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Yosief’s Circular Journey In Search Of Ethiopia

 Yosief’s Circular Journey in search of Ethiopia: an identity Crisis or just plain mischief?

When I suggested ignoring Yosief Ghebrehiwet in my last article[1], I had no idea that he had already netted quite a few disciples or that his views were spreading. Since then, I learned from many quarters including from comments on my article that Yosief is not a lone wolf and that his ideas have in fact taken root in the minds of some Eritreans particularly the young and the gullible. Moreover, after reading some of his articles in their entirety, I now know why some are enamored by him.  Yosief is a brilliant writer and his recent articles on “Discontent at the top[2]” did not originate in a mediocre brain but in one that pulsates with intellectual vigor.  It is not intellect he lacks; it is wisdom; not articulation but substance. He is good at laying out premises but horrible at drawing valid conclusions from them.  That in a nutshell is how I would sum up Yosief: the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused.

It is with the latter in mind that I decided to reevaluate my previous recommendation to ignore him because if his extremely demoralizing and terribly imbalanced views are impacting others, then silence would not be the best response.  On the contrary, we should speak up or at least warn others of the consequences of dwelling on such type of negative thinking[3].  No. That is putting it too mildly.  Yosief does not just dwell on the negative aspects of Eritrean history and of Eritreans in general, he literally roars and blurts them out like a Godzilla about to devour everything that Eritreans hold dear!

If we put aside for a moment the validity or lack of validity of Yosief’s views and consider only his brazen assertions in their totality, they are truly astounding!  He not only bluntly denies the justness of the struggle for independence and disparages its heroes but also expends a great deal of energy to “prove” that the opposition is not only weak and impotent now but has no future!  He further postulates that if any change comes, it will be from within “Shaebia family” and then only at the hands of those close to the seat of power!

By any measure, these are extraordinary claims!  Ponder for a moment what all these would mean if Eritreans took him seriously and believed in his theories.  It would be a complete disaster!  Among other things, liberation movements would lose all motivation to struggle hard because his contentions totally and completely strip the opposition’s justification for existence (its raison d’etre). Why bother when one is destined to fail?  Eritrean people would also lose all hope for a better future resigning themselves to another dreadful period under shaebia as a fait accompli.

A political entity or liberation movement survives and thrives on the strength it draws from its belief in its ability to make a difference or to make things happen; even when weak and the odds are stacked against it, this is what keeps it going and here is Yosief telling all resistance movements that they will never be able to effect change in Eritrea! If we keep in mind that these assertions are coming from the same writer who has been campaigning so relentlessly to discredit the entire struggle for independence and its heroes, we will begin to see how detrimental his highfalutin ideas are or can be!

Moral culpability aside, is there anything of value in Yosief’s long rhetoric?  In other words, if his views are reproachable in terms of their impact on the morale as we postulated, do they have any merit at all?  I would say yes and no.  His articles contain some indisputable facts here and there that we can all agree with.  Some of his critiques of PFDJ for example are excellent.  Unfortunately, even this turns out to be a façade to lull us into a receptive mood for the falsehood that follows.   Taken as a whole therefore, his longwinded articles with their wearisome iterations around the same catchphrases have propaganda value but nothing else.  Then why are some Eritreans so besotted with him?  There can be a number of reasons:

First, his outlandish conclusions have a shock value and as advertisers would tell you, shock works like magic for grabbing attention.  Yosief, who seems to have developed a starry eyed child-like fascination for the notion of an “antihero” wants to shock us. So he lampoons the gedli era; the opposition; heroes of the past; the PFDJ; and in fact all Eritreans.  Our crime? We resisted Ethiopian occupation.

Second, his articles or views appearing as they are at a time in Eritrean history when the morale of our people is at an all-time low exploit the general despondency of our people.  A grueling thirty years struggle for independence followed by decades of tyranny is finally getting to Eritreans which makes them ripe to be plucked by any would-be charlatan that comes along to deliver the final blow to their pride in themselves and their history.

Third (as we alluded to above), his articles are not totally devoid of truth which buttresses his credibility somewhat. To be believable and to puncture through the deep convictions of Eritreans, he has no choice but to begin with facts we can all accept.  This is a technique that Socrates used for nobler goals.  Yosief uses it for ignoble ones – as a bait to lure us into contrived conclusions.   As we shall see in coming examples, facts, scenarios, or possibilities that weaken his thesis are fastidiously omitted while those that support it are relentlessly harped upon.  One has to look beyond the ostentatious display to discover that there is really nothing there but tangled logic masquerading as dialectic.

In other words, Yosief is not an impartial researcher but a person who is quite adept at taking molehills of truth and constructing a mountain of falsehood around them.  His articles are full of inferences reached in this manner.  We all acknowledge for example that we made mistakes in the past and that a high price was paid for independence but Yosief then takes this molehill of truth and blows it out of proportion to reach the hefty conclusion that the entire struggle for independence had been futile and that we would have been better off if we had remained with Ethiopia!

Now, how does he know that?  What oracular vision assures him that our lot would have been better if we had remained with Ethiopia or that less people would have perished?  This is an attempt to divine the unknown and the unknowable.  To reach such a conclusion, we need to know not only the consequences of our decision to struggle for independence but also what the consequences might have been had we opted to surrender to Ethiopia.  The latter is unknowable.  Absent a crystal ball to show us the two scenarios side by side, we can only conjecture.

And that is exactly what Yosief does. He forces a conclusion by resorting to presuppositions including for example that Ethiopia would have embraced us as equals – an inclination that it has never demonstrated at any time in its association with Eritrea or Eritreans during the period in question.  It also assumes that Ethiopia would never have resorted to ethnic cleansing to make room for its growing or exploding population.  This is relevant because Ethiopia has reportedly once stated it is Eritrea’s land and access to sea it covets not its people and slaughtered many as if to prove the point. It also discounts the possibility that Eritreans may have been reduced to a permanent underclass.  So even surrendering to Ethiopia may not have guaranteed a better outcome nor could we say indubitably that less Eritreans would have died.  There were inherent uncertainties in both choices and Eritreans gambled on the side of liberty and honor whatever the cost.  And Hurray for them!

Yosief also fails to factor a crucial point: the retarding impact on a revolution of people like him who are ever prone to dwell on negativism and cynicism.  There have been many Yosiefs in Eritrea’s history (and world history) and one can hypothesize that success or failure of a revolution or its duration is directly proportional to the number  of detractors the revolution spawns (other factors being equal).  Perhaps Yosief should first look in the mirror for an explanation of why it has taken so long to liberate our country from foreign occupation and why it is now taking so long to liberate it from a domestic tyrant!

Yosief wants to prolong Eritrean suffering even more since if we believed in his theories, we would have to leave matters in the hands of shaebia family to put its own house in order which brings us to the next point: his contention that only those near the PFDJ seat of power can bring change.  What does he base it on?  He starts legitimately enough (as is his wont) by enumerating facts we can all agree with:  the mass exodus of our youth; the semi-impotence of those inside Eritrea; the dispersion of youth in various camps; etc… but then runs with it to conclude that our only hope is for an implosion from within.

Such a scenario is certainly possible but again Yosief is playing the Cassandra[4] here pretending to see the future without making allowances for human ingenuity and random factors that can and have always changed the course of history. The future is simply inscrutable, unpredictable, and indeterminable.  The breakup of the Soviet Union and the Iranian revolution are perfect examples of how the unexpected and the unpredictable can still happen.  No politician and no social scientist saw it coming and no one predicted it.  In our neck of the woods, who would have predicted that something like the G15 protest would erupt in the highly regimented personality-cult driven culture of shaebia?  A few months ago, how many could have predicted anything like the forto operation would happen. (Incidentally, if Forto operation never happened, Yosief’s thesis would have ruled it out.  But since it happened, he quickly adjusted his theory to make allowances for colonel-led rebellions! )

To give another example: we all know Eritrean youth are leaving the country en-masse – so no revelation there.  Yosief nonetheless finds it necessary to dwell upon it for the sole purpose of persuading us that an uprising is not possible and to that end adorns this simple fact (exodus of youth) with needless complexity and mystery.  Is he deliberately obfuscating to ‘wow’ us and to justify his off-the-wall conclusions?  It appears to be so.  Take for instance his elaborate concentric circles, what do they tell us that we do not already know?  Take away his far-out interpretations of these realities, what are we left with?  Absolutely nothing!  Who doesn’t know about Eritrean prisons?  What Eritrean is ignorant of the condition of the slave camps camouflaging as national service?  Who doesn’t know about the condition of civilians in Eritrea?  Almost no one!

Moreover, despite Yosief’s proclamations, Eritrea is not totally empty of its youth.  Nor are those who stayed among the young, the middle aged and the graying as helpless as he portrays them to be.   Nor can we rule out other possibilities even if they seem unlikely at present:  for example, those who stayed or those in national service may learn to trust one another enough to rise against and defeat their oppressors; those who left can come back armed with help from other countries or in some other way;   A war may erupt with Ethiopia or with other neighboring countries that may trigger widespread revolt by the masses who are sick of war; Shaebia leadership may turn against each other thereby providing an opening for the core opposition to launch a grassroots revolution. We know from Tunisia’s revolution how even a single isolated incident can lead to a mass revolt.  There is nothing that says the same thing cannot happen in Eritrea.  In other words, the future can unfold in a zillion different ways.

But according to Yosief, there is only one way out of Eritrea’s predicament:  call for “demobilization”!  This is an attractive proposition.  As Yosief is quick to remind us this reunites families.  What more could we ask for? What he doesn’t tell us is that demobilization will also render them sitting ducks making them as “helpless” as the family they will reunite with.  Shouldn’t we instead call for the guns to be pointed squarely at the slave master, the oppressor, and tyrant?

Besides, who is going to demand demobilization?  The Diaspora?  No, because according to him, they are in the “wrong stage”.  Those in Eritrea?  Impossible! Didn’t he tell us that there are only helpless women, illiterate peasants, children, and the old?  How about the soldiers?  Again, no.  They are too atomized and too indoctrinated according to him to stage any collective action or demand.  Thus, in Yosief’s “disjointed” Eritrea, no one is fit to demand the “demobilization” he is proposing. Perhaps he wants Ethiopia to make the demand?  His own words say it all: “the demobilization demand cannot be entertained without the intention of making peace with Ethiopia” (note the emphasis – his not mine).   Is “demobilization” a path to ensure Ethiopia a final victory over a disarmed Eritrea and to reverse the achievements of a dearly won war of independence that he openly derides  – to somehow wind back Eritrea’s history to square one?  We all want peace with Ethiopia of course only not in the manner Yosief wants to bring it about.

To stave off criticism like the ones I lodge against him in this article, Yosief sometimes likes to compare himself to a builder who razes a shaky structure to erect a more stable structure.  Is he such a one?  Of course not! The analogy is preposterous and totally inappropriate for several reasons:  First, a builder works with a tangible entity – a solid structure that he can see, feel, and touch whereas our would-be builder (Yosief) has to grapple (like all of us) with Eritrea’s foggy past (and an even foggier future) which though conceptually imaginable can never be assessed with the same degree of certitude that the engineer has at his disposal.  Second, the builder (or his team) work from a detailed blueprint or CAD drawing and are absolutely certain to the minutest detail that they can reproduce the blueprint.  Our would-be social engineer on the other hand has no blueprint and could never achieve even a fraction of the degree of exactitude that the builder enjoys. He could only guess and speculate about the future because of the inevitable uncertainties that beset all socio-historical phenomena. Third, the builder and his team have been given the authority to erect, fix or improve a structure.  Who gave Yosief the authority to raze or build anything?

In many ways, his polemical style reminds us of another beloved compatriot, Semere Tesfai: both like to dazzle with volume and pomp; both love propaganda-style repetitive formulas; both rely on elaborate use of emphasis (even when unwarranted); and both happen to be Islamophobes (though in different ways).  For Semere, the Muslim/Christian dichotomy would be solved instantly if Muslims would only “blend” with Christians.  For Yosief, the Muslim/Christian divide is irreconcilable[5]!  And while Semere wants the blending to happen within Eritrea[6], Yosief would “habeshitize”[7] everyone to eventually blend us with the greater “habesha” across the border! At least Semere (May he live long and prosper) had sense enough to limit his ranting against boogeyman “Islamic threat”.

But where is Yosief going with all his campaigning? If there is one goal that can neatly explain his “circular journey”, it has something to do with Ethiopia. Ethiopia factors big in all his theories. Consider the following three-pronged attacks he constantly engages in:

First, as we all know (and as also noted above), he told us in no uncertain terms that the struggle for independence was futile and that we should have opted to stay with Ethiopia. That was the first and crucial step towards his “Ethiopia tqdem” goal. Movements receive their greatest shot of energy and inspiration from their past heroes.  So this serves a dual purpose: it discredits the past and demoralizes contemporary movements that draw inspiration from it.

Second, having dealt with the past and marginally swiped at the current opposition, he then turns to deliver a frontal and direct assault on the opposition by ridiculing those in the Diaspora as impotent “cheerleaders” and those inside Eritrea as helpless women, children, and the old.

Third, having “established” the total powerlessness of the opposition movement (its past and present), he then denies it any future potential by assuring his readers that only shaebia family close to the seat of power can bring change as mentioned earlier.

This forces us to wonder:  if the opposition (both those in and those out of Eritrea) will never be able to bring change, who is to rescue Eritrea from the jaws of Shaebia?  Ethiopia, silly!  In other words, Yosief wants Eritrea – which according to his thesis is a rebellious teenager that run away from home against her best interests and  suffered for decades as a result – to come back home fully repentant to reunite with “mama” Ethiopia. I can think of no other explanation for what drives his long diatribe against Eritreans particularly when we factor his most recent mantra: demobilization.  A disarmed Eritrea will of course be more amenable to re-annexation.

The greatest weapon any movement for liberation possesses is the high morale of its members.  Anyone who wages a deliberate campaign to tamper with the collective self-esteem of a nation is therefore by definition an enemy of the struggle for liberation.  Only an avowed enemy would so deliberately and so persistently target people’s most prized possessions. If Yosief is not doing it deliberately, then he is the most “disjointed”, clueless, and compass-less Eritrean that ever was.

But I suspect he knows exactly what he is doing and revels in it. Yosief is provocateur extraordinaire. So beware beloved compatriots!  If you let his vacuous philosophizing sink into your consciousness (instead of off you), then his predictions will be self-fulfilling and the half a century plus years of struggle would then be truly wasted. Educate yourself; learn to identify such ploys and they will eventually flutter aimlessly and die.  But if you let despondency get the best of you, then many Yosief’s will crop up to confuse us again and again and woe to us as a nation!

It is a firm belief in a cause and an unshakable determination in one’s ability to effect change along with a sensible appreciation of the past that sustain movements.  Yosief and his likes want to take that away from you.  Don’t let them!


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[7] I am coining a term here – a derivative from the word “habesha”.  Notice that I am getting carried away with these end notes.  I ordinarily avoid them but Yosief values them so much, I wanted to oblige.

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  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Long long time ago i heard a woyane radio drama recorded from woyane radio in the gehdil time. That time all the oppoiste of what dereg used to do was conicederd the right thing to do for all woyanes and theri sympathizers. Who thought woyane and shabia ended up like this. Now back to the drama:
    woyane1: If we cut the throat how can ethiopia breath?
    woyane2: It can fart through its a…
    Then followd a brust of laughters. Even this short radio program showed how the tegadali of tigrians were under the infulunce of shabians politics leave alone the cone man meles who cheated People that he joined shabia to liberat tigray from derg early in 1974. The funniest thing is that derg and meles started their movements at the same time. After shabia founded tplf With the ‘help’ of meless derg and woyane to Gether With shabia were killing eprp (the brave children of Ethiopia who boaldly chalanged and proved that derg was merciless dictator) Meles sacrificed hundred thousands tigrians to ‘liberate’ eritreans.

    This is the corner stone of the the mother of all failuer of failers of ghedil both implemented by both woyane and shabia. After both sacrificed millions citizins how come they went for a pure shabia and woyane war that consumed about 120,000 fresh youngsters souls 1998?

  • fshaye tesfu

    While thousands of Eritrean youth suffer under the Rashaidas, the so-called intellectuals are simply fighting each other. We know that that Yosef is a paid agent who collects every bit and piece of mistake to – Ethiopianize Eritrea. In his 60 years time he never spent a single sent to the Eritrean Revolution nor he has never been a member of any Eritrean movement.

  • hizbawi

    Ismail, let me share a story with you that describes YG and his perceived danger.

    “As a stranger enters a country store, he spots a sign: “danger! Beware of dog”
    Feeling uneasy about the dog he enters inside and sees a harmless old hound asleep in the middle of the floor.
    “Is this the dog we are supposed to beware of? “ he asks the owner.
    That is him comes the replay from the store owner.
    He doesn’t look dangerous to me. Why would you post that sign?
    “Before I posted that sign, people kept tripping over him”

    So, Osman, YG is the old dog good for nothing but to trip people over, just like the old dog. So, sure; Yg is as dangerous as the old dog. I am glad YG is getting this kind of attention though; prior to this; the man has nothing show for. Let him enjoy the few days he has left.

  • Kibrenegest

    It is sad that this writer with seemingly good understanding of many matters in his subject fails to understand that the reason for Ethiopia not to forcibly occupy Eritrea at this moment is not the Eritrean defense forces. Demobilization will not affect Ethiopia’s ability to occupy Eritrea. The Eritrean millitary is nothing more than a group of oppressed youth ready to happily surrender to Ethiopia at the sound of the first gun shot. I don’t understand why Yoseph promotes demobilization, but trust me, unarmed Eritrea is good to Eritreans and has no difference to Ethiopia.

    • Hayat Adem

      That was exactly Yoseph’s point: unarmed (demobilized)Eritrea is good to Eritrea because it will fix the social dislocation Eritrea has been suffering from, a subject YG has hammered at length. The “peace with Ethiopia” thing YG mentioned, if I understood him correctly, is aimed more at a mindset level than at the military balance. For example, we Eritreans have developed or have been made to develop a siege mentality over the years of the Ghedli era. That is why while we logically understand the current excesses and un-sustainability of the militarization level we have now, we never took ‘demobilization” as a struggle agenda. For a contrasting view, Ethiopia had a msall army before he 1998 conflict, something to the count of 60k and not a well armed one. Compare this to the 250k comparatively well armed strongmen. Following the outbreak of the war, both sides were on the race to outnumber and out-arm the other side, until each reached over 300k. After the war was over and TSZ/UNMEE established, Ethiopia demobilized down to 140k and we remained recruiting and training. PFDJ plays well with the “scare” justification and it has worked well, especially in the past, with so many Eritreans. If you could change that trend in the psyche of Eritreans towards the positive context of peaceful neighborhood and normal business- free of hostility, continued standoff, entrenched mistrust and suspicion at least at the thought level, then our people would be ready to cry out loud or even fight for demobilization. And PFDJ would have no footing without those ‘oppressed youth’ under his indefinite control in the name of mobilization to guard the nation from surrounding “enemies”. In that sense, I would argue YG’s argument in support of making demobilization a priority makes a lot sense. I also agree with your point that our Eritrea is no near match to Ethiopia’s military might at this point. And a mobilized and armed Eritrean youth at this point is not meant to guard Eritrea from the ‘enemy’ but to serve PFDJ in the name of that. We now clearly and urgently need an army protecting Eritrea from the all-impotent and parasitic PFDJ’s small coalition more than we need to be protected from outsiders.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Many People think it is only shabia is the obstacle for Ethiopians Access to Red Sea. Tplf is from beginning till now is miliking from Out or in the current situation. It is every tigrians dream this will continue for ever. As long as tplf is in Power the no-peace-no-war will continue or Eritrea (tigrinya People) must agree to give sea Access to Ethiopia through only tplf. That way tigrinya People who support shabia and tigre People in Ethiopia continue their lavishly With the wealth sucked from the rest of non-tigre-ethio-and Eritrea peoples. This way tigrya tigryna would survivein its modern make over. There are some even who try to interpret or understand that YG is trying to do this. But YG is far far away from this greedy thought. Meles was trying this after 2000.

      But all of us we know one fact. If we dont treat all Our ethnic Groups equally then any one who is capable and interested on Red Sea put us back to war. Call us Ethiopians or Eritrean or whatever, treat us equally. No more cheating. All possible combinaitons of cheating have been tried. What is remaining is the right path.

      • ZengaZenga


        It was said that the most dangerous thing is an idea hose time has come or something to that effect! That goes without saying to the people of ideas and intelligence, real stuff, and not much can be said about grown ups who cannot understand that the so called intellectual has to turn his or her intellectual ideas into intelligence. One can know more or less but his or knowledge remains at the level of a bookworm who parrots like a school teacher. The so called intellectual main know something but has no understanding for the simple reason that understanding can only come through living experience and it individual!

        Now, how is that this Ethio-Unionist Eritreans and what they are made up of without being part of their living experience as a people tying to establish their own nation against world conspiracy! What was YG’s Eritrean experience starting from his home and ultimately to the citizenship that he is trying to undermine? Does he understand that Eritreans are legally and historically justified to become an independent country and paid a hefty price to make it a reality? If one has some logical intellect that is impartial, then one has to treat all things equally according to the rules established by the smaller and greater actors. Eritreans have done that for the outside world and will do it for themselves by removing the plague that they have helped create, namely, the plague that is now being called the “PFDJ”. If Eritreans could stand up to Ethiopia and her alternating Super-Power-Patrons by the force of arms, they can also stand up to end the disease that is eating them from inside out!

        Why should Eritreans fight Ethiopians when they have “The Idea Whose Time Has Come On Their Side!” There is nothing left between Eritrea and Ethiopia that should lead to yet another round of bestial and all-out border war for the simple reason that the court of international law have adjudicated the final and binding Ero-Ethiopian border demarcation verdict! That being out of the way, Eritreans have to focus on establishing a constitutional, institutional, and democratic governance in their country! Nothing will change until those who violate the rule of national and international law are made to stop their rule of the jungle in both Eritrea and Ethiopia proper. Until then, people are allowed to play-house and entertain themselves like good old children sometimes do:-)


  • ZengaZenga


    Your talk about the Mehber-Andnetist of the Third kind is final but surprising for the simple reason that you belatedly find the garbage that this so called Ethio-Centered Eritrean intellectual spews here and there for hire or whatever else surprising!

    That being said, I think Eritrean to Eritrean unity and national integrity under the rule of national and international law are the only nexus that will bind an aspiring Eritrean to another on their path to constitutional, institutional, and democratic governance in their homeland. Furthermore,I am also of the opinion that : People have to start standing on their own feet and not on some Weyane or other foreign friend.

    Eritreanism can’t be defined except the rule of law! That is elementary and beating circles of little aims and trivial interest around the same spot will not get anyone Eritrean individual or group anywhere!

    Among all the talk that goes on here and elsewhere, the fist question I don’t understand :- What were Eritreans doing between 1961 and 1991? Why are Eritrean trying to rediscover and redefine the reason for being Eritrean citizens? Eritrea was and is for the people who lived in that land and whose wish was to free their land from colonial rule and establish their own rule of law on its grave! What is new and what is old in the new conversation of old? There is nothing unsaid or undone under the Sun unless people want to create their own little suns of diverse manners!

    What could be binding to all who regard themselves as aspiring Eritrean civic citizens without regard to religion, ethnicity, race, gender, or color : United we win and divided we fall! Anything that divides and weakens the bond between aspiring Eritrean citizens in the making! The nexus between anyone Eritrean citizen and another should be nothing but the rule of law that treats all its citizenry equally!


  • Araya

    “YG is not a lone wolf and that his ideas have in fact taken root in the minds of some Eritreans particularly the young and the gullible”

    I am really surprised by the attention YG getting. Have ever asked yourself the question of, who is YG? What YG accomplishment might be? If you never ask that question, let me ask you? Who is YG? I don’t have to go to California or ask a Californian to tell you YG accomplished nothing and he is nothing but accomplished bum, burden of society. Thanks to NGO, the last few years, YG able to pay his rent. That is the truth. You may hate Issias, but Isaias and YG are about the same age, but when YG comes down to Isaias, I can only shake my head. Right or wrong PIA did something with his life, what did YG did with his life? I let the Californians have a say on this one. So, Mr, Osmon, no decent Eritrean youth will be sold on YG’s loser mentality and a wasted journey of life. Actually, I agree YG is not alone, he has Gezaei hagos, Elsa Churum, Selam Kidane etc. what do they have all in common? NGO!

    • zamu

      Typical mudslinging! But why?

      • Araya

        Zamu, bring it on!
        Can you tell me what YG’s profession is before the last 6 years? He 60 something, please tell me what his profession is, please! If it is true, isn’t mad-slinging. Get your facts to gather.

        • Danny

          What is your profession other than promoting and defending a dmu dmu addicted leadership for a lost cause. At a minimum YG can write an article and invites a debate, exposes a fallacy called an Eritrean Ghedli. Why don’t you try to write an article to let us know the achievements of DIA in a free medium where people can comment freely and see where that will get you?

          • be-grateful

            I agree 100%. YG has done great things and if nothing else he got people to talk and discuss and most importantly he got us all to think and examine. Unfortunately many of us are not comfortable when someone raises the tough question. This is why a lot of people are trying to frame YG with different names. I am of the opinion that we should cherish our great writers such as YG, SAAY, Ghadi, Fitsume, et el. They are helping us grow through their pens. I am just happy to read what they write regardless of whether I agree or not with them.

    • This dude , just like many others before him, has created an imaginary YG and attacks him with vengeance and then claims victory. In the mean time, the real YG, stands by unscathed.

      Raza nay AbuUu haza-(Like father like son)…You just repeated what the Awate team , Omer-ali and others have been doing. If you can’t beat YG, beat his “xilalot”–is the kind of game that we have begun to notice among those with inflated feeling of pride and ego. These people , while they have nothing to show off “except” filling pages about nothing really , always feel superior to others.

      [Moderator: now you can have Halafi Mengedi and Nogoda (your other screen names) come and say, “yes, I agree with Dawit!” and it will be a fine party. Just a reminder: only things of substance cast shadows. Or Xela’lot. Something to consider before your next plea.]

    • do-not-defame-people

      Mr. Araya,
      All the people you mentioned here have a lot in common and that is they are all selfless and dedicated to emancipate people like you.

  • Dear writer, It is good that you admitted how you got caught by surprise, or are you really genuinely surprised since you are not one of those list politicized abstained citizens who don’t pay attention to Eritrean cult like politic? come-on dude, you must have at least noticed how pal-talk rooms and web pages are crowded every-time YG is mentioned..The truth of the matter is there is nothing bold about YG’s arguments and idea’s except that it is an idea or a thought suppressed by years of Gedlhi intimidation or to give gedlhi credit clever exploitation of Ethiopia’s past weaknesses and mishandling of situations….Had Ethiopia played all the cold war cards correctly Eritrea would not have made it to a “nationhood” no matter how much money the Arabs have poured on it….If it was heroism that defeated Ethiopia, it is the same entity that “liberated” Eritrea still crying foul against Ethiopia instead of fighting, instead denying Eritreans breathing space all in the name of “a threat from Ethiopia”…my friend, there was never heroism but utter opportunism by those with strategical ambition over the Nile and Red sea region who identified a confused identity and cleverly used it to the maximum..The most unfortunate thing is that Eritrea’s task as a cannon fodder did not end with independence but instead it began with independence. Wither you believe it or not your country is being groomed as the next Somalia to open a front again the region and if there is any chance of that being averted, it is only because Ethiopia has to avert it it for it’s own interest, regardless of the out-come. and I am dead sure non of you Gedlhi romanticists will be there to share the pain of the ordinary citizens..In short, the worst consequence of your Gedlhi adventure is yet to come. stay tuned!.

  • Jeff

    Ismail, you said it all correct. There is nothing more i can add on your article. As of Mr.YG, every Eritreans knows where he is going with his endless writing. It is not secret any more YG is advocating for unification. But, the sad thing is all of those who are writing on support of YG are mostly Ethiopian, particularly Tigryans. This plat form is perfectlly fitting for Tigryans, to comment on Eritreans affairs, while most Eritreans are loosing hope left and right.

  • Haile

    Thank you Ismael Omer Ali in the name of martyried und disabled eritreans. I can understand the wish of Yosief to see alle of his relativies in one country (his mother come from Adwa). But the freedom / separation was and is the wish of eritrean people. HIGDEF is our problem and let us kick him out together.

  • Daniel Teclegiorgis

    [Moderator: Daniel, please post poems and other posts unrelated to the topic at hand on Jebena page.]

  • Bisrat Amare

    For over half a century, a confused criminal group, known as “GHEDLI” wrecked havoc in Eritrea. It played with the lives of the people for a cause which is not compatible to what the current people known as “Eritreans” are. At the forefront of this mayhem and destruction is the “students from Cairo” who formed the ELF who had this delusional belief that Eritrea is part of the Arab World. The PFDJ which is the by product of these people and group has accelerated the bleeding of the “nation” to such a degree, it seems that no amount of transfusion would be able to save Eritrea unless we realize that the whole “GHEDLI” concept was a movement against Eritreans and their interest, and not against colonialism. It was a struggle to colonize a free people and not to liberate an already free people. At this point we need an about turn and go back from where we started, redefine ourselves and our problems and aggressively apply the necessary treatment to save us from extinction. That is what Yosief Gebrehiwot is telling you. A free thinking bold individual, who has been able to see where the ailment started, diagnosed it correctly and is prescribing the right medication. A few others , whose articles have been posted on various websites including ASMARINO, have also contributed similar thinking and thought. The Eritrean people at this time are divided into three distinct groups. Group 1 consists of the government and it’s die hard supporters, which are very few in number. Group 2 consists of the opposition, which similarly are very few in number. Group 3 by far the largest group is the silent group. In this group you find the majority of the people of Eritrea. Group 1 and 2 are very vocal, creating the illusion of having a great following. But the truth is they are empty shells. The third group is silent but very perceptive and have reached the same conclusion like YG and the others that the whole GHEDLI movement was absolute madness and are looking for ways or for someone to lead them back to the good old days. Herein lies the support of YG and others like him. I believe it is time for YG and other similar thinking minds and individuals to come together and to lead the people to the shores of peace and stability. Restore to the people what was(NEBUR MEMLASS) and stop the profuse bleeding of Eritrea and Eritreans. If they can take this bold step, the response by the ordinary Eritrean in support of them would be very very huge to the point of surprising them beyond their wildest dreams.

    • Point

      This is wishful thinking and cooking statistics!

    • tazabi

      After 30 years of war and destruction, Eritreans are rethinking the so called liberation. Years ago in the 1980s I debated with Eritreans of every ethnic group and persuasion. They were absolutely sure that the solution was separation from Ethiopia. All their problems was due to their union with Ethiopia. To an outside observer it was clear the whole experiment was headed for a wreck. There was no critical appraisal of the idea, the movement and their leaders. The guy they see as public enemy #1 today had a god like status in the Eritrean psyche. Eritrea was unique in the world in its perfection. It sounded like a fairy tale. What was amazing was how grown up people, including some with the benefit of good education believed this kind of fairy tale. Now the chicksen came home to roost and the whole house of cards came tumbling down. Some still blame us Ethiopians for this madness.
      I often think about who gained from this disaster. Not Eritreans – the dream of a free nation is not yet achieved. Not us Ethiopians we are still languishing under a dictatorship in highly ethnically polarized nation. The winners are a few handful families who are ruling these nations as their own personal fiefdoms. This is the tragedy

      • Bisrat Amare

        Perfectly put. No one could put it better. Both peoples Eritreans and Ethiopians have to stop living in the past and begin thinking of doing something about the present. The only solution is to think and live for today and the future.

  • Fasil

    I think YG has been misunderstood: He is a true Eri nationalist burned alive by the love of the Eritrean people. And if I was Eritrean with functional mind I could have taken the same stand considering the division animosity neglect of the Eritrean people by various shifta groups for the last 50 yrs and still continuing. Abdella Idris another nationalist and the former leader of one of the shifta groupings at last has come to the conclusion that, the whole episode in which he was part of, has been a disaster for the Eritrean people: Many life and property has been lost, above all, Abdella said, a quarter million of eri left refuge in Sudan over 50 yrs even after the so called independent. He said. He was deeply agonized by the suffering of eri refuges in Sudan and regrets much for his participation of such devastating outcome for his people and even he was open to live with Ethiopia provided self rule. Now eri has gained its independence and running its affairs like Tigrigna Kebero up and down with no rhyme. Kidney and other organs of eri sold at open market and YG is blamed for rejecting such shameful act on his people and for looking different way of a solution in support of his people.

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    ‘Today No one can undermine the national identity of Eritrea after in its long struggle for independence against the fascist Ethiopian empire.’

    Think of an empier that is forced to have a king because if it allows Democracy to rule the country then the empire can collaps and the provinces that are sacrificed all what they have and they are for the sake of the empire and the wish and well being of the king and his followers might demand for restoration of who they are and protection of what it theirs, the religions the king undermines and forbids and the king worships might be forced to have their equality, the ethnic Groups that do not belong to the king migt not be forced only to do their duties but also demand their right to be as Equal to the ethnic Group of the king, etc. The king can not survive With out its empire so he has to use all his charming and force to hold the empire United. the more Power he is using the more military force he has needed and thus more youngsters must serv in the military and more Investment in military. The empire is so unique in many ways so it has challanges from outside also, including all the neighbours. And even more military and more Resources. This has kept on going since day one the king declare his empire up to now. The consquence makes the majority in the empire more poorer than ever. the sacrifice is tougher and tougher. The king and the followrs couldnt see this. They even surprised how it was before the empire was created and hwo dare some People get frustrated before they Reach the goal. Some even dare to say loudly that life was better even in the worest time of before the creation of the empire. Hundred thousands just abandon all what they have and leave the empire in all direction. The king now almost remain With only his strong supporters help both from inside and outside supporters ie the empire produces NeXT to nothing. The empire now is doing just like a farcit empire by the very defintion of the king of the empire. This empire is called the little Ethiopia or E R I T R E A.

    This is what YG has been telling us. But some even trys to twist YG’s teaching to the very opposit purpose the teaching stand for. In Eritrea and Ethiopia all sorts of cheatings has been proven. What remains is only the ohnest one. We can not be Rich out of ohnesty in over night but we can stop the night mare to be come real. Many has experienced it already.

  • Zaul

    [Moderator: you are on our database as Zaul, if you use any other nick in the future, you will be banned.]
    With your permission Mr Gadi or ¤Tess¤ ohh and I found the quote [When our numbers dwindle] The man is stubborn and unyielding, typical habesh.

    • zaul

      Can I change my name to the one I chose for myself, “Rashaida cover up” and don’t edit my posts please.

      [Moderator: No. Specially if your comments include racial slurs and illegal “racial incitment”]

      • Zaul


        Don’t ask for forgiveness for the savages while they’re still committing the crime!!!

        Si’gh’ai nai habtkha bsi’gh’ta taezeb… We have really let down our women, If we can not protect our sisters what is the use of an Eritrean man?

  • Nati

    “Ismail Omer-Ali”,

    Since you couldn’t defeat YG’s ideas, you resorted to attacking his character. Classy.

    • commentor

      Ismail you just need attention. Nati you are right. Ismail is loser.

  • Tsegaye Mebrahtu

    When Eritrea barks, Ethiopia moves on.

  • rezen

    Instead of wasting precious words, why not consider ejecting, once for all, the ‘neo-Nazi habesha land grabber to mama Ethiopia and leave Eritrea to the lowlanders’ That should bring peace, prosperity, tranquility, equality, liberty … that the world has ever seen. Amen!

  • Jacob

    Mr.Ismail Omer-Ali,
    Some Eritreans with exceptional intelligence know already deep inside their heart that it is the Ethiopians(and mainly Tigraians) who will be there to save the Eritrean christian highlanders when people with ideology similar to yours seize the power in Asmara.

    • GM

      I agree with you 100%

      The Habesha of Ethiopia not only has the duty to defend themselves from the ProArab gang of murderers and terrorists in power in Asmara, but also a moral obligation to protect, defend and sustain their Eritrean brothers to regain their lost identity and dignity of Habeshas by becoming worthless arab slaves.

  • “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. That’s a beautiful creed,” Martin Luther King,
    There are many great Eritreans through our short history people who sacrificed so much and serviced their country in the most and honorable way be it during Ghedly time or after in public life, who are honest and dignified citizens cannot be simply bought, easily flattered, nor they can hammered into submission. Ismail article never meant demonized or despised YG as adversaries, he simply disagreed with him. NO outrage and never about anger, it was about injustice done by YG in regard Ghedly cause and Eritrea as a nation .
    Ismail is Free Thinker on the force of facts and huge body of well researched relevant article and he put things in their proper perspective, start thinking right, in proper perspective: I.E. gain a liberating Conscious Awareness that brings Eritrean humanity together in a seamless onennenness that was primordially professed and intended to be
    Today No one can undermine the national identity of Eritrea after in its long struggle for independence against the fascist Ethiopian empire. What drove Eritrean is their despair, motivation hope and their desire to expel an illegal brute-force of the Ethiopian occupying invaders from our beloved homeland . Those who attack and scorn Eritrean GHedly have no right to smear and have no influence on the ground – nor among Diaspora, they are internet media personalities and are trying hard through their belittling and demonizing attacks to create influence name for themselves and among very few that follow them. May be YG have an actual agenda to reunite with mama Ethiopia that is very clear and score to settle with Eritrea as nation? When it would be just as easy to tell the truth as is no circling around need. He is free to and welcome to live permanently in Ethiopia proper as of today, the door is open.
    YG written is kind of intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt; YG could easily choose to write, when famine strikes, as is the case of Ethiopia starvation and famine had left at least 1 million people dead from 1984 to 1985, mostly of from Tigray Region. As those the life is not worth as much as of that of Amahra life. The revolution that brought fascist Mengistu Haile Mariam to power brought unimaginable and unspeakable crime and misery.The Ethiopia government guilty of committing genocide against the people of Tigray and thousands being slaughtered? Why this silence. YG should feel compassion and convey his deep concern that the people of the Tigray were not only being targeted daily by the Ethiopian governments, but also left to starve deliberately. All Eritreans stood with solidarity and support with the citizens of Tigray.
    Speaking of Mama Ethiopian Human Development Still reasonable achievement deserving so, and we hope better, the country remains one of the world’s poorest bottom 12th, ranking 173 out of 187 nations on the UN Human Development Index, which measures indicators including the level of poverty, health and education. The country has made steady gains improving

    • Eng

      It is amazing to me to see how many of you like to listen to yourself- you do not understand your audience except yourself. It is very sad. I am glad I do not enter the cyber space that often, particularly this website who have “writers” who go in cicles.

      • I believe that human relations must be based on human values and justices not where born or religions. The exchange we have or a programs, awareness, education and media, must draw headlines for the way we, on Eritrea , should be united and ‘walk together’.
        In psychology, it is not ‘thoughts and beliefs’ who change the conduct of a person. It is the way they are interpreted to him and planted in his subconscious.
        I truly see that our political leaders today are directly responsible for poisoning, not only common people and not believers.
        It is not a call to annul beliefs or faith as atheist would likes do . It is a call to rectify the way we interpret things. God is the same He never changes. Nature is the same it never changes. It is how we interpret things that change. Even science theories could change from century to another because they are merely human ‘interpretation’.
        Finally one must be aware that it is better to be rejected for being sincere than accepted for being hypocrite.

    • jack

      I do not thick you have read what YG wrote. You are coming to his aid in proving his assumption and conclusions. You said a lot of people from Tigray died at the hands of Mengistu and Haile but now they are part of Ethiopia.
      You have to read it again, probably more than once.

      • said

        Dear Jack and Eng
        The Eritrean people, in line with the other countries popular uprisings generally coined as the “Arab Spring,” Eritreans are answering to a LEGITIMATE calls: “Enough to DIA Dictatorship and the loss of the right of Freedom of Expression;” “Enough to long-stretched well-entrenched 22year the most oppressive Rule;” “Enough to Oppression;” “Enough to one man rule ,to Corruption & total absence of public Accountability;” “Enough of the trapping of the Public Will & the denial of the rights of the people for meaningful Transparent Socio-Economic development;” “Enough of the use of the Ethiopia threat, genuine and truthful as that is, to further the consolidation of Dictatorial rule, Corruption and brutal Oppression.”
        Overlooking these realities; failing to heed the rightful ambitions of the Eritrean people for Freedom and their rights to participatory democracy; narrowing and failing to incorporate in his political discourse and public speeches all these legitimate claims by the Eritrean people, YG and are causing a divergence with their narrower Eritrean supporters and sympathizers: YG Right or Wrong, that’s beside the issue; for all that matters is conducting a public discourse that’s responsive to popular sentiments and widely perceived popular aspirations. There by , and with him many are badly failing.

        • Said,

          Your said that “those who attack and scorn Eritrean GHedly have no right to smear …” , a statement which is diametrical opposed to your other statement: ” Enough to DIA Dictatorship and the loss of the right of Freedom of Expression”. Where do you stand on freedom of expression?

          You also used one of the phrases from Awate.com’s play book “… to reunite with mama Ethiopia…”. Such kind of phrases only help fuel the suspicion between christian highlanders and Muslem low landers.

          You also recommended YG , and may be to others as well, to leave Eritrea and live in Ethiopia as though you were the prime minister of Ethiopia making an outrageous gesture. You said YG is ” welcome to live permanently in Ethiopia proper as of today, the door is open.” The truth , however, is you and your likes do not like YG’s brilliant ideas. You can’t stand him.

          Here is my advice for you: you either tolerate YG and his ideas or leave Eritrea and perhaps live in Sudan peacefully. If you can’t stand the heat , please get of the kitchen.

          • Dawit,
            I standing totally untied for one nation, I do not advocate for Ethiopia, no more no less, Yes Ghedly have made tones of mistakes, I am against injustice that took place during Ghedly time. But not the Nobel cause,
            The short answer is I am totally against DIA and his cruel oppressive Regime and against Past Ghedly horrendous crime.

        • jack

          Dear Said, “But not the Nobel cause”, I think I have to repeat what I said before, read the articles written by YG. You and your cohorts are just mad because he has shown you the fault of the NOBEL CAUSE with regards to the back ground assumption, the method that was used and the conclusion and some what the future that is awaiting. You need to answer if his assumptions, method and the conclusion are wrong. You sound like a republican who say get out of America you liberals because…

    • tazabi

      Amhara bashing favorite past time of Eritrean nationalists. Can not defend an argument drag the Amhara bogyman instead. Run out of agrument no problem Pit one Ethiopian ethnic group against another. Demonize Amharas. Blame them for every crime under the sun. Shed crocodile tears for this or that Ethiopian ethnic group as if Eritrean nationalists care for any Ethiopian. This dog can’t hunt anymore.

  • Ismail Omar=Ali

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO ANSWER OR TO DISPROVE BY IF, WHAT WOULD HAPPEN… [Moderator: comment deleted. Please use lower caps, all upper caps comments are not allowed]

  • Asmeret

    In a time of such a profound confusion and lack of orientation within the Eritrean diaspora, who are hooked up between a failing regime at home and dismantled opposition groups abroad, it’s just sad to read such an article with an immense of work, references and all kinds of make-believe stories in an utmost endeavour to disqualify a genuine individual, who restlessly tries his best to find out the main causes and effects of the problems we Eritreans are undergoing this time.
    I was quite indifferent to the many articles Yosief has been writing since years until I heard the inspiring teachings ‘Zeynbur Kunetat Eritrea’ that he happened to give at smerr paltalk. That was one of the most impressive and mind blogging contributions I have ever heard. It didn’t only impress me but also all of my friends who happened to hear it. No matter whether it was all right or wrong, one thing was true about this contribution. It helped us develop a different perspective of looking at our problems from another angle. An eye opener , so to say. We are not only deprived of democracy but of everything that could make life worth living in Eritrea.
    With the excellent ability Ismael has, I’m sure he could render more constructive contributions to the diaspora, had he spent all these brilliant expressions in coming up with inspiring teachings rather than attacking an individual with every means he has. In the long run, Jelousy and hatred won’t get us anywhere.
    Ismael, I’m sure you can do much more and much better than such an all out offensive article.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Asmeret! I am 100% agreed With you. Let the scholars teach, explaine, enlight us With what they think or know best for us. And it is upto the People to choose and Connect their experience to what they are listening or learning. Dont listen this radio station, or this web siet or this tv-chanal is obsolate. Why do we oppose dictators then? I am quite sure People know the difference between what isayas and YG are saying.

    • Point


      Did not YG open an all out offensive against Eritrea, Eritreans, their history and armed struggle for self determination?????

      • Asmeret

        It would be more effective to challenge him right on the spot, there and when he attcked Eritreans and their history as you, ‘Point on’ have mentioned. I hope you are also aware about the innumerable mistakes committed on our own in the past. That is also part of our history. Criticising these mistakes should not be taken as an offensive against our history. We need to be realistic even in the perspective we have about our own selves.

        • Point

          I partly agree with you. Unfortunately YG is not engaged in constructive criticism. According to him every thing Eritrean be it history, fighting for liberation, self determination, identity, sovereignty, patriotism is dead wrong! There is nothing right in the philosophical world of YG when it comes to Eritrea and Eritreans!!! He is a person trying to present Eritrean history the way it fits his neo-andinet political agenda!! I say BIG NO for that!!

          • Asmeret

            Point on,
            YG’s articles are too long and sometimes too complex that one can easily get lost on the way. Nonetheless, I went through his article “Discontent at the Top: How Indispensable Is the Prison System to the Eritrean Defense Forces?” , mentioned as a reference by Ismael.
            Making peace with Ethiopia is stated as one of the many activities that YG thinks could be done in order to weaken the current regime in Eritrea. I don’t know though, on what grounds and conditions a lasting peace could be reached, but I still fail to find any difference to what all these opposition groups are doing right now. They are running meetings in Debrezeit and else where in Ethiopia. Their so called leaders are travelling to Addis as they want, as if no trouble had existed between Ethiopia and Eritrea. What I mean to say is that YG is not the only one to be criticised for wanting to make peace with Ethiopia. In the course of time, many people are starting to think that the regime in Asmara is using the Ethio-Eritrean conflict to lengthen its life in power. Besides, ‘making peace’ is one thing and ‘Andinet’ is a totally irreversible and dead issue, as Eritrea is a free state.

    • Asmeretino,

      There is no difference between NBUR and democracy. Democracy is simply life in the order of peaceful co-existence under the rule of law, be it traditional or constitutional depending on the stage of social development. Nibur gerom ameriyoma gualom kibehal kelo intay yimesleki Asmeretey? Bihigin sinesiratn malet iyu. There is nothing new that Yosief brought to readers except eccentric moribund ideas. In a revolution, a travel for fundamental change, there are thousands of obstacles and such kind of guys are part of the ingredients. Even Ethiopians will not be interested in Yosief’s narrow recognition of who they are.

  • sara

    i don’t see the usual names here in awate, where are they? the so called opposition folks, Mr ismail has brought yg and his thought to awate land and he eloquently stated his views. where is meheretu,hagos,aman,babylon,yegermal,ti.ti,etc come on guys tell us your thoughts…

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Do not blame the old generation it is wrong. For them by that time it was not clear I mean when you give them one SIMPLE equation they can look all ways on how to solve/shape it in more times. For example look into Awate armed struggle. He may be started small local revolution because KeBti TeZeMiTenO. Around that time and before there was wide spread ZmTa KeBti all over Eritrea – lowland or kebesa or between Christian and Christian or between muslim and muslim. Then Awate perhaps he evolutionized it to formal revolution when he got out of his house to get back his cattles. ZeyHaseBo that lead to TeWeLaLaE Tanki BtAnKi modern warfare – I mean it way not wide and calculated ideas though I am not saying Ethiopia deserve to have Eritrea. The revolution may started by chance or by simple reason such as Awate HakiLu KebTi TezeMiTeNo. I give him full credit.
    It is similar to a guy from akeleguzay Christian got trouble and violence with the Saho people over area or grazing land or farming, I am not sure which. then in the early and mid 70s the guy joined Gdeli so he can armed and well trained to fight back the Saho. Later During the TaAliM and political lectures he learned the purpose of Gedli and the fighting is directed to Ethiopian army – he completely changed his mind got broad understanding even his trouble with the Saho was lack of caring rule minded government. He deeply learned The Saho were not his enemies to fight back the Saho he saw it useless, cheap and not worth of it. the land dispute was simple GoReBet AnCHi MenCHi and he saw need to be solved by fair and legal means. He become one of the greatest smartest CheGar DanGa fighters. He was glad he gone to Gedli by different reason and later he confessed and apologized to the Saho fighters for having that thought.

  • TiETiE( Shiro bubble)

    Some of Yosef.G Ideas are good. I liked when he is from seraye since I am devout of seraye and akeleguzay. Akele and seraye – are the original tigryna. I am sure he believes what I believe. However my disagreement with him is this. It will be good if he filter his stance so we can be in the same bracket.
    1. he has to renounce haileslassie.
    2. he has to believe even gang violence/AsheBro can bring accidental revolution.
    3. He has to believe that IDris Awate deserve credit for the organized revolution even if Awte by that time by that education he may not had broad understanding of Ethiopia colonizing Seraye, Akeleguzay, hamasien then the entire MeTaHt. His revolution idea could be very small such as KebTi TeZemiTenO or threat of his religion( that is not bad to feel that way since all type of people feel that way). However Sala Awate simple idea and very organized armed revolution it become fruitful revolution. Therefore, the exact reason why Awate began armed struggle may be controversial but all happy of Awate’s result.

  • Michael Tzerai


    YG, as we all know is a rare Eritrean intellectual with a drive and passion equal to his acrobatic thinking skills to weave through arguments that totally overwhelms the reader.
    We have not seen the likes of him in his age group or amongst all the writers in our time. Why YG has become such a phenomenon in the youth and why you receive a chorus of nay sayers to your brilliant article since Saleh Younis and Tebeges take on YG is as follows:
    1) Critical Endorsement of Mkjaw Ghedli at a critical time. My heroes, I like to call them heroes at their overall fight against HGDEF, at Dmtsi Meselna Delina made a decision to translate YG’s article into Tigrinya and disseminate it in their radio program. Journalistic ethical standards aside, they chose it as a weapon to advance their ‘atahasasbana ylewet’ which roughly translates to ‘changing our way of thinking’ or understanding the system and the way forward. The consequence was a one sided endorsement of an insidious argument and a wrong verdict on our ghedli. At the core of Eritrean nationalism is ghedli. If you discredit ghedli, then you have hollowed it out of its mission and accomplishments and assured a real change in the thinking of the youth in the negative sense.
    2) The Warsay/Ykaalo Experience. Issayas plan to use very small and the worst rogue elements of EPLF x-fighters to run his SAWA projects and all his wars, brought the Sawa youth generation to bear the brunt of atrocities and mistreatment by these rogue implementers and enforcers of Issaya’s design. Medeb Tezareb program of the Smer Paltalk room every Tuesday is largely dedicated to highlight the plight of the youth at the hands of those rogue elements. YG’s message resonates with the youth and is treated as an intellectual hero during his speeches there. In the last speech he gave, he started by how Eritrea identity and roots started with just patch of ethnic groups who came from different directions and how we are not like India, or China or Ghana who have a strong tradition and identify. It should be in u tube to verify for exact words. It was astonishing to have him continue his speech and instead was accorded with praises.

    3) YG’s relentless effort to advance his views. YG is a tireless and often his timely articles that seem exhaustive analysis of problems facing the opposition and how to move on to the next stage attracts the youth and they see him as visionary despite the flowed reasoning that you pointed out. He has now coined clauses and words to demarcate his views from those who oppose him. Ghedli romanticizers is one that comes to mind. To his credit, he participated in the DC demonstration and in a forum there where he debated. The youth simply became obsessed with YG skills at the debate.

    There is a phenomenal hero invading the opposition now.

    Tesfay Temnowo is a truly ghedli era hero who is accorded a deservedly respect. Yet, Tesfay Temnowo would be the last person in the opposition camp to accept ‘romanticizing ghedli’. How the youth will sort out this kind of contradictions in its ranks remains to be seen.

    • Selam Micheal,

      Good to hear from you. As much as I love debating issues from different intakes,angles, ideological approaches, and historical perspectives, I don’t believe it is productive in in the current struggle, where our entire population is completely trapped in the grip of a totalitarian regime. Despite YG is the renowned defender of the Eritrean peasantry who paid the highest share in the Eritrean revolution, he is not making an effort on how to emancipate them from the cruel regime. Rather he is engaged in scrutinizing Ghedli which I would wholeheartedly support it in a peaceful Eritrea. And I am sure, God will, we will do it in due time.

      But there is always but….At this time if we would have prioritized and synchronized all our efforts and our struggle to free the peasants(where YG looks proponent)in particular and the entire population in general, surely would have eventually open the door to the civic and academic debate on our history and the future of our nation at large. Believe me YG is easily challenge-able in every aspect of his argument.

      First YG’s argument is all in hindsight, for he was supporting the cause of our revolution before he become against it. Second if Eritrea had a constitutional government and the basic democratic process in its governing, YG’s argument wouldn’t exist at all. So YG is exploiting the existing reality to validate his argument for making our identity questionable. BTW YG didn’t bring new expose to the history of Ghedli. IT was there with all the positive and negative side in the public domain, though I will admit the negative side of it outweigh the positive.

      You see Mike, when he asked me to prove whether Ghedli has contributed to the Eritrean identity I thought that he was sincere about his question. But he wasn’t. He already had a plan to disqualify Ghedli in the face of the current government. But I tried to show him historically, Philosophically, and ideologically to the cause of our revolution. In fact I agreed to some of his argument such as “unity by subtraction” for the civil war was fought for elimination and domination. But as to the cause of the revolution, it had a well founded reasons, that the Eritrean people were fighting against oppression and injustice. The reason Why I am not continuing to debate him is, simply it is a concluded history and now it is “not time” to weigh in the past.

  • One of the “Confused”

    Mr. Ismail,

    Allow me to put it this way- say there is a patient with a certain illness, and a certain doctor diagnosed correctly the illness of the patient. But the patient was not happy with the diagnostic techniques of the that certain doctor. But that unhappiness on the patient’s part does not change the fact that he has that particular illlness which WAS CORRECTLY DIAGNOSED BY THAT CERTAIN DOCTOR. With all due respect, you sound like a relative of that patient who is cheering for the patient to deny that he has that particular illness-because of the unhappiness mentioned above!

    • Zegeremo

      How about if the doctor is wrong?


  • zamu

    Yosief talks about Eritrea. His opponents? About him. Strange!

  • If Yosief is “the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused”; well, Ismael Omer Ali must as well be the conformist , the conservative, and partisan representative of the elderly. The Eritreans of the “ghedli era” are so stiff that you can hardly change their traditional views and values many of which do not chime with the 21st Century’s views. Whether you like or not, its the young who would tomorrow lead Eritrea.

    • Point

      The point is the young generation should learn its history and not forget it. The contribution of the older generation is obviously indispensable.

  • Abe z minewale

    A group of people are attacking Mr. Ismail. They sound the same as if one is writing from different location. What’s is this YG all about in practice? I wish I can touch the sky. I wish I had known better about the future? Let me invite any body to tell me if there is a promise by any body there will be love and honey after we got our independence. I still remember the song by Teklenkieal Gebru says Dehri Nesanet wen Gidil Alo Harnet hisbena NikhHlo Telewetna Hasabna BTelo keiatwena zeiwetsie Sellelo that’s exactly what is happening brothers and sisters. I am not interested listening Hateftef just hateftef no action

  • Zeray

    Mr Ismail Omar

    You have done well at discrediting Yosief, one rare Eritrean intellectual. They say it is easier to destroy than to build. Are you planning to give us a better alternatives and better ideas in the future? In my opinion you have crossed the line when you said, ” the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused.” To diagnose him as “restless” and “confused” require that you are a licensed Psychologist or equivalent. Are you? Did he pay a visit to your “office”?

    This propensity to destroy educated people is PFDJ legacy. I oppose Ismaiel’s labels and criticisms.

    • haile


      “the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused.”

      The guru – refers to yg

      The “young, the restless and the confused” refers to the followers not to yg.

  • Bahta Hagos


    If YG is gaining support, it is not because of his writing skills or his intellect. It is because Eritreans, after 30 years of war and 22 years of “independence”, have realized that independence is not what it cracked up to be. We were sold a lemon by a cunning guerrilla leader cum ruthless dictator.

  • Habte Tsaada

    The Restless and Confused, WOW! That much contempt! Does not it sound like PFDJ folks? They used to tell us that the Derg generation is uneducated, spoiled, disillusioned, Derg-corrupted, etc. Do you remember when they used to propagate that Derg’s 12th grader was only equivalent to 6th Sewra school? And now this guy just like his goons, remnants of the young haters, aka the children of 60s or whatever, is calling us confused and restless. Our fault- just because we left the country to run away from the government, run by thier colleagues and class mates, which turned us into slaves/ much the same reason they run away from Eritrea during the struggle era. Isayas and his chronies used to call us Serekiti, beshikatat, tsegibom, nai dergi tirifraf….you name it. Only in Eritrea you get the contempt and hatred showered on you from your elder brother. And this guy must be from those birds. I can see he has got the same feather as Isayas, Sherifo, Abdela jabir, Sibhat Efrem etc. with all his contempteous grinning smile. And what is irritating is that very few writers are bold enough like yosief g. to admit, understand and explain why we are in this predicament honestly, without that we-eritreans/our-identity bullshit. Infact, many get irritated and accuse yosief of not following what they do best- Romantisicing. Yosief gets you to the ground and enables you see thinks as they are. He undresses the reality naked. Most writers get angry at him and blackmail him instead of trying to prove him wrong. This one is no different. Andnet he calls him. Typical ‘illusioned’ gedli romanticiser who calls the young disillusioned. For one hundred times goddamnit, just stick to invalidating his ideas without name calling. When you do it, it just illucidifies that you are incapable of challenging him. Your scare tactic that he is a spy, unionist, evil enemy, is not working at all. You should have known that that never worked well for PFDJ. They used to tell us that we need to do national service and serve there indefinitely because there is Ethiopia, enemey at the gate, USA, Weyane etc. People are fedup with you people who know best even for the young. Just lay out your points and prove yg false. That is all needed. We have brains, just like yours, analytical skils, just like yours, and we don’t need any big brother telling us what is best. Dont forget we probably know eritrea better than you guys. Instead of pointless warnings, just disprove yosief, show us where his analysis fails. You have some points but you need more with out denigrating him, disparaging his writing style (because i blieve he is one of the best writers- and am sure many agree with me on this), name calling him etc. Only weak people do that. And cut out that Islam inferiority complex.

    • Zeray

      Habte Tsaada

      The Restless and Confused- this is direct label from Issayas government to the educated. You caught it and you are right on. The sad part of Ismail’s writing is that his bottom line summation was labeling. He said, “That in a nutshell is how I would sum up Yosief: the Eritrean guru of the young, the restless and the confused.”

      Some people think they can rise to the surface by putting down others.

    • Habte Tsaeda,

      I can’t agree more. Very well said. I have read mr. Osman’s article, and found it be full of languages intended to diminish YG and his readers. He has not provide any counter argument to refute YG’s claims ; however, he used the straw man argument adeptly so that can have a field day to deceive his readers. For example, he took the ” demobilization” out of context and tried to argue that YG wanted to have a weaker Eritrea so Ethiopia can come and gobble Eritrea. He also pathetically raised two infamous cards mainly used in this website : The habesha and islamophobia card.

  • haile

    Awatistas and Writer,

    The notion that change is likely (not “could only”) to come from inside (“la familia”)is borne by facts. YG may have only blurted out the only and obvious possibility (Altogh I disagree with YG on everything that he has to offer otherwise).

    Back to my point, in many respects, Eritrea enjoys a stable center, unlike most other regional countries. This is true politically, socially and economically (HGDF gud geiruna ember). The dominant group is also numerically a majority. Such is also the case on political and economic fronts; the majority sympathized with most of the nationalist causes that PFDJ ‘claims’ to uphold (but never does in practice).

    From that angle, in the event of sudden change, that could be anytime soon (well past due by now), those to form the next administration would have a lot of connection with the present system. That would only not happen if you agree with YG’s other assertion that Ethiopia will drive the change. Hence, the current system would fall in dergue’s style. Very unlikely in my opinion. YG is half right and you are half right, time to compromise for you two Mr Ismail!

  • Robel

    You said “Some of his critiques of PFDJ for example are excellent”. This is just because you see PFDJ as your enemy. If you were a PFDJite, then this would totally be nonsense to you. So the same goes with the other arguments of YG which you found reprehensible. “Out of shock value”??? are you serious? Now you are thinking that we are idiots. You also said “his articles or views exploit the general despondency of our people”. For people like me it’s a wakeup call not exploitation. Exploitation is what people like you are trying to do to keep the Eritrean people in continuous cycle of hallucination. You are not even close to YG. Your points are just weak and can’t even challenge the ideas that are pouring out of YG. The fact that you think we should just cover our mistakes rather than critically dissect it and learn from it, or correct the wrong, just shows how you have failed to see where YG was going with all his articles. I did not even want to read your article in its entirety, because I could clearly see the weaknesses, and believe me, it would be better not to waste your time in such nonsense because this article has no power to bring back the people you called “YG’s disciples”. I would say it actually points out YG’s clear vision and far reaching effects. It’s a good practice for writing though !

  • jack

    It really makes me shrivel with embarrassment when i read this article. Dear sir I can see that you want to show us the style of YG thesis and you managed to bouch it in a way that you only started from the assumption that Gedli, heros and Eritrianism are alpha and omega. But if you really read YG articels they went beyond and examined teh alpha and omega. Please sir, would you respond to the detail of YG articles and show us if the assumption and the red tread of YG articles are at fault. It seems you are really scared to read his articles.

  • Ahadu

    Ismail Omer-ali’s circular Journey in search of Yosief:

    With all due respect, you haven’t answered the million dollar question or challenge YG has put
    Forward to the whole Eritrean project. Infact you have proved him Wright..
    You raised all the worst case scenarios that could happened remaining with in Ethiopia:
    1. Ethnic cleansing to make room for growing or exploding population: I have never heard of such a thing as ethnic cleansing to make room for exploding populations. In the current world of exploding populations of china, India and Brazil, Ismail omer-ali wouldn’t have been around to tell the story about Eritrea if his argument has any bases. In any case what is going on inside Eritrea right now is multi-ethnic cleansing…
    2. Ethiopia wouldn’t have embraced us as Equals: no body was embraced as equals in Ethiopia except the feudal class. The worst class that has been created in human history is the slave system, and that is exactly what Eritreans are under..Slavery that extends from the center of Asmara all the way to the Sinai desert..
    Coming back to the main argument if the whole Eritrean project was 40 years of war and destruction
    And the final product is little Ethiopia at best..Then does it worth it?

    • Ismail


      You said “you haven’t answered the million dollar question or challenge YG has put”. What is the “million dollar question” ?? “The 40 years of war and destruction for a little Ethiopia ” as you put it? But that is exactly what my article was about! The question cannot be answered because it was incorrectly framed. The history of struggle of independence is not some generic history of “war and destruction” but a history of occupation and struggle for liberation; of aggression and defense; of victims and victimizers. Ethiopia forcibly annexed Eritrea and subjected its population to massacre in several places. Without a resistance movement (independence movement)to restrain its long arms for fear the rebellion may expand, there is no telling what Ethiopia might have done. It practically could have done anything it wished to Eritrean people including ethnic cleansing. That is what surrender can lead to. Since we are talking about future, nothing is certain. I cited the scenario to disprove Yosief’s projections about the future.

      Point #2 is a good one but there can be inequality at two different levels. Within Ethiopian people and between Ethiopians vs Eritreans. I meant the latter – a more severer form of inequality.

      Ismail (pointblank)


  • Horizon

    Among the few Eritrean intellectuals who understand fully Eritrea of yesterday, today and tomorrow, YG is the frontrunner. True wisdom lies with the people who live immersed to the neck in the reality of their everyday lives. Unlike those who ride high in the clouds on horses of futility like “we are unique and different, everything for our identity etc”, the ordinary Eritreans is hungry and thirsty for peace, a normal life, and a decent livelihood. Whoever is with the people might be blessed with this wisdom.
    The core philosophy of YG, from what I can understand, is the wellbeing of the people of Eritrean, and not their new identity or their new affiliations, nor Ghedli or independence minus freedom, because contrary to what the writer says, he knows that all of these factors have made the people of Eritrea lose their collective self-esteem, and it is killing them every day.
    YG does not believe that it is honorable to continue to sacrifice a people for an idea that has brought them to the verge of destruction. To him the plight of the people is not a molehill of truth but a mountain of callousness on the part of Eritrean elites.
    High morale devoid of actions on the part of the opposition does not bring a change. Unlike Ethiopian opposition forces in the diaspora, who do not seem to have a better idea for Ethiopia compared to the EPRDF, Eritrean opposition are not short of a better idea compared to the regime in Asmara, but they do not have the will power to implement it.
    Eritrea is no more in danger from Ethiopia and many Eritreans know this fact very well. The ruling class has to use Ethiopia as the boogieman to cow the people in to submission and keep the young tied up at the borders. On the contrary, Ethiopia is worried that Eritrea might make a foolish move that would force her to go to war. Unlike Eritrea, war is not a priority for Ethiopia right now.
    There seems to be two types of Eritrean intellectuals, those who say let us wait and see Eritrea might get better by some divine providence that would light the way for DIA, and others who are worried they might lose Eritrea, if they continue to be inactive, and they are ready to use any available medicine to save the patient. YG is one of the people who believe that Eritreans have suffered a lot and they should at last be able to live a normal peaceful life with their neighbors and find their lost dignity again. This does not make YG less Eritrean than the ultranationalists.

  • Abe z minewale

    Eritrea’s 30 years is a shinning jewel. I like to see some one who can write how the countries in the region can integrate their economy,politics,human rights so on. It’s is getting a lit bit itichy reading about 2E

  • Ismail Omer article catches something of the spirit of true the sons of Eritrea , behind the article well thought off respond well-balanced by a dedicated, independent and unbiased – a thoroughly impressive, even awe-inspiring piece of detailed work and his content is fact checked and well researched sources and well vetted. You Step up to the plate and your article diligently set to combat self-doubt and sellout hypocrite, Eritrean and our people are not buying YG false mantra of denial of being Eritreans and their honorable cause.
    With pundits like YG and some failed writers who want to exploit our today’s misery ,this tragedy by itself and lies a tale of tales , Above all else, there’s this: while Eritreans suffered and country burned and melted by Ethiopian forces . YG and his like by falsely creating patriotic and nationalist Eritreans as enemies out of next to nothing. Misinformation and negative propaganda will not deter and work. Eritrean at large from their objective set by founding fathers, the struggle is and was for true freedom, liberty and democratic independent state.
    The atonement, sadness, shame, and regret are necessary only for YG and supporters alike for being left behind as orphan from Mama Ethiopia. Even though his true desire and dream is to be united with his Habishadom part of Ethiopian. May be YG should write long article and remained the tigrian people how they were starved and treated to death by former Ethiopian Amhara regimes? And still the love and adore the old fasciitis regime.
    I am sure there were many Eritreans warned us of DIA ,the wittering was on wall and many years later and it’s hard to believe that anyone was so ahead of their times, given the human predilection for being unable to foresee much of anything in today confused situation . Perhaps the saddest thing that can be said about DIA, he manifested his aim and goal, is that, the way things look, 22 years after. Yes may seem as present and very fresh as this morning’s coffee news.
    We all as one people must also find ways to be part of the solution for change, even though Eritrean struggle (GHedli ) were never part of problem. We must put our highest values in action, in the service of our love for our country and our coming future is very bright, we must have a strong faith. The vast majority of Eritrean are struggling in their own way against DIA in all forms. Eritrea a needs us. We are called, indeed it is our patriotic duty, to take action and make change happen. Immediate action to end the regime of DIA and to help bring true liberty to the people of Eritrea
    YG long article nothing new with dishonest Managed article and misinformation does not substitutes facts. AS if Eritreans were fighting a ghost war on – an empty battlefield as those the entire Eritrea was not ‘battle space’. ” Long Struggled braved its way to victory with so much price to pay with no result not at all ,the short-term failure and long term success will be realized for sure .? In hindsight and political reality, Eritrean intelligence should have known better from the start with leadership like DIA at top.
    For those who dream of MAM Ethiopia ask our brothers in Ogaden region, find out how they are treated by past regimes and present, It’s the wrong time to be from Ogaden in Ethiopia. They’re persecuted for their ethnicity. At times it’s for their rights, struggle ,activism, prominence and equality, even today ,they are hunted down, pushed from their ancestor land ,rounded up, held in detention and persecuted as it happened to Eritreans.

  • Kim Hanna

    Mr. Ismail Omer-Ali,

    Wow, what a display. I have 3 quistions.

    1. Do you know that 50% plus Eritreans are Habeshas?

    2. Is it the Eritrean national service Army that has blocked the Ethiopian burning desire to take over Eritrea?(No offense intended)

    3. Is your Ethiophobia based on the assumption that Ethiopia is a “Christian Island”?

    I don’t expect answers but you must think about them.


    • Suleiman Gama

      Kim Hana.

      why would you ask him if don’t expect him to answer you ? by the way , I am a Tigre (don’t consider myself Habesha though nothing wrong with that).;p; (over 60% Eritreans share my feeling).

      • Suleiman,

        Where did you get the statistic? You may not consider yourself as habesha but you can’t just assume every tigre thinks or feels as you do.

        • CYBER CURE

          Dawit I believe as I was told by A Tigre man…Tigre are Hizbe Tigrinya from ¨bet Asghede¨..,but since We the Tigrawot of Eritrea deny our identity and create a new identity called ¨hizbe Tigrinya¨..who are we to tell anybody what to consider themselves.
          Although Dimbezan is originally from Dembiya ,I think we would like to be from ¨Singapor or Chechnya¨.
          Well, it is Eritrea..manufactured identity is not new..and should not be exclusive to hizbe Tigrinya.

          • It is exactly this that YG has repeatedly attempted to dispel. Some few “ghedli romantics” would like to have us (the young and the disillusioned) believe that we are not habeshas. They would prefer the Arab to habesha. Do you think it is because they are really not habeshas? I don’t think so. Because, the “Ghedli era old men and women” had been duped by the “ghedli ideology” into thinking that Eritrea is “filiyti hager ” and Eritreans are “fuluyat fitiret” consequently “fuluyat fitiret” needed to surgically separate any thing that Eritreans share with Ethiopia. At one points in time, I remember PFDJ had unofficial policy of closing bars that played “Amharic music”

  • Abdu Ali

    well said Mr Ismail O. Ali
    some of the old andinet members, downplay or discredit the struggle for independence and still dream about big Ethiopia. But they will be forgotten

  • abe

    Do I see two capm’s here?What happened to the Hanti hager, Hanti Libi,Hade Hizbi… boolshit propaganda ???
    I think the likes of Awate team,Ismail Omer, Mohammed Younis… should simply join the republic of Sudan and leave the rest of us in peace.
    If you were a democrat that you claim be,why wouldn’t you dare post the view of Y.G.??? I am glad to see YG heat where it hurts the most.By the way Ethiopia is at peace and developing like never before without Eritrea and would take another 30+years of aradous armed struggle among Eritreans to come to our sense and join Ethiopia.

  • John

    Dear brother Ismail Omer-Ali,

    UI salut you for laying down a sober advice, watching against the destructive and shameful efforts of Yosief to erase the noble strugle for freedom, and his shameless effort to boost the case for Ethiopia. This is simply treasonous mascaraed in false concern for Eritreans. We are and will continue to raise our flag as people, as Eritreans, on the shoulder of those who paid the ultimate brother. Our struggle for democracy and change in Eritrea will continue for the right reason, to assure us of our liberty, but not to destroy and lose our home land, under any pretext. I ask us all grounded Eritreans in who we are to pay attention to the advice of our big brother – stand as one, continue to fight for Eritrea and its eternity, and to keep on having a noble land we all call home. Many of the responses given to this article seem to be from those in the Ethiopian intelligence services who put much effort to use these medium as avenues of propoganda for the weakening of Eritrea. We have our issues, we have dectatorship, and we have another struggle at home, but let’s not loose sight and hope, and most importantly, resolve like our forefathers and brothers/sisters who perished for the noble cause. We are Eritreans, and we will always proudly be so. Those who think otherwise, “seb afanwuna”, can go to the arm of “Eno” Ethiopia and suck its fat milk. We are and will always be who we are – proud people of Eritrea!

    • abe

      Ethiopia is at peace and developing like never before without Eritrea and would take another 30+years of aradous armed struggle among Eritreans to come to our sense and join Ethiopia.Forget the fake Ghedli….

      • Point

        If that is the case why are you so obsessed with Eritrea and come to this forum????


      Respected John,

      If this is a sober advice ,I would like to know ..what a drunk advice looks like. I am not even half as articulate Ismail or YG..,yet I can differentiate the difference between substance & mere ¨If you can´t kill the message kill the messenger¨.
      I would humbly advice Mr Omer Ali to come up with straignning the message of YG with counter proof…as opposed to tell us YG is the LOONEY PROFESSOR.
      And I would like to know the positive side of the Eritrean issue ??? Living in the past while neglecting the undesirable future is wishing to be in hell to roast Marsh Mellows.

  • Point

    Very brilliant article Ismael Omer! Youseif’s academic type philosophy and rewriting of history the way he wants does not serve Eritrea and Eritreans!!! Period!!!

    • Kokhob Selam

      Point on,

      even that will not serve Ethiopian people and the region as it will only create another unwanted war.

      • Point

        We are talking about Eritrea and Eritreans! You have to find what serves Ethiopia inside Ethiopia! Period!!

    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Point on,

      I agree 100%. why would you re-marry your x-wife who took you to the cleaners. Both you and I need to unite and fight this idea of unity.(remarriage)


      • CYBER CURE


        Consider me as one more Eritrean who is totally against re-unification..If any Eritrean is asking for it ,they must be very selfish.
        I want my country Eritrea & Ethiopia to be good neighbours..nothing more..Ethiopia does not have to allocate it´s resources including the Ethiopians that are attending at the 30 + universities. If EPRDF agrees with reunification even if 95% Eritreans want it ..I would term EPRDF as anti Ethiopian people.
        I am Eritean ,and Eritrea has many uncurable illnesses that are just waiting to come to the surface after the departure of Mr. Isaias.
        Subjecting our neighbours to Eritrea is like giving your own child Cancer developing vaccine.
        I think Ethiopia is a thing of the past.Let it grow & be our refugee shelter & educating Eritreans that probably 95% of them will stay in Ethiopia to earn decent wages & respect.

        Those who wish our Eritrea to rejoin Ethiopia must hate Ethiopia to the brim.

        God bless Eritrean & Ethiopian ppl..(each in his/her own country) or as a refugee in Ethiopia

  • Tekeste´G.H

    Unlike you I think Yosief Gebrihiwot is not only an intelectual he is down to earth honest both to himself and to his readers.What we eritreans lack is the ability to see the miror view of ourselves.When someone like yosief helps us to look in wards and corect our mistakes instead of blaming the rest of the world for our faliers that is the way foreward.Yoseifs atempt to put the facts as they are is not only couragous it is rare in the Eritrean expirience.That the oppositin is weak is not yosiefs making it is a fact and evryone knows it.If the opposition is to be stregthend it must start by admiting that it along with the regim in eritrea is to blem for the situation we find ourselves in today. .

  • Danny

    Mr Ali,

    With your long winded rhetoric, you just proved YG right that there is a lot of Ghedli romanticizing going on against all common sense. If there were a genuine stat that were conducted about the Eritrean struggle, we would have seen more of Eritrean youth were gunned down by the making of EPLF and ELF in the name of mogogo and anchiwa than the number of youth died facing the Ethiopian army. The Ghedli culture was and is more dangerous to Eritreans lives than anything else and YG has done a credible job of exposing this fact.

  • TsTe

    Mr. Ismal Omer
    I am glad that you recognize the intelligence and analatycal genius that YG’s mind possesses, but you are wrong on one thing. He is not appealing only to the”young and gullible”. I have been reading his articles with a lot of interest for many years now and I heard him speak at the Youth Conference in DC and when I looked around the room, many applauding were not so young and not so gullible, they were former tegadelti, from the older generation. I for one grew up in the Derg Era zebene sewra, so not so young but I find his views very reasonable and a good analysis of our present predicament.
    You can disagree with his views but don’t underestimate his audience.

    • bn- erytrea

      spot on!
      thats excatly what i tought when i read the young and confussed the young and guallable from awate writers. i bet you go and try to tell yg ideas to the young you will be lucky if you come out in one piece.

      yg appeals majority to the dereg era youth or those who were teens in the mid 80s – its normal for this section of society to compare free eritrea vs derg of the 80s and come to the same conclusion as YG.Dereg’s relatively good policy and the economic boom of asmara and surrounding at that time and pfdj’s gross human right abuse at this time are two reasons among other factors that some may side towards YG.
      i wish these great writers of awate replace the young and confused to the confussed and hopless midle aged men.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Tamrat Tamrat,

    you need to swallow the truth that We Eritreans fought for one free nation leaving aside everything. ask YG and my i challenge you that he will list long the names from his family members who give their soul for this great aim. yes, I agree with you things could have been better if the ex-governments handle the case nicely but unnaturally the crimes were committed till last moment that let our people fought more strongly. again we Habesha can leave in the future in peace if we know how but trying to destroy all Eritrean struggle will not help. toady we both remain Habshas as Arabs have countries but they remain Arabs. so let’s work to get that Habsha brother hood in action by respecting our national identity.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Hi Kohkeb!!
      Dont you think this ‘habesha’ thing is an overrated concept! Anyways having great respect for YG has more to do With living in Peace than Your rehtoric.

      • Kokhob Selam

        there were a lot of educated people who thought so and there are some still. remembering Dr.Haile Fida of Derg days can be enough for you.all those intelligent men and women with all the facilities world give them couldn’t challenge Eritrean struggle. the only way out was to accept and go forward as Habesha’s. as the writer above mention it what they need was wisdom. this is what makes the late Meles different. He see things not only what knowledge says but also what wisdom says.is it was by calculation who could think Eritrea will be a nation? that is the reason also that we have PFDJ today. we didn’t spare part of our heroism and knowledge in thinking about what next after national freedom. so it is part of the the complete package that is remaining in having that Mafia group in Asmara. a pending job which here i would like to assure you that it will be completed without going back to Ethiopia.things are a bit mixed today and putting the properly is the main job waiting for us Eritreans. YG has a problem with our long struggle as there are some who had also. some has gone for open revenge and some has gone for this YG’s type of destroying our long struggle that all will go with wind.

        YG’s and his concept should not underestimated but even there are people who were with EPLF and are opposition but some with their personal narrow problems. there are those who were with Derg and want to see everything collapsed. really different type of people against our national identity in all directions. even their are people keeping pfdj on power is the best to keep our national freedom alive. so things need to be handled more than what we have done.

        YG’s case reminds me 1980’s people (as party) who try to destroy our struggle with Derg. and they just lost and no one remember them today as we were just fighting ignoring their movement. you will see now YG’s concept lost soon as Eritrea will become more than what she is- a democratic nation.

        We are Hasbsha and proud of that also. no one can take it form us.we may soon see a united East Africa including Habeshas. nothing wrong with that.

        • Tamrat Tamrat

          Hi Kohkob!

          You have never been incoherent like today! What is wrong pal? You started like isayas and ended up like YG.

          If you believe in eplf then you have to embrace pfdj to some extent too. Pfdj is not the result of a big bang and boom here is dictatorship. I advise you to read YG without being biased. When i first read his article i thought he put all ethiopians in derg catagory. I even wrote so many comments to explain Things. But when i read most of his Works, i started the bigger Picture and honesty.

  • Kokhob Selam

    እዚ ፈጣሪ ብኹሉ ኣይቀጽዓካን እዩ ጎቦ ይፈጥር እሞ መደያይቦ ኸኣ ይፈጥረልካ የቀንየልና::

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Dear Ismai Omer, ignorance and dictatorship is Our number one enemy. Mr YG has worked so hard to show us the right path. People like him in Eritrea would disappear so that no one listents to them. And those who dont have Power use poster dont listen YG. What worries me when or if these People take Power what could be the fate of these posters, ‘anti terrorism paragraph’.

    Ignoring YG is ignoring the substance he is occupide With almost all his life. He never uses violence. He is against violence. He could have been a hero if he were not born in this cursed Place called horne of africa.

    So Mr, what you and isayas has created littel Ethiopia ‘regarding size’ in the name of Eritrea at the era of colonel mengistu in the name of Isayas. You can list all sorts of exceuses but the fact and the substance of Intelcutal pragmatic the childe of the mass YG is Crystal Clear to see.