Ramadan Stream Of Consciousness: Touring The Eritrean Political Mind

[This article the second part of a four-part series written by Omar Jabir under the title “Ramadan Stream Of Consciousness.”

The Past & Future: The different Views

Can Eritreans live together & share a common future? The immediate response to that question will be: of course they

The Past & The Future: Important But Not Urgent Questions

The human brain is designed in such a way that is responds to external messages according to their importance and

The Past & The Future: Versions Of History

One of the most difficult political hurdles that blocks creating and shaping a common future is the failure to reconcile

Past & Future: Is Tigrigna domination A reality Or Myth?

After the Independence of Eritrea, the PFDJ failed to create and build a state for all Eritreans and a perpendicular

A Tale of Two Cities London Peace Conference

I was born and grew up in an ex-British colony– Eritrea, the first time I saw a British person was

London Peace Conference: A Hidden Agenda?

 received an invitation from the preparatory committee (PC) of the peace conference which is planned to convene in London May

Dr Bereket Habteselassie: From The Unknown To The Uncertain

It is now more than 35 years since I first met Dr. Bereket in Baghdad/Iraq. He was very energetic, articulate,

Sharing Thoughts…

I was supposed to return to my station but the schedule was postponed due to a technical travel emergency. During

Ramadan Reflections (Part 4 & 5)

What follow are the last two portions (4 & 5) of the five part series that Omar Jabir wrote during

Arabic In Eritrea : Its History and Its Reality (III)

Arabic language: the Popular Front [PFDJ] confirms that the Arabic language in Eritrea [was] imposed by the English and [it

Eritrean Opposition: All Are Secular (II)

And I say that [in the title], because, if anyone reads the Charter of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance, he will