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A Response To Tesfabirhan Regarding Radio Blina

I would first like to appreciate Tesfabirhan Weldegabir, the writer of the article entitled “De-politicizing a program is politics: A case of Radio Blina”. The article was posted on May 4th, 2016 on I would like to commend the writer for his efforts to strengthen the opposition cause and for recognizing the current neglect and hurt inflicted on the Blin (just like other communities) by the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) regime. Yet, the article is filled with mistakes and some fallacious arguments which I believe need correction. I attempt to do that in this article.

As a program, Radio Blina was launched in the morning of November 1, 2014 by three dedicated Blin speakers residing in USA. Wasa! Wasa! Wasa! (meaning listen! Listen! Listen!) was the first word(s) used to announce the birth of this radio, a cultural annunciation that the Blin use to express their happiness and appreciation after eating Kala (porridge) and receiving blessings from the elderly during initiation rites. The use of a traditional expression was not without a purpose. It was meant to capture the mission of the radio program. Those words were not slogans in a political manifesto, but a clear indication that this radio will focus on revitalizing Blin culture and language. The birth annunciation was followed by clearly stated vision, mission, goals and objectives and its target population.

The clarity of mission and objectives from the outset has helped the radio program to win the support of tens of thousands of Blin speakers at home and in the Diaspora. Of course, the writer has miscalculated the number of followers of the program in his research. He completely ignored the fact that the program is also watched by families too whom the youtube website counts as one. The statistical data the writer presented also tell his ignorance of research methods.  Your ignorance is not bliss for the people you are talking about and claim to be a member of.

Even worse, the core message of the article itself that a radio program rooted in the Diaspora has to be explicitly politicized given the current Eritrean reality is completely fallacious. The presence of a Bilin Radio program does not, in any way, preclude the birth of new viable opposition fora, or opposition organization for that matter. On the contrary, such radio programs cultivate community spirit which is a foundation for a cohesive, participatory and just society. It is that foundation that the PFDJ regime has succeeded to destroy. The regime knew that community spirit is a threat to its agenda and its very existence. If people start thinking of the wellbeing of others, they will definitely fight for change. That is what exactly Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) fighters did. PFDJ officials, as former EPLF members, know that community spirit, can make people forget their own wellbeing and fight for the oppressed at any cost. The writer argues: “It is hard to imagine separate zones for culture and politics”. I wonder why it is hard for him to see this thread of connection.

I believe, the PFDJ regime has in many ways succeeded in shaping people’s ideas about what is just and justice, acceptable and unacceptable, nationalistic and unnationalistic…etc. Hence, it is not surprising to see people, like the aforementioned writer, fail to appraise things in a comprehensive way and avoid presenting the kind of arguments PFDJ officials make to justify their oppression of Eritrean society. The PFDJ clique has for decades believed that nation building and national security cannot be achieved without injustice. That means, citizens have to suffer in dungeons denied of justice, that the regime has to rule the country without a constitution, and that citizens have to resort to unjust means and unjustifiable measures to get their rights. This twisted understanding of society and politics has even invaded the very ‘enlightened’ of our society. I find the consequences of that invasion in the writer’s words: A program contrary to reality is valueless and non-representative.  Translated in plain English, a radio program of any kind should always be politicized. That is what the writer means. Sport programs, comedy and any other radio program founded by Eritrean community abroad should be politically motivated. I don’t get the logic in this. It is a complete fallacy. Besides, the writer seems to have forgotten the concept of right. I believe any community in the Diaspora has the right to form a civil society or forum of its choice. Why should a community be criticized for exercising its right while living in a democratic society? Is that because we were only bound to duty at home?  Yes, military generals like Sibhat Ephrem and PFDJ officials have instilled in many of our psedo-intellectuals the idea that asking your right is unnationalistic. PFDJ officials have been repeating, as parrots, the famous saying of Lord Acton: “Ask what you can do for your country not what your country can do for you”. By repeating this saying and creating their own context, they have partly succeeded in creating a misguided group of citizens.

As an innocent citizen, I often tried to make sense of PFDJ ideology and decisions made and conclusions reached by PFDJ officials. And the hardest thing for me was understanding the criteria used to grade people’s nationalism. Needless to say, one of the silly criteria is related to ethnic connectedness and disconnectedness. For example, if a person from the minority ethnic groups has a friend from his ethnic group at a work place and spends much time with him/her, he/she is not a nationalist. The more disconnected one is from members of their own ethnic group, the more nationalist they are, and the more connected, the less their ‘score’ of nationalism. On the contrary, this criteria does not apply to Tigrigna speakers spending time together; they get the passing mark for free. The current writer seems to have sought asylum somewhere in the West with a box of ill-logics unconsciously learned from PFDJ officials. He needs to learn and see meaningful and logical connections between things.

I am not unmindful of the constructive role of media in national discourse, however. Media is a fourth organ of government, or a separate fourth organ if a government like ours hijacks it at home. Yet, a radio program which exclusively broadcasts the political views and opinions of a single ethnic group does more harm than good to the national cause or opposition cause. I say this in view of the current ‘balkanized’ Eritrean Diaspora. The Diaspora opposition groups have lost their compass. They continue to mix up religion and politics, ethnicity and politics, regionalism and politics, cultural and politics and achieving almost nothing for the national good. In such a situation, the form of contribution has to change, and that is what exactly Radio Blina is doing; using the media for laying down the foundation for community spirit. Bravo Radio Blina!

Let me be clear about this issue. I do not intend to sanction silence or neutrality in this article because silence is no more golden. As Marting Luthar King said in relation to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”. To give life to anti-PFDJ movement, everybody has to participate. I support active involvement for changing the current sad situation in the country. This is not only my belief and understanding. Most Blin believe in that and are doing their best. They actively participate and even lead opposition groups and fora. The presence of a radio program, Radio Blina, has not discouraged Blin speakers from playing their role and should not be taken as an obstacle in the struggle. Not explicitly politicizing a radio program is not politics in itself.

The writer of the article travelled back and forth in time to make his point; to justify that the Blin were/are not active players in politics and issues that matter. He even cites internal problems as among the causes for the ineffectiveness of the Blin to challenge occupation and injustice. Although the role of history is undeniable, it is my conviction that history does a great harm to intra-communal and national discourse if not handled with caution and with a long-term goal of building the future. If we keep on looking back to justify our current weaknesses, as a community and as a nation, we will travel nowhere. That is one of the weaknesses of the regime we are trying to fight against. It has taken pride in history and refused to move forward. In so doing, it has blocked the road for others. The writer seems to be in the company of the PFDJ clique in his misuse of history.

The Blin have travelled past history. Whether you call their language ‘endangered’ and the community divided, it is stronger than it was before a hundred, thirty or twenty years.  The community is now marching to their bright future. And it continues to build its culture without ignoring and endangering national unity, as some communities do. I wish other communities could follow the lead of the Blin.

The core problem with groups formed in the Diaspora today is lack of unity. For those of us who live in the Diaspora, especially those who actively use the media to fight against the authoritarian regime in Eritrea, it is imperative that we think of creating a united front that can help us look forward. We need to think of including and uniting the nine ethnic groups and different religious groups, and build a common understanding among the Diaspora, not narrate the individual histories and irrelevant historical realities of communities that make up Eritrea today. Disparate voices will not give us direction. The ideas the writer presented in the article about Radio Blina and opposition strategy are a recipe for more confusion in the anti-PFDJ struggle. It is better to refrain from explicit engagement if views and opinions do not contribute to a united voice for the oppressed.

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  • tes

    Dear Blina Mejob,

    Rest assured that no matter how you handled/or can handle me. I am always safe as far as you don’t hurt me physically. Here we are exchanging our views/opinions. Take note however your emotions and arrogance are displayed in your article, in fact you spoiled most part of your god take.

    I will say again, I am calling Radio Blina in politics, it is already there.

    I will come back on the “Wassa, Wassa, Wassa thing later as I have a critical analysis on this particular call if you are going to positively engage.

    But rest assured, I am a strong supporter of Radio Blina. My article is just to make it more stronger. If my article did any damage, then what I can is that Radio Blina had a weakness and they didn’t analyse it carefully. Hope they have applied SWOT Analysis at the beginning. If they didn’t, better than to be late.


  • Mehari the ferrari

    ክቡራት ህዝብና ፣

    እተን ንኣሽቱ ብሄራት ናይቲ ገዛኢ ሓይልን (ህግደፍን)ናይቲ ዓብላሊ ብሄርን (ብሄር ህዝበ ትግርኛ)ተጠቃዒ/victim ኮይኑ ስለ ዝርከብ, እንኮ መዋጽኢቱ ሰብ በብብሄሩ ዞባ ፈጢሩ ናይ ብሄሩ ዕድል ባዕሉ ክውስን ምስ ዝፍቀደሉ ጥራይ እዩ ፣እንተዘይኮነ ዋላ ሃገራዊ ዲሞክራሲ እውን እንተመጸ ናይ በዚሓ ድምጺ/majority rule ዝብል መብጽዓ ከማዕብል እንከሎ ነቲ መሰል ንኡሳት ኣካል/minority rights ዝብል ግን ብዝገደደ ጨቍንዎ ይርከብ ማለት እዩ።
    ንኽልላዊ ምሕደራ ኤርትራ ንቕድሚት !!!
    ውድቀት ንገበትትን ጨቆንትን ሓደስቲ ገዛእትን !!!

  • tes

    Dear Yohannes,

    In addition, there is a big difference between Apolitical and De-Politicizing. If time permits I will come with another article o extend the Case of Radio Blina into an Academic Debate. So far what I have confirmed is that Radio Blina is working under the guidance of Samuel Huntington’s thesis.


  • tes

    Dear Yohannes,

    If you come across Blina Mejob’s main arguments, the basic foundation of the Radio is politically motivated. Here is what he wrote,

    I would like to commend the writer for his efforts to strengthen the opposition cause and for recognizing the current neglect and hurt inflicted on the Blin (just like other communities) by the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) regime.

    This is a strong back of my core concern for a call. I believe that Bilen culture and Blin language has faced a critical challenge of survival since the outset of independence day. Recognizing this is the first step and I commended those who started this Radio Program.

    Well, I do understand that the main motive to start the program is social politics and struggle to justify the rights of societies. The writer has put it eloquently by saying:

    “On the contrary, such radio programs cultivate community spirit which is a foundation for a cohesive, participatory and just society. It is that foundation that the PFDJ regime has succeeded to destroy. The regime knew that community spirit is a threat to its agenda and its very existence. “

    Dear Yohannes, do you believe then Radio Blina is apolotical?

    My concern is not on the mission knowing what it stands for. What I am questioning is on the program. As the title of my article indicates “De-politicizing a Program is Politics: A Case of Radio Blina”, it is the program that they broadcast de-politicized. For this we have tangible evidences to proof it. Just because of de-politicizing the program, they have introduced “Censorship” which rejects any contribution or songs that contain Eritrean grievances. In fact the Censorship looks much stronger than that of PFDJ News outlets.

    Dear Yohannes, it is a commendable move to revitalize a language and culture facing extinction. The problem is when you introduce censorship that does not motivate creativity.

    You wrote, “Social and political revolution a are born out of open criticism of existing practices, perceptions and identifying one’s own weaknesses.” Don’t you then any theme raised in line to Radio Blina is in agreement to your statement? Blina Mejob is too emotional and his motive is to silence constructive criticism. He manifested his arrogant attitude clearly that it suppressed his core argument. I hope Blina Mejob’s article does not reflect Radio Blina’s stance.

    At last, no one is scared about Radio Mejob less his arrogance.


  • Blina Mejob

    Dear Abdulrazig
    My understanging about depoliticizing a politics/program is like depoliticizing with politics not out of picture. Radio Blina has no appetite for such kind of theme.
    Be it from youtube or any other source if your figures under estimates the real picture your data is valuess. Don’t sympatize.

    • tes

      Dear Blina Mejob,

      You are making it worse. No one is here sympathizing but expressing his/her opinions. I think you are purposefully misconstruing the topic at hand. Be innocent as you are claiming to be.

      For the data, still you are wrong. Acknowledge your mistake and be guided with scientific rules.


  • tes

    Dear Abdulrazig,

    It is good that we agreed on my basic argumentative essence. But I still disagree on the supposed safe line of depoliticized program. I am fully aware why they took that decision and I could have agreed with them despite the complication that is tingled within its shelf. Today (even the writer of this article) agreed that the basic essence of our being is affected by PFDJ and hence no literature or artistic works will be free of expressing the grievances we have. It is then the problem will emerge as strict censorship will automatically reject any product that contains “a supposed political message”. Laussane conference has proved that. Because of the “depoliticized program” those who attended the conference had to strictly control their inner feelings.

    My believe is that Radio Blina is conquered by FEAR of the known political and social antagonisms. But my advice is:

    1. Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out. (Karl Augustus Menninger)
    2. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold. (Helen Keller)

    My dream is to see Radio Blina to be Neutral* in politics and other issues while working in revitalizing the language and culture of Blen people.


    *To be neutral in politics and to be free from politics are two different things.

  • A.Osman

    Dear Tes,

    Don’t you think it will rejected even though it defends their position. As Solomon pointed out below the criticism of PFDJ makes the article toxic if the No Politics is really set up to avoid attention of the regime or not to upset its supporters.

    The core of your argument is solid, they can pick on your knowledge about the Radio or its actual policy, but it is difficult to wiggle out of the point that a completely depoliticed programme will be following what the regime sanctions.


  • AMAN

    Shalom ! Shalom !
    Dear Awates
    There is a breaking news for you
    e-mailed to me by a friend.
    About 1200 Adis Ababan Ethiopians now living in Europe and US are invited
    to Asmara for independence day celebrations and started arriving yesterday.
    They were anti woyane democratic forces and allies of the Eritrean peoples
    struggle against woyane.
    Prof. Al Mariam,
    Artist Tamagn Beyene are already in Asmara to celebrate 25th victory day.
    and might visit Massawa and other cities for a month.

  • tes

    Dear Hope,

    I think you are manifesting two opposite sides of your take on my article. Can you check your original post in regard to my article analysis that you put as follows:

    “…tes’s “not well researched and not well analysed but short-sighted and emotional ” Article.”

    Be consistent and stay out of self-contradicting comments.


  • Mehari the ferrari

    Dearest Awatistas ,

    This message is specially to my neighbours ,the kind metaHit people… I know the so called qalsi/struggle has now settled between the 2 tigrinyas ,the special breed Tigrinyas political Bipolars and the Ethiopian Tegarus ….And the socalled main stream BaHre negash Tigrinyas (including me)..some due to tigrinya chauvinism and some of us due to lack of broader thinking seldom think Eritrea that includes the minority and forgotten and exploited bihers. When Metahit people established a low landers society of Eritrea so many tigrinyas took it to be separation of our fake country ,Eritrea. It is not only the right of the non-Tigrinya Eritreans to create their own Kilil style organization ,but the only way to stand to the cruel and land grabber Tigrinya colonization. …Off course this does not imply that all Tigrinyas are colonizers or opressors ,as all Germans were not nazis ,rather a great number were silent sympathisers of Nazism.
    Papa Isaias by all his actions is aiming towards the greater abyssinia and the Tigrinyas who were almost for united Tigray Tigrnyi before 1998 “border war” have no problem to switch alliance again ,thus the usual collective double faced character seen since the 1940s would show it{s true face again . While I do not care if we end up as one Eritrea ,tigray tigrinyi ,confederation with Sudan ,federation with Ethiopia or as a separate “7 Dimbezan democratic republic” with a logo of Potato ,I find it predictable that the Tigrinya Vs other bihers wishes to be as contrary as always.
    While I will not try to be more Catholic than the pope or more Abyssinian than Papa Isaias ,I feel that my neighbours the metahit maybe losing 3-0 in the” National”/kilil game once more.

    with pure conscience
    Bahre Negash

  • KING-LION M21 M21 Roi-Lion

    Bonjour tout le monde
    Buon Jiorno
    Comestay ?
    Hello everybody How are you doing ?
    Did you sleep well ?
    HUGS ? or French Kiss ?

  • iSem

    Hi All:

    On the eve of the 25 year slavery that PFDJ and its hooligan supporters are running like headless chickens to celebrate, the following gripping eye witness by a young Eritrean is an enduring shame. But the thugs among us will not admit, will deny and accuse this Eritrean of crimes because these thugs have made their minds, not for lack of evidence but for lack of humanity.

    • Nitricc

      Semere i know you are Mourning and full of grief due to the 25th Eritrean independence day but; let’s make it complete and go to complete depression, on this happy day of Eritrea. here is the story of the real man while you were lying your teeth off to your immigration officer to get to toothless Canada. learn the meaning of life and its purpose. what was your purpose in life? Oh, never mined, to get to Canada and live of charity. never mined, Semere.
      I am brining this to educate you who the real slave is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • iSem

        Helen actually talked about you; she said the tortures are young people fooled by cigarettes and food. I believe you go to Eritrea and torture people otherwise why would not you believe the Eritreans who are telling you. You see, the reason I am for weeding out the people like you is not just for the sake of it but to cleanse Eritrea from stupidity and one cell brain, one cell brains are the breeding grounds for dictators.
        So celebrate you captivate both the mental and physical
        Ask Mahmuday to translate for your “mai gibae”
        hint, hint, you will know why I am abortion clinics in Eritrea when MS tells you the translation

  • josef

    Radio Blin forever
    Don’t stop at cultural and language preservation but scholarship for things like
    Let’s participate in new century with knowledge and best skills and study available. Sometime people get stuck in methodologies or approach from different area.. As much as radio is useful Radio has scent of last century. I would be willing to donate for scholarship geared toward providing the next generation the best the world has to offer.

    People have been talking about struggle against PDJF since early 2000s what has come out? Is there any metric used to gauge what works and what doesn’t work? I genuine believe the elders or Gedli generation needs to step aside… the elder fallacy is a danger to any real change.. investment need to be made in younger folks in education and political consciousness and leadership…senior citizens don’t run marathons.
    PFDJ and its mindset is a disease of last century.. and opposition also has a similar mindset… change won’t come either folks. In matter of fact they both need each other- this dance of relevance won’t end until both camps die..
    The problem diaspora not uniting is not significantly due to PDJF operatives.. also the opposition involved in battles from ages and ages ago…
    If the opposition comes out with a “Change of Leadership for Future” manifesto…and officially state that their role will be advisory and future young leaders will be given scholarship to go harvard and oxford…with opposition fundraising.. The future which is young will more interested and active.

    Folks we don’t have Silent majority we have a Silenced Majority due Gedli generation on PDJF and oppositions..
    When I look at the those semi literate senior citizens in leadership role on opposition and PDJF… it is like looking back 40 years… not 40years into future.. Change happens when people could sense a better future…

    • Solomon Haile

      Dear josef,

      You shall be given scholarships by the elderly since you are/come from the elderly and so you shall be for the elderly.

      Wasa Wasa Wasa… On Radio Belina


  • tes

    Dear Blina Mejob,

    My appreciation to you is all I can give it to a best of man that I know on this earth. Really I mean it. I wanted to end my lines here though I thought again to clarify some points.

    In general, I can’t agree more on your response as you responded according to my call. Here is a perfect line that fulfilled my call:

    “On the contrary, such radio programs cultivate community spirit which is a foundation for a cohesive, participatory and just society. It is that foundation that the PFDJ regime has succeeded to destroy. The regime knew that community spirit is a threat to its agenda and its very existence. ”

    What more then is my call except to clarify Radio Blina’s stance regarding to the catastrophe facing to Bilen identity. I thank you Blina Mejob.

    Minor corrections better clarifications

    1. On the data source

    While doing research on information, one should depend on valid data. For this, I took the number of Radio Blina listeners based on information available at youtube. If it is wrong, blame it to youtube not me. But your concern is on “underestimation of listeners”. Well I agree with you but what to do. I don’t have valid data that I can collect on the number of listeners. For example, here in France, I know Bilen family, a total of 7. The family are active listeners of the program. But all of them listen it at the same time. Unfortunately youtube counts them as one visitor.

    To make adjustements, I could have done further statistical analysis(Don’t worry about my knowledge on this area, I have advanced a known-how of advanced statistical analytical tools). If I was not lazy enough to depend on youtube, at least I could have taken further detailed survey, for example, number of families who listen the program at a given time. From this I could take an average number which could be a multiplying factor of the number of youtube registered values. Then I could also used more advanced probabilies, and sample analysis (such as ANOVA and draw probability charts such as pi-chart, then use normal or chi, t t-distribution technics). Anyway I am not that much ignorant on data analysis – thanks to my MSc courses. Therefore don’t put me on the wagon of ignorance here.

    One think that I believe you have twisted my argument is really worrisome. Let me quote you so that to clarify my stand.

    You wrote, “..the core message of the article itself that a radio program rooted in the Diaspora has to be explicitly politicized given the current Eritrean reality is completely fallacious.”

    No brother!

    My core argument is very simple and straight. To repeat,

    “De-politicizing a program is politics”. This is my core message. I didn’t say that Radio Blina should be politicized rather what I am saying is that it is already politicized by de-politicizing its programs. In my world of view, de-politicizing is the worst politics. In fact I am calling for the Radio to take a pure path, a path that will help her to be the voice of the voiceless Bilen people. To make it simple for you,

    At list Radio Blina should be neutral from politics.

    You have put many sideline arguments. Most are not important. But I would like to put my world of view on politics.

    I am humanist and my politics is humanism. And my struggle is for JUSTICE. I am deeply influenced by Saleh Johar’s philosophy of struggle which I consider him my mentor.


    And to to achieve this, as part of my humanistic centered politics, I am dedicated to be voice of the voiceless people.

    The rest, I really appreciate your way of argumentation and the flow of ideas. I can see, your response is deeply thought and of high caliber. I learned a lot.


    • A.Osman

      Dear Tes,

      I think this favorable article should be translated to Blin language and read on the Radio Blina, that will close the matter. Hope will volunteer in the translation 🙂 as he has agreed 100% and you will hold your peace :(.

      With limited knowledge on the radio, instead of speculating I will borrow the zagool from Tsatse to guess the outcome.

      Good night

      • Solomon Haile

        Dear AO da AO,

        It would be counter Radio Belina’s mission, objectives, target audience….

        The acronym PFDJ is mentioned Ten times the number of the relatives and family nembers of each reader.

        I have a question: How is a firestarter come up with chilaxing and jeling??

        • Saleh Johar

          Ahlan Solomon,

          Oh my! You brought a non-conventional perspective, I never thought of it that way. You wrote, “l Qyada Amma had it right. Five zones….. ” This is very interesting. Could you elaborate? Take it further, I think you are into something worth debating.

          • Solomon Haile

            Dear SJG,

            In due time.. But tge theft of 6 zones 5 plus central should or could be viewed as DIA’s opportunistic theft of Quada al Amma’s wisdom. The problem with the five zones plus NaEkel is the lack of any autonomy whatsoever fir zones 2 to 6.

          • Solomon Haile

            Selamat SJG,

            With out deleting my above response, I will say now I will give the framing of the debate time and good thought.

            Offcourse Qyadda Amma had forseight in their Five Zones Command. They had forseen the rise if this present dominance. They intended to maintain of the then integrity of all the True Eritrean Societies that unfortunately at present have been trampled since circa my birth year….

            Care to follow with ateneity 5th mesriE zerigato… Lets hear your thought?

            U Turn:
            Amma Haqa neira.


          • tes

            Dear Solomon Haile,

            Very wise U-Turn. I think you are coming out at a speed light from your previous perplexed views on Eritrean political landscape.

            Humanism Vs Nationalism

            I thought that you were on Nationalism politics. Now I can see the turn. Now you have provoked Saleh Gadi Johar. It is good, really good. He might elnighten us the philosophy behind early ELF’s experimentation of Zonal administration. EPLF/PFDJ has a strong critics on this experiment by dismissing that it was a copy of Algerian Revolution.

            Knowing your previous attachment wit EPLF, it is hard to see such U-Turn (Contrary to Ali-Salim).


          • Solomon Haile

            Dear tes,

            My mentioning U-Turn is indeed to credit the misunderstood great thinker and contributor Ali Salim aka Younus.

            My friend tes, you are presumptuous in thinking which direction I have been but I understand each of our needs to believe we are in control by thinkibg we have a thorough understanding of the other. Thats what makes this foroum awesome. Take me for example, I now have a goid understanding of your humanism when you Professor contrasted it with Nationalism. We will not go on this tangent for now…

            On the issue of reconcilliation and to entice SJG’s Negarit or you Professor for that matter:
            Despite the naration of early ELF’s Fuve Zonal comands is an FNL model, and even if it is, it was a perfect fit for the inevitable intraEritrean independence.
            Though my knowledge of the divide then is limited at the moment, suppose the Five Zones succeded. To liberate Eritrea with harmaneous cooperation, then the war displaced would have been repatriated to yheir homes under the representation of their respective Zone’s commander who would have been autonomous to give his/ people their liberated land he fought for without the impossition of this centralized centered politics that netted us Today’s Eritrea.

            W h at do you think about Amma HaQa neira!

          • tes

            Dear Solomon Haile,

            PFDJ officials say a lot on denouncing Amma’s take on Zonal divisions. Even they label them Anti-Nationalist and backwarded. General SIbhat Efrem is the champion in this defamation and blackmailing campaign. I remember my 7-8/45 days of lecture by this hypocrite propagandist.

            Coming to the Zonal Administration, I believe that it was a right step taken by ELF to accommodate the growing number of freedom fighters. I believe that it was an innocent political decision taken in reference to the Algerian way of struggle. It was more democratic and decentralized system of struggle. Of course the model could not be fit as during those days Marxist-Maoist mode of struggle was sweeping all revolutionary minded people. This was observed when Cadres trained in China came back and opposed it openly. All what happened later is now history.

            For now such kind of Zonal administration might also have practical significance to dissolve the grievances by PFDJ and to some extent develop decentralized system of administration (Amanuel Hidrat has lots of things to say on this).


  • AMAN

    Hello Awatinos

    Come On Awates
    What is wrong with you ?
    To talk the truth , woyane/Tplf was supposed to be thanked by the likes of
    Amare Aregawi and others; but even Amare Aregawi and his people do not
    thank woyane for making them rich. They scorn and curse EPRDF all the time.
    So why should others thank woyane/ TPLF when even the people I mentioned
    do not ???????????????????????????????????
    You need to think right and sensible when you talk about thanking woyane/TPLF
    or EPRDF .
    Why is Samora Yunis is still holding the seat in the MOND ?
    Why is Tewolde G/M still at the management of EAL ?
    Why is Seyoum Mesfin still flirting for a job around the MoFA ?
    Why are Aboy Asgede G/S and Aboy Sebhat not leaving the spot ?
    Why do I see so many Old Criminals and anti Ethiopian people agents
    around and around again when their crime is bigger than both the Dergue
    and IA & ELF ?????????????????
    Even the innocent G-15 are in jail >
    Down with the unjust government of woyane in Ethiopia !!!
    Let the revolution of the people ERUPT in Ethiopia !!!

  • Mesfin

    Good day guys and AT.

    Great article and well presented. Thank you. It is very educational article and I hope many of us take it as an advice that forming a group of any kind is our rights. If we don’t form a group of any kind, where are we going to discuss our problems. Let people organize in any form, it could be based on religion, zone, age group, gender, wealth, and so on. This will definitely help us Eritreans to unite in a more respectful order. It has worked in other countries and it should work for us as well.


  • Mehari the ferrari

    ንኣሽቱ ብሄራት በቲ ኣብ ስልጣን ዘሎ ጨቋኒ ጥራይ ዘይኮኑስ፣በቲ በዚሓ ዓብላሊ/majority dominant ብሄር እውን ድርብ ጭቆና ይገጥሞም እዩ።መዝማዚ ግዝኣት ትግርኛ ትማሊ ምስ ፋሽሽቲ ጣልያን ተማሳጢሩ መሬት ህዝቢ ብሌን ብዱመኛለ ብሓምሳ ሳንቲም ዝሰፈሮ ከይኣክልስ ሕጂ ድማ ምስ ጨቍኒ ግዝኣት ትግርኛ ህግደፍ (ሻዕብያ)ተማሳጢሩ ብምስምስ ከማዕብሎ ብዝብል መሬት መታሕት ጎረባብተይ የሕድጎ ኣሎ። እቶም ሱዳን ካብ ዝስደዱ ዕድመ ሓደ ወለዶ ዘቝጸሩ ውጹዓት ህዝቢ መታሕት ብድሕሪ ነጻነት (ባርነት)ኤርትራ እውን ብዝዉር ሜላ ዓዶም ከይ ኣትዉ ተኸልኪሎም መሬቶም ብሃበትም ህዝበ ትግርኛ ይራሰ ኣሎ።ብሽም ንመሰል ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ተጠቀምቲ ልሓስቲ መቐመጫ ህግደፍ ትግርኛታት ክኾኑ ከለዉ ፣እቲ ጭርሖ ናይ ተደረብቲ ገዛኢ ህግደፍ ዝኾኑ ትግርኛ ግን መታሕትን ኩናማን ዓፋርን ናይ ኩላትና ከበሳ ኤርትራ ግን ንብሕትና ብዝብል ናይ ትግርኛ ኣብ DNAኦም ዝሰረጸ ገባቲ ኣረኣእያ መሰሉ ንኽሓትት ናይ ህዝቢ ብሌን ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ናይ ኩሎም ናይ ግዝኣት ትግርኛ ግፉዓት/victims ሓላፍነት እዩ።
    እዚ ንገበትትን ዘረፍቲ መሬትን ትግርኛ ነጻ ዝገብር ፣ደቂ መታሕት ማሕበር እንተገበሩ ወይ ጀበርቲ ብሄራዊ መሰሎም እንተሓተቱ ግን፣ህዝበ ትግርኛ ብላዕሊ ኮይኖም መንዩ ብሄርን ዘይብሄርን፣ ኩናማን ዓፋርን ናይ ባዕሎም ሬፈረንደም ጌሮም ሓደሽቲ ሃገራት ከይምስርቱ ዝዕብሉሉ ገዛእቲ ትግርኛ እምቢ ንብሎም፣ ሃገር ደቂ ዓይኒ ምዓርን ካልኣይ ደረጃ ዜጋን የብላን።

    ዓወት ንጭቁናትን ተገፋዕቲ ስርዓት ትግርኛን

    ዕንወት ንገባትን ዘራፍ መሬትን ግዝኣት ትግርኛ

    • Mesfin

      Good day AT and Mehari,

      Your comment is a bit provocative. I disagree on some of the points you made.You blamed all Tigrinya speaking/Tigrinya-origin groups. And you made irresponsible comment on the land of the western part of Eritrea.
      We call ourselves that we are justice seekers. Let us define what it mean to subscribe yourself in the justice seekers group. As justice seekers, we should know that the land of Eritrea belongs to Eritreans. It does not belong to certain groups of Eritreans. For example Gold in the Western part or salt from the red see belongs to all Eritreans. The tax collected from the southern zone, Seraye and/or Akeleguzay belongs to all Eritreans. Then it should be distributed as planned by the members of a parliament. Mehari, I am sure that many justice seekers who will be reading your comment would love to advice you on this matter.


  • KING-LION M21 M21 Roi-Lion

    It s natural that Eritreans of all walks of life gather within their own community and promote their culture
    But what’s a United Front within the Eritrean communities ?
    It s an open secret that Eritrean politics is DIRTY.
    At one time someone suggested TO HIRE FOREIGN MERCENARIES TO GET RID
    Foreign mercenaries such as BLACK WATER in the USA.
    HOW ? ( to be continued ).