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National Assembly For Democratic Change Elected Its Executive Committee

On December 2nd, 2011, the 127-member National Assembly For Democratic

Change which was elected at the National Congress held its first regular meeting and elected its 21-member executive committee chaired by Dr. Yusuf Berhanu.

The national assembly first elected the speaker of the assembly, two deputies and two secretaries.  They are:

Speaker:     Tseggai Yohannes
Deputies:    Mohammed Maar and Freweini Habtemariam
Secretaries: Tewelde Mnasie and Ahmed Negash

Dr. Yusuf Berhanu, who was elected chairman, was the sole candidate for the position.

The names of the remaining members of the executive committee and their affiliation is as follows:

EDA  (Eritrean Democratic Alliance)*

Tewelde Gebresellase
Qenerlious Usman
Ibrahim Harun
Tahir Shengeb
Abdu Mahmoud
Idris Saleh Said
Abdulrahman Taha Nur
Dr. Yusuf Berhanu

Non-EDA political organizations

Yohannes Asmelash
Kahsay Gufla
Said Ismail
Semere Gerezgheir
Osman Kinna

Non-affiliated civil organizations

Omer Ibrahim Mohammed
Tegesti Berhane
Munir Abdelhay
Berakhi Tekhle

Tewelde Habtemichael
Abdulrahman Osman Mahmoud
Hamid Omer Ezaz
Ismail Gebeyta


Between July 31st and August 9th, 2010, Eritreans held a congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and elected a 53-member Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change which was mandated to prepare for a wider national congress within one year. The result was last November’s convening of the National Congress for Democratic Change which was attended by hundreds of delegates representing exiled Eritreans, including those living in Sudanese and Ethiopian refugee camps. The congress was held in Awassa, Ethiopia, from Nov. 21 to Nov. 30, 2011 and elected a 127-member National Assembly. The congress also adopted three documents include the political charter, bylaws and a roadmap. A fourth document, the draft constitution was entrusted to the elected national assembly to be used as a reference in the making of a constitution in Eritrea after the downfall of the Eritrean regime.





















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  • Melbourne man

    IT is so sad to see people talking about language, ethnic while 1000s of young men and women are suffering in fleeing Eritrea because of lack of hope in future.

    please grow up and think how to help the situation. i am not going to judge those who are trying to help by uniting those who want to be united. I hope the will succeed I attended the first meeting today it looks real. i am doing my research in their constitution and what they stand for

  • Isaias Afwerki is the of Nehnan Elamanan; In the late 1960 you didn't have to be a rocket Scientist or God e.g Timpate Issaias to find or to knew what happening against the generation of Matehet Er.

  • well done, let us move forward together expectin better and preparing for the worse.

  • well done, it is better to do some thing than nothing
    the best progress is that a long term road map plan and i wish every engage and play his/her role to correct the mistake of any nature done yet and appreciate this aportunity to express our diverse ideas so that we can come one common idea

    don’t worry say all what you think is write, we need not to keep any dirt in our mind but through it out of our mouth now and be cleen tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MG

    Kulubrehan, shame on you to be brothers of martiers weldeab and Yemane. from Mussie

  • Wadi Eri

    I don’t understand that the Organization that celebrating the 25’th Anniversary of the Declaration on the right to Development is the same Organization that being asked to stop Eritrea’s development.
    It is the same old story,USA and Ethiopia are using tools other African States on the cancel sponsor the resolution against Eritrea on there behave. It is very Clare,it has since become evident that the calls for sanction were orchestrated by Ethiopia and it’s handlers.Sanction for Eritrea is power for Eritrea ppl,but i am really sorry for thus who they call them self pro-democracy Eritrea activists, simply i can’t trust them for one reason, because they are in Ethiopia, for me the chapter is closed.

    • wed. garza

      you said you don’t trust the self pro-democracy Eritria activists simply because they’re in Ethiopia. Are they allowed in Eritrea? Wouldn’t that be their natural place, please place the blame where it’s due .Then I would stand with your ideas, otherwise it only be an empty bottle.

  • aziz

    plese all ertrian be united we have big enemey lerene from ather african cantery religen ethnic not make sense

  • kulu

    I would say the PFDJ would not have ruled Eritrea for this long time if it had not been for the weak and discouraged people of Eritrea. We cry for sanction to be imposed on the nation, on the otherhand we pay 50 thousands nacfa to release our parents, imprisoned because one of their sons or daughter had left the country. The PFDJ tactic is workable only in Eritrea. No leaders could do this in any part of the world this time. So the most pressing issue this time should be to teach and raise the awareness of the people beause if their minds remain unchanged, the leadership chosen in Awassa could do even worse than what Isaias is doing to the people now. Do not expect a revolution from inside. Many families including many in the national services are supported by the remittance they get from abroad. Yes, those in the diaspora pay the salary of teachers, soldiers, doctors, ministers, colonels, …etc. That is why from the beginning the regime created unfavourable condition in the country so that they could leave the country, and in the long run support the regime indicrectly and directly. This is what we are witnessing this time.

  • David

    We need to be free form any religious complexities otherwise it is all non-sense for the people of Eritreas, the end will be zero result.

  • because since i have spoken the truth you have removed even my coment how afraid you are,and it is truth you are just like a shit that we dont use

  • The secular socialist republic

    Dear all,

    some seem joyful of this event and its result, some criticize it because of its ethiopian support. Some see it as the best option to get rid of Isaias Afewerki, some think that Shaebia is the best way to ensure development and social justice. Some believe that federalism, based on ethnicity and religion, is the answe, some believe that a strong brutal centralized regime is the solution
    I do not belong to any of these categories. I am both against Isaias and its opposition, but why, would ask some of you? Shaebia for obvious reasons, for the regime has no respect for its people. This ENCDC (but EDA is the same thing) because it gives no answer to simple questions:
    “What kind of economy should preval in Eritrea?” Would it bee free market, social free market, socialist planned economy?
    “What will be the place of religion in Eritrea?” Are they in favor of allowing fulll proselytism, a strictly secular society that allows religious in private environment?
    “What kind of foreign relations?” Does Eritrea become an ally of the United States? Does Eritrea affirm its sovereignty above all? Does Eritrea keep the same foreign policy?
    The Shaebia supporters, with all the nonsense they believe in, are able to answer all those questions. Do they make sense? No. Do they have a deep political ideology? No. Does their policy improve the life of lambda Eritreans? No. But at least, they tell you what they truly think,.
    On the other hand, the ENCDC (EDA) states it will rule over Eritrea until elections are held. But how will they rule Eritrea? Does anyone have a clue? No. Even if their stay in power is meant to be short, they will assume all political power in Eritrea, and therefore they should provide a clear line, which they don’t.
    Also, look at the composition of their Executive Committe. 2 women out of 21 members? I did not know Eritrean women were 10% of the population. Any young Eritrean? No.
    By all means, my dear compatriots, stop believing those people can bring hope to topple Isaias. They all seem to be dictators-to be.

    • wed. garza

      The Eritrean govt. tried hard for years not to have any alternative, the Eritrean people managed against all odds to have one now. Again people like you complain that the approaching new leaders are not better. How do you know, speculate, witch or wild guess..? We don’t know for sure, but we believe any govt. will eventuelly be better than Isayas’s.
      20 years is too much to know any govt. to judge though it’s little for a new country. please differntiate between govt. and nation. Thus, the blame squarely goes back to the rouge system who failed even to start a process of change.

      • The secular socialist republic

        Do not say the “Eritrean people managed against all odds to have one now”. The people you seem to encourage and support were not chosen by the Eritreans, they were chosen by groups of Eritreans that do not reflect the entire society.
        You say “We don’t know for sure, but we believe that any govt. will eventually be better than Isayas'”, how do you know that?
        Let me tell you, stay critical, that’s the only way you can manage to perceive what is obvious. If you only believe that we should get rid of Isayas with nothing special after this aim, you are right, support them.

  • For those sick elements in our society..who believed the idea that (aslamia adi yabelun) and Islamophobics . Don’t worry about the National Assembly’s leadership make up. For its leader is from Tigrigna Ethnicity background.

  • Congratulation for the first time i sense the end of the Status Quo in Eritrean Politics. No more Tigrigna dominated dictatorial regime nor Politicians dominated opposition group. The elected goup for change represents all segments of our society. Know all patriotic Eritreans are ready to EXPECT THE BETTER BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORSE !

    • Biniam

      You are talking about Tigrigna domination but u failed to see the moslem domination and you had the nerve to say that the lected group represents all segments of our society. For me though, I do not see any problem in the people coming to power. I hope this world would get rid of people like u who would always like to think along religious and ethnic lines. Lets put this narrow minded thinking behind and move forward. We are in the 21st century but with people like, it will take us another 20 centuries to be in the 21st century.

      • You have a problem of people coming to power Democratically…regardless of their religious and ethnic background. What is wrong with that ? If you see the make up of the leadership . They represent more than 50% of the Eritrean people. But your think mind of Ethnicity cannot help but to hate. Wake up we live in a time of change. No more one group dominating over the other.People like will not change until we change them xxxxxxx!

      • wed. garza

        I see here a fundamental error in your understanding of the Eritrean society.It’s not only as you described tigrigna versus moslems. The spectrum is wider than that, within the similar picture as you see it, there are mosaicly weaven society of various ethnics and sub-cultures which you fail to seem understood. therefore, I asure you that, it’s first time Eritrean segments with its natural components meet willingly. Don’t you call this represented segments?

  • well done! good news, it will be the first stabe toward removing the semi-modernised (shifta, in (asmara).

  • Fatma Ahmed Abdu

    This is part of big problem facing Eritean Women in Saudi Arabia by nonsense and empty mand men. I appreciate it if you can published it on the right web site.

    Thank you

  • Kokhob

    Do you call your self “Down with Awte”? one easly can see how your mind thinks and in which stage your Mafia group is.

  • asremot of junta Isaias there is alternative except deception of Eritrean people by backword mentality.
    we never surrender for savage and criminal hustler of Asmara till the end.

  • Kokhob

    What makes me happy more than before about this congress is that first and very important they have carefully opened the way with their long planning (10 years or more) to include all parts of the society. The new by making the program to the minimum the can handle all part of the people including the religious and ethnical groups. This new experience and it allows widening the common ground. Unlike before politicians use to struggle with narrow filed and ground which had only created chaos. But also there is wonderful work done in maintaining the idea of national not only unity but also Sovereignty and handled carefully which have been exploited by PFDJ against opposition. And above all the clearest work done was that the last target is not to remove the dictatorial regime but to make the future dictatorial free country by making the road map.
    We notices in this congress the freedom of thought and voice which is missing in Eritrea. People had been talking face to face which I will challenge any supporter that PFDJ can’t face even a single man to discus.
    We may count some technical mistakes, but knowing that this is the first great advancement we can’t give space to anti peace groups to exploit and let us down again.

  • What a great development? this is the only time my mind accept there is a leadership who can drive following all the procedure’s using the road map. PFDJ has to accept this truth and just hand over the country which will be good for them first and good for our people. it is useless to wait till the end like Gaddafi.

  • well done , let us work hard otherwise this will remail like the privious one.

  • Ali

    What a waist of time? It is like YOYO.

    • Wedi Adem

      We had been waiting for so long up and down to see this progress. what amazes most is to
      observe Eritreans from all corners of our society to seat and engage in the common issues of
      our country. It is the first stage for our democratic process, we must show honesty and courage to get involved and fight any negative force who try to interrupt us on our journey for equality and liberty of our people. Lets dump the old mentality and start to come out with fresh and
      progressive ideals for the sake of our young generation.