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Negarit 26: ካብ ሃዋሳ ክሳብ ደንቨር * From Hawassa to Denver

Negarit 26: ካብ ሃዋሳ ክሳብ ደንቨር * From Hawassa to Denver

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  • Kokhob Selam

    Yes Sir,

    What a nice talk?

    I was not on line those days, I am really sorry..I just start opening and I really enjoy the above…


  • Brhan

    Hi Saleh,
    Great message.

    • Haile S.

      Selam Brhan፡

      እዚ ንኣኻን፡ ንዖስማንን ኢድሪስን ተሰሚዑ ንዓይ ዘይተ’ሰማዓኒ፡ ገሪሙኒ ኣሎ። ሓደ ብ70ታት ዝተፈጸመ ኣዘኪሩኒ። ኣዝማች ክንፉ ዓሪፎም ምስተቐብሩ ድሕሪ ቁሩብ መዓልቲ ህዝቢ ወረ ሰምዐት፡ ዘርግሐት። መቓብር ኣዝማች ክንፉ ኡይ እንጉይ ክበል ውዒሉ ዝብል። ካብ ቤት ትምህርቲ ብዝተፈደስና፡ ዓበይቲ ካብ ስራሕ ብዝወጹ፡ ህዝቢ እንዳጎየየት ንመቓብር እንዳማርያም ኡይ -እንጉይ ክትስርምዕ ምኻድ ጀመተት። ኣነን ኣዕሩኽተይን ከምሰብና፡ ክንሰምዕ ካብ ዕዳጋ ሓሙስ፡ ብኣባሻውል ጌርና ክንከይድ፡ ንዝረኸብናዮ ሰብ ሓቂ ድዩ እንተበልና፡ እወ ሰሚዕና ዝብል በዚሑና፡ ተሃንጢና ኬድናልካ። ስማዕ ሽንተበልካ፡ ዋላሓንቲ ዝሰማዕናዮ ኣይነበረን። ድሕሪ ብጠጠው ድኻም ክንምለስ ከለና። ንሕና ኣየስርማዕናን ንብል፡ ግና ሰሚዔ ዝብል በዚሑና፡ ኣንታ እንንና ተለዂቱ ካይከውን እንዳበልና ገገዛና ተመለስና እብለካ።

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ሳልሕ ዲሞስቴናይ ወከረናይ and all

    ዲሞስቴነስ ይፍትን ነበረ ጎሮሮ ክስሕል
    ሳልሕ ይፍትን እንሆ ዝተሳሕለ ከዝሕል

    ንክዛረቦም ብቛንቁኦም ነቶም ዝጸመሙ
    ሕሕሕ እንዳበለ ጎረርኡ ልሳኑ ለጓጒሙ

    ብዝተሳሕለ ምብላሕ ዝኣበየ
    ሕራይ ይብል ይኸውን ብዝላደየ

    ሓድሽ ኣቀራርባ መቓልሕ ሰበር
    ብቃላት ተሪፉ ዝዛረብ ብኸንፈር

    መልእክቲ ተቓወምቲ ቃላት ነየድልዮ
    ኮይኑ እንሆ ኢድ ኣጻብዕቲ ዝጸውዮ

    ብሎቲካ ዘረባ እሞ ክንደይ ተዘሪቡ
    ከምዚ ኣይተራእየን ዝሰብኽ ብኣልቦ ተዓጂቡ
    ካብ ኣዋሳ ክሳብ ደንቭር ተቓውሞ ኣኻኺቡ

    ሰበኸ ዲሞስቴነስ ይብሃል እምኒ ይሰብር ነበረ
    ከንፈር-ኢድ ሳልሕ ይፍትን ሓንጎል ተቓወሞ እንተኣበራበረ

    Posteamble – just in case, the reason for my poem is because I didn’t hear anything.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi HaileS,
      Sssss, ddddd , ffffff

      Posteamble: I will be lying if I said I understood anything 🙂
      Be easy on the philosophically challenged 🙂

      • AOsman

        Selam Salih,

        There is some issue with the audio….the only way I managed to listed to this video was when I connected my phone on my car’s bluetooth. I also checked direct YouTube access, something is not right…One has commented with similar issue on YouTube.


        • Saleh Johar

          Ahlan AOsman,
          I did see that but I spent so much time researching and what I told Haile is what I found. Otherwise, I called several people to check and there is no problem. I checked it on all my family devices and laptops–smooth.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saleh,

            I had no problem with the audio. Could it be as simple as the mute button is on. It does happen with some videos.


          • AOsman

            Selam Saleh,
            Those who are expert may lend some advice. For now connecting it to my car works, so I have a way around it.

            Here is what is strange, the starting koboro bear works well….but the speech part is on mute or in an inaudible low sound….could it be something to do with how you mixing the two.

            Last time u mentioned adding a copyright that caused an issue in previous negarit, I can’t recall the problem though.


      • Haile S.

        Thank you AOsman,
        Saleh, there is nothing audible. I thought it was deliberately done to make the lecture inaudible, thus I thought it was an indirect message saying “I have said verbally enough thus-far, le me try to lecture using my lips and hands only”. Sorry, I truly believed the delivery of the message was intended that way. ብቓላት ንዘይርድኦ፡ ብምልክት። Demosthenes in reverse, if you will.

        • Saleh Johar

          Aha, Haile S,
          The idea is very creative, but I would not go as subtle as uploading a clip without n audio. A few things, 1) check or update your flash software, 2) find the on/off switch at the left bottom side of the youtube window–sometimes it goes off when switching between earphones and the device speaker. If that doesn’t work, try it on your laptop/PC. If you fail, you are tricking me: take your fingers off your ears 🙂

          • Haile S.

            Thank you, Salem, for he suggestions. Finally, I was able to listen it using an earpiece. It was good you didn’t jam such a great advice correcting so many wrongs and calling for utmost vigilance in dealing with neighbors whose wrong seemingly clever assumptions you exposed amply.
            The reason I thought it could have been jammed or voiceless clip was that since in your last clip, there was audio problems that you later corrected, I assumed such a mishap wouldn’t have happened again. Anyway, good that you didn’t do it the way I thought. ዝኾነ ኮይኑ፡ ምኽርታትካ ኣብ ልቦም የሕድሮ!