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Milkias Mehreteab Yohannes

“It Is Like Dying Ten Times Daily”

The news spread fast. In a dictatorial regime, where almost anything is out of reach for ordinary citizens, the cheapest commodity is rumor, gossip and chit chats commonly known to Eritreans as bado seleste (03) The following is a conversation in Libya: “Abdelaziz was found! And they found  Munir jebrani.” “Munir …

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Exposing Despotism And Affronting The Masses

Greetings to you all brothers and sisters and especially Muslim Eritreans in this Holy month of Ramadan and the soon coming Eid Al Fitr Holidays. Before I go to the main subject of this article, I want to shed some light, or clarify it—for lack of better word—certain issues and …

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One Day In Ramadan

Yusuf Mohammed Ali (Yusufzai) was clearly bothered; something must have went wrong. I tried to reach him by phone throughout the day to no avail. His office was not that far from mine, we usually talked on the phone or met to have coffee almost every day. I talked to …

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Tragic Tales Of Eritrean Families: Mohammed Said Abdella

One thing that greatly disturbed and puzzled me in my life as a journalist in Eritrea was the case of Eritreans who disappeared; those who went into thin air—guday dehay zeybelom sebat. I am still asking questions and wondering without getting any kind of answer about their dilemma. All the …

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The Killers Of Ali Will Never Sleep

“If“Ethiopians in DC demand justice in the brutal murder of Ali Mohammed : WASHINGTON – Hundreds of people gathered in sadness to remember a 27-year-old man who died near the popular DC9 nightclub last Friday. The candlelight vigil quickly turned to anger over the alleged attack of Ali Mohammed. It …

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