritreans differ on what is an accurate knowledge of the past (or historical facts), it will be difficult in future for these groups to achieve any intended result because one group would react to what others decide.

        On another note: the YG of meskerem.net is not the YG of Asmarino.com. I came to that knowledge after having read articles written by meskerem.net’s YG.

        Happy new year to all including those who would like to ostracize others because they feel others don’t confirm to what they think is commonly held belief in past history and politics. One way of excluding others from any political debate is by name calling. Such names as neo-andinet, and Awatistas are designed to isolate perhaps subsequently destroy those who hold different views.

        • zegeremo

          “One must have a firm understanding of the past to make sense of the present and form collective real as opposed to perceived identity.” Not always valid. After a baby is born healthy, firm understanding of pregnancy is less relevant,as far as baby’s future concerned.I think that’s exactly the reason why YG has failed to come up with ultimate context after 13 years of writing long articles.

          • Danny

            Haha, YG has failed? Failed in what? Have you counted the number of comments under his article? He must be quite relevant, one way or the other, to get that kind of attention. Why don’t you write an article, short or long of your ideas and see if you can be more successful than YG in capturing attention.

  • rodab

    This week’s my top three videos in the LOA – land of abundance (that’s what I nick-named You Tube). All under 3 minutes:

    1- Meaza testifies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_00LE7Fmn0

    2- Nejat the artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N4OIJfZhSE

    3- Selam the Clarenist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1CZHbOxhfQ

  • sounds cool Daniel

  • Change

    Differences between Tigrigna spoken in Eritrea vs. Tigray

    1.Hejee (Eri) vs. Hezee (Tigray) means Now

    2.Ts’bah (Eri)vs. Naga (Tigray) means tomorrow

    3.Nugho (Eri) vs. Gwahat (Tigray) means morning

    4.Eska (Eri) vs. Atayo (Tigray) means you

    5.Adde (Eri) vs. Enno (Tigray) means mother

    6.Aqhut (Eri) vs. Nawti (Tigray) means goods

    7.Kifeto (Eri) vs. Arhuwo (Tigray) means open it

    8.Hiqo (Eri) vs. Ziban (Tigray) means back

    9.Zebele (Eri) vs. Lebele (Tigray) means who said

    10.Eweh (Eri) vs. Yewo (Tigray) means yes

    • Nitricc

      What does it got to do with subject on hand? Lol, people just go over the cliff for no reason, lol
      Okay smart azz, let me ask you this
      In English we say nervous system
      In Tigrigna we say Metni
      In Amharic they say Hibre-sereser
      What do the Tigryans call it? You started it, lol

      • Regime Change is out

        Not sure what Tigray people call it but since an Eritrean calls a Tigrayan heart “Libi Tigray Tiwiyway” meaning (crooked/twisted/untrustworthy) the same thing might apply here.

        Here is a little history lesson for you:

        According to Trivelli, he describes the Biher-Tigrinya people’s patronising attitude and “cultural arrogance” over Tigrayans resulted in Tigrayans adopting an inferiority complex.

        The cultural arrogance and patronizing attitude of the Kebesa regarding the Tigray was matched on the side of the latter with the development of an inferiority complex loaded with envy, smouldering resentment and mistrust. (1998, Richard M Trivelli, P. 268)

        Once Eritrean liberations fronts formd, a substantial number of Tigrayans actively sided with the Ethiopian government. In the rural areas the Ethiopian army actively recruited Tigray migrants settled there as informers and guides. After 1975, when the large-scale exodus of the urban population of highland Eritrea set in, the Ethiopian government settled many new migrants from Tigray. The Ethiopian security stepped up its recruitment of Tigray migrants to penetrate into the urban networks of the liberation movements. Many of the Tigray migrants apparently saw their participation on the side of the Ethiopians in their fight against the Eritrean liberation movement as an opportunity to retaliate for long years of suffering under Kebesa arrogance.” (1998, Richard M Trivelli, P. 269)

        Trivelli adds on:

        The involvement of Tigray on the Ethiopian side left a deeper imprint in the perception of Kebesa society than the involvement of Tigray migrants with the Eritrean Liberation Fronts. It tended to reinforce the commonly held perception of the Tigray not only as backward, shifty, and stingy, but also as treacherous. The common saying among the Kebesa “twisted like the heart of a Tigray” acquired a new sinister colouring. (1998, Richard M. Trivelli, p. 269 )

        • Hayat Adem

          My stomach turns inside-out on reading comments such as these IF NOTHING for their vast backwardness and power of disgusting decent minds. Assuming that you can only write the smallest part from what you think inside and given that you are such a shameless person to post that to the public, how dirty can you be inside your brain and heart?
          Obviously, you will never persuade and win others to your thinking because that is not how you win thought-friends but you may be succeed in offending some ordinary people, that is what made me furious. What I still comprehend is what you are thinking you will be achieving. Even if you are pfdj to the core, what purpose can you serve by such utterances? And I do believe pfdj is a whole different problem, but not even the pfdj are as lowly as this comment. Do you support pfdj? Please keep on supporting them by articulating their mission and justifying their actions, and we would rather like to engage you on that. But act your age and do not act a political mosquito unless you are a real mosquito. When what you can offer is ONLY a pollutant disease, I wish the awate colleagues have some way of quarantining you. My anger comes not from seeing a danger such trash ines could influence the unsuspecting but from the dangerous tendency of ignorance I see you in you and your ilks of not applying common sense, standard decency and social responsibility.
          Lets say there is a bottle of poisoning acid- if poured in full or even partly it can poison an entire river after which no work of detoxification can re-purify the river. Let’s say that bottle has no lid sealed to it and that maximizes the sense of responsibility of handling it with extraordinary care. And that bottle needed to be transported across a running river. Now, can you {the commenter} be trusted to be given the responsibility of transporting that bottle across the river? Did I hear you saying “yes, as long as that river is NOT flowing across south of the border?”. YES THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT- YOU ARE THAT BAD!!!

          • Regime Change is Out


            Awate is an open forum for discussing scholarly work. Funny how Dr. Trivelli’s independent (free from conflict of interest) scholarly work based on research offends you.

            While YG’s unscholarly, shabby work based on his own andinet-laced opinions does not.

            I’m just sayin’. Dr. Trivelli’s work is based on historical facts.

    • crocus

      As a poignant insight into the intricacies of linguistic and historical development your effort and observation are first rate. You can easily see the Ge’ez roots of the words. Eg. Nugho looks back to negha (to dawn), as in negha biher. Gwahat looks back to goha (first light), as in Goha Tsion.

      As a crutch for political diatribe your effort is not only a wasted exercise, but absolutely lamentable.

      • crocus

        If you care for Amharic equivalents;

        Nugho (noun) = Nega (verb)
        Gwahat (noun) = Goh seeqed (when first light tears up[qedede].)


    “We need to stop believing our own bull***”

    እቲ ዓቢ መጽሓፍ፣ምሳሌ ክህበና እንከሎ ___ናይ ኣብ ሑጻ ዝተሰረተት ገዛ ንፋስን ህቦብላን ዝናብን መጺኦም ከም ዘፍረስዋ ይሕብር።እቲ መፍትሒ ካብ ነቐፌታን ርእሰ ነቐፌታን ምጿም ኣይኮነን ።እንታይ ድኣ ነዚ ካብ ሓምሳ ዓመት ንላዕሊ ክዝራእ ዝኸረመን ዝሓገየን ናይ ፈጠራ ታሪኽ ከመይ ጌርካ ነዚ ሓድሽ ትውልዲ ተውሕጦ እዩ ።እዚ ሓድሽ ትውልዲ ግን ብሓሶት ስለ ዝላደየ እሞ ፣እቲ ቃልሲ ብጽልእን ስምዒታዊ መስዋእትን ከም ዝበቖለ ተረዲኡ ነዛ ናይ ፈጠራ ሃገር ንሎሚን ጽባሕን ተኸትሎ ጥፍኣት ስለ ዝተረድኤ ገዲፍዋ ዝኸይድ ይበዝሕ።_____እቲ ዓቢ እውን እንተኾነ ፤እቲ ኩሉ ናይ ሓሶት ሃገራውነቱ ኣብ ሑጻ ከም ዝተመስረተን__ኣቦታት ቃልሲ ኤርትራ ኣቦና ኢድሪስ ዓወተን ኣቦና ወልደ ኣብ ወልደማርይምን ይኹኑ እምበር ፣ኣብሓጎ ቃልሲ ኤርትራ ካልኣዊ ሃጸ ሚኒሊክ ምንባሩ፣ማለት (ንኤርትራ ካብቲ ካልእ ኣካል ኢትዮጵያ ጎዝዩ ንጣልያን ዝሸጣ ምዃኑ)ተረዲእዎ ። በቲ ንኸንቱ ዝተቓለሶን ዘጣቓዓሉን ኣዕናዊትን ሎሚ ዶ ጽባሕ ትትኮስ ዘይትፍለጥ ሃገር ምምስራቱ ኣጕህይዎ።ግን ከምዛ ብዘመዳ ዝተዓመጸት ጎርዞ ጓል ቍሒምዋ ይነብር ኣሎ። እቲ ጉዳይ ሳግላ ብላዕ ኣይትቕላዕ እዩ ኮይኑ።እቲ ምስ ታንክ ምስዋእን ንስኻ ጽናሕ ኣነ ክሓልፍ ኢሉዥን ኢዩ ኔሩ ፣ድሕሪት ኣማዕዲና እንተርኢና ።
    ኤርትራ ተመሊሳ ናብ ኢትዮጵያ ክትምለስ ብጣዕሚ ይቃወም ኣነ ።ሃገረይ ኣዕንየ ሃገር ካልኦት ከዕኑ እውን ትምኒት የብለይን ።ከምዛ ዘለዉዋ ዑቕባ ይኹኑና።እቲ ሽግር ካብቲ መጥበሲ ዘይኮነስ ካብቲ ስጋ እዩ ።እቲ ስጋ ናይ ፕላስቲክ ስጋ እዩ ኔሩ፣ብኡ እዩ ጎማ ጎማ ዝጨኑ ዘሎ። ነዛ ሓቂ እዚኣ ተረዲእና ንኤርትራ ሓነግ ካብ ትብል ጠረብ ጥራይ ከም ትብል ክንገብር ክእለት ኣለና ።ነብስና እናዔሸና ነዚ ንቑሕ ሓድሽ ትውልዲ ክንሻጥሮ እንተፈቲንና፣ወይ ድማ ሽግርና ክንዲ ጎቦ ኤቬሬስት እንከሎ ናብ ረቐፌታን ርእሰ ነቐፌታን ከነጸግዖ እንተዀንና ግን ናይ ሕማም ኤይድስ ጉድኣቱ ስለ ዘቕጥነካ ፤እዩ ከም ምባል እዩ ።ንተስእ እሞ ነቲ ቡን ንጭነዎ።______ይቕሬታ፣ባባ ኢሳያስ እባ ቡን ከብድኻ የሕምም እዩ ኢሉ ኔሩ እዩ ።ነቲ ሻሂ ዋላ ንጭነዎ ኣሕዋት።ሓሶት እንተተደጋገመስ ሓቂ እናመሰለና እኮ እዩ።

    • Cyber Cure,

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree with the ‘our problems are not that simple, therefore the cures should match the disease’ portion of your analysis but not with the cynical conclusion that it was all doomed to fail from the get go anyway. Every nation in the world has elements of pseudo-nationalism (what you called “ናይ ሓሶት ሃገራውነት”) and at sometime in their history they had to deal with their own despotic systems. Eritrea is going through a phase of its own and we shouldn’t mistake our 20/20 hindsight for a looking glass into the future. Of course this is debatable and a matter of how optimistic or pessimistic our individual world view is. But it would be nice if you can elaborate on what you meant by “ነዛ ሓቂ እዚኣ ተረዲእና ንኤርትራ ሓነግ ካብ ትብል ጠረብ ጥራይ ከም ትብል ክንገብር ክእለት ኣለና ።”

      Thanks again!

      • CYBER CURE

        Respected DanielG. Mikael,

        መጀመርያ ክብረት ይሃብካ ነቲ ሕርቃን ዝተሓወሶ ርእይቶይ ዋጋ ሂብካ ምምላስካ።እቲ “ነዛ ሓቂ እዚኣ ተረዲእና ንኤርትራ ሓነግ ካብ ትብል ጠረብ ጥራይ ከም ትብል ክንገብር ክእለት ኣለና ።”ዝበልኩዎ ከብርሃልካ።ብጣዕሚ እየ ዝፈርሃሉ ንህዝብና ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ።እቲ መንግስቲ ምንም እኳ ካብ መጀመርይኡ ናይ ዕዋላ ጋንግ ባህሪ እምበር ናይ መንግስቲ ባህሪ እንተዘይነበሮ ግን በቲ ከቢድ ኣእዳዉ ጌሩ ይቋጻጸሮ ኔሩ።ሕጂ ነገራት ካብ ኢድ ወጻኢ ከም ዝኾኑ ዘለዉ ናይ ኣደባባይ ምስጢር እዩ።እዚ ዘይረብሕ መንግስቲ ምስ ዝወድቕ ንዕኡ ዝትክእ ውዱብ ሓይሊ የለን፣ስለዚ ኣነ እዚ ብጣዕሚ የፍርሃኒ፣ብሕልፊ ነቲ ንሕና ዓበይቲ ዝፈጠርናዮ ግሃነም፣እዞም ከም ማይ ንጉሆ ዝጸረዩ ሓደሽቲ ትውልዲ ከፈልቱ ስለ ዝኾኑ።ተተካኢ ሓይሊ ዘይብሉ ሃገርን ኣብ ትሕቲ ሓጺን ምምሕዳር ዝነበረን ነገራት ምስ ፈሸሉ ሕርቃኑ ናበይ ከም ዘውጽኦ ዩጎዝላቭያን ሶማልያን ምርኣይ የድሊ ።ብኡ እየ ድማ ምንም እኳ ነፊዕና ብልጽግቲን ሰላማዊትን ሃገር ክንሃንጽ እንተዘይተሳማማዕና__ጎሳ ንጎሳ ፣ገዛ ላዕላይ ንገዛ ታሕታይ ዘይዋድኣላ ኤርትራ ንምህናጽ ክንራዳዳእ ይግብኣና ዝብል ዘለኹ ።ናበይ ገጽና ከም ንኸይድ ንኽንሕንጽጽ ድማ ካበይ ከም ዝመጻእና ንሓድሽ ትውልዲ ከነረድኦ ይግብኣና ።እታ ኤርትራ ሃገርና እያ ፣ነዚ ዝመልሶ የለን፣ግን ነቲ መንእሰይ ካብ ሃ ክሳዕ ፐ መልዓሊ ቃልስን ንምንታይን (ዋላ ኣብ ሑጻ ይመስረት)ብሓቂ ተንቲንና፣ዘለና ኣማራጭ__ነዛ ዝፈጠርናያ ሃገር ምምዕባልን ናብ ግሎባዊ መኸተ ምቕራብን እዩ ።ታሪኽ ኤርትራ ግን ኣብ ምህዞ ዘድሃበ ስለ ዝኾነ___ከም ኣበይ ተወሊድካ እንተበልዎስ ኣባሻውል ተወሊደ ከይብል፡ቲራቮሎ እየ ዓብየ ኢሉ ከም ዝምልስ ሸፋጢ ኮይኑ ።
        ከምዞም ከም ሞት ዝጸልኦም ዝነበርኩ ወያነ__ታሪኽን ውይይትን ኮፍ ኢልና ከየማዕበልና ኣብ ሓሶት ክንነብር ኢና።

        ክብረት ይሃበለይ
        ሂወት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ

  • Change Out. Engagement in.

    Looking at what’s going on in South Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and others, the United States and Israel must be happy that The Lion of Nakfa is ruling Eritrea.

    They sure thought regime change in Iraq, Libya and Egypt was going to be good for those countries but these countries are pure hell now post Saddam, Ghaddafi and Mubarak. SO much for democracy!

    They thought splitting Sudan into two would serve American/Israeli interest but South Sudan has turned out to be a horror show.

    Eritrea is an oasis in that region. Israel and United States (particularly Israel) is grateful that someone like PIA is ruling Eritrea and keeping it stable.

    It’s obvious that they have revised their policy toward Eritrea and are no longer pursuing a policy of regime change.

    Regime change is out. Engagement is in.

    • Ermias

      Exactly. That’s why I have no hope for Eritrea because so many Eritreans think along the exact talking points you listed while yet so many are suffering from extreme poverty and repression.

    • Hameed

      The unstablity you observe in the countries you have mentioned in your comment is the result of dictorship and oppression not of change. Even if we look to the French revolution it had taken more than a decade to accomplish its target. The chaos you observe in the countries that revolted against their dictators is a process that leads towards democracy not vice versa. Your comment is a kind of scarecrow that dictators use to suppress more their people. The so called EriTV is speciallized in such kind of propaganda. Your comment shows cleary that you intend to take advantage of a means that is known to all.

      • Regime Change is out


        The French Revolution is a bad analogy. Apples and oranges. That is the mistake they made when they assumed that all countries want western style democracy and that the Iraqis will be happy to be invaded and greet the Americans as “liberators” and “throw flowers at them” etc. It has been more than a decade in the case of Iraq. 2003-2013. Iraq is going into its 11th year. But what has Iraq done to the United States? It bankrupted it. And it is no better today than it was 10 years ago.

        Libya is a completely lawless place. Ghaddafi was cooperating with the Italian Navy and keeping African migrants out by closing the ports to human smugglers. Since Ghaddafi’s ouster, southern Europe has been invaded by African boat migrants. Tragedies like Lampadeusa have increased since Ghaddafi’s ouster.

        In South Sudan, the Dinkas and Nuers are hacking each other to death. It is a complete horror show.

        Don’t even get me started about Egypt. It’s a sad case and probably the most dangerous one of all those countries I mentioned because of its size and importance to the Arab world.

        Israel is friendly with PIA and doesn’t want him overthrown.

        And what Israel wants, Israel gets from the United States.

        • Hameed

          Regime change is out

          You want to say that your master is guarded by Israel; if that is your analogy, then South Sudan is guarded by Israel and United States; but they are killing each other. In Central Africa there is also instability which is caused due to bad governace not a revolution. There is different reasons that lead to chaotic situation, so analogy is baseless.

        • Ze’Aman

          My friend national interests dictate states action whether you are on friendly terms or not!

          PIA’s government is already implicated in human trafficking not to mention it’s usual sniffing around areas of conflict around the HOA and beyond; going at length to support international terrorist groups. Factor in the issue of refugee problems in Israel in the question and there you go; DIA will have to walk on a thin thread hereafter! A slight stumble will result in joining the Gaddafi camp.

    • Yerhwo

      Mr Change out,

      regarding the theater Israel and United States are pursuing in Meiddle East and Africa:
      1) I never think that Israel & USA are grateful that someone like DIA is ruling Eritrea and keeping it stable. Because they are themself the pioneer in the issue, not DIA

      2)they could really revise their policy toward Eritrea, if they mean it is no more timely in the actual circumstances.

      • Ze’Aman

        Right now the US worries ALQAIDA might found weak states in the Sahel-Sahara and takeover them that it will be very costly to fight in such a vast area!
        Hence they may worry as to the future of succession in Eritrea and a possible state failure!

    • tezeta

      I must agree that you are right. The situation in Syria and South Sudan simply show the fact that the bigger powers choose a peaceful country than a chaos. Hence, PIA will be in power for sometime to come.

  • med

    Dear Daniel

    I have read your article pretty good and to the point. We always need a man like you that can share wise ideas and opinions at this difficult time. In my opinion there is no regional or religious difference in the opposition but there is luck of political knowledge. Most of our people do not have habit of reading articles or books; it is obvious knowledge comes from reading especially those involve in politics deeply they need to read loads of books.

  • Born

    @Daniel G. Mikael, So sad to read such an article from the very person who created all the chaos and division , and finally who destroyed EYSC to remain with dysfunctional EYSC-G.

  • Mr.Big

    So much talk and so little action. The only detox that is needed is in your mind. PFDJ is not the enemy, it is the backwardness, intolerance, stubbornness and culture of pride/revenge that still exists in our society.

  • Eden

    The opposition is a complete joke. I attended many meetings and I can attest to the fact that many are either 1) regionalist/religious fanatics 2) naive and 3) lack consciousness. Sadly I had to leave the group because I was threatened for having a difference of opinion. How can one state they’re fighting for democracy but don’t even understand its basic tenets of respect, tolerance, diversity, etc? I wouldn’t put too much hope in things changing for 2014 or anytime soon for that matter.

    • I guess the take home-message from your comment is that you (Eden) are not a regionalist nor are you a religious fanatic. But, you are a politically conscious person unwilling to believe that “akebegnatat” were telling the truth either because they are less experienced or younger than you are. In short, you are holier than thou.

      Why don’t you talk about the message than the messengers.

      • Eden

        Thanks for not adding anything of relevance to the conversation. That’s my holier than thou comment of the day for you.

  • Hameed

    Well articulated article. Really It is constructive ideas. Thank you Mr.Daniel.

    • Thank you brother Hameed! I am glad you found it constructive.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    Thank you,
    …ጽባቐ ጽቡቓት- page 5 very short poem as gift for your article is in Jebena today. Don’t miss the chance before my Jebana goes cracked as awate is preparing the new structure.
    Your article was seemingly an inventory of the year and beyond. You are honest, and the article is Interesting and informative. You didn’t let me only see the common experience we had, but I went deep to my own work there by taking me back to see where I have done mistakes and where I have served to my society. among job’s that I am doing was writing poem in different sites but most in awate . Isn’t good chance to read such type of awaking article? And one of the job’s I have done was read back Jebena page. Of course it was natural to find mistakes and I apologies for all readers for the alphabetical mistakes. But I just love it and congratulate myself putting in to consideration the lack of time and facilities I had. Anyway few among opposition were reading my poems but PFDJ members read most and I have some feedback from them than opposition. I appreciate awate for giving me the chance in putting my poems.
    Reading the poems inside Jebena you will find your ideas furnished earlier somehow. That was not by chance but I was writing after reading articles here in Awate. Awate writers have common understanding in our fate. For example “synergy” was mentioned in Jebena 1+1=11 to show how much cooperative work will be expanded. …….1+1=11………..on may 29 (ብይንኻ ትሰርሖ ናይ ሓደ ዋጋ:—ምስ ሓውካ ትሰርሖ ተራበሐ ጸጋ:– ኢደይ ኢድካ ንበል ህግደፍ ንጽረጋ:- ወገን ንተኣሳሰር ደጊም ኣይንሕደጋ::)
    Other examples from your article,
    ……….ቅንፍዝ ……………..JULY 24TH እቲ ዝገርምን ዘሐጉስን ግዳ:— ንደቃ ምሕቇፋ ከይተቐደ ከብዳ:—ነዚ እዩም ኣቦታት ምሳል ክምስሉ:- “ቅንፍዝ ደቃ ሓቖፈት ከከም ገጾም” ዝብሉ:: ሰብ ድኣ ‘ ሞ ዓቢ ዝኽእለቱ :- እንታይ ኮይኑ ዘይከባብር ምስ ኣሕዋቱ;- ኣብ ዘየድሊ ህልኽ ተጸሚዱ ተናቒቱ:-ኣብ ክንዲ ኣውንታ ኣሉታ ሃውቲቱ?

    April 5………ጽበትን ስፍሓትን……..ጸቢብ ድኣ ኣካል ገፊሕ እንድ ኣሉ:- ጸቢቡ ጸቢቡ ናበይ ከብል ኢሉ:-ዕድል ምስተዋህቦ ክሳብ ዝበርሃሉ:-ኣብ’ ቲ ገፊሕ ባይታ ኣይተርፎን ምጽላሉ::
    March 19……………ዓይኒ ጠርሙዝ……………እቲ ስባር ጠርሙዝ ጌርና ክንጻወት:-ነቲ ወረቐት ከነንድዶ ብናይ ጸሓይ ጸዓት:-ብርሃን ተጠርኒፉ ፈጢሩ ማእከልነት:-የምህረና ሓይሊ ከምዝምእከል ከምዝግበት::
    March 8……….ልቢ ነዕቢ……..ልቢ ትሰፍሕ ካብ ሃገር:-ሰላም ይምረጽ ካብ ዕግርግር:-ትዕግስቲ የድልዮ እዩ ምንባር:-ኣሽንኴይ ዶ ካልእ ፍጡር:-እቲ ንስኻ እኳ ዝንጉርጉር:ብሓሳባት ትመልእ ትቕርቀር:-የድልየካ ንነብስኻ ምጻር::
    Unfortunately, there was no feedback from readers except few who appreciate it. What I wish to get was corrections and critising my job but no single of such type of was seen. I have requested to get feedback in different way example:- ……..ኣርሙኒ………April 5 ኣባ ጅጎ እንተዝደሊ ብዙሕ ከነህተፍትፍ:–ምሃበና ነይሩ ዝተደራረበ ኣፍ::– ግዳ ኣብ ክንድ ኡ ክልተ እዝኒ ሂቡ: –ሓደ ኣፍ ሂቡና ምዝራብ ገዲቡ:: it is like begging to get correction .
    Some may think that was all to get attention. But they forgot Kokhob Selam is nowhere as person to get fame. It is not my first experience to write poems here. In fact I have been doing it since I was young 4th grade student during Haileselase, including, participating in theater in school and believe it or not during my Gedly days it was a duty for me to read poems when we get chance. Even after the so call freedom years I have written poems. I have my poems in Hadas Eritrea but some of my were rejected for their Gold and Wax words. PFDJ ignorant ministry of information is intelligent in watching the hidden words (one day someone will come out to tell us how, they were filtering it). It is not difficult to get the attention of people; all you have to do is come out of your cage and show your face. For me that is not important but what is important to let my massages reach to people. Recently the chance was narrow but since we all agree people are not good readers but good listeners, I am soon preparing to put my poems in YouTube form. Yes, from my experience people love my poems when they hear it than reading it, and most don’t read it.
    All poems were written, for a reason and most were followed after every article written in Awate highly armed writers. So it is not me who should be admired but those wonderful Eritreans who wrote their ideas leading us high to their advanced mind.
    Thank you Mr.Daneal
    Thank you Awate Team,
    Thank you, participants.
    Happy, New Year.

    • rodab

      Your poems are great. You should work on exposing them to a wider audience. One way to do that is to send them to various print & broadcasting media. MeftiH & Daero news papers and Assenna & MedreK radios can be mentioned. I think they will gladly accommodate you. Just a suggestion.
      Happy New Year to you as well.

    • Dear Kokeb Selam,

      This is the first time I read your poems and I really like them. I think you might get a wider audience if you can turn them into images that can be easily posted and shared on social media.

      Thanks again for taking this moment to reintroduce your writing. I especially the deep meaning in …. ጽበትን ስፍሓትን……..ጸቢብ ድኣ ኣካል ገፊሕ እንድ ኣሉ:- ጸቢቡ ጸቢቡ ናበይ ከብል ኢሉ:-ዕድል ምስተዋህቦ ክሳብ ዝበርሃሉ:-ኣብ’ ቲ ገፊሕ ባይታ ኣይተርፎን ምጽላሉ::

      Best wishes for the New Year!

  • Beyan Negash

    Dear Daniel,

    I hear you loud and clear. The detoxification process that you allude to in your piece is a timely one. The political fasting is something we all should entertain to help frame and cleanse us from decades of internal, political pollution. But, I must inject my version of how to go about detoxifying ourselves from the PFDJ menace. Let’s all gather at Wedi Tikabo’s New Year Eve and make our resolution loud, in style, and in clear terms and here is why.

    Ermias’s commentary about the countervailing to Wedi Tikabo’s New Year’s Eve Party that Oakland area so called Eritrean Community is hosting with its own singers was disconcerting to hear but it is not out of the realms for PFDJ stooges. Now, the so called silent majority that Haile and others always talk about and the open opposition groups and individuals need to walk the walk and inundate Oakland by overflowing the place and make loud and clear statement: that we embrace and welcome any Eritrean who decides to shun the PFDJ menace.

    We cannot let this be a missed opportunity. We must let the place rock and distribute videos and you tubes and disseminate it all the way to the doorsteps of Eritrean cities letting other PFDJ hostage bands to shun it much as the soccer players have been doing year-in-and-year out.

    As far as I know, I think, Wedi Tikabo is the first of his kind to shun Eritrea and embrace his own freedom publicly . Now, we really need to encourage those who are in Seattle area to drive in droves and spend their New Year with Wedi Tikabo and those in Nevada to do the same. More importantly, Eritreans in California must go out of their way to rock the house in Oakland; especially, those who live in Southern California need to find a way of getting there. Take Greyhound bus if you have to. Charter a bus or do something but find a way get there. That will be one heck of a great way to end year 2013.


  • Zahra

    Dragging Isayas out of his throne in only about a month strategy!!! I know, you don’t believe it but it is true. Yes, it is true to all those strength-focused perceivers. If Isayas’s only strength is identified, the focus should be thereon. It is a game over, if we focus on his strength. Therefore, let’s focus, focus, focus on his only remaining strength.

    If you remember Samson and Delilah, the physical strength of Samson was in his hair. Once the secret of his strength was out, he became vulnerable. Finally, Delilah had Samson’s long hair shaven and brought him under control.

    I am not suggesting hiring Sophia Tesfamariam to do the job of finding the strength of Isayas. I am just saying, right now, Isayas is in isolation internally and in seclusion from the outside world with exception of his Diaspora-Mekete (defenders). So, if the pro-democracy Eritreans could disconnect Isayas from his Diaspora-Mekete within three weeks, his victims (the whole Eritrean people, both internally and externally) would easily drag Isayas out of his throne on JANUARY 21, 2014.

    • Robel


      Absolutely on target! That’s what I have been telling my friends over and over.

      Instead of arguing and fighting with each other over “peaceful means vs by force” or “with help from Ethiopia vs without help from Ethiopia”, we in the Diaspora should focus on what we can do in our court. The way to isolate Isaias is by building Eritrean communities that are free of PFDJ influence and attractive/diverse enough to bring all Eritreans together. Like you said, the game is on our court!

      • Eyob

        We will never have communities free of PFDJ influence. That’s the nature of the beast if are truly looking to be all inclusive. What you fail to realize is that your actually strengthening Isaias’s hand by further dividing the community by establishing how a community should be constructed? The reason he’s in power is because of the Diaspora’s division. Why people can’t understand this simple reality is beyond me? It’s one thing to be united amongst the opposition forces but that is one segment of the overall Eritrean community.

      • Zahra

        Robel and all,

        Besides the Eritrean community, the embassy is expected to serve all Eritrean people equally, be a party member or not. DENYING SUCH OPEN SERVICES WOULD IMPLY IMPOSITION OF 2% ON SERVICE-SEEKERS AND THAT WOULD IMPLICATE THEM UNDER THE U.N. ‘S CRIMINAL LAWS FOR ILLEGALLY FORCING PEOPLE TO PAY 2% TOWARDS SUPPORTING ALSHABAB OF SOMALIA AND/OR OTHER TERRORIST ACTIVITIES. Indeed, the embassy staff should know that managing EPDJ affairs only disqualifies them as embassy staff. Therefore, the opposition and all those politically non-affiliated Eritreans should make it clear to the embassy that the ambassador is sent out with the task of serving all. Secondly, any meeting called by the embassy should be open to all Eritreans. So, let these facts be ensured before end of this year. All opposition representatives should send e-mail messages stating that fact. Let first thing be first and peacefully have the embassies’ doors open to all.

        • Yonas

          The 2% tax has been beaten over the head far too many times. Let’s be honest with ourselves, how many pay, even amongst the supporters? Nothing in this world is free and if you want services entitled to citizens of a respective nation, you must pay for them. As the old saying goes, “No money, No honey.” No one forces anyone to pay anything. This is where the opposition needs to stop. We cannot continue to lie to advance our political agenda. No one is forcing me to pay anything. As for the meetings, it’s actually not opened to those they feel will be disruptive. You can’t blame them for not letting in misfits. I’ve seen how some of our members act and I’m personally ashamed. Eritreans need to do better.

    • You are day dreaming Ms/Mrs Zahra.The bloody opposition is in shamblesleave alone draggig PIA from the throne…

  • SebKedem

    Hi Daniel,
    Do you believe there is regional and religious divide within the youth organizations, and are you part of it?