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Blaming The Victims: A cruel Irony

Early seventies Eritrea—a tumultuous time of great peril and apprehension.       The place: a mid-town teachers’ clubhouse in a Western metahit town.      The scene: a group of teachers seated around a table in a typical late afternoon after-school gathering, sipping mint-flavoured tea and having mundane conversations. And …

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Who Is Petrified Of Democracy?

As the English adage goes “a fault confessed is half redressed” – it would have been much easier for CDRiE and the other Eritrean participants at the Brussels conference to say that they made a mistake, plain and simple, in not making the group of participants more diverse, by inviting …

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Calling A Spade A Spade

Is HGDEF a chauvinist Tigrigna regime? Did the ethnic Tigrignas benefit from HGDEF’s sadistic and illegal reign of terror of the past 18 or so years? If your answers to these two questions are in the affirmative, then you are absolutely right. And if your answers are in the negative, …

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