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Independence Day Reflections

Friday, May 24, marked the 28th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia -Eritrea’s proudest and happiest moment when it finally threw off the shackles of colonialism once and for all. The memory evokes in us a sense of liberty and freedom, but as we learned from bitter experience independence does …

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A Bored President Prepares People For Change

If this is the part where you wait for me to summarize what President Isaias Afwerki said, I regret to say that I have been scooped by Web 2.0 (again.) A commenter on youtube (Wedi Germen) expressed it succinctly: “ኣየ ወዲ ኣፎም ብሪ፥ ጀሚርና እምበር ፈጺምና ትብል ቃል ኣይትሞልቆካን”. Ah, …

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We Must Be Able to Look Like The Tigre

“We must be able to look like the Tigre…” Solomon Berhe, chief of the PFDJ chapter in Dallas, Texas. Since May 24, 1991 when Eritrea became independent, the anniversary became more and more polarizing with each passing year. While the supporters of the Eritrean ruling party framed the day as an occasion …

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