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The Role of the Elite In Leading Their Communities

The following post appeared on September 1, 2016, on Ismael Gabayta’s facebook page. Awatestaff took the initiative and translated it into English for the benefit of its readers. The original Arabic content by Ismael was slightly altered to avoid Arabic verbosity and be better understood by the English reader. Omissions and translation errors, if any, are ours.

The elite is the intellectual, cultural, and social cream of a society and it’s characterized by its special advantages and real talents, in terms of its capacities in creating public opinion for the people. It influenced and directs social components to pursue its general interests in the field of politics, including in economic and cultural aspects. And if there are conditions of freedom of movement and speech, the elite can elevate their people and countries qualitatively to the highest pedestal of political and social stability, to realize economic development and prosperity.

It is noteworthy that the term elite applies to whoever has the above-mentioned qualities and advantages. But the elite is not limited to the educated segment that carries certificates of higher education, but applies to many in the society, including social leaders, religious personalities, farmers, merchants, public servant, and the like, who have the ability and capacity for innovation, creativity, and to positively the surrounding communities. These are truly the elite because “elite” is not a term that is readily attached to a group and denied to others. It’s rather determined by the ability to positively influence and change a society by the persuasive power or by influences to the change that they bring about, either by participating in drawing the history of the communities, whether through decision-making, or by the ideas, principles, and slogans they express, and which results in a significant impact on the forming of public opinion.

The role of the elite in shaping the future

The intellectual elite of the world play a major role in the growth of their people through an effective participation in shaping the state of the cultural, political, and social landscape in the collective mind of their communities, and their way of thinking, which either stagnates and is not reformed, staying frozen in conservatism, or is elevated higher to advance with limitless innovations.

The different components of the European elite were able to lead their communities, in all aspects of modernization of life in general (culture, economics, politics, civil society …. etc.). That modernization was achieved through collaboration among the elite. And it resulted in a comprehensive rebirth for the people, leading to political stability, economic growth and development, and general improvements in all walks of life.

The communities that carry the banner of the prevailing culture–the preeminent groups in the field of human rights and environmental protection, and people employed in the field of media and education–, exerted a combined effort, together with the economic and political elite, and effectively influenced the society to strive in tandem in the pursuit of growth.

Based on the above, we can say that the communities in which the role of the elite is weak, or non-existent as a result of multiple factors, including the domination by the ruling elite which monopolizes power in the political, social and cultural positions, imposes only two solutions on the elite: either to be aligned with the authority, or escape outside of the country. Such communities continue to live on ignorance and backwardness, living in despicable situations that lack the most basic human necessities for living. And that is the outcome when the elite is inactive and unable to carry out its expected role effectively. Therefore, in the absence and lack of important conditions—freedom, social and political stability—, the elite is helpless and would not perform and function as expected.

By analogy, if we superimpose that reality in our Diaspora communities living in all parts of the world, is the elite in these societies able to play its natural role to help revive and develop its communities? The answer is absolutely obvious to everyone; no two persons would differ on it. And that is due to the similar nature of the political systems that rule the countries in our region. Generally, the systems in our region are based on the monopoly of power by a few of the components of our societies. They exercise their power either on the name of nationalism as in Eritrea, or on behalf of influential groups in the community in other countries, or on behalf of influential people like in yet other countries. Accordingly, all centers of political, economic and cultural life are in the hands of the ruling group and its satellites, while the rest of the people are excluded and live on the fringes.

And here we must ask: is there an alternative to the role of an effective elite?

As I mentioned earlier, the importance of providing a conducive environment for the elite to perform as expected is of paramount importance. However, even in the absence of such an environment, it is impossible to discount the role of the elite, regardless of its different roles and significance as a productive force for actions within a society at different times. That is illustrated by the role of the elite during the era of the revolution for national liberation in the last century. It was the elite that led the people to liberation to rid colonial powers. Conversely, that was due to the ability of the elite to initiate and create favorable conditions that would help it play its part; it is able to create the favorable conditions which are its natural and historical responsibility, and it is dictated to it to play its destined role.

Indeed, the main motive of the elite is its ongoing need to play its role in all circumstances and stages that the communities go through in their lives. Therefore, in times of peace and stability, we find that the elite’s role is confined to civil roles such as maintaining the stability and social peace and aspiring to achieve an intellectual and cultural growth, as well as the welfare of the people. But in the absence of stability, and the absence of social justice, and the usurpation of the rights and interests of social components, and threats to their existence in the form of the extensive suffering of the society, such as genocide, increase in the number of refugees, forced displacements and exile of communities from their natural abode, the role of the elite becomes completely different.

Currently, we are in such a situation, and the role of the elite requires us to look for different ways, to be organized and to be creative in finding new ways, in order to defend the communities from the violation and wastage of their rights and interests, and in order to stop the ongoing cycle of suffering that has become a serious threat, affecting the human existence of our people. And finding an answer to these questions is the responsibility of everyone because we are considered the elite of our communities and its protectors.

Here I would like to mention the saying of the late Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India who was asked about the fate of the country that was overshadowed by economic and social challenges, all facing it together with a tremendous human pressure. He replied something to the effect, “I am only afraid of the regression of the role of the elite and India will be weakened, because the elite has the burden of carrying the entire load [ of the common people].”

We are now facing a difficult test: either to accept the decline of our role in bringing about change for a better future for our communities, and instead gain certain privileges at the expense of our suffering people, or assume our real role that is dictated to us by our historical responsibilities, in feeling the suffering of our communities, and therefore address the surrounding risks that threaten their existence.

The elite that is aware of the suffering of its people occupies a prominent place in the history of its nation, but an elite that merely theorizing and staying away from sacrifices, and away from the circles of action, is a disaster for the people. Worse, the outcome of that is the loss of trust between the elite and their communities, thus, the fate of the societies is exposed to unknown possibilities and to chaos whose extent and consequences no one can predict.

Finally, I think what is required of us as the elite of the society is bigger than just converging and theorizing about the obvious crises that we witness, but we are required to uplift our people and bail them out of the feeling of loss, save them from the prospect of the bleak future of their lives,  and take them to a stage of optimism and hope, in order to instill and resurrect their self-confidence, and persuade them effectively that we are able to lead the vehicle and steer the compass to safe shores, so that we can all realize our dreams and hopes.

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  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Awate,
    Although under time pressure, I read the above article stimulated by the intro and believing that there must be a big reason why The Team decided to translate it for our benefit and I just wanted to throw in a rush a few unorganized thoughts here:
    1) Elitism is measured in terms of the actual power of influence and not in terms of a potential.
    2) One of the primary role of the Elite Group in any given society is taking a lead in marrying truth with interest.
    3) Unlike to Mahmuday’s take, the Eritrean Elite must revisit its past role in earnest of pinning down its sins in setting an excessive departure where the truth is victimized for a fashioned group interest.
    Dearest SGJ, I am so humbled by your note addressed to me the other day

    • Solomon

      Dear Hyatt Adam,

      That is rather downer sounding to be avoided per SJG’s recent republished article from 2004.
      Gual Adam, avoid by all means my UNGuided by Lazer NUKE missiles.

      One could be dismissive of your young debutant silver spoon fed Aristocratic Queen Hyatt Adam’s in dire pursuit of Power and Elitist first point with the following two rational and friendly rebuttals.
      1. The need to feel powerful and in control as well as belonging to One of The Elite is rather telling of a either a deeper insecurity and or of she or he being scored in the not to distant past. Those with a need to govern with heavily armed military over the towns, cities and states who are told to feel proud for their fortuitous freedom and joy they brought do so not because they possess power. On the contrary an argument, due to your Quid Pro Quo tone quick dip reaoearance, their show if force mayhem and murders if the very citizens they should protect and serve is the direct result of those who possess FEAR to the nth degree due to_____&&&.
      2. You should tilt your angle of vission to know the power withing the Future youth Potential energy and resource. The rest of your sideways approach I skipped… Worry not… My pestering shortly will cease…
      Call me George Jefferson.

      • Hayat Adem

        Hello george jefferson,
        you are always hilarious and you are the only one i can speak of like that without even understanding what you said.

        • Solomon

          Hello Hyati,

          Wheezy and I are planning to drive TO THE EAST! For a cup of storm as Younis reminds us, ShaHi Bl NaEnaE.

          NeIynindOh nEInii…She has been humming all along.

          “10,000 Georges” on the drive up an incline would could not distract her. Even little Lori’s every AAshera KM’s rhythmic “Are we there yet?” is serving to the Enthusiasm.


  • Yossef

    selam Awatistas

    Firstly, I would like to thank the author Ismael Gabayta and team Awate for a timely piece on current Eritrea politics.

    In my humble opinion, the elite can and should be a driving element in achieving a prosperous democratic Eritrea at peace within and without. The elite are also instrumental in formulating a broad vision that can rally a big majority of the Eritrean population.

    The burning challenge is to quickly transition from the current phase of problem-definition to a phase where real solutions are identified and implemented.

    • Solomon

      Mr. G! Yosief, I presume.

      Yes indeed to “a phase where real solutions are identified and implemented.

      I love you already. And KndiShiH Nitrick will welcome you and your call for Real Solutions and Inp

  • saay7

    Selamat awatistas:

    One of my earliest memories of is from 1996 (20 years ago!) and the controversy that engulfed the form by my review of the book “In Defense of Elitism.” The author blames the “dumbing down of America” on its embrace of egalitarianism: that we are all the same, we all have something to contribute, all cultures contributed equally to world civilization, we should aim for “self-fulfillment” and not objective achievement, etc. In short, it was an American criticizing the evolving values of America and his conclusion that egalitarianism forces us to accept that all people are equal when all we should accept is that all people are equal under the law.

    To present this in an African context, it’s comparable to pre-industrialized Europe, I think. That is the elite are: (1) the hereditary rulers (chieftains, kings, kings of kings); (2) the nobility, from the warrior class (fitewrari, grazmach, kegnazmach, cavaliere); (3) the religious princes (Abune, Mufti, Abba, Sheik, Siddi, Seidna.) Right near the end of colonialism, a new elite group was added (4) the (relatively) educated and the civil servants. In almost every case, category 4 were the siblings, offspring of categories 1-3, so it was one incestuous group. Thus, in Africa, to be against colonialism meant to be against the elite. Freedom/Independence was equated as rebellion against the elite….and if one is a member of the elite, one had to, in the language of Marxism-Leninism, strip oneself of the class you belong to and all its trappings. In the EPLF, this was so literal, one had to surrender his watch because it was a Peasant Revolution and the peasant surely didn’t have a watch.

    Because Eritreans are obsessed with politics, the term elite always takes political connotation. And, in fact, the origin of the word “elite” is “elected”–the ruling class. (The “Not Many” or “Ruling Few”, as Socrates called it.) So, by definition, the Eritrean elite (the ruling few) are the PFDJ. (Actually, close your eyes, Amanuel: it is not the PFDJ but people hand-picked by Isaias to key positions. To say “PFDJ” implies there is a Central Committee, an Executive Committee, a Congress—and we all know there is none.) Now what this political elite has concocted is something clever: We Are An Egalitarian Elite. Huh? Exactly. Sure, we are the ruling class, by the conventional definition of politics, but since we live among our people, and enjoy no privileges at all–our standard of living is smack in the middle, one standard deviation from the medium–it is a government by the people for the people. All the things you guys complain about–arbitrary arrest, lack of civil liberties, compulsory military service–apply to us, we are not spared so, We Are The People.

    But outside politics, there is a whole world of elites: in art, sports, literature, philosophy, science. And where are we there? Where is the one million strong Diaspora Eritrea in any of those? And what is the reason for our absence there? Is it our upbringing? Is it our obsession with politics?

    Because the word “elite” has become a dirty word, substitutes have emerged. One of them is “thought leader.” Pick any field: where are our thought leaders? Our novelists? Our athletes?* Our scientists? Our philosophers? Our artists? Is it all just a function of the numbers: we are too few to produce an elite class? Is it all a hang-over from our revolution that equates elitism with colonialism and neo-colonialism? Or is it that we are all, for generations now, undergoing post trauma, damaged and un-whole?


    * sports is one area where, as the Soviet Union and China showed, totalitarian states can produce world athletes. Thus our elite cyclists and long-distance runners. Go Team Eritrea.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Merhabs Saay,

      I wish I read your book review “in defense of elitism “. I wasn ‘t participating in the internet interacting media in early 90s. I was busy in my schooling. However, I wrote an article criticizing specific Eritrean elites with PHD’s who were the mouthpiece of PFDJ party in late 90s, at “netsebraq Eritrea” , a monthly megazine published and distributed in North America and Europe.

      I concur your criticism on the absence of Eritrean intellectual elites** where they are needed to enlighten their population at this crucial time. Remember, since the majority of elites engage on the bases of their interest, those elites who are in the diaspora has little or none to lose from the current Eritrran politics. So your question where are our scientists of all educational desciplines, the sociologists, philosophers, political scientists, lawyers, enterprenuer class, historians, journalists…etc? has been the persistent question in the Eritrean diaspora community.
      The answer is they are busy to study the problem of other countries (Asian,African, South American countries).

      ** Saay I closed my one eye, and I missed the critics you don ‘t want me to see it. No reaction whatsoever. I might touch about the complecency of our elites in my upcoming article, that beast might victimize them either directly or indirectly. It is a matter of time and turns.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Solomon

      Selamat Saay7,

      I would say right there amongst the leading pack. Collectively taking high risk strategies, encouraged by all sides of their respective pull and push factors. What is needed is efficient nets to sift your hearty meal.

      It is not Zerr, rather geography you should base your recommendation on. Do you understand what point I am making now? “Can you hear me now?”

      “Can you hear me now?”


      • saay7

        Hey TsaTse:

        Not really. Ayisemam ebakeh. Perhaps it’s time to change your carrier. Try again using plain English.


        • Solomon

          Dear Saay7,

          Menfeeetfilter delaying the signal? Stay cool is to stay in school.

        • Solomon

          Hello Hello Saay7,
          You do know the baby bells are being further broken up to spread the square base of the pyramid. An expansion of the domestic economic plans…. “Brother can you spare a dime?” To make a phone Boothe call. Should only conjure Nathan McCall’s sound track. All you have to do is drop the needle on the grooves of that page to hear with clarity. Or just Holla at Mc-Call by allowing this link without the unnecessary filtration: “What’s going on, what’s going on?Makes me wanna Holla!” McCall and Norfolk Virginia with an ATL connection:

          Inna ye “It’s the Economy Stupid” Zemen gebtonal, lemmnderneww ye Hayya ye Ahiowouch Tzitaa berunn nkeftalenn. Ye wehha lakilingn ke ihitt le ihhit ayehh?
          SNL on the debate was also Awesome!!! The subtleties of our ways?
          “Can you hear me now?” 😉
          I AM from Ogidi Anambra State, from the Delta an Igbo at your service Saa!

    • Ismail AA

      Selam saay and Amanuel,
      Let me first thank our brother Esmael Gabayta for writing the time article on important issue. Muhurat abbey alewu/feyn al nukhba is casual Household preoccupation whenever drastic events happen nowadays. Moreover, praise is due to those who had spared time to make the article accessible to English reader, knowing the travail translating conceptually loaded stuff from Arabic to English demands.

      I found Saay take on the issue very useful, and supplement the Esmael’s article. My understanding (and of others’ probably) would have been reinforced had I had access to Amanuel’s article, too. The fact that such contributions enrich our understanding of what the elite of a society are as well as what they comprise is essential in my view.

      Now, let me jot a few point on one or two points that drew my curiosity when reading Saay’s paragraphs. One is equality and the law. It urged me to reflect back to our people’s long pursuit freedom in statehood. The whole journey was in fact about an ongoing search of “equality under the law”. Liberating the land was just ground on which equality and law ought to blossom. The current preoccupation of our people is to clear the barrier which the current dictatorship embodies.

      The next point I noted was the story of confiscating watch in the EPLF world, and the rationale rooted Marxism-Leninism. It reminded me of similar episode in the ELF. The difference was that ideology had nothing to do with it. The event involved a group of fighters at the training camps of Ribda, Western Eritrea. Among the more 6000 fighters there were group who did read or write. The fighters who ran the political orientation program decided to start illiteracy classes. But they lacked funds to buy exercise books. So, they asked fighters who owned watches to donate them. Some had small amount of money, too. The watches were sold in Kassala, Sudan, and exercise books were bought.

      Now, having digressed this much, let me pose a few questions to Saay and Amanuel, and of course others in the forum:

      1. What drives the motive of the elite when it comes partaking in the current struggle?

      2. Is asserting that at the present time a major part of the elite is afflicted by segment-fixation is idle allegation or holds some truth? To elaborate: do they have propensity towards segmental interest rather than the general interest that cut across the society as a whole?

      3. What the performance of the elite better during the national liberation movement era (1942-1991) than post-1991?

      4. Is absence of consensus based credible rallying agency (task program + leadership) enough reason for indifferent or egocentric attitudes of the mainstream elite, especially the literati among them?

      Best regards,

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Ahlen Ismailo,

        These are questions that should have answered by the complacent elites themselves. But I will try to give my subjective answers by comparing elites of “pre” and “post” independence after a short introductory note.

        In general, Eritrean elites have strong nationalism, and more so than the bystander Eritreans. Usually, whether the motives of elites is based on parochial narrow nationalism or based on historical precedence, they are the driving force for the nationalistic ideology. However, the struggle for Eritrean Nationalism has a historical and ideological precedence. Hence the Eritrean elites started the struggle for independence and attained in 1991. As in all liberation movement, the Eritrean struggle suffered of power struggles, splits, and liquidations of of highly educated national assets. The anti educated policy of the current regime is the continuation principles

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Greetings Mr. Amanuel Hidrat,

          Here goes things astray when we generalize, “There is no wrong – elites to have political egos and strive for any political ambition.”, I think, here you fail to differentiate the phase and domain in which this right can be acceptable. The phrase “any political ambition” is not available in the dictionary of true elites. A true elite is free of thinking about one segment of his people, he recognizes demands of all segments and defends them from any violation. For example: if my political ambition is to make Eritrea ruled by “Islamic Shariah” or said “Tigrinia” is an Ethiopian language, we don’t need it in Eritrea. Definitely, this will not be accepted by a segment of our people. I think those who function with such mentalities are not considered elites who could guide their societies to stability and prosperity. An elite doesn’t mingle things, but all his words and works are calculated carefully and clearly. An elite always endeavors to create stability among his people, his main target is well-being of all segments of his people.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hameed,

            Leaving aside the elites of other discplines, can you explain what constitute “political elites”? Don ‘t give us what you think of should be, or subjective definition? Consider for the sake of argument the political elites who compete for political offices in USA with different ideological philosophy and different objectives based on the demand of their constituents. Do you consider them as political elites? Let me see your answer and I will go from it.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings Amanuel Hidrat,

            Americans have a constitution which all segments or parties agreed upon. No entity goes beyond the constitution, all concerned parties authenticated. All Americans with different ideological philosophy sit under one umbrella whether the ruling or opposition. Tell me now, Mr Aman, that evey American party has “Ukub group” of its own which hatches plots to exclude all, rule the country alone and tailor a constitution on their size.

            Those who make different excuses to escape sitting in one round table under one umbrella with their compatriots are not elites.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hameed,

            Whether a country has a constitution or not, as to what constitute “political elites ” does not change. Hence, please answer my questions if you want to engage you. My question is general question, and it is a conceptual question. Do not define terms only to address your political apetite.


          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Greetings, Amanuel Hidrat,

            I think, what you are after can be grasped even by those who don’t have a,b,c of politics; it is not an issue one escapes from. My friend even brothers/sisters from one family may have different ideologies, but they remain brothers/sisters co-exist side by side. Concerning, political appetite and how it can be satiated is an open sky, but come down and tell me how you want to co-exist with your compatriots in the country. I hope not to tell me you intend to form your own group and toil your entire life to marginalize others, because you have special ideology.

      • saay7

        Selamat Ismail:

        I have always meant to say this but lacked the context to say it, now I have: You, Ismail, are the most uncommon commenter this forum has seen: you are unfailingly polite, civil and go out of your way to compliment people and their contributions. This is no empty praise; there is a context for saying it: this website has carried the banner of inform, inspire, embolden, reconcile and while I give it an “A” for the first three, I would give it an F for the last. Facilitating that requires people with your demeanor and I just felt like noting it: to remind you of what is perhaps your life’s calling.

        I think the most important characteristic of an intellectual is fearlessness in the pursuit of knowledge and the service of truth. That may require a heavy dose of self-criticism–the “self” applying to all our identities. In my view, no civilization has advanced itself, without transforming its culture and at the forefront of cultural transformation are, and should be, our intellectual class.

        Now, then:

        1. The elite need not collectively partake in the current struggle. They may choose to support the PFDJ, they may choose to support the opposition, or they may choose to wait-it-out. So long as the decision they reach is based on pursuit of knowledge and the service of truth. So long as they are able to explain coherently and persuasively why it is that they have chosen to do what they are doing. An intellectual need not be a “public intellectual” but if he/she chooses that path, then they must pursue knowledge and truth to whatever destination it leads them without having a pre-determined conclusions. Right now, whether it is the pro-PFDJ or pro-Opposition elite, they all have a conclusion and are trying to fill in the details to justify our conclusion.

        2. I have no way of knowing that, other than anecdotal. And the anecdotal data is like life complex and no easy to create a working theory for.

        3. The elite are human and largely affected by their environment. The 1942-1980 Eritrean environment was heavily affected by African, Arab, Indian, South American liberation movements and it stands to reason that our elite would be too. (80-91 was momentum.) The post-1991 elite were also affected by their environment: unipolar, globalism of I-got-mine-you-get-yours.

        4. The most defining quality of the elite is their individualism; if you can herd them, they are not elite:)


        • Ismail AA

          Selam saay7 and Amanuel,
          Thank you both for your response to my curiosity-driven questions, which were not meant to steal time from, I am pretty sure, tight schedules.
          Saay7, I appreciate your compliment though I am afraid you gave far too much than I deserve. As any in the forum, I just try to scribble a few things on what I feel I should on some common issues. That is the least one can do compared to other brothers who do millions of times more to inform me, and hopefully others, spending hours, days and weeks to produce articles that nourish my humble mind.
          At the minimum, I belief receivers like me should help them by making the best of what they contribute, and learn from them, and crediting them by responding to their noble efforts with humility rather than with arrogance.
          To speak just for myself, I must not use the platform the forum as well the the established writers offer me as a launching pad for my releasing my anger for one reason or the other.
          Thanks again, saay7 and Amanuel.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Ismail & Saay

            You have an edited response to the original questions of Ismail below. Sorry I should have waited to respond until I get off from work.


        • Solomon

          Selamat IsmseilAA and Saay7 and Hamid-AlArabi,

          I feel it appropriate to also chyme in and also state my admiration for IsmaeilAA’s conciliatory contributions to the ongoing Eritrean frictions through this website’s forum. I couldn’t agree for any more with you Saay7 of a more gentler soul than our fellow Awate’s foroum writer the Mr. IsmaeilAA.

          I took notice and with the smashed prerogative that I possess, I gaged and pointrd, with some reservatiom, my older brother IssmailAA’s soothing voice of The Mediator in his bridging efforts between MaHmood “The Best” SaliH and Aya Amanuel Hidrat flashbacks to the 1980s through their mostly “tunned out” but never the less very painful high temperature frequent exchanges. I do not believe his soothing voice of mediation is for the sake of those two gentlemen, rather it is my belief that he is very much driven and ahead of the pack with his grasp of the the winning strategy. His gentle and measured comments should not at all be considered as though he is a “live and let live” resigned fellow who avoids conflict due to feat. On the contrary, we are all very aware of his humbled and rarely worn on his sleaves earned stripes in the Eritrean War theater as a young man and more than likely his current tenacious fight for the same cause he will ever give up on.

          I am not writing this to gain personal favors from him or to annoit his as the next Eritrean Mosses, and recommend him to lead THE HOP AND A SKIP across the Mereb Rivere for either side of the warring factions of Eritrea and or the region. As a matterfact I have some reservations and challenges for our fellow gentleman foroum writer and for some of us elder. I have hinted this to him that though his main goal is to reconcile the differences within the Eritrean Opposition for the defeat of our incumbent Etitrean rulers and oppreasors.
          Though I may desire the same future as Mr. IsmaeilAA desires with his tenacious pursuit, I am of the opinion that he could brave and venture MORE in reaching out to serve similarly when dealing with the relevant voices of We Eritrean Opposition’s declared internal enemy. His very strong silece is sometimes heard very loudly, perhaps out of his obligations as a leader of organizations of men and women in a very tough fight.

          • Ismail AA

            Tina yHabelna Gash Solomon,
            Thanks. I always enjoy your style and humor-spiced comments. When read side by side with SGJ’s should nourishing literary masterpieces, I get feel joy engulfing my mind and soul.
            Now, Selle, I will whisper into your ears on conditions you keep it secret. The reason why I advocate reconciliation: don’t want to die and be buried in exile.

          • Solomon

            Dear Sir.,
            I hear you loud and clear. And trust me I know just exactly what you mean.


      • Solomon

        Selamat Mr. IsmaEilAA,

        I would certainly like to tackle what I consider very astute three or four questions you have presented to the Eritrean Elites on this and numerous other Eritrean forums of varying degrees and levels of seriousness with regards to choice of Projectiles or Lazer sharp weoponry.

        I will be patronizing and encourage Mo-B-Mo to lead with his Hasiba of a significant outstanding bill in addition to his Part1, I.e. Pre-1991 Elites excerpt he already shared up top. I encourage him to tackle your Post-1991 roke of Elitea enquiry. An excellent segway for Eritrean Opposition Political Programs he agreesd to address earlier.

        Then, I will follow to Mop up the high sealing lobys and offices of our Eritrean Muhurat MeraHti, as the best Janitor discarding in the trash bins their rejected paper rubbish after ample, rational sound analytical considerations.

        Labor! NaHber SheQalo. Aya AH anti Elitist ilu deA keylikimena.


  • Ismail AA

    Selam Tewelde gebremariam,

    Calling the opposition to adopt Eritrean nationalism as yardstick for political organization is fine, whatever that means because it could also mean hallow jingoism.

    But claiming that “the …. Eritrean oppositions have practically adopted woyane’s negative view on the Christian Highlanders” is reckless generalization, which moral rectitude would require you to provide evidence. And, decency should have guided you to specify which ones among them have “adopted woyane’s negative view on the Christian Highlanders”. It carries serious and dangerous implication.

    In regard to your reference to Martyr Hamid Edris (sic) advice (reminder!) to his comrades-in-arms about the importance of rallying the highlanders, I do not think he had been reciting revealed verse from the Bible or the Koran that predestined the highlanders with the destiny of carrying the burden of liberation. He underscored the crucial role of national unity, which as a national leader superbly understood the wholeness of the polity and its inhabitants he was out to liberate.

    Thus, it is unfair to the great national patriot and by and large, the Eritrean people to try to use that statement of Hamed Idris Awate’s as pretext to prop up attitudes bordering on crude chauvinism that dwarfs people’s endeavors for change to “wishful dream”. Moreover, resorting to numerical claims of how many died from whom does in no service to meaningful end, and certainly remains in the realm of marginal thinking, and has nothing to do with mainstream perceptions of our people. The cause of our people at any time and place needs views that unite, and not raw ideas that divide.


  • sara

    Dear awetians
    why is it quite here, well may be you went to the town hall meetings of tramp and Clinton, the way i see it
    there will be MUFGEAA come Nov, 9/16. the good/bad news is Mr Trump is expecting to win by land slide, like 100%/100%, i wonder if Ms Clinton the former secretary of Obama and the Boss of Susan rice will concede here defeat and congratulate Trump about the MIA/Mia election result.
    still quite, why?

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Sara,

      So, prepare yourself to leave America if Trump win election MIA/MIA.

  • Solomon

    Selamat Forum,

    The Scavenger’s Hunt road side:

    “… Thus did the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five conduct their Greatness, and myriads of small creatures–the creatures of their chronicle among the rest–along the roads that lay before them.” Ch1
    TALE OF TWO CITIES, Charles Dickens
    “… to entertain any suspicion that they were awake, was to be atheistical and traitorous.”


  • MS

    Selam Awatistas
    Speaking of our ELITES:
    I understand the Eritrean elites are constrained by time and space (history, experience, proximity). Let me pay homage to this section of our society.
    The Elite of yesterday: After having experimented with different intellectual tools of that period (mostly with strains of leftist theories, and experiences of liberation movements, Cuban, African Chinese, the USSR….), they finally concluded that all they needed was right there, in front of them, in the society and the they were fighting to liberate; it was there in the different socio-economic strata of the people, in the farmers, the students, the women, the workers…once they looked into the potential of NATIONAL prospects and started looking inward into their people, digging into the cache of Eritrean experience, the journey became shorter and clearer. It was an experience and a journey any student of history will appreciate. It’s easy to criticize and philosophize about that experience from the summit of Mount “I know it”. They did what many (almost all liberation movements did. The ELITE that I knew:
    – Forfeited privileges, careers, and promising life in order to share hardships with their struggling people. They learned how to go thirsty and hungry, how to live under the mercy of the elements of nature, and under constant bombardments. There, they established schools, hospitals, garages, factories, and so on. There, they engineered snaking roads around the rugged mountains, invented and improvised everything from weapon systems to simple tools that would help make life a little better.
    – Those elites immersed themselves into their people where you would find a Tigrigna speaking cadre helping farmers of Barka and Mogaraib in their own language; where you would find a Bini-Amer Tigrayet speaking educator helping the Afars construct schools, learning from them and communicating in their language…
    – You find Diaspora elites grouping up and forming lobbying organizations wherever they live trying to knock at the doors of superpowers and influential nations and their embassies trying to introduce Eritrean cause, trying to petition for attention of the “forgotten war”.
    – I know of the intelligentsia who used their prestige, devoting their life, whole heartedly and around the clock, to counter-punch Ethiopia’s well established narration and presence in intellectual arena: they organized seminars; they published books and pamphlets; they led rallies…
    – Simply put: I know of the intelligentsia who cast off their privileges and dedicated their lives to Eritrea and Eritreans, and for disclaimer: I was not one of them.
    -All that culminated in May 24, 1991:
    * At the end of the war: ሁለተኛ ኣብዮታዊ ሰራዊት (ሁኣሰ), The Second Revolutionary Army of Ethiopia that was battling in Eritrea was reduced to 130,000; it was mainly around Asmara, Keren and Asab. Asab Dankalia was a separate operation. For the army that was cordoned around Keren and Asmara in a fron line that went from the heights of HalHal connecting with Rora MensaE to Mirara, GindaE, Seled, all the way to Mereb was hit on May 19, 1991. Mighty EPLF’s invasion was South-North direction, therefore by the time Asmara was captured Ethiopian army was flooding the northern Eritrea escaping towards Sudan, mainly along the Asmara Teseney road. When guns fell silent, aroun May 27/1991:80, 000 Ethiopian soldiers were captured along the Keren-Barka road; 21,000 were captured at Kisad Eiqa, they were given a pass to Ethiopia after a short exchanges of protocol between EPLF commanders and the commanding officers of the escaping Ethiopian army; and around 13,000 were captured in the battles around Asmara. A total of 114,000 soldiers were captured. Only three tanks made it out of Eritrea to the Sudan, the rest of the equipments have been left in Eritrea. Eritrea released all captured the soldiers right away.
    You can see the finger prints of yesterday’s elite in the making of Eritrea, in the dismantlement of occupying force against all odds. And folks, dismantlement looks like that.
    After independence: this is an area that is full with contention and asks for more debate. However, it’s noteworthy mentioning that today’s elites have a lot to learn from yesteryear’s counterparts, mainly, understanding your society, figuring out pressing challenges, making a sober and candid discussion on appropriate strateguies, and finally commiting oneself to sharing the cost that the proposal imposes upon you. What we are experiencing is a hodgepodge of ideologies…demands…allignments…without a ceter of gravity.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Greetings Oh Jigna MO-B-MO,

      Usually works are measured by their results. If a certain company failed to profit, it is considered loser that forces her to disappear from the market scene. Not only disappears, but may end up in courts because of debts and liabilities.

      The king and his militias didn’t parachuted in the scene of the Eritrean arena from the blue sky in 1991 or 1998. They were molded in the Eritrean field through “Guba’a Haqqi” and “Guba’a Hassot”, here exists the complete crux that gave birth to the mafias and their leader. They are founded on lies and assassinations of their competitors, and still they continue to perpetrate same crimes against humanity. They are not the outcome of surprise, though they are a surprise to those with minds in vacation or enjoy superficiality or Darawish.

      The ELITE are those who have a positive input in the development and prosperity of their societies. They are creative people, in a sense, don’t undertake any decision without cognition of its results, calculate each and every step they assume. They pave safe ways, free of obstacles, for the advancement of their peoples, leave constructive touches of excellence in all their works.They are always in search of truth to embrace wherever they get, endeavor for advancement of their societies in all walks of life. Such traits qualify them to script their names in the pages of history that will all be proud of. Precisely, an ELITE is a person with a positive outcome in particular for his society and humanity in general.

      It is impossible for a person shackled with complexities and phobias to be innovative, because innovation requires a free mind without fetters of complexities and phobias. Every step that takes such a sick person goes astray. Most of the time becomes the victim of his own decisions and works. Victimization doesn’t confine to him only, but transcends to the people he presumes to lead to well-being.

      Now let me swerve to the issue of Jigna Mahmud Saleh. The models of Mahmud Saleh are cadres totally overwhelmed by complexities and phobias. They are persons cemented in one notion only. You don’t see any changes in their programs that could take them out of the swamp. The malady infected by leads them to perpetrate crimes that by its turn blocks the way back. This is the reason they always hold the slogan of “Nikhid Nikidmit”, even if that road leads to hell. In their book there is no inventory of the past decisions and works. Once they declare something hold it tightly: Sawa, imprisonment, economy, enmity, oppression, robbery, etc. are examples. All companies, establishments, organizations, governments, ect. revise their works yearly and come out with a new program. The status in Eritrea is a kind of sickness and crime case. I think, nothing good is expected from such sick entities.

      Really, they are fountains of destruction and annihilation for themselves and their societies. There is no rational option to call a person who suffers from complexity and phobia an ELITE. An entity that commits grave mistakes and comes around, after its escape from the mafia of course, and tell you “Kimzi De’a Aymeselenin”. Who calls such a person an elite? I think only those who suffer from the same malady, complexity, phobia and crimes against humanity. Mr. Mahmud, you are just a student of sick and criminal entities. If they were good enough you wouldn’t go “Hafi Wa Agra’a Ende Kayid Amrica Wayi bas’hakani” and you wouldn’t inform us you and your children will live forever in the United States of America.

      The only treatment for such sick people is to present them to courts of justice, if they pass without account they will experience same in the future.

      • MS

        Selam Ayte alarabi
        Haven’t I hear and read all these nonsenses before you. Alas, there is the Meqele factory that has cursed Eritrea with its deformed products of Alarabi, amiche, pilot, foro…..the agents of discord and chaos. Get this: try to behave just for one day like the elites of yesterday, try to behave like the humble tegadalay who taught Russians (forget talarabi) how to behave humbly, and then you will be able to chase bxaay monkey not only from DC but from Asmara. I know, it’s a call you can’t answer. Now, here the latest news that should really concern you. Your Wayane is really in a precarious situation teetering on the edge of the cliff. Never mind about Eritreans. They paid so dearly that they won’t let sick minded agents of TPLF to lord over them. They will solve their problems. I’m as optimistic as I was 25 years ago. I understand what’s making that solution delayed, part of the delay factors are sick minded agents like you who bark to pit people against each other. No, way. Sing those ugly melodies to your handlers.

        • blink

          Dear Mr. Mahmud
          All these you mentioned are just from a place called Tigrai ,every thing they say and dream to see is not Eritrean . They are cronies of the southern small minded people . So i urge you to dumb such people in your unrecycle bin.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Greetings Jigna Mahmud Saleh,

          Wayane Phobia / CIA Phobia / Home-Phobia

          The former is a malady of the militias, such as, Jigna Mahmud, Solomon, Semere Tesfai, Nitricc, etc. The moment they remember TPLF act hysterically as a beast beaten on its head. You get them at the lowest point of their frustration to the extent of freezing where you think they passed away. The second malady strikes their boss. He imagines the CIA is in a continuous chasing of him. He sleeps every night in a new location, considering such kind of precautions will save him from being hunted by them, they are as scarecrow for him. I think, if the CIA wanted him they will direct their satellites, send him a drone full of smart-bombs, and fetch him out of his hide-holes even if it is similar to that of Tora-Bora mountains caves.

          The boss suffers from Home-Phobia. He doesn’t like to remind him about internal affairs that concerns Eritreans. The moment you raise a question about constitution, justice, democracy, prisoners, football asylum seekers, exodus of youth he goes to flames, cheeks inflate, mouth salivates surges of bubbles to all directions to the extent the reporter thought she is in front of frenzy beast. I think, ayte Saay, ayte SJ and ayte A. Hidrat remember it. Of course, if ayte A. Hidrat was not at school singing (Happy happy we shall be when we learn A,B,C,D). Brother Jigna Mahmud Saleh (Allah yashfihi. Solomon Rabi hala’uto, made him say DC ) entitled my name by ayte Al-Arabi. I don’t know the meaning of this title; but I think it is equivalent to Jigna that is why I wish to share it with me. If it is a bad word I am very sorry in advance.

          What I mentioned above is a fraction of the syndrome they suffer from, the list is very long. The home-phobia is one of the dangerous diseases that hunts the boss day and night. He attempts to take repose in faraway alien beaches (Wayane Phobia, CIA Phobia, etc.); but he gets them too unsuitable. Really, they are on a deathbed and to expect or feel optimistic from such kind of patients that they will recover and execute delayed reformation is like daydreaming “Hilmi Derho”. These are chronic diseases which accompanies patients to their tombs.

          Now let me come back to ELITES, the main subject: ELITES are like and open page to their people. They don’t lie, hide their failures or seek for excuses to spread upon their failures. They recognize their shortcomings and ready for resignation and accountability in front of their people. Elites exit leadership when their people requests it. They don’t hold leadership positions at the expense of their people. These are the true elites who become an example whether they lead or resign.

          Do you really believe firmly in these words you have scripted, “Never mind about Eritreans. They paid so dearly that they won’t let sick minded agents of TPLF to lord over them. They will solve their problems.” This a good idea, it means, you are not custodians of the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people challenged east and west and liberated their country. Now, I challenge you, your boss and his herds to have courage and come out to declare they failed in running the country and intend to give back responsibility to its owners.

          Lastly, I conclude my comment by borrowing from Saay comment the following idea that exempts the herds you worship from the elite circle:

          “The most defining quality of the elite is their individualism; if you can herd them, they are not elite.”

  • said

    Thank you for the article. Europe, the mother soil on which Fascism took root of all kind sort. IA and his cohort elite midwives Eritrea Bolshevik Fascism introduced to poor soul Eritrean and fascist reality we accept as commonplace today. We can see how the IA and his elite machine played direct games, the strategy of triangulation on the level of action and tactic on poor mass. It is sad, truly tragic. but this kind of mass manipulation is deeply destructive of what little remains of decency and the good culture in Eritrea.
    watching the rise of IA to the pinnacle with his school of Bolshevik Fascism, a it was plain to see for elite at very least. because they are watching it play out now in real life, And IA and so called elite took control of EPLF in no time, should not be a surprise to everyone. He and minions has emerged from a EPLF political system corrupted by his many enablers. the problems that honestly plague elite. This is a question, both of what actually plagues them, as well as of their tendencies to idol worship IA. A personality cult has developed around IA. Yet, 3 million people in the country cannot be led by a single human and controlled by one.
    As saying go the state needs willing servants to do its dirty work. Governments don’t kill, people do. The real heroes are those elite who refuse to do dirty job for IA. killing Eritrean by soldiers perpetrate in Eritrea is all the fault of the IA and minion elite politicians, the government, the state, the policy and military. Are they evil and Eritrean elite is big part of it? Certainly. Are they cowards? Without doubt.
    One would hope the top elite leaders, an opportunistic politician will stand for freedom, social justice, democratic values, moral integrity, and a courage and resilience in the face up to IA.
    IA large numbers of his followers does not augur well for them, in terms of the present and future of Eritrean politics. As a for most Eritrea in the beginning of the 21th century Eritrea are suffering under great dictatorships of IA. by our own kind Stalin’s Fascist regime, and for most young people lived most of their adult life in a dictatorship. They despised almost everything about the regime. Living in the Eritrea is torture. that is part of the long legacy of in your face fascism supported by Eritrean elite.
    A reminder that humanity is bigger and better than many of the dreams we choose to follow, and that we can always choose better. For most Eritrean who just want to live their lives and solve their own problems, they have been dined. We have a wonderful country to save and the days we have left in which to save it are quickly becoming fewer.

    These bunch of elite people, regime supporters and top brass of EPLF leaders helped legitimize him and I think they have a lot to answer for. is it possible to contemplate anything but loss? Loss of great magnitude to the nation, loss value, loss in precious time, loss in the country to trust, loss of advancement, loss of dignity, loss of purpose. Total Loss of faith in regime elite, mistrust and loss of faith in each other –

    I’ve learned that people will forget what say and write, people will forget what we did, but people will never forget how elite made them feel.
    An era that resurrects the barbaric discourses and values of an older fascism for which religious and faith discrimination and culture of questioning heritage and attacks on any of Eritrean ethnic group that does not kneel down and embrace by elite of fascist regime.
    In time IA has emerged to control the state organ. IA have anointed himself with the power to unilaterally kill Eritreans, torture prisoners, arrest and detain citizens indefinitely,
    to operate above the law and beyond the reach of the Justice or Constitution if any. that it is only natural to bring the mafia-style of government supported sick elite.
    The elite control and are in charge politically, economically and militarily. But most 3 million Eritrean have no desire to be controlled by an unelected and unaccountable elite in Asmara.
    Regime violence that could only be understood in the historical context of the state repression unleashed in the early ninety. and the suppression of dissent and all the other varieties of murderous apparatus that accompany the discourse of regime greatness and political purity, a culture of cruelty, and a society based on social combat where expressions of Elite PFDJ supremacy.
    when regime elite control of all aspect of economy and monopolization becomes the only sanctioned orbit for agency, when values are entirely reduced to exchange values? a total economic monopoly became normalized and the quickest route to making a profit. That what we have elite been at play for a long time.

    • Solomon

      Dear Brother said,

      With staying focused on the call for a Paradigm Shift, (meaning TeAtSatSafinet or malleability…) I have thus far picked up several points on your introductory paragraphs. Though I will scroll up and continue my rereading, I believe it should be apparent….

      Suffice it to say for now, I reminisce by recalling and recalling and or invoking Awatista Zaki of Yesteryear. And from A to Z, we land on I for Ismael’s current read and my appreciation for his September 1, 1961 timely call. Consistent with Seidicci KM.

      In my agreement with your Bolsheviks and Eritrean Masses manipulations, I invite you to kindly share the ideological divides within the ELF. That is Pre 1980. Labor party, I believe as influenced by the BaAthist mostly Syria Vs. those who opposed or rejected and equipped with their outlook at that time. Now, the Falull or NenkaEE narations, I will state now would serve as noise signals for the topic at hand. However, though my presumption is to include you as with first hand knowledge of the time period, the lure for others to comment not only can I not stop, but is most welcomed.

      As I return in the meanwhile to pick up my reading from your comment above, where I chose to reroute.


      • said

        Greeting Solomon
        But the question must be asked by Eritrean When did they accepted and take on IA megalomaniacal persona? IA Dictator in making was clear to start with , like all human beings, go through stages of moral or immoral development. At some point after independence , he was not known as the tyrants and he came to be. He lived the Maoist, Marxist -Stalin -Leninist communist ideology. IA ,he might indicated or promised the Eritrean people they would have a multi-party political system with fair elections at same time initially as an open end , but in truth, he seized more and more autocratic control. One of the first indications that IA was to become dictator, was when he began ruling by decree –,appointing minster or demoting minster , just the opposite of what he had promised the people who wanted to see democracy . our Societies slide into dictatorship more often than they lurch, one step at a time, you do not see it ,one barrier falling at a time. Early in 1991 Eritrea mass naively celebrates IA potential Dictator in making as an “absolute authoritarian” ruler of the emerging nation. At the expense of their personal freedom. Even those clear fact existed IA using brute authoritarian power to crush his many innocent lives as opponents.
        Dictators sap the life out of a country and cause grinding poverty without any hope of betterment. In their thirst for socialism and power, despots appeal to the poorer classes to gain support of the masses. They build up their circle of sympathizers and set them into powerful positions to create a closed circuit whereby no lawful body can penetrate the give quotation that the Military dictatorship is born from the power of the gun, and so it undermines the concept of the rule of law and gives birth to a culture of might, a culture of weapons, violence and intolerance.
        And the concentration of power around IA, with permanent paramilitary layer. No one need from some sniveling penitent begging forgiveness from hypocrite’s elite. Eritrean enemies will carry away their own permanent scars. Undermining Eritrean and weakening sovereign and independent nation, for which our heroes fought for Independence for a new, unique EritreanNES and separate people After all this, are we.
        Eritrea is a nightmare for individuals, millions of us. But it’s not just that. If states of elite PFDJ could dream, then Eritrea would be their nightmare as well. Eritrea is a sovereign state like any other. It had a central government and fixed boundaries. IA state enjoyed a monopoly on violence on its people and How quickly dreams can segue into nightmares. Eritrea has fallen in upon itself.
        IA dictator, of course, imagine that he can create just such a state, in which the PFDJ government is a mere extension of his’s will and no significant elite opposition challenges this central authority. Such a society is a pyramid with one person at the very high top of Himalaya mountain, every elite block serving to support that uppermost platform. Mere authoritarian societies tolerate potential rival sources of power, such as an intelligentsia or a business sector. In the ideal totalitarian system, all is for one and one is for all. True, IA created nominal a one-party state, himself one only , with an extensive secret police and has managed to suppress virtually every sign of political dissent, and all culture is subordinate to the IA state. And maintaining a firm grip on power. IA has used considerable firepower to suppress any movement.

        • Solomon

          Dear Brother said,

          I suppose, I should not miss the decency of reciprocity we adhere to.
          The divergent road I wish for us to travel in tandem we can not attain through repetitions of mantras. There were valid basis for them. However, your present choice of digging trenches further high atop the mountain serves or not yours and mine mutual goal for the masses.
          It may also serve as a stalling tactic for fortification purposes.
          I say this with all due respect for your personal continuing Eritrean experiences and all of Eritrea’s history.
          I suppose I can research the specific response I anticipated per my presumption of it’s quicker access to you Sir. Our insistence to be lead reindeer red nosed Rudolph for Santa significantly hampers our efficient and rapid progress forward.
          Good Sir., a check mate move with the a strong Pawn game, I am quite sure would not be lost on you.
          “If everybody is wrong, then who is right?” President Bill Clinton

          What were the ideological divides of pre Eritrean Civil war of 1980?
          Time traveler:
          Sajanna jembel suQ Al SheAb.


          • said

            Hi Solomon,
            trust me i am not avoiding your question,i am focusing at present. Since you are well aware in regard ELF history,the good and bad , I do not see the purpose that I have to answer to wish the answer is in your question, My Struggle, simply I agree with you, I was not hopeful about ELF IDEOLOGY and was NOT any different by inch than EPLF , that ELF,thier labor socialism, and communism are two strains of the same species of collectivist political animal, that was history we ordinary people with no access to the levers of power can make a difference; for I fear that if the ones with the power IA to start war on our people are not stopped, thousands of us will have been murdered—in cold blood. Just to give a quotation from the era of Weimar Germany What a scenario! Does you see shades of the last days of the Weimar Republic?
            There was a corporal of Austrian origin in the German Army of the Kaisar during the First World War called Adolf Schikelgruber, who later attained great notoriety as Adolf Hitler. By profession he was a painter, not an artist but an actual painter of walls, doors and windows,
            etc. He took the defeat of Germany in the First World War almost as a personal affront and shared with the Junker class officers of the army the view that it is not Germany which had lost but rather that the moneybags, the unscrupulous businessmen, who had betrayed the nation. The treaty of Versailles imposed severe reparations on Germany, transferred German speaking Alsace-Lorraine to France from which Prussia had wrested it at the end of the Franco Prussian War of 1869-70, allowed French and other allied occupation of the industrially important Ruhr, caused the Kaiser to abdicate, thus ending the monarchy and generally imposed on Germany humiliating conditions which patriotic Germans could not stomach. A republic was established under the Weimar Constitution, thus named because it was framed and finalised in the resort town of Weimar, but the largely Prussian led army, though considerably reduced in size, remained intact. The jingoistic military ethos of Prussia was kept alive by a band of dedicated Generals and other senior officers and whereas the republic soon went down the drain because of a weak government and a struggling economy, the army quietly tried to rebuild itself with the sole objective of restoring the dignity and power of Germany. Corporal Adolf Schikelgruber, initially an observer but soon to become not only the major but the sole player in the tragedy which engulfed Germany, tried to put together a new political philosophy and wrote a book on this called “Mein Kampf” it emerged an ideology, party and government so tyrannical, so utterly brutal that by comparison IA and Elite will appears to be a nonviolent saint.

          • Solomon

            Selamat Akhi said,

            “…if the ones with the power IA to start war on our people are not stopped,…”

            I couldn’t agree more. I am also in agreement with being focused on the now which is the reason for my insistence of narrating more recent Eritrean group dynamics with my Paradigm Shift call. Hence, my sincere recognition of our respective utility of one another’s back and forth exchange and repetitious insisting and demanding on the others to accept the culprits for all the crimes on us Eritrean Masses but only from our vantage.

            Chronological read of Eritrean history dictates, not only for my acknowkedgement of the culprit forces you and others continuously point to, but also for us to move along and analyze the effects on counter effects of significant events of horrors and the perseverance by the Eritrean Masses till the now and onwards.

            The phrase “it goes without saying” that in the past Twenty Five years, the positional manipulation of the Eritrean Masses, from both the bipartisan categorical oppositing root branches and their splintering branches have carried us to the now. I contend, therefore, if we leave our present course of action solely in the basis and focus the over three decades pre 1991 destructive and negative forces with all of our own respective “Eritrean Hafash manipulations”, then we will harvest the crops even worst than what we perceive to have been yielded thus far. You will agree Brother said, that even with very meager resources and against powerful forces, the universal truth of the poorest of families efforts and gains it has build, albeit micro or nano of better yet less than ideal circumstances, some positive foundation for a better tomorrow. It is not only unfair for us to recognize and respect fully the poor family’s basis for hopes and aspirations for its future, but it’s evidentiary negative for our own progress for doing so can not be lost on us.

            In the past Twenty Five years, numerous examples of the adherance to the pre-1991 forces’s stored potential energy, “the good and the bad” allowed to act as the power source of the seemingly chaotic kinetic forces that Today’s “with the power of IA” like erroneously feel have the mandate to not only act but also similarly further manipulate the Eritrea Hafash and the cold “blooded murdering in of many more of us. The adherance a natural phenomenon inclusive of Eritreans traditional respect for the relatively younger for the older, which is a dynamic not static but always moving. Hence the call for a critical analysis that is unbiased data assessment of the now.

            A final basis, I am loosely adressing to you B.said, for our mutual reach of the continuous victories registered against the internal forces coming to full circle to recognize it’s dependency on the only resources that matter for both its physical survival and legacy in order to be considered and accepted of Eritrea that is a very unique IDEA.

            The arena of the elite, it’s time has arrived to be held accountable with a lot less propaganda and information limiting tools, so that it does not drive the bus carrying the Eritrean Masses, under the influence. Drunk with power and it’s collusions it seems peer worthy and their selective modern games in the arenas of the crem de la crem upper echelons’ theaters. The elite is to self check and correct of what it may believe in error an earned political capital as did its predecessors.

            You may ask:
            Where is the beef? Well, context wise, it is the duty of the elite to present it, as defined by Ismael here and on all Eritrean Political Fronts utilizing their respective tools of trade with integrity. “Anything less is uncivilised.” Indeed!

  • Mesfin

    Good day AT.
    I enjoyed reading the article. Well done to the author and the translator. It really informs the elite to stand up and abide by the ethics and oath taken at different stages. As presented, elites are not only those that have certificates and participate in uplifting communities, but also to people, such as churches, mosques, and community heads that aspire communities for better life. The role of the elite can not be undermined at any circumstances. They have a bigger role to play, unless that they are selfish, nationalist, and powered hungry people. The article also noted that the word elite is something that is attached to people who are positively influential people and practising it. ‘ A mEdical doctor is not a doctor if he/she does not practice what he/she has learnt at varsities, but is only a certificate holder and can not be subscribed into the elite group.’ What it means to be an elite is to be a living positive contributor.

    To conclude, I hope that Eritreans that are or about to subscribe in the elite group grow in number. Not to be mistaken, I don’t mean scholarly educated people. As from the article, I am able to define what elite mean and how elite Eritreans could come to their consciousness and stand up for their rights and rights of Eritrean communities in the world.