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Eritreans In Sweden Demonstrate Against Tyranny

02 Aug 2015 Gedab News Comments (359)

Eritreans in many parts of the world are demonstrating against the government sponsored festivals. Every summer, the Eritrean embassies hold festivals…

Yemane Gebreab's Transcribed And Translated Interview

31 Jul 2015 Awate Team Comments (163)

The following is the text of the interview that Hassen Zeytuni of RT television conducted with Yemena Gebreab in the London…

Eritrea: The 2000 Border War Is Not Over…

30 Jul 2015 Gedab News Comments (30)

In an interview with Russia Today (RT) in London, Yemane Gebreab, the political adviser to…

Ustaz Saleh Hamde: A Patriot Passes Away

27 Jul 2015 awatestaff Comments (14)

"Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return." That's a total submission to the will of…




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