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Kebire, The Father Of Eritrean Martyrs

In the forties, when Kebire was assassinated, Eritreans were divided into two major political blocs: one advocating unity with Ethiopia and another opting for independence. Each bloc believed to own the truth and fiercely struggled to destroy the other bloc. In the process, Eritreans lost Eritrea, which slipped between their fingers. It took Eritreans tens…

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Europe’s Cynical Designs On Eritrea: Political Agenda

02 May 2016 Yohannes Zerai Comments (60)

An article that this writer posted at Awate in March had pondered the question of what may have been the…

Nsu nHna, nHna nsu: We Are One And…

28 Apr 2016 Fanti Ghana Comments (121)

Several studies conducted on dictatorships of the last century indicate that there is a method to how dictators stay in…

Eritrean Days And Dates

26 Apr 2016 Mahmud Saleh Comments (98)

Someone who goes by the name warrior has put it in a rather vivid way: "Even Jesus' birthday is a…

Our National Hypnosis: April 27 vs May 24

24 Apr 2016 Daniel G. Mikael Comments (65)

Let’s start with a pop quiz. An easy one, I promise.  So easy, most Eritreans –children to adults– know the…




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