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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Self-Definition And Self-Creation


1. A Likely Breakthrough on the Horizon;
2. Rumblings;
3. Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia;
4. Repeating Myself – need for a framework for responsible political lobbying;
5. Theatrics aka Activism; …

The pressure of history is enormous, and its judgment is the most burdensome of all. To throw a spanner in the works, a deliberate oversight into our historical account is tantamount to duplicity. No matter how tough the going is, we should always exert maximum effort in holding on to our heroic past, and make conscious effort at restoring the integrity our Ghedli created around our existence. We should celebrate our history all the time. Defacing it, as some collaborationists are doing, will have our dignity thrown into the dustbin of history. Considering the way we conducted our independence project, the way Wel-Wel and Ibrahim Sultan paved the way for the independence struggle, the Ghedli we ran to regain the land of our ancestors and many more national traits we possess are examples of the qualities and potential we have as Eritreans.

I hope that intense, fruitful and controversial but always educational discussions can take place in a calm atmosphere. The emotional outbursts that prevent us from running our campaigns in business-like fashion, the Internet chatter that distracts us from executing well thought out processes, the condescending attitudes we show towards one another, and many more attributes that are unruly are not helpful. My fellow Eritreans, there will be a breakthrough once we approach matters differently. Once we control our emotions, move towards project-based operations and apply a good dosage of professionalism in our operations then we will certainly see some changes in the way we run our campaign.

We know what we have been doing and how we have been conducting ourselves since we declared our divorce from the PFDJ regime. We have wasted a lot of time and energy going in circles, haven’t we? I am of the opinion Ethiopia was the major wrench in the works of our campaign all along. Do you remember how Hiruy was imposed on EDA as Harestay stood up to them? And the fights and splits that ensued afterwards? Ever since then how many Ethiopia-led cataclysms have we experienced? Mark my words, a day will come that folks will commend EPDP for not capitulating to pressure from Ethiopia.

Let’s focus on other matters for now. What we are not aware of is the excellent qualities we possess–qualities which are not being utilized in our campaign against the PFDJ regime. We know our patriotism is unbeatable, and it is the biggest asset we have aggregated over the years. I am convinced banking on our patriotism is how we will have a breakthrough.

We certainly are a diverse group: lawyers, political scientists and historians, activists; theoreticians and practitioners; experts on Eritrea and others with an expertise in similar fields. In other words, people either intimately affected by the situation inside Eritrea or intimately involved in the attempt to solve our problems on the one hand, and on the other hand people who can address concerns from a more detached position. Basically, we have many more amongst us who come from all walks of life. In short we have the character and foundation upon which we will rebuild Eritrea, that is if we add some kind of team working to it. I am not talking about exerting joint efforts at this stage but to work in various constellations that do not work against one another. Once we start seeing the results of our cordial constellatory efforts then we can create the breakthroughs that will define and shape our future together. So let’s not give others the chance to create rifts amongst our constellations.


1. As I write this article, let me register my grievance against the PFDJ government that is denying our people not only their basic rights, but also diminish the quality of life down to beggarly state and destitution. Lack of service provision has never been so acute in Eritrea – whether it is electricity, water or even housing, the lack of service provision is a crippling problem for tens of thousands of Eritrean households and businesses. How can a society function without electricity and water? Shops have been closed for weeks due to lack of electricity. Lives are being put in danger. The government is bent on driving citizens out of urban areas so population control becomes easier to manage.

2. Allow me to say a few words about the comments my articles have been generating during the last few months. Interesting comments–some question my motives; some are uncomfortable when I raise Ethiopia-related issues; some try to portray me as a loose cannon; supporters of the incompetent ENCDC group are totally angered; some like to embark on pointless merry-go-round discussions; some, I guess, are on a power trip. And of course, there are those who are seriously following and contributing to the discussion. As for me, I guess I like flexing my intellectual muscles–just a form of bullying exercise. I feel I am so amusingly arrogant when I recycle old ideas thinking they are my own. Although in some cases our differences and wounds run deep, we are demonstrating an important national trait to the Ethiopians amongst us–we care about our Eritrea.

It is indeed tempting to engage many of you on important issues you tirelessly raise for or against my arguments; however, with all due respect, I have decided to remain thrifty with my time because time is not on my side. Being an Eritrean and a parent of young children is not easy. Anyway, by now I am sure the reader has the gist of my arguments: a) to remain true to our history/identity; b) to conduct our campaigns in a dignified way; c) to bring our martyrs to the forefront of our deliberations/campaigns; d) to create a self-reliant movement that ties us up with our people living in Eritrea; e) to eliminate Ethiopian-dictates from our campaign formula all together; f) the creation of an Eritrean patriotic front to lead us through a transitional period.

3. Memory of comrades: How many of our heroes are silently sleeping in history’s memory? The dead are dead, aren’t they? And it makes no difference to them whether we pay tribute to their valour or not. I am thinking of TeTew, Karachi, Flansa, Wedi Sheqa, Affa and more. I am also thinking of the event that took place on 1 December 1970 when around 1,000 innocent civilians were massacred in the villages of Ona and Basikdira near Keren within 48 hours. Where are the courageous ELF fighters who eliminated General Teshome Ergetu, the commander of the Ethiopian army in Eritrea? They are all gone. However, to us, the living, the memory of our heroes means something. Memory is of no use to the remembered, only to those who remember. We construct ourselves with memory and console ourselves with memory.

4. We need to change our ways. Don’t you think we have lost the meaning of struggle due to the fact that we got stuck in our comfort zones? There, in our comfort zones, we are waiting for something as our dreams gradually die. I feel we are being controlled by our respective comfort zones, folks. Has ‘struggle’ become a past time, a waiting game? This reminds me of the song by the villagers (Nothing arrived).

I waited for Something, and Something died
So I waited for Nothing, and Nothing arrived
It’s our dearest ally, it’s our closest friend
In this darkest blackout, is it our final end
My dear sweet Nothing, let’s start a new
From here all in is just me and you

We write a few articles, comment on written articles, attend pal-talk sessions, get a few things off our chest … job done. Perhaps that is why we attack those who really want to contribute to our campaign in terms of action oriented moves. Their actions will take us out of our comfort zones, if you know what I mean. If we want change then we have to change ourselves first. It is time for self-definition and self-creation. Let our patriotism be the main weapon for change as we self-define/create ourselves – we have it at our disposal. My fellow Eritreans, I want us to make history once again, not remain confined to keyboard campaigns. Our wounded hearts will heal in time, and if we want to expedite the healing process then we will have to rise up in the memory and love of our lost ones and start doing things differently.

5. Clusters of Operations: The fact is that we come in small clusters of campaigners stretched thinly over a wide area. At the same time we tend to cluster around bigger issues in order to change the world of Eritrea (as if we are a global cluster). Small clusters, unless they coordinate their work, can hardly become change agents. Until we master the art of global clustering, we will need to cluster around smaller issues that are manageable. Take the case of the Arbi Harnet project. I think the group is doing an excellent job–it is carrying out a project it can realistically manage. They defined their project well, identified their aims and objectives, continue to raise their own funds, and are beaming their messages in Eritrean households every week. Something very practical and a project that brings home-based Eritreans on board. And what is ENDCD doing? Bringing the scheming government of Ethiopia on board to create havoc? As far as I am concerned Arbi-Harnet deserves our support. Just pay-pal them some money and they will do the rest.

We can carry out similar projects of our own, on our own. We can further internationalize the plight of our refugees. Some activists are doing it already; we need to do more of it. We can seek legal means to address our problems within the international community. As a center, the Awate Team can do this very capably. I will help if my help is needed. Can we contribute enough to build a memorial of some kind for Wedi Ali?

Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Let’s just mention some facts concerning Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia.

• Currently, there are 72,000 Eritrean refugees in four camps in Tigray region and two others in the Afar region.Most of the refugees are young and vocationally trained. Amongst them are some unaccompanied youngsters as well as mothers with children.
• It is estimated around 1,000 (out of 72,000) are given the opportunity to attend universities – education sponsored by Western governments (Norway being the major contributor). Is that 1.4 %?
• How many Eritreans graduated from Ethiopian universities this year: 16 individuals (big news at
• Do you know what kind of life our refugees lead in Ethiopian camps? Eritreans in the Tigray area are constantly harassed and exploited. ‘Enda-sewa’ bars are flourishing around the camps… the only place they are most welcome. Unemployment is almost 100%.
• Do you know how long it takes for Eritrean refugees to be processed out of the country? If the Ethiopians do not okay it then the refugee can stay in the camp for 5-7 years. Basically, if Ethiopia does not okay it then refugees will linger in the camps for years.
• Do you know that refugees are approached by Ethiopian security forces to support and join certain Eritrean opposition groups that are pro-Ethiopia in their construct?
• Do you know what ENCDC group is doing to alleviate the plight of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia? Nothing.
• Do you know that some of the refugees who are instructed to join certain opposition groups are still exploited by the members of their sponsoring opposition group? There are strong rumors that sometimes the opposition groups transport ‘their new members’ to the boarder of Sudan for a fee!
• It seems the Ethiopians want to frustrate the refuges to a point of driving them to bear arms against Eritrea.
• Why are so many Ethiopians claiming asylum by feigning Eritrean identity? Are Ethiopians using Eritrean refugee quota (to go to a third country)?
• Many refugees are trafficked out of Ethiopia at colossal fees.
• One can say that refugee ‘ism has become a lucrative business in Ethiopia.

Repeating Myself

There is emptiness at the core of Ethiopia’s machination. We have seen their politicking around refugee issues and on a relatively unimportant issues served as a protective cover to help ‘their men’ secure dominance in diaspora politics, and to prepare to continue their unfinished business whenever power is usurped from PFDJ.
I know we, as concerned citizens, do not have a feasible strategy because we are busy running our lives and of course, fighting one another at the moment. Shall I say we are made to go at each other’s throats by various cliques amongst us? Be that as it may, we are all aware of problems that are devastating our country–poverty, mass migration, isolation, human trafficking, and of course a myriad of political, social and economic problems. Most of all, Ethiopia’s arrogance in rejecting the ruling of the Boundary Commission is one of the problems that is exacerbating the situation.

My fellow Eritreans, are we clueless when it comes to figuring out why we cannot work together to resolve our problems? I am convinced that cliques of negative forces are interspersed amongst us to cause havoc by encroaching on our basic rights with their unionist agenda. Secondly, too many of us are blinded by hatred of Isaias Afewerki and intoxicated by empty platitudes. That very hatred of Isaias is making us forget who we are, tarnishing our emotional association with our martyrs, and peroxiding the cruelties we suffered under Ethiopia!
Just to get a few things out of my system allow me to muse over the plight conscientious campaigners have been confronted with of late. The sedition lies within a scheme of exploiting the current status of many seasoned Eritreans who have been relegated to the rank of silent observers. I see many around me leading a life of quiet resignation and desperation while others are scurrying to receive hand-outs from Ethiopia. The resignation comes from the infighting and desperation comes from absence of inspiration. The lives Eritreans are leading are so abject a conducive platform has been created for those who are moseying for unattainable positions–theatrics aka activism. In other words, the Ethiopians are hijacking our struggle by feigning support. They are in the process of creating an aura of indispensability around our commiseration. Of course, that is not going to work for we Eritreans have invested too much in our Eritrean identity through blood.

My fellow Eritreans, this is real life as we know it; and where there is life there is hope. Hope at least gives us the option of living to embark on the right course of our struggle. I know hope is one of the most effective and practical solutions to cure despair. And that is because hope is based on practicality not theory. I am interested in the possibilities in bridging the gap that has been created between those of us who are calling for a clean campaign and our people back home. I am not interested in those piggybacking on Ethiopian experiments. We are not campaigners united by hatred towards Isaias, but love and wellbeing of our beloved country and memory of our martyrs. We should hope for a clean transition when change comes.

The primary objective of the campaign is to prepare ourselves for a future transition in Eritrea, so that we are well equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that will arise as soon as the PFDJ extinguishes itself–once again, an inevitable fact. We cannot afford to allow Ethiopia or Ethiopia-sponsored ‘activists’ lead the way.

There is no need for me to tell you what everyone has been talking about for the last decade or two–that we as Eritreans need justice, peaceful co-existence with our neighbors, unity amongst us, respect for our democratic and human rights. There is also no need to tally the frustrating experiences we have been going through in this dog-eat-dog campaign where conscientious campaigners have been silenced by those who are championing Ethiopian interests. For instance, I find the language of the ‘Smerrr group’ and their rhetoric too obtuse and confrontational. Their politics is based on a ragbag of things I cannot understand. Like any other Eritrean diaspora initiative which was susceptible to Ethiopian meddling–Smerrr group too will dissipate. It is only a question of time. On the contrary Eritrean perseverance will continue to prevail.

I think I have said enough for now.

Admas Haile is an Eritrean observer.

About Admas Haile

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  • Mihret

    ala Admas, it is obvious you are Semere Habtemariam. Changing nicknames is not going to help you. xemam hade derfu zbehal kemzi natka eyu.

  • L.T

    I think also that is great that we have manay Eritreans students in Ethiopia/Tigria.The quesition is which side their heart are?Ofcourse in Eritrea.
    Almost Eplf their studies were in Ethiopia and this chance to give to our young now is one puls and the bonus is when they finsh their study they back home and build their nation again.Thanks Ato Meles with your forward vision and Ato Sibhat Nega your warm hospitality for Eritrea.Yes,Axum was Aduwa,Shire,Axum,Seraia,Hamassien and Akeleguzai(with Zaila)without Agame Awraja and Tenbien.

  • yemane

    Nowadays, Drunk people are hooked to social medias!!

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    The taboos of eplf and elf:

    There are many thought of Schools conserning eritrea but the difference of eplf and elf concerning how to procceed With Eritrea is taboo among many eritreans.

    eplf tries to camuflage how secular it is to give Clear signal for elf NOT to exersice islam in its politics though onece in a while eplf leaders show their sympathy for the orthodox (poor protestants became unintended enemy of eplf in the mean time)

    elf is more for islam to be included in one way or another in leading Eritrea but scaptisc that the same can be Applied for the orthodox christians.

    eplf marginalizes the non secular elf followers, eplf is more for tigrinya while elf is for more arabas and non-tigrinya.

    elf prefers arabic as a unifying Language (to get rid of the nuisans from ‘those’ ethiopians once and for all) while eplf prefers tigrinya as a unifying factor.

    The affar quesiton is taboo in both groups, elf is a bit lebral as to ethnic self adminstration but couldnt say it loud because eplf can use it against it.

    It is taboo to discuss the failure of eplf, every thing which doesnt work is consicered the fault of pfdj.

    It is taboo to discuss the ethio-eriterans who live in Ethiopia.

    • Kokhob Selam


      do you you know more than us (Eritreans) what the differnce between those old fronts? every Eritrean who read the above coment will lough on you my friend. write somthing useful.

      My frind if some one asks you why you care about those two Eritreans old fronts what will you answer? i am sure some people already have stopped reading your comments.

  • haile


    I argued, earlier on, that the diaspora are simple Eritrea loving, God fearing people that have fallen to the Eritrean regime’s propaganda machine. The so called opposition, honestly speaking, doesn’t appear to be capable of challenging the regime head-to-head without excusing qnat adey Hankwiluni none sense.

    The above means that about studying real information and informing the people in the diaspora effectively, without being taken to sidnet as in calling them all sorts of names, or being insensitive to generally held sentiments about culture, identity and history of the nation. The information needs to be presented credibly and avoid lying about issues or fabricating claims that can not be collaborated. Such is a different topic, but at a deeper level it strengthens the regime tremendously. So, you shall not lie:)

    Let’s for example take you would like to inform the diaspora that how the regime abuses the nation. Take fisheries for example. Here is what the regime does/ and also the facts as they stand:

    – Eritrea has the capacity to sustainable harvesting of 80,000 tonnes of fish per year.

    – To date the regime made no efforts to develop this sector, in fact engages in crimes against the people in this regard.

    – It loans money to small holder fishermen to buy their fishing boats. Once they fish the little that they can, they can only sell it to the regime (Erifish). The regime has two EU certified landing factories where it processes the catch that it takes away from the poor fisher men and exports it to some markets in the EU. It collects around 15,000 tonnes through such scheming. The fisher men are not allowed to sell to the market and have to pay 20% of their earning to repay the loan for the boat!

    – The regime doesn’t carry out large scale fishing operations, instead it sells fishing rights license to foreign-owned trawlers operating in Eritrean waters. It has no control or regulatory facility for proper oversight hence it acts irresponsibly.

    – The Yemenis, being heavily dependent on fishing, are the regime’s target for extortion. At grave risk of the fraternal relationship between our both peoples, the regime constantly harass them for extortion. They repeatedly pleaded with the regime for shared fishing activities, it refused. Up until 2005 the Yemenis worked hard to open a joint venture (50/50) of fishing company with Eritrea, the regime stalled and backed out of it.

    – The other abuse it commits is also to embezzle NGO funding (from IFAD) that it recieves to develop Eritrea’s fishery sector. Imagine, a regime that prevents a poor fisherman from selling its catch in the market (hasad wahid:) to actually go so far as “developing” Eritrea’s fishery sector. 22 years on, it did NOTHING! Erifish is a small collection depot to snatch the catches made by poor Eritrean fishermen and sell it abroad. Ask in Asmara how often people see fish in the market, rare. Even if the fishing season is seven months long, and Eritrean’s fish consumption is the lowest below the poorest nations in Africa.


    “…We’ve asked the Eritreans to agree with us on a mechanism to organize shared fishing. We were close to doing that, but they hesitated, although we agreed to impose a tax on large fishing dhows and to establish an Eritrean-Yemeni fishing company at 50/50 percentage. However, the company project faltered despite the fact that two meetings were conducted and some significant steps were reached in the process. We blame the Eritrean side because they stalled and stopped the project since 2005 despite our persistence for the good of the two countries.” [YemeniTimes]

    “…In Eritrea, meat is the preferred source of protein. Fish consumption is estimated at 0.5-1kg/person/year which is low compared both to the average Africa consumption, estimated at 8kg/person/year.” [IFAD]

    “…Two internationally accredited factories operate in the coastal areas and they are involved in the export of whole and gutted fish, fillets and shrimps to markets in the EU.” [ACP Fish II – Eritrea]


    Many other sectors can be analysed and presented to the diaspora Eritreans who are mostly unaware of the regime’s machinations. At the same time the opposition need to boldly assert Eritrea’s interest in all spheres. Fishery or agriculture or mining and others need to be analysed from the point of view of what Eritreans are missing out and not presented in a paranoid and anti-Eritrea tone and perceived intent. The Ethio-Eritrea border issue is another area where the opposition is so timid and was made to lose the respect of Eritreans.

    Hence, the message is to be Bold, Truthful and above all Eritrean to help your people. The diaspora is a decisive force economically and in other political and logistical considerations, so far the opposition was observed in dealing in a stupid and disrespectful manner that has brought about the regime’s total control in its door steps.


    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Imagine the ethio-afar who can not even Fish in their own watter!! You are crying for those who can get loan and buy boats. What a wierd world!

  • zamu

    It sound your are craving for another “HGDEF” to come after HGDEF. Its likelihood? ….near zero. Your thought it cruel though, I must say!

  • T..T.

    If there is no difference between an unintentional accomplice and a blackmailed accomplice of Isayas in committing crime against the Eritrean people in general and the Eritrean youth in particular, the two accomplices are innocent abettors. In comparing the feelings of the two accomplices, it can be said that for the blackmailed accomplice it is a painful experience that Isayas had taken away his/her right to tell the truth, whereas to the unintentional accomplice is just doing it because of political addiction and that way s/he unintentionally playing into the hands of the tyrant to defame the opposition.

    However, the two accomplices differ in their mindsets but not mission. Because the blackmailed accomplice is aware of his/her actions, will try to reduce the inflicted crime on the victims of tyrant Isayas; while the unintentional accomplice because s/he is determined to destroy the opposition, will punch at whatever cost of political crime or infamy – yet not aware or blind to what’s going on, and, that is why it is politically tagged as addiction to harm the opposition.

    Therefore, the question is: Can the blackmailed and the unwittingly/unintentionally accomplices be birds of a feather that flock together? Surely and certainly, the two are into one, working together as opposition to opposition and that is what we see in our every politics as practiced by EPDP.

  • bukretsion

    do u know most of none tigrayn ethiopan don’t know the different between tigray and eritrea. all they know tigray is ethiopan territory and eritrea is independent country. they don’t know any other different.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      It is an insult for the majority of Ethiopians that we dont know civilized People like eritreans and ethiopians! It is outragious. How dare you! Eritreans who taught us to play football and won even cups, eritreans who helped us to live in Democracy, eritreans who started Our air lines and made it to its top postion in africa, eritreans who removed derg and replaced democratic government, eritreans who taught us to make buisness, Eritrea who taught us to read and Write amharic all over ethiopia, etc. How dare you!

    • belay

      Tell us,about your modification.
      Don’t forget to find and, put the missing bolt on,which i dought you will ever find it.
      God bless us all.

      • bukretsion

        I think the only thing that u want to hear is TPLF a hero, tplf a visionary,….and eplf a dictator, eplf a killer, bla bla bla like a little kid .I AM TRYING TO TELL THE REALITY ON THE GROUND. WHICH is the none tigrayn ethiopian don’t know the different between tigray and none afar eritrean. if u don’t believe me pretend as none tigrayn ethiopia and ask .i think ur the one who need to put the missing bolt on .

    • belay

      You can name and shame the TPLF,based on evidences ,that is fine with me.Infact it should be incouraged,politicians,Gvts etc should be critisised.
      If you critisise the ETHIOPIAN gvt based on their short comings,you are helping us.
      Bukretsion,Tigray is not the only boundry to Eritrea and the great majority of Ethiopia know a lot more about Eritrea for so many different reasons.They are not as ignorant as you think.
      Any way,your first comment was slightly different and might have contributed to misunderstanding ,so stop blaming me.
      No hard feelings,let me go now,to find my missing bolt.

  • woredemhiret

    Amanuel Hidrat

    Thanks for asking me“ Why did EPLF saw the need of united front with TPLF in the battle of Nakfa and other places inside Eritrea in the 80s?”
    But my whole point was that the Ethiopians precondition is not genuine. Everybody knows that PIA thrives under the status quo and thus would not sit down and address the concern they might have and get the demarcation done. Why would he? Who started the war after all?
    They knew it early on that their precondition would be an effective tool of weakening Eritrea without any need to go through the exercise of deterrence or military operations.
    And I do not think that why I think they need to weaken Eritrea at this point in time has anything to do with why they might have formed “united front” in the 80s.

    • Werede….,

      You failed to answer my question. Ask anyone who is conscious about the politics of war around you then you will understand the current situation. This regime is not worthy to deal anything good for Eritrean. I think The Ethiopian government understood that. Please stir this simple idea in your cerebrum to stain in your mind.

  • Crocus

    Sheesh! Go easy on the guy. He is busy making a livelihood, somewhere in the West. And He is raising his kids. That is right. Too bad he is annoyed to see young Eritreans crossing the border. They were not going on a picnic, mind you. They found things so intolerable at home that they decided anything was better than staying put. We have all heard the heart-breaking stories, faint whispers streaming from scorching deserts, inclement seas, and indifferent nations (Even Italians!). Yet we have an intellectual muscle twitching here righteously and pontificating how bad the neighbor in the south is. Hmmm!

    BTW, there are three types of Eritreans in Ethiopia, a picture he seems to be totally oblivious of. The first and largest group consists of Eritreans, some of them my family, who lived in Ethiopia for decades through thick and thin. The second group consists of unfortunate refugees who began crossing the border at great risk to themselves and have been housed in camps. 90 (not 16) graduated from various colleges this July. 75% of their expenses was picked up by Ethiopians. (Look for it in YouTube.) The writer says the refugee group numbers 72,000. I have no knowledge of their size. The third group consists of Eritreans who made their homes in America, Europe, Australia and elsewhere with the privilege to visit Ethiopia and enjoy life, a privilege of the passports they hold. I know all three types. I do not count the few Eritreans who live there under diplomatic protocols. Collectively, these Eritreans account for up to 1/3 of what is called the diaspora. None of them hates their native land. All feel a deep sense of loss.

    The mother of all wars is the war against oneself. Honesty, integrity, and true fervor demand that one share the sacrifice one is asking of others. Perhaps in this writer’s mind there is no cognitive dissonance. He berates others for what he himself is incapable of doing. It is in bad taste, to say the least, but utterly hypocritical. It is the height of selfishness and arrogance, and certainly a big part of what ails Eritrea at the present. Most diaspora Eritreans will NOT RETURN. That is a fact. Let those who never left home call the shots.

    • Danny

      You just made my day by providing the perfect response to the writer. Thanks a lot!

  • A.yi

    Ethiopia and its people especially the Tigrai people are well coming Eritrean Refugees without hesitation as the information I have.However, some Eritrean brother think the opposite. First of all 75% of the cost for the refugees cover by Ethiopian government and the 25% covers by donors so Eritreans at-least should recognize the good will of Ethiopian government and its people.
    I am very sure many Eritreans who know this recognize the real situation in Ethiopia especially in Tigrai.

    No matter what happen today’s politics the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia are brother and sister.

    God bless the of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Ya man, that is the difference between cyber Eritrea and real ethiopia. Most of them stranded there one because they are waiting for resetteled to Rich western countries 2) some they dont care to wait for this lotto to the west but they dont hava Family member that knows them that they live in camps. 3) some of the camps residents work for pfdj. So Things are not easy like the cyber eri. WE are talking about People who crossed the boarder riscking their lives.

      Who would have thought that eplf chasing away eritreans to Ethiopia. Since 2008 the we know for sure who is the devil.

  • haile


    Here are some critical issues facing the diaspora/cyber opposition 🙂

    – The opposition makes extensive use of social media as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Website, blog post, Pal talk… where as the demographic of Eritrea indicates that 80% of the population lives in subsistence farming.

    – Most of the Eritreans in the diaspora are “silent majority” (regime supporters or regime tolerating) while most people in Eritrea oppose the regime. Wouldn’t it make sense for the regime to come to the diaspora and the opposition to go to Eritrea?

    – Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are going to Universities and not army training camps. What does that say about their priorities in life?

    – Arbi harnet makes robocalls to Eritrea, why not to the Eritreans in the diaspora?

    – Radio Erena or radio Asenna transmit to Eritrea, shouldn’t information be flowing the other way around where those close to or inside Eritrea be transmitting to the diaspora?

    Bayto Awasa was made up of 600 representatives of hizbi Eritrea, since no one had represented those in Eritrea, wouldn’t it been better to call it the diaspora deligation than bayto?


    Serious reply only 🙂

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Well sommerized about the opportunists! What they dream about is the erirteans at home sacrifice their lives for toppling isayas like FORTO 2013 and opposition leaders will lead the country. What they dont know they are so many so different we dont have enough small countries that they lead like meles and isayas have done.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Mr.Haile,
        Eritrean People in deferent part of the world including inside Eritrea are doing what they can and the job is not so easy. I always wonder why people like you are disapproving the initiative actions of some Eritreans. For me if I see the job done is not satisfactory or failed I only believe there are unused increadents. and for your information I swear I am watching closely all the jobs done so far has terrorized and created doubts among PFDJ leadership- means destroyed part of PFDJ although PFDJ have poisonous snakes around us. Yes the cheap spays that we are exposing them daily is not a simple job either.
        I am sorry to see people like you count only the negative but not the positive jobs done. And then talking against all those great men in such way (the way you use) is just serving pfdj unless you yourself show alternatives and do the job personally. For your information today we have a lot of people working from different angles but when the organizing equation appears it will not take time to see the dead PFDJ. Because PFDJ is not as you see it form far decorated as if it is healthy. In fact the main job that needs more concentration is the -after PFDJ- as cleaning pfdj is only the job of small heroic group to finish. And if you intelligent people are willing to continue in building the country far from opportunism, it is a promise there are people who will clean the garbage inside the country. But the way some of you see things don’t give the energy and moral to people to fight boldly against the enemy. The question frequently asked from those experienced real fighters is “why will I die for those opportunists?” Because leaving the people and go (die) with opportunist is a crime in itself.

        I don’t mean you are opportunist yet if you and your likes are not willing to stand united the chance is they will be simply controlled by opportunist who will use the difference. So please,
        —-Try to solve the appearing differences by studding the case. I don’t mean all those political parties will be united but most can do. And let the PFDJ serving groups be isolated forever.
        —-And regarding Ethiopians, please accept the reality in their development but don’t afraid they will use us. Those who are afraid don’t have trust on themselves and others. So don’t follow their step.
        —-Utilize you knowledge and work with others for main aim (creating new Eritrea).

        I trust my god then the mass but i beleive intelectuals can play posetive if they want, yet they can’t stop the developemrnt. at the end no one will destroy the truth and truth shall won.

        • haile

          Selamat KS

          I know it can be hard to be motivated at times, but there is no alternative to facing truth and asking the pertinent questions. That is if we are ever to get anywhere. I hope your motivations come from the situation on the ground and not the information on the cyber space. These are views exchanged to help us consider things differently and see each other’s perspectives. And please remember we are less than are at most 0.7% of the Eritrean people (cyber active & diaspora based opposition/supporter) 99.3% of Eritreans are not directly represented here. So, let’s keep it in proportions.


          PS- Here is a poem by Arefaine (nothing to do with the above comment, just for your enjoyment)

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hailat,

            the persentage you give might be right. yet what if I am among who are in both following the develpment? I don’t think the cyber world isnot affecting the develpemtns. and the day people start to see it, will be one of the main resons to destroy the spinal cord of PFDJ. the daily develpments are promissing brother.

            the poem of lovely Arefaine was wonderful and thank you for the link .
            by the way I know you have also the abiltiy of putting wonderful poems, what about joining me in Jebena?

    • Haile,

      Are you really serious to bring such questions? I think you are better than than that. Do not lower your scale unless it is for disinformation purpose.

      • haile


        Gidef eba…I was following your advise “ksad ztefetre r’esi aziru krey eyu” the above questions may appear light hearted but they would help to look at some of the assumptions and methods critically. 🙂

        1 – Is the medium of struggle appropriate

        2 – Opposition going to Eritrea — is the focus of opposition advocacy reflective of the situation in today’s Eritrea?

        3 – Priority of refugees — is the opposition activity in sync with the interests and aspirations of the people?

        4- Robocalls to diaspora — is the opposition providing credible and up to date information about Eritrea to the uninformed diaspora masses?

        5 – Radio transmission — is it going the right way? shouldn’t there be real-time field reporting from Eritrea in video and audio?

        6 – Bayto — shouldn’t be there sufficient representation before unilaterally declaring oneself to be representative?

        In addition, keytentsertsr ember hanti hito neyratni:)

        Since you are part of the senior bayto people, wouldn’t it be sensible for you to participate here on behalf of the ENCDC and engage the public on that capacity? Thousands of visitors come here, why not take the opportunity to help your organization shine here? I can get my people to talk to the awate team people to change your user name to Amanuel Hidrat – ENCDC Rep, so that people would engage you as an opposition rep than just a fellow citizen…what do ya think?


        If no doors are opening for you, my be you are not knocking hard enough!

        • Hailat,

          I can only participate in the capacity of an individual citizen. I don’t throw myself into the responsibility of others.There are designated individuals for ENCDC council. You are slick in a manner to put your protagonist to be in problem. Am I right Haile? Let us deal or “negachewo” our individual know how to produce tangible good…..that is worth for the common good of our people. You know Haile I am sensitive on my back not to let people push me into a danger while I am pulling you from a danger of your position. Cheers Hailat.

  • Yemane

    Well, to summarize Admas’s theories from the land of comfort( probably Downing street):
    1) Ethiopia( Weyane) doesn’t want to see a strong Eritrean Opposition.
    2) EPDP’s independency from Ethiopia will eventually be the most commended principle in the History of Eritrean Opposition( If opposition really exists).
    3)If we take memories of our martyrs as a core principle, we will retain our dignity( survival of the independent thinkers and extinction of the Unionists. I am afraid if Yosief Ghebrehiwot will be the front victim).
    4)Arbi-Harnet, for its effective impact on the Asmarino mafia and creating attachment with the domestic hostages, should be supported financially( a good reminder for comfort zone social media fighters.)
    5)The scholarship granted for Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia is basically sponsored by Norway not Ethiopia and it is only 1.4% of the total population( might be Ethiopia is building the Unionist mentality in Eritrean Youth)….
    6)We know the Asmarino dictator built it cells predominantly by Tigrigna speakers and ( 75% Hamassien,10% Akeleguzay,10% muslim and 10% from Seraye)…well,we should have memories of those who were killed as Jihadist too…memories should be inclusive.
    7) we know why Isayas forced the Historical Awrajas to acquire a new name….It was a trick and we know Mahmud Sherifo had talked about it to some folks as it was done intentionally to intensify the already sensitive hatred between Akeleguzay and Seraye( well, I believe Semere Habtemariam knows more about this, just as a respected Historian from Dallas).
    …Well, Adam’s articles always remind me how big gap there is between the likes of Adams and Dr. Bereket…The former is restricted to a village thinking while the latter is a long-sighted with global views….Once again, I am from the comfort zone too( most likely,the Broadway street).

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      So according to you that eplf use ethiopians to destroy derg was wrong from the point of view of Ethiopians. Do you afraid what eplf has done to ethiopians would be repeated?

      • yemane

        Tamrat Tamrat…..I can’t read the lines of your point….for the record though, The Eritrean independence would either be delayed or Eritrea would be under non-stop war with Ethiopia if Weyane had not come to the Addis-Palace…one more tip for you is ” you should thank Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union too”.

  • Araya

    I really love it When Amanual trying to give an advice to someone. Once, Semere said when a dog bites
    A man, no news, but when a man bites a dog here you have it is a news. It is the same Amanual, who called Melles Zenawi a visionary leader, he is the same Amanual who called Melles Zenawi, a moral leader and he is the same Amanual who mourn and grieved no less than Azeb Mesfin; giving advice to Admas Haile.
    Amanual, you don’t even have the gumption to call the most brutal dictator, a dictator! Worst, you even written pages of pages adoring worthless dictator; all of a sudden, now you found courage to give an advice? Amanual, Why is it anything good about Eritrea that bothers you?
    Aman, find a mirror and look at your self!

    • Selam Araya,

      Whether we agree or disagree on Meles’s attribution is beside the point and it secondary. Our prime objective is how the Eritrean people will be disentangled from the the grip of the tyranny. If you are against the regime in Asmara, that is what it counts for me. We are in the same front. The rest is “gual neger eye” that is why I didn’t try to respond to the same accusation….b/c once you hate someone I don’t think anything will change you…what ever the reason behind it. This is the last response it you din’t come with substantive argument. Good luck with your stand….as history keeps on record.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Amanel,

        that was nice.

      • Correction: read “it didn’t come” as “if you didn’t come”

  • Bereket B.

    Dear Admas Haile,

    Greetings from Addis Ababa!

    I have been living in Addis for the past seven years… ever since I made that fateful decision to cross the border into Ethiopia. I have also read your series of articles, including today’s. All are the same: full of hyperbole, lacking in candor, replete with insinuations,…and not helpful!

    I am not a usual commenter and would not have resorted into doing so now if it were not for the incorrect data on the number of Eritrean graduates. Honesty and integrity demand that I correct you.

    The number of Eritrean refugees who graduated from four institutions of higher learning in Ethiopia ( University of Addis Ababa, Semera in Afar, and Axum and Mekelle in Tigray) is 90 (not 16), and this include 10 female students and 13 who did their masters program in different disciplines.

    Thanks you.

  • job123

    “They (the Ethiopians) are in the process of creating an aura of indispensability around our commiseration. Of course, that is not going to work for we Eritreans have invested too much in our Eritrean identity through blood.” Erasish tamechiw Erasish tarochiw. If you genuinly believe that why not focus on the main reason for all problems we Eritreans are facing.
    “The primary objective of the campaign is to prepare ourselves for a future transition in Eritrea, so that we are well equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that will arise as soon as the PFDJ extinguishes itself–once again, an inevitable fact.” How many Eritrean refugees will live in the refugee camps in Ethiopia by then? How many of them will graduate from the university? Eh-tana abajigo ezni ayhabon. BTW have you heared what happened (happening) to Eritrean refugees in Sudan, Egypt (sinay), Israel…Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for thsoe 16 Eritreans graduating from a university. They deserv it. Robing a bank for millions, killing the guard on your way out for the fun of it and donating a couple of hindreds to a chirch doesn’t make you a saint.
    I understand your frustration on the opposition. I believe they all are doing their best, and I agree their best is not enough. But I do not believe they have any bad intention towards Indipendent Eritrea. It offends me when people chriticize the opposition out of proportion to make their point or create anemosity amongst them intentionaly or otherwise. Mengistu (Dergi) used to call our tegadelty “Ye-areb delala-woch” do you know whos name he repeatedely mention? Salih Sabe.
    If you are looking for inspiration, listen to my advise and do not read your article.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      Do you think that the reason isayas went to cairo is to disaprove mengistu’s claim? May be when isayas came back to Asmara after he discussed With the ‘arabs’ and declared that ‘the God given property of Egypt shall not be touched by no one is meant mengistu asserted absoluttly wrong. Or the ‘innocent’ arab politicians were discussing how they can use eplf to make havoc in the horn so that arab Brother Hood gets time to breath.

      Since 1998 upto now i dont think the reason why eritreans have been occupied With ethiopia. There is no need to go war With eritea. If it were needed then according to eplf’s belief the west is helping ethiopia so who stopped Ethiopia? The Young boys whe are refugees in EThiopia?

      My advice for those of you stuck With the enemity of ethiopia, start the discussion between elf and eplf. I have this feeling that eplf and elf are more likely to go to war than ethiopia and Eritrea. The war between ethiopia and Eritrea has been always between armies no more. So if you dont push eplf and elf sort out their problem now then the civil war is inevitable.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Deares Tamrat,
        01. I don’t know why you always put as if our struggle was for the advantage of Arabs or we are their slave? My friend the long struggle was just a must and the end aim was/is to create a peaceful nation and prosperous democratic nation that cooperates with all nations. The journey is not over only part of it is accomplished. In this dangerous curve yes we need to work hard but history has proved how high price was paid and we are not going to let it down.
        02. If DIA went to Egypt do you think he interested about Arabs? Do you even think he love Arabs? DIA don’t have any love to anything my friend including for those who paid their life for him. He only loves his chair. And if he goes to any where we didn’t give him green light to do anything as he is not legal leader of Eritrea.
        03. Your advice regarding ELF and EPLF is no more valid. That is history already and none of them is appearing by now. Both are ours and good or bad that is just lessons to be learnt. It is the same TPLF of Ethiopia. Now you have a government that represents the people bad or good.
        Talking in the past history of ELF and EPLF you are trying to make us busy in something gone and I am rejecting it personally.
        Because, this will make our well-defined purpose or major aim forgotten and creates division. This will cause in turn lose of concentration and cooperation. And as you know concentration in the main aim is important as all the scattered energy will work to one spot (removing pfdj).
        Yes my friend power is based on organized effort of all and to be organized you need to create harmony as I said earlier– right down in the common ground. We need our people to think to one chief aim. Please don’t disturb.

      • Zegeremo

        Dear Tamrat Tamrat

        Please spare us from your verbal diarrhea 🙁


        • haile


  • WelWel

    This is exactly the kind of message I want to hear. Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans. And Ethiopia for Ethiopians By … We are greatful to Ethiopia for allowing in our migrants. What we need from our Ethiopian neighbors is to accept the border ruling. There’s no valid excuse to delay it, you are prolonging the suffering of the peope, not the government.

  • Lemlem

    Eritreans who deserted the army and went to Ethiopia thinking they will go to America are leading very bad lives. The refugee camps are infested with prostitutes afflicted with AIDS and other STDs. It is also true that those who are fortunate enough to migrate to USA are ordered to take on Tigrayan wives (prostitutes with multiple kids) just before they fly to the USA.

    Their numbers are not 72,000 however. That is a blatant lie. I am told they are no more than 4,0000 at most.

    I feel bad for those Eritrean army deserters who are living in squalid refugee camps in Tigray.

    But as the saying goes, “They made their bed. Now they have to sleep in it.”

    I am sure these Eritrean army deserters living in squalid camps in Tigray are never going to be allowed back in Eritrea.

    Eritrea is only for clean, patriotic and loyal Eritreans!

    • Haqi

      Lemelem men wanatat Eritrea gerukum, way gud

    • belay

      You seem to care about the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia in one hand, and you decided they should not be allowed to return to Eritrea In the other.
      Is the monkey still sitting on you? What a joke.

    • Kim Hanna

      Dear Lemlem,

      Lemlem, Lemlem, Lemlem, have a little heart. Where and who tells you all these things. If you are a believer of everything you are told, I hereby tell you that you are not Lemlem from now on but a Bereha.


  • Tesfamariam


    What a nonsense garbage article needs no comment at all, please take Amans advice.

  • L.T

    Admas Haile,
    Just great.Weyane is anti progress and young Eritrea we know this from 1991.He oppened gettho (Shwal)in Tigria for Eritreans.He abused their mental and he killed their feeling to love their land and people.
    Meron Estifanos said in 2011 to VOA that Weyane forced to young Eritreans to merry to Tigrawiti with manay kids just to fly to USA.
    The story is long.Adiu txweyoo!!

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    Hi Admass!

    According to Your discription of Ethiopia, letting 72000 eritreans live as refugees in Ethioipia shows that how cruel you when you sit and are writting behind you screen With ‘Your Comfort zone’.

    How dare you sleep even one single day letting more 72,000 flee to ethiopia after you have sacrificed 20,000 Young eritreans for protecting eritreans from the ‘crule ethiopians’? If you are not making a mistake then you are currsing and insulting the 72,000 eriterans refugees, the thousands who missed their refugee status because they choose to work and suppport themselves, and the hundred thousands eritreans and ethio-eritreans who reside in ethiopia.

    Do you know out ot those 20,000 some were killed School children in Mekele?

    You see ethiopians are not the way you Picture them. But if you think normal, eplf is punishing eritreans but not ethiopians. And this is eating you alive. Dont measuere the sacrifice made by tegadalits With friendships made between the two peopls. I used to be like that between 1991-1998. I was wrong.

    From what i gathered here and there ther are hundred thousands who are torchured abused in Eritrea, in their homland. If they cross the cursed border and arived to ‘enemy’ teretory what do you expect. Or all Your expectation is shattered to pieces. You wished ethiopians caught abusing the minor ertreans, sending prominent oppositioners back to where they come from, revange on the killers of mekele students etc. This would have made you more Comfortable to motivate People. But i guaratee you if ethiopians would have done that too you dont care since the pure example of eritreans ordeal in senay or isreal.

    For gods sake try to focus to organize People of Eritrea With out black mailing ethiopians.

    As to ehtiopians pretending to be eritreans for a better life then what do you say pfdj People pretending that they are abused by pfdj to live a better life? And more, the pfdj People after they sell Your story for the west they hit you in you balls by demonstrating that pfdj is making eritea one of the best country in africa if not the world. Besides when an ethiopians misused the eris regugees possibilities they dont pay 2% for isayas. So are not they better than pfdj!!

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      I meant: Do you know out ot those 20,000 some of them had killed School children in Mekele?

      • belay

        Taamer Tamerat,
        Spot on,you hit the nail on the head.
        I was wandering,why he was belittling Ethiopias welcoming and contribution towards the Eritrean refugees,no matter how small it might be,should be appriciated.
        Ethiopians will not send the refugees back to Eritrea unless they want to.Never.

    • L.T

      Mr Tamrat;
      Our young went to Tigrai by mastake and the price thay must have pay with”keeping in camp with no enough food,work,,,drug(Chat)Alcohol…..This life creating by evil Weyane.

  • Horizon

    If patriotism is equivalent to writing an article now and then that adds nothing to the solution needed, from a comfort zone, and asking for a continuous sacrifice of the ordinary Eritrean, who faces the brunt of the misfortunes called DIA and his PFDJ, until Eritrean elites create an Eritrea in their image, then the author is doing an excellent job.
    Nothing is new in what the author said. In order to solve a socio-political problem, it requires a unity of vision and effort. Eritreans know it for the last two decades, and I am sure that they have known it as much as they can recall. Latter-day revolutionaries would not bring an iota of change, especially when they are asking for more sacrifices from people who have already sacrificed everything and when they are talking of the isolation of their people and hatred of the world around them. Just look how the things the regime is demanding from the Eritrean people coincides with that some who try to show off their patriotic mantle are demanding; sacrifice and still more sacrifice from others.
    It is unbelievable that the author did not say that Ethiopia is responsible for the absence of basic services (electricity, water, food etc). It is true that he (the author) and apologists of the regime have a national (Eritrean) trait; nevertheless, he forgets that Ethiopians have both a national and an international trait, because they do not want to live behind an iron curtain.
    If it were for the regime he is supporting indirectly, many of these refugees in Ethiopia could have died, by the shoot to kill order of his IA (he does not want to call him DIA and he is even asking Eritreans to forget about him). Over 1000 Eritreans are attending Ethiopian universities, which the regime he is indirectly supporting could not do for its young, and he is telling Eritreans to give credit to the Whiteman,naturally. According to the author, 16 Eritreans graduating from Ethiopian universities is no big deal. If he was not blinded with hatred towards Ethiopia, even one Eritrean refugee graduating from a university should have been a big news. This is the big love this super-patriot has for his Eritrea, unless of course he loves Eritrea the land much more than Eritrea the people. He is talking of Eritreans harassed by Tigrayans. Many refugees, who are unfortunate enough to run for their lives with their hearts in their throat, say that they saw Tigrian villagers waiting for them at the border with bread and water. He has the audacity to say that they are being trafficked by Ethiopians while there are many who say to the contrary, and they feel much more secure in Ethiopia than in Sudan. Be sure Eritreans are not running away from Eritrea, they are running away from DIA and PFDJ, and the author can say anything he likes, but he is not going to keep them in the darkness he has created for them. Everybody knows why this author has so much hatred for Ethiopia. Of course, nobody is expecting that he would be grateful to Ethiopia for the sake of Eritrean refugees. He is afraid that Eritrean refugees might hate Ethiopia less and they might start to question his magnificent Gedli, things that brought them to this predicament. An unrefined lie would not change the course of history, that of future peaceful, cooperative and a win-win coexistence of Ethiopians and Eritreans. He should be told that as he is sowing the seeds of hatred, very few of his poisonous seeds would fall on fertile ground.
    People like the author will continue to dwell on demarcation, not for other reasons but for using it as a weapon of dividing Ethiopians and Eritreans and of course, subjugation of Eritreans. It is an effective weapon to force Eritreans not to ask for their freedom but to wait until the border issue is solved, which to the detriment of the ordinary Eritrean would give them time to remain in power. How can Eritreans ask for human rights, electricity, water, bread etc today, while the very urgent issue of demarcation is still unsolved? Demarcation is the panacea for Eritrea’s ailments and should be solved ASAP before anything else, and Ethiopia is Eritrea’s nemesis.
    Finally, how could Eritreans hate Isaias while there is Ethiopia? Telling Eritreans to avoid having to do anything with Ethiopia, shows the nightmare of this person, that of a change in the perception of Ethiopia and Gedli by Eritreans. His next suggestion could be to tell the regime to put more land mines at the Ethio-Eritrean borders or build tall walls so that no Eritrean would pass to Ethiopia. Self-respecting intellectuals unlike regime officials should not be a weight tied to the legs of the people.

    • Kim Hanna

      Mr. Horizon,

      This comment is an excellent response for other articles of similar but somewhat coherent statements.
      Mr. Admas Haile has a habit of waking up from his nightmares and jotting down his experiences before he forgets them.

      Sometimes when you read between the lines, he is saying that — when I come home to Ethiopia from a long ordeal, I was not treated like a family member. And then he asks –what is up with that? using his adopted lingo.

      This is in effect what he is saying. That is why sometimes I get annoyed and at other times saddened. I am not a psychologist but I swear there is a problem here.


  • haile

    Selamat Admas Haile,

    A good read through overall, thank you. I must admit that what got me to read your article right away (as opposed to dragging my feet and procrastinating on the reading task) was the catchy phrase up there ” A Likely Breakthrough on the Horizon”. Of course, it came down to “Once we start seeing the results of our cordial constellatory efforts then we can create the breakthroughs that will define and shape our future together.” And I was thinking of a guy called saay (that I can’t think of where I met:) but could be the best option to start with. He doesn’t think people have grown weary and cynical and credibility and Zeno were arguing about “what have done for me lately?”

    But, seriously though, many people have been duped into asking “what can we do to unseat the regime?” Where the right question should have been “what should we do when the regime is finally unseated?” Because in the first question they are really asking more than they can realistically handle, unlike the pragmatically corrected second version.

    Some studies claim that the Eritrean diaspora is roughly 1.5 million strong. Eritrea is ranked as 125/203 in Emigration rate and 61/157 in the “highly educated” Emigration rate. Of which 87% of the latter group is believed to be employed.

    Generally speaking, the regime of IA is on its way out. The likely eventuality is military takeover. By default, there are only three likely avenues for the end game: IA abandoning the country, IA passing away or a violent takeover. Election or resignation are ruled out by the regime itself as a possible exit strategy. As the crises worsens (in the last 24 hrs only about 217 Eritrean women children and men were brought to safety onto the shores of Italy), the country has been undergoing severe shortages of power and water, high ranking regime officials being purged or escaping and the general atmosphere of desperation raising in the home front, I would be foolish to bet that nothing is in the offing!

    The diaspora population is generally known to be a transnational political constituency, and the same holds for the massive Eritrean diaspora. In what I call the “Silent Majority” its main characteristics is that it is strongly pro-Eritrea and not pro-regime per se. In fact, if you were to compare only the pro-regime and the so called opposition, the latter might be much bigger in numbers. Unfortunately, the “Silent Majority” is a swing voter, and this time is choosing the devil it knows in the regime than even more diabolical and unknown opposition. My guess is that once some sort of move unfolds in Eritrea to remove the current regime, the “silent Majority” will swing to the side of the incoming administration.

    The “silent Majority” is an economic entity that wields considerable financial muscle. Assume that the total Eritrean diaspora controls X amount wealth in dollars. How is that currently divided between the regime:opposition:host country? Rough estimate, the regime may generate anything between 200-300 million dollars annually, directly or indirectly from the diaspora economy. The vast amount of the remaining may be circulating within the host country
    including faith based activities that do not benefit the regime )

    and little or none within the opposition.

    Diaspora are known for two things: they are ardent followers of events in their home countries and they don’t normally return back to their home country (in most cases) to permanently settle there. They are driven by their love of their home country (the one our opposition like to present in a horrid and undesirable manner) and not necessarily by its day to day internal dynamics (this is based on scientific research in the field of diaspora studies).

    Over 75% of Eritreans live in Eritrea and they will be the primary agents of pragmatic change that would hopefully address their situation. If the regime actually controls the vast portion of the diaspora generated money to be raised, what hope does the opposition have to even contemplate of changing the government, moving back to Eritrea and permanently relocating there to run its affairs.

    My point is that what the opposition needs to do is to dialog and re-build the shuttered trust with the vast majority of the Eritrean diaspora. Convince it that it [the diaspora] can invest in itself and its future and be a positive role model and influence in the affairs and soon to be effected transition in the country. Those opposition personalities who can’t help to stop their blood boiling whenever Ethiopia is mentioned, please do the Eritrean people a favor, just leave the political scene, you made the biggest damage so far and that is enough.

    Whatever unfolds in Eritrea sooner than later, the choices are to be relevant or be sidelined. hence my earlier correction that the question should be “what to do while the regime is being unseated”. Because, the role of unseating it decidedly beyond the reach of the diaspora based opposition for all practical purposes.


    Further reading:

  • belay

    ” It is estimated around 1,000 (out of 72,000) are given the opportunity to attend universities – education sponsored by Western governments (Norway being the major contributor). Is that 1.4 %?”
    Out of the above the number of refugeees,how many of them are under age children?old people,women with babies and how many of them are attending shools as they should to pass their final exams to go to uni.
    Your calculation is wrong either way.
    What % of the population of Ethiopia is in the univercity?
    What is the % of Eritrean refugees in univercity,in other neighbouring countries?
    Why too much expectation only from Ethiopia?
    I wish all of them go to uni,be happy but every thing is relative.


    ¨As for me, I guess I like flexing my intellectual muscles–just a form of bullying exercise.¨
    Specially calling Tegadalay Tesfay Temnewo ¨hadami¨ shouts intellectual muscle .
    ¨An old lion is harrassed by flies¨comes to mind .
    As a person with not higher education ,I feel my intelligence being insulted, Imagine how our intellectuals reading feel this ?
    yemanm meChawecha honen ,ay hagere Eritrea !!!

  • woredemhret

    I am not sure why Admas’s writing supports that of PFDJ? Admas has got it right all. The cause of the predicament we are in is just us and the solution must be us. To believe Ethiopia is helping out to restore our freedom is just naive. The Ethiopians, rather, are part of the grand project of PIA to weaken us. If they were not, why they did not accept the border demarcation without a precondition? Meles told that they need to talk with Eritrea as accepting The Hague ruling as-is would divide villages and people. But the late PM never disclosed any detail: which villages and the size of their inhabitants and the extent of the partition etc? How complicated is it for Ethiopians to let the demarcation to take place and hold a dialogue afterwards to determine the fate of the would-be divided villages? Why if an Eritrean village is under the Ethiopians now and an Ethiopian village is under Eritreans why you do not let border lines or pillars put in the same village temporarily for sake of peace and because you support the Eritrean people?
    But by not letting that happen the Ethiopians are causing the influx of thousands fold more Eritreans than the inhabitants of the would -be divided villages. If our southern neighbors really care their “help” should not be limited to treating the symptom- but it is up to us to find the solution as Admas is appealing.

    • Weredemhret,

      Why did EPLF saw the need of united front with TPLF in the battle of Nakfa and other places inside Eritrea in the 80s? If you answer this question, I don’t think to fail in answering the possible similar scenario in the current context even within the wider regional interest for creating peace and stability. You and your likes must read the world we live today. BTW if you have the leverage you could ask the despot to learn how diplomacy work and sit to talk with his counterpart on how to implement the decision of the court. Little wisdom and little diplomacy will clear the way.

  • Dibe Kulu

    Dear Admas,

    I like your analysis regarding the overall current status of the opposition. They seem to have lost their focus and forgotten what(who)they are fighting for. They waste precious time, energy and resources bickering about irrelevant and untimely issues. They struggle for power where there is none!

    As for our neighbors to the south, they are only doing what is expected of any astute politician and nationalist entity. Their primary objective and responsibility is to safeguard their country’s interest and their citizens’ well being. They can not be criticized for doing that. We can only hold accountable those who have allowed themselves to become a conduit for that. Over all very good overview of our current situation.

  • Rahwa

    What a lousy person blaming others for the failure of his young country. Every week he blames my Ethiopia, PIA, the opposition, America, weyane you name it. What is next? The only one who has left blameless to eretria predicament is God. There will never be a friendly government to eretria than weyane. In some ethiopian circles the late prime minster of Ethiopia was call the Eritrean ambassder to Ethiopia. So you should be very afraid of Ethiopia because if eritria did not fair well during weyane time it will never be in better position.

    • Danny

      I blame God for giving us DIA.

      • rahwa

        God does not give you something you can’t handle.

  • All advance and progressive nations view their history critically their present and past and set long term plans and priorities for future- nation building. In Eritrea everything that can go astray and went totally wrong has by far surpassed the limits of reason and logic, hard to absorb and believe. The clear and blunt human reason and logic tells that masses are decent, loving , simple and as many honest Eritrean people has being driven to unusual extreme trends and ends of one of extreme of by gone era political manipulation by the DIA and by his obedient junta ,this tiny gangsters’ is determining not to make a any political or economical policy change. Over the past two decades, No human progress and down with life standard, nothing to speak about economical change has happened or metalized.
    Eritrean dictatorial policies dehumanizing the politics and fundamentally incapacitating and essentially deep freezing the nation of its creative thinking positive energies for future-making.
    Darkness and Evil is often shaped, framed and presented in a manner of good-looking illusions. The dichotomy goes by many false interpretations. The opposite of the good would be political goals and aims that are evil in nature. Fact become false, Truth becomes lies, dignity become humiliation, justice becomes injustice, freedom becomes slavery, and peace becomes war. This is the overwhelmingly culture of Eritrean DIA politics, offers a rational explanation of how good and evil operate in daily life of Eritrean public life – the belief that there is “no law beyond the self DIA. This is in fact, the most basic quality of evil and evil dour. What is not often realized is that almost everyone starting from DIA and his PFDG junta claims and promote goodness as the Good as their political ends, even when they are up to their nick and eyeballs washed in the blood of Eritrean innocents lives . The real difficulty comes in separating the facts from the claims for the naive and Gullible people

  • Godefay

    Admas Haile

    You listed a lot of accusation against Ethiopia exploiting Eritrean refugees, but I bet you cannot support any of your allegations with a hard core statistics or proof. FYI: The Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia are escaping the dictatorial government in Asmara.

    You are pretending to hate President Isaias and his government, but if one carefully studies, it easy to notice your identity–diehard Higdefiat.

    I have a question for you. What have you done to alleviate the suffering and killing of Eritrean refugees in Sinai? Also, please support all the accusations you listed above about the Ethiopian government on Eritrean refugees.

  • Eyob Medhane

    Romeo said to Juliet, “…ene anchin siwedish align amarigna
    Sibela siteta siqemet sitegna…..” (Curtesy Kebede Michael. Translation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”)

    That’s how Admas Haile’s love for Ethiopia. He talks, breathes, eats and live for thinking about Ethiopia. There is no argument with you here. You are right. Think about Ethiopia. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Look over shoulder. We are coming to get you. Be terrified. We are very scary. Very very scary. Make sure you look your door at all times, because we are outside. Sleep on the floor, because we tend to hide under your bed. Don’t ever trust your shadow, because it’s really not a shadow. It’s us following you. Don’t open that window, because we’ll spring up and bite your head off…just keep thinking about us…fear…fear that we’re coming to get you..In your next article, try to provide with some picture illustration to show us the disturbing image of the ‘monster’, called Ethiopia, that keeps you at night….or you may think in your closet..oh don’t also turn the lights off. You never know. We may just jump out of that closet. Just hold tight to the teddy bear….:-)

    • Rahwa GT


      I have always been enjoying reading your comments. This is another powerful message.


      Moderater, please note that I have added to more alphabets. It is b/c there is another sister with same name.

  • Beyan Negash

    · Unlike the field (mieda) in which the two liberation fronts decided that more than one Eritrean Liberation Front was one too many, the Diaspora’s virtual opposition or real opposition groups on the ground have ample room that can accommodate and facilitate for all of us to do our activism in earnest with one important caveat: that the ultimate aim should always be how to unseat the brute force misgoverning the country.

    · Unlike the field in which expressing one’s ideas in any shape, fashion, or form was prohibited, at least in the one that brought us independence, the Diaspora has ample virtual room for us not only to express our ideas, thoughts, and theories about anything Eritrean, but also enough sociopolitical arena from within our host countries.

    · So on and so forth…

  • ogbai

    Brother Admas Haile keep the good work. We need more explanation what is going on in all fronts by the name of opposition movements and even some individuals trying to tell us what was the history of our ghedli and its leadership crimes. And others appearing to cover like there were not any mistake or crime has been done. May be they were part of the criminals themselves. WE are watching seek and hide games in this bad time of our country suffering at the hand of criminals. It is time to stand up with a clear ROAD MAP to remove the dictator from the shoulder of our people ones for all time. It is high time to fight the dictator with the same voice. There is no need to open another fronts in the opposition camps like proxy war.Lets replace the rile of the dictator with Rule of Law. Then, we will bring the criminals justice to be served accordingly. There is no need to be called and new. We all need new system. In my view the road map is at the hand of EPDP. Get th gut to jion them. It is about challenging what kind of change we need Eritreans by ERitreans for ERitreans.

  • Admas,

    (a)Stop bullying exercise (b) Stop recycling old ideas (c) this is not a place or medium for “dog-eat-dog fight” (d) learn from the cool head arguments (e) avoid hatred for it is good for you and others (f) Always think of good neighborliness as an individual, as a community and as nation to reign peace (g) don’t over play by our martyrs, there is a place and time we commemorate them (h) H’seb Kem’U-win Haln…Kisad Ztefetre Azirk N’mrayn M’hsabn eyu.

    Dear Admas, your thoughts are run over by emotions… hence there is no substance to discuss in your piece. Furthermore there is no facts in your accusation rather it sounds an echo from disinformation machine.

  • Thomas

    Honestly speaking, your writing supports of the repressive regime stand than the opposition stand. Your obsession of of the border issue with Ethiopia and your hatred towards our young apposition Smerr group magnifies the true stand of yours. Eritrea is an independent country: with all of her borders on land, sea and air identified by the united nations. Our problem with ethiopia cannot be solved through silence or isolation, it requires a wise approach from our side to. Bringing Ethiopia to cover our failure will only prolong the suffering our people and the statelessness of our country to continue. Our nation is bleeding from inside as the result of the mismanagement of the regime you are trying to excuse and to coverup. Please walk up and show your true color. I imagine there is no fool to listen to such a story here. Our #1 enemy is the regime in asmara as such our #1 focus!!

    • Thomas,you are right his writing stink.