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Chinese Gossip And Tissue Papers

It has been 21 years since Isaias occupied Eritrea, became the Expropriator General, owned everything under the Eritrean sky, and everything that moves or stands on the land—including the cemeteries. It has been 21 years since he began oppressing living Eritreans and denying them a burial space after they die.

For the last few weeks, the hottest news was about the notorious Naizghi Kiflu who died in London on February 6. What followed his death has disturbed every decent Eritrean, maybe including a few indecent ones who want to bestow sainthood on the insane leader of the Eritrean occupying regime. The “Pharaoh of Eritrea” has denied Naizghi’s family the permission to bury him in his village. His cold body is still stored in morgue drawer collecting frost, while the distraught supporters of the regime cannot publicly protest the cruelty of Isaias or condone it. They are torn between their love of Isaias and anxiety of what might happen to any of them. They learned one more lesson (if they ever learn) from what is happening to Naizghi—actually not to him, but to his remains. As usual, there was no mention of Naizghi in any of the government-owned media, the only media in Eritrea. All the news came from rumors and gossip mostly manufactured and spread by the distressed PFDJ crowd.

Chinese Gossip

Years ago, on my way to China, I stayed for a few days in Hong Kong where I couldn’t find any restaurant that satisfied my humble culinary taste, until I found an Italian restaurant that served different kinds of pasta—I ate pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before I discovered that restaurant, I had to eat strange Chinese foods: pigeon that looked as if it was immersed live in a boiling mixture of oil and honey; a soup that seemed like it was made of scraped fat from a shark skin; and a host of other dishes that were made of some crawling creatures. Everything I ate stayed in my stomach for a few minutes until I went to the toilette and threw up. It was at that time in Hong Kong that I first heard of Chinese Gossip.

My Chinese associate invited me to a dinner party and I sat with about twenty people around a huge table. I told him that I never saw such a crowd in one table; and he explained how the Chinese discovered a gossip which later became known as Chinese Gossip. This is how it happens: a person said to the one sitting next to him that “the cook was absent, so the owner of the restaurant had to cook the food.” In turn, the person sitting next to him passed that remark to the next person, and then to the next and so on. By the time it reached the last person, he heard that “the owner killed the cook and we are eating him.”

Wikipedia has a different explanation for Chinese Gossip, look it up—my source was a living breathing Chinese person and I believe him. Similarly, the PFDJ gossip machine spreads its stories, and this is how the Chinese among us sift through the gossip to make sense of what is happening.

Of course the PFDJ gossip is not a result of a huge dinner table, it is rather a sort of reaction by the supporters of the regime, those who are slowly distancing themselves from it. In their own way, they are reacting to the media blackout, to the obsessive control of information in Eritrea. You can consider it a parallel media, a natural reaction by those in the loop or close to it.

The Tissue Papers

Many Eritreans have no love lost for Naizghi who lived a brute just like his leader and most of his colleagues. But now he is dead and what is left is not Naizghi, but his lifeless body, a corpse that deserves respect and proper burial; human decency requires it though the cruelty of Isaias knows no bounds, it is abhorrent. What is more abhorring is watching Isaias’ crowd doing nothing except leaking gossip—those are the colleagues of Naizghi who are intoxicated by the shine of the few crown corks on their shoulders. The balliqa carrying military officers would not dare face the pharaoh and tell him he cannot treat someone’s remains in such a disgusting way. The walking-dead, the senior officials of the PFDJ who are varnished with betrayal, are a group of spineless creatures who sold their dignity and pride in exchange for expropriated villas that belong to someone else. They sold their dignity for the license to loot and enrich themselves with bribes by abusing and corrupting hapless citizens. They couldn’t even stand for the right of their colleague to be buried in his country. Ugh.

Seyoum Ogbamichel, whose ancestral village is a short distance from Naizghi’s, died a few years ago and was buried in the Netherlands. Surely, Isaias wouldn’t have allowed Seyoum’s body to be buried in Eritrea; and most probably Seyoum, being the stubborn patriot that he was, wouldn’t have liked to be buried in Eritrea where his remains would be under the shadow of the PFDJ brute’s rule. Yet, like anyone else, he would have yearned for Eritrea to be his final resting place. And many who had the same wishes were buried in holes all around the world because the PFDJ regime doesn’t differentiate between someone Isaias considers an enemy (and his right as a citizen) and his remains. But unlike Seyoum, Naizghi was a member of the Isaias clique, the brute’s confidante, his right hand man who carried his bids for too long. Why would he deny his body to rest in his country? Of course there are stories that explain that, stories leaked by the PFDJ gossip machine.

People in the loop know that Isaias and Naizghi were close partners and knew each other very well and that they have been blackmailing each other for about a decade. Both are known to use vulgar language in their conversation and only Naizghi could dare call Isaias ‘anta wedi shermuta.’

In 2000, when Isaias hinted there would be a parliamentary election, the top echelon of the PFDJ started to boast of their constituencies and they confidently stated how they would be elected from this or that village. They bragged about their origin from a certain village through their paternal blood (wedi-wedi) not through their maternal blood (wedi-gual). Senior officials started to excavate their blood lines and arouse their primordial relations. They began to take pride in belonging to a bigger constituency that would ensure their election even though whether Isaias’ promised election would be single or larger district election was not clear at the time. (Incidentally, if some of you wonder why the cult worships Isaias, look for the reasons in the wedi gual, wedi-wedi based social rivalry and the wedi lamna, wedi b’erayna based primordial politics.)

As usual, the talks took a twist and turned into probing Isaias’ constituency which was belittled as a small cluster of households in a tiny village around Asmara, where it was said he would face tough competition from a few on the top. Isaias fumed with anger when he became aware of what was being discussed in the bars and streets. That is when Naizghi became determined to interfere in order to reassure his boss and save him the embarrassment. He bragged that he would make sure Isaias was given an honorary citizenship in his (Naizghi’s) village which would then elect him.

Naizghi’s interference had a negative effect: the mercurial Isaias immediately cancelled the elections, angry that Naizghi, just like the others, had reduced him to a man with no roots in Eritrea, limiting his chances of being elected only to a constituency of a tiny village. Worse, in Isaias’ mind, Naizghi was offering him just one village when he believed he owned the whole of Eritrea.  He would not take such humiliation; immediately, he declared the elections cancelled and promised to be the ruler of Eritrea forever. It is that painful experience that made him foolishly declare in an interview a while ago that he would rule for another 40 or 50 years.

Isaias never forgave Naizghi for that gesture which he considered an insult; and after a few years, he banished him to an ambassador position (Haile Sellasie used to appoint unwanted people to remote ambassadorial positions) in the UK where his credentials were not accepted. Isaias had a sigh of relief only when the would-be-ambassador to the UK fell sick. It was then that he began to blame Naizghi for all the aggression committed against Eritreans: the jailing of the G15, of the “Pente”, of the Muslims, the Wi’a debacle and the countless other crimes committed by the PFDJ since 1991 and beyond. But Eritreans know that the entire clique, with the insane Isaias at the top, is responsible.

There are also two reasons for Isaias’ actions caused by his deep resentment: when Elsa Chyrum began to tirelessly pursue a criminal case against Naizghi in the UK courts, Isaias decided to disassociate himself from him. He feared that Naizghi would implicate him if he were to be tried in court; Isaias found it prudent to cut all ties with Naizghi.

There is another bit of insight: Isaias received a tip that the UK would try to collect money, for the unpaid bills for the medical services that Naizghi received, from the Eritrean government. And if Naizghi returns to Eritrea, he would have to be buried in the “Martyr’s Cemetery,” and that would be further proof that he is not a renegade but part of the regime. That would entail bearing the responsibility for the payment of the bills. And if that happens, it would mean admitting guilt for the crimes of which Naizghi was accused. Now, what is the top echelon of the PFDJ thinking?

A message To The Tissue Papers

Dear cheap tissue papers: if you think you are immortal, remember that someday you will die, maybe your remains would be humiliated by Isaias, just like Naizghi’s, if he is going to be around long enough as he promised. When he feels that you are not useful anymore, he will just discard you like a soft tissue paper that he throws away the moment he finishes cleaning his dirty nose with it. You are very, very, dispensable. Useless. Cheap. He will humiliate you and he won’t even blink an eye. Be wise.

Also remember, a dead body should not be humiliated like that of Naizghi. Isaias’ cruelty should not be condoned, for any reason, even by the victims of Naizghi let alone by you, his colleagues, those of you who spent wild drinking-nights with him. Such abhorrent act is condemned by all faiths, all human laws and ethics—it is alien to the Eritrean traditions and culture. Also be mindful that this sad, indecent, and shameful act is being committed in the name of our country and you, who have assumed power over Eritrean muscles, are watching silently like a pregnant widow who just lost her husband.

There. Eritrea has become Isaias’ domain and those of you who are close to him, those of you who walk the streets thinking you are indispensable and all-powerful, didn’t lift a finger. You cannot gloat over your days in Sahel forever: you were rewarded and you took more than what you deserve as a compensation forcefully, by enslaving the very people you promised to liberate. You owe the citizens a salvation, no one owes you anything. In fact you willingly erased your history; and only one thing can absolve you: if you manage to salvage the nation and its citizens from the misery that you silently watched being imposed on Eritrea. Who is next? Is there any doubt that the same Isaias who betrayed Petros Solomon, Haile Dru’e and Sheriffo and many others, is not worthy of any trust? If some of you useless-idiots surrounding him would answer these questions, Isaias and his regime wouldn’t be around for too long. It is your call. [Signed, disgusted.]

But why have Eritreans failed in ridding themselves of the rascal dictator for such a long time? I believe it is lack of clarity…rather, confusion.

Isaias is staying in power because the camp that struggles against him holds one of the two most crippling opposite views: 1) the view that advances reforming the regime and keeping the status quo, and, 2)  the view that advances the total uprooting of the regime to the last root fiber.

These differences manifest in many polarizing and emotional debates. If Eritreans could find a common understanding on a few critical issues, they would have a clearer strategy and their differences would diminish drastically. With that, unseating Isaias and his regime would be so easy. And if that happens, not only the living, but the dead Eritreans will also be respected.

[End-note: Ideally, decisions taken by the ENCDC should be made public not limited to a select few within the 127 members council. I urge the leadership of the council to make sure that the public is informed in a timely manner. PFDJ gossip is bad enough.]

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  • Bereket Desta

    It is a brilliant title with hummor and sad facts. I just read the article today after more than three weeks being posted. It is still fresh to me and I am glad I didn’t miss it.
    My borother you keeping the dream alive. Much appreciation.

  • Thanks Gadi for this enlightening article.

    For lack of time, I shall present an article by my favorite psychologist Dr.Larry Culliford that will shed light on our current situation and also the subject matter in Gadi’s brilliant article.

    Learning from Dictatorships” By DR. Larry Culliford

    “…This all raises broader questions. Why do we have dictatorships? Why do dictators have such loyal followers? What’s the psychology?

    Does the spiritual dimension throw any light on the subject? In simple terms, ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ take sides against each other, with dictators and their henchmen embodying evil. The masses act as their (relatively) innocent pawns. So it goes, but this is not a full and sufficient explanation of the phenomenon.

    Many dictators suffer from extraordinarily high levels of both grandiosity and paranoia. These dynamics usually go together, based on thinking as follows: “I am supreme and special. People are envious of me. I must control or destroy them before they destroy me.”

    One way of tying in the egocentricity and false omnipotence of the dictator, firstly with the obedience of the people, and secondly with the eventual urge to rebel and overthrow him and his despotic (usually military) regime, is to invoke the six stages of spiritual development at the heart of the psycho-spiritual paradigm.

    During the first, ‘egocentric’ stage, the everyday experience of a very young child involves standing at the centre of his or her own universe. There is a magical and omnipotent quality about this. When the child wants something to happen, it happens. When something else happens, something unwanted, the child flies into a rage… and this gets the desired result, when a parent intervenes to deliver what is wanted.

    Dictators frequently behave like this, as if they are stuck in stage one, ready to rant whenever thwarted until they get their way, and then to punish without justice those chosen to take the blame.

    In the second, ‘conditioning’ stage, more rational, external influences take control. The child increasingly recognises his or her dependency on the goodwill and co-operation of others, seeking to follow and please those who are stronger and can ‘make things happen’ for them. People stuck in this stage, anxious about their security, make good henchmen for tyrants. They feel safe and powerful doing the bidding of the one in ultimate control.

    From this perspective, cruel, tyrannical and repressive dictatorships are major examples of spiritual immaturity gone wrong.

    The majority of people forced to submit to brutal and intolerant regimes are those in ‘conformist’ stage three, governed by the drive to belong.

    Those in the ‘individual’ stage four; people who think independently, speaking and acting for themselves; are among those who flee repression or resist it, sometimes at great cost to themselves, their families and associates.

    Some will have grown through the adversity of oppression, already thinking independently, taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions (perhaps as resistance workers) into ‘integration’ stage five. In the aftermath of dictatorship, when order needs restoring, these more enlightened people can form the nucleus of a wiser, more compassionate leadership. Although continuing rivalry and factionalization remain very possible, this would be the ideal, and provide the best way forward for the majority.

    Spiritually enlightened leadership is rare. We do well to recognize it – and emulate it – when we can. As people generally mature in terms of spiritual development, generation by generation, the powers of dictators and dictatorships will naturally wane. This is our hope for the future.”

    • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

      Dear Aklilu,

      Many thanks for the insight. I often wonder if Isaias is an exception to the accepted norm (the six stages mentioned in the article). That is, if Isaias in fact revolves outside the realms where classical thinkers or psychologists such as Freud, Piaget or Erikson to mention but a few who tried to put human development with in structured stages where getting stuck in one of the milestones is taken for an aberration or mental anomalies.

      It seems Isaias is not only a full blown dictator, he is as well a sadist who takes gratification out of people’s misery. That reflects a deep seated darkness in his inner soul as we are terrified when the cleavages of his personality unfold by the day. Machiavelli may have said, “If a crime is committed for the preservation of a country, it is a glorious crime”. However, no matter what Isaias tries to absolve his crimes as he finds a comfort zone in Machiavelli’s adage, his approach of preserving a country way supersedes a national glory where it is rightly reflected in a deep seated pathology. Naizgi’s remains come to mind.

    • Soira

      great article aklilu…thanks for sharing. by the way i miss reading your articles.

    • Kokhob Selam


      • Saleh Gadi

        As always Aklilu, you have this ability to pick relevant material. I envy you my friend.

    • Michael

      Hi Saleh, this is brilliant article. I feel sorry for those dispensable goons. At the end of the day you have proved that the power of the pen is more powerful than the power of a dictator. With such penetrating article there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. You are playing a crucial role on behalf of the powerless. Thank you


  • Medhanie “qedahi”

    ሓሱ፣ በሉኒ ክሕሱ
    እዝገ ´ርኣየኒ ብዕራይ ጠኒሱ
    ማንታ ወሊዱ ግን ሓደ ርእሱ
    ጉራ ድራሩ ጸብሒ ጥፍኣት ቁርሱ
    ሽሮ ዘይብሉስ ብስቴካ መጙስዕ መሊሱ
    ሓቅነት ክትሓቅቕ መን ተገዲሱ ፧
    “እልል” ንበል ኢሳያስ “ነብሪ” ነጊሱ
    “ህዝብና ብኹርዓት ክኽእል´ዩ ነብሱ” !!!!!(እሕሕ፣ ፣ ጸላኢኹም ይሰርነቕ )
    “ስሱዓት” ሓረስቶት ብትራክተር ግራቶም ክሓርሱ
    ከየቅዋረጹ ዝሰርሑ ብልጽግና ክሓፍሱ
    ናይ ስድርኦም ዝሓስቡ “ንህግደፎም” ክንዲ ዝልግሱ
    ማኪና ዘይብሉ ከስተማስል ንሳቶም ክግስግሱ

  • Hi Soiria;
    You mean Amba-Soria 1300..meter(metera) like that……Ajocka.. you feel home….

  • Berhane M. Solomn

    Let us leave Naizghi to rest in peace. To use a body in the morgue for political agenda is not in our culture. The way you are talking about Naizghi makes you no different from the man you are accusing of wrong doing. Given chance it seems you will do the same or even worst to your political opponents.
    Dear Mr. Gadi. I admire your analysis of issues of Eritrea. I wish you could use your talent to bring together the people of Eritrea with out insulting those who happen not to share your political view

    • Hameed

      Dear Berhane,

      All the peoples of the world agreed on human rights and justice for all, and awate.com too believes in those values. Will you please inform us those who don’t share our political view believe in what principles than those values all the peoples of the world agreed upon?

      • Berhane M. Solomn

        Brother Hameed.
        When you say all the peoples of the world, I believe you are talking about the so called international community. In other words you are talking about the few leaders in the helm, who are ready to destroy any nation that does not prescribe to their interest. Human rights and justice is only a tool to achieve their goal If they were true to their words ‘Human rights and justice for all” the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. could live in peace in their own countries. Don’t get me wrong. Human rights and justice are important and if Awate.com is fighting for those principles that is fine. But awate.com should do this with out insulting those who have different opinion from them. All is relative. Those who have different opinion than yours will definitely say they are fighting for human rights and justice the way they see it within the context of Eritrean situation. Remember one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. All what I am saying is what ever we do the final goal should be the unity of our people

        • Hameed

          Brother Berhane,

          I think you believe there is good and evil in our world. Injustices is one of the evil things. Sometimes injustices heads towards killing innocent people. And when the evil person stages to killing he doesn’t repent but continues to kill any person he suspects will conspire against him. What we have in Eritrea is not a difference in views but criminals and victims. I didn’t read in history that people respect criminals, but I heard and read that authorities take criminals to justice. If the regime in Eritrea is not a criminal regime then what you are saying may be acceptable.

          All the world knows that the dictator in Eritrea is cruel even to his colleagues and the last scenario you have that of Naizgi Kiflu. I don’t want to remind about our youth and shoot to kill order of the dictator not for a crime they perform but for just refusing to be enslaved by the regime for their whole life.

          What we observe in Eritrea is crimes, how do you want us to share views with criminals. For the first time I hear about a request for respecting the views of criminals. The only thing I know about this issue is that criminals should get a just prosecution.

          • Berhane M. Solomn

            Dear Hameed

            You have passed your judgment and it sounds final. It is your right and I have no problem with it.
            I believe for the sake of Eritrean people, one has to dialogue even with criminals, if the intension is to bring tranquility to Eritreans. Hatred clouds judgment. Those who have different opinion from you are the majority and if you think they are all criminals you are having a big mountain to climb. In Eritrea there are good thigs happening and some things are not as perfect as you wish. To define what is happening in Eritrea as “Criminal” only is far from truth. We need to retreat and chart a way to have a civil discussion about our country instead of calling names like criminals.
            It was nice chatting with you. I clearly read you and I respect your stand though I don’t agree with you. Izi Wed’Hanka

  • Weap in tears out as always like poor kids.Nayzgi is a man of man and dead like all man kind.He don’t flee but went into good histroy in every Eritreans heart.He gone but we are here.And What have you done or doiing now to Eritrea history?You here in Awate did like Teclaia Aden ,Sarah Mokonon, Redaie and a few others.They gone forever!!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      We miss your wisdom sir,
      so why don’t you show us what we should do? is there 3rd choice?
      01. be “the man of man” I don’t know what you mean but that is Naizgi. live cheap and die cheap till people beg to your boss to find a piece of land to rest. that “Man of Man”- can we say also women of women,boy of boy, girl of girl, or husband of husband, wife of wife? etc. what ever you call it at last supporter of supporter and ends as Supporter of PFDJ.
      2. a man or a women in general a human of real Eritrea who stand of truth and who feel all the sufferings including the suffering of the dead body of the “man of man” who died in London or Era-ero or the innocent who died in Mediterranean sea,sinai deserts or Adi abayto or any where.
      Awate is categorized (I believe) to the 2nd. I don’t know if there is any 3rd choice we should and shall be.

      Any alive creature will die sooner or later. we don’t know for sure what will happen after death. some think he will go for ever as you have said.some think that he will come back in different body to pay his debts and learn (karmic journey). we in Eritrea believe that human lives in the world once and dies for ever but his soul will go to heaven or hell. In any case what is important is today. Naizgi had gone. the carton and tool (the body) in our culture is suppose to be respected and returned to its land. “The man of man” don’t talk now and don’t know what PIA has done. and this is ok if he don’t see and hear we can’t blame him. it is our duty to speak in his place. but as for me the man was not alive politically speaking to be under PFDJ. He was a tool only. I am not going to Weap in tears today for him but I was when he was a tool. I am crying for you too for being PFDJ today after such (Nazgi) experience.

  • zegeremo

    Immaculate article as always!!!!

    And no doubt the rest will follow as same fate awaiting them; all they have to do is look in the mirror.

  • ብርሃነ

    ናይ ብሓቂ መንዲል ሰብ ባሊቃ ነብሶም ዘይድሓኑ ሃገር ከድሕኑ ዝይሕሰብ እዩ ሓው ዮኑስ ኣምላኽ ምሕረቱ የውርደላ ኤርትራ ሃገርና።

  • Merhawi


    I am pleased of your wise articulation of our current situation. “….a corpse that deserves respect and proper burial;….”….you are always respectful to the normality of the human nature keep it up big bro…

    ATUM hamamat cabine do wela ..DJ (not PFDJ)…bejakatkum temeharu nebsikum ketedhnu ember beyenay me’antakum hager ketedhnu atum hamamat. Ember iseyas dea ab siltan kof keblekum kelo eko kemZifenfenekum kitfeltu alekum. mish ms motkum, kelekum muwutat eikum. Resahat idiots…

    akaydakum tetsebeqkum zihashe eiu. plse try to learn from naizghi. As Gadi has put it in his refined article as above, even us in the opposition don’t want such cowardice act of Iseias agianst the lifeless body; although Naizghi was always number one when it comes to brutality… ..

    thank you Saleh Gadi korEda…

  • David

    Hi Saleh, great read. Please never stop.

  • B. Isak

    Mr. Saleh
    I bet you, you wrote only what you have heard and might be there plenty of untold stories in the closet between two of them, and no dares to drop a line . There are few people left in eritrea who knew what type of person is Isaias. And We are not going to know what he did in past. And do you feel bad for a devil when you see him dead on the street? I should not badmouth him because he is dead! I do not know what to say. When evil kills the devil what do u say?

    • Saleh Gadi

      It is not the dead devil that I am angry about, let him rot in hell. I am just trying to show to what extent the brute has violated our cultural values and traditions and how he spitting on Eritreans every day. But you are right, the untold secretes are much more.

      • B. Isak

        Dear saleh
        you know better than me and I am going to inform you what he did to Tesfankiel ( wedi Jorjo, and Tecke Aden) when they started airing secrets or what has happened, he will kill them and the rest of his junta have had learned not to open their mouth otherwise they will be buried on a ditch without fanfare. It is not about the evil Nazgi deeds but to the rest of his close mafia, take notice if one of you staring down at me you will end up with the same fate as him . I dare you if you guys have a gut like me.

  • IdriS

    اخ قاضي الحي افضل من الميت اللهم لاشماتة ! ان!

    Farmers of Golij say that their cattle are in good condition
    Golij, 28 February, 2012- Farmers in Golij said that with the intervention of the Agriculture Ministry in vaccination and other health services their cattle are in good condition. They indicated that their cattle get vaccination twice a year and that they are free from any diseases.

    • awatestaff

      Yes, shabait.com is full of news of fish, news of cattle, news of fruits, news of seedlings…. but no news yet in the Ministry of Truth on Naizghi Kiflu. It is Orwellian. In his classic “Nineteen Eighty Four”, Orwell coined the term unperson, and higdef has come up with undead.

  • Saleh Gadi, as always very articulate and informative. Your message will be conveyed to my brothers and sisters in the ” Frontier “..who face HGDF security apparatus on daily on daily bases. Keep up the good work .

  • Hameed

    Eritrean at this time either those who support the regime or oppose it are astonished by the conduct of the head of the regime. All Eritreans thoughts are in a different world from that of the fool world. Eritreans are thinking about the burial of the corps and the fool is thinking about the bill of the hospital. The fool doesn’t want to pay the bill, therefore the solution is the supporters of the regime have to tell the fool that they will pay the bill. This also will not persuade him because it has no benefit for him, so the way out is to tell him that every supporter of the regime will pay two thousand dollars and those who can’t pay cash can pay in installment. They should also tell that he could send any intimate servant to him either Kisha or others to collect the many from all the supporters of the regime around the world. This will send the fool into joy because it has a lot of benefit. It is millions a golden opportunity, it will pay the bill and a lot of money the fool will shove it in his pocket. I think this is the only way out infront of the supporters of the regime. It is a wonderful nation where a fool becomes a head of state and mafia.

  • Soira


    You are missing the elephant in the room; isaias is staying in power because of age old awraja, highland/lowland Rivalry, and unless this taboo subject is addressed the problem will continue even after the demise of the devil in Eritrea. The devil in Eritrea is a master in “creative chaos”, in the early 70s he has used the nonexistent problem of Christian, Muslim to create EPLF and eliminate ELF. After the creation of EPLF he has used the awraja divide that existed within Eritrean society for his own glory and it worked to a T. After the liberation of Eritrea he has used the same method of awraja, religion to further divide and dismantle the unity of Eritreans both inside Eritrea and outside Eritrea: we must address this taboo question for the sake of Eritrea and unity of Eritreans. Habae quslu, habae fewsu, pls look at the opposition political parties outside Eritrea, pls look at the supporters/opposition of the PFDJ (they are divided along religion, region, and sebey sebka party). Isaias afwerki is urinating on our people because of our division, otherwise he would’ve been history long time ago. Eritrean politics makes me sick, how can we remove the devil if we are divided to the bone

    • Saleh Gadi

      Soira, please try to fight the temptation, don’t “feel sick” about Eritrean politics, it is just like any politics elsewhere…and that is why currently, Eritrean politics is about struggling agaist anything that makes you sick–to rectify it and not to be sway you from doing what an Eritrean is supposed to do. I can tell you are emotionally engaged, what is needed is to keep your spirit high and reject despair. As for your views about the peoblems that we have, I hold similar views. But debating that is always discouraged and misrepresented by the “Hagerawi Hadnet” folks who consider Eritrea an egg shell, so weak that an academic debate will break it apart. Eritreans will prevail over the political lepers.

      • Soira

        well said gadi, we will prevail sooner or later. thank you

  • haile

    I found the last two paragraphs a healthy starting point for the discussions that should follow here. I was hoping to read more along the lines of …”If Eritreans could find a common understanding on a few critical issues,…” well the dice has been cast, who wants to go first????

    • Saleh Gadi

      You are right Haile, “more along the lines of…” is actually ready. I just decided to stop after the last few lines that sounded like a teaser. I actually stopped because the article became too long. I didn’t plan it to be a teaser. My next installment will address the critical issues (phase of struggle against PFDJ). But honestly, I am afraid it is not meant for the faint-hearted:-) I wish all debators were as astute, as intelligent, and as mature as the awate.com family of readers and contributors–just reading the comments of awate.com makes me so happy I feel as if I am floating above the ground. Can you tell I am not humble here:-) Stay tuned my friend.

      • haile

        Dear Saleh

        I am glad that we like and have come to cherish each other’s companion. As we have now found some where to call home here at awate.com, lets just say the traditional mireqa as in B’et y’barkh! Waiting to read the next instalment in an eager anticipation.


  • Hameed

    Naizgi attempted to please his boss, but unfortunately everything has gone wrong. Naizgi if he got a chance to life will destroy the village that made his master angry.

    Have you ever heard of a person fights with corps? This may be can only do it a lunatic person.

  • Kokhob Selam

    gud rekhiba tissue paper,

    ay bselam nebira,
    ay abmota kebiara,
    zelila zelila nab mereta,
    kab ‘ta mota ‘ta mugtata.

  • ደላይ ፍትሒ

    Thank you mr. Saleh for your very much interested article ever. As you said Eritrea has become the Issaia’s domain, everyone of his blind followers their destiny would be the same as naizghi. Issaias hailed from a Tenbien, Tigray region in Ethiopia is the grandson of Atse Yohannes. It is true when we say in tigrigna “xxx xxx xxxx” Issaias the agent of CIA and Ethiopia had killed the innocent Eritreans in the field and still killing till now. Days are nearer by now to Issaias to be buried his dead body and his criminal acts once and for all in unknown place.

    Peace to the Eritrean people!
    God Bless Eritrea!

  • Saleh,

    Very interesting reflection from our nation that becomes a nation of Issaias. In Issaias’s nation every one is disposable even his confidants. The Chinese gossip is an Eritrean gossip this days and you get.

  • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Dear Saleh,

    An interesting read. As usual that is. I am still laughing about the Chinese gossip joke. As I see it, either Isaias is the luckiest leader in the world or the Eritrean people are the unluckiest people in the world. One can not possibly be done riding on the living and goes on an orgy of try-ons riding on the dead as well. The macabre reality happens only as you have aptly put it in Isaias-occupied Eritrea.

    • Saleh Gadi

      I am glad I made you laugh. Thank you. And thank you for gracing awate.com with your presence and your intelligent comments.

      • b’Alti W’qatto Arwe (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

        Dear Saleh Johar,

        If I could get the lyrics or sound track of the sitcom “Cheers” (Sal help me out) right, it goes, “Everybody wants to go where everybody knows your name…….”. Sure enough, Awate.com is a home to me where I truly believe that, it is a microcosm of what we call Eritrea where all the ethnic strips and confessions are not only represented but chip in where top notch intellectually stimulated ideas grace us as we learn more about each other so that we focus on our commonalities and similarities as opposed to our perceived differences. And of course, I thank you for trying your very best to make that happen. God bless hawey.