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Destroying HGDEF

At times one wonders if we should say shame on us or shame on HGDEF. As if it is not degrading enough to be spat on, we seem to lack the resolve – and a simple one at that by the way, to even be able to wipe the spit off our faces. How degrading could that be?

Many of us were utterly shocked, as we should be, by the tragedy which unfolded a couple of weeks ago just a stone throw away from the shores of Lampedusa. Over three hundred Eritreans, women and children not spared, perished in the most agonizing of ways, each with their own little story of horrors. Stories which could give any human being the shivers just listen to let alone to experience first hand. 

But then again, so was and still is the fate of many of our folk back home and in the Diaspora – sheer horrors that never seem to end. So was and still is our story of the past twenty or so years – the story of enslavement, tortures, kidnappings, murders, rapes, organ trafficking and all kinds of macabre atrocities – the stuff that horror movies are made of. At times even too surreal to contemplate that such atrocities could ever be inflicted on humans in this day and age when even beasts let alone humans are accorded the rights which protect them against abuse and deprivation of the necessities of life.

This has been going on for far too long now – way too long and sadly enough without any respite, however short-lived that respite might have been. A day doesn’t pass by without us being inundated and overwhelmed with these horror stories.

But to our shame, yes our shame – we seem to have gotten used to abuse so much so that our tormentors are taking our inaction for granted now. They don’t even bother to test our resolve anymore; they don’t flinch or think twice in almost any atrocity they want to commit against us.

As the adage goes (though with a bit of a tweak here), “poke me once shame on you, poke me twice shame on me” we seem to have resigned to our fate as if we are under some kind of a spell. How else could we take all the abuse, the indignities and the utter disrespect hurled at us and all the horrific crimes committed against our people – how could we take it all and then expect for change to come?

How is it that we expect change to come anyways? Through getting bogged down in silly and endless abstract discourse? By chatting with delinquents?

Now this is not self-loathing by any stretch of the imagination; it is not defeatism, desperation or helplessness – not at all. It is rather a call, a candid call for action that it is indeed time for the end game. The battle lines were already drawn for quite sometime now – there are those of us who want change and then there are those who don’t. There is nothing else in between.   

And the first prerequisite for the final showdown is that we can’t be bothered with those who don’t want change – those chauvinist bigots of the n’hna nsu crowd which HGDEF conveniently uses as buffers.

Like I said before, these people can only be contained by defeating and destroying the system they worship and idolize – the system they draw their strength and inspiration from. Take away HGDEF and they will turn full circle to play by the rules. Let’s not even bother putting them in the equation at this point in time. The World is replete with the examples and stories of such crowds and how they are allotted their spaces to practice their prejudice but obey the law of the land and work within its limits at the same time.          

So if we want to effect change – immediate change which could bring an end to our collective misery, we need to concentrate on one thing and one thing only – destroying HGDEF. If this is adopted as a policy by the aggrieved and is given the urgency and the focus it deserves – there are many ways through which such a policy could be put to action. Here is a modest approach – one of many ways to skin the cat, so to speak: 

Let’s start with one thing most of us seem to agree on, if we ever agree on things that is – which is how miniscule this HGDEF establishment is. They number a couple of hundred at the most, give or take a few of thugs. Just a couple of hundred for crying out loud, of marauding bandits running havoc in a nation of five to six million people. A nation that paid dearly and sacrificed so much not only to be independent but also to be free.

Think about it again for a minute, all the grief, the carnage and the agonizing torment inflicted on our people and which has been going on for over twenty years and counting, is the work of only a couple of hundred of blood-suckers in our midst that we don’t seem to be able to shake off our lives. 

Well, something doesn’t jive here. Either the HGDEF establishment is indeed colossal and invincible as it claims to be, however laughable this may sound or we as its victims have miserably failed in recognizing its weakness. It can’t be both – it has to be either or.

And obviously it is the latter because HGDEF’s dubious façade and its myth of invincibility were long shattered to pieces, thanks to the stupid and devastating wars it had instigated by itself – wars it could never win. In fact, it is so weak that it can’t even stop its arch enemies from answering nature’s calls in its backyard right under its nose as we have seen it happen so often. There isn’t a damn thing it can do about it other than squawking about border demarcation ad nauseam.            

HGDEF’s weaknesses are many but three in particular stand out as its most vulnerable soft spots:

(1) As indicated above and as argued for many times in this column, HGDEF doesn’t have the numbers. Planning to destroy a bunch of bandits and skunnis need not be like preparing for operation Barbarossa. In other words, given its numbers, HGDEF can be done with in a very short period of time. And there is no shortage of men or material to do this by the way – all it needs is focus and a little re-organization as shown further down in this article.

(2) HGDEF doesn’t have an army. If it did, it would have never stopped its stupid war campaigns even if done just to stay relevant. Its propensity for aggression would have never been tamed as it has been for years now. If HGDEF had an army that it could rely on, it would have never spent what little it has in resources on watching 24/7 through a labyrinth of spy-enforcer network with shoot-to-kill orders, the hundreds of thousands of conscripts from abandoning and fleeing their posts. In short, HGDEF can not wage a war – any war. It is that weak.

(3) Notwithstanding the aforementioned, if there is one thing which could be cited as HGDEF’s weakest point – its Achilles Heels if you will, then it is this. HGDEF doesn’t have a power succession process in place. There is no hierarchy of power to speak of. It doesn’t have any state or public institutions which can function independently and without the daily stream of directives and decrees coming from the bloody dictator himself.

Do away with the dictator and the whole thing would come down crushing like a house of cards in no time. This is what a former U.S ambassador to Eritrea was referring to when he described the PFDJ regime as “only a bullet away from crumbling”.

The whole HGDEF phenomenon, however bloody it turns out to be, is a one time pet project of a sick and a disturbed thug who thinks he could shape a people’s destiny to his sick and bigoted whims. There is no continuity to it – it is more of a single-use disposable tool. The dictator himself confirmed this when said that he couldn’t imagine an Eritrea beyond his rule or something to that effect.

With a target so self-defined for god’s sake, how could anybody lose focus? Why would anybody keep shooting in the dark?  

What more could one ask for in an enemy that is barely alive – an enemy that neither has the threat of size nor the support and allegiance of the rank and file – an enemy which by its own admission has no survival plan – any plan that will help it survive a direct blow – What more could one ask for in an enemy? Saying not much is even an understatement. Identifying your enemy’s weaknesses helps you narrow down your target. With your target set, you just aim and destroy your enemy – period.

But the question still remains – Who will be in a better position to destroy HGDEF? Who will bell (preferably strangle) the proverbial cat, so to speak?

Three scenarios come to mind – there could be more. (1) A rebellion by the conscript army (2) Intervention by foreign forces and (3) An attack by the armed opposition groups. Let’s just briefly review the pros and cons of each scenario.

(1)   An armed rebellion by the conscript army could destroy HGDEF in a flicker. By sheer numbers alone, the conscripts could overwhelm HGDEF thugs in no time. Not only that, but as they hail from every corner of the country, the conscripts could also serve as a strong stabilizing factor in the immediate aftermath of HGDEF’s destruction.

This however didn’t escape HGDEF – not for a second. That is why it has invested heavily and uses whatever meagre resources it has left on a spy-and-enforcer network and a corrupt officer corps led by bloody warlords to keep close tabs on the conscript army.

For any armed rebellion to be successful planning is crucial and likewise, for any planning to be conducted, the flow of information is critical. How HGDEF embeds its informers within the ranks of the conscript army with the sole purpose of sniffing out any semblance of dissent makes it difficult if not impossible for any information to permeate without being detected.

That’s why with the exception of FORTO-2013 and the armed uprising in Eastern Akele Guzai which preceded it, we don’t see that many attempts by the conscript army to carry out full scale armed rebellions against the HGDEF establishment.

Except for a few flare-ups here and there where the conscripts mow down some corrupt officers in utter desperation and then sadly take their own lives, the only other recourse available for them is to flee their posts at extreme perils to their lives. This is all about the dissent they can show at this point unless of course they get hold of a SPARK – a spark which could set the motion in place to help them connect with each other to destroy HGDEF. Until that happens though, this scenario will just be a pending approach.

(2)   There are some among us who believe that a foreign armed intervention, say by Ethiopia or the West even if by proxy would destroy HGDEF and thus solve most if not all of our problems. This assertion is flawed on two grounds. First and foremost, it is a non-starter – because neither the Ethiopians nor the West would be willing to be drawn into an internal conflict of another country that doesn’t pose an immediate threat to them. They will be content with the lessons they taught HGDEF so far. 

This is particularly more so for the Ethiopians who have the PFDJ dictator cornered for the last 15 years in the exact same spot they wanted him – yes for 15 long years and the freak couldn’t even move an inch in their direction. They will ignore him as long as he behaves and as long as he dutifully observes the humiliating surrender terms they set for him the last time he tried his luck.

Secondly, even if a foreign armed intervention takes place by some fluke – the end result may not always be in congruence with the ultimate wishes of the Eritrean people. There is always a price tag attached to such interventions, nothing comes for free. And if history has ever taught us a thing or two over the decades past – then it is the heavy price we paid for what was ours in the first place due to foreign interventions which collectively conspired against us.

So in short, this scenario is a non-starter – sort of a pie-in-the sky dreamer. It is a dead approach.     

      (3)     That leaves us with only one scenario – that of the armed opposition groups.

But these ones in turn come with their own set of problems. The most misunderstood groups in the entire Eritrean political arena – these armed opposition groups have been hacking it for as long as HGDEF was on the scene. 

If an attacking army’s success rate is measured by how much ground it takes back from its enemy, then these armed opposition groups could be discounted as complete failures. But if the success rate is measured by how each group sticks to its war strategy – then even a lay person could notice that it is exactly what they are doing – sticking to their war strategy.

And their strategy calls for a protracted war of attrition, chipping on HGDEF bit by bit. This suggests two things: (1) that they are in for the long haul, and (2) they intend to be there when HGDEF finally succumbs to its wounds.

Unfortunately, the biggest flaw in this approach is that it does not take into account the urgency that is needed to mitigate the horrific daily carnage which the Eritrean people are being subjected to. At the going rate of savagery inflicted on the people and by the time HGDEF succumbs to such a strategy, there may not be a nation to be had.    

So if HGDEF is to be destroyed – and destroyed immediately that is, there is this loop that needs to be closed. It starts with the armed opposition groups. As we are all aware, these groups have often been ridiculed and scoffed as too weak and too few to be taken seriously.

But if one watches closely that doesn’t seem to bother them at all – because they know all too well that their ranks will inevitably swell to the brim when (and if) the conscript army breaks up. The idea being hanging on tight to their banners for now would  guarantee their presence in any future dialogue in which ALL Eritreans sit down to agree on a new national covenant.    

If I may digress a bit here, little did HGDEF know that when it emptied all the towns and villages of the country through its forced conscription policy that it was actually creating a double-edged sword which would cut short its despicable chauvinist agenda – but that is a subject for another day.

So attempting to bring the armed opposition groups together at this point in time to form a unified military force by having them abandon their raison d’être is definitely doomed to fail as it did over the years past. They may work together, co-operate or conduct joint operations – but abandon their banners, they will not. According to them, the nation’s wounds are just too deep to be dressed up at this point. They figure, trust is not something that can be preached, decreed or legislated. It emanates from and is reciprocated through deeds – honest deeds.

The only ray of hope here is that, despite their divergent views and outlooks, all these armed opposition groups converge on one core issue; they all want HGDEF destroyed immediately. This may sound like a catch-22 quagmire for some but in actuality it could be a good starting point in destroying HGDEF.

What these armed opposition groups could do is contribute some of their best fighters and intelligence personnel to help create an elite national task force unit (remember 1 single unit – not another organization) which would be mandated with the execution of one single task within a specified timeline. The unit’s task would be the immediate destruction of HGDEF in a top-down operation by bringing to justice or bringing justice to (all the same) the few than two hundred bandits who are responsible for the horrific misery which the Eritrean people have been subjected to over the past twenty or so years.

Such a task force unit would not be bogged down in unnecessary combats and firefights with the conscript army but rather would rely on stealth, speed and intelligence (readily available) to conduct its operations with deadly precision.

Many others like exiled ex-conscripts, veteran fighters, all other political and public organizations and the public in general could contribute with a wealth of information, intelligence, financial and moral support and even active participation if need, be to help with the  immediate creation of such a national task force unit.

As argued for many times before in this column – HGDEF’s destruction works best in a top-down operation. With clear-cut and well defined targets, the unit’s mission couldn’t be made easier. Also its dependence on logistics would be minimal as it would not be necessary for it to engage in full scale combats. Another plus, the ever controversial outside sources of financing would not be required in this case because for such a limited operation – Eritreans themselves could afford to foot the bill.    

With the creation of the national task force unit, the armed opposition groups would be able to keep their banners until such time there is a true national dialogue between all the stake-holders of the nation to enter into a new and equitable national covenant. That was their snail-pace strategy all along anyways, but this time around they wouldn’t need to fake it anymore. They wouldn’t also come under pressure from members of the public to have them enter into forced marriages that don’t always last.

As for the conscript army inside the country, the national task force unit would be a godsend as it would provide the SPARK that was missing all along. With enough HGDEF thugs decommissioned and their spy and enforcer network in tatters – the conscript army could break free from HGDEF’s grip and make its final move to finish the job. Not only that but it will also play a crucial role in stabilizing the country as stated before.

So without any further ado, let’s all take this as a call to contribute our level best in whatever way it is that we feel comfortable and able to make this initiative a reality. We can only work with what we have – and truth be told, we have enough men and material to effect immediate change. Not only that, but we also have the legal and moral high ground for this initiative. It falls within our inherent right to self-defence.

The outpouring of grief and rage at the calamities facing our people as was evident over the last couple of weeks and as we have seen it happen many times over the years are only natural reactions because after all we are only humans.

That said though, running high on emotions alone won’t do the job of emancipating our people from this horrifying bondage they find themselves in. It is time to take action.


HGDEF’s Layered Buffers

The suck and blow crowd – those who want change tailored to their musings.

The fear-mongering crowd – those who preach that change will only lead to chaos and blood shed

The cult freaks – Those who say that there is no alternative (for the dictator) to be had.

A simple observation: You can talk to these crowds until you turn blue, you can never win them over. Alternatively, you can destroy HGDEF and you will see that they will be the first ones to sing Kumbaya.

Belated Eid Mubarak to you all. Kul’Am Wa-antum B’kheir.


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  • L.T

    What’s going here,hade gone wrong,what happen with Hayat?I have a certaing amount of recpect for her but i CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING I am not in direct control of namely the Isaias.

    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      This has been going on for a while now. Please explain tome what you mean by the following:

      “I have a certaing amount of recpect for her but i CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR SOMETHING I am not in direct control of namely the Isaias.”

      L.T., I tried my best but I couldn’t understand what you are trying to say to no avail.

  • said

    Dear Hayat
    “Thought of the Day”
    I hope & pry that it is not serious problem. Time will heal you .I hope this message finds you a in excellent spirits and in excellent health. We all do not know you but as you can see awate commenter’s are your brothers and sister in Diaspora, we are all caring persons each in his own way.
    The Past two Decades had not been easy for Eritrean. For some of us While Seeking Repentance with these words from the “Wronged Others,” the nagging “Sole Admission” poignantly remains: “I for one Wished to Had Never Trespassed Beyond that Finish Line.” This is my sole “Apology;” “Admission of Guilt;” Seeking Repentance for Wrongs visited upon the “Others.”
    As many of us trespass the magical demarcation line of the fifties, sixties and more we venture into the threshold of the weightless state of perfect philosophical suspension. Intuition and rational reasoning, the collectives of long journey and attuned faculties, conspire to catapult the inquisitive curious, near the finish line, to the bliss of the realm of the mysteries of contentment and self-fulfillment: A Perfect Illusion of Social Conditioning.
    As for many of us we have close acquaintances and friend’s drop of sight in the metaphor of Autumn Leaves, to answer, coercively, to the higher call, many hasten to recollect their thoughts, take inventory of the long journey, self-introspect, for, we caught off guard: One Has Not Attained The Elusive State Of Equilibrium, Figuring The Meaning Of Existence.
    Avidly plunged into the ocean of perceptive reality, drawing from the expanse of its rational knowledge that graduated with the instilled maturity of the realization of human fallibility to the transcendent trance of the intuitive and spiritual: The Plateau of Suspended Judgment.
    Ironic the arrogance and vanity of humans! Opened our eyes to this world, more than 50 years ago, to our beloved nation Eritrea in deep turmoil and trouble. And it continues so today is even worst by some measure and overwhelmed our tired people of the place from where we stem our Frame of Reference, our Paradigm, a Sense of Identity. Thence, a simplified world of expectations, reminiscent of the state of denial in the Freudian jargons, dominated my sensory perceptions, our whole existence. The small beautiful Eritrea and in small Universe, in all its wide-open fields for speculation, was reduced to the polemics, to the inferences of the antithesis, among Eritrean we shared so much common suffering and today we are reduced to, they and us; faculties subsumed to the service of the mundane, arrested by the sentiments of passionate recrimination.
    The Self Dwelled In The Instinctively Gratifying Abyss Of The Lower Self; Couldn’t Aspire to Set Free, To Attain The Higher Plateau of The Real Self; The State of Conscious Awareness; To Dwell In The Bliss Of Enlightenment.
    As we all approaching the Finish Line of a strenuous long race, cynicism sets in as the inevitable resignation to the admission of total bewilderment: Had the Long Race Been In Vain? Had One Deciphered the Purpose and Meaning of a Long Life Journey? Had One Been Short Exchanged By a Whimsical of DIA with his presumed Power .That Every Eritrean Congregation Volunteers Its Attributes And Elusive Prescription To Conform To their Predilections and Collective Idiosyncrasies?
    Let us endure, a bit longer, the vanity and arrogance of the fallible mortals. Let us submit to the herd instinct of the contemporary multitudes whose reverent symbols are shrouded in the bliss of the darkness of ignorance as legitimate saviors and sages. Let us suspend all faculties, rather relegate all our senses, to the oblivion of the absurd, until the passage of a borrowed time.
    Wishing you Best and speedy recovery, everything came to pass and sorry for being a bit philosophical.

  • L.T

    Tamart and Abinet;
    Cultures of Ethiopia.
    *The original Axumite Kingdom were from what is now Axum,Shire and Aduwa(A Sh A)Not Tenbien and Agame.Aboy Sibhat with V.O.A
    *The Amhara and Tigria people are the classic priest and peasant and it only means they are production.
    *The social structure based in orthodox church
    *Kebre Negest from Menelik!
    *Their political life are poverty and lawlessness.
    *Kassa Hailu,Kahsai or Kassa Mirach and Menelik were a “Were-Bela”
    *Tigrias is now almost their language is Amharik,their customs and foods(If there are)Amhara.
    *1935 Italia invasion Ethiopia
    *Ethiopa become as state 1943
    *Hailesellassie and Dergue eliminte Tegaru status and holding them like slave
    *Addis Abeba are a village and Mekelle is a local.
    *Long live Mamma Ethiopia”Ethiopia Le zelalm Tinurlen.

    • Gebre

      Dear T.T

      You need to get out of the quagmire of hate you are wallowing in.

      Incompentent people always, thinking they are smarter, use two technics to save their face:

      1) They inflate themselves and feel superior;
      2) They try to humilate and degrade their opponents by the dissemination of lies so that they feel supperior

    • jonas

      L T
      Always classless, you are not even here to defend a lunatic dictator but try to seed hatred between two people who share history and DNA like no two other countries in Africa, Ethiopia is ruled by a group of half Eritreans currently , Eritrea is ruled by a half Ethiopian dictator..The point of discussion here is about the plight of Eritreans and the demented dictator who torments every soul in Eritrea.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Mr Musse, you know too much!

    Any ways why isaias and usa are enemies then if China invests almost in all africa except Somalia and Eritrea? Somalia is not a stable country. And what makes you this soft spoken Abraha man is taking Power in Eritrea?

    • Mussie

      Ate Tamrat Tamrat,
      where did you get the idea that China does not have an investment? I would like to encourage to do your own research. and what make you think that a soft spoken Eritrean can not be a leader in Eritrea?

  • Berhe Tensea

    The shame is on us for tolerating too much abuse for a very long time. Every body must do his share no mater how small it may be to oppose the brutal mafia regime.

  • Awatestaff

    Dear friends,
    Sometimes we take each other for granted; though we mostly communicate behind nicknames, we urges you to realize that behind each nickname there is a human being. We wish Hayet Adem a quick recovery.

    Get well soon Hayat Adem

    • Hayat Adem

      Sal, rest of awate staff and all my friends and all of you: I have so humbled to have gotten your attention at this level. All the good wishes and the beautiful card are very healing. I wish I could address every good word of wish and prayer each of you posted for me. Obviously, I’ll do my best to make my situation better. And I’ll update you (or get you updated) if there are important changes. Aluta continua!
      Love from Hayat!

      • Horizon

        A luta continua!

        Dear Hayat Adem,

        With such a strength to fight for your people and your personal health, you have already won half the battle. The remain half, we have no doubt, you will come out of it a big winner.

        We are all waiting to welcome you back at with great expectations that everything will be alright after all. God be with you.

      • Seare

        Get well soon Hayat.
        The name always reminds me of a beautiful twins from Hergigo

      • Awate staff,

        “Good wish card” on behalf of awate families for Hayat is a thoughtful idea as we all are keeping her on our prayers.

    • Kaddis


      Lots of love and prayers from Addis. Take good care of yourself

  • Papillon

    ዝኸበርኪ ሐያት ሐፍተይ

    ከማኺ ዓይነት ሰብ ከም Halley’s Comet እዩ ማለት ኩሉ ጊዜ አይርከብን እዩ አብ ኩላህና ዝገበርክዬ አወንታዊ ጽልዋ በሊሕ አእምሮኺ ነቕ ዘይብል መትከልኪ ንሑላህና ንደቂ ዓዋተ ናይ ሐበን ምልክትና እዩ ሕጂኻአ ጥዕና አይረኸብኩን ክትብልና ከለኺ ልብና ተሻቒሉ ነገር ግን እቲ ኹሉ ዝካአሎ ረቢ ምሕረቱ ከምዘዉርደልኪ ዘጣራጥር አይኮነን ቀልጢፊኪ ከም ትምለስና ድማ ይአምንየ ኩሉጊዜ አብ ጸሎተይ አለኺ


  • Eyob Medhane

    Kim Hanna,

    Yes. I call on the offenders to restrain themselves. Don’t worry about the back and forth between Sal and I. We understand each other, and where We stand. Speaking of that, I have a lot to call on Sal himself in due time, but just not now. There is time to be quite. I am seriously numb about what has just happened in Lampedusa, I just chose to stay quite for a while.


    Please, stop. Please. Vindictiveness is unbecoming. I remind you of Aleqa Gebrehana, when he said ‘..Tey Mazengia eziam bet esat ale..’ . If you don’t know it, I’ll tell you the story. The famous Aleqa Gebrehana was ‘playing’ with the neighbor’s wife, while his wife Mazengia was away to the market. The neighbor’s wife brought her infant son to play with Teklemedhin (Aleqa Gebrehan’s son) while she was doing her ‘thing’ with Aleqa. Mazengia returned home earlier than expected, and when the other lady heard her voice and realized the real lady oh the house is home, picked up the wrong child rather than her own and run out of the house. When Mazengia got to the house, and took a good look of the little boy, she realized that the kid is not hers, but her neighbor’s. Then she put two and two together and confronted her husband with the ‘evidence’ or in Isayasgna ‘evidences’ . Fumed Mazengia picked up the child and said to Aleqa pointing to the wood fire that was burning to heat the gojo “…ahun ezih wust lichemirew? Eh? Eh?…” ( What if I put this chilld and this flame now, huh?) The horrified and cornered Aleqa Gebrehana then said “…Tey Mazengia eziam bet esat ale..”. (You better not do it, Mazengia, because there is also a fire in the neighbor’s house..” Mazengia, then put the child down remembering that her own child in the hands of the other lady. (Curtesy of Arefaine Hagos book ‘The Story of Aleqa Gebrehana Amharic version). The moral of the story in short is vendetta begets vendetta. Please refrain from it.


    Ethiopia does not ‘curse’. This generation has nothing to do with what their fathers did. They are just victims of shortsighted vision of their fathers. Hence, do not share the blame. Walid Atta, the Eritrean-Ethiopian born Swedish based football player is one of the exhibit. In his father’s time, there would be no way, one of Eritrean blood to declare to the whole world that he wants to represent Ethiopia. Talking about ‘curse’ and excessive, crude vindictive attitude sours and turn his kind of refreshing attitude to revert him to his father’s kind of bitter generation. There fore, you also should refrain from saying “we are cursed by Ethiopia”. Let me let you read what great number of Ethiopians think about Walid’s desire to play for Ethiopia. In a website like ethiotube that is not regulated at all, most comments were very positive. (I said most. You can skip, the few nasty ones) If awate moderators allow me, I also provide you with more news links, where the comment section were filled with positive and welcoming gestures. That highly reflects what Ethiopians think of Eritreans. Not ‘cursing’–I-want-to-join-Team-Ethiopia–Walid-Atta

    • Rahwa

      If you heard the story I heard you wouldn’t judge me so harshly. Even Eritrean women who happen to marry and have children with ethiopian men were mistreated so badly by their family.

      • Papillon


        So what? Bygones are bygones. If you get stuck in the past you will belong to the past and the past has nothing to offer except misery, bitterness and self-pity. I suggest you shake it off and move on. I guarantee you the future is better and stride towards it.

      • Eyob Medhane


        I understand. I really do. Believe me. However, ‘Ityopiawi chewanet’ dictates it that, we shouldn’t be crass. It’s ok. There will be time for ‘lemeweqaqes’. But, now is not the time.Now it’s time to empathize and sympathize. That’s what the right thing to do…

        • rahwa

          Ishi Gashe Eyob

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    N;HftNa Hayat MeAr AmlaK MsaKi YkuN.

  • Abinet

    Ehit Hayat , Allah ke anchi gar are a very special person . I will miss you dearly.

  • Gebre

    Dear Saay,

    You said:
    “A new report by risk analysis firm Maplecroft, which ranks 197 countries, identifies Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen as the 10 places where child labor is most prevalent.”

    You see Mr Saay, these countries are those which do not even understand the very OBVIOUS things, which you also happened to despise to hear about. It is because people fail to do the OBVIOUS that we end up with dire consequences and our future is compromised.

    This is why the wise Whitney Houston was telling people (repeatedly in a song lyrics so that it gets into their thick heads) the OBVIOUS thing. The following is what you wrote in one of your comments earlier when you denigrated me sarcastically:

    “** From the Department of Stating The Obvious: There was a Whitney Houston song that holds the record for the all-time stupidest song lyrics: “I believe that the children are our future!” No kidding, Einstein.”

    Saay, I hope that you tell those countries including yours the very OBVIOUS thing to do: send those children to school and not to labour camps because they are “our future”, Eritrea’s future.

    YeWega biresa, Yetewega ayResam! Say our brothers in Ethiopia.

    Best regards to Mr Saay.

  • dawit

    Great Plan! but great plan will not be executed until someone is willing to do it. There has been several writings to remove PFDJ for the last fifteen years. This remind me a story of mice’s and a cat. A group of the cae with a brilliant idea to hang a bell on the cats neck, so that they could get a warning when the rat moves the bell rings and they could run to safety. Their brilliant idea failed because there was no one volunteer to tie the bell on the cat’s neck.

    • jonas

      The fact no one wants to volunteer should tell you how ruthless the dictator is, you can’t just act foolishly and end up in a shipping container .

    • wediere


      You may have not spotted it… the story is mentioned before the three scenario..

      But the question still remains – Who will be in a better position to destroy HGDEF? Who will bell (preferably strangle) the proverbial cat, so to speak?

      To make progress you have to drop the psychological impotence….the fact that the main targets have been reduced to few hundreds it is an indication that the game at play is more psycological than a serious military challenge.

      Many of the arguments from the nay sayers is fear mongering of what may come as though where we are is not rock bottom.


  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear Mohamed,

    Your beutifully written analysis left me with mixed feelings. You are to be commended for categorically disapproving any foreign-induced change. No outside force is going to sacrifice for us and hand the prize of a peaceful & smooth transition to the Eritrean people on a silver platter. We need to do it ourselves..using our own planning, stratgezing and manpower.

    The armed opposition in its current formation and composition is however, not only incapable of bringing the desired outcome, but an obstacle to the aspired change. If they are unwilling to reconcile their differences now, what guarantees do we have that they will consent to the will of the Eritrean people after the demise of the current regime?

    First, they must renounce their ethnic centered political strategies and convince the Eritrean people they are fighting for ALL ERITREANS and not for the rights of localised ethnic groups only.

    Otherwise, I am afraid we might find ourselves in a worse situation than our current despicable predicament!

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Hi Dibe Kulu,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      You said “First, they must renounce their ethnic centered political strategies”. I disagree. None of them have to renounce anything. Partisan politics is the life-line of Democracy – just look around you in any democratic country in the civilized World.

      All that these groups are doing is practicing partisan politics (even the religious-based groups)and they are very honest in the sense that they never tried to cloak it in a fake national garb to fool the Eritrean people. How good, bad or ugly their programs are, can only be decided by the ballot box. But even the ballot box itself will be preceded by a national covenant where all will agree that the tyranny of the majority will not be a pretext to disenfranchise any group of stake-holders in the nation – however small.

      Now the only oddity is, and I am sure you will bring “the cart before the horse” analogy here – that this could have waited, as some argue, until HGDEF is destroyed.

      But how did these groups come into being in the first place? If we are to be honest with ourselves – the answer is that they were faced with annihilation through HGDEF’s policy of ethnic cleansing. Can they be faulted for deciding to defend themselves?

      You see, through none of their fault, they were forced to cross the Rubicon – and they ain’t turning back.

      What this article tried to show among other things was how to circumvent the partisan aspirations of these groups while at the same time have them contribute towards a National endeavor with the aim of destroying HGDEF immediately.

      • Tesfamariam


        You made it crystal clear thank you that is the way to go

      • Dibe Kulu

        Hello again Mohammed,

        I think the best way to protect the minority from the hegemony of the majority and the general public from the menacce of anarchism is to submit ourselves to be governed by a rule of law that safeguards the interests of all our citizenry.

        Any partisan poiticking that is done outside of a nationally agreed upon and popularly ratified constitution benefits no one. When I say they need to renounce their localised political strategies, I did not mean they have to abandon their ideas about and concerns for their local societies. I was simply stating that they will achieve their goals only if they believe in the motto of unity in diversity. Otherwise, their uncoordinated and dis-jointed skirmishes against the regime will lead to a destructive fratricidal war and I am sure none of us want that! The road towards unity in diversity starts with dialogue and recociliation.

  • Sal and awatistas,

    Look how Zionists are surely racist in the clip below. When our own are being called infiltrators by the racist Israelites it saddens us. “Issayas hissur, hassirus nihizbu ahisirowo.”

    • Rahwa

      Karma. Eritreans did the same to Ethiopians who used to live in Eritrea before the referendem. Beseferut kuna mesefer aykerm.

      • jonas

        I am Eritrean and I agree, it is all the curse of Ethiopia.

      • Rahwa,

        It was done by both governments. I condomned it when it happened. Rahwa, stand for humanity and do the right thing. Do not live on “tit for tat world” at least to satisfy your conscience.

        • Kim Hanna

          Dear Amanuel Hidrat,

          I agree with you 100%. I think these kinds of cheap shots to annoy and hurt each other must stop. I hope in the future, Eyob and SAAY, two brilliant people at this forum, never engage in the kind of tit for tat dual they exhibited a couple months ago. I am embarrassed to bring it up. I, myself, will be careful in the future.
          I appreciate and hope you will call on the offenders.


        • Rahwa

          Amanuel, I am not supporting the racist Jewish action. I am just saying the parents and grandparents of those poor kids have done some crimes of their own. My dad was a teacher at Asmera university and he told me all about it. Lucky for me I was safe in addis.

    • Nitricc

      Aman I know you see things in a convoluted way but are not they infiltrators?
      I mean, what is so hard to admit the obvious?
      Is it me or there is really something with you people?

      • jonas

        No it is something with you Nitricc, if you hadn’t made it to the west ,you will be busy infiltrating Israel, you hypocrite , let someone else call them names but not fellow Eritreans.

      • Ermias

        [Moderator: Ermias, don’t make it hard on us, we are not supposed to waste our time policing you. Stop using vulgar words and insults. Have some respect for the people here.]

        Nitric acid, its not us. It’s you xxxxx!

      • Nitric,

        It is you. sal tried hard to go into your thick mind. He can’t penetrate into the brain barrier of your mind to clean the dubious politics of HGDF. They are not infiltrators, they are refugees escaping from the tyrant. Gebito!

    • All HGDF members is the price you pay to be proud of yourself?

  • Serray

    Selam Hayat,

    I, too, wish you a quick and painless recovery. If at all possible, please update us on your condition as time goes by. Let me also suggest an entertaining book to help with the recuperation “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Adams Douglas..don’t let the movie fool you, the book is much funnier.

  • saay

    Selamat Awatistas and Hayat:

    Remember when Isaias told Al Jazeera English reporter “we are number 1 in Africa?”

    We are always number 1, when the list is about terrible things.

    Here’s one more:

    “A new report by risk analysis firm Maplecroft, which ranks 197 countries, identifies Eritrea, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Yemen as the 10 places where child labor is most prevalent.”

    Eritrea is tied with Somalia for the number 1 spot:


  • Tzigereda

    Dear Hayat Adem,
    I wish you all the Best!

  • Dave


    I will try to put your analysis in mathematical terms.To solve Mathematical equations we usually follow three steps :
    1) Identifying the given
    2)Identifying required
    3) Work out the solution.
    We can argue ,debate and hussle on step 2(variables of change) and step 3( mathematical formula). But given is given : it can not be changed and challenged.We can all agree, in the Eritrean context, given is regime’s supporters :they can not be changed no matter how hard we try, and we don’t need to waste our time and energy to that end. These regime’s supporters will cease to be considered as given when thier cult leader is kicked out of office , and a follow up intense Dehigdefasation campaign is needed to cleanse thier higdef ideology .

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      I agree. And the De-Hgdefization process will come naturally as they would have no choice but to play by the rules. All efforts now should be concentrated on destroying hgdef- head first.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Mark my Word when the pfdj collapses its supporters swiche alliances and they are the ones who put the very oppostions of pfdj into prison for the New GOE.

      You may ask how come pfdj oppostions end up in opposing the New government. The New government also is made up of human biengs it makes mistakes. But the souless (what socitey Call them they are smart) jumps in to be in service and they will be the friend of the rulers because they have no soule or principle to live for except a better life.

      I may sound very very pessimistic but in 1990s many derg supporters ‘eritreans’ changed alliance and started putting in prison people who they knew very well that they were against derg in all possible ways. Poor ‘eritreans’ who had nothing to do with derg started to fall for ‘they were fighting derg from inside’ easliy. It is one thing when tplf put its opposition in prison. And it is anohter horrible thing when an ‘eritrean’ supporting derg and having a good material life chnageed aliance and started putting an ehtiopian who opposed the New government, there is a limit for any tolerance.

  • haile

    Selam Meron,

    So you want evidence that the people are against the regime?

    Let me get right to business…

    – 4353 votes were cast online @

    (now I hope you know that the voting platform is integrated into web design tools provided by your web host as domain… it authenticates votes for IP and doesn’t let you register multiple votes from a single IP)

    – Of these voters 85% or 3679 hold IA responsible for the tragedy and Lampedusa and only close to 15% think others are to blame (this doesn’t mean they support IA, hence the real support could be less than 10%)


    – You said you have been to Asmara recently, I wouldn’t count on your honest answer but in your heart you know the people in Eritrea not only are against the regime but visibly terrified of anything thing to do with it. I saw that many times and honestly broke my heart.

    – On indirect sources of popularity of the opposition, check their media productions and compare that to ERiTV news and editorial. In the latter, the numbers only rise from the typical few tens to a couple of thousands during scandals. Such as that of “Illegal African migrants or IA interview of people go to water not the other way around”. The media against the opposing side usually clocks in around 5 – 10 thousands instantly.

    – I say “confused” because many are concerned that the dictatorial regime would create problems for their activities as it relates Eritrea (visits, homes, family…) hence they are “Silent”. The come in full force to listen and follow social media that guarantee their anonymity as youtube. The diaspora is caught in a desperately embarrassing situation of looking the dumbest of the dumb to convince themselves that they are being smart in maintaining their links with family and relations at home. But now it appears that has been broken and the opposition appears to be substantially emboldened and is for the first time humiliating the regime – payback time 🙂

    Can give you many evidences, but….


    • Selam Haile,

      I can see you are gradually correcting your previous hilarious comments one after another. That is very good. Let me do a favor to you… i am not going to debate you on the basis of what you said may be a week or more days a go about diaspora when you where in utter emotion – the Lampedusa factor.… hahaha.. i can stop sloughing at. Let’ alone’s poll, i dont trust Fox news poll about democrats. And at times i dont trust some independent polls – because how independent their are is always the question.

      – Let me tell you this. I usually don’t see for what’s going on on Eri-TV, Shabait or Shaebia. I know what the government is doing and i know what they are going to say. I am dead sure thousands and thousand of my kind are doing the same. Does this mean for you we are against the government… think about it.

      – In Eritrea people do complain about the socio-economci situation of the country. And they are right to do so. The situation they are leaving is not simple. Their salary is meager, they got long life in the military, and are facing some shortages. But they don’t blame all the problems on the shoulder of the government. They know the strenght and weaknesses of the government and at the same time they know the challenges the country is facing through the south and from the U.S.A…..

      – The opposition… Hailat … read the article in above… he will tell you that the so called Opposition have yet to think about what to do… discuss it and come up with tangible programme and plan. PFDJ’s strength is in the ground… face the reality.

      Senay ne’aka

      • Mengag Dmu

        [from moderator: Mengag dmu, we are G-rated, family friendly. Clean up and repost. ]

      • haile

        Selam Meron

        Come on! you got to care sometimes, the line between loose and feeble is a hairline thin:)

        – Criticizing, even raining down on your people whom you mean well for is FINE. PFDJ and IA is the only guwana in Eritrea.

        – The poll was not assenna’s but the survey tool that comes with the web building portal. Please go and vote and then try to vote again! So, assenna was somewhat capable of clocking in almost 5000 IP to do phoney voting!!! ahh…black is white…right Meron?

        – So Meron, you told us you weren’t card carrying member of PFDJ or its diaspora operatives. And now you are saying you know what the government does without following its medium of communication. OK that makes you a family member! Is that right Meron?

        -So when was the last time people demonstrated in Eritrea (other than dying to leave it) on the “complaints” they have as regards the “weakness” of the regime?…Anything, so long as it passes for a grammar, right Meron?

        – Oh dear Meron, so here is a question: Is the Eri opposition the only threat that your regime is facing? Wouldn’t you think in order to defend the regime, you need to understand its problems and threats that it is facing?….no wonder the regime has gone completely useless…it looks lack of trained man power to defend it self, may be 🙂


        • Hailat,

          Don’t count on my English… i told you several times.. it is poor. However, i think i am keeping improving learning from proficient people and those who got the opportunity to live in the English land.

          – Haile you are sick about PFDJ. I respect that but it is ludicrous to think everyone one is as sick as you to PFDJ. I think we have different lenses and are seeing things differently. For me PFDJ is the only Solution Eritrea have. Others are almost non-existent in terms of scope and capacity.

          – Haile, let me assure you this… i know PFDJ without following its media apparatus. the reason – it is a government in power for 22 years. I think every one have enough time to learn all what he/she want about PFDJ.

          – Demonstration? it is not yet allowed in Eritrea. Time will come for it when the nation is ready. Get prepared for it.. you will have a business shop under the banner of CSO or NGO. You will milk the western organisation in the expense of Eritrea.

          – You last question is funny. Opposition a threat to Eri. Gov.? it is a joke. The threat is geopolitical interest of USA and Weyane (both violators of our sovereignty). The opposition is non-existent… to cheat your self with the bubbles in the virtual world.


          • haile

            Hi Meron,

            PFDJ?…hmmm. You see Meron, I am actually sick of the regime. Althogh, I sometimes follow the crowed in using the term “PFDJ”, but I still have many unanswered questions as to the identity and real relevance of this often mentioned entity “PFDJ”…too virtual to me 🙂

            I also respect your position, and many of my friends, off the cyber, have various views that I respect. My greatest concern is however, that the virtual Eritrea painted by the pro-regime is the same as the type of people’s pictures you see on their death announcement, often from an era long gone by! Eritrea today is in deep crisis and is politically, economically and socially shuttered.

            i – Politically:

            The regime of IA is regarded as political liability for any self respecting nation to lend it any useful support. The recent slaughter of civilians in Nairobi, Kenya and the tragedy in Lampedusa that has shaken the world are the latest in sealing the political fate of the regime. UNSC has specific demands from the regime that failure to comply would escalate the level of isolation and punitive measures from the international community. The regime is unlawfully holding to power internally, thus can’t have credible domestic base either.

            ii – Economically

            The Eritrean economy is shuttered and unlikely to improve. There is no way the regime can realistically adjust salaries of civil service and others. Inflation i such that even to quadrupling of current salary of 700 – 2400 ERN pay bracket wouldn’t solve the problem. Yet, even such a capacity is none existent. The regime is incapable of adjusting exchange rates that froze at close to 1997 rates where the ERN was first introduced. Eritrean central bank is broke and the regime’s activities are closely monitored by outsiders as it relates its off shore dealings. The country runs on largely contraband fuel and supplies, raising concern to international peace and security.

            iii – Socially

            The Eritrean social fabric is destroyed. The trust and close knit mutual camaraderie that helped to bring Eritrea is lost. Some Eritreans are betrayed and others are the betrayers. Eritreans do not trust each other, their historical reputation of courage and fortitude is firmly replaced with “boat people”, desperate and in need of desperate support from any one. The regime has long been under the armed embargo, the citizens do not have social safety and security. Eritreans are divided, isolated and unable to bear arms to defend their country by international order of a ban.

            The reality of Eritrea is a broken dream, a broken society and a broken hope. A nation ruled by an avowed enemy of its people has finally succumbed to its fate. A fate that can’t be extricated out of by make-belief aura of bravado.

            I am not sure where PFDJ fit into all this, but the regime of IA is hard to miss. Welcome to the real Eritrea (failed) as opposed the virtual (#1 in Africa).


          • Selam Hailat,

            I dont think it is relevant to argue on what to call the the government in Eritrea. Call it ‘Issaias regime; or ‘Pfdj’s regime’ or whatsoever doesn’t make any differs that virtual entity you are fighting to like hell.

            We can say that virtual entity is founded by that virtual guy through ‘nihnan elamana’. That virtual guy and organisation manage to defeat another virtual army from the south. Ant they reclaimed a virtual country called Eritrea.

            Ethipia is busy to condemn to that virtual govrnment. US the mighty is also busy to pass suctions via UNSC. Haile in His club are also busy to fight this virtual entity.

            Why are these bunch of countries, organisation and individuals fighting with a dead fish?

  • Abinet

    L.T , you must be confused.Tigray is part of Ethiopia . Earlier you call Ethiopia hurts .it hurts even more when it comes from a person who belongs to a parasitic nation that is in the verge of collapsing . You need a host animal for your very existence . Kifu atanagregn.

    • L.T

      Ethiopia are like Azerbaijan and international theatre stars:-)There drama will be leavened by comedy such Alene(Pm Desalegn)Aboy Sibhat Nega (Pappa Tasafi “Ye lijoyg Kifle Gize”)Ethiopia are fake actor like Jerry Springer.

      • Ermias

        L.T.: ኣታ እንታይ ወሪድካ ሕማቕ ትዛረብ፧ ተጋሩ እኮ ሰብ እዮም ከማና፧ እንዳናዓቕናዮም ኣበይ ገዲፎሙና ከይዶም ኣለዉ፥፥ ስለዚ ኩሉ ሰብ ብ ማዕረ ስለዝትፈጠረ፤ ኣብ ብውልቁ ወይ ብ ማሕበር ደረጃ ዳኣ ክ ውቀስ ኣለዎ እምበር ን ሙሉኡ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ምጽራፍ ነውሪ እዩ፤ ስዲ፥፥

        Abinet: ኣንተ ደግሞ፤ ምን በወጣው የኤርትራን ህዝብ ፓራሳይት ትላለህ፥ በዚህ ፎረም ውስጥ እኮ ብዙ ሰላም ፈላጊ እና፤ ሁለቱም ኣገሮች በጋራ የሚያድጉበት ሁናቴ እንዲከሰት ሌት ተቀን የሚሰራ ነው የሚበዛው፤፥ በዛ ላይ ደግሞ የ ኤርትራን ህዝብ ሻቢያ ስላንበረከከው ነው እንጂ በጣም ኩሩ እና ታታሪ መሆኑን የምትዘነጋው ኣይምስለኝም፥፥ ስለዚህ በ ኣንድ ደደብ ሰው ምክንያት ሁላችንም ኣታንቋሽሽ፥፥ ኣለበለዝያ፤ ትባረራለህ ከዚህ ፎረም፤ ባለጌ፥፥

        • zegeremo

          But it is a fact, ouch!

          • Ermias

            zegeremo, you probably are disgusted with PFDJ just as I am. So we agree there. But I disagree with the statement that the Eritrean people are parasites. That is utterly incorrect and degrading. I can make the argument converesly about our neighbors (the governement) but I will not go there. We have man made (IA made) problems in Eritrea but none of the problems we see is inherent to us. We are good, hard working, honest people, from kebesa to metahit all the way.

        • belay

          ንዑቅ፣ሰብ ይንዕቅ።

      • jonas

        L T
        What is your point? I think you wrote this while washing your last car in a hurry to leave work.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      People like L.T are smart in forcing you to say what you dont wanna say. But now it is a bit late for you. The Whole idea is to show the brutal side of Ethiopians. Any way dont fall to this trapp again.

    • jonas

      Don’t get hurt by what clowns like L.T say , at best these clowns are party members of the HGDEF, at worst they are paid DIA’S agents, but we have to respect free speech and they are entitled to their opinions. Like any country, the majority of Eritreans are good hearted people who are busy trying to make it from one day to is soap,flour ,oil that is in their heads…L.T and the other clowns do not represent Eritrea.

  • Rht

    Those so called tigrai representatives of Democratic movements are his private soldiers to be used at the right time. They are currently located in Ala, near Deqemhare

  • L.T

    Tigrai oh Tigria,Isaias have worked so hard for you,he have introused you to whole Ethiopia(Selan Na Meregagat 1991-92)He treated you as a sister.Tigria woooo Tigria,you are our social family friends and business partner.You belonged him..Tigria

    Tigringa old proverb”Enteleka Aytwekef-EntezyblKa AytseKef”Pay what you owe and see what you have left”Isaias is like marry mariam Thereza to Tigria.
    But it alway s well to disolve a partneership in time(N Kulu gieze alewo)You came in with the capital it needed-but you could have given it to some other business or keep it.But tell me my Tigria one thing.Is there some hidden motive behind between Isaias and you?Is it a personal break,be frank,tell me Tigria-“Why,you’re mad here always.It must be from the motion of the Great Tigria.L.T Joked:

  • L.T

    I will buy a piece of land in Gash-Barka,a house in Filfil Ala,exploit a gold mine in Duba-Ruba.
    Isaias Yi-Kdem
    Weyane Yi-Wdem

    • jonas

      L T
      So Isayas has promised you land, no wonder.

  • Hayat Adem

    personal announcement!
    awate forum is like a home to me. of course, the interest that gets us together is obviously at the gravity center: bringing eritrea to the right track. even the ones who still support isaias/pfdj might have good intentions at heart, they may think they are helping eritrea. those of us who know that they are absolutely wrong, dead wrong right-left-center should never get tired of trying to win those naive and confused souls. that should remain part and parcel of fighting against evil. i call it thinning for the kill: make the monster starve and then finish him off. “Gadi” gave us a nice phrase: “weed out the beast!”
    Now to my annoucement:
    as much as i have been enjoying reading all the brilliant articles and commentaries and exchanges and throwing in my two-cent contributions, I have limiting challenges (health) i learned of just lately to continue participating on this discussion threads. i might be able to read your comments occasionally but i guess that will be it. i’m not sure about my prospects of regaining it to comeback to interacting at some level but Insha Allah, what is not possible!!! continue the good work. i love you all.

    • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

      May the almighty keep you healthy and strong always.Amen

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Oh, Hayat! Is there any thing we can do, you are one of the bests! Why always the good ones are obstracted!

    • rodab

      God bless Hayatina.
      Wishing you the best. With bouquet of flowers…

    • Gebre

      Hayat, my brother,

      I understand every emotion and thought you have at this point in time. People never understand what health means until it knocks at their doors. Everyone has the misconception of reality that they think that it will never happen to them. What makes it even more saddening and awfully immature is when people you thought are educated make a mockery of unhealthiness. And what makes it still morally and ethically indecent is when the bullies are here among us at this forum.

      Well Hayat more could be written about human beings, friends and enemies alike. I can only say to you, my brother, please stay strong and try to be happy with your families and near friends.
      Again stay Strong dearest brother. We are all with you.
      Best regards.

    • Tesfamariam

      wish you the best i hope everything will be alright you are one of the best with balanced views I for sure going to miss you may God bless you and my prayers with you
      thanks for your contribution

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dear Hayat Adem,

      You have been insightful and very intelligent contributor. With people like, we are emboldened that our Eritrea’s future is bright. I wish you well and I hope to see you around.

      Ghezae Hagos

      • belay

        Dear Hayat Adem,  If i said,get well soon,it wouldn’t be soon enough,but get well now!.you are in my thoughts and prayers. Also thankyou for The great Awate web site,which gave oppertunity to meet and learn from great personalities like Hayat Adem.

    • Hayat,

      – Let me not talk now who is right or wrong, or who is protecting Eritrea or demolition it.

      – Wish you quick recovery.


    • saay

      Selamat Hayat:

      Well, is losing one hell of a debater and you will be missed. God has a way of reminding us of our priorities: get well and come back soon! I am going to ask awatistas to begin their greetings with selamat Awate and Hayat just to send you good vibes and well wishes. Me? I will sign off my posts with “good night Hayat”


      Good night Hayat

    • Dear Hayat,

      Your comments were illuminating. Above all you were humble and respectful in all your engagements. I am sure we will miss your insights. But do what is best to your health. We wish you all the best and once more to be around us in this forum. God bless you.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • said

      Salam Hyat
      Sorry to hear of not feeling well. I just read your message.
      I ask Allah to heal you and wishing you speedy and healthy good recovery. All praise is due to Allah “O Lord of the people! Remove the sickness and difficulty from him and bring about healing as You are the Healer. There is no healing but Your Healing, a healing that will leave no ailment.” O Allah! Grant him health in his body. O Allah! Grant him good health. O Allah! Grant him good health in all part of his body. There is no god but Thou.
      (The Qur’an) is for those who believe a guide and healing.”(Qur’an, Surah Fussilat 41:44)
      Our Lord, give us the good of this life and the good of the Hereafter.

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon.

    • wediere

      Selamat Hayat,

      I wish you a speedy recovery and a life of health and longevity.


      All the best

    • Nitricc

      Hey sorry to hear that.
      Whatever it is, don’t undermind the power of positive energy. Just believe in your mind you will over come it and you will!
      You see, we are not all that confused in the PFDJ land. May be you should join us 🙂
      Be good.

    • haile

      Selamat Hayat Aem,

      Thanks for giving us the benefit of your knowledge, time and energy. I hope you get well soon and be back to grace us with even more of your talent that will be missed greatly. God Bless

    • zegeremo

      Allah Ye’shfeek!


    • Dear Hayat:

      I wish you health and success in your endevor. May Our Creator give you his blessing so that you will become healthy and fit and continue fighting for the good causes of your good people.


    • Yodita

      Dear Hayat Adem,

      Your personal announcement is a big blow. The more I re-read it, the more it hit me by its finality. I pray to God that it is my mis-interpretation and that, after appropriate treatment, you will continue to help bring our country to the right track with renewed vigour and energy.

      We all love you and admire you and pray for your speedy recovery.

    • Rahwa

      You are one of the few Eritreans with common sense. I always enjoy your comments. Get well soon.

    • Yemane Johar

      Hayat, may the healing forces touch your soul! I wish you a quick recovery. May your faith escort and propel you all the way…Hawki!

  • Papillon


    That was precisely the reason I asked you in a different tread if you see yourself in Peter (Family Guy). You’re absolutely clueless. I didn’t pose the question to a random lawyer. Let me put it this way: It is tantamount to asking a lawyer who happens to be a Nazi member to represent victims of the Nazis. Dig?

    • Papi,

      This is another question and have no any relation with your first question to the lawyers.

      There is no other perfect answer for your first question other than that presented by Nitricc.

      You better answer your second question.

      I think this is your second flown comment in this week.

      Better think before rushing to post.

      Hawiki from a different mother,

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        Poor Meron, may be try Homer Simpson!

  • rodab

    Selamat Mohammed,

    You listed three possible scenarios for what might be in store for us going forward. I will add a fourth one. Infact, I believe this one is a more realistic and has a better chance of coming to pass. And it goes like this:
    Before the Lampudusa tragedy hit, there was a hihg-level meeting in Embatkala where the need for bringing new blood to the government was discussed (at least we were made to think so). Now that the regime is under even greater pressure to change things as a result of the historic tragedy, we can actually see a quicker-than-anticipated movement in the direction of… well, changing things. The fact that the Embatkala meeting took place prior to the tragedy gives the regime a face-saving maneuvering room to make some adjustments. So it is possible that the tone of the government could change for the better. We may hear talks about reforming national service, talks about the constitution and other important national topics. Shuffles and re-shuffles of minsters and governors will follow. Editorials, statments, commentaries, interviews will surface on EriTV. All in all, a far-less-than-fundamental changes might be in the works to appease a grieving and frustrated nation. We shall patiently wait and see.

  • Abinet

    “Contract Lawyer ” better say contract assassin . Why don’t you try another job for a change? Like PUBLIC DEFENDER. You can easily get over 10,000 voiceless clients . I guarantee you it is going to be very satisfying .No need to sale your house .Better than defending a crime boss.(BTW saling your is not a big deal since you have already sold your soul, dignity, humanity).what a waste!

  • Zahra

    Here’re additional suggestions, by going back to basics of doing first what one can easily accomplish:

    1) Redefine things. Teghadalai/Teghadalit or Munadil/Munadila applies to those against Isayas. And, those for Isayas are just traitors.

    2) All embassies and Highdef centers/websites to be called semi-liberated areas. All opposition members starting tomorrow to participate there and outnumber the Isayas’s dogs.

    3) Within a month or two, to fully and peacefully liberate the embassies and centers from those Isayas criminals. The officials (non-residents from Eritrea) to remain untouched because themselves are victims and their family members are hostages of Isayas. Any diehard to be considered a criminal until proven innocent.

    4) Thus, the embassies and centers start to function without those criminals with blood on their hands. Isayas is known to thrive on these criminals by blackmailing them. Let’s open our doors to the criminals to repent and make U-turns, divulging sensitive information.

    5) With the Diaspora from people to people, soon Isayas will give in.

  • Wediere


    Well said, up to now I have been wondering why we have not come to term that without a reinvigorated armed wing we are going to be on waiting mode for DIA to blink. The time to act like Gandhi’s is over, if armed response to our fate is not self defence, I don’t know what is.

    If we are to expect something from those in the field we better be prepared to support them at least financially. A bit of shaking will give those in EDF the room to make a move, at this stage the only calculated risk they can take is desertion and they are doing that. Fighting back for an EDF member is suicidal at this stage until there is room to plan and that will only happen when HGDF are on defensive. Otherwise we will be waiting for the FEGATO to do its job, and that a pity state to be in.


    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Ahlan A.Osman

      You said “If we are to expect something from those in the field we better be prepared to support them at least financially”. I couldn’t agree more.
      Actually this point always comes up whenever discussions are carried out to explore the possibilities of immediate action. Glad you brought it up.

      Keep well.

  • MrBig

    Plz give me some of what you are smoking. You are living on the moon. “HGDEF doesnt have an army”??? Wey guud!!!

    • jonas

      HGDEF has an army whose members are forcefully conscripted for any length period who will be more then happy to surrender than to fight for one man’s seat.

      • Tamrat Tamrat

        And you believe 200 hgedef make the living hell of 6millions eritreeans for 23 years!
        Be it oppostion or supporters there is a big reality comprhension problem.

  • fanus

    letay teleAli nikhid adna!

    nikhid adna!

    letay teleAli nikhid adna!

  • fanus

    good idea! i think i am going to start saving money too so i can move back to eritrea.

    like you said, the government is definitely more stable there!

    you can be my business partner if you want. my dream has always been to run a ferry boat that would leave from massawa and go to the dahlak islands and beyond on a day trip.

    imagine a luxury boat or yacht that has a casino inside, parties and all that jazz! i think there is a market for that. tourists and diaspora would pay to have a little fun doncha think?

    if tigray leaves us alone and we have peace, we can even operate a ferry service to jeddah and sanna for a day trip and come back in the evening. it ain’t that far.

    that is the business i am going to be in when i move back to eritrea.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It could have been a reality though it was not main goal when tens of thousnads educated and well to citizens poured in Asmara and addis during 1991-1997 but the gehdil sympataizers delcared that they have an finished business ie to build Eritrea first they have to dismantel Ethiopia. It was not an impossible task given the circumstances but it was an expensive Project both in human sacrifice and economical. It has been the mother of all expensive Project when at this time the Project supposed to give profit.

  • Selam All,

    The contract layers just said one thing.

    “You are not ready to back up your big mouth with a shred of deeds”

    Why I agree with the Lawyer? Go up and reread the article written by Mohammad. Literally Mohammad is telling:-

    ‘We are no where to destroy PFDJ’

    I read the replica of this article for the last 15 years.

    • Hayat Adem

      Indicators (in the last 15yrs, i.e., since 1998):
      1) Isaias was supported by overwhelming majority of Eritreans (for sake of putting a number, say 90%). What portion of the Eritrean popn do you think supports Isaias today?
      2) The entire world was seeing Isaias as a regional power of geopolitical influence prior 1998. Does the world see him that way now?
      3) Eritrea was hopeful to model itself after Singapore on trade, after Germany on transportation infrastructure, after Italy on engineering etc. Is Eritrea on that road of ambition today?
      4) Not few had thought then Eritrea could stand and even outfight against any military confrontation of its neighbors then. Do you think it has such an army and morale today?
      5) Many Eritreans and of Eritrean origin from diaspora were flooding into Eritrea to help and invest and none or very few were fleeing the country. Is that the case today?
      6) Can you name individuals who didn’t support him before 1998 and but have been convinced to support him since after? Can you compare that with the number of people who are running away from him including athletes, soccer players, pilots, ministers, artists…?
      7) Have you ever thought before 1998 that Isaias possessed the capacity of will to jail his comrades in a secluded placed called EraEro and let them perish there one by one?

      • Hayat Nebsi,

        Tell your stories to those who refuse to cast for independence. And ask them what they were saying when they were in Mekele or Khartoum.

        • Hayat Adem

          Ohh…that was in 1993 and those were only less than 2%, right? you seem to have stuck in time, meron. a lot of water has passed under the bridge! the referendum vote* is no more the defining divider now. 98.6% was more than enough a vote eritrea earned to declare independence then. the question this day is what has eritrea done with it? has isaias’ leadership used this capital wisely? what would those 98.6% voters feel today about their false hopes on isaias?
          you have to worry about the large and exponentially growing number of Eritreans resenting your man and his system everyday. look at the disconnect, it is very telling what time it is now contrasted with the 90s. it is your choice to be the last woman(?) to disassociate from this criminal. you should not be naive to expect that conditions might improve for isaias with time. isaias has crossed too many bridges to make a u-turn. all the events, all the indicators, all the numbers point to one direction: decrease, diminish, shrink===> he (you) cannot bring any game-changer now to reverse the trend. as there are always enough number of people who have no problem adjusting to a dictating reality, there are always some hard-nosed ones (or naturally slow) who simply hate (or are unable) to change habits, directions, or roads, or even lanes. they remain stuck in time. my role here will be limited to ring the bell, a wake up call. on that, miribrab aykhilun. but i cannot bring you to the world of sanity at a gun point. fortunately or unfortunately, that will remain my limitation meron haftey/hawey.
          *voting ‘yes for independence’, voting ‘no for independence’ and boycotting the process altogether are all normative and legitimate. you need the results to know what the majority/minority/abstainer preferences are. isn’t that why the entire purpose of conducting the process of voting is set?

          • Hayaht Nebsi,

            I think you are missing the point. Voting for referendum is one and liking or disliking for Issaias is another. And let’s move one step ahead, undermining Issaias strength is one and observing your real situation is another.

            Back to my first point:-

            – Mohammad told is that you guys are no where in demolition by Issais and he call upon all of you guys to do something – just something.

            – And the good low lawyer has told you that you are not ready to support your mouth by deeds.

            – Gezaee Hagos affirmed the lawyer by telling that it is not worth to pay life for Eritrea.

            – PFDJ would have say: Eritrea is equal to life and blood. It is the outcome of sacrifice – life – and it is still alive depending on the life of its citizens.

            – Your claim that the majority are against Issaias is just ludicrous. Months a go i asked to Haile to prove me his silent majority argument. He didn’t. Instead he first moves to insult the diaspora as a confused group and then he start to come to your argument but without any substantive point.


          • Ghezae Hagos


            Please don’t lie. I can’t answer Nitric because if he can’t listen to his own parents (by his own admission), what chance do we have?

            “Gezaee Hagos affirmed the lawyer by telling that it is not worth to pay life for Eritrea..”

            Here is what I wrote:

            ” What are we to put up for what we believe in? Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for? I guess these questions will reverberate, begging for answers if we are going to witness tangible results for our Just Cause.”

            Truth be told, those who gave up in Eritrea and go about their lives not caring where the nation is headed, and those who support Issayas’s tyranny, not caring where the nation is headed are the groups that imply Eritrea is not worth sacrifices. People, like you, Nitric and all who nourish tyranny and those who don’t want or care to challenge tyranny.

            The ‘deleyti fithi’ group are the ‘tributaries that differed from the muddied and bloodied course of History.’ It is not necessary for time to pass to know History will vindicate us, simply because we don’t want that vindication; we want salvation of our nation from the Monster Called Issayas Afewerki.

            Always remember this again.

            Eritrea is created as political entity. Its fate is the fate of political entities. Issayas is a tyrant. His fate is the fate of tyrants.

            FYI: This is not the first time I brought up the issue of worth-the-sacrifices-

            Here is an excerpt from the last paragraph of my last article.

            ” Is Eritrea worth fighting for? September 18 resoundingly testifies that the journalists, G-15, elders held on to that belief. The question is: “Do we believe Eritrea is worth fighting for?” I hope we solemnly agree it is worth fighting for and that the lives of thousands of Eritreans meant something for each of us. The lives and possibly deaths of 10, 000 of Eritreans. More than 10, 000 of them.”

            Ghezae Hagos

          • Selam Gezaee,

            Again according to you what you wrote in your last post is this:-

            ” What are we to put up for what we believe in? Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for? I guess these questions will reverberate, begging for answers if we are going to witness tangible results for our Just Cause.”

            – Well where is my lie now?

            – “Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for?”

            These are worthless questions. It is general truth that every state is worth paying any thing for citizens. You know history, and the history of human kind and specially the modern way of nation and nationalism and state and citizenry is nothing but that kind of responsibility. This doesn’t mean individuals have not a choice or can’t not personal decision to escape from the national cause. Look you and me are hypocrites. We are supporting or opposing for afar… however this doesn’t the change the fact.. Eritrea is in deed worth fighting and that is what the government is doing now.

            – Gezaee, your older writing is pretty clear. But i am not happen to read it in the older time. The same could be true for a number of reader in here. So please don’t expect us to fill your gap in your writing, and more importantly don’t blame us for not understanding you based on what you have not written nor your older post.

          • Ghezae Hagos


            Unless you are being deliberately obtuse, of course, you lied.

            I asked, actually, ” What are we to put up for what we believe in? Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for? I guess these questions will reverberate, begging for answers if we are going to witness tangible results for our Just Cause.”

            Mine was a question which alludes the answer lies in how much we are willing to sacrifice for our Just Cause. You, however said I gave a negative answer, in fact it is an ‘affirmation’. “Gezaee Hagos affirmed the lawyer by telling that it is not worth to pay life for Eritrea.”

            Ghezae Hagos

          • Gezae,

            You are clear to me now.

            Let’s move.


  • Teweldino

    LOL! saay i think you do have money stashed in Eritrea because it is a damn good place to invest in. By the way, I am saving money right now so I can move to back to Eritrea. The government is more stable there. No shutdowns or nothing.

    I would not be surprised if you have some money stashed at HCB Eritrea. Certainly, I am sure you have set up an account for your mom that you wire money to. That’s what is great about Eritreans. They never forget their families. So even if they leave their homeland, they always send money back and keep the local economy afloat.

    My guess is if those brothers had not had their boat capsize and made it to shore safely, they would have probably attended their first MEKHETE meeting somewhere in Italy this week.

    Within a few months, they would have wired money to their family through HCB direct from Banco Di Roma. Or Bacno Di Milano, or Burano or Torcello…etc

    That is the truth my man!

    Just keep saving your money so you can play some useful role in the future of Eritrea.

  • Ermias

    Probably no new information to most of awatistas but here is a text message I got from someone who recently converted to our side after years and years of loyalism to PFDJ.

    “I was talking to someone online who is in Asmara and said the pia is forming his own military…everyone is freaking out and sounds like juba with generators running all day..ear plugs is recommended if you r going.”

    • Nitricc

      First of all What is your side?
      Secondly do you think what you have to say is news worthy, lol
      What you have is gossip, you know the same crab you talk at your church.
      Can you share with us why PIA is forming his own military? I thought the whole military belongs to him, remember he is the dictator.
      You guys are so eager for bull crab, you don’t even stop Nd think before you throw your nonsense around.

      • Ermias

        ኣንታ ኣይትፈግድን ዲኻ፧ ምሽ ብቐዳማይ ኣዋሪደካ፥፥ ጸማም፤ ንስኻ ኮ ሓደ ደንቆሮ ኮንካ አምበር፤ ዓድኻን ህዝብኻን እዮም ጉጅለ ህግደፍ ዘጥፍኡዎ ዘለዉ፥፥ እንታይ ረብሕ ኣለካ እስከ በል ንስኻሲ ነዚ ዓንጃል ኢሳያስ ትቃለሰሉ ዘለኻ፥፥

        First of all, my stance has been clear all along. I am the anti-HIGDEF, literally. ብኢደይ ከጥፍኣኩም እየ፥፥ My contribution here is highly valued by awatistas because I have the same goal as everyone here (except you, L.T., and Meron). The goal is to destroy HIGDEF and our brilliant brother Mohammed has laid out concrete plans for us. But I can guarantee you that we will not need to do that much work. IA will be shot to death (make a note, this is coming very soon) and the generals will kill each other off because they do not trust each other and they are all corrupt, sex predators, and they have a lot of blood on their hands. They know who did what crimes so they will betray each other to save their behinds. Then, the forces of change take over the country and our people will live happily thereafter because we will have a transitional government for a year or two, we will have a constitution, exemplary elections, and the people of Eritrea will prevail. The 200 hundred murderers in Eritrea and the few thousand in the Diaspora will be put to shame but we will forgive you. We will only make you do 15 years of hard labor each. That is it. No hidden prisons, no vanishing, nothing like that. The court of law will sentence you to pay back the victims’ families.
        To give you more sleepless nights, I have managed to convince so many people how so wrong the HIGDEF regime is and how it has been determined to destroy Eritrea, its culture, its people, and its land. My recruits are now actively engaged to destroy HIGDEF.

        ሰሚዕካዶ ናይ ወዲ ትኳቦኸ፧ ገና እዚ ዳኣ ቀቀሊሉ፥፥ ብድቁስካኮ ህግደፍ መኺኻ፥፥ ናዓ ግደፍ ምኽሪ ለባማት ስማዕ፥፥ ኣብ ቀረባ እኮ ኢኻ ዘለኻ፥ ከምኡ አንተ ዘይትኸውን ኣብዚ ኣይምተማላለስካን፥፥ ኣጆኻ፥ ለባም እኮ እዩ ካብ ጌጉኡ ተማሂሩ ናብ ቅኑዕ መንገዲ ዝምለስ፤ እንዳ ተረዳኣካ በቲ ዘይቅኑዕ መንገዲ ምኻድ ግን፤ ሰብን እዝጊን ኣይፈትዎን አዩ፥፥ ስለ እተደንግጸኒ ካኣ፤ ሸለል ከይብለካ ከብደይ ምግባር ይኣብየኒ፥ ስለዚ ክሳብ እንታይ ከ ገደሰኒ ምስዚ መላኺ ስርዓትዚ ዝጠፍእ ኢልካ፥ ናባና ትመጽእ፤ ኣብ ጎንኻ ኣለኹ ኣነ፥፥

    • The so called Tigrai peoples Democratic Movements are his own soldiers to be used at opportune time. They are stationed in Ala, near Deqemhare

  • said

    Salamat Mohamed,
    Thank you for your excellent article ,a long time seasoned writer , has written an historically and scientifically inspired article casting a glimmer of hope, light at the end of the tunnel, in the mist of prevailing despondent pessimism that is currently engulfing the general mood in Eritrea .you hit it right on the nail. I am extremely impressed by your great wisdom and deep knowledge that go beyond the successful seasoned writer you are, to the acumen and insight of a true statesman. .you are very well informed, highly civilized and objective Eritrean political analyst who is treading in his continuing writings in these highly polarized political times , over a very thin dividing line in a highly polarized Eritrean political situation and society attempting to relate fast evolving political events in Eritrea objectively. Your writings over time and admire your moderation, deep insight and cool sense of pragmatism in conducting your analysis.
    Not that you are one possibly best writer and among many Eritrean opinion writers, Eritrea is need of your calibre, you can easily be giant, intelligent. brilliant and thirsting for beneficial knowledge for sake of your nation, and i want give respect to so many tireless good and positive contributors at awate site giving their honest opinion or opposing, you and others alike you could become one of the foremost scholars of our people .if you could easily put extra effort and decades of time, the place is for your all.
    You could make contributions to the field of country related issue and studies and could be impressive, but it is life’s work — with so many non- ending tragic, Eritreans in general and many Diaspora are missing to be with our people and their beloved homeland. Many feel every day every and waking hour was spent and all miss Eritrea? And they would love to put positive contribution. Our diversity of the land and its peoples, including hundred of thousand worldwide who form the Eritrean Diaspora feel could not be part of their god giving birth right to be in Eritrea. Many of us have not returned to the land of our dream and birth since early 90th .
    We are Eritrean men and women of every rainbow, Muslim, Christian, ordinary atheist, agnostic and nationalist. We are adapting and we have gradually embracing new citizenships — becoming American and Canadian, Swiss and Swede, German and British, Sudanese and even Ethiopian. Eritrean form educated and better-integrated Diasporas are losing hope . In our adapted country we are part of multiculturalism and diversity and we are part and parcel of our lives ,you will find public servants, Canadian physicians, Australian teachers, and many business owners and engineers — are quite the norm. But this simple rights of citizenship is dined to them in their country to participate fully.
    Most of the Diasporas have also experienced the ugliness, loneliness, homesick, bitterness of exile and separation, and anxiety for our loved ones back home. Indespairtion watching DAI trample our basic human rights, and cringed throughout the twenty two years of subjugation, oppression and unelected miserable dictatorship and criminal president and it is about time to get rid of him and his thugs.

    • Mohammed Ahmed

      Ahlan Said,

      Thank you so much for being so kind. We are all in this together and I don’t think I deserve any praise more than anybody else here. It is a collaborative effort brother and we should all stick together through thick or thin.
      Thanks again.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Selam ‘Delyeti Fithi’,

    My layman unsolicited advice for our contract lawyer is to help us remind the defaulting party to remember the holiest of all contracts, the Eritrean covenant, one signed by blood of Eritreans, between Eritreans, including the tyrant. Then we can talk of houses, mortgages, 2% tax, etc…

    But that is not today’s issue of mine. With due respect, really respect to our esteemed colleagues, my take on the contract lawyer who wants to put up his house with tyrant who publicly said he doesn’t have contract with Eritreans, is different.

    SAAY wrote in late 2000s, about 3rd or 4th in his long running column, ‘Al Nahda’ a small piece that succinctly describes what-would-it-take us to fight Issayas’s tyranny. I don’t know if Sal can unearth it; it is relevant as ever. The kind of sacrifice each one of us want to commit decides the struggle. I think of it and measure myself, that article.

    From dissociating from PFDJ, to publicly writing in forums or otherwise or discussing in pal talks, organizing events, becoming part or forming groups or organizations, advocacy to agitation, to the extent of the ultimate sacrifice, one Mohammed Ahmed the author of today’s article mentioned, defending the nation by arms!

    What are we to put up for what we believe in? Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for? I guess these questions will reverberate, begging for answers if we are going to witness tangible results for our Just Cause.

    Ghezae Hagos

    • Ghezae Hagos,

      You said, “….What are we to put up for what we believe in? Is Eritrea really worth fighting for, and dying for? I guess these questions will reverberate, begging for answers if we are going to witness tangible results for our Just Cause.”

      In response to Mengistu Haile Mariam’s futile sloganeering that Eritrea was their neck and that it would never be sold, or bartered, one Gurage was said to have reacted angrily that the baria was crazy and that if Eritrea was worth money, why shouldn’t it be sold?

      You seem to have the same outlook with that of the Gurage on Eritrea, to be dispensed of if the price is right.

      You may have your secret reason for taking that vacilating position. Unfortunately for you, for the super majority of us Eritreans, Eritrea is our flesh and blood and therefore, we will put our lives on line for it to exist for eternity.

      • Ghezae Hagos

        Dawit Mokonen,

        If you are serving the tyrant’s interests, for you Eritrea is certainly not worth the sacrifice its children paid for it. These who believe in Eritrea and its promise know one thing for sure: that the tyrant Issayas is destroying it and it is time to stand and be counted. I hope you choose wisely.

        Ghezae Hagos

      • Nitricc

        Forgive Gezae he is trying to resemble his good friend YG.
        One thing about the so called oppositions is, never new idea, they keep using the same sticking diper one after another. Already the price has been paid why ask the same stupid question?
        There is a saying in Amharic that will describe the mentality of Gezae and his currputed friends

        የብልጥ ሊጅ አየበላ ያለቅሳል

        Just have your freaking life and leave alone Eritrea.

      • Fithawi

        Mr Dawit,
        With all due respect,I disagree with your silly assertion that the super majority of Eritreans will put their lives on the line for the sake of Eritrea.Unless you desperately try to politically correct,you know from the deep down that you are not telling the truth.If truth is to be told though,the youth which is supposed to be the vanguard force of our society seems to come to term that Eritrea is not worth the sacrifice and that is why its flocking out of the poor worthless nation in their thousands every month leaving their guns behind.It also seems that preferred to die in the desert,sea and everywhere else than fighting back the very evil regime that robbed their childhood and used them for slavery.
        If the so called TPDM that claims to be fighting for Tigray can mobilize such a big army in a short period of time out of Tigray that seem to be doing just fine in all aspect,its just mind boggling why we Eritreans are unable to recruit and mobilize 1/20 of what Tigreans could despite the immeasurable and unpredictable atrocities being committed against us for the last 23 years.The answer is very clear.POOR ERITRA ADINA IS NOT WORTH THE SACRIFICE.PERIOD.

        • Fithawi,

          I bet you would also shrug off your very mother in time of her adversity and run away with your tail between your legs.

          You must also be poor in logical thinking because just because it is being reported around that many Eritreans are leaving their country, automatically taking the ” many” as absolute term instead as relative, you rushed to conclusion that my claim to ” supermajority” was false.

          I am nevertheless gratified to know that you are tigrawai and not Eritrean; the evidence is in your writing, unambiguously crystal clear.

          • Fithawi

            Dear Dawit,
            I just wish you were right that I was from Tigray but
            I don’t know if there is any pride left in being Eritrean either.Anything at all.As for me,the word Eritrean is synonymous with everything bad and rotten.Who in the world would want be an Eritrean for Christ sake?I wouldn’t but its just unfortunate that I couldn’t scrub it off.
            Take care,

  • Teweldino

    Count me in bro! I don’t have a house that I can sell, but I would sell my car if the George Washington of Eritrea needed the money!

    Eritrea forever!

    Awet n Hafash!

    • Teweldino,

      You mean Isaias Afewerqi is your George Washington. What about Naizgi Kiflu, did you mourn his death?

      Did you protest when your idol, Isaias Afewerqi, refused Naizgi kiflu’s remains to be flown from London to his country which he helped to liberate?

      I do not think you did any of that because your writing reflects your dependent personality, leading your life by flattering any one in power.

      Please, try to grow up and be free because if you remain the same, you are a bad model for the future of Democratic Eritrea.

      By the way, there is no paraellel between Isaias Afewerqi and George Washington. Whereas Isaias Afewerqi is evil abolitionist of a country and people as evidenced by what is transpiring in Eritrea, George Washington was a constructionist as evidenced his legacy, the United States of America.

      • eritreafirst

        Don’t forget George Washington was a rapist and a known killer. Just ask native American what they think of him.

    • saay

      Selamat Teweldino:

      Every Eritrean who supports the Eritrean regime should withdraw all his money from the insecure debt-ridden US financial system and deposit it in the Housing and Commerce Bank of Eritrea. They should fill out a direct-deposit slip so their earnings are auto-wired every pay period. A PFDJ representative in the Diaspora will then, based on need, provide the regime-supporter a stipend. This will achieve many goals: (a) provide much-needed hard currency to Eritrea, (b) eliminate all the paperwork and seHabo-guteto associated with 2%; (c) increase savings rate of Eritreans, and (d) be a final blow to the defeatists and all the texabaeti.

      Awet nHafash!


    • Elihude

      At least you are allowed to vent your love for the murderer residing in Asmara (Massawa or whereever he is) while I (who is an independent and who lost his folks due to their expulsion from Ethiopia) cannot even utter my opinion on tesfanews website. Think about that, when you go to sleep!!!

  • L.T

    Yodith…Yoditta…Antn Mahazai

    Asmarina is wanderful Yoditta
    with her wooden villa
    I am here for you
    with my mille cinquecento taxis..
    But Isaias is in his Biete menisti..

    The Edaga “Haile”Hamus market has closed
    And the “Kuda Areza” market moved to wedi Tikabo location.

    I will show you my Marcato coperto
    my lively street.

    Palazzo Falletta,relaxes with a glass of shai.
    ab Enda Edaga Ekhli
    at the Medeber Market.

    Yodith,read this book

    “Litigating War”Mass civil injury and the Eritrea-Ethiopia claims commission.OXFORD university press.2013

    By Sean D.Murphy Prof of low George Washington University
    Won Kidane proff of low Seattle University

    Thomas R.Snider

    Counsel Wilmer cutler pickering hale and dorr Llp

  • Hayat Adem

    First, my appreciation for the author of this well considered article.
    And then, onto the comments by the lawyer:
    The justification for removing Isaias is not on the basis of the fact that he has no some committed supporters like yourself but on the basis of the fact that he is bad. Likewise, your argument should have been based on why you support him not on that you can go as far as selling your house for him. This has no any element of deterrence. Because it really sounds foolish of you to say that if you are unable to rationalize it. And if you could rationalize, you should be able to support him in all other possible ways and not limit yourself to only finance his actions. And one more thing: (as haile told you) he has already asked for you financial support, and you haven’t sold you house yet. That makes you a bluffer.

    • L.T

      Dano Hayat;
      Are you here with your Tegaru traditional performs”Dibela”
      Nihna Nusu

    • saay

      Selamat Hayat:

      One of these days, an Eritrean scholar is going to peer into the EPLF/PFDJ culture and once he goes past the “30% of our fighters were women!” chant, the scholar is going to discover that it was a misogynistic organization. Many examples to support this: Eritrea was the last country in Africa to sign on to the ban of female genital mutilation (FGM) in 2007 (!), that abortion is illegal in Eritrea, that divorce laws are still heavily favoring men… in short, the wide-spread culture of using our sisters and daughters as concubines for corrupt colonels and generals didn’t spring out of nowhere. Related to our self-declared lawyer who is going to sell his house to support Isaias Afwerki:

      During the 1998-2000 war, the PFDJ was looking for ways to fund-raise after they had gotten the $1 a day, $500 bond, and all the other obligations passed. So they asked the people to refinance their house (this is during the real-estate bubble) and pay the Front 10, 20, 30k. (I know people who did that.) So, to their shock and horror, they discovered that in the United States, the husband has to convince his wife because her name is on the title. I remember this meeting where this senior official was saying, with derision/amusement, that those of us in the US have to get “permission” from our wives. tsk, tsk. Sebut ina dma yblu, is what he was thinking.

      So if our lawyer friend wants to do that, and he is married, his better half will tell him over my dead body. It is all huff and puff: do you remember what the chant of Fedayeen Saddam was? And where were they when he was dragged out of a hole?


      • Semere Andom

        Hi Sal: No one can say it more accurately this comment of yours
        EPLF/PFDJ actually un-emancipated the Eritrean woman by making them slaves. Even during the armed struggle, they did double of the chores of their men comrades. EPLF’s idea of women equality is to brainwash woman that they can be as promiscuous as the men. Eritrean female’s fighters have been subjected to prostitution, slavery and no dignity under EPLF/PFDJ.
        In the mass organization EPLF had this moronic concept of women must fight double to defeat the dual nature of their exploitation: drib qalsi ndrib wotsae. So if a woman is a students, she is both member of the student union and the women’s union and that meant she had to pay double the monthly contributions, attend double the meeting of brainwashing

        EPLF did not liberate the Eritrean women, they enslaved them and took advantage of them and they do till these day. But the sad thing is the Askalu’s and Lulu’s of the front where willing participants of EPLFs’ misleading, unethical culture that subjected our sisters to the destitution they find themselves in

        When I was young I used to hear that ELF was the first one to buy a broadcasting radio for the masses, but the equipment got stuck in port Sudan and took a couple of years until the ELF managed to work the channels of power to release it. EPLF, although a late bloomer to buy radio, it was the first to get it delivered to Sahel in cinch after its equipment was also held in Port-Sudan. EPLF managed to send young beautiful women tegadelty to bribe the corrupt Sudanese generals. I can imagine them saying to these young women when they objected to their offer that “ezi ewun nawti meqalesina eyu” Everything goes in EPLF/PFDJ nation. “Sewrawi srqi and also sewrawi minzrina”


      • SA

        Hi Saay,
        I understand the general message of your post, but I am surprised that you implied that opposition to abortion is misogynistic. Many people are genuinely respectful of their female partners but have a deep conviction against the destruction of human life inside a womb. Since you are a well-read person, you certainly are aware that too many abortions are done for convenience. The blogger Penelope Trunk had admitted that she “got two abortions to preserve my career.” Do we really want a country where women can do whatever they want with the lives inside their bodies?

        • saay

          Hi SA:

          I understand and respect your point of view and I share it: there are millions of men who are deeply respectful of women (the furthest from being misogynistic) and fervently opposed to abortion. I don’t think the EPLF/PFDJ fits that category: if they can’t make money from it, they are not interested in it. For example: the push to ban female genital mutilation (FGM) did not come from the National Union of Eritrean Women. There is a reason why it happened in 2007 (that is 16 years after Eritrea’s independence) and why it happened without much discussion: it was a condition imposed on the PFDJ by UN’s convention on the rights of a child.


          • Selam saay,

            No matter what the reasons are behind … better late than not.

            What is your point then?

          • SA

            Saay, Thank you for your clarifying response.

      • Hayat Adem

        “nowhere” is the answer to the last question, Sal.
        Mr. Lawyer, where will you be on that day and what would you be saying then?
        “Honey, it is now over. abqi’u zibil zinebere Isaias lomi abnebsu koyna! I’m glad that you stood on my way and saved our house.”
        “Why are we talking about it now?”
        “I feel like I owe you an apology. I was wrong and you were right.”
        “You were wrong because selling the house wouldn’t have been enough to save Isaias or trying to save Isaias was just wrong?”
        “What is the difference between the two?”
        “There is a huge difference between the two.”
        “I think the first one..emmm..may be the second one or both..I do know but I am happy we didn’t do it. That is what matters.”
        “We? I think there is no “we” here. You were on the other side.”
        “Honey, may be I should’ve told you earlier. I swear to you, I’d already realized Isaias was kentu, leba, memselai, aremenie…may be I didn’t tell you this but I told all my friends…”
        “anta seba’ai lekhbeTbeT aytbel…zeytHafir ke’ba wedey! ewa’e entaime’Atu deqey!”
        “bejakhi yqireta giberiley. yilmineki alekhu. nkaliE seb dima keytazerebiley n isaias geza sheyTu kidigfo Hasibu neyru zibehal zereba seb keysem’A…”
        “Hirai emo n’mntay tibeki alekha…seb’ai koynka seb keysemi’E ilka tibeki?!”
        “hiray gedifeyo alkhu…mish Hiray ilkini ikhi aytezarebn?”
        “kid algis wiXaE, dihul!”
        Such was the unfolding story in the house of a lawyer called Ere Erena on that fateful day Isaias was unplugged from power. The end.

  • L.T

    Ta’Emrat tamrat;
    We Eritrean are not unique to Your animal Ethiopia kingdom and your whole story are killer and killed(Zemecha).Your complex are need,greed,obsession and anger that leads you to destroy another.The robber who who shoots or the rapist who stranges often does not have a relationship with the his victim.

  • L.T

    Mohammed Ahmed(?);
    I never pay any attention to that bcs that makes it more poetic,child.But in case if Does The Sibhat Nega or Azieb Gola groups have any power to attack to Isaiasim fellow believers?None,Dreams and dreams.I still prefer Saleh Tesfom’saying”Shabia will destroy”in 2000.Isaias is the Pope and still there becouse we are a big part of him “Nusu-Nihna”.I will put somthing alse Nihna-Nusu.What the devil made me say such a thing 😕

    Are you reading Meles’s novel in the “Nay Eritra Qalsi kabey La’bey?”It’s very intersting.
    “Shabaia will destroy””Destroying HGDHF”…Go get him…Eh! Kuda Areza!Go over there Adaga Haile Hamus….Tesfom.

    God blees Iasaias

    • Yodita

      ምስኪናይ ተሕዝን

      • Yodita

        Please read ምስኪናይ ተሕዝን as ምስኪናይ ተደንግጽ

        It is for L.T. who blesses a man who is bleeding a nation in borad day light!

        • Yerhwo

          …since 1966 !

  • Ere-Erena:

    Claiming to be a contract lawyer shall not cover or absolve you from being Dr. Faustus. And I will interpret your assertion of ” I am telling you that I am wiling to sell my house if PIA needed the money” as ” I am telling you that I am wiling to sell my Soul if PIA needed me”.

    • Dawit

      You were sold before not now,but the difference is
      that now it is coming clear that you lost your dignity infront of Eritrean people.

      Dawit wedi keren

    • Papillon

      አያይ ማዓረይ አኽሊሉ አበይዳአ ጠፊእካና እቲ ጥዑምን ልዙብን ቃላትካ ጠፊኡና ብወገንካ ኩሉ ሠላም ክህሉ ይምነ


  • Seare

    Selam Mohammed

    Are there patriotic (nationalistic) armed oppostion in Eritrea? Most of the armed oppostion I know of are either islamic fundamentalists or ethnic based.

    So if these are the alternatives. I will also side with Ere and sell my house to support the dictator

  • Amanuel

    Ere – Erena: Ketemata Koynu Measkerna

    I have bad news for you.Nothing will save PFDJ now. There is a joke goes like this ” Two young Eritreans were swearing and cursing to PIA and an older man who heard them told them that it is against our culture to accuse the dead” The man is walking dead.

    • Yerhwo

      a dead snake can be recognized firat when the head is cut down! This is also the case with DIA. Even he is walking dead, we want to see his burial some where !

  • johnny

    This gentleman who is talking about consedaration sound bizarre.what is got to do consedering giving up u r house for a thug if he needs money.let me refersh u r memory,a few weeks ago u r god told u and to others that we do not have money to build the electricity and the water to his people so why can u sell u r house and give the money to him to fix
    The problem the people have.this problem with supporters of the not have a vision, do have understanding just like a donkey thug guide u with a stick to a ditich.all eritrean r in a ditich they just need a helping hand to get out of the ditich go to a peaceful and democratic promise land that is called eritrean for eritrean

  • Mohammed,
    Thank you for writing such timely article. In fact, this is exactly what everyone is talking about now. If we had a strong opposition we all know this was a perfect time to weed HGDF out, but that is not it.Then what? You see, I only have a question and I guess that is back to square one.If I may add one thing to your important message :- Let’s all have urgent meetings starting locally regarding this matter which is of course not chaired by any opposition group.

  • Zaul

    We are tired of seeing Eritreans suffer and die so the solution is more bloodshed and more killing. Ohh and the mogogo crowd (wink wink) are bigoted chauvinists.

    Amlakh yistereka hzbi Ertra.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Hi Mohammed!

    Your contribution is more of how it is difficult to destroy or win Hgdef based on the facts you explained best.

    There are Things you oversee too. You completly make mistake on the numbers of Hgdefians and the material in their desposition to go on With their system. Hgdefians are at least in houndred thousands. Give respect for the non Hgdefians in Eritrea, at least. Hgdef uses its military (the biggest army and well equiped in east africa at least to keep silent 6million People) and conscriptions as you well explained only for internal use ie to continue what ever it thinks it is working for itself. Hgdef has this attitude ie why mess with the system if it works.

    The conscription has many features. All who has no work either they are in camps or work for the government for free. If they have enough of the misery, they ‘can’ Escape, leave, flee Eritrea and this is fine by all concerned Groups even Hgdefians. After all if they make it, they are good assets for the system. Blieve me Hgdef wont be dissapointed if all those who dont have work leave the country by any means. Even those who have work leave the land, then thanks for Hgdef 20 years School system no one is missed that much, he or she can be replaced easly.

    Remember both Hgdefians and eritreans oppressed by Hgdefians leave the land equally. The difference is the Hgdefians use planes, not boats unless for other purposes.

  • Ere – Erena: Ketemata Koynu Measkerna

    Dear Sir:

    You said, “That said though, running high on emotions alone won’t do the job of emancipating our people from this horrifying bondage they find themselves in. It is time to take action.”

    I am a contract lawyer by training and a proud supporter of the PFDJ/EPLF/GOE. In contract parlance, we call it “consideration.” And it is one of the essentials of a contract formation.

    Anywho, at its most basic level, consideration means giving up something to obtain a right or a benefit that you didn’t have before. It is like quid pro quo. It is the recognition that in Anglo American jurisprudence, you have to give up something to get something.

    Well, sir, I see you don’t like PFDJ/EPLF/GoE rule? Fine! What is it that you are willing to give up in order to change it? Your life? Your house? Your family?

    I, as a supporter of PIA and the Government of Eritrea, I am telling you that I am wiling to sell my house if PIA needed the money.

    That is my consideration.

    What is your consideration sir?

    Are you willing to put your life on the line to achieve your goal?
    Consideration basically means giving up a legally bargained for right for

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Can we use Ethiopians to avoid the sacrifice part?

      • melk

        this is typical PIA strategy,with the sacrifice of the Ethiopian again u needed the lost freedom! now u try it ere! now Ethiopia is out of this poverty cycle and progressing! sorry!!!

    • ُexplorer

      I wonder and get astonished when I see comments from ignoramus people living in the west and enjoying the fruits of democracy, human rights and institution. At the same time these naïve people openly and unscrupulously support and defend an illegal and dictatorial regime that is inflicted death and calamity to our people. Is it in their genes (hereditary)? Is it part of their culture to submit obediently to oppression and dictatorship?? I think we have to scrutinize and study such creatures with great attention.
      No wonder… proverbs and parables tells a lot about the mentality and psychological make of a certain people. We have a famous proverb in Eritrea which says: “Zibereqet tzehaina.. zinegese nigusna” which reflects the behavior of such weird creatures. In the past they fought violently and chanted: “Ethiopia wei mot” became Ethiopian soldiers (commandis) and committed horrendous crimes against innocent Eritreans… in the end they got “Ethiopia, death and destruction”. It seems history is repeating itself…. The inheritors of stigma and submission are repeating the same mistakes again… today. DIA regime is one the most ruthless and criminal totalitarian regimes in the world… made Eritrea a failed state… Eritreans are paying thousands of dollars to escape from the big called Eritrea… youth are dying in the seas and deserts, still we see people firmly defending oppression, crimes and terror. Are the people normal and sane? How to deal with such cheap idol worshippers?
      I think we have to register all those who are supporting oppression, crimes and killings today… tomorrow they have to be held accountable for supporting and sharing in committing such inhuman crimes. It is time to wake up.. enough is enough… and those cheap idol worshippers have to be identified and dealt with appropriately at the right time. I am ashamed to be considered a compatriot of such “justice blind” submissive coward creatures. Justice and truth will prevail… dictatorship, oppression and crimes will end soon… we have to escalate our struggle against dictatorship and uproot forever from our beloved Eritrea..

      • Hyatt

        I live in a small city and I have their names and pics in my black list. KinitaHananeQ ena!!!!!!

      • Zaul

        ዓይንኻ ፍርፍር’ዶ ክትብል ውዒላ…wink-wink 😀

        It’s one thing to be against HGDEF, but the following statement is just pure hatred of “some Eritreans” (not the EPLF CULTURE as a certain Eritrean would have us believe). Because of mistrust the destroying is going to take an unnecessarily long time

        “… Is it in their genes (hereditary)? Is it part of their culture to submit obediently to oppression and dictatorship?? I think we have to scrutinize and study such creatures with great attention.
        No wonder… proverbs and parables tells a lot about the mentality and psychological make of a certain people. We have a famous proverb in Eritrea which says: “Zibereqet tzehaina.. zinegese nigusna” which reflects the behavior of such weird creatures. In the past they fought violently and chanted: “Ethiopia wei mot” became Ethiopian soldiers (commandis) and committed horrendous crimes against innocent Eritreans… in the end they got “Ethiopia, death and destruction”. It seems history is repeating itself…. The inheritors of stigma and submission are repeating the same mistakes again…”

    • Papillon

      ጠበቓ ናይ ህግደፍ

      You didn’t have to flash your impressive resume to make a point. I guess, the word you’re looking for is a trade off. You certainly are short of giving up your life for Isaias. I am not sure why you’re stopping at selling your house only. I thought Isaias is worth the life of a hot shot lawyer. I am sure through and through rigorous training in your college years and beyond, you must have seen cases that you would need your educated take to render a fair judgment where your moral-self also weighs in.

      Here is the deal: Isaias is an adult who presides over a nation with circa five million people. His people are coming to you to represent them in a court of law with the following grievances stacked against him. And mind you, they are absolutely certain that he is solely responsible for each and every one of the following crimes directly and/or indirectly.

      A. Their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are languishing in dungeons sporadically scattered around the country for years and years end with out a day in a court of law.

      B. The Constitution that has been ratified and accorded legitimacy by the people is yet to be implemented.

      C. There is no freedom of press, speech or worship.

      D. The young and greater portion of the society is in an indefinite military service where a great number of them are traversing the arid deserts and high seas in search of a better life where a lot of them are dying either along the way or fell victims of a lucrative business of organ harvest. It is documented by the international agencies that Isaias’ Generals are accomplices in the lucrative business. Moreover, eye witness accounts attest that, many and many more young female Eritreans are victims of sexual predators in Sawa under the cruel mercy of the military officers.

      D. The economy of the country is not only in shambles but in a total collapse where it is dominated by companies under the direct management of the ruling regime.

      Would you take their case and represent them in a court of law? Let’s assume that the court proceedings will take place in a neutral land for in Isaias’ land it is absolutely unthinkable for one to indict him and his regime.

      • Nitricc

        Paplion, something wrong with.
        Of course he will take the case in the court of law. His job is to defend his client. He does not care anything about anything else. From your writings, you seem to watch to much tv, because every time you write, you write good but in concept, it is to shallow.
        Get this, If I am to have a lawyer defending me and I am as guilty I can be, his job is to defend me.

      • Yerhwo

        Very good response papillon! But we are waiting till DIA stands before the ICC for his crimes since 1966.

        • eritreafirst

          ICC really? Who are you to judge?

    • haile

      Selam EEKKM

      You said that “If PIA needed the money” you would be prepared to sell “your house”. Exactly! That is why dictators never stand in the end, their support base is like that of yours, lip service. IA more than needs the money, he told you so, he asked you you so, the world is reporting so, your people are telling you so, the shuttered economy is telling you so! IA needs your money more than ever! He asked the people to put up with darkness for lack of hard currency! This is resulting in a life and death situation for the existence of IA. When you gonna sell your house? For his tezkar 🙂

      The truth is that, if you are indeed someone with that caliber and support the murder of your people by IA (I know first hand), most likely that he is in fact the one paying and facilitating your ways (again I know for a fact the diaspora embezzling racket). Those people standing up may be outgunned and out numbered for now, but hey they pay every dime out of pocket and they are steadfast (did you like Boston:)

      So, please show us by your actions, if you don’t sell your house now, then when?


      • Wediere

        Mr Contract lawyer,

        Why don’t you use the “qolo TTqo” of contract law that you know to ask where is “consideration ” of the Eritrean people and the “acceptance” to have a dictator for life. maybe you will tell you were our representative when you said Amen to him.

        How about the indefinite conscription? Could you switch your contractual mind on when you think about the open slavery we see going on……your a waste of time as the article suggests….