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EGS On The Verge: Seeking Civic Identity & Stature

It was not a surprise that at one point the Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) will not survive with its undemocratic organizational structure and dual membership of its base. Leaving the tittle-tattle going inside its political house, EGS leadership resisted for almost four years to transform their quasi-civic organization to a true nature of civic identity…

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Hard Talk Real Fear: ‘Tyranny of Majority’ (Part-III)

It has been almost two decades since I observed the distinguishing characteristics of our diverse socio-cultural groups, and the seemingly incurable fears of “tyranny of the majority” by our minority social-groups. Throughout those years, I was utterly disappointed by the constant effort of evading the discussion of the issue—the  incessant reduction of all reflections of…

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CDRiE’s Squelching Retreat From Engagement

If there is poster organization for the “boycotting behavior” that plagues the opposition camp, it is the ELF-RC, lately known the EPDP. If there are imposing “group of elites” walking on the path of EPDP, but also have the audacity to attack every group of identity, it is a small outfit called CDRiE.  I guess…

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Hard Talk: The Turbulence Of Eritrean Unity (Part-I)

It is a cast loaded with all the discordant seeds, and it is a textbook example of what I always get in my mail box. Anti-Muslim rhetoric is vying for influence within some section of our society, employing all kind of rhetorical tools to elicit nods to the susceptible part of our society. Recently, I…

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Requiem for the Victim

“The totality of beliefs and sentiments common to the average members of a society forms a determinate system with a life of its own and is   termed as the collective or common consciousness.”(Emil Durkheim) All I hear is death, rape, drowning, imprisonment, all bad news day in day out, and are certainly all mind and…

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Eritrean History: A Transaction Of Bad Politics (Part-III)

“Never trust a government that does not trust its people.” The noble peace prize winner and Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov used to say that. What a befitting reminder it is at this crucial time, to warn our people to never trust an organization that walkout or boycott a popular movement for unity and democratic change.…

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Eritrean History: A Transaction Of Bad Politics (Part-II)

“Take the thread and follow it,” the wisdom of our adage reminds us; and here I will try to give a thread of our recent history and hopefully others will follow; just to stop any “espionage against the truth,” and bring to light the argument of those who are still searching for “glory loopholes” by…

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Eritrean History: A Transaction Of Bad Politics (Part-I)

In my debut of “Tebeges” on Sept 14, 2010 as a columnist at, I have promised my readers that I would tackle four different issues that are relevant to the transaction of our current socio-political query. One of them was “responding to any distorted historical accounts.” As planned, this topic will be presented in…

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