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Behind Isaias Afwerki’s Crocodile Tears About Human Trafficking

UNSEMG testimonyEritrea’s self-declared president sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to complain that Eritrea has been the “target of malicious and concerted practices of human trafficking” for the “past ten years or so” and since Eritrea has “statutory obligations as well as universal morale [sic] and humanitarian responsibilities” to put an end to it, he requests that the UN conduct “an independent and transparent”  investigation.  Since Eritreans have been victimized by human traffickers for the “past ten years or so”, why is Isaias Afwerki demanding an investigation now?

There is, from the standpoint of the UN, already “an independent and transparent” investigative body: it is called the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (UNSEMG).  The results of its “independent and transparent” investigations were published in July 2011 and then again in June 2012.  Here are the relevant excerpts (paragraph 77 – 86) from the UNSEMG report* of June 27, 2012:

77. In its July 2011 report, the Monitoring Group described the involvement of senior members of the Eritrean security services, notably General Teklai Kifle “Manjus”, in the trafficking of weapons and people from Eritrea into Egypt (the Sinai) via Sudan, en route to Israel. The trafficking of arms and people is managed by the same networks using the same vehicles, and the same Eritrean officials are implicated.
78. The Monitoring Group has since learned that this activity exists on a much greater scale than previously believed. According to the Population, Immigration and Border Authority of Israel 58,088 asylum seekers entered Israel through the Israel-Egypt border between 2006 and February 2012. Of these, 56.5 per cent (or 32,082) were from Eritrea. Statistics of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) indicate a much higher figure, with 59,969 Eritreans entering Israel via Egypt between 2009 and 2011.
79. The experiences of these asylum seekers are well documented. NGOs in Israel have recorded over 1,300 testimonies from African asylum seekers, more than half of which are from Eritrea.  Of these, 61 referred to Rashaida and Bedouin traffickers by name, often describing the physical and psychological torture they inflicted on their captives.
80. Multiple independent sources in Israel and the Sinai have identified General Teklai Kifle Manjus, and Colonel Fitsum Yishak (see S/2011/433, para. 262 (b)), as well as a string of intermediaries, as being directly responsible for the cross-border smuggling of humans and weapons from Eritrea.
81. A sample of transcripts from interviews with Eritrean migrants is contained in annex 2.2.
82. Trafficking operations begin in western Eritrea, under the auspices of General Manjus. According to a former translator for a smuggling network in the Sinai, weapons for export were organized in 2011 by two military officers under the command of Manjus named Borhame [Berhane] and Yesef Hadegu [Yosief Hadgu]. The former translator stated as follows: “Manjus gets all the money. They don’t get anything. They are in the military so they just do what they are told” (see annex 2.2.).
83. The weapons are generally described as Kalashnikov-pattern assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Many bear the inscriptions of the Eritrean military units to which they previously belonged. The weapons are driven across the border via Teseney to Wadi Sharifay, where they are delivered into the hands of Rashaida trafficking networks at a reported cost of approximately $250 per rifle. They are sold in Egypt to Palestinian brokers at a much higher price.

84. From Sudan, Rashaida smugglers sell space on trucks to Eritrean migrants for an average fee of $3,000. They have also been known to abduct refugees from camps in eastern Sudan. The trucks are loaded with weapons and ammunition, and the passengers and their goods ride on top to conceal the cargo.
85. To transit Egypt, Rashaida smugglers hand the migrants over to Bedouin traffickers. However, instead of delivering the passengers to their destination, the traffickers routinely hold their passengers captive and demand exorbitant ransoms from their families for their release — typically between $30,000 and $50,000. If ransom is not paid, hostages may find themselves brutally tortured or killed. Some Bedouin smugglers have told their captives that they will remove and sell their vital organs if payment is not forthcoming.
86. One prominent Sinai-based trafficker, known as Abu Ahmed, reportedly used to take delivery of at least 1,200 small arms per month, as well as large quantities of ammunition. The value of this trade to General Manjus’s network would therefore be worth a minimum of $300,000 per month or $3.6 million per year for weapons alone, excluding ammunition.

So, the question is: why is Isaias Afwerki protesting now and pretending to have an interest in the lives of Eritreans when he has never filed a protest for the last ten years against the countries–Sudan and Egypt–whose citizens are facilitating it? Why is he shedding crocodile tears when he has repeatedly indicated that he doesn’t care that Eritreans are leaving their country at the rate of 400 a week?

The most likely answer can be found in the itinerary of the Monitoring Group. It is in New York, briefing the Security Council.    If past history is a guide, it has found that the human trafficking network is more wide-spread and the Eritrean regime’s involvement is deeper than indicated in its previous reports.   These crocodile tears, then, are an effort to pre-empt a damning report by casting doubts on the integrity and impartiality of the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea.  It is an effort by Isaias Afwerki to split the Security Council and appeal directly to China and Russia who have a weakness for tyrant’s pulling their anti-Western strings.

It should be noted here that this is not a case of the UN vs Eritrea.  It is not even a case of the UN vs Isaias Afwerki.  It is the testimony of Eritrean victims of human trafficking in Israel vs the random letter of Isaias Afwerki.    It is Eritrean victims vs Isaias Afwerki.  And, between those two choices, we know who is more credible–and it is NEVER Isaias Afwerki.

* You can read the entire report here

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  • phil

    I disagree with the Eritrean government, but I highly doubt it is a systemic issue. There are those who smuggle drugs and are in the US military on the border, is it fair to label the U.S government as smugglers? No look deeper into the issue and why people do it

  • ruth

    the President said it 10 years ago and he is saying it again this time with ample evidence.The visite of Sudan president Beshir to Eritrea has to do with this evidence.

  • letter to our (respected) president :

    yes we support your request for transpernt invistigation but first we ask you to do even untransparent invistigation of these few issues
    1: night kidnapping to thousands of religious leaders ,(muslims & christians)
    2- Prisoners of Conscience, 3
    3- civil service ppl ,
    4- and your yesterfreind G15 where about and wrongdoing also your party officials and so so on ,
    5 and also do invistigate ( untransperant ) the death(killing) of many many millitary youth (not in war time)
    6- also don;t forget to invistigate of the dirty business run by your Army generals & colonels in Gash Barka (taking out farms under threat and by govermentks orders and invest it for their own by using the millitary youth as free of charge labour) please this is some of the things you better start invistigating to get people stand your side when you are demanding this kind of invistigation from the UN , after all your demand is our demand but we know its right demand but viod intention..

  • Asli

    Shame to you Alem Goitom Meskerem.net, Meskerem tries to defend DIA the call for investigation to UN Secretary Bankimoon. Alem Goitom son of Brg. General Goitom Harogot trying to advocate the DIA by saying late better than never for the sake of those suffering under the hand of the kidnappers and with out shame adding future victim. Son of the General, what a shame to wishing to prolong DIA in position and emigration to continue as it is? Why don’t you propose lasting solution rather waste your precious time as a beneficiary. History will judge you tomorrow.
    Moreover, he added, those who overcame the pain and suffering and made it to the west and are now well protected and well feed don’t have any right to negatively comment on President Afeworki’s letter to the UN regarding. Who will then comment on DIA other than dedicated Eritreans? Your neglected web or Demhit. People are sick of you, you are not sincerest.

    • What is ISAIAS LAW? Is Justice or Injustice

      Twenty-three centuries ago, Aristotle spoke of the reality of such an inward law, others have called it “natural law,” The CONSCIENCE “sense of right and wrong,” Political loyalty, military obedience are excellent things, but there comes a point where a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his conscience.” Many supporters of ISAIAS Wadi Madihin Barad discredit the existence of his Injustice to our people, by arguing that Wadi Madin BARAD by nature is not murderous, Wadi Madihin group are incredible people no greed, no selfishness. They don’t know about killing, murder, war! Human trafficker, we never heard of them. But the Evidence to the contrary has recently come to light. What happen to Forto Wadi Ali, what UNSC saying about Eritrea, and what the president of USA saying about human traffickers in Eritrea? wadi madihin barad Group for the most part, of these leaders will deny responsibility for such acts, such as murder rapist human trafficking…saying that they were merely obeying ISAIAS LAW and their Governmental superiors.
      Murder is universally regarded as a crime, and if the murderer is caught and brought to justice the penalty is usually death. Incest regulations are universal and Wadi Madihin KNOWS THAT. We keep saying for the last forty years Wadi Madini BARAD is Murderer he have to be caught and brought to justice. But what about the many GENERALS Security officers’ murderers, rapists, and human trafficker’s sadists persons who seem to have no conscience at all obeying ISAIAS order.
      In 2013 We ERTIREANS almost all admit the existence of Injustice in our country. We keep telling them when these measures of terror and violence against Eritrean people were put up to them in near future in Democratic Eritrea Court, they will feel shame, guilt they will suffer a nervous breakdown, then will be too late. And I am sure they will be sentence to death for their crimes. Again, I will assure that ERITREA PEOPLE will not forever tolerate the gross injustices and wickedness that exist today in Eritrea.
      Eritrean Refugee

  • What is the aim of media? Are you computing to each other. Please don’t waste your time.

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  • haile


    Here is a question:

    Was the events that transpired on Jan. 21, 2013 in Asmara, of any value (or negative) to the opposition movement? Why?

    My take is that it is a bit of both. Mostly on the negative. It has shown that the opposition lacks even the basic tools to broadcast information, it is unruly, it is totally disjointed and most seriously, it is incapable of garnering broad support from the people. The embassy saga were embarassing to say the least, and amaturish at best. News reporting was comical, with all the contradictions and ASSENNA/AWATE both knocked out of service.

    The Eritrean public seem to be reeling back from the ordeal and slowly trickling back to the old ways of cyber squabbles.

    What is your view…

    • Papillon

      You can’t possibly be serious. Either you’re confused or you’re trembling the fact that the numbers of the dictator are dwindling. I often wonder if you’re one and the same with another confused and good for nothing guy Habtom Yohannes. Pathetic.

      • sara

        sister arwe
        you better keep your comments clean and civil, otherwise you will take us beck were we were last year. if you don’t like people calling you names don’t do it yourself, why bring here the name of a person who has left this forum long ago.

      • hizbawi

        another confused and good for nothing guy Habtom Yohannes. Pathetic.

      • haile


        The short answer is I am not. Besides, how does that answer the Qn. Let’s loosen up a bit, will you? Why so uptight about it?

  • Papillon

    I am still laughing. Shabait just released a “statement” pertaining the January 21 incident. It is a five liner statement where Isaias practically said “don’t worry be happy” of course to his zombies. I ain’t kidding. I am sure stand-up-comedy as a career would have been a plan B for Isaias had he failed to make it to dictatorship. Just before he left for mieda Eritrea, he is reputed to have said to his “friends” that, he was going to mieda Eritrea on a “dictatorship” as in one joins higher-learning on a scholarship.

  • Tesfa

    Isn’t that setting up a trap for himself?
    If he willing to cooperate he has to answer a lot
    of questions: and that, what he refused to do previously.
    Nobody is left in Eritrea to get angry at such insolence?

  • Tamrat Tamrat

    African dictators wont be removed without the west involving for their own interest based on last experience. Isayas may have little chalenge from inside but the Foreign power has done their plan and have started excuting them. But what is Eritrea has to pay when isayas is removed? Liberated like Rwanda and having a leader installed by the west or non stop civil war in Somalia if the west and the arab couldnt get a Swift victory on isayas? There is nothing free what so ever.

    As an Ethiopian i support the west install their right hand and as a rational person Rwanda is doing better than Somalia.

    I appreciate the boldness of the disidents military of january 21st. In Ethiopia long long time ago the revolution started by taxi drivers. Now in Eritrea started With these Young soldiers.

    • UN_Please_stop_slautering victims of Sinai

      We will wait and see until the show is over. I am also the opinion you posted above,Tamrat. People, don’t be fool, everything will be shaped according to the plans and wishes of the west – NWO, Globalization,…etc. Whether it handels on Legesse’s elimination or the unconceivable slaughter in Sinai, they have their reasons.

      Tomorrow the west will tell you your enemy DIA has done this and that crimes, we have now rescued you, suppressed people of Eritrea or Africa! Long live ‘Sanday’ Frazer & Co (CIA/MOSAD)!

      As the medias make now adays the global politics, don’t believe that your efforts are that may bring changes in Eritrea! What do you think who protects DIA? The interests of the West in Africa will be accomplished only with the presence of DIA at the cost of the mass – Zionism/Semitism Greets, Abay/great Israel! The irrationality has its own rules.

      Yerhwo only Amlak!!!


    well done WATE team. keep up the good work and expose this eritrean blood thirsty..monster..DIA.

  • yean

    Upsss, mr president what hapen ? The lion of Nakfa, is turning to chameleon.

    Under intensive torture, one is stupid if he don’t admit (even tho he didn’t do the crime) just for half seconds to grasp a deep breath.

    The helter-skelter is just at the begin ! you can turn left,turn right eventually you wil reach end of the road.
    The funy thing even your dogs start to change there color.

    Sir. did you say a moral obligation on your letter…? hmmmm….

    May brother is
    may maker…..your hands off pls.

  • bb

    Yeah it is TRUE. I was in Adreser prison camp in 2008-2009.

    we were under General Manjus And we moved different arms to Sudan that belongs to FLSTEM *Yasir arafat soldiers.

    I was involved in that bad work.

    I am now in free country thanks God

    • haile


      Yasir Arafat died on 11 November 2004. And here you were delivering arms to his soldiers that he presumably run from beyond the grave??? Again, from your prison confinment you can tell who was runing the alledged operation, where the arms were destined and who they belonged to??? Were you a prisner or head of the prison??? You see, your type of false testimonies and claims is what has stalled the opposition as a whole and appears to have discredited it among the populace. If your intention is to harm the opposition by appearing damb and insulting other’s inteligece that is another matter.

  • omhagir

    the fact that youth fled eritrea it was news to Iseyas, notably he said that the national football team absconding in kenya was news to him and he didn’t care about it… now he is asking investigation? wedi medhin berad time is over for him, he is trying to buy time as his regime is quickly crumbling

  • kemal

    Well said awate team, it is a crystal clear and to the point for those who seek justice but do not care about the blind supporters of the regime under the pretext of many reasons. Which some know the truth but prefer to shut up, some forced to do so, some simply act a double standard and worst of all an opportunistic motives. But the public knows what is going on and no doubt sooner or later justice will be done. Thank you and keep the good work.

  • Kokhob Selam

    ……..ውሕጅ ይወሲድክን…….
    ስጋ ሰብ በሊዕክን ከም ዝበኢ ከም ቶኽላ:
    ገሊኡን ከም ጥብሲ ገሊኡን ከም ዝሕላ:
    ምስተፈልጠ ጉድክን ኣብ ዓለም ብኹላ:
    እንታይ ወሪድክን ተኸቲርና ትብላ?

    ብስራሕክን ተማሪሩ ሃገር ዝሰገረ:
    መዓንጥኡ ሓሪሩ ናብ ሰደት ዝበረረ:
    እንታይ እዩ ሚስጥሩ ዳግማይ ዝተኸትረ:
    ዝኸፈለ ዶላሩ ኩሊቲ ዝተመትረ?::

    ኢልና ዘይሓተትና ዶ ኾን መሲልክን:
    ኣብ ውሻጠኽን ኣቲና ከምዘይ ኣጽናዕክን:
    ኣይንገድፈክንን ኢና ዋዛ ከይመስልክን:
    ቃል ኣቲና ኢና ክትረኽባ ፍርድኽን::

    “ዝኣኽለን ጥሒነን ባዕለ ማርያም ይብላ”:
    ከም‘ዛ ዘይነብረክን ሕጂ ዋይ ዋይ ትብላ:
    ሶኒ ዶ ኾን ጉድ ገይራ ርእስኽን ኣጸሊላ:
    ወረ ገና ዓርቢ’ ው ን ግደኣ ትጽበ እያ ዘላ::
    ናይ ሎም ሶኒ ሲ ጉድ እያ ገይራትክን:
    ናይ ሎሚ ሜላ ሲ ነይቀወደትክን:
    ኣቲኽን ኣብ ጋህሲ ከይተፈልጠክን:
    ከም ቀደም ይመሲልክን ውሕጅ ይወስደክን::

  • Kokhob Selam

    Awate you are really the children of Awate. long back you have been telling the secretes of DIA.

    enjoy my old poem.

    …..ድሓን ኩኒ ግምባር…..
    ደጊም የለን ሓፋሽ ምድንጋር፡
    ብድልየት ህዝቢ ምጭዳር፡
    ብሽም ነጻነት ምዕግርጋር፡
    ኣይፋል ንዝበለ መእሳር፡
    ኣጸናጺንካ ምጭዋይ ምኽታር፡
    ነገር መድላይ ዶብ ምስጋር
    ኣብ እንዳማትካ እድካ ምንባር።
    ዘመን ተወዲኡ ደጊም፡
    ክንደይ ኣሎ መዕዝምዛም፡
    ሰብ ምትላልኪ እዩ ዘስደምም፡
    እቲ ጻዕዳ ቅኑዕ ብኣኺ ክጽልም ፡
    እቲ ዓሻ ኣድናቂኺ ክጠልም፡
    እቲ ለባም ብሓው ክሓምም፡
    ኣየ’ወ ሃሊፉ እቲ ክሉ ሃተምተም፡
    ከንደይ ዘይተባህለ ጨረምርም።
    ጃህራ ጉራ ‘ቲ ኩሉ ፈራዕራዕ፡
    ኣየ’ወ ቲ ኩሉ ምሰዕሳዕ
    ኣነ እናበልካ ቦጣዕጣዕ፡
    መጋድልትኻ ምውንጃል ምኽዳዕ፡
    ኪዲ ደኣ ይበልኪ ጸላዕላዕ፡
    ቀታሊ ኣእዳውኪ ይመናዕ፡፡
    ትዝ ይብለኒ እቲ እቲ ሽጣራኺ፡
    ነቲ ኣንብሳ ክትጨዊ እንከለኺ፡
    ተስፋ ኣልቦ ክትገብሪዮ እንከለኺ፡
    ክትክእልሉ ምህራም ዓላማኺ፡
    ኣየ’ወ እቲ ክእለትኪ ጉርሒኺ
    ንጽቡቕ ክንደይ ምስ ኣፍረኺ፡
    ገበነኛ ይፍረድ ጎይታኺ
    ተቃሪቡ ደጊም መወዳእታ ዛንታኺ፡
    Kokhob Selam

  • yosef

    our evil dictator has to go. so that finally after half a century of hardship we can rest. no more war, no more running.
    may god help us win our freedom

  • rodab

    The UN can beat PIA at his own game with little bluffing. All the UN has to do is agree to his demand for indpendent investigation, then make Visa requests for personnel to start investigation at Sawa and other suspected sites in Eritrea. That will do the trick.

  • Robel

    Very smart analysis. I totally agree with this analysis. Awate staff have mastered reading the feeble mind of DIA. What is so astonishing is that how could the Eritrean mass get screwed by such easily predictable and worthless mind of DIA and his cronies.

    • An Exploding Time Bomb, To Isaiah Group and Eritrea
      ISAIAS Wadi Madihin Bardi is fully set to do evil. I can’t understand what caused him to react in hard stubbornness and anger? To arrest IBERHIM TOTEL decision was the wrong one, ISAIAS is taken the wrong course, and this is a great sign of his sudden destruction. I believe NOW ISAIA is in crucial latter days. Why does this crisis concern me as an Eritrean, because the ERITREAN POLITICAL STRUCTURE NOW has already passed its point of crisis?
      Eritrean Refugee

  • Amanuel

    Very well said Awate Team. One only needs to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0uQwODNkTA and compare it with the letter to reach at the crocodile tear conclusion.


    • Kokhob Selam

      and look at the man full of wisdom. may good keep him in higher paradise, amen. it is not how much you live it is how much good you do. as human he might have done mistakes but if those in pfdj stay another thousand years the will not do what he has done for his country. Meles,

  • T.T.

    I am surprised to hear from a friend that Alem Goitom of Meskerem.net was calling his close friends, asking them for a protest turnout against tomorrow’s anti-Isayas demonstration by the opposition in support of Jan-21 movement in downtown Washington DC. Well, it sounds like he is trying to become Isayas’s main mouthpiece. Already his Meskerem.net is engaged in casting nets to catch the strong swimming fish of the opposition by providing names of those active opposition members to the hooligans of Isayas.

    • Tamrat Tamrat

      There are many like mesekre.net who come up With their cv that they were fightign against pfdj when isayas is removed. Off course the tittel of the websight of meskerem is opposition. I wish all People are dumb like them and blames his or her creator.

  • Rezene

    Why do you keep on mentioning Rashaida when you discuss the problem of the refugees in the Sudan? While it is an open secret that some highlanders are also evolved in this criminal activity, you or the others like you have not uttered a word about their ethnicity? There is a double standard here and it’s unfair.

    • awatestaff

      Dear Rezene:

      We absolutely agree with your statement that it is wrong to defame an entire group, in this case Rashaida, for the crimes committed by individuals who happen to be Rashaida. But please note that, in this case, we were quoting the UN’s Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea who, in turn, was quoting the testimony of Eritreans brutalized in Sinai.

      awate staff

  • Haki

    Monitoring group said there were 2000 eritrean soldiers in somalia. are we supposed to believe their report?

    • sheger

      marikhnayom ata…… abzhi eyom zelewu

    • ahmed

      Of course, I do, because I know that three of my coworkers, from the Ministry of Information (inda zena) were captured in Somalia. Do you know how they travelled to somalia? Who travelled with them? Dont be surprized. There were also many Eritrean soldiers who went to somalia forcibly. The Eritrean government didnt bother to bring them back after the war. Only the generals and colonels were managed to come back to Eritrea through Kenya.

  • A Iyasu

    Isais Afewerki: Your Ten Weaknesses

    1. You do not listen to those you lead. Your mind is already made up and you just charge ahead causing misery, suffering and death.
    2. You just rule by discouraging, belittling, coercing and bulling others. Always on the lookout to find fault in your stooges so that you keep them on the check to do your evil plans even against their conscience.
    3. You ask others verbally to do the dirty works for you with no trace of paper works. You don’t have the courage to be ruled by the law.
    4. You think you know it all and behave as if you already have the answers.
    5. You are consciously blind to the current situation and trying to solve the wrong problems in the wrong way
    6. You are overcome by greed of power and you could not make a courageous decision to hand power to its rightful owners….the PEOPLE of ERITREA.
    7. You prefer to keep things as they are, still following the well-worn path, even if the system is not working at all.
    8. You keep your inner circle in their place and constantly remind them who the boss is….through the threat of ‘freezing’, bulling, imprisonment, and murder.
    9. You are motivated by force. You cajole, intimidate, threaten and issue ultimatums to those who side with the PEOPLE or show sympathy to the PEOPLE.
    10. You have always been sabotaging the successes of others and you would not like to see anyone in ERITREA shinning …as you feel…. THREATENED. You would not like to see in your lifetime anyone to be considered by the PEOPLE as an alternative to your rule.

    Dear President Isais Afewerki

    Please ask this question. Why was King David known to be “a man after God’s own heart?”

    The Strength of a Good Leader is in the quality of his/her heart that:-
    1. Fears God and delights in him
    2. Longs for wisdom and counsel
    3. Does justice
    4. Loves kindness
    5. Respects human freedom
    6. Stands for human dignity
    7. Thrives to improve human well being
    8. Understands human limitations
    9. Lives and let’s live in peace
    10. Acknowledges once shortcomings and accounts for its actions or lack of it. And disdains pride and arrogance

    • Yerhwo Amlak

      The devil knows what he is doing – vanishing first all Eritreans and then Eritrea as Haile Sellassie dreamed of. At last handing over Eritrea most probably to the Jewish Empire, Israel, who is dreaming to recover the territories that belonged to their forfathers 3000 years ago. He has [as an atheist] nothing from faith or God!

  • yohannes

    monitoring group transparent and independent investigative body, are you kidding, untill now we didnt see any proof,even its proven wrong, every thing said about eritrea that put the country on sunction, its just no proof, may be they select some people like you guys for interview, and they present it like proof,the truth will come on time,all this groups calling them selves opposition groups,stationed in ethiopia specially around eritrea ethiopia border,they are the main human trafickers, time will come ,you cant live forever hidding behind usa and ethiopia

    • Yerhwo Amlak

      You as unbelievable person must see first your near relatives, better your son/daughter, slaughtered to realize how hard the situation now in Sinai is, especially from the stand of the concerned nationals. Pissing as a paper tiger is unhuman – YES we the concerned are Verrrrrrry sad because of intriges and plans designed by his colleagues, the CIA/UN workers. We never believe the seriousity of the formal letter of DIA to UN-Devils, who work hand in hand.

  • Zoo

    It sensible ..isn’t it? independent investigation about trafficking. What is wrong with this? can you come with something news/editorial worthwile. Or you have to oppose for the sake of it

    • awatestaff


      Of course we support independent investigations. Independent investigations for all Eritreans in prison without a day in court. Independent investigation about all the crimes we are alleging about Isaias Afwerki, too.

      The UN considers the body it created, funded, and defined its mission–the Monitoring Group–as an impartial investigative body. It is only Isaias who is claiming it is not impartial–only because it found him guilty. So you can believe that Isaias is right, or you can believe that the rest of the world–the entire UN infrastructure including the Sanction Committee–is right. Don’t wait for the truth to come out, it has already come out and spanked Isaias where the sun doesn’t shine.


  • Papillon

    Dear Awate Team,

    Could the letter be seen in light of the January 21 incident? To be more precise, could he be under duress to show some sort of sympathy to the agony of the Eritrean youth as per the demand of the defence forces (read: rebels)? Just curious.

    • Dear Papillon,

      Of course it is. No question the Eritrean people in general and EDF in particular,either directly or indirectly, have exerted pressure to the regime.Sooner or later we will learn about it.

    • awatestaff

      Hi Papillon:

      To the extent he does that, it is probably to change the subject. The followers of the cult always need “talking points”–they were miming “investment in Eritrea” until the Forto liberators showed how absurd that idea was. So now all the cult followers who were looking for their mekhete marching orders will be talking about the letter.

      But the letter is an attempt to dissuade the Security Council from extending the mandate of the Monitoring Group. As we said, it is an attempt to show the Monitoring Group as agents of the US, which to this date, finds resonance in the ears of Russia and China. But because Isaias Afwerki is so obnoxious, he hasn’t been able to persuade even China and Russia to exercise their veto or to even vote against it.