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BAEDC Hosting Elsa Chyrum…

Bay Area Eritreans for Democratic Change is hosting Elsa Chyrum pf Human Rights Concern – Eritrea on April 19, 2014 at 2 PM in Oakland, California. She will talk about “Global Crisis of Eritrean Refugees and Assylum Seekers.”


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  • Dawit

    Elsa Chirum is judged not by how much money she has but by what ( and how much ) she did for Eritreans. So far, she has done more than many of us including you. She is a woman who talks the talk , and walks the walk. She practices what she preaches.

  • Yodita

    “Your jaw will drop….”

    You profess to know so how about telling us? You may also reveal your sources while at it. In today’s relatively transparent world, one who assesses Ms. Elsa Chirum the way you do is extreemly exposed in being squarely in the wrong side of history, not to mention fairness and justice. Mskinay!!

  • SA


    Why do not you first go and ask your PFDJ what their capital is? How much money do PFDJ officials have in the bank at the expense of the Eritrean people? And thanks for letting us know that Elsa Chyrum has a lucrative business in human trafficking.


  • Araya

    I want someone to ask Elsa Churum what her capital is? you need transparency, right? then ask her. how much money does Elsa Churum has in the bank at the expense of Eritrean refugee.
    I see Sal and Sal are attending whatever the gathering is, so, i need someone to ask this lady about her financial windfall, thanks to Eritrean refugee. Your jaw will drop to the ground if you knew how much money this woman have.
    Sal, go A- head ask her.

  • haile

    Selamat Awatista

    Along the lines of the HR context in this section, please look at the following lead image from a news via Shabait. These are said to be “inhabitants” of Mensura mobilizing “financial” and “labor” resources to build a micro-dam. One would expect a poor community like that being granted “labor” and “financing” for a project like that instead. But the oddity doesn’t stop there. The picture shows virtually no “tools” in sight, not even a broom (meKoster). There are two well dressed men standing on both sides of the dug out earth and the “inhabitants” of Mensura are inside it. Reminiscent of the plantation bosses of slave fields. A man in a short sleeved white shirt is seen raising his arms above his head, but where is his tool? The women in the picture seem to be carrying a generous sized shopping bags. Is that used to transport the dirt away from the site of construction? But where is the pile of earth? And how did scoop out the dirt in the first place? Why is a YPFDJ look alike youth (wearing a pink polo shirt and below the knee shorts) standing while old ladies are making their “labor” resources available? Pictures tell a million stories, what is your take…

    • Selam

      I see hard working people taking charge of their nation’s, communities development. Stop making something out of nothing. Once again, Eritrea needs less talk and more action from its citizens.

  • Eyob Medhane


    Please comment on this or just send a correction to press TV. If there is no mistake on behalf of press TV, well this would be the most interesting news of the year of 2014… (Well I know that’s not true, because I know Ali Abdu’s grouchy voice very well.. 🙂

    (Forward the video to 5:11)

    • Aman

      Lol…Where is that rat nowadays? He should be flushed out of his hole to face justice.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Ahat Papi and Yodita,
    Welcome back!
    You are the lively flowers of this forum in all aspects. Don’t come and go like the seasonal flowers. We need you to be the power of knowledge and an exemplary to the rest Eritrean women, to follow your footstep. Stick with us please.

    • Papillonn

      Dearest Aman,

      Many thanks for the warm welcome. I miss Awate. I miss all of you. It is great to be back. Often times, the highway of life gets congested and time gets stretched as well (hope you’re not going to pull Relativity on me) and we fail to make a time for Awate. Hope the latter will forgive us.


      • Semere Andom

        Hi papillom:

        Welcome back. And Yodita too, whether this is new Yodita or the veteran, we need more of you ladies.

        Hayat was lonely here

        Papillon, I like your poems for Elsa,here is how I describe her;

        ጽሓይና ብምዕራብ በሪቃ

        ብምብራቅ ምስ ዓረበት

        እቲ ጽልግልግ ምስ ኮን ደልሃመት

        ንሞት ክንስዕር ምስ ሞትና

        ንጥመት ክንስዕር ምስ ጠመና

        ካብ ሰማይ ወረደት ክም ማና

        ሰናይ ግብራ መሰረት አግእዞ

        ነተን ወሊዳን ዝመኸና ምስተርሆ

        ህያው እምነት ንለይትይ ዎጋሕታ ክም ዝኽተሎ

        ሓቂ ተዛሪባ ክምቲ ፍረ ክርሳ

        ወላ እንተኾነ ሰፍ ዓስባ

        እቲ አረመን ሃጽ ምስ በለ ንዓራርቦ

        ሽዑ እዩ ኽጽወ እቲ ሓቦ


        • Papillonn

          Semere hawey,

          That is such a beautiful poem. Hope Elsa is reading them. She is an amazing person. She inspires us. She refuses to see children of Eritrea be raised by a cruel world. Elsa is a fearless vigilant always on a look out lest the children of Eritrea are engulfed by the waves and swallowed by the sands. All the power to her.

          • Adiam

            [Moderator: Adiam, Aman, Mokenen, Eyob, Salem, Elsa, Suzie, Awet, Mohammed, Mr. Abdu, EyobD, Truth, Bob, Daniel, Biniam…. twelve nicks in 30 minutes and fifteeen in two weeks! Read our posting guidelines before you post anything. Being honest is the cornerstone of this forum. All your messages were deleted because they didn’t pass the honesty check]

    • Yodita

      Amanuel Hidrat and Rodab

      Your kind words are much appreciated! Personally, I get humbled by the meaningful contributions made by the likes of Hayat Adem and choose to take an observer’s seat, a learning post. Papi’s pen should continue to flow however. She has the baggage and is as quick as lightening. I miss her presence in the debate.

    • Hayat Adem

      Nothing makes a home lovelier than rediscovering the warmth two returning sisters from a field. Welcome!

      • Papillonn

        Thank you Hayat haftey. Your debating skills are remarkable as they are marinated with facts only facts. Please keep them coming.

        • Peace!

          Marinated with facts? Lol since when recycling YGs endless shenkolel become a fact?? Really?

        • .

          Welcome back Papillon. Hmmm, are you sure that Hayat Adem “Marinates” her comments “with facts only facts”. Not a good comment for readers much less for Hayat unless otherwise you are trying to make Hayat feel a warm and fuzzy feeling or lift her spirit by using a flawed generalization?

  • Yodita

    Dear Papillonn

    “Referring to Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion once said, “There is only
    one man in my cabinet.”

    Golda Meir was born in 1898!!! Ben Gurion saying that has a crucial
    meaning because of the times. We are now in 2014 for God’s sake and we
    have regions (e.g. Nordic countries) being effectively governed and managed by
    circa 50% of women legislators and managers, who are glaringly demonstrating
    that the gender issue is a MAN-made tool that has served men to play
    gods. Why you continue to echo this unjust phenomena repeatedly baffles

    Personally, I believe the male kingdom (more than the female kind) has
    contributed to the wars and inequities we live in and that women because of
    their innate nurturing nature are best suited to play in the government and
    management of societies. You seem to equate bullisim and sheer physical
    force of men with strength and the nurturing and giving nature of women with
    weakness. Think again because the reverse is true.

    I am not saying this out of the blue, you are quoting Ben Gurion for the second
    time and your ‘Komshti sebeiti’ stand was an issue we did not see eye to eye
    about. For a young and brilliant woman like you, this antiquated
    belief is indeed baffling.

    It is really good to see you back in Awate though.

    • Rodab

      Are you the original Yoditta? If so, welcome back.
      I hope you will continue to enlighten us on a regular basis.
      I also hope Papi sticks around too.

    • Papillonn

      Dearest Yodita haftey,

      I join Rodab to welcome you back to the Awate Kingdom but of course those who do moonlighing in investigative reports will have a field day saying that you and I are indeed one and the same person simply because we seem to appear and disappear with in the same times.

      Suppose I quote Attila’s famous dictum, “Sacrifice is the passion of all great men”, would that make me stand in the “ism” world of gender equality to defend myself? I think not, simply because, Attila’s reflection ought to be seen with in the social realities of its times. By the same token, when Ben Gurion elevated Golda Meir to the highest position in his cabinet, he wasn’t driven by his gender equality disposition rather because of her steeled character and fearless nature as well. The question however still remains: Are the unique and historical threads relevant in present day world? They are–because of fearless women such as Elsa Chirum for they are ስረ ዝተዓጥቃ ኣንስቲ as opposed to ቆምሽጢ ዝተኸድኑ “ኣሰብኡት”.

      • Ermias

        Hi Papillon, I am a self-proclaimed resident personality investigator here. Yes of course my eye brows have been raised. But you and Yodita pass my ‘double dipping screening test’ already because no matter what, you are on the right side of history when it comes to PFDJ. That is an automatic waiver from further investigation.

        • Papillonn

          Dear Ermias,

          You’re sharp and witty with an impressive command of the English language (no patronizing intended). When I said things about the self appointed Inspector Clouseou, you were hardly in my mind. Again, thanks for the funny remarks.


          • Ermias

            Thank you papillon, that’s flattering to me. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I particularly like the fact that you are extremely well read on Anglo Saxon literature and how you intertwine it with our current state of affairs. It sheds lots of light.

  • haile

    Hey Papillion,

    Let me do favor to this beautiful poem you posted. The fact that it was written in one line without punctuation in your post may not do it justice 🙂

    ኤልሳ ሓፍተይ

    ኣምበሲት ገዛና
    ነብሪ ህድሞና
    ኣኽሊል ርእስና
    ባና ጎቦና
    ብኣኺ ኮሪዓ ኤረ-ኤረና


    • Papillonn


      Thank you hawey. You’re the best.

      • Rodab

        Selam Papillonn,
        Let me slightly modify Hailat’s modification:
        ኤልሳ ሓፍተይ
        ኣምበሲት ገዛና … ነብሪ ህድሞና
        ኣኽሊል ርእስና … ባና ጎቦና
        ብኣኺ ኮሪዓ ኤረ-ኤረና

        • Papillonn

          Dear Rodab,

          That is even better. Thanks much. Hope Wedi T’quabo takes a note of it and turn it in to a lyric.


          • Rodab

            I hope Hailat is not reading you saying it’s better now. He will make it one sentence (back to square one) trying to make it even better 🙂

          • haile

            Thanks Papillion…

            እዋይ ናይ ሮዳብ ግን ዝገርም እዩ… ካን let me slightly modify ምልክት ወዘተረፈ ትንኩዕኳዕ ፈይ ኣቢልካ’ስ ዕዝር! ኣሰንበድካኒ’ካ ጋኔን ዓድና የሰንብድካ ፡-) (just kidding, good job bro, didn’t think of that)

          • Saleh Johar

            Haile or anyone else, what app do you suggest for reading Geez fonts (iPod)?

          • haile

            Hey Sal, check this out


            hope it is what you mean 🙂

          • Rodab

            Try Puffin…
            You owe me one.

  • Papillonn

    ኤልሳ ሓፍተይ ኣምበሲት ገዛና ነብሪ ህድሞና ኣኽሊል ርእስና ባና ጎቦና ብኣኺ ኮሪዓ ኤረ-ኤረና. Referring to Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion once said, “There is only one man in my cabinet.”