“Baito Baitona”: The Debrezeit Dialogue Forum

It was my first participation in a big Eritrean gathering of various youth organizations and diverse individuals: refugees, students, journalists,

Mending The Habitual Error

This time I will tighten my belt and swerve little from the usual style of dealing with our “sensitive” concerns

YPFDJ: PFDJ’s Overseas Propagandists

“Propaganda is neutrally defined as a systematic form of purposeful persuasion that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, opinions and

PFDJ Understands Only Force

Before I proceed to the main subject of this article, I would like to congratulate the Tunisian and Egyptian people

Eritrea Under Isaias: Eternal Pain

Are there people who are not scared of death? Readers might wonder about this query and they might simply answer

The Eritrean Elites And The People

Recently, I observed a relative tranquility in the Eritrean cyberspace, may be the success of the NCDC diverted the course

The Fear Of The Other Side

Things are going downhill and it seems as if we are going to walk on steep cliffs. I wish this

Reflections On The Eritrean Youth

What comes to our mind when the term youth is raised? Where does the position of the Eritrean youth lie

Healthy communication: A cornerstone for viable solution

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”   Oliver Wendell

Who Is Going To Pull The Trigger?

For years we kept writing, revealing, and screaming about our wounds and the wrong policies of PFDJ. This mild struggle

Eritrea: Serious Consequences Of An Unjust Educational Policy

Shaebia has been pursuing a warped educational policy; I can confidently say that education is not alive in Eritrea. But

Roles Reversed: Now PFDJ Needs Coupons To Travel

When Shaebia came to power in 1991, we welcomed them clapping our innocent hands in delight considering that freedom belongs to