Of True, Half and False Revolutions: Perspectives on the Sudanese Uprising

This piece poses three specific and interrelated points: the character of political revolutions; implications of the 2018-2019 Sudanese popular uprising

Adam Malakin: His Non-militant, Non-public Other Side

Adam Malakin, a prominent figure in the struggle for Eritrean statehood, passed away in May 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. Up

Resolution 2023 And Eritrea’s Political Opposition

As a discrete initiative, the purpose of this contribution is not to argue a case in favour or against Resolution

On Mohammed Kheir Omar’s Public Stature: Keeping The Record Straight

This response is prompted by a need to redress misconceptions arising out of Ismail Omer-Ali’s last POINTBLANK whose object of

United Nations Sanctions Against Eritrea: Missing Perspective

Background   On December 23, 2009 the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) through Resolution 1907 imposed sanctions against the State