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Remembering The Forgotten

An interview with Sultan Omer, Executive Director of RTHAR Relief, an NGO that caters to the needs of Eritrean refugees. The interview was conducted by Abdulkerim of Eri Adal television of Sweden.

Part 1



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03 Sep 2014 Ismail Omer-Ali Comments (24)

The struggle for liberty and justice did not start on September 1, 1961. The date marks the beginning of the…

An Axe That Breaks Down: YG’S Diagnostic Fallacy

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Don’t invent Suffering you have never experienced, and don’t paint Pictures you have never seen Franz Kafka was…

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ካህናት ተዛሪቦም፤ ምቕልቃል ሓርነታዊ ቲዮሎጂ ኣብ ኤርትራ ዶኾን…

23 Aug 2014 ፕሮፈሰር ግርማይ ነጋሽ No comments

“ኣቱም ኣቦይ ቀሺ’የ፤ ዓገብ እንዶ ኣይትብሉየ ” (ሓደ ዛንታ፡ ገጽ 25) ብፕሮፈሰር ግርማይ ነጋሽ መእተዊ እዚ ሓተታ’ዚ እቲ ኣብ ወርሒ ግንቦት 2014 ብካቶሊካውያን…




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