Inquest Into The Lampedusa Migrant Boat Disaster

The tragic boat accident of October 3, 2013, which claimed the lives of 366 young Eritreans off the coast of

The Unsung Tragedy of Eritrea’s Children: Past, Present, and Future

Children can help. In a world of diversity and disparity, children are a unifying force capable of bringing people to

Appraising Eritrea’s Social Media (Part II)

Reining our Elephant I want to start this follow-up article by thanking Haile for the following very constructive comments that

Appraising Eritrea’s Social Media ( Part 1)

There now exists a ‘’different’’ Eritrea in the cyberspace, what can be called a ‘’virtual diasporic nation’’ of the free,

The Ghion Hotel Metting: A Refugee’s Perspective

The legacy of past generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living. K. Marx Saliha must have

Eritrea 20th Birthday: Time For Reflection!

“Those languishing in prison, those just out of prison, and the relatively free…” -A ‘’deranged’’ lady’s demographic classification of the

At The Crossroad (3rd & Final Part)

‘’They are capable of loving only the dead.’’ A. Pushkin The new mantra for the just ended 21st Anniversary of

At The Crossroads (Part II)

A chilly Mediterranean wind is blowing across the stale political landscape of Africa’s Arab north, and it has turned a

At The Crossroads (Part 1)

“April 4th, 1984. Last night to the flicks. All war films. One very good one of a ship full of

Entrapped ‘Miners’ Of Conscience In Eritrea And A Largely Indifferent Diaspora

“If our people 50 years ago in 1946 could form political parties of varying ideologies and policies and manage to

To The Silent Majority – For How Long Can You Keep Your Silence?

A priest asked a dying Spanish Statesman and General who ruled his country in the late 18th century: ‘’Does your

Reflections: Seven Days At The NCDC

Having lived in Addis-Ababa for almost four years as an Eritrean refugee with urban status, and having strong “shaebia” sentiment,