The Risks And Challenges Facing The Youth Movements

No doubt many of us are glad when the youth make fast strides towards establishing a united and independent movement

Eritrea: A Dissection Of The Opposition

The current Eritrean opposition organisations are offshoots of the mainstream politics of either the ELF or the EPLF; both organisations

Eritrean Youth And Their Political Positions

These are my reflections on why some of the Eritrean youth are either supporters of the regime or politically indifferent.

National Unity Existing Only As Virtual Reality

The question of national unity is of a paramount importance and to a great extent, the way it is resolved

A political Tsunami

A Tsunami of popular upheavals has hit the region and on its way it has swept two of the most

Eritrean Political Equation: Dynamics Of Constants And Variables

My awareness that I’m delving into a very difficult and complex subject does diminish my enthusiasm to share my modest

Calling A Spade A Spade

‘Say the truth and lie on a railway line.’ I pondered about the above quoted ancient Eritrean wisdom. The literal

Opposition By Default

It is a matter of common sense that any two should not dispute, that the primary task of any opposition

My Understanding Of A National Conference

A national conference that measures up to its name should reflect the compatibility of that with the composition of its

Addis 2010: NCDC Participation And Issues (II)

After one of the group sessions, a Tigre speaking colleague who attended the conference remarked, “I do not like the

Who Is To Blame?

Are some of the issues that are recently raised in a number of articles a tip of an iceberg, or

What Type Of Unity?

Eritrea‘s current geographical borders, and the people within that Domain, had not emerged through a natural process of development to

Realisation One’s Wrong Deed Is A Virtue

Really an astonishing and a historical revelation was made by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in one of his