Tragic Tales Of Eritrean Families: Mohammed Said Abdella

Yesterday, March 26, 2021, we received a shocking news. Milkias Mehreteab Yohannes, one of the best writers ever hosted, has

“It Is Like Dying Ten Times Daily”

The news spread fast. In a dictatorial regime, where almost anything is out of reach for ordinary citizens, the cheapest

Exposing Despotism And Affronting The Masses

Greetings to you all brothers and sisters and especially Muslim Eritreans in this Holy month of Ramadan and the soon

One Day In Ramadan

Yusuf Mohammed Ali (Yusufzai) was clearly bothered; something must have went wrong. I tried to reach him by phone throughout

“It Is Better To Die A Thousand Times, Than Live Without Dignity….”

The young defendant was barely 20 years old. He is accused of killing a fellow friend and a neighborhood buddy

Tragic Tales Of Eritrean Families: Mengistab Gebretinsae

It was in the eightie that I first met Mengistab Gebretinsae when he visited our house in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Killers Of Ali Will Never Sleep

“If“Ethiopians in DC demand justice in the brutal murder of Ali Mohammed : WASHINGTON – Hundreds of people gathered in

“I Thought We Were Friends…” : A Lesson From History

The rioters were small in number when this entire melee begun, around midday in the city of Urmqui, Xingjian Autonomous

Freedom of Expression In Eritrea’s Media: A Journalist’s Perspective

 Dear Editor and staff      Greetings to you. The purpose of this writing is not to comment or