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Congratulations Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, Incoming MoI

Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel, aka “Charlie”, has been named Eritrea’s Minister of Information, according to his ghost writers at

He replaces Ali Abdu, who defected from the post in November 2012.   I think it was November 2012 although I can’t be sure because the other ghost writers at had sworn they had seen him strolling Asmara streets in January 2013.

The announcement of Mr. Yemane Gebremeskel’s de/promotion (we will talk about that later) from Director of President’s Office to Minister of Information is unusual—at many levels. Some of these are simply odd, others could pose a real threat to Yemane and still others to the whole PFDJ edifice:

1. It is unusual for the promotion and demotion of a Minister to be announced. The way Isaias Afwerki likes things is for their colleagues to be surprised at their next Cabinet of Minister’s meeting.   The ghost writers at have broken with tradition and protocol and upset Isaias Afwerki. You just can’t ruin surprises; its not cool.

2. The “arguably one of the most educated government officials” description is bad, bad, bad for Yemane Gebremeskel.   Whenever somebody is promoted to a position, what the PFDJ hierarchy asks is “Gebar diya welas Tegadalai” (is she a civilian or is he a veteran of our armed struggle.) Note the Chegwar Danga protocol: if you are asking about gebar, use the feminine gender; if you are asking about Tegadali, use the masculine gender. ሰብኣይ በዓል ስረ ‘ዩ ‘ምበር ኣታ! (Please do not ask me how they deal with a female Tegadalti.)  ሕማቅ መዓልቲ ውዒልካ, Charlie: this phrase “one of the most educated government officials” is not good for anyone, but  particularly for you, Charlie, who didn’t participate in the Armed Struggle and returned from the West to Eritrea in 1992: it will just remind your colleagues what they paid for Eritrea and what you paid for Eritrea.

Most importantly, your boss, Isaias Afwerki, likes his assistants, ministers, generals to be barely educated.   Think back of all the biographies that are read at the funerals of generals at the Martyr’s Cemetery: ስውእ ኽስቶ ወዲ ኽስቶ ኣብ ብዙሕ ኩዊናት ዝተሳተፈ፥ ተዋጊኡ ዘዋግእ፥ ምቅሉል… the message is always the same: he was a warrior, and he was humble.   You were not a warrior and,  if you keep bragging about your education, you are not being humble.   In the biography of the deceased, there is never a line on their education level, unless it refers to their military education. Come on, Yemane, can’t you learn from the lessons that made Hagos “Kisha” Gebrehiwot the most hated person in Eritrea?

So, wise up, will you?

3. Good on you for green-lighting the BBC interview just in time for the announcement. That shows initiative, leadership, all of which are really, really bad. You should have gone for a smaller fish. This is the BBC: you cannot script them. They will dig.   What did you get from the three-part interview? You got them to say that Eritrea is doing very well in the health indices of the Millenium Development Goals—something you had already gotten from the United Nations, repeatedly. And they will continue to say it, all year, because the MDG terminates this year.

What did the BBC get in return?   It got to make a fool of your colleague, Yemane Gebreab, who did the standard challenge (come to Eritrea and see for yourselves!) and they took his challenge to discover for themselves what an open society there is in Eritrea by interviewing Eritreans; except that they couldn’t because 37 out of 37 Eritreans refused to talk to them.  That is the sort of news that makes headlines; it is the kind of information that will get repeated over and over and over.   Mr. Yemane Gebreab (who is arguably the smartest party or government official and who, arguably, I was the closest to before that damn TwgaHmo article) knows more than anyone else what the result for BBC will be. Given his “cordial” relations with some Western agencies, he has to act the way he is acting. Arguably.

Mr. Minister, at some point, they will ask you about journalists—you are, after all the Minister of Information—and you will say, what? It was all the fault of the former Minister of Information? Then she will ask: “does that mean all journalists who were arrested BEFORE he became the Minister of Information (those arrested prior to 2005) and those arrested after he left the post (after Novemer 2012) are freed? Have they been brought to court? And you don’t have that cool cucumber presence of Yemane Gebreab: you will stutter, you will stumble and you will lose your temper. I know it and you know it.   You will say that that is not your department and they will remind you, “sir, you are the Minister of Information: isn’t it your business to know?”   They may even ask you to back up your claim that “In 2013, U.S. Intelligence Contractor Stratfor confirms that Eritrean opposition websites, including, are CIA backed” because you are playing with the pros now: you just can’t make stuff up as you go.

4. Speaking of CIA.   Those are bad mofos: don’t pick a fight with them unless you have to. You know that agency likes to recruit compromised people. So you have to ask yourself: have I been faithful to my wife? Are there pictures circulating around with me in the company of girls who are as young as 16 or 17? Nowadays everybody has a camera phone.  Do I have other weaknesses—do I enjoy a fine cigar? Fine wine? Expensive whiskey? Do I like to be fashionable? Am I materialistic? Do not mess with the CIA: they are already updating their who-is-who file.

They are nasty people, those CIA. If they can’t buy you, they will destroy you. Say you and your colleagues are sitting around making big speeches about International Women’s Day and they, and I am being hypothetical here, just leak pictures of you and your male colleagues and boss just whoring around? How would 50% of Eritrea’s population take you seriously from then on? Let’s just hope you don’t piss them off.

5. Demotion or Promotion? Yemane Gebremeskel has headed the office of the president since BEFORE the president was a president, when he was still the “Secretary General of the EPLF”, before the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE) was Provisional but Transitional (TGE.) At the nucleus of power, he knows where all the skeletons are buried. Now he is leaving to go head a Ministry of Information that has built a world-wide reputation for having more journalists arrested per capita than any other nation and he will be several blocks removed from where the center of action is. A position so non-essential it was vacant for over two years.  In the organizational chart of Eritrea, this is clearly a demotion.

Who is going to be the incoming Director of the President’s Office.   Whoever he is (and it will be a he), if he is smart, he won’t be dictating his acceptance speech to the kiddies at Tesfanews. Unlike Charlie, he should surpass his ego and not tweet and brag. That’s why we already have an ambassador to the State of Twitterstan, Mr. Estiphanos, who also doubles as Eritrea’s ambassador to Japan.   There is little chance of that, I feel assured, because Tesfanews is owned and operated by Yemane & Yemane (who have let die with a whimper.)

Well, there is an upside. Maybe will start writing in English now that it is headed by “arguably the most educated government official.” I look forward to fine phrases like “unwarranted and calumnious act of hostility.”

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • tes

    Dear saay7,

    Well, I would rather urge you to open a faculty. These schools are well-established long-time ago and changing their names will only camouflae their actual mission. Therefore, lets stick to their name classification and the reader will clear in which faculty he is attending. The schools are open to public but private. They are the subsets of the entire Eritrean political landscape not themselves as a set.

    Concerning their nature, as you perfectly referenced the Tigrigna chauvinism, today, we have “Tegadalai chauvinism”. As the head of the faculty of school of chauvinism, you have perfectly identified the classification behind though you will not admit by giving its actual name. The Tegadalai Chauvinsim is a real danger to future Eritrea. This is because it legitimizes an absolute power grap and state political hegemony. As a school, its presence is good as it can promote personal interests and power obsession and hence enforcing state pillars.

    Regarding the school of Opportunists, man, the weather is not frozen but is in a state of hibernation. There are urdent graduates of this school. Some of them are part of the youth opposition cam residing in Ethiopia. SBS radio from Australia is also a passive promoter of such schools. Let’s not also under-estimate the highly infected web, asmarino, for such schools. Individuals are countless and some are forming a kind of think-tank group blogging center aiming at demonizing Eritrean history and threading the anecdotes of the Axumite kingdom and the early 18th Eritrean idenitity. More than that the FEAR od Arabization is a metto behind this school.

    On the Fine school of thought, saay7, it is a school that you demonized frequently as an Amen Corner. When you are almost satified with what you did to the School of Opportunists, you spent no time to generalize and put school in the Amen Corner. Ok, it was creating a confusion before the identification of the Abyssinian Fundamentalism School of thought but that school has unique features. The good thing about the Fine School of Thought is, “members know their history and take the grievances as their motto.

    A distinguising character difference about the school of chauvinism and the Fine School of Thought is that while the former promotes power grabbing, the later makes its center people”s grievances. I see these two extreme character as what they call here in France as, “Gauche et à droite – Left and Right”. and its American version as “Democrats (Er- the Fine School of thought) and Republicans (Eri-the School of Chauvinism”.

    The School of Opportunism flourish when these two schools get weaker and weaker. Sometimes, it is a landing place from both extremes. When I say, it is not because the school of opportunists being the middle way but a way to the lost folks, the place of dead-soul are placed in a depot of depraved people.

    Institute of PFDJ mindset multiplication center is a good supplier of students to the school of chauvinism. Nitricc is one typical example but they usually end-up with confusion.


  • teweldino

    Awate Forum posting Etiquette for Newbies

    When you first signup and access the members’ area, you will see three extremely large white boxes on the right hand side. The first box (box A) is for opposition members who accept that Ethiopia can have some or (a lot of) positive influence / support / help in the advent of post-Isaias Eritrea. The next box (Box B) is for opposition members who oppose any influence / support / help from Ethiopia in the advent of post-Isaias Eritrea. The last box (Box C) is for supporters of the Isaias government who want to disrupt Eritrean opposition from achieving anything and to fix a wedge between the opposition and Ethiopia.

    Your first task is to choose which box you want to place yourself and inform the Chief Whip of the box you want to join. The chief whips or their deputies will usually stand outside the doors; and they will introduce you with the senior members of the faction and arrange your induction sessions.

    Remember, once you choose a box, you are not allowed to have any friendly relationship with members of other boxes. (Senior members are allowed some discretion to be friendly with other senior members of the other boxes. But this does not apply to newbies on their probationary period).

    Don’t ask when the probationary period ends.

    Likes: The “like” feature at awate is not similar to a simple like at facebook and other websites. The like button is only to be used in extreme conditions when you are in total agreement with a fellow box member. Never like any comment by members of rival (read as enemy) boxes. It is highly disrespectful to your brothers and sisters in the same box. (Senior members are allowed some discretion to like postings by (senior) members of the other. But this does not apply to newbies on their probationary period).

    Do not assume you are free to have your own free opinion on other issues that have nothing to do with Ethiopian role. Membership in the boxes is extremely regimented and your opinion in every issue should be in line with party / box understanding. If you are unsure whether your opinion is in line with party understanding, wait until a senior member states the party line on the issue in question. ወጠምጠም ነንጭዋ ኣይጠቐመን፦

    Do not use the description box A, B or C. The correct way to address members of an enemy box is using the recent mocking label your senior leader used when addressing them. Remember to keep up-to-date with the recent labels used to describe enemy boxes. Whatever you do, Never address enemy boxes how they wish to be addressed. This may lead to disciplinary which may end in your summary dismissal.

    Note that the AT are aware that Boxes B and C have dismantled the partition walls between their boxes and that they not using the correct doors when coming in and out their box. Once we reach our target funds through your donations, we will fix the wall.

    If you choose to join Box B or Box C, remember there is a truce declared between both factions in order to join forces in getting rid of Box A members. It is your duty to follow it.

    If you do not wish to be placed in either box A, B or C and want to form your opinion on issue by issue basis, contact us by email before signing up. We will place back box D in the foyer. The box was originally placed on the left side of the entrance but we moved it into the backyard when there was no interest by members and it was filled with ዓለባ ሳሬት / spider web. Due to shortage of funds, the box is currently used as general storage for old computer hard drives, Ato Saleh’s exercise bike and Sal’s unwanted presents of George Forman grill boxes.

    If we raise enough funds (please do contribute!), we will pilot some innovative ideas (suggested by members) such as using differently colored team shirts ማልያ for each box.

    Talking about tight funds reminded me of this ሕክያ from the early 90s Eritrea. In those days tegadelti’s excuse for each compliant was ጥርሑ ካዝና ኢና ተቀቢልና! (we didn’t inherit any money from derg). If you ask why bus No 4 is late; ጥርሑ ካዝና ኢና ተቀቢልና! If you ask why there is no supply of medicines in the pharmacies; ጥርሑ ካዝና ኢና ተቀቢልና! So some ጉዱሳት ሃገራውያን / ghebar started using the term as well. There used to be winter football competitions between kebeles (ገዛውቲ such as ገዛ ወረቐት/ ገዛ ባንዳ for those who left Eritrea long time ago) which started by derg and (continued by EPLF in the early 90s). This gudus hagerawi who has no idea of football wanted to sponsor his kebele team (pay for their pasta or fatta lunch after training sessions; that’s all). After one training session, the coach asked him to say some encouraging words to the team. Mr gudus went: “ጥርሑ ካዝና ኢና ተቀቢልና ኰንና እንበር፤ ከኩዕሶኹም ሂብናኩም፤ ገጎልኩም ከተእትዉ መንግስትና ኣይምጸልአን። ስጋብ ሽዑ ግን ተሰማሚዕኩም፤ብሓንቲ ኩዕሶ ተጳወቱ።”

    Back to ቑምነገር – If you were very busy and didn’t get chance to follow the discussions; please see below the top three discussions worth your time:

    Saay & Gezae hagos – on what Eritrean opposition who are in Ethiopia to do in respect to Ethiopia:

    Saay & Gezae hagos – on Ethio-Eritrean conflict

    Saay, Amde, TKifle & Shum – on Ethio-Eritrean conflict

    Finally, the award for the disgrace of the week goes to Gheteb for refusing to discuss with anyone who has different opinion than him – which includes ABC, DEF, GHE …XYZ. He is full of ቱታ ቱታ …. Apologise to me ….ቱታ ቱታ ቱታ ቱታ

    Mr Gethab,

    Take a couple weeks off and come back ready to discuss, influence and be influenced. A new nick would be a bonus (it still can be another Sudanese place name or other foreign place names).
    Suggestions – Cairo (where ELF democratically elected its founding leaders) or Aden (where the Popular Forces……)

    But here is my apology first: I have been reading Gheteb as ገጻብ. I am not suggesting there’s link between your nick and your character – Honestly, I don’t believe in ሽም ይመርሕ ጥዋፍ የብርህ … I am unreservedly and unequivocally apologizing for my mispronunciation.

    • saay7


      Very, very funny. Master satirist Sem A is feeling very threatened:)

      After all the color-coded boxes, though, what remains is:

      There are benefits accrued to the senior or withheld from the junior other than being whitelisted: the ability to post instantly without being placed on cue to be moderated;

      There is no premium shelf, no top shelf, no bottom shelf: posts are posted sequentially: none is a “sticky” except special announcement by admin;

      People are free to have issue-based loyalties and positions. The Awate university is not polarized and has many schools: just ask Tes.

      Finally, nobody is above or below the law which, in our case, are the posting guidelines. The guidelines themselves are subject to modification by input from our community: last revision was suggested by Haile TG.

      In conclusion, we think it’s a very meritocratic system where “junior” take “seniors” to school often and “juniors” leapfrog seniors with one single post. This meritocracy is facilitated by disqus which gives u the tools to follow and unfollow commenters you think are interesting and unfollow and never read, much less reply to, commenters you believe have nothing to add.

      Welcome again. And I look forward to your weekly take-down of everyone:)


      • teweldino

        Hi Sal,

        The Awate forum is not structurally facilitating polarization of the members or stopping members from having independent opinions. But what is worrying is the members’ willing submission to party lines and their eagerness to self-censor (not as in follow the posting guidelines but as in restraining one’s thought to stay within group understanding). The university is providing the students with tools and labs to enrich their experiences while the students are refusing to look outside the box and be innovative. I am just nudging the students to act as typical university students (energetic, innovative, creative, open to new ideas etc etc) – not to eagerly placing themselves into boxes and locking themselves inside.

        As for the polarization of the forum: Tes’s original classification of the forum members into 3 groupings was not far from the truth. The truce / merger between the two groups (Box B & Box C) places members into two diametrically opposing sections. I read someone declaring the merged group’s initial task is “to eliminate the Eshi-goytays and then and only then we can tackle PFDJ” (or sth to that effect). Tes’s last classification does not look at the major dividing line. Most of the new additions are literally subsets of the two principal groupings. Actually, the breakdown of the friendship between Tes and KS exemplify the polarization of the forum along a single subject. We all saw a relationship that took months to build crumble on a couple lines exchange of different opinions. None of them thought: “But we agree on the other 99 topics!”. Everyone in the forum [b]also[/b] thought difference of opinion on the single issue was worth everybody going their separate ways. Imagine if the Eritrean society was this polarized!

        • tes

          Dear teweldinho,

          So far, 5 school of thoughts, one institute that sends its messengers are identified here at The institute does not fall within the awate forum members but as flash-mob and one school of Watchers and hence 7.

          These are:

          1. School of Chauvinism, lead by saay7

          2. School of Fine Thoughts, lead by SGJ

          3. School of Opportinists, lead by YG.

          Then, another school was identified, in fact it was merged and moving here and there and sometimes out of the Eritrean School of thought, and hence the fourth school

          4. School of Abyssinian Fundamentalism, lead by Hayat Adem

          This school was picked by Gheteb and placed in its correct school position in collaboration of saay7 and Tes, co-founders. Actually, saay7 spent a lot of energy to pick them out as he did for the opportunists school of thought.

          5. School of Un-doings

          This school is on its establishment. Probably the ELL think tank leader, Ali-Salim may be the director. But his position is not earned but hijacked. This school is called, “School of Un-Doings” Ali Salim might be blown-up soon and replaced by Ali. .


          1. Insttitute of PFDJ multiplication center lead by their master head, DIA from Asmara.

          The 5th one is not actually a school but an institute that replicates same clone, CLONING. selam is an active member of these cloned members.

          Gheteb is a lecturer with an MSc, as it is not allowed to be promoted more than that but as a part -time instructor, he is a distinguished professor in the school of Chauvinism. The institute makes little research work these days as it has developed the cloning strategy eon back. And Gheteb sometimes gets bored for simply lecturing such cloned members.

          The founder and director of School of Chauvinism had invied Semere Andom to visit as an honored professor but Semere declined the invitation. Semere is busy in shaping and accelerating the school curriculum of his school, fine school of thought.

          2. School of Watchers

          This school has a valid reason to stay around. Protecting Haile-Silassie’s supermacy, protecting Derge’s excessive exposure and protecting TPLF are some of their major task. It is co-managed by different people but T.Kifle has a directorial position by “merit”.

          But the first three major schools make-up the actual Awate Forumers School of thought and their presence is vital for the democratization of future Eritrea.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Brother tes,
            now, if everybody will categorize the way he see it, we will be in mess. so let’s give one man to do this.

          • tes

            Dear KS,

            I thought that you are not ok with let “one-man-to-do” job assignment. Isn’t it what we are not promoting for. Let’s have our say. Let’s not give all tasks to one man. I think there are some traces of dictaorial favors within your head (provoking). Let’s have our say and at last, it can be summarized. This is a democratic process (at least I believe so).


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,

            Okay, if you see it that way no problem. what I mean was since we are already giving our comments, this special job can be done by someone as otherwise we will recycle comments which will boring . take it easy tes, sorry


            እዞም ዓረብ ክምስሉ መቸም ገለ እዮም “ኸልጠት ኣልሻጥር ብል ዓሸራ” ድዮም ዝብሉ ? ኣንታ ተስፋ እዚ ኹሉ መንፍዓትካስ- እንታይ ኢኻ ኣብ’ቲ ደቀቅቲ ጉዳያት ከም ሰይ ቸንቶ ጸጸር ረጊጻ ሓፍ ዞቅ ትብል ትኸውን ዘለኻ ? ንዓ ግዲ የብልካን ናብ ልብኻ ተመለስ :: እስከ በል ኣምባገንን ኣየድልየናን እዩ እንተበልናስ ናይ ስራሕ ምምቅቃል ይሃሉ ማለትና እምበር : ንሓንቲ ስራህ ብሓደ ክኢላ ትስራሕ ኩልና ኣብኣ ንዕጎግ ማለት ድዩ ?

          • tes

            Dear KS,

            Remember that I put in the bracket, “provoking”. I was trying to turn every rock left unturned but now with a changing approach, I will try to be more humble. I would rather be more of reconcilatory promoter within the limited time I am faced these days. I love your peace loving approach and I will try my best to cope with that.


          • teweldino

            Hi Tes,

            The schools are mushrooming! Meshalah! But my point was some schools were subsets of the two ( or three) major schools. For example, Sem and Hayat’s understanding on Ethiopia’s role is more or less the same and I don’t see the point of putting them into different categories based on minor differences. My biggest worry is still polarization of ideas and widespread zero-sum reasoning in the forum.

          • tes

            Selam teweldino,

            I agree with you and your classification system is wonderful. In fact, I have only three major major Eritrean schools from the opposition camp. The Abyssinian Fundamentalism School of thought is one of the most complex school to identify and characterize it fully but its presence is open to the good readers.

            For example, KS is a distinguished and honored visiter of the school of Abyssinian Fundamentalism. But it is not of his political motive but as a birth merit. He remains typical Eritrean but with an ambivalence of Habeshanism and Eritreanism. This double identity grabbing is a source of minot conflict between him and me. For me, I am an Eritrean. I know that the Arab people call me “Habesh” and back home, I used to say the Tigrigna speaking people as “Deshkiliya”- more or less it stands for “Habesha” people. Hence, I believe that Habeshanism is within Eritreanism. In Eritrea, we have people of habesha and non-habesha. I embrace all and I fight for all. What makes me scared and bored is when people take habeshanism as their motto to fight for identity.

            At the same time, no one called himself as “Habesha” in history among the people who lived in today’s Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Arab people babtised as such and still they refer us as such collectively. And when people left their home country, both from Eritrea and Ethiopia, and started to live in the Arab-Countries, they started to be referenced as such. Not only this, when the migration extended to other parts of the world, like Africa, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and others, they started to refer themselves as “habesha people” and hence an embracing of a babtized name. Arabs babtized as, we embraced it and now we are promoting to promote it. It is weird. Worse, people started to take it as a political slogan. Teddy Afro became the champion in promoting the virtually created identity of habeshanism. And here we have Kokhob Selam working day and night to promote that parallel to his struggle for freedom. What makes such struggle retarded is that it suckes a valuable energy for unnecessary identity endeavor. I would like to mention in this regard also many distinguished freedom fighters are indulged in this kind of identity struggle and thereby continuing dragging our energy.

            One point to mention though, habeshanism and the Abyssinian Fundamentalism are quite different. The Abyssinian Fundamentalism is of “power centered” and is always war-mongered. habeshanism is peace loving and identity creation movement. I said identity creation because in its original meaning, Habesha was a geographical location inhabited by certain group of people. It is a the other version of Arab and hence Arab people. Today, we don’t have such kind of geographical location as it is divided between Eritrea and Ethiopia and hence we have a much bigger identity that we call “Eritreanism” and “Ethiopianism”. This is what I like to refer.

            Personally, I consider myself as promoter of humanism and it is my center of reference. Within that, I came from a country called Eritrea. ANd today, I fight against the regime because he is against Humanism. By extension, the regime that I am fighting is against identity, habeshanism, Eritreanism, what ever it is. I fight therefore being in a much higher position, “HUMANISM”.

            This is where I refer my position. Within this regard, I hope I am clear for what school I promote. I may not say that I belong to that school but its ideals are good enough to be supported and hence promoted. If SGJ is around and if he considers me I am a student of his school, well and good. But I consider The Fine School of Thought is Humanistic Centered. Amanuel Hidrat is a distinguished professor of this school and most probably the back-bone of this school.


          • Kokhob Selam


            that is nice of you. I have also said in this site I am human and I care about every one. you have confirmed that I am from your school earlier. and as you said, I didn’t forget the good deeds of Ethiopians. Ethipians as people are victims as you and me and I have been there even in bad times at my early edge “ዝገበርልካ ሓደው ግበረሉ ሓደው ንገረሉ” the years I spent in that land inside Ethiopians have special place in my heart. My experience in other nations even let me love Ethiopians more. this is one thing. the other thing you should know is putting aside politics you can examine how we both people are similar, so Habeshanism always is in my blood while Eritrean nationalism is unquestionable. due to my balanced view in both this two nations you may have thought I am more Ethiopian than Eritrean. you better understand me please. some among us have extra love in Arabs and that is their feeling which we should not oppose. Isn’t it tesfa ?

            going back to what you mention fine school of thought, if you still include me that is fine if not I must have taken some part of the lessons and failed. I am sure you will not let me down and you will not hesitate to teach me.

            but I think if it is fine thoughts still have negative and positive results as we call the black witch and white witch.. the journey is not always toward peaceful goal, it might take you to devil or to God.

            my approach is to concentrate on my mine aim – peace. and in doing so I should concentrate more in higher aim eliminating all negative feelings and emotions and letting positive feeling shine. for example creating peace and love among our two (Ethiopians and Eritreans) needs peaceful mind that will not be disturbed with small things like history of war and misunderstandings, don’t misunderstand me , working for peace is more than all histories we created. for example starting from forgiving the self to others there is a wonderful but strong job to be done. in fact you may not believe and may not understand my stand but we human being are one, we are one. when we kill someone we are killing the self. don’t believe if someone tells you otherwise as it never give sense. do you see a single criminal happy in his life, never. you know why, he was not born to create mess and he is affecting every single person in this universe. everything is connected and no one is alone. Oh, Tesfu you are pulling me to something I don’t like to talk about at this moment. that is a wide subject and at times my idea my clash with yours and other loved once. since it is not urgent let me stop here.

            you see now to this level, you can see I love everybody including PFDJ men and women. but I come down to talk with them opposing for their illegality. that is all. after all what is life all about, it is just for years to leave your fine art to coming generation for better future. we may come back again to start from where we stop or to pay and do better one life after the other. Don’t tell this to Saay7 Lol he will kill me. all my love to you tes, and awate friends.

          • Ted

            tes, i dont know if there is big enough box to hold selam and you together. According Teweldino’s categorization, you have one leg in A and the other in B. I think the box simplifies things for average Eritrean( silent majority), who don’t know yet Eshi goytay means, considering box A is believed to be shortsighted and,rendered dead. tes, with all your tantrums and fits i like you to be in Box B. 15 years is enough time to know we are going nowhere with BOXA., It is your job as senior instructor, to make eshi goytay change their ways, educating them to abandon TPLF for Eritrean people. Box B is hurt by association.

            Thank you, Awate University instructors for Box B.

        • Kokhob Selam

          ተወልዲኖ ናግራም ! I read it late but I enjoy it.

          • teweldino

            ትሕሾ ደኣ ትሕሾ፤ ከይንብለካ ናይ ሰላም ሰብ ኴንካ። ሓደ ሓደ ግን ኣድላዪ እዩ፤ ምሽ፧

          • Kokhob Selam

            “ወጠምጠም ነንጭዋ ኣይጠቐመን፦” እወ ሓቂ ሓቂ ! ግዳ ኸኣ “ድቃስ ንኸልቢ ‘ኳ ኣይጠቐሞ” ‘ ባ ድማ ኣይትረስዕ :: ንፍሽኽታ እየ:

    • Mahmud Saleh

      The best, man. I guess I missed this one while rerunning 1984-85s! And no wonder Semere wed Abuye Andom ቀጨውጨው ኣብዚሑ! He was sure no one would threaten his satirical role. I enjoyed it. Please keep it up.

    • habte1


      You must be astute reader of the forum. You are right about the ceasefire too.

  • selam

    Dear Ted.

    Corn dealers starve poor ?, i do not accept that notion, Here is what i say , Well we need dealers , as you know the world is a small village. I would love to sell edible oil from Malaysia, Singapore , Argentina and Brazil through Asseb , put it in bond warehouse and sell it to Ethiopia . I will make much more money by controlling the freight price and exempted tax from the bonded warehouse . That will give me a great advantage on controlling price and also keep the vast majority of in land traders at my delivery note book.

    Please lets wait PFDJ go to non recycling container first.

  • Ted

    Century old questions awaits the New MIO. Of course he is another “eshi Goytay” of Eritrea but assuming he has a chance to outline how he would go about implementing freedom of speech for Eritreans, he will not get it right as Freedom of speech still is the matter of contention . The wild wild west of freedom of speech in the west( eg, Charlie hebdo) and lack of institution in enforcing the rule of law in developing world are the deadly mix , “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”

  • Objective observer

    Sal – everything being equal, your banter feels a bit envious. Just an observation.

    Envy from

    “a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.”

  • yohannes

    I don’t know why you have to write so black black, it is only simple information the rest are agectives add by you and the giornalists, the I formation is this man is the boss minster of information.

  • Semere Andom

    Hi Sal:
    Since he is arguably the most educated, he may merge the MOI with his former job, making it a secretary of press and this will be arguably the best move that PFDJ arguably did in arguably the longest time.
    If YG passes away while he is still in good terms with IA, his obituary will read, “ghedin teQalasay, teQalisu zeQales, Qelm ztsegeb fellat eritrawi zega eyu neru.”
    So far the MoI has been only bad omen; Beraki, Naizghi, Ali Abdu

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Sal & Semere,
      Seriously, what makes Yemane Ghebremeskel to be the most educated, than those PHD holders who are in the rank of the PFDJ party? Can you help us to know his educational background?