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Just Tickling!

This article is exclusively intended to acknowledge and congratulate developments that took place while I had no idea they did. Please read each in its totality and do not dwell on the details. What I feel right now is no different than what the Seven Sleepers felt the day they woke up. Please help!

The prudent guy that I am, as you know, I hate to say this but you have procrastinated for too long when you know full well that nothing can set you free like the truth. A couple of years ago, if you still remember, we saw what happened and you played ostrich. I don’t blame you! Anyone who stated seeing anything was sentenced “deaf, dumb and blind”.  It was so real and so dipped in crocodile tears that all those who thought they had seen something (going very wrong), including your poor old friend here, doubted their eyes and decided it was the nightmare of life without “gogo”. So many people said the head isn’t on the shoulders. We checked. I am sure you did. Believe it or not – the head wasn’t there. We lost the day and they won.  The hypocrites that we are, we saw it fit to apologize. We took it a step further and wrote a pile of garbage here and there to say we were wrong all the way. And we were wrong! We went back to bed and they went back to lick. End of story.

The time wasn’t wasted though and a lot has happened in the interim. From what I hear, two National Congresses for Democratic Change were held in Ethiopia. Abul-Hol who has yet to say a word (about the weather conditions in Ethiopia) was installed. As far as I can recall, the aim of the congress was to achieve “democratic change”, i.e. change without excessive bloodshed and towards more democratic governance. That goal was as we all know achieved a 100% in the congress and it was arguably the most democratic change ever achieved. All it took was this: about 300 people gathered in Addis Ababa one day and said they wanted the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) that had ruled the Eritrean opposition for a long time out. The next year each brought another friend and 600 people came back to Ethiopia and the EDA was out of the game peacefully, democratically and without an incident. Well, not entirely without incident. There was a guy who took a couple of his guys and overran a Shawish-Station of one of the organizations in Mekele (who can forget Meqele-TsaEda?!) and stole a bunch of guns. I don’t think anyone was hurt.

To be entirely honest, it was the EDA that took the initiative (to commit suicide) and for cultural restrictions opted for euthanasia and decided to call the 600 people to pull the plug. There was also, of course, a European NGO known as the Eritrean People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) who had tried to put up a show insisting on a less ceremonial suicide for exit. But don’t get too excited. Nobody was hurt. I don’t know if I already broke this news to you. The organization has ever since concentrated on Uqub celebrations and gourmet foods. You may take a look at their “before and after” pictures and see for yourself what a fantastic job they have done. All those Jelfafat in Party T-Shirts, the ShaHmamat with long faces, and the MalaTat on Irish Butter reflecting flash-lights, that we used to see until 2010 are gone replaced by a much older but definitely cuter looking Uqub activists singing “Hush little baby – don’t say a word”. A tip of the hat to congratulate them for their 99th congress (Happy Birthday Parties) in just two years and hope they would at least leave the 100th for Asmara. Please! My mom has to be there for this one.

Of course this opportunity can never be complete without turning a sincere and meditative Indian “namaste!” to the only guy left of the Tadamun group for all the hard work and commitment. This poor guy (definitely a guy) – a hero by all means – never missed one single Eid (including Eid-Abi & Eid-N’uush), Mullid Al-Nabi (and that of every hawaryat), Tsebel (excluding Abune-Aregawi as we all know – and that due to the principled stand on the border issue), wedding anniversary and in some cases birthdays where he did not take the time to write the most heartfelt words to congratulate the Eritrean people on such dates of enormous implication. One particular French “salutations d’une chèvre”, to all the heroes (Abul-Bara’e, Abul-Hayfa’e, Abul-QaynuQa’e, and specifically Abu-Qureiza) in the Eritrean Islamic opposition movement (including everyone who has ever thought of nurturing a goatee for the sake of the Eritrean people), is well deserved in such a modest occasion of this page. They haven’t left a single rock unturned in finding ways, often under difficult circumstances, to embarrass all of us in almost every TV station in the Arab-Islamic world. Their genius has shown in numerous occasions and a typical pattern has emerged where one journalist after another would conspire and corner them to a point of “No Exit” into admitting or just implying from a distance that the PFDJ regime had ever, by way of accident, been unfair to any Muslim anywhere on this planet. They have brilliantly evaded the traps so far and have miraculously emerged victorious in convincing every journalist to the contrary.

My biggest congratulations should under normal conditions go to the Youth Movement – the absolute heroes and true descendants of Berhe Gomida and Tekhle Gerewingna – who after 10 years of one demonstration after another and after leaving so many mutilated and dead friends and peers in the painful ascendancy to heaven have managed to work wonders. To mention some (not all) of their heroic operations tickle YouTube for a mob of courageous young men who had almost captured Yemane Monkey (“alive!”) in New York and managed to escort him safely to his hotel. They deserve a statue next to Pushkin’s in Asmara. Imagine! Given the crime rates in the US, who knows what danger could have befallen the poor monkey on his way to the hotel. Ticklish again and here is the daring invasion of the Eritrean embassy in London by some (not all) of the most outspoken outlaws of the Youth Movement. Their care and responsibility in making sure that nothing, including the dust on their shoes would stain the carpets of the holy dump, was phenomenal. A picture of the President that had been hanging a little off the side on the wall was taken down. Being too heavy for the hero who removed it from the wall, the picture did turn upside down and another hero gently knocked the glass front of the picture with unbelievable dexterity and hand-eye coordination without even scratching a microscopic hole on the holy paper. Don’t be shocked now – no desecration was intended so just say: Bravo deqi Gudamat! And next time, if you are not going to “do something”, don’t even bother to come near Eritrean embassies anywhere on this planet. You should bow down (togombiHkum) and kiss the Ambassadors’ (I insist on the complimentary apostrophe) in each case (was it London, Italy?) for respectfully letting you in unhindered and to the best of their helpless capacity tried to put up with your cheap harassments. There is an unwritten code of ethics for a struggle and it doesn’t include sneaking into embassies like thieves to do “nothing”. Getskum tirHaq! Eritrean embassies are guarded by the sheer probability of gossip of a ghostly hand turning into reality – so watch out next time you walk in. Do you actually take what these mela’akhom zisenbede dhulat are doing to be “struggle”?

I have run out of words for the amazing masses (of “many people” each) who take the time to flood the streets of European cities in “massive demonstrations”, that as we can all feel (I mean literally) have shaken the boots out of the regime in Asmara. I have applied every iteration of the best phrases I can imagine on Google Translate (to other friendly languages), and they all come out as the equivalent of “Shame on You” (with exclamation and quotation marks – the “You” including myself – and that is the problem – because I have never been to one). Excuse my technical literacy! Most fascinating in these demonstrations is the number of people who take it upon themselves to organize the crowds in queues (rigatat) of “sine’srAt giber” and “Erum teQawmo” on the pavements and ensure that the peaceful nature of the Eritrean struggle for change is at worst bypassed only by the Gay Pride Parade. If there are any who revere “the Parade” among you, I do not in any way mean to diminish its significance for its followers. Of course we know the achievements of the latter in reviving the glory of the notorious “qawm’luT”. Please raise your hands with me in prayers to the heavens for these veterans of the struggle for “chains” and experts of “sine’srAt” and repeat with me “ab ries’khum yigberelkum” and add “Hasab lbkhum yesmrelkum” just to make sure they do not appear in the next demonstrations. Ask yourself – wouldn’t you rather be in an “adeytat” demonstration in Asmara singing “polyo maAarey – inquaE deHan metsa’ekaley”, than being mistaken for a docile in “the Parade”?

We all want to have fun watching what anyone would understand as “demonstrations” by people who look like they belong to a bleeding nation of horrors – people who can at least fake anger – at least when the cameras turn towards them or when they scream (with chewing gums) “pawn-pawn Isayas”. We want someone to come and ask us “why?” because we are actually doing something for a change from strolling like “jognanat” and window-shopping like “Awanat”. Did I say anger? There are actually those that are very happy to be there: women who plan on going back to the mall the next day to buy the beautiful dress they had seen during the excursions and uncles who would tell that Cowboy Hats were on-sale on ‘demonstration-avenue’. Now – don’t fake a surprised “when did they have the time to notice anything else in such important events?” It feels something like “afka msay libikha misdebesay”. I have done it myself and I am sure that is what you are contemplating right now! I don’t want you to take advantage of this confidential information on demonstration-shoppers to stash your pockets with shopping bags the next time you show up for demonstrations.  If you are going to treat this respectable article of mine as a flyer on shopping techniques, I think that’s where the “sine’srAt” guys should intervene.

The best case scenario for a more lively demonstration would be where the parents (and in our case the parents of the parents on crutches) would respect themselves and stay home while sending only the kids to demonstrate. You may want to stuff their bellies with high-powered candies and a few cans of Red Bull just before you let them loose. “Kids” in this case should be strictly defined to include less than (and not equal to) 18 years of age and this should be ascertained by making sure that demonstration participants undergo “teeth counting” tests. Given the excessive nationalism in us elders, some of us will knock off a few teeth to qualify and some (the “Hatsir Uluu” kind) will be mistaken for juveniles. In that case we have no other choice but to subject all participants to the blade in order to skin-head, baby-to-monkey, into equality from the behavioral inhibitions of aging. You will be surprised (sincerely this time) at how skin-heading makes one feel much younger than what people think them to be. For maximum impact, we need to guarantee supplies of accessories though. Can someone volunteer and ask the experienced organizational affairs mentioned above, if through their well known connections to the process of change from within (excluding Forto of course), they may spy on some smuggling routes for “likhay” or are they just using hydrogenated super cream for now?

Did I already congratulate the Islamic guys? I mean those who carry arms among them that we should not discount by any means. The PFDJ is actually right on this one. Coincidentally (and I feel terribly bad to say this – at least in public – and after squeezing myself a spot among the crowd of good citizens), every single man (and woman if you know any) actually carrying a gun (and actually using it) in opposition activity against the PFDJ regime is a Muslim or a non-Muslim Muslim (i.e. those you would call “aslamay” irrespective of their faith if they strayed in the highlands). I don’t want to stretch it more than it is fair to do so because this is a matter of pure incidence (one in a billion possible permutations of soldier-names) – most (if not all – and I say all) those who actually rode a tank and made it all the way to Forto on January 21, 2013 were (guess what – and take a good guess at this one – I don’t want to put words in your mouth) Muslims. Everyone who has been arrested in direct connection to what is now known as “Forto 2013” was a Muslim. Specifically in this particular incident (please excuse my statistical genius) Muslims, who make up 1% of the Eritrean army at the command level, made up 100% of action against the regime. Well may be not 100% but according to my formula of deliberate bias, any deviations were statistically insignificant. To say it in lay-man’s language, if you have seen any other names in those operational lists, they were those who took a joy-ride on the tanks (for free) or those who had no option but to follow or those that were misled.

Why say this? Why now? Why spoil the moment? These are legitimate questions. But you know what I have said above is nothing but the plain truth. It is sad and disgusting but it is true.  Don’t listen to the rubbish about “Jigna serawaitna ab Forto” that you read on the websites and the garbage that you hear on the radio stations by those who are trying to reinvent truth by reengineering the facts in order to fit what they wish Eritrea actually is. But you know what would happen if wishes were horses! Don’t get me wrong but how was it that all the analysts written or spoken did not miss a single question unanswered except one that was never asked: why did the tanks that rolled towards Forto attract this guy and not that one? Why did the arrests cover these people and not those? Why does every unfortunate accident of the regime reach these and not those? You may say it is random – but random is the guy on whose head a piece of rock that you throw from the top of a mountain blindfolded would fall among an army congregated underneath in no particular order. If every time you throw the rock it is landing on the same head, then one of two things is happening: either your rock is aiming at that particular head (because it is loaded) or that specific head is moving more than it should (because it is nuts).

You understand why the PFDJ is a loaded (deliberate) dictatorship with a purpose? It is not some crazy soldier who organized a coup d’état out of the blue and found himself a nation. It is a well planned and badly executed project, whose whole philosophy is the product of a culture of land-grabbers. There is no way in hell you can get around it and in short-cuts. Wencho-integelbeTkayo-wencho! The reason almost a whole ethnic group boycotted the Eritrean opposition and walked out on it, was because the opposition became dominated by Muslims and non-Muslim Muslims. They decided on change from within and said “ngelbTa” and here was “wencho” turned upside down.  Sooner or later they will have to face their demons and the sooner the better. My point is simple: don’t bother about what they might think. It is your fight.

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  • Papillon

    Dear Zgeremo,

    I am not sure how Meles is to be tailored into the fold of YG and Isaias for his dynamic personality had been engaged for the interest of his own country (Ethiopia) instead. However, he knew all along that, Eritrea was set to be in a precarious situation under EPLF for the present reality attests glaringly to that effect. I say, it was a political expediency on his part to forgo Eritrean independence and partly on conviction as well. To be more precise, his bloodline has always been his Achille’s heel where the hardliners with in his own party remained suspicious of him as he had always been accused of having a soft heart for Eritrea.

    If we are to take a peek into his take on Eritrea, it is safe to say that, it was based on pragmatism as opposed to threads based on either historical facts or actions under duress from the general public. During the Badme war, his stand on Asseb was unwavering as hardliners including majority of the Ethiopian people pressured him to go after Asseb. Sure enough, Isaias was betting on it so that, he can sell a political card to the Eritrean people as if the war was a sinister motive designed by the Weyanes to take Asseb back. But again, Meles did not give that to Isaias when the former refused to fall into the trap. Had he lived longer, he would have given ample time and energy to the Eritrean issue for the predicament we find ourselves in could as well be a detriment to Ethiopia in the long run as well. As much as we share the same history, we are bound to share the same destiny as well. In his own words, Isaias once said, there will come a time when borders lose any meaning way before his sycophants accuse the rest of us as “Unionists” when we subscribe for economic integration. We are Eritreans. We can not and will never be Ethiopians. That is the fact.


    • Yodita

      Dearest Papillon,

      I just wanted to say a couple of things on your above post. I also believe that the late PM Meles Zenawi was a great leader for his country and a great well wisher for our country. Overall, he made giant strides for his country in a couple of decades and left behind a huge country bent on unity and purpose.

      As regards Eritrea, two things stand out: (1) the mass expulsion of Eritreans and (2) his government’s acceptance of EEBC decision but staying in Badme. Considering what he said and did to atone for (1), and considering what was also done by our part to match the same mistaken action, one can close one eye or two on the heavy-handed sad situation.

      Regarding (2) Badme, however, I was always sold to his explanation (through interviews) that dialogue was a pre-requisite in order to sort out and avoid relocating whole villages from one country to the other. He even gave an example saying that there were villages which had people whose sons and daughters fought and died for Eritrea and how was one to tell them that starting this date they were now Ethiopians. I found this reasoning so plausible, that I started seeing nothing wrong in Ethiopia wanting this dialogue and blamed our man in Asmara for not ‘bending backwards’ to solve the problem for his people’s advantage.

      Then came Forto 21 Jan and the Huff Post did a video debate (you will find this in the youtube) regarding the event and its impact. Among the panellists was Prof. Dan Connell. When the point on Badme and Ethiopia’s refusal to physically leave was raised, Prof Connell said that when he saw Meles in Addis in June 2012, he had asked him the very question and the reply he got was that from this dialogue on Badme , he wanted to get USE of not only Assab, but Massawa as well. Meles told Prof. Connell that these two ports are Eritrea’s but they wanted to negotiate the use of both of them. If you have not done so, you can verify this by having a listen.

      That Meles told one reason to Eritrean journalists and probably the real reason to a foreigner sort of left a bitter taste in my mouth. I am one of those who was glued for over a week upon the death of this great man and I wept rivers of his untimely death but this episode left me less trusting. I simply fail to understand why the reason given to the Prof. was not also given to the Eritrean journalists.


      • Ambesa

        Link please!

      • Kim Hanna

        Dear Yodita,

        Don’t you think that forcing Ethiopia to use Eritrea’s ports is a scheme that would have benefited Eritrea?


      • Yodita

        Sorry Anbesa,

        Couldn’t find the the video to link but it was an interview arranged by the Huffington Post and there were four panellists (Amb. Herman Cohen, Prof. Dan Connell, a gentleman representing the US State Dept. and an Italian citizen of African origin. The topic was on Eritrea’s troops occupying the MOI (Forto) on 21 Jan but the issue of Eritrea-Ethiopia border stalmate was also discussed.

        Can’t figure out why I can not find it becaused I really searched.

      • Yodita

        Dear Kim Hanna

        Who ever said “… forcing Ethiopia to use Eritrea’s ports…”?

      • yegermal

        ok awate staff beat me to it 🙂 , operative phrase is “have access to the ports, not have them but use them”

      • Dear Yodita & Papillon,

        Meles is a farsighted intellectual leader who does not look and think backward to the old Ethiopian politcs that include Eritrea.For him Independent Eritrea is a foregone conclusion and as such his position is always reflected from the new economic order of the global society.He is a visionary leader with a fountain of ideasct not only to his own country (Ethiopia), but also beyond the border, specifically the region (horn of Africa) and Africa the continent,to extract from an abject of poverty and corruptions. One who read his thesis of economic development for the new developing countries as reflected in his proposed dissertation for qualifying his Phd graduation….titled as “African development:Dead ends and new beginnings” is in itself could describe the man and his intellectual moral. As we speak, scholars are studying him as a politician, as leader,as scholar on his controversial theme of his thesis and its logical routes.

        Meles’s new departure for a new beginning from dead ends, is a vision in an attempt to find new logical routes of economic development for African countries as oppose to the neo-liberal rationale of the “limited state.” Meles through a blend exploratory research using independent and dependent variables, refuted the neo-liberal theory as “exogenous theory for African reality and as such criticized it as “patrimonial corrupted states” for growth of pre-capitalist social structure in Africa.

        Dear sisters,In my view as I watched him throughout the last decade, Meles is a pragmatist and rational leader who looks for a holistic economic solution of the region rather than narrow nationalistic political-endeavours. Meles had not a specter or disturbing image of the old Ethiopian politics. He understood the new political order of the region….a political order of coordination and collaboration for mutual economic development, though none of his argument can remove the suspicion on him as Ethiopia was a neighbor colonizer…keeping in our mind the fear of the unknown.The problem is we are still in the fear of the past.

      • Naizgi K.

        I heard the discussion on the Huff Post and Dan Connell did not directly say Meles told him that he wants to use the border issue as the bargaining chip to have access to the ports although it sounded like he was putting it in that context. Meles probably told him that he doesn’t trust Isayas will make peace even if Ethiopia was to pull out of Badime but it sounded like the statement he made about Ethiopia wanting to negotiate access to the ports along with the border issue was an assumption Dan was making based on what he knows about the opinion of Ethiopians in general. That was my understanding of Dan’s comments at the time.


      • Yodita

        Dear Awatestaff,

        Merci. Je vous adore! (for the video clip)

    • yegermal

      “As much as we share the same history, we are bound to share the same destiny as well.” Why stop with Ethiopia? Isn’t the human race bound by the same destiny? Therein lies the fallacy of the revisionists…..they think that the only two people in the world that share genes and culture with their neighbors are the Ethiopians and Eritreans. What is more, they talk about Ethiopia and Eritrea as if they were made up of homogenous people descending all from the “habesha” clan. If this is not intellectual dishonesty what is? We already have a monster with identity crisis who tried to re-engineer the Eritrean identity! Enough with these vacillators!

    • Papillon,
      It can be said any clearer. I love the fact that you look at things a people in eritrea optimistically.
      No one likes what happened with the mass expulsion of eritreans from ethiopia. It was very wrong and bad judgement on ethiopia’s side. But you need to know more on why Meles went along with it or why he did not stop it. The power balance in his party was not in his favor and was wrong and when he righted the balance, his tried to make up for it. I think we, eritreans,need to know and learn more about what exactly happened, on both sides, in those years. There was power play on ethiopia’s side. and if you can spend some time in knowing what happened to the few people who actually perpetuated,made and carried out the crimes on eritreans at that time, you would know that meles made them pay.
      I think knowing in dept knowledge into EPRDF’s politics and power sharing thing would help us a lot.
      Finnally , I like how you both put the issues fairly.

  • rodab

    I came across a brief news report on Meskerem.net and I like Awate.come to shed additional light.
    The report basically says some sort of seminar is being organized in Doho, Qatar about Eritrea’s history, current situation etc. Th report also says Eritreans on both sides (government and opposition) have been invited. If that is the case, not only would Awate.com know, but would be the primary suspect of being one of the invitees. So what say you, sir?

  • hizbawi

    Yodita, you said YG is
    “unconventional, unrivalled”
    how in what way? Playing with someone wound and being insensitive and rude is considered
    “unconventional, unrivalled” then I challenge you to check your own moral compass. You cannot tell me a person never went I went through to tell my story. There is nothing to be daring when comes to YG, he is getting old and he is having flash backs and he does not like what he sees. He is not satisfied with his life, he might be well of when it comes materialism and his academic achievements. Remember, YG is a wanna be philosopher, let alone with the likes of YG, everyone who has a decent education is bound to examine the life they lived and the path they have chosen. Now, he is old and the time is ticking, he got throw things to satisfy his ego. I would not have a problem if his remarks weren’t at the expenses of the true heroes who showed nothing is impossible. What exactly does YG do to question and dehumanize what the true heroes did? This is exactly what YG is eating inside out. Inside his dramatic articles, there is deep rooted guilt, self-reproach and self-examination. And off course there is death. There is death

    At the same time, Ali Salim is venting. I don’t know what you know about Eritrea but one thing you will never worry, entertain or even think is, a religious conflict or tension, I repeat, never worry about that. Ali Salim is doing one thing, getting under the skin of the people who have no idea what the Eritrean situation is when it comes religious harmony and ethic diversity is . The truth is Ali Salim can tour Eritrea and preach what is preaching and people will laugh at him. I know it is a taboo to give credit despite all Issaias mistakes, but if Issaias did one remarkable thing, then it is, the harmonization the generations to come with different religions and ethics. yes, that is the truth. the young people are well informed and prepared, take that to the bank. so,
    Yoditina, don’t worry about Ali Salim, he is harmless and old. when you get old you say things off the wall, you should know, you read YG.
    all the best!

    • roh

      Hizbawi are you getting older too?


    Let me mourn ,I see dead people !!!!

    ክበኪ እየ ኣይትሕተቱኒ ፣ኣይህብን ሓተታ
    ጓል ዘረባ፣ኣይተውጽኡሉ ጨንፈር ፣ጫሌዳ
    ክነብዕየ ክሳዕ ገጸይ ዝስእል ፣ዘይሕከኽ ማዳ
    ክሳዕ ኣደይ ትጽለል ኣሓተይ ክሳዕ ዝዓብዳ
    እታ ዝፈለጥኩዋ ኣብ 40 ዓመታ ተጋሂዳ
    ¨ተስፋይ ተምነዎ ዳሕዲሕዋ ኣብ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ
    ኤርትራ ሎሚ ´ይኮነን ኣብ ሰብዓታት´ያ ተሓሪዳ¨
    81 ተቐቢራ ህዝባ እናጸረፋ፣ቁስላ እናጎድኣ,ተሳናቢታ
    ኣነስ፣ኣንኳይዶ ደመይ ከፍስስ ንማንም ወስላታ
    ሰተት ኢለ ድኣ ኣተኹ ናብ ሰላማዊት ካናዳ
    ሓንጎል ዝሃበኒ……….. ከሊኡ ምዓንጣ
    ምስጋና ይብጽሓዮ፣ነቲ ከፋል,ናይ ሓጥያትና ዕዳ
    ግን፣ናይቲ ወቓዕ ነብሱ ፣ሓራድ ደቁ ህዝበይ እህህታ
    ሓዘን ምስ ሕርቃኑ ተነብየሉ ስለ ዝነበርኩ ናጽነት ሙዳዳ
    ራህዋ ኣይተጸበኹን……….. ካብ ዜብራዊ ሽፍታ !!!!!

  • Araya

    Ali Salim, you are good, very entertaining, you should consider comedy central, I meant it. Issias seldom laughs but mention the opposition, he laughs his head off. Have you ever guessed why?
    Ali Salim answered it, Jelfafat? Lol, Ali, Jufjufat weskelom.
    Best takes of Ali
    “Gay Pride Parade”
    “Hatsir Uluu”
    lol god, it has been years since I heard that word, Ali must be describing YG

    this is great Tigrigna lesson. What does it mean? I heard it before but what does it mean?

    the MalaTat on Irish Butter reflecting flash-lights. Lol I am having a blast here. Ali what is Irish Butter? Lol wey gud?

    What does it mean? Lol, Ali must be talking about lady dragon. OMG ShaHmamat kkkkkkkkkkk

    “ afka msay libikha misdebesay”
    I remember that from the great Alamin song. Who is debesay? Must be Issaias. Right, Ali?

  • T..T.

    The most Eritrean sung song of 2013 is “Viva Forto.” If Eritrea of 2013 is analyzed under the slogan “hade libi hade nafsi,” reflected by the most sung song, i.e. “Viva Forto,” it would send a strong message to Isayas warning him that he better know that living on borrowed time is not possible, anymore. The current political tsunami is far from over. Indeed, the current trend triggered political tsunami that empowered tsunami change movement. The storm of change will blow away the gates of the open and closed prisons of Isayas and free our people. Ali Salim, come join us in our new sung song “Viva Forto” and don’t be left out with the left out person (your Isayas)- yes, come join the whole of Eritrea “hade libi” for “Forto.”

    • Yihdega Yihdego


      What da heck is “nafsi”? Did you mean nebsi like t’khedyo b’taxi t’belEyo slsi tgebryo chenawi kalsi? You must be an ethio-zeraf dude masquareding as an Eritrean. Your pants are on fire. It is an expression and don’t call fire fighters. It means you’re busted. Damn.

  • haqi

    i am convinced semere tesfai and ali salim hgdef agents sent to confuse eritrean oppositions. they might be one person. thank you awate for the two losers.

    • wediere


      I am convinced they both are not hgdef agents, but two citizens who like to shake us from our core as our state of affair is not healthy nor conducive to bring the change we wish to have.

      Ali writing touch basic issues of rights that we shouldn’t even debate (see Semere’s comment below), then he has the tendency to sprinkle his writing with controversial statements for maximum impact and effect….he is not interested in what people think of Ali Salim (purpose of pen name), just wants to drive his point home to his reader.

      I quite agree with the point about how timid we have become in opposing DIA, he has given a number of examples, ignore the rest and think what change/improvement/upgrade current “peaceful opposition” requires. Otherwise….it is sounding like the “bAweet Tezazimu” situation that people were fed up to hear.


      • haqi

        ali is a sectarian loser whose sole purpose is to divide the eritrean people and semere is his identical twin. i am convinced they are the same person; ali pretends to care for lowlanders to scare highlanders and semere pretends to care for highladers to scare lowlanders. they are both hgdef agents from the belly of the beast. susas alata. we are not children

        awatestaff, is this what you call inform embolden inspire. its more like divide, scare,demolish

    • Ambesa

      Haqi, you better change your name to teTeraTari. There is nothing hidden agenda in Ali Selim’s article. It is bold and true from the point views of a low lander. Unlike a high lander who hates, undeestimates and insults the lowlander behing the curtains, Ali is telling openly what he feels. ” n’Asha derguHali ni lebam amtelu” eyu geyruwo, because the highlanders hate to swallow the truth. When I say highlanders, I mean Starting my family and most of my friends.

  • Semere Tesfai

    Ali Salim

    Good to hear from you. Please keep running your mouth like the rest of us. If you are not free to speak-up your mind, no one is. After all, who in his right mind could dare tell you, you are not hurting – when you say I’m in pain. Most people (including me) don’t deny your pain; they just don’t approve your method of fighting back; that’s all. Personally, I would rather argue with you every day than arguing with the Unionists who denigrate our Gedli, our heroes and our heroins for ulterior motives.

    Therefore, please speak-up, make us uncomfortable, challenge us in every way – because there is no taboo political argument, that we should stay away.

    Awate Team:

    Thank you for giving voice to the voiceless.

    For all of you Pundits:

    Ali Salim is not a person. It is a political challenge for me, you and Eritrea – inequality to be exact. And these are the Ali Salim issues of inequality:

    a) distribution of power vis-a-vs ethnic, faith, region
    b) distribution of resources – land, economic
    opportunities, employment….
    c) services – education, health care…..and
    d) right of return for our refugees

    Now, if you got what it takes, impress us by challenging him with your vision for our future, and with today’s facts and figures. Otherwise stop ridiculing a mirror for showing us the imperfection on our face.

    • Ambesa

      Semere eta Himeret mexaei Eritrea kem hager kitqomela tiKiel, hizbi Eritra kem wedi hager meretu kemHadirelu zeKielo werQawi arbaEte (4) neTbitat diro ab QaliE awxiekayo slezeleKa this is the right time to talk about it! These points are in the hearts of every ethnic group! Asab for the Afar, massawa for wedi semhar barentu for kunama etc. many highlanders think that they are privilaged to administer every other region because they think they are more educated! Believe me during 50 and 60 there were more lowlanders in universities than highlanders. I have even witnessed what the PFDJ has done the minority Arab speaking intellectuals in the early 90’s. no matter in what they especiallized the PFDJ threw them in junior and high schools to teach Arabic language. Many of them graduated in administration and finance and were competent enough to administer one region that to be administered by a thug tigrigna speaker of high school tegadalay. We definitelly want to talk about these issues ASAP because issayas is falling very soon.

  • Zegeremo

    Dear Papillon

    “Sure enough, I wouldn’t place Meles in a line to be canonized for a saintly aura simply because he carried with him the fallacies of human. However, as he lived realistic and pragmatic and died as such, what made him more human is not the fact that often times he made mistakes, rather he was remorseful for his frailties in judgment as well.” Fair enough although I wish he were more remorseful, thank you!

    But one thing though! You said: “There are only two people who have a clear grasp of Eritrea’s otherwise complex political panorama: YG and Isaias Afwerki.” And at the same time you wish if Meles were an Eritrean leader: are you adding Meles to the list in addition to YG and Issayas, or are you assuming Meles would have shared YG’s view or otherwise?


  • belay

    Dear Pappilon,
    A few years back,I was watching this video made by ELF (JEBHA) members on exile.Then TPLF and EPLF were on the verge of war.One of the ELF Tegaday said,Hizbawi Genbar,(EPLF) ZE’dekese Ne’bre Ye’tesu Alewu Bele.Now, you,the lady Dragon sorry Pappilon you sound like a Ha’raas Nebre,you are very protective of the truth,Never driven by hatred.Pappilon, I also wish you was ours to add to the den.

  • Habtu

    Meskeen Amanuel,

    I am surprise to see still there are some eritians have some bad feeling toward their fellow muslims. If we ask why for saying the truth and the man said what he feels of the situation and you have no right to atack his religon . For your information , his religon is widley spreading and most sensable religon in the world today that is why the west embrassing it cuz they think on their mind.

    • Amanuel

      If you say so Hussain, I mean Habtu 😉

      • Habtu

        If you must know , after long research I was converted to Islam two years a go. However my name still remain the same “Habut”

  • Suwera Lubak

    Mr. Ali,
    I read your article with some dismay. The heading does not fit the article, what you wrote is not tickling, it is in fact annoying.
    After all these years of national struggle and sacrifices against the Ethiopian colonization , you wrote your article as if you were living in the 1940th ( is it Tizita –nostalgia) of those days when Haile Sellasie & some ignorant Eritreans tried to divide our people regionally and religiously!!! I don’t know if you were grown up among the stooges of that regime.. but gone are the days my friend when our people were victims of such malicious opinions . Mr. Ali how could an educated man like you think this way after we sacrificed very dear blood of thousands and thousands of our brave warriors and civilians , and many of our villages were burned our farms destroyed in order to regain our dignity and identity and install a nation called Eritrea.
    Regarding the movement that took place on the 21 January at Forto and which is lead by Generals like Amanuel “Hanjema” and Saleh Osman and others, I am very proud of It , it doesn’t matter who were those leaders, Moslems or Christians , from Kabasa or Metahit, they are national heroes.. It doesn’t also matter if it succeeded or not , but for sure it sent clear messages to all of us saying that the EDF members are not tools in the hands of DIA, it was also an alarm bell to the regime to wake up or else! . These heroes openly demanded to establish the Rule of Law and put the frozen constitution into action. They also demanded the release of all our political prisoners. These were their first demands and who knows what would have followed afterwards???
    But DIA tried to find a religious or a regional justification for the movement, however, we the Eritrean people after 60 years of political and military struggle we don’t buy these cheap politics of division, we do enjoy a lot of political consciousness and we will stand against what DIA stooges want to spread among the Eritreans at home or in diaspora to distort the reality . ” عيب ياعلي Nowri” you look a smart man from the writing , you should have a broadernational vision.
    They say : “ Civilizations should be measured by the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained” . The beauty of our unity is in our diversity.
    Suwera Lubak

    • Ambesa

      But I only witness beauty of our diversity in Eri-Tv.

  • Papillon

    Dear Zgeremo,

    If man is the measure of all things, I say, Meles is the measure of present day Ethiopia. Gone are the days when ghastly images of toddlers dropping like flies in a famine are a synonym for Ethiopia. When prominent news magazines such as The Economist, Bloomberg to mention but a few reflect on present day Ethiopia as they narrate the monumental economic and political transformations, jealousy stricken souls (read: Colonels Sofia, Gideon) harp on the same old tired as if the nation is still stuck in the 80s. But the difference between now and then is not the fact that Ethiopia is a whole lot different country but the fact that, us (Eritreans) are rendered irrelevant in any given day, in any given conversation with in the common people in Ethiopia.

    Sure enough, I wouldn’t place Meles in a line to be canonized for a saintly aura simply because he carried with him the fallacies of human. However, as he lived realistic and pragmatic and died as such, what made him more human is not the fact that often times he made mistakes, rather he was remorseful for his frailties in judgment as well. Often times I immerse myself in a day dream where I try to conjure up a hypothetical image how lucky we would have been had his father moved to Eritrea instead of Tigrai after he married Meles’ mother from Adi Khuala (Quala). Sure enough, we haven’t been too lucky to see my own private Eritrea shine like a beacon of hope up on the hill. We are left with a sadistic leader who reduced us to children of the lesser gods instead.


    • yegermal

      Meles was all that you describe him to be and a lot more. No dispute about that. But does your adulation for Meles give you the blank check to demonize your own people? Like YG, your weakness lies not in the identification of what ails the Eritrean people, but because you position yourself as an outsider looking in. YG describes the Eritrean struggle for independence as a unique experience that handed over power to an eccentric psychopathic dictator. However, even the less erudite amongst us know that there is nothing unique about what befell the Eritrean people. Most if not all rebel-lead movements (including Meles’) do turn into dictatorship. What we need at this historical juncture is not revisionists who find no virtue in our existence as people, but pragmatist visionaries who value our history in its entirety and have the courage to move its tides in the right direction. We need healers and doers, not patronizing theorists!

    • wediere


      Wow your admiration of Melles is beyond the measure of his achievement, you sounding cultish like the PFDJite.

      You are ignoring environmental factors that tempered Melles from turning like DIA. Well if out of destiny the two swapped, Eritrea would have still have been under a brutal dictator. As for Ethiopia, maybe it would not have got where it is now, but DIA would not have had a free ride to turn out the monster he is…..just check occasions when he was weak how he dealt with situations until he managed to have full control.

      Anyway don’t you people tire from knocking what little pride remains of Eritrea? It is like we have to go through a communal repentance “kulna tawba mibal iyu terifu” to satisfy you, then some kind of salvation is to be expected from those who take every opportunity to lecture how bad we are!

      For goodness sake! either use the intelligence you have to present solutions or keep your peace.


      • Araya

        Wediere, She is obsessed like every Tigryan, after all she is one. If not how come an Eritrean lady will mourn so much about worthless no good begging dictator? Trust me Ethiopia is better with out the three Billion dead dictatore.

      • wediere


        If Papillion is Tigrawaiti, she would not hide it, actually she would proudly state it……I would for that matter, nothing wrong with being from Tigray or anywhere in the world, we have to mature and move from such tendency.
        It is good when nations compete for progress, comparing yourself to your neighbour to gauge ones success or failure is not a problem. My issue is when we go the extra mile and seek pride by degrading others or do the opposite to continuously beat ourselves until we feel less worthy. Such negativity is not productive and with such status of mind we are going nowhere.


  • Asmeret

    Isayas and his stooges must be laughing to see us getting down to the level of Ali Salim and his kinds.
    This guy has always been busy polarizing this very issue and provoking remnants of crusaders from the other side at any given chance. This is the kind of game he enjoys most as he doesn’t seem to have any other political problems in Life. . Under the shadow of free speech any person can speak his mind and so can Ali . But what this guy fails to realize is that we are for anyone who struggles against the dictatorship in Eritrea , no matter who. If Ali feels discriminated as a Moslem , he can go ahead and challenge the Dictator but not the Christians who are equally oppressed. If he is living in Europe or America, he will anyway have many more religious challenges to cope up with.

    • Asmeret
      I am afraid, Ali Salim might be an agent of DIA assigned to play the divide and rule game.

  • rodab

    Meet Fana Tesfamariam, your “Acting Administrator” of Zoba Debub. I suppose Massawa now has its won “Acting Administrator” also.
    BTW, could you ask Ali Abdu why he was “Acting Minister” for over a decade?

  • Papillon

    Dear Zgeremo,

    Drawing a parallel between I dare say the venerated YG and the barely mediocre Ali Salim is tantamount to comparing an apple with an onion. As Yodita haftey eloquently put it, YG is a tremendous force set out to challenge us every step of the way as we try to define our murky destiny where our otherwise turbid identity is the very inertia that is holding us back from striding forward. My hunch is either you have never read YG’s work or you must have failed to grasp the “encrypted” take marinated with allegory, metaphor where you are obviously confusing it with Ali’s small talk and cheap shot directed to certain segments of our society (read: Christian highlanders). I will say it again. There are only two people who have a clear grasp of Eritrea’s otherwise complex political panorama: YG and Isaias Afwerki. The former for noble and constructive purposes and the latter for sinister and macabre reasons. The rest vacillate in between like a fallen leaf on a dusty arid terrain.


    • yegermal

      Wow, only two people? And what do you base your conclusion on ? Any peer reviewed research paper you might want to share with us so your readers can understand your reason for making such an outlandish statement? And this, after chastising Zgeremo for making a fallacious argument of his own? It’s utterly troubling for you to think (if indeed you put a little thought behind your assertion) that Eritrea has only two intelligent enough humans that can grasp the dynamics of their past and present reality. Or is it a freudian slip revealing deep-seated contempt for the Eritrean people?

    • Zegeremo

      Dear Papillon

      Putting your judgmental tone aside, YG has been naked ever since Saleh Younis came up with a brilliant article: Same March, Different Drummers http://awate.com/same-march-different-drummer/ (of course I wouldn’t say either you didn’t read it or failed to grasp the context). Saleh did such an outstanding job to bring YG case to closure when it seemed like such a long shot. Now, the ironic is that your hypocrisy and responses to cherry picking are simply overwhelming. Ali Salim only wrote an article to express his view; he has done nothing else. But your champion Meles had massacred innocent Muslims, Oromos, and executed innocent university students in a broad daylight. Does that make you ignorant, hypocrite, or both?



    ¨ቅልዕቲ ደብዳቤ ናብ ህዝቢ ድምበዛን፣ሓማሴን¨

    እቲ ከም ማይ ንጉሆ ጽሩይ ዝኾነ፣ናይ ወድኹምን፣ኣያይን፣ ክቡር ተስፋይ ተምነዎ ቃለ መሕትት ክሳዕ እቲ በጺሕዎ ዘሎ ኣብ ራድዮ ወጋሕታ ሰሚዔዮ።ምንም እኳ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ሽፍትነት እምበር ገድሊ ከም ዘይነበረ ንኣኻትኩም ምንጋር ፣ከም ንቐባራይ ምርዳእ እንተኾነ…..ንኣይ ንመጀመርያ ጊዜ ዝበርሃለይ ጉዳይ እንተሃለወ ብዘይካ እቲ ዝፈልጦ,ገና ሸፋቱ እንከለዉ ነቲ ሃገረሰብ ድምበዛን ዳሕዲሑ ርእይቱኡ ዝሃቦም,ለይቲ መጺኦም, ጨውዮም ከም ዘሕቅቕዎ,………ኣዋልድና ድሙ ድሙ( መርዚ) እናስተዩ ብጾታዊ ርክብ ተራኺቦም, ነቲ ሓሳረ መከራ ናብራ ሽፍትነት ዝትክኡ ቆለውዕ ምፍጣር፣ ነቲ ጀማር ሰውራ ዝኾነ ክፍሊ ህዝብና መታሕት, ቀቢልኡን ሃይማኖቱን እናቋናጸቡን ልምዱን ጠባዩን እናሓረዱ ie…(character assasination)፣ንደቂ ሓረስቶት ብሓይሊ እናመንዝዑ ኣብ ሽፍትነት ኣእቲኻ ንዘይረብሕ ዕላማ ምጽናት_____ወዘተ____ዝገደደ ድማ፣ብሽምካ ፣ብሽም ሓማሴናይ፣ነቲ ትምህርቱ ወዲኡን ኣቋሪጹን ገድሊ መሲልዎ ሂወቱን ትምህርቱን ከወፊ ዝኸደ ምሁር ወዲ ኣከለጉዛይ ፈልዮም ዘጽነትዎ ከምዚ ንኣይ ኣብ ከብደይ ኣትዩ ዝህውጸኒ ዘሎ ንኣኻ ´ውን ካባይ ንላዕሊ ናውቲ ከብድኻ ከም ዘጋላባብጦ ኣይጣራጠርን። ነዚ ግፍዒ እዚ ደቂ ሓማሴን ፈረድትን ሓረድትን ብምግባር ዝተፈጸመ ናይ ግፍዒ ግፍዒ ብዘይውዓልካዮ፣ ነቲ ብሽምካ ትሃስዩ ዘሎ ኣውራጃ፣ ናብ ናህሪ ኣእትዩ ዘየድሊ ሳዕቤን ከብጽሕ ዝኽእል እዩ ። ስለዚ ጽፈት ካብ ገዛኻ ስለ ዝጅምር ፣ኣብ ደገ ዘለኹም ኩኑ ኣብ ዓዲ, ነዚ ብክቡር ሓው ተስፋይ ተምነዎ ተገሊጹ ዘሎ ብሽምና ዝተገብረ ዓገብ/ገበን ሓቢርና ከንውግዞን ኣብ ከም ብዓል ዓዋተን ኣሰናን ዝኣመሰላ እናጽሓፍና ነዞም ደቂ ሃገርና ዝኾኑ ኣሕዋትና ንርድኣኩም ኢና፣ምንም እኳ ኩላትና ንቀተል እምበር ብስምና ዝተገብረ ግፍዒ ኣብ ደም ከየእትወና ብዝዓበየ ድምጺ ንኹንኖ ኣባህሉኒ።ኣያይ ተስፋይ ተምነዎ ግዲኡ ፣ሕጂ ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ኣብ ሜዳ ከሎ ውን ኣንጻር እዚ ሕልና ዘይብሉ ግፍዒ ተቓሊሱ እዩ።
    ነዞም ወጻኢ ትቕመጡ ደቂ ወረዳይ፣ሐደራ ምስዚ ኣብ ወጻኢ ንርእዮ፣ብብዝሒ በቲ ደቂ እቲ ከባቢ ዝፍጠር ቀጨውጨው ዘብል ነብሰ ሃራሚ ዝኾነ ጠባያት ኣይነዳናግሮ ።ንሱ ኣነ ይገድ ድ ፣ብነብሰይ ተወቒዔሉን harass ተጌረሉን እየ። ምንም ዝኾነ ርክብ የብሉን።I repeat …ምንም ዝኾነ ርክብ የብሉን !!!!!!!!ሂወት ንጹሃት ደቂ ሃገር፣ ብስምና ዝተገብረ ግፍዒ ፣ያኣዪ ኩዕሶ እግሪ ተረኺቡስ፣ ኣብ ኩርባ ሽፍትነት ሓዂርካ (ሓማሴን ስዒራ፣ኣከለጉዛይ ተሳዒራ)___ዘብል ጸወታ ቆለውዕ ኣይኮነን።ሂወት ሰብ እዩ።ነዛ ብሕማም ዝሰልከየት ነብሰይ ከይመውት ክንደይ ይከታተላ ይመስለኩም ፣ክፈትዋ፣ ብኡ እየ እውን ኣብ ዘይረብሕን ዘየረብሕን ሽፍትነት ዘይሰደድኩዋ።እግዚኣብሄር ይመስገን ምዓንጣ ከሊኡ ኣእምሮ ዝሃበኒ ምስጋና ይብጽሓዮ።

    ብስመይ ኣብ ልዕሊ ደቂ ሃገረይ ዝኾኑ ኣከለጉዛይ ዝተፈጸመ ናይ ገበን ገበን ብዘይ ገለ ¨ግን ወይ ማለተይሲ¨ምውሳኽ፣ ካብ ምዓሙቕ ልበይ የወግዞ። ኩሉ መመድረኹ ኣለዎ ነቲ ካብ ዝስደድ ሒዘ ዝርእዮ ግስርጥና ካብ ምግላጹ እኳ እንተ ዘይዓገተኒ ንኹሉ መመድረኹ ስለ ዘለዎ ልባዊ ሓዘነይ ይገልጽ።ኢሳያስ ነስላምን ኣከለጉዛይን ከም special enemies ሒዝዎም ዝብል እምነተይ እኳ እንተገለጽኩ__እዚ ኩሉ ብሽመይ ዝተገብረ ግፍዒ ግን ጥልቀቱ ኣይፈለጥኩን ኔረ።

    ይቕሬታ ደቂ ሃገረይ, ደቂ ኣከለጉዛይ
    ሓውኩም ምሕረቱ ሃብተ
    ዘብሄረ ገሽናሽም ድምበዛን።

    • Henock

      I had to read it twice. It is so true and your apology is accepted by me and my entire extended family of Kurbaria.

    • Papillon

      Dearest Mehretu,

      You’re brilliant. I can clearly see you gracing us with your witty remarks in post-Isaias Eritrea as you will be conquering the news papers with your warm and imposing personality.



        Dearest Papillon & Henok,

        Thank you for understanding my sincere apology & sorrow ,We have to put the past aside & be kind to each other.When you read my comments before ,being hard on the Akele Guzay Awraja in the diaspora ,it is because I expect more from them.This resourceful ,with organizational spirit& ability people …could organize us so that we could save our people from the banditry.
        Look at Elsa Chyrum ,Meron ..etc my heros..Gerezgiher RN (registered Nurse)from Edmonton that established an organization to help university students in Eritrea …I was a member & by soliciting help from canadians we sent books & computers..until the Eritrean govt. said ..” our people do not need old computers” ..all this heros are from that brave Akeleguzay region.The youngsters in Adi Keih & I believe in segeneyti are the first ones in Eritrean cities /towns that started heroically to write anti PFDJ slogans ,under the cover of darkness risking imprisonment to themselves & their family.People, let Isaias & his illiterate Generals say …”SI ,VA BENE BAHTA SEGENEYTI”.

        Get out of the basement & let us save our people for the common good.
        Henok ,send my love to Kurbaria ,do not worry about GuraE..because, I am very close to them
        I love you all.
        My respect & admiration to this beautiful region

      • Kokhob Selam

        MERHRETU HABTE , my request to you is just be around always. i am sure most of us enjoy your comments.

    • HGDEF

      ዓርከይ ደሓን ካብ ገሽናሽም ዲካ፣ ደቂዳሽም ወይ እንዳዳሽም ይጽናሓልካ። መን ምካንካ ኣይጠፍኣናን። ግዳ ክትፈልጦ ዘለካ ነገር ኣከለጉዛይን ሓማሴንን ኢልካ ምፍልላይ ይጽናሓልካ። ምክንያቱ ነንሓድሕዶም ይቃረቡ። ይቅረታ ትሓተሉ ጉዳይ ነቲ ትነዝሖ ዘሎካ ድሑር ናይ ጽልኢ መናፍሕ እምበር ሽም ዓድታት ምጥቃስካ ልብ መን ኢኻ እሞ ክትምስጥ፧ ድሮ እኳ ኣሰና ፈሊጡካ ነቲ ኣብ ድሕረ ገጾም ዝጸሓፍካዮ ተመሳሳሊ ጽሑፍ ኣልዩዎ ኣሎ።



        ዝኸበርካ ሓው፣

        ንኣማኑኤል ኢያሱ ዘለኒ ክብረት ወሰን የብሉን።እቲ ንፈልጠካ ኢና ዝበልካዮ ድማ ሓቅኻ፣ብኡ እንድየ ሽመይን ሽም ኣቦይን፣ዓደይን ዝገለጽኩ።
        ኣነ ብሓቂ ነቲ ብደቂ ኣከለጉዛይ ተጋኒኑ ዝውረ ዝመስለኒ ዝነበረ ግፍዒ, ካብ ኣፍ እቲ ዝነበረ ኣያይ ተስፋይ ተምነዎ ምስ ጭብጡ ስለ ዘቕረቦ፣ እዞም ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ደቂ እቲ ኣውራጃ ልቢ ኣንጺሆም ናብ መድረኽ እንተዘውርድዎ፣ቅድሚ ሕጂ ተረዲኡኒ ስቅያቶም ኡይ ምበልኩሉ።ከምቲ ንኩናማን ንዓፋርን ዝተገብረን ዝግበር ዘሎን ወለዶ ኣጽኒትካ ህላወኦምን መሬቶምን ንምሕካኽ ዝግበር ገበን ኡይ ዝብለሉ፣ጀበርቲ ብሄር ኢና እንተበሉ ህዝበ ትግርኛ ኣባታዊ/paternalistic ብዝኾነ ንሕና ኢና ንፈልጠልካ ኢልካ ¨ዘረባኻ ትግርኛ ሳዕስዒትካ ትግርኛ” …. ኢልካ ምድሃልን ምግባትን ኣጥቢቐ ዝቃወም፣ ምኽንያቱ ጀበርቲ ብሄር ኢና ገዲፎም extraterrestrial ኢና እንተዝብሉውን ኣሕዋተይ ኢለ እየ ክቕበሎም።ንኹሉ ብሓይሊ ጨፍሊቕካ ሕብረት ምምስራት ናይ ኤርትራ Trade Mark ምዃኑ ኣይስሓትኩዎን ።ነቲ ብስም ኣውራጃይ ዝተገብረ ገበን፣ዘየድሊ ውጽኢት ከምጽእ ምዃኑ ስለ ዝፈልጥ ነብሰይ ካብቲ ገበን ኣውጺኤ ኣለኹ።ስለዚ ኣነ ነቶም ደቂ ሃገርና ዝኾኑ ለባማትን መስተውዓልትን ደቂ ኣከለጉዛይ ፣ማንም ንማንም ዘዋስኖ የለን መሰልኩም ሕተቱ ኣብ ጎንኹም ኣለኹ ኢለዮም። በቲ ናይ ኣማኑኤል ኢያሱ ዝበልካዮ ድማ,ንስኻ ኣማኑኤል እንተትኸውን ነቲ ኣነ ዝጽሓፍኩዎ ኣይመውረድካዮን ዶ ፧ሓደ መስተውዓሊ ከምዚ ከማይ ነቲ ገድሊ ዝተሰምየ ሽፍትነት ብርትዓውነት ዘርዚሩ ነቲ ብቕኑዕ ሕልና ዝተቓለስካዮ፣ሂወትካ ዝሃብካሉ ምዃኑ እቲ ሓቂ ከፍልጠካ ኸሎ ዘቐንዙ እዩ።ሓቂ ስለ ዝኾነ እዩ ዘቐንዙ ድማ፣ስለዚ ንኣማንኤል እያሱ ዘለኒ ክብረት ክቕጽል እዩ። ካብዚ ንላዕሊ ክገልጾ ኣይክእልን እየ ።ዝበለጸ መብርሂ እንተደሊኻ ድማ ሕተተኒ ክገልጾ እየ።ህዝቢ ምትሕብባር ይኹን ምፍንጣሕ ናተይ ስራሕ ኣይኮነን፣ኣብዛ ዘላ ኤርትራ እውን ኣይኣምንን እየ።መሰል ህዝበይ ግን ክጭድር እየ።ምኽንያቱ መሰል ኣከለጉዘታይ ስለ ዝተጋህሰ እዩ መሰል ድምበዛናይን ጉሕጭዓታይን ዝግሃስ ዘሎ።


    • Fiseha

      I hope nobody will fall to woyanes trap of tribal division. woyane are distirbuting so many fabricated and froged papers everywherre on the interrnet now adays. the good example is MEHRETU ugly letter that is posted in here on the name of free press. If the out come of free press is like this one now I would not choose change. eritrea is in much betterr hands now.

  • T..T.

    As Isayas rode to power with the help of politically innocent people, he can only stay in power with the help of politically confused people, like Ali Salim. After Isayas became a dominant figure, he used divide and rule to silence his political opponents internally. Externally, embassy staff (like Ali Salim) are involved in cyber campaign to systemically cover up Isayas’s political damage and to reward free entry to Eritrea to those who impose self-censorship and keep their mouths shut politically. Time has changed. Even internally, people are loudly and clearly calling for changes. At times of change, politically affected and detached people, like Ali Salim, should not be taken seriously because they are untouched by the crises our youth are facing.

  • negassi

    Please, don’t respond Ali Salim. He is trying to provoce you. His ideas will not be followed by majority who thinks he represent. We are observing this in many Arab springs let alone in Eritrea with equal number of groups who will not give a hide to his extrimist ideals. There are no groups who can be worried of his divisionist ideals. I believe in uniy in diversity. Yes, there is difference in religion. If he thinks this difference wait and see.

  • Ambassador

    Ali Salim-

    Taking your article as a backdrop, by employing google translate to that expedient, I now find the truth of those who languish in prison for their popular resistance. Petros Suleyman, Haile Hyi-min-Qiyama, Oqbe Ibrahim etc…do indeed fall under the rubric of the non-practicing Muslims.

    Ticklish you may think of yourself my friend; vibrator that we find you to be. Readjust your realities before you (forever) end up being the friend of the lonely.

    • Zegeremo

      Not so fast bro! There are two sides to every story; have you checked those who have been calling awate a shifta, a terrorist, and supporting issayas just because he is christian? Guess what? They have many friends, so does Ali Salim.

    • yegermal


  • samrawi

    This seemingly opposition but pro PFDJ article is well thought and articulated for a reason possibly by pen-mercenary or PFDJ / Woyane thug. What is the objective of this article?

    1. To divide Eritreans by religion and sub divide them into tribes and attack the core strength of Eritreans: their unity.

    2. To render the opposition in the diaspora useless and quell any fresh opposition before it gathers strength and ensure the status quo (Afewerkism) continues as it is the surest way to wipe Eritrea off the map.

    3. …. and so on.

    My Eritrean fellows, take care of the seemingly-friend enemy.

    • Samrawi

      I agree with you, especially when I recall Abdulgadir Hamdan a PLF veteran who was living in Germany and was publishing an Arabic periodical called Sawt Eritrea from London. His Periodical had just one mission which was creating sectarian confusion between Eritreans. He was attacking EPLF and DIA on religious bases but when Ethio-Eritrea war was ignited he went to Asmara during the free press era he was publishing his periodical in Arabic and Tigrena but with different mission which was attacking Eritrean opposition and Weyane and he is still a great propagandist of the regime within the mekhete people.

      Due to Ali Salim his provocative and despised language has the same message of Hamdan whic both of them serve the divide and rule old policy of Isias Afwerqi.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but do you see any comments coming out of the Awate Team’s mouth:-)
      Samrawi, allow me add up a tickler on number three:- “3 …and so on” could it be a game of reverse psychology? but then again, for what purpose? That’s not where we are @ or that’s not what time it is, or is it? How about the chosen-son Ali’s “apropos” flag holding trumba pumping bravado as muscle finding project:-)…some are dying to preserve history before the historic deeds fully achieved (while at its infantile stage a toddler –tate Egri sembete). Another feeble act of put the cart before the horse thus inconsiderate of long term solutions.
      Ya akuna Ali, would it be a lie to crown you a prize signifying your tireless efforts as one of the most accelerating force to our sluggish revolution. Or, would I be right to advise you, the longer your procrastinating appeal, the less diversions among the already harmony deprived Eritrean revolution. As we all know the ‘key element’ to the on going miseries are embedded in all Eritreans coming together, “strength” to overthrow that barbaric regime of Isaias Afwerki. Therefore, at this juncture or in any other circumstance wherever public affairs is concerned; ‘strength’ is more suitable when spelled u-n-i-t-y, or vice versa unity equals strength. One thing is for sure, anomaly doesn’t add strength but creates divergence, and you know what that means.
      Solemnly, I find your blabbering articles lacking everything a struggling revolution like ours is thirsty for. If you’ve boosted anyone’s morale, (the narrow minded once) trust me, it’s a short lived blur with out any account in their memory bank. In short, it won’t last. Flip-side, if your repetitiveness installed anything – it’s nothing but an inactive residue (dugul hawi).
      Or, would it be ‘just,’ to cast a judgment, for you are what your articles represent…that nothing more seems to give you pleasure, other than “the crying game”. Simply put, you are stuck and you can’t getup or get out of your state of dwell. Does overtly repetitious mantra like – playing the victim give you a…What are you trying to prove?
      I wonder, when would your next comeback be? “Back to square one” September first or back to square? January twenty-first:-)

  • Zegeremo

    Dear Papillon,

    With all due respect there is far too much hypocrisy in your comments. It is hard, at least to me, to reconcile your thoughts with your flawless writing skill; You have been openly praising Meles who had brutally oppressed Ethiopian Muslims and massacred Somali Muslims; and you have been openly praising YG who advocates for Eritrean and Ethiopian Christians unity in order to marginalize Eritrean Muslims. Now why do you think it is a garbage when Ali Salim praises Muslims lowlanders as a hero ? seriously though… Sitting and grading other people’s work make you look a sponger. And to all other hypocrites, stop barking at awate.com since Ali Salim hasn’t violated the posting guidelines.

    • hizbawi

      Zigeremo, you were prizing her the other day, although, your admiration of her of you seems solely based on writing skills. I have no idea a person of your caliber will fail to that exceptionally deceiving quality, nevertheless; Wiqato is having hard time with Ali Salimn because Ali is a Muslim, while YG is loved and respected because he is Christian. I know no one will answer you but the truth, but that is the truth. In all honesty, YG more damming and dangerous to Eritrea than Ali Salim will ever be, Ever!
      don’t expect Wiqato to tell you the reason.

      • Zegeremo


        I have never agreed with her when she eulogizes Meles and YG, but I do agree with the way she portray Issayas. Nevertheless, I couldn’t agree with you more.


    • Asmara Eritrea

      Here we go again, religion – so divisive! If there was god , he/she could not let our people suffer for so long. First in the hands of successive Ethiopian oppressors and now, worst of all, in the hands of a so called Eritrean president. If I was a praying person who believe in god, which I am not as I happen to believe in lifeless stone, the first question I would ask is why if he/she is able to redeem the Jewish from slavery not the Eritreans?

      Let’s be releastic and work on the basis of what we hear, see, touch and we can do none of these to a religion based god.

      Asmara Eritrea


        Dear Asmara Eritrea,

        I e-mailed god ,not God…..& he answered as such.

        I quote god…..
        “Dear ASMARA ERITREA”,

        I redeemed the Jewish of their slavery ..because it was real slavery…Eritreans had upper haned in Ethiopia,they controlled almost all the main private wealth of Ethiopia (that you wrongly claim was enslaving Eritreans)..was in the hand of Eritreans,Long distance trailers (N3 s), urban taxis …Garages ,buses …cafetterias..business within Ethiopia…and high ranks in the Military ..including Air force & marines .
        Early sixties ,Janhoy used to buy clothes to the Eritrean children in the village ,if their parents send them to school….Eritreans students that qualified for University in Addis Abeba (special quota)lived in the campus dorms…compliments of the Ethiopian govt…getting pocket money ..compliments of Ethiopian govt.,while other citzens of the “enslaving” Ethiopia went to their homes
        .Derghi while cruel to the brim..created people like Colonel Dawit Woldeghiorgis to forgive ex bandits & their collaborators..did not execute red terror formally in Asmara but all other Ethiopian cities.Menghistu fed your people & tried to convince your bandit kids to join the civilized citzens even claimed..( ተገንጸልቲ ኣጋግዮሞም እምበር ኤርትራውያን ኣሕዋትናን ህዝብናን እዮም እናበለ ፣ኣብ ካልእ ኢትዮጵያ ዘየርኣዮ ምጽማም ኣርእዩ)
        weyane the one that saved your crumbling banditry from running s**t to Sudan..sometime during banditry era ..has given you everything…How did your air head people repay weyane…”by cluster bombing school children”..
        So Asmara Eritrea..do not try to compare Jewish real slavery with Eritrean fairy tale.
        እስራኤላውያን ካብ ስቓይ ናብ ክብረት ፣ኤርትራውያን ድማ ካብ ክብረት ናብ ስቓይ ለሚኖም ዘዝለመኑኒ ሂበዮም።ስለዚ እዚ ወደይ ፣ወደን ከይሓምያስ ወዲ ወደን ኮይኑ ኣነ ኣእምሮ ሂበኩም ንስኹም ሸፋቱ ካብ ክብረት ንላዕሊ ካብ መረጽኩሞም ባዕልኹም ስሓንዋ።ኔረ ሕድየኣዊ ስላስ ኢሉኒ።And he added..as much as wise Eritrean sounds an oxymoron,Mehretu Habte is the only one normal amongst 99 lunatics.
        god from somewhere….END OF QUOTE

        I could not have said it any better than god himself.

  • Amanuel

    Just wasted 10 minutes of my life, bloody armchair critic.Muslims are brave, Muslims are the best, Muslims are this and that 🙂 kkkkk Ala Nesika ! I bet you are one of those who live in the west and preach how Islam is wonderful and Muslims will take over the west 🙂

    • Asmara Eritrea

      Dear Amenuel

      I am perhaps the least religious person on earth – in fact I do not believe in anything but humanity and respect for a fellow human being. I have never been a Muslim and will never be. But I happen to think it is a good religion – we should not judge a religion by the way the people who profess to believe in it behave.

      Come to think of it all world religion are good – for a start none of them tell you to kill or oppression your fellow human being. And I can tell you that authoratatively because I have read the Koran and the Bible several times – although sadly they both put me off religion for good. Nevertheless, I still have the greatest respect for both books. I must add, however, my respect to those who claim to believe in them is not great. All you have to do is look at the priest or the imam next door.

      As I keep commenting in this site, if there was god, who loves people, why would he/she have them oppressed in the way the Eritreans currently are? The ‘god loves his children’ phrase does not make sense as no parent would want to see his/her children suffer in the way the people of Eritrea are. I assume here god is almighty!

      Eritrea for ever with or without god.

  • Asmeret

    Having read your previous articles, this one doesn’t surprise me at all. What surprised me most is that it took you a month to join the tickling issue of your interest that’s already been raised by Hgdef . Your article is a Good contribution to Hgdef but a bad one to awate.com and the Reader as a whole.

  • belay

    Why are people moaning and groaning about Free speech rights,opinions of Ali Salim?
    You might as well stick with Mr Issaias Afeworki then.

  • omar

    Ali salam as you call yourself or Andi-sheitan which might be your true name ,, the struggle of the eritrean people against the dictatorial regim and his clique is not a mental masturbation for you and your kind of people ,attention craving zero contribution individuals. I failed to understand your intention , from your once in a moon hate mongering articles, except to conclude you are the enemy of the peace loving eritrean people and the enemy of the struggle against the PIA regime in Asmara. My advice to you is be part of the struggle or let your poisonous pen rest in peace. .

  • Mahta

    Ali Salim, change your name! Don`t spoil wedi ali`s name…the hero of everyone both Muslims and Christians!

  • geltam

    One of his kind. gudam ika.

  • sami

    Simply Garbage!!

    So you call colonel abraham Gizuwa and the other christian colonel simply joy riders??? you said “they were those who took a joy-ride on the tanks (for free) or those who had no option but to follow or those that were misled.”.You are simply IDIOT. You sit in your sofa in Europe and US and call the hero colonels as JOY RIDERS. What a shame? If the Muslims are 1% of the whole military then, with simple calculation,They were about 12-15 in number out of the 200 soldiers.. So what are you saying bi headed Pakistani. Why do you need to divide people according their religion?

  • Kokhob Selam

    we are all in exam and test in how to deal with all including the self. let’s manage it with wisdom, that is what struggle is all about.

    this man is saying it directly and to the point. that is what he experienced and learned others are trying hard to hide their feelings but at the times their true self comes out. what they miss is there is the opposite experience and feelings. the best among us are the once who put themselves in the other side and feel it.

    Dear Ali, “be happy and don’t worry” no single ethnic or religious or political party is happy in Eritrea and none of the above has got more power than the other.even that PFDJ is not as you said it. Eritrea needs your help,my help everyone has to start work with great intelligence. everyone is important and every small step toward peace will give unexpected good result. start to love and forgive yourself then you will forgive all.

    I love you for being open as you will help me in curing you. feel free to say things but open your intelligent mind to listen. our enemy is with us and our solution is within us.

    I have been upset with Amanel Eyasu for his narrow thinking you have opened a way for me to forgive him and work with him too. because i should love everybody for being himself. but i will continue to inform him that I am here and i need my freedom.

    you mind Ali, your mind is needed on this dark moment in fighting all odds like our Amanuel Hidarat like say and all other great minds who are trying to do their best for our unity.


      Kokhob Selam ,

      My respect to you has no boundries .I may be a little ,well a lot..nutty, cucu ,casi loco..but if I may say it myself ,I have a strong side to put myself in someone’s position.Our metahit brothers should not play dead or inactive ..so that the one sided unity can prevail.We have various chronic auto immune illnesses ..but we have been treating them the stereo typical Tigrinya way… ድሓን ዝወደይ፣ ኣፍካ ጥራይ ክፉእ ኣይውጽኣዮ።ጠጥዑሙ ጥራይ ተዛረብ።..while that approach has place in social life..but it has the opposite effect on politics.We tried following the majority ….Follow “main stream” Eritrea way,…it has not worked.
      Durintg Semi Tigray Tigrinyi era ,1991 – 1998..We the Hizbe Tigrinya almost accepted our identity..of being Tigrawot..thank God for Isaias ..starting the “border war”and saving us & re-educating us ,that We the Hizbe Tigrinyas .are not related to Agames or Adwas..etc..but special breed..If not ,prior the so called border war ,not only did we accept..we were Almost Tigrawot but we were at the verge of singing ” ምስ ብዓል ኮፈ ዓልካ፣ምስ ብዓል እሊቱ….. ሰሙን ተሪፉና ትግራይ ክንኣቱ “the cousin of ” ምስ ብዓል ጌታቸው፣ምስ ብዓል በቀለ…..ሰሙን ተሪፉና ክንፋላለ”
      I really worry..Kokhob, You as an ex Tegadalay..you do not imagine this..but I worry the sloppy slippery Eritreanism of some of us. I KNOW THEM , BECAUSE I AM THEM.
      Ali is fairly screaming where I would burst to pieces with anger of the double standard of my well meanning Kebessan brethren. I DEFEND & DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO FORGET THE HELL THAT HAPPENED IN METAHIT IN THE 60S & EARLY 70S….because I do not want it to happen to my close relatives in Dimbezan & GUhchiAA.
      When Kunamas & Afars were the ones set for genocide style land stealing so that rich (mostly..kebesian diasporans) could “develope” the land”…..people not only kept quite ..but rendered Isaias the excuse,… that the Kunamas has always been Ethiopian tilted & the Afars were trying to go with Assab….now ,the same part time anti – pfdj opposition see their relatives getting the blessing of EPLF/PFDJ..and want everybody to cry bloody murder….Nobody listens anyways.People are busy arguing about non issues !!!

      • Kokhob Selam

        I miss you MEHRETU HABTE. all my love and respect. those days i am having love with love itself. will you be interested to read how i feel in loving love? that will take me and you somewhere seemingly heaven. allow me to put in small poem. and let Ali enjoy it too. ready?

      • Edmonton

        Is this MEHRETU HABTE of Edmonton alberta?



        Indeed it is me ,the only difference is I aquired more illnesses…bipolar (remmember I was some how off base )…now, I am totally off base..aquired a sexy diabetes ,high blood pressure ,hypothyroidism & off course Anemia..(ብሐጺሩ፣ሓደ እግረይ ኣብ ጉድጓድ ኮይኑ እምበር፣እወ ኣነ እየ፣ወዲ ኤድሞንቶን።)


        Brother Kokhob,
        Please shoot the poem.Remmember while we mourn the martyrdom (I call dying for justice martyrdom) of Colonel Wedi Ali..let us not forget another hero by the same name ,Ali,,,at Shegereb refugee martyred protecting Eritrean women from abduction & rapeof Rashaida/Bedouin.He is my other hero.
        I could care less the time colonel Ali spent in meida carrying weapon…he is my hero..because at forto his cause was not salary increase ..but, the people & their basic rights….As far as I am concerned..he realized ..he has been advancing banditry thinking serving under Isaias was no Ghedli..he did what Hatsie Tedros of Ethiopia did.He died a HERO.

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear brother Mebrahtu,
      I am sorry but my poem is not going though or it has gone to dust bin. some time awate team just throw it if the feel it is not worth or….i never complain and just continue for the other time. i have been posting always. but don’t worry i doing my best to let everybody see my poems just wait some time.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear brother Mebrahtu,

        i have temporary solution for you to read the poem till better one. http://www.facebook.com/people/Kokhob-Selam/100005317173590


        Hey Brothe Kokhob Selam,

        I read the poem & really touched me..there are good poems & there are that touch you..your´s was the latter ..thank you brother.

        Brotherly love.

  • Debio

    What a shame!
    Eventhough I did not agree to many of the articles which appear in Awate, I still had so much respect for this website. Lately however, that respect has been erroded, as it is turning to be a pure garbage.
    This cannot be anything else than pure hopelessness and frustration. A useless opposition still stuck in the 80ies, and their Idol/Master Ethiopia turning its back on them.


    Well Ali,

    When I comment on your face reality ,I have excuse , being bipolar& grade 4 graduate from Swedish Lutheran mission, What is your excuse ???
    If I were to give a lay man’s analogy of you,it would be as follows,….. If you excisted 2000 yrs ago ,you would be the guy who would reason,….”Why are we crucifying Jesus ,who healed the sick ,made the cripple walk ,and gave sight to the blind….and letting Barnabas the Land grabber ,assassin & robber ..go free in Jesus’s place ???Well you would be a Jew, (I guess)so , Your name would be Alishum Salimuish, not Ali Salim……The crowd would have wanted your head ..for defending..the blasphemous ,fifth column..Jesus ,that blasphemously stated he would destroy the temple & reconstruct it in 3 days.You would be the third guy on the cross ,besides jesus.You make people ,think in a multiple channels as opposed to the single channel ,we Eritreans are accustomed too.That is a no..no..Ali, I mean Alishum
    Next time write generic stuff,like…….that Isaias is a psycho.with no conscience..Eritreans have been fooled ..by this one man..for over 40 years..Although main issue is Awraja & and to some extent ..faith based..challenges & above all land rights …move away from that.You do not see those problems in the 3 awrajas..that means it is a non issue .And do not try to analyze the Forto 21..different from what you hear in the Tigrinya paltalks
    ALI SALIM, be a good Moslem & play dead while others teach you what to say !!!! ዋይ ብሓደ ኣፊቱ ነውሪ እንድዩ ዝወደይ።

  • haile


    Well, here is an article, that expresses an opinion. Some of which funny, some agreeable and others disagreeable. Why do people believe that if this particular writer is muzzled, the Eritrean people will be saved from potential disunity? As long as he meets the posting and editorial guidelines, why would he be banned? Fair enough he thinks his poor Christian brothers and sisters in Eritrea are after his ‘land’ (to grab it or what have you, but that is laughable and nothing more. He thinks, rightly so, the way the so called opposition acts is laughable, agreeable. He thinks everything that ever happened in sleepy Eritrea is done by a Moslem, well heck it is a weekend, he might be on something!


      Respectable Haile ,
      It shows one ,that the so called unity is glued with a weak glue & Halewa Sewra style…force fed unity..people know ,if it is tested it will crummble as the base was built on emotions…Self confident people like you …give their evaluation and ..shrug..without asking Ali’s head on a platter.
      Healthy opinion, according to me.

  • tefay

    I didn’t read the article IN PROTEST OF ALI SALIM but I believe its Salih Abuabker or Salih Abdu Yonus’s little side work. It is just another tactic to get traffic. I thought awate website was more that seeking atttention of the christain Eritreans.I don’t think there is person by that name. Childish and pitty.
    +++ When there is no identity management ther is no acoountability.+++

  • Michael Araya

    ዓሊ ሳልም፤ ከመይ፧ (don’t laugh) 😉

  • Hienok

    What a shame and sick mind of the author. It is bad image for the administrators of the Website as well. Administrators say that they are selective of what they post. If this is posted because it was selected for its content, it is crazy. It looks the author has a bad motive. He is trying to insert hatred amount the people of the Eritrea. The author must be a paid agent by enemies of Eritrea. I recommend the Awate Team to reconsider when posting such cheap article. You need to remove this as it will only hurt your reputation.

    • Abou Yara

      The man is entitled to say whatever feel like ofcurse supported with evidence and you have to argue with him also with evidence but you have no right to critisize awate for what he say . I believe this is the best web that eritreans created so far!

    • jamal

      I don’t see any shame are abuse in the article. It has lots of bare logic. I can not understand why you want awate to stop or censor him. He has the right to say what he feels loud what we failed to say it loud while we have it deep inside. It is the only way forward to reconciliation. Do not blv what most of us eris say about unity or hadE libbi. say it and will reconcile.

  • bn- erytrea

    Ali habibi your stories always are perfect and this one went like a turd in a casserole, however sometimes i don’t understand you may be becuse i am not so much into horror movie as you are.

    still, in this stage and age you managed to make some of us lough that is pure genius and never mind about the humoreless lot. keep writing charlie 🙂

  • hizbawi

    Whatever PIA does and says, it is fully exonerated by YG and Ali Salim. As far as awate-team allowing the article to be posted, well, please stop being hypocrite. You can choose and shoot. The team cannot discriminate ideas and political ideology. So, awate-team, I am very impress for posting everything lately, even the one that is critical of your team. You are growing and maturing, keep it up.

  • Yodita

    Mr. Ali Salim

    You write “… most (if not all – and I say all) those who actually rode a tank and made it all the way to Forto on January 21, 2013 were (guess what – and take a good guess at this one – I don’t want to put words in your mouth) Muslims”

    When you say “and I say all” – do you mean all 100 or 200 of them? To make such a vague assertion at this point in time about a phenomenon as unprecedented as ‘the Forto event’ in the short history of the nation is (please allow me to dare say) reckless!

    You also say “… – and take a good guess at this one – I don’t want to put words in your mouth) Muslims”. I realise that English is not your mother tongue and all the more reason why you should avoid sounding enigmatic. Or is sounding learned more important to you than stating your facts simple and clear? Personally, I found a touch of a cryptic style in your article. With all the figuring out we have to do about such complex PFDJ clutch on things, we can do very well without enigmatic or cryptic communication.

    Finally you say “It is sad and disgusting but it is true.”. After you had us meander on guesses and what not, you conclude it is indeed true that they are all Muslims but that this fact is both SAD and DISGUSTING.

    I am not an Awatist who has a memory of your imprint, but, your article did not tickle me at all. To the contrary, it struck me as, again I will use the same word, reckless.

    • Papillon

      Dearest Yodita,

      I wonder if the reason Awate posted the latest I dare say garbage is the fact that the turn out of articles has been pretty low for the last month or so. It doesn’t need a brainer to see how shallow Ali Salim is where he delves more on religious back ground of the heroes as opposed to on the rare glimpse of hope and watershed. It is perfectly normal for one to step aside if one runs out of constructive ideas where Ali Salim seems to miss the lime light he enjoyed a while back. He needs to be told that, he is getting unbearably boring where his disconnected take on events is not even funny anymore.


      • hizbawi

        Wiqato, what is the difference between Ali Salim and your love, YG?
        what, because YG is christian and Ali Salim is a Muslim? they are all garbage and have no place nor space in new Eritrea; they are both bigots.
        Trust me, Issias is not crazy; after all he knows something. don’t you think? Aye Bia-al Yodita and wiqato. you have a long way to understand what Eritrea is.

    • Yodita


      Are you sure that Isayas is not crazy? I am not. May be you have conveniently avoided reading the following:

      “A few years ago, according to Wikileaks, an American Ambassador to Eritrea described the persona of President Isaias Afewerki as having an exaggerated sense of self-importance and fantasies of unlimited success, as well as behaving contemptuously towards others, believing that others were envious of him, and of Eritrea, and that both he and Eritrea were special and that the normal rules do not apply.”

      This should whet your appetite to dig into Wikileaks and go see for yourself what more has been said about your idol by way of questioning his sanity.

      • hizbawi

        Why are you dodging my inquiry? I asked you and wiqato, why you are outraged by Ali Salim but all dancing up and down with joy with YG? Why can’t you answer me? If there is what I think, which YG is given because he shares your faith, Christian while Ali Salim is some confused Aslamay then, you two are bigots. That is what I am saying. Correcting me if I am wrong on my assumption and explain to me instead of telling me isaaias is my ideal. Well, you don’t know that but thanks to YG and Ali Salim, with each passing day is exonerated. Reading YG and Ali how exactly would argue with Issaias reasoning holding the country hostage? Go figure, Yoditina! HSEBI,Suq Elika Zereba ytrefki.

      • Yodita


        About YG, I wrote in an earlier post that he is unconventional, unrivalled, that he dares us to think and he dares us to utter what we truly think, FREELY, and I also said that through his articles he takes the road less travelled thus shaking us to be more probing and less complacent, etc.

        Just think if we had hundreds of YGs making us tread through varied potential roads, I believe we would be a bit difficult to indoctrinate by one single man whose main and sole purpose is to be the absolute emperor!

        Having said the above, if you are to lump together the unique YG with Mr. Ali Salim (with all due respect), then you and I are at loggerheads.

        I may be proven wrong but there is no heavy-handed and glaring religious, regional or any other divisive formula as a solution to our predicament, as far as YG is concerned.


    With all due respect to the commentators outrage ,the so called polite way has not not moved us an inch, because ..we are like the kid ,who was looking his lost money ..where there was light, where as ..he lost it in the dark ,unlit area…These are the people who would applaud Tesfay Temnewo ..(for rightly so) pointing out ,how Isaias played the Awrajas & how he brought illiterate Deqi ArbeAA & suuroundinmg himswelf by gullible Semenawi Keih Bahri ethnics…to annihuilate Kebessa intellectuals..I also believe that is unspeakable crime..& I detest it..and Tesfay Temnewo ,a fairly close relative of mine..is my new Truthful Hero..but, as much as I can ,I detest double standard..THAT IS WHY MY HEART GOES TO ERITREANS ,NOT TO THE EMOTIONALLY UNVIABLE COUNNTRY CALLED Eritrea !!!


    Respectable Ali Salim,

    Ali Salim ,My hero,not because I necessarily agree on everything you write, but because you do not bend or modify the truth ,but present it the way you see it,with minimal damage to those who instead of change want ,”excellent article”..full of nothingness in real topic..If solution is to come ,it is because of people like you…as opposed to those who want us to consume …”ሳግላ ብላዕ፣ግን ኣይትቕላዕ” crap.
    When our Metahit brothers are deliberately prohibited to come back to their God given land that the blood of their relatives still has been shed ,mutilated ,knifed & stoned ,so not to waste Haile Selassie`s bullets, to write so called “uniting articles”..is like trying to cure cancer with extra strength aspirin.
    But ,wait ,you mentionning one phrase “Land Grabbers”….would raise hell..Some people would like to tell how to mourn ,to a victim of rape..so that not to offend the rapists relatives.
    Well ,I am one relative of the grabbers ..not by principle ,but by blood & I say ..Crime is Crime..no matter who does it.
    I am stll following Tesfay Temnewos interviews…today being the last part ..of the ones posted at you tube..A close relative ,I am proud to associate with.
    People .i am not some bleeding heart liberal ..who wants to appear ,look at this broad minded ,yet nut…fame. I do practice what I believe ,(to the most part ,anyways).
    Eg. When I visited Eritrea in 1993,a visitor came to my sister`s house, an ex Hailesellasie commando who later joined EPLF (of my relative commandos ,the only one who joined EPLF )..reason ,his crimes against our Metahit brothers ,in collaboration with Tor Serawit..was open secret to all Geshnashim ,Dimbezan inhabitants ..also believed to have been documented by ELF..I was the only one aware of this possible crime – rumour, (I guess that is why he joined the “christian” Wudib, as opposed to ELF).When I gave him traditional hug/kiss ,I felt I was hugging Hitler.My disgust was visible. Out of respect ,I was going to stay ..but, I could only see Metahit women..with their ears torn, bleeding..because of people like this relative of mine…although ,yet to be proven & had no evidence to prove..except the word of his ex commandis coleagues, I could not stay ..,I had to leave ,I felt like strangling him..he protested & said it was disrerspect…for me to leave, while he came to visit me !!!..I said ,I wiould come back soon..off course ,i did not …of course ,i am not trying to present myself as if I were ,Abona Idris Awate, or Abona Woldeab Woldemariam. I am insignificant potato..There were many relatives ,”tegadelti”..who would come to my sister`s house..” ወደያይ፣እሞ ሓደ ምዕልትስ ቃኘው ክንወስደካ ከነርእየካ እምበሪ ይብሉኒ ኔሮም፣ግን ኣነ ብግዜ ደርጊ ክኣትዎ ዘይደለኹስ ንምንታይ ብግዜ ዝገደዱ ገበነኛታት ሸፋቱ ክኣትዎ ኢለ ኣይበጻሕኩን።
    Ali Salim ,You made me come out of my hybernation.Remmember,if nobody hates you, YOU DO NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING:
    ጥዕና ንኹላትና
    My respect ,Hmam Lbi /Mehreti Habte

  • selamawi

    I thought common sense had prevailed somehow but here we go again! Regardless of the reckless camp, the Eritrean people know what they want, and have good enough senses to discern who is hurting and who is hitting.
    Men yharm alo? Isaias, Almamin, Mustafa, Abdella, Yemane, Yemane, Zemehert, Ramadan, Ali Abddu (?) Abmintayna yesemannalo? Ab Tabotna, ab ghedamna , ab meneseyatena, abe deqna, ab awalidna, ab weledi, ab kirstyanetna, ab aslamnetna…ab kulu nefsna yesmanna alo. Ali Salim bejaka selam habena!
    May God save Eritrea

    • Selamawi,
      well said.
      But Ali thinks is his holding a very sharp and and dangerous knife he could use to cut and bleed people. He is wrong. Most eritreans are past religious divisions. He mocks the anger of eritreans and the demonstrations. Shame on him. He is answerable for his words. I hope Awate won’t hide him. well, of course, unless he is their pen name!

  • And Ali,
    Go and tickle yourself. This does not tickle eritreans at this moment. You really must be a saddist to think and write this now!

    • Ambesa

      Well it tickled me!!!!

  • Awate team,
    is the purpose of putting this article here to brew and foster division among eritreans as if we do not have enough cracks and divisions which our youth are trying to bridge?
    Awate team, you have been giving us a lot of different impressions about what you stand for in the last two years. You have been doing choose and pick kind of coverage of issues like sinnay tragedy, Ali abdu, Forto 2013 etc. less coverage on eritrean youth and the brave things they do, More on hate and blame articles on ethiopia, articles protecting killers and criminals (dead or alive) etc. what is going on? Are you shifting sides! I am just asking!
    Remember you were the leading eritrean website have the trust of many. Do you think that now when eritreans are bleeding from so many sides adn looking up to you, it is right to put this article on your website.
    Please do not preach us about your policies. This is just common sense. You moderate comments yet you put this here? I hope this website and its owners have not sold their souls to the devil.

  • Mesfun

    Salim or whoever your real name is…

    I thought it was entertaining on the first few paragraphs, but right towards the end your true colors emerged again.
    You do have a lot of good points my fried but I thought after hibernating for quite a while you will drop all the negative sickening thought of religious extremism and come up with re conciliatory ideas.
    I am prescribing a double dose (time out) so your genius mind can be used in a productive way.

  • Are we going to find out one day that Ali Salim is another Hamdan who was once sent by DIA to entrench sectarianism between Eritreans via his Arabi periodical Sawt Eritrea as divide and rule policy of Isias Afwerqi?

  • Yihdega Yihdego


    You’re all over dude. Can’t make head or tail of your blubber. I guess you’re trying hard to remain relevant. You had your half a year long fame a while back and that should boost your troubled ego. Damn.

  • haqi

    why do you allow this ali character on your website? people like ali are dividing our people based on aslmai kistanay halewlow. 60 alata

    we don’t even know all the detail of the incident on jan 21 yet you talking about muslim halewlow. go hide in your cave for another ten years

    • Zegeremo

      The ironic is that those who don’t contribute anything other than posting stupid comments want othe people to be banned. Seriously though! The way it works is if a book is written, right a book; if an article is written, write an article. Period!

      • Zegeremo

        “Right” should be read “write.”

  • T..T.

    If I would go back to EPLF (led by one wedi Kebesa and many Massawis) during the ELF active days, I would remember Bereket Mengisteab calling the EPLF as Taliban Christian and Taliban Aslam. Imagine to describe the EPLF of those days that way still fits the same EPLF of today (many Massawis and one Kebesa) whose main supporters (Arab Gulf countries) have remained unchanged. These two groups are driven by GhizAt Turki culture of Massawa and vocal culture & vocal expression of Kebesa. FYI, these two groups are bound by “your enemies are our enemies.”

    These two groups of the EPLF are bashing and belittling in their approach. We don’t need the most powerful magnifying glass to see and understand their approaches. And, if Isayas raised anti-Aslamai to an unprecedented level, it doesn’t hurt the Massawis and the Arab Gulf states because it is done with their approval. Surprisingly, however, here you come to magnify what Isayas said a thousand times. Yet, surprisingly, it doesn’t affect the pro-Forto change because the Eritrean people know who Isayas is.

  • Amanuel

    Not you again.