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Eritrean Leader’s Sandcastle Play

Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki recently ventured out of his hideout at Adi Halo near Asmara to travel to the port city of Massawa for some reflective moments at the beach. [Adi Halo is, of course, the leader’s infamous rural outpost which doubles as his makeshift “presidential office.” The place has …

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Book Review: Red Sea Citizens by Dr. Jonathan Miran

BooK:                    Red Sea Citizens Author:                 Jonathan Miran Pages:                    401 Year:                       2009 Publisher:             Indiana University Press Dr. Johnathan Miran is Assistant Professor …

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Eritrean Economy: Transportation Crisis And Turf War

A turf war has surfaced and it involves the Eritrean ministry of transportation and the economic arm of the ruling party. The squabble is expected to escalate further. Informants indicated that “a few other ministries are also awakening to the unfettered monopoly of the national economy by the ruling party.” …

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Massawa’s Cultural Heritage: Through the Prism of PFDJ

This investigative report was published on June 23, 2003. Two days ago, Asmara, Eritrea’s capital city was designated a “World Heritage site” for its buildings that were built by Mussolini’s Italian Fascist colonizers less than a century ago, and are affectionately promoted as “Art Deco”. Nothing indigenous about it. The 2003 Gedab …

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