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Awate 7.0: Status Update

Dear Awatistas:

First of all, Awatista is a knock-off of Sandanista. We are not lefties, but we are revolutionaries, thus the Awatista. If you consider yourself a revolutionary, someone who wants to change the world for the better, you may not agree with us on anything else, you are an awatista. Well, you must believe in the cause of Hamed Idris Awate: FREEDOM.

Now, then, we are talking about awate 7.0. Why 7.0? Because it is the 7th version of awate.com since we founded the website in 2000.  No, it is not true, we did not copy Google, Microsoft and Apple and have a secret name (Gaba, Akat, Nyala) for this latest revision. That was the proposal of our developer and he is a born trouble-maker. And exceptionally talented: and when we think of how GOOD and TALENTED he is, and how he could have been snuffed by the Isaias regime in 2001, we hate the Isaias Afwerki regime even more for all the Eritrean talent it has wasted. Yes, whether it is version 1.0 or 7.0 or 17.0 that won’t change: WE HATE THE ISAIAS AFWERKI REGIME AND WE WON’T SLEEP UNTIL IT IS UPROOTED AND JOINS THE DUST BIN OF HAILE SELASSE AND MENGISTU HAILE MARIAM. Are we yelling?  No apologies.

No, we are not anywhere near ready but we want to pressure ourselves, and we want you to pressure us, to be ready by the first week of 2014.

Here’s our vision:

1. An independently published section for our regular writers (at least an article a month) with a section page that describes the author.  We call it articles, you call it blogs.  Tomatoes, tomatoes; potatoes, potatoes.

2. An improved discussion forum with more pizzazz (you will definitely like this.  Oh, yes you will.)

3. A Tigrinya and Arabic section that will run parallel to the English format–all posting guidelines for the English section apply to the two sections. The continuation and maintenance of the two pages depends on the willingness and availability of dedicated writers and volunteer editors.

4. Cartoon, video, audio and other talent page.  Awate channel (maEbel Awate.)

5. Select RSS feed to provide all the relevant information that you need, in one website.  We want to make awate.com a one-stop website for news and information consumers, activists of all kinds (as long as they are awatistas: improve the world for the better, which we define simply as this: more civil liberties, more human rights, for all.)

6. Satire: we will translate shabait.com to ordinary language.

7. Crowd-sourcing.  Emphasis on Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

 8. A seamless integration of awate.com with our social media pages and links.

9. Tools and widgets to make your life easier and to keep your connection to Eritrea and our region (yes, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and the whole Horn of Africa.) Calendars, time zones, currency exchanges and more.

10. Fully web 2.0 compliant. This means simply that this is going to be, more than before, YOUR website. You will drive it, set its agenda, manage most of its content. We will have an Eripedia page where we celebrate Eritrea because our country is MUCH bigger than our political differences. Excited? We are!

11. Deadline. Well. We are pressuring ourselves; and we are relying on the stress from your pressure. This is the time when web developers go on hibernation, rest, relax and we are saying, NO, NO, NO, our readers are awaiting something new. Come back!  No rest.

12.  This is deliberately empty. It has nothing.  Because: we want you to be Action 12: Tell us exactly what you want to see and (this is an Eritrean website after all) what you do NOT want to see.

13. Whatever doesn’t materialize in awate 7.0 will appear in awate 7.1, so while we appreciate your pressure, hey, don’t pressure us too much.  Dig?

About Awate Team

The Awate Team is a group of individuals who collaborate in preparing editorial contents that mainly appear under the PENCIL signature and other columns that carry the Awate Team signature. It represents the collective team's view.

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  • senkim

    If I may be allowed to throw my two cents worth- I believe the silent reader status of mine over the past several years would at least entitle me with that right 🙂 – I would say great job Awate staff for the new looks and I hope that a new spirit will prevail in 2014. Yes, I dare hope that the tone and manners of the discussions in this forum would match in civility the neatness of the new website. We should all admit the fact that, no matter how absurd someone position might appear to us, they are uttering them out of sheer concern for their country and people (assuming they are debating in good faith that is and an act of faith is need here on the outset). In the end, we are all as good as what we throw at each other: no one of us will stand fairly tall when we try hard to put down our follow country men. As for the aware team, please keep informing and emboldening us the masses. Wisdom to hafash, would be my preferred slogan:)

  • Daw!t

    Congratulation to Deki Awate otherwise known as Awatistas for a successful face-lift of the website Hopefully, the site won’t suffer from glitches.

  • haile

    Great looks, young and fresh 🙂

  • AboyTesfay

    Looking good awate!

  • TM Araya

    While you are mentioning Eritreans who have positively affected the struggles of the Eritrean people, I would like to include Kibrom Dafla to the list. I have listened to the interviews he gave since he left the country and his explanations of how things are done in a non-functional government was an eye _opener. One of the important things that is realized in listening to him is that he had a clear understanding of the issues he was asked on and seems to have been the person the regime depended on and assigned to dowse the bureaucratic fires that frequently arise in the unmanageable system that is made up of government, party, and an absolute single person authority. His interviews on Assena (You Tube } are not getting a whole lot of “ hits”, I would recommend more people to listen to the interviews. He must have been a big loss to the regime.

  • Abinet

    You really forgot what happened in Italy ? I nominate you THE MOST ARROGANT of the CENTURY . I am an ethiopian and still sad about it regardless the stupid politics .
    Happy new year

    • Nitricc

      “Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change”
      Frank Lloyd Wright

      So, Abinet, here you have it.

      • Ermias

        Nitricc, you remind of George W. You are someone we can have beer with but your ideas are not good for the Eritrean people.

  • ሕቶ ንሳሊሕ።
    ናይ ኩባ ካስትሮ፣ናይ ኒካራጓዋ ሳንዲኖ፣ናይ ቱርኪ ታቱርኪ። ናይ ኤርትራ
    አቦ ዝብል ሰያመ ንመን ትግባአ፣፣ዓዋተ ከም አቦ ብረታዊ ቃልሲ ዘየካቲዕ ኮይኑ
    ግን ቅድሚኡ አብ ፖለቲካዊ መዳይ ፣ካብ ናቱ ዝከበደ ዘሕለፉ፣ከም
    ኢ፣ስልጣን፣ከቢረ፣ወልወል ከም ዓዋተ ማዕረ ተወፋይነት ኣየርኣዩንዲዮም፣
    ስለዚ ስለምንታይ ኣብዚ ታሪካዊ ኪሊ ማዕረ ክብራዊ ውዽድር ዘይንልግሰሎም፣ሕዝቢ
    ኤርትራ ከአ ኣብ መጨረሻ ምርጭኡ ዘይፍለጥ፣
    ኢሳያስውን ኣብዚ ቅዱስ ውዽድር ነይሩ ዳሕራዩ ተዘሪጉ እንበር።
    ኣቦ ሰውራ መሪቅና ፣ኣቦ ሃገር መን ንበሎ።እዚአ ሓባራዊ ርድኢት እንተረከብና
    ካልእ ኩሉ ክንሰግሮ ንክእል።

  • Wediere


    On the art, I was thinking of individuals like Issak see the following link:


    I mentioned the Somalian http://www.aminarts.com, but with all the talent the web design sucks maybe he tried to be jack of all trades. I also noticed this problem with many Somali sites…( maybe it comes with Somali hyperactivity 🙂 ).. all too busy with so much stuff that an outsider they are a put you off on entry…..as Senay put it there is beauty in simplicity….watch out on the structure….


  • haile

    hey moderator, I don’t think the spam filter or something is liking me today…the rest of my list isn’t getting through.

  • haile


    – Paint artist of the year: Michael Adonay
    – Writer speaker of the year: Saleh Gadi Johar
    – News man of the year: Amanuel Eyasu
    – Youth of the year: Meaza Petros Solomon
    – Elder of the year: Dr. Tewolde T/Mariam (Wedi Vacaro)

    Have we missed any one??

    • Meron

      Selam Haile,

      If that is about trators, how about adding these two things:

      Minister of the year: Ali Abdu
      Website of the year: Asmarino.com (credit to its breaking news about the death of the president and M.G Gerezgiher (Wuchu)

      • Work & Loyalty to Country


        Leave it to haile to come up with stupid and childish nominations as if he is still in high school. I am surprised he didn’t include categories like “Best Dressed” or “Biggest Flirt” or “messiest locker.”

        But while we’re at it, do you think Ali Abdu would have some competition? I can think of a couple of ministers.

        May be could give Mustafa Nurhussien “Minster/Double Agent”

      • haile

        Merhaba Meron, happy holidays to you.

        The list was strictly about people who inspired the struggle against injustice in Eritrea. Of course, IA would be the “traitor of the year” for two decades in a row 🙂

        I bet that you just used the tag “traitor” as a standard hgdef label for anyone who calls for an end to the 23 years of slavery (complete with slave trade) that is going on in Eritrea. The question is “traitor” from what? perhaps s submission to unelected, unaccountable, isolated and failed regime?

        Here is a made up joke just for ya…

        A guy goes to mekhete seminar where it was widely advertised that Sofi & Gidu were to perform a new song “Every body must hate each other…” in a duo. When he arrived, the hall was so full that he had to stand right inside the doors. Well, his shadow ended up outside the hall, and he retorts “don’t worry about it, it is probably a traitor and woyanay:-)”

        Please listen to Meaza and think why you would call her a “traitor”, the same about Dr. Alganesh, check out the lives she changed and those she saved! Traitor is Dr Tesfay Aradom who danced in the middle of the Lampedusa tragedy, ya a traitor against the Eritrean people.

        Happy 2014 for you Meron arkey.


        • Dear Haile,

          This year i have enjoyed you and the prolific writers in this room. I started writing to be your support while Saay, Emma and other were countering you and ended up being your counter while Saay, Emma and other have also baptized you the great – very great year.

          I have seen Nitricc to arrive with with humble encounter and gradually exerted his consistent, pragmatic and independent approach and awarded ‘Nitricc the independent’ – really great year.

          Saay was prolific as usual, with a particular focus on PIA and some unfounded accusations. With all of our variance in view point i have enjoyed it. More than all i appreciate his tagging capacity. Hailat arkey you got ‘the great’, my friend Nitricc got ‘the indepedent’ and the Ethiopians or Ethio affilated gangs leader YG got the Neo-Andnet tag (the only tinglish from Saay) – what a great year.

          Gezee Hagos also come with the greatest political program and action plan of the opposition ‘Ezi win Kihalif Iyu (EKH)’. Look Nitricc asked what is your plan and gradually identified the plan to be EKH. Dont you think he is capable enough to compute with Saay in naming or coining…

          Merry X-mass and Happy New Year for you and every one in the room.


          • Ghezae Hagos

            Haw Meron,

            You lie through your teeth. You know that. That is beside the point, entirely.

            Actually, it is a year we suffered, simply because we Eritreans are ruled by Issaias Afewerki. We suffered as never. All of us. Eritreans suffered, greatly. If that makes it great, then it was a very great year–really great year. Indeed.

            Eritrean mothers cried. Eritrean fathers shamed. Eritrean lives lost. Eritrean name downgraded. Eritrean youth (ask your cousins, friends, ’cause you might not muster the courage to look yourself in the mirror to stare at your OWN EYES)victimized. Eritrean existence tested.

            It was a year we suffered. All of us.

            Happy holidays for you and your family, Meron.

            Ghezae Hagos

  • haile

    Eritrea’s movers and shakers of the year 2013

    – Humanitarian of the year: Dr. Alganesh

    – Rescuer of the year: Fr. abba Mussye Zerai

    – Activist of the year: Elsa Chyrum

    – Lobbyist of the year: Meron Estifanos

    – Military man of the year: Wedi Ali

    – Music artist of the year: Yohannes Tkabo

    • Nitricc

      1. Humanitarian of the year: Dr. Alganesh
      ==) Who is that? Who ever she is, check her account
      – Rescuer of the year: Fr. abba Mussye Zerai
      ===) Fr, Abba? Oh religion, religious, I am not going there.
      – Activist of the year: Elsa Chyrum
      ===) Business woman of the decade. She must the richest woman.
      – Lobbyist of the year: Meron Estifanos
      ====)This woman is a high school drop out, she have been called journalist, activist and now lobbyist? She looks like Ermias to me.
      – Military man of the year: Wedi Ali
      ====) Lol, the man just shoot him self to death, how is it military man of the year? I get it, he killed himself.
      – Music artist of the year: Yohannes Tkabo
      – =====) Really, he was fooled. I bet you he is regretting every day of his life. His decision was over what happened in Italy, guess what every one forgot what happened in Italy but Wedi Tikabo was tricked for life.

      • haile

        haha…Nitricc, I take it you agree with the rest of the list then? 🙂

        BTW: Happy new year and hopefully you get to post the poem written by your mom that you mentioned the other day. I keep checking Jebena…

      • Ermias

        Nitricc, you are just hating because your name wasn’t mentioned. You can be “born again pro ‘democracy-for-Eritrea’ of the year” in 2014.

    • saay

      Hey Haile (the great):

      Have you heard of the Darwin Awards? It’s an award given (posthumously) to people who died following a spectacularly bad idea. It’s a celebration of stupidity or as the award creators explain, given to those who “improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.”

      Now, if you were giving an award for stupidity in Camp Nkhid Tray, who would you give it to? Can you make a Top Ten list? Also, come up with Tinglish for Darwin Awards (i-Tegadali Semere Andom might help, if he can crawl his way out of snow misery he has chosen to live in.) I have two nominees: (a) the group who were dancing the day after Lampedusa and (2) the people who are forking out money to buy PFDJ houses without asking “hey, whatever happened to those who have already been swindled?”

      And, Haile: definitely you are Awatista of the year. Awate mug and tote bag on the way.

      Our friend Nitricc gets what jeopardy losers get: a miniature version of awate forum where he can take on everyone and win every debate. Also, an appointment with surgeon to implant the Decency Filter: that thing that tells us “no I shouldn’t” whenever we are driven by the urge to say something we think is witty but common decency tells us “no, that would be hurtful.” Nitricc like all higdefites is missing that filter but because of his independent streak, he is worth the investment. Right now, he is thinking of who to give the Darwin Awards in the “toothless opposition camp” and it will be horrific. Moderators, ready your fingers on delete button! (But seriously Nitricc, make your list: criticism is healthy when it comes from independent souls like you 🙂


      • haile

        Selamat saay – here is the preliminary list of nominee for 2013 Darwin award 🙂

        10 – Boston PFDJ dancing on the wrong day

        9 – Atlanta PFDJ stage manager who said “we can’t cancel the concert because it is of an equal magnitude to the Lampadusa tragedy!” (link available if needed)

        8 – Dehai administrator who was born outside of Eritrea, lived outside of Eritrea, died outside of Eritrea and buried outside of Eritrea but served hgdef all his life for the benefit of God knows who! RIP

        7 – Dr Tesfay Aradom for taking a barrage of insults from pro-democracy Eritreans in front of a camera for the world to see

        6 – Ex-hgdef ambassador in Oakland (is he called Ahmed?) who said to Semere Gebremariam that his wife was thankful of Bush for shutting the hgdef Embassy in California

        5 – Madot.com that reported sightings of Ali Abdu in Asmara

        4 – Eritrean Journalist Paulos who asked IA what the Bisha revenue accounts looks like

        3 – hgdef writers of xxx men’yu, second part yqtsl…and never did for any of their nitpicking expose

        2 – ERiTV – zeyhigawyan sideteNatat

        1 – IA seb nab mai ykheyd ember mai nab seb aymetsEn eyu!

        🙂 🙂

        • BBerhe

          7 – Dr Tesfay Aradom for taking a barrage of insults from pro-democracy Eritreans in front of a camera for the world to see
          When this happen, can you post a link?

  • haile

    Take II (after several tries 🙂 )

    Selamat Awatistas,

    This being a forward looking article, my piece may need to go here:-)

    Personalities of Eritrea 2013

    Military man of the year: Wedi Ali

    Activist of the year: Elsa Chyrum

    Desert hero of the year: Dr Alganesh

    Sea hero of the year: Abba Mussye Zerai

    Lobbyist of the year: Meron Estifanos

    Writer of the year: Saleh Jwhar Gadi

    Singer of the year: Yohannes Tkabo

    Artist of the year: Michael Adonay

    Elder of the year: Dr Tewolde T/Mariam (Wedi Vacaro)

    News Man of the year: Amanuel Eyasu

    Youth of the year: Meaza Petros Solomon

    Please add great personalities of 2013, one of the most dramatic year that has tipped the balance of power in favor of the oppressed people of Eritrea.

    To all the above persons, here is a special song of the all time Eritrean legend Yemane Baria ኣብ ሰማይ ዘሎ ደበና፡ ይሃርም ዶ’ኾን ዓድና… ሰናይ ዘምበን ኮነ ዓወትና ተቓሪቡ…



    • Ermias

      Selamat Haile. That’s a great list and you are spot on. If I may add one more thing, I would like to nominate you for Awatista of the year per SAAY’s definition of Awatista. He can put a link for those who don’t know that definition.

      • haile

        hey Ermias, happy holidays to you and your family. I am encouraged by your kind proposals, but lets tell the truth – this place is full of walking giants (some waiting to be discovered!) It is a tough one 🙂

        • Ermias

          Hailat, thank you for your kind wishes for me and my family. I wish you the best of everything as well this holiday season and in 2014.

  • Senay

    Greetings Awate Team,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

    I am looking forward to another update (7.0) to the website. Those of us who have followed awate.com since the inception, seen the site go through several face-lift. Some for better and some for not so. But regardless of the cosmetic changes, the bottom lines have to be about the content. Thus, in that regard, I would like to suggest few wish list:

    1. Try to attract/retain diverse writers with diverse ideas and background. Over the last few years, the overall content was converging more towards a monologue. It had the appearance the gathering of like minds and stagnation. As the result, there was lack of diversity, originality, and challenging ideas. Awate team needs to reach the talent pool in your archives (whether they agree with you or not) and extend them your good will. A good example of such gesture is the return of YG and that is a step in the right direction.

    2. Back to basics. Go back to original mission of the site and revive columns such as Historical Documentaries, interview with political figures and icons ….. I believe awate is loosing its footing on these sections to other.

    3. Loosen the exclusivity rules, especially to those who contribute in Tigrinia and arabic

    4. The Tigrinia and Arabic sections are like a ghost town. Though awate mainly caters for English contributors, there is a great wealth of tigrinia and Arabic writers that could enrich the website. Our intellectuals are not limited to english only, there are many talents with the local languages (especially new generation) and please pursue this talent and expand the diversity of the site.

    5. Around this time of the year, you used to thank all your writers and contributors and highlite their courage and integrity and embolden them to do more. But lately you have deviated from this tradition and focused in unproductive tail spins. I believe (personal opinion) such focus caused many good writers to shy away.

    6. If possible, try to separate the website(awate.com) and your personalities. Some might have personal differences with you and that should not filter down to the site.

    7. Foster a better relationship with sister websites and cooperate in filtering information. This move will keep the public better informed. Though it is hard to maintain this in the age of tweeters and Facebook, but there need to be an internal dialogue with major sites to improve the information services.

    8. I am looking forward to item #6 on your list. Satire and humor are my favorites and I might have something to contribute there.

    9. In an ideal world, change means you keep what you have and you improve or add upon it. Please do your best to retain what you have and keep the original look and feel of awate.com.

    10. Keep it simple. There is always beauty and grace in simplicity.

    All the best wishes in the new year and I look forward to the release of Awate 7.0. As awatista, I am in debt to your valuable services and will do my best to help.

    Thank you for you service,


    • Selam Senay,

      I like your constructive advice. I hope Awate team will take your advice into consideration. Well thought ideas. And I feel all of them are doable to make this website the source of enlightenment. One thing of your keen observation though, is #6 and that could be the reason why we miss many good writers. I look forward to see your satire.

      Awate team heed his advice.

  • Ermias

    I was watching Eri Tv last night. They showed a commercial for New Year’s Eve party in Oakland featuring hagos and Sami Berhane and Wedi zagir. The commercial was sponsored by ECCC Oakland. Then one of my friends said that she knew Wedi tikabo is playing in Oakland on the same night. That’s a no brainier kind of competition.

    The other thing they had on was Eritreas colonial history. Excellent narrative and video presentation until they got to the part of defaming ELF, interjecting frequently IA’s 6 hour interview in September.

    • Work & Loyalty to Country

      Boos and jeers to Wedi Tikabo! He will never be what he was in Eritrea.

      Instead of being the top celebrity and King of Eritrean music in his country he chose to betray his country. For that, he will never be forgiven.

      I know people who have vowed to never invite him to play at their weddings or community events. He will be ostracized like the rest of the misguided opposition.

      He will soon regret his decision.

      • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

        I am sure you will not regret your statement because you can switch it and no one would know. Ahhhh, the beauty of using nick names 🙂

        Wedi Tikabo freed his conscience, not everything is for sale like in the PFDJ land. Principles require sacrifices.

        • Work & Loyalty to Country

          He will never be invited to play at any Eritrean Community Centers. He will only play at opposition events. For a maximum crowd of 30 people.

          He will never set foot at an Eritrean Community event!

          • Ermias

            Work, yes he will never play for Eritrean Community Centers operated by PFDJ. That is the very thing he is trying to fight. Let’s see how Dec 31 goes in Oakland and we can have a good idea where things are headed. But it also depends on the organizers.

            In any case, Wedi Tikabo decided to side with his people who are on the right side of history. PFDJ and its followers are on the wrong side of history so I am sure he is very comfortable to be among 30 people with good conscience rather than 300 corrupt PFDJ souls.

          • haile

            funny how hgdef thinks it can kickout everyone from their country because it needs no competition and also feels it can do the same here in the diaspora using awahahadit bealat, hagos kisha’s business bank account. kem qedem ymeslekn wuhij ywesdekn!

  • Work & Loyalty to Country

    Dear SAAY:

    Yes, that would be my reaction “Nikhid Tiray” because I trust the man. I know the notion of “Greater Tigray” is a non-starter as long as he is at the helm. I can’t say that about the opposition.

    Herman Cohen’s mistake of Eritrea being labeled as a “state sponsor” aside (who can blame him if he thought that had actually happened because Jenday Fraser was so antagonistic to Eritrea) can we at least agree that even if the toothless and watered-down sanctions aren’t lifted in 2014, there won’t be any more new sanctions on Eritrea? The sanctions aren’t fun but it is not like they are crippling either. They only apply to weapons and travel restrictions.

    Regarding Jenday Fraser, it is said that she was having an affair with Meles. Teweshimuwa Neru With full blessings from his wife Azeb. Jenday was not conventionally attractive but Meles was no great shakes either. They are probably put a bag on each other’s head.

    With respect to capitalist fools, well capitalism has been proven to be the best system at allocating resources and capital for productive use based on market forces . Even EPLF knows that.

    • saay

      Selamat Work:

      Well, no, if Herman Cohen gets a fact THAT fundamental wrong, it defeats your argument (I would say it blows it to pieces, but it’s Christmas) that what he wrote was at the behest of Africa Desk. It means he was either free-lancing or he has been paid by enda hgdef. If it’s latter, we will know because he is, per American law, required to disclose it. Either way, the story that you and others have been floating (that it is the state department floating a balloon) appears to be, as usual, wrong.

      If the sanctions are so toothless why do you guys complain about them so much? And, Work, could you please tell our mad king to stop writing his Tinglish letters to the UN. Come on: Charlie, or Sophie or somebody else with a better command of the language can write something more coherent, no? I mean, these are letters that carry the seal of the State of Eritrea.

      Capitalism, yep, it is the best system but it is an amoral system. It’s all about profit maximization. An Apple shareholder doesn’t really care about the china slave labor that is responsible for his ROI; and neither does the Nevsun one. But a Chinese and an Eritrean should.


  • Work & Loyalty to Country

    2014 will be a great year for the people and State of Eritrea.

    My predictions for 2014:

    1. The illegal and unjust sanctions will be lifted. Already, the Africa Desk is trying to reach out to the Government of Eritrea through people like Herman Cohen.

    2. Sunridge will start constructing its plant. There will be two Nevsuns soon.

    3. You will see some liberalization on the part of the Government of Eritrea. Some form of Perestroika and Glasnost once Weyane Tigray hands over Badme and the border gets demarcated.

    Happy 2014 to all Awatistas.

    • saay

      Hey Work:

      You forgot to include all the other ornaments the PFDJ hangs on its New Year Promises Tree. Airlines! Water! Electricity!

      Back in the real world, the sanctions are authorized through December 2014. There are elementary, fairly easy things PFDJ can do to show compliance (like allow the monitoring group to visit Eritrea), but it won’t.

      Herman has a lobbying company and he is either free-lancing or has been paid to make his pitch. But his disconnect is showing because he wrote “In 2008, the George W. Bush Administration declared Eritrea to be a ‘state sponsor of terrorism'”. How does someone dispatched by “Africa Desk” get something that fundamental wrong?

      There can never be a perestroika or glasnost because that requires (to extend your Russian metaphor) a Gorbachev: a man who came to the conclusion that status quo is unsustainable. Since our Mad King has said “we are number 1 in Africa” and his favorite state is the State of Denial, there is no auto-correct or reset button. He will continue to drive downhill and your side will continue to say “Nkhid Tray!”

      Sunridge, Nevsun… Well, bitsay Lenin called them “capitalist fools” decades ago and he was right.


      • Papillon

        Hey Sal,

        You’re good. You’re damn good. You’re s’mi (as in poison) nay Hgidef. ኣገናዕ ሓወይ ማዓረይ!!!

        • Work & Loyalty to Country

          saay is closet EPLF. Believe me Weyane has no use for him. He actually believes in the State of Eritrea.

          What Saay wants is a better EPLF that is commerce friendly and doesn’t keep arresting his father. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Ghezae Hagos

    Hello Awatistas,

    Wishing you all the best of the holiday season. Thank you Awate.com compatriots for giving us the opportunity to share whatever is dear about the great nation of ours. Wishing you and your family happy holidays.

    May 2014 be kinder to Eritrea. May we be kinder to it.

    All the best,
    Ghezae Hagos

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም
  • Kaddis

    Happy Holidays – I wish the coming year bring wisdom to

    • Rodab – to call Ethiopia than Ethiobia (acceptable had you been Somali )
    • Saleh G – to get over with defining Ethiopia with the glass of HaileSelassie and see its current status as a potential for change
    • Nitric – to start chewing chqat with at most urgency – it may help you think deep – Qamebet
    • Haile – to take a moment to develop real political positions to not to sound like a cheerleader at the end of 2014
    • Papillon – to keep provoking the Awate crowd with your bold assertions
    • LT – to take English as a second language course asap
    • Serray – to have the courage to bring it all, fight the dilemma and write. You have the potential to lead a huge crowd out of a lot of confusions
    • Saay – not to put down others by labelling neo Andenet, Eriphiles, hard core EPRDF supporter, defamers …. when challenged; specially with Ghedli… weed out the EPLF in you
    • Hayat – all the strength and health to you
    • Eyob M – Visit Tigray when you can – It changed my perception of Tigres. Eritreans are the same – the ones who makes noise ( sometimes arrogant ) in the city are the opposite to the humble and loving people living on the land. Eritrea is not build by hate. It’s the politicians that suck.
    • Yg – thank you for coming to the land of ‘Awate’ to rescue commenter’s who are otherwise abused by the Awate pushers for not clapping each time Ghedlhi is praised – BTW write about the future, your ideal Eritrea, not the people 1st, – it will be a reference when Eri writes its next constitution

    Awaten Yanerulen– Awate IIER and learn Ethiopian history 😉

    • rodab

      I do make spelling errors, but I couldn’t have said “Ethiobia”. Got any proof (quote)?
      Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy NY to you and to everyone!

    • saay

      Selamat Kaddis:

      First, amen, “awaten yanerulen” and learning from Ethiopian history (the Hymn to the King), I say, “idmehen yarzmew…ende methusallah ende Abarham… kezih yebeleTe mn ale b’alem.”

      Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

      When you say, “saay–not to put down others by labelling neo Andenet….when challenged; specially with Ghedli”

      What you mean is:

      “saay, when you hear things like your compatriots bled for nothing and their sacrifice was futile; that their leaders were morons and ethnic-cleansing genocidal maniacs, and when you are personally called a hate-monger and a Jihadist, you are using a disproportionate adjective by calling them neo Andnet.”

      There, fixed that for ya.

      As to YG’s writing becoming a reference for Eritrea’s future constitution, yeah, I see it too, right in the preamble:

      “Whereas, the people of Eritrea wasted 50 years in a futile attempt to separate from their Mother Ethiopia….” It is a “future constitution” I want nothing to do with 🙂


    • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

      Happy New Year.

      Could you please show me one-line where I defined present Ethiopia with Haile Sellassie?

      Let me clear a few things.

      1. Until 1974, there was no Ethiopia in isolation of Haile Sellassie, he was treated like a god. I Lived through his brutality and savagery and will never forget it.

      2.When I see people attempting to reinvent his policies, and his attitude towards Eritrea and Eritreans, I will identify them with Haile Sellassie. I will stop when they cease.

      3. My wildcard word for bigotry, hypocrisy, chauvinism, Neo-Andnet, etc. is Haile-Selassie.

      3. Do you consider that defining present Ethiopia by Haile Selassie? If so we are in bigger trouble that I thought 🙂

      • Eyob Medhane


        I am actually gearing up to go home (yearly ritual)..May be I will pick up on your advice and drop by Meqele.. 🙂

        Gash Saleh,

        Well Ethiopia may not be as same as it was, during his Majesty 😉 But we still think we’re 3000 years old. I will invite you this 30second clip, as a proof.. 🙂



        አኩርፈሃል እንዴ? ምነው ድምጽህ ጠፋ? 🙂

        Happy New Year, all..

        • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

          Happy New Year Eyob,

          You see, I am part of the Axumite Kingdom, in fact I feel the myth belongs to me more than anyone else–you included I just do not buy it wholesale 🙂

          But that is not why I responding. I have a Christmas gift for you, a new information you might not be aware of: Ethiopia and the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia are the only people in the world (I think) who share the same system of time. Sunrise 1 am and sunset 1 pm. The difference is, the Saudi do not call it Ethiopian time. They call it Arabic time.

        • saay

          Ambassador Eyob:

          Whenever you think I am mad, remember: ጨዋ ኣይቆጣም and when I have nothing to say I believe in: ሁሉም ክልኩ ኣይልፍም 🙂

          I actually gave you and YG a nice Christmas present: for you to incorporate it in your grand scheme of Eritrean superficiality and for YG, hopefully, to make it a basis for a 10-page essay that reveals something about our artificiality. It was written in LTese; here it is in English:

          Until the early 1980s, we had no indigenous wedding cake cutting song in Eritrea; we were singing “Mushraye.” Now just because you were bombing us to smithereens with cluster bombs with your various campaigns to end all campaigns (Red Star! And for the “We only need its land not its people” policy put to use, read BeAlu Girma’s “Oromay”; BeAulu to my knowledge is not a Ferenj), we begged Haile Ghebru to relive us from being forced to sing in Amharic on our happiest occasions. (Haile Ghebru used to have a band called Zerai Deres Band: feel free to write more about its significance:) Haile Ghebru and his long-time music collaborator Abdella then wrote “RuHus Gama,” the worst song ever composed. It is one of those songs whose beginning note sounds like its last, and you have to endure 5 minutes of a song that is teasing you that it is ending. Then the bride and groom (dressed in attires that have absolutely nothing to do with their culture but are the outcome of the cultural imperialism of the west: I am sure proud Ethiopians would NEVER succumb to that), do the arm twisting, chamapaign/bubbly drinking, cake feeding…all the time, that god-awful song is in the background. And the audience stands frozen, with a fake smile, pretending to like this monstrosity. I think it accounts for one of the reasons Eritreans of that generation are heavy smokers: they wanted any excuse to get out not to listen to the song.

          All this, to avoid Mushraye. Now, go to town with this:)

          Say hi to Emama Ethiopia


          • Eyob Medhane

            Oh Sal,

            But don’t I have a wedding song for you?!
            Is this “indigenous” enough? Please, please watch it. I beg… 🙂


            I guess the joke is on you, huh. While you try to avoid “Mushiraye” with a dreadful song, the new generation flew over your head and decided to “come come”… 🙂

          • saay

            Ha, Eyobai:

            You are getting old, man. We discussed this: the case of Korchach trying too hard.


            I believe the word I used was “desperate” and some guy called him “aye meHfer zemedu” and I said:

            “I wouldn’t go as far as “aye mehfer zemedu” 🙂 Korchach is a risk-taking artist who has experimented with melodies (check out how his “Eta Wahazit lbey” starts before switching to Gwyla) and he has written one of the best slow-dance songs (Tsibiktey) since Osman Abdelrehim’s Aqli Xbet. He just overshot here. Missed it by THAT much:)

            Incidentally, “ta waHazit lbey” (sorry, no youtube link) starts out with (warning: your ears might bleed) Arabic melody:)

            I won’t even tell you about his deepest song “adey” (mother) where he is clearly singing about Adey (my country) and laments about who killed her. (hint: it was a cheqan aremene in the zeytXegeb meriet)


            PS, next year, Korchach ms koblele, (I don’t call it defection but “self-demobilization”) and I sing his praises, don’t accuse me of being a new fan. I am a huge fan of the man and I listen to his songs, specially “Freina” obsessively.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            God forgive you Eyob. Is is a song you present on a holiday? You owe me five wasted minutes and I owe you a migraine inducing link 🙂

          • Eyob Medhane

            Gash Saleh

            I slipped in Korchach’s song clip to punish you for telling me that Saudi Bedouins and I have something in common. Yay! It worked… 🙂

          • Senay


            Not to get involved here, but since awate is actively pursuing for talented women, the lyrics for “Ruhus Gama” is believed to be written by a woman. She was a pioneer for women’s right during the 80s and she is credited for the lyrics while Haile Ghebru and Abella Abubeker composed the teasing music.

          • saay

            Selam Senay:

            Well, first of all, there is no evidence that a woman wrote the lyrics for the god-awful “Rhus gama”. Haile Ghebru on record says that he and Abdella are responsible for that monstrosity.

            Second, even if you are right, we are not going to recruit women writers by condescending to them: when something is crap, it’s crap. To lie about that is part of what is called the “bigotry of low expectations.”


          • Senay

            Selam Sal,

            I misspoke, she was a collaborator. My point was, some people draw inspiration from a role model. The one I was referring is of great accomplishment during that time period but little know in our sphere. Though the song could be in the category of “lowered expectation”, here is Haile Ghebru in his own words “ … “rHus gama” the music is Abdella’s. The lyrics is mine and an Eritrean author by the name Guemish Isaac; currently she is …in order to have stronger lyrics I asked Gumish to help me and she gave back with an improved lyrics that combined mine and hers ……“
            for full content see http://www.ephrem.org/dehai_archive/1995/september/0222.html


          • saay

            Got you Senay.

            So we don’t have one or two but THREE people to thank for rHus gama?


  • Haqi

    NFC = Seattle vs Philadelphia
    AFC= Denver vs New England

    Seattle vs Denver Super Bowl. Thanks to the cardinals last week, there is hope you can defeat Seahawks at home.

    Marry Xmas to you and deki awate.

    • saay


      We agree on 2 out of 4 🙂

      Seattle vs 49ers
      Denver vs Chiefs

      But, you know, Nitricc is our Sports Correspondent. Let’s see what he has to say.


  • esquire

    It’s good to remind ourselves who Hamid Idriss Awate was from time to time so we can honor his spirit and bravery.

    On September 1, 1961 Hamid Idriss Awate, the former Italian Ascari, is considered to have fired the first shot in the liberation of Eritrea. There is much that is still unknown about Awate but recorded interviews with his comrades indicate that he was harassing the Ethiopian Army with just a few rifles and only 7 men for years in his native Gash Barka demanding that the Ethiopian flag come down and be replaced with the Eritrean one.

    Following the ever-increasing brutalities by the Ethiopian Army in lowland Eritrea, he steadily gained more followers in 1960 and 1961. Needing more ammunition for his men he launched a daring attack on a police post and arms depot in Western Eritrea on September 1, 1961 that lasted for several hours.

    That night’s gunfire exchange with the Ethiopian Army marked the first shot being fired in liberation of Eritrea. That night’s armed conflict started a chain of events that led to the long and bitter armed struggle for the liberation of Eritrea. The resistance gradually spread to the highlands and culminated with the total liberation of Eritrea in 1991. Long before the heroic tegadeltis of Nakfa, there was the Lion of Gash Barka.

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    Nitricc = Kelbi WuH, WuH, WuH ( it is not insult )
    Awate team and its democracy loving people = GemeL don’t listen the dog – keep walking to your Oasis.
    The purpose of Nitricc and others is to reverse democracy and free speech and extend the lives of Dictator and his followers.

  • haile

    Dear Awatistas

    Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to you all.

    I have a strong feeling that 2014 will end the miseries and indignities of the Eritrean people. It may be the year when Eritreans of all views, affiliations and ideologies will confidently visit their country to re-unite, re-connect, build and be part of the place they love talk and write about so much. It may finally be the year when we see the end of dictatorship. A year many prisoners of conscience be st free. A time for all those in refugee camps to return to their villages. A time Eritrean youth start to walk the streets without fear of harassment and giffa. A time families who lost touch of their loved once start to search for them in earnest. A year when families of all victims of tragedies would finally morn and grieve and have closure. A year that words like “menqesaqesi” would be a thing of the past. A year when Eritrean citizens would start to sleep safe knowing that there are no widespread arms all around them.

    I sense that it is going to be the year when the youth are no longer trapped in indefinite national service. A year when the mass exodus of Eritreans would subside. A year Eritreans are no longer pitted against Eritreans, a year that our people have no longer to be exposed to the brutalities of a dictator who thinks no one has given him a contract.

    Things might even move much quicker than one anticipate, so it is worth checking for airline tickets to celebrate May 24, 2014 in Asmara, dictator no more!

    Happy Holidays

    • haile
    • Papillon

      Eritrea the desensitized nation!

      The picture of the young kid has a corrosive effect on every part of my own self. I am overwhelmed with rage and transient hopelessness. The spinners will take the young kid as a poster-child designed for political consumption but of course the hard and bitter truth of the matter is, MeriH is a prototype of the Eritrean self who has lost his own shadow as the world remains indifferent to a plight of a people as they are overshadowed by more “pressing” issues. Historians may have pulled the curtain as they are convinced that the world has at long last stepped on a new horizon sans Hitler and Stalin but little do they know that, they are yet to wake into a world where an evil spirit is still in a flesh marauding the human soul till toddlers drop dead like flies. MeriH has escaped to narrate his story as Eritrea and Eritreans remain desensitized where abnormal replaces normal.

    • SA

      Amen to your wishes Haile!!!
      Merry Christmas.

    • Ghezae Hagos

      Dear Haile,

      May I join you in hoping your ‘senay tminit’ be a reality, a reality we so deserve, we so desperately in need of. Then…

      ‘More tears are shed over ANSWERED prayers than unanswered ones.’ Teresa Avila/Capote.

      If we are going to cry next year, may it be because your ‘senay timnit’ happened to come true in that great nation of ours.

      Happy new year to you and your family.

      All the best,

      • SA

        In line with your wishes and dreams, I share these verses with you:

        “It seemed like a dream,
        too good to be true,
        When God returned Zion’s exiles.
        We laughed, we sang,
        we could not believe our good fortune.”
        – Psalms 126: 1-2, The Message


    • haile

      Selamat Ghezae and others

      The same to you too Ghezae. As Wedi Tkabo said it:

      መንገድና ዘጋጊ የብላን፡
      እንታይ’ዶ ይምቅር ካብ ዕረን ወለላን

      The image of Merih tells the whole story. An emaciated Merih the making of a quarter of a century of “Independence” and a strong and full of life Merih the making of less than 12 months in freedom.

      The choice is clear and 2014 seems to be the the gateway to to the final stretch of a mile for Eritreans to find themselves back on the road to their ultimate dream.

      Happy Holiday

  • Abinet

    Marry Christmas and happy new Eritrean new year .

    • Azeb

      Why are Habeshas calling 2014 as Eri new year? This is not Eri ortho new year!

    • L.T

      Thanks to New Abinet.

  • Nitricc

    [From Moderator: Nitricc, you are over the line, and you know exactly why. It is a matter of principle. Here’s why:]


    • Nitricc

      I did not think I did but if you think, okay I will stand corrected.
      I always thought public figure people are subject to scrutiny. I hope you are not protect them because they are anti government.

      • Ermias

        Hi Nitricc shikor, would you like some napkins?

    • Mohamed|Edris

      I wonder if they taught you in Sawa to hide your identity. I am not aware of an Eritrean name by the name of nitric. Either you have to correct what you have said about Sawa or you have to correct yourself…reveal your identity i.e. your real name

  • Lemlem

    Dearest Saay,

    Hope you’re having a good holiday season.

    With respect to Eritrean women (or lack of) and this website, it is not about the packaging or design of this website. IT’S MORE OF A CASE OF THE DOGS NOT LIKING THE DOG FOOD. It’s not about packaging, labeling or design.

    So I don’t know how much the re-designing of this website is going to help with you that.

    And yes, this website should be for those who believe and respect what Awate fought for. Those who don’t believe in Awate and what he fought for already have a website in andinet.com. (asmarino.com)

    Happy New Year!

    Awet n Hafash!

  • esquire


    I like what you wrote about believing in the cause of Hamid Idriss Awate, the Lion of Gash-Barka.

    I believe it’s a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    • saay



      There are two groups who don’t really believe in the cause of Hamid Idris Awate:

      1. The neo-andnet Ethio-romantics who don’t think his cause for Eritrean independence was legitimate:

      2. The neo-slavery Isaiasists who don’t think his cause for Eritrean independence was so that Eritreans could live free of overbearing governments, regardless of the language they used or the flag they flew.

      Nonetheless, as gracious hosts, we accommodate all. But our fellow-travelers are those who believe in the ENTIRE message of Awate.


      • Saay,

        So you are the one to label who is believing in Awate’s cause or not. Awate’s cause was independence and Shabea made it real. Awate was dreaming a sovereign country that could sustain in our volatile region. It is only Shabea striving to do that against all the odds.

        Saay, are’nt you dare to claim as a representative of Awate just because you gave your website his name while distancing yourself physically and morally from the sovereign right of the country which was dreamt by Awate?

        • Lemlem

          Dear Meron:

          I agree with you in fact and in spirit in terms of Eritrean politics. But give SAAY a break. He has been reminiscing the last few days about the good old days of sewra, the late 70s and 80s. He’s been taking trips down memory lane and getting nostalgic about songs like “Hambise Wexiyeo Zeywehateni” and “Gnbar aloki.”

          SAAY has never made it known but very likely I think he sympathized with EPLF. I don’t think he was an ELF guy. His brother, Ali Abdu, was EPLF so that may have had an influence in terms of his allegiance.

          But may be he can take this opportunity to tell us where his sympathies lied. Of course, families were split in those days. It was not unusual to have one brother join the EPLF while another joined the ELF.

          • saay

            Selamat Lemlem,

            Today’s message is from Dostoevsky: “I like revisiting, at certain times, spots where I was once happy; I like to shape the present in the image of the irretrievable past.”

            My sympathies: well, you know Lemlem, that just has to come out organically… just like the “Edel Aloni” reference came out, and just like my reply to LT where I disclose I am a closet neo-andnet (when it comes to one type of music) actually comes out.


          • Selam Lemlem,

            Actually respect is due for him for making Eritrea as his departure point. I was quite glad to his firm position state of Eritrea against Ethiopia’s gangs.

            That nonessential and nonsensical debate proves one thing against the anticipation of a number of people here. That is, Saay has more commenality with Shaebia while the YG gangs have more commonality with Ethiopia. Saay’s arguments have been the position of Eritreaness since 1940th while the gangs argument also had been in Ethiopia since the King was returned from his exile to Ethiopia.

            So it is official i have more commonality with Saay, because our departure point is Eritrea. And it is official the gangs have nothing but Ethiopia interests and may be they are doing that under Ethiopia’s parole.

      • asmara

        Ah! Saay, #2 is your hanging rope. You see, Awate is the father of our Eritrea “Felami Sewra” he is respected by the Eritrean people and the Eritrean government. The fact that you are using his name to defame those who consider him their hero actually shows the low regard you have for him. Therefore, regardless of the name of your website, you don’t deserve to raise his name, as you are using is to falsely accusing people.
        What I don’t understand is the reason as to why you want to break the ONE thing that ties you with the majority of the Eritrean people. Instead of using it as a spring board to further strength that relationship, you simply throw it like nothing. By now you should know, your hatred for issayas, alone is not going to open any door to the Eritrean people’s heart.
        Common, SAAY

      • Zaul


        Can you enlighten me on the following:

        What is the entire message of Awate? What are the pillars of Eritreanism? (other than the 1952 constitution)

        • saay

          Selamat Zaul and Merry Christmas:

          The pillars of Eritreanism are: men and women who recognize (A) Eritrea as a hybrid of two great civilizations, (A.1) Abyssinian and (A.2) Islamic, (B) AND do not want to take their orders from whoever is the self-declared custodian of these two civilizations. These pillars are not IDEAS but exceptional MEN and WOMEN who believe and act on such an idea and if you go to any village and ask who those men and women are, these righteous and courageous men and women, every villager would tell you. And the first order of any authoritarian regime is to pick them up and kill them. So, Eritreanism is now shaky because its guardians have been muzzled, silenced and killed by the regime and whoever remains alive and outside the control of the regime is in a state of civil war: A.1 vs A.2; B vs A.1; B vs A.2.

          In fact, some smart guy named Zaul explained it partly thusly: “ንሕና ምእንቲ ዓረባዊት ኤርትራ ወይ ሓበሻዊት ኤርትራ ኣይኰንናን ተቓሊስና ፥ ምእንቲ ኤርትራዊት ኤርትራ ኢና ደምና ኣፍሲስና ። ኩሉ ዜጋኣ ብኽብረትን ውልቃዊ ሓርነትን ዝነብረላ ።”

          And I thought it was so spot on, I recommended that it be translated to Arabic and English and Amharic:

          بالعربي: نحن لم نناضل من أجل أرتريا العربية او أرتريا الحبشية، بل من أجل أرتريا الأرترية التي يعيش فيها المواطن بكبرياء وحريته الشخصية مصانة.

          In English: “We didn’t struggle for an Arab Eritrea or Habesha Eritrea; we bled for an Eritrean Eritrea; [one where] every citizen resides with honor and liberty.”

          In Amharic: እኛ፥ ላረባዊት ወይንም ላበሻዊች ኤርትራ ኣልተጋደልንም፥ ለኤርትራዊት ኤርትራ ነው ደማችን ያፈሰስነው…


          • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

            ተው እንጂ ጋሸ ሳልሕ!!!
            ደርግ ኤርትራ “ለፔትሮ ዶላር ኣትሸጥም” ሲል የሰሙት ታጋዮች “ልክ ነው ግን ለቡና ዶላርም ኣትሽጥም” ነበር ያሉት ታድያ ይህን ሲስማ ይቆየው ንግድ ብቻ የሚያውቅ ሰው “እንዴ ዋጋ ካወጣች ልምን ኣትሸጥም” ሲል ጠየቀ::

            ለነገሩ ኣርብነት ለሁሉም ኣረብ ኣገሮች የጋራ መጠርያቸው ነው ከተባለ : ሃበሻነት ይሁሉም ሃበሻ ኣገሮች መጠርያ ነው ብየ ኣምናለሁኝ:: እንዲያውም ይህ ስም የኣፍሪቃ ቀንድ ኣገሮች ኣጋርቶ የሚይዝ ሳይሆን ይቀር?

          • Zaul

            Merry Christmas and Happy new year SAAY and everyone at Awate,

            “ኤርትራዊት ኤርትራ” for me signifies a secular nation that celebrates it’s diverse ethnic makeup. I do not mean a “ዓረባዊትን ሓበሻዊትን ኤርትራ” that classiefies our diversity solely through a religious lense.

          • Saleh “Gadi” Johar

            This website believes in a secular state that respects diversity in all its forms: culture including ethnicity, religious including traditions, region including differences. As far as I know, neither Arabic nor Habesha is a religious classification. It is a cultural one. In that case, would you say Eritrea has both cultures?

    • Zaul

      kemey qenikha Ato Saleh,

      I was not talking about awate.com but awate the man and his cause, sorry if I was unclear.Of course Eritrea is both a traditional-beliefs, muslim and christian nation. I just found SAAY’s definition of Eritrea as a hybrid of Islamic and Abyssinian civilization incomplete. I agree Eritrea has both Arabic, habesha and at least 7 other cultures and languages :).

      Merry christmas and Happy new year to you.

  • L.T

    Hi all readrs and writers here in Awate.I want to tell you today that I’m nice(Just for today) and I’m this years Santa claus to you and I wish you very much that you will have peaceful christams holiday and that christams peace arises calm and quiet and peace on earth.Then I want you not to be outside the definition we put hack at each other in front of the reasonable demands/well-thought-out word/words are better,our weapons shall henceforth be the pen,and our voices Right.
    Merry christams

  • tste

    Dear aware staff

    I love your website, actually it’s the first thing I open on my computer every morning…I am addicted! Yours and Asmarino are my most favorite websites.

    My suggestion to you: to appeal to women is to publish real life accounts of what’s happening to our people. Real, true stories (taking into consideration safety of course), but there are so many stories to be told… horror stories that need to be told to keep on exposing the regime.
    Thank you for all your efforts!

  • Sabri

    Dear Awate Team,
    It is good to hear that you will launch your new version soon. In the current comment section many different topics are mixed. This creates disorientation. This problem
    can be fixed in many ways. I believe you have already think about it. In anyway my suggestion is:
    1. Create a new discussion forum where different threads are clearly marked. In that way people can easily navigate in those different topics.
    2. Keep the current comment section but strictly restricted to discuss only the topic of the article.

  • L.T

    To Saay;
    I was quite amazed when you written about”Edl Aloni Ginbar Aloni,nabta qineati wedb zeslefeni.Do you know who are the fundation of the song?Her name Nigsti Nigo.I want to certainly make the wole story.I and my family were in Keren in 1978 only for short time,and we rented the apartment in Geza Wereqit colse Africa Hotel’nda Estifanos and at that time Teberh Tesfuhune used to come to us and me and my cousin were with her almost all the time.I remember the loudest music came from La linba mountain”Ab gobo la limba abti wishti kren(Forto)the song had alot of influnence around us,now since the pendulum is Swinging”Mzlak or Zeleklek””Werar simhar widt nay bezbezti”by Tesfai Fihira,at that time music was the model of idialogi not dailogue.We have even another song that goes like this”Yiberk alo Yinnogd Aalo deki Harnet…..dim dri rimee with Kirar.a movement toward municiplization.
    Then me and my cousin ,he is now in Canda,we danced to Tibrh,my song was from Disc like “Wedebat Adey”by Yemane Baria”The Redsea is mine”Wezerit Tesege”Lady in Red”by Beyene Free….my cousin’s song was from Yossuf Said like Ruth Gual Addis Abeba”HaileSillssie is cheeky thief”-“Baburey Baburey chekan Amora””cannibalistic train”-“Ane Adi Wieale”I get lazy or”I am fine with my sheep:-))

    “Asafrey Teneklu”Hopefully you listening”,now I just wonder how I can give you what you crave most”
    “Anet koyna iya eza berhan ayney”What is wrong with you mine,you dead grilfriend.Yossuf born and grown up in Mendefera and he loves mendefera so much.”Menfera Miekimatik diki zbelkini….”I was blue-eyed and naive i thought they would pass us,pls Mendefera….Yessuf was great.

    • rodab

      “Ane Adi Wieale”I get lazy or”I am fine with my sheep:-))”
      Translated beautifully.

      Now checkout these translations: http://www.shabait.com/about-eritrea/proverbs?start=20
      One who comes to a party uninvited goes out hungry (“Keite’ademe zimetse keytsegebe kede”. It is an advice to keep ones dignity)
      Have a good day.

    • Ermias

      L. T., I like you. You are a good kind of hagerawi, Nitricc not so much.

      • Nitricc

        SAAY look how Ermias is starting…. When I respond kindly you guys think I am the one calling names and insults. I never insult any one. If they start it, I will give you back in folds.
        So, SAAY, this time you got it wrong. True, if I am attacked, I respond.
        Ermias, I will be back for you.

    • saay


      In your honor, I will reply in LTese. Everything below said true,buwnet,which is geez,tigrinya,amharic:

      “Edl Aloni gnbar aloni…” Keren liberated EPLF in 1977July8,Iwas there before month was out but left before strategikawi mzlaq in 1978July. Danced every night at Joko,hard to dance in sand, in day time avoided poletikawi astemhro.We and their friends just found new lines to finish “Edl Aloni gnbar aloni” like “Hambise wexieyo zeweHateni” and “n tekal Hayli dergi zederAmeni” because everything rhymes with ni.We invented rap,youknow,credit to eritrea. of course we all know reggae stolen from Tigre beat too.

      Difference between Jebha Abbai and Genbar, all the big singers of Ertra then (Alamin,Haile Gebru,Osman,Yonus,Xehaitu…) all joined ELF and their job was to sing revolutionary song, until they get passed to Sudan.)But for the Genbar different,it wanted its own singers.So when Teberh Tesfahuneh joined Genbar,she never sing,they send her to Kebid Bret.Kedemom rugumat Genbar.

      Remember YiAseena? Yosuf two year ago exited a CD. But same bad advisor who told BB King to sing without his guitar, told him, why you want to use guitar? Use synthesizer, moderna! So he exited bad,bad,CD.Friends say me,buy it,for morale to him, say I, NO,no morale for something bad like this.

      Do you remember Engineer Asghedom,he had x-rated song. “beqli boy reda Hangida, keyda abya feres lemida.” Xbuq zemen.

      Also,in early of 1980s,when you and I already leave country,no wedding song in Eritrea, for cutting cake. People mad singing “Mushraye” and very mad they have to sing in Amharic,this specially during shadshey werar.They beg Haile Ghebru,please help. Then Abdella and Haile Gebru write RuHus Gama.I hope Eyob not listening,but that is the worst Eritrean song ever composed, bad melody (abdella), bad lyrics (Haile Ghebru.)if I had to remarry again,I hope my wife not reading, I mean when i rededicate my marriage to her,this new XaAdu fashion,i definitely request “Mushraye”.this way I no romancize bad things,just because they Eritrean.Better still no cake, why all wedding cakes bad?

      Happy Holidays, L.T.


      • rodab

        “beqli boy reda Hangida, keyda abya feres lemida.”
        haha. Yeah, that definetly sounds x-rated. Got link by any chance? 🙂

        • saay

          Hey Rodab:

          Of course! Here’s the link from dehai.org, 1995, from the innocent days, when we were unconditionally in love with Eritrea and that’s all we wanted. The interviewers are Bushra, Kekya, dr Gideon, Biniam. Distant friends from a bygone era. Damned Weyane, damned hgdef:



          • rodab

            Wow! I had no idea there was such abundance of background history to the songs. I can’t help it but wonder what esle I am missing. It saddens me to realize that many aspects of our history has gone unwritten, undocumented.
            Anyway thanks for the link. I really enjoyed reading it.

          • saay


            You are welcome. Speaking of background stories to songs, I once saw a documentary video on Tekle Tesfazghi and if you line up these songs, you can pretty much tell exactly what the status of his relationship with his girlfriend was:

            MsTirawit Debdabe
            Fqrey telemeni
            Handebet megesha
            Ghena yu Edley
            Kem dlayey
            Yekenyley Fqrey

            All those were based on his love for one girl, later his wife. There are Amharic versions of at least two songs above. Later on, he wrote two love notes to Eritrea from the belly of the beast and he spent two years in jail for them:

            Ufey Breri

            I am sure when u have time to rummage YouTube, you will find it. Not 100%, but pretty sure it was Eri-TV


          • H.n

            Saal the interview about tekile tesfazgi was on eritv. With tekle’s friend.

  • ዕትብቲ ኮኾብ ሰላም

    Dear enda awate,
    It is nice to hear about the new version. You know better how you are willing to do it and of course you will put into consideration the people’s view. I don’t know if I am qualified as I feel I didn’t do much to this wonderful site, but I don’t want to hide that have bad feeling of Jebana’s change.
    Well, Saay said poor Jebana might be cracked. Imagine the most loved site provide you such wonderful Jabena and tells you it might be cracked. Do you say “bad news in new year” you are right. What crime did Jebena do? Just because people are not participating does that mean the page is useless? And again someone said he want to replace it by Hidmoy. I remember Hidmoy was there but the guy was punished and removed. Then I use it till it was crashed in cyber war. and my coffee pot (not poet) was not saved either.
    While changing for better is important, it is good to remember that it is not what type of tool you bought only but how much you are willing to use it for better. There are a lot of Eritrean sites better armed than awate when comes to the facilities.
    Jebena will still be there even under Hidmo, if you visit the entire Habesha . You will not find one Hidmo without Jebana.

  • ” Well, you must believe in the cause of Hamed Idris Awate: FREEDOM.”

    Not leftist but dictators with a love of the word “MUST”…why should everyone believe in a cause that has yet to produce result? unless you want to argue based on your personal gain of just another third-world ID, at the expense of many many lives…

    • saay


      We are saying: To call yourself an Awatista, you don’t have to agree with us on much, but you must believe in the cause of Hamid Idris Awate: Freedom.” This makes us “dictators”…how?

      If you don’t believe in the cause of Hamid Idris Awate, you can call yourself anything including Unionist, Neo Unionist, Evolutionary, Ethio Romantic, Cynic, Skeptic, Pessimist, Anarchist…Anything except Awatista.


      • my apologies, from your use of the term awatita I assumed you are often referring to all visitors..I didn’t realize you greet your visitors selectively….

      • Can we call ourselves Hagerawian without recognizing Awate’s story as being valid? Many Eritreans don’t believe in Awate’s story; for many, it is a fiction.

  • Shum

    Hello AT,

    Writing articles are great. This site simply has the best articles in the Eritrean cyberspace. However, I can imagine it must take a lot of time. And that probably has an effect on how often you can post. Have you considered a vlog section like Bloggingheads.tv or just use Bloggingheads as an avenue that you can link to on your site? You can feature writers, activists and discussions over video. This could have been a useful format for the back and forth between Saay and YG. But also, it can be a good way to engage different points of views. Most people are well behaved on Bloggingheads. Anyway, here are things I would like covered:
    1. How do we get artists to get together and produce albums that can inspire people for a common cause.
    2. What symbols, themes and slogans can people rally around.
    3. Discuss what keeps people staying with PFDJ and YPFDJ and how can we counteract effectively. Involve people from that side to engage. Who wouldn’t like to see Gidewon Asmerom and SaaY engage?
    4. I like the concept of Eripedia. I would like to see video interviews of important people in history or at least witnesses. Also a document archive of sorts. Maybe you guys can enlist Aida Kidane and others. Kills two birds with one stone. 1.Female contributor 2.educate the posters so they don’t think the likes of Kebire would have any reason to feel inadequate.

  • TiETiE( shiro bubble )

    Infact at first Awate team faced challenges – labeled many negatives names,Today they are here with great jumps. Countdown is good at the sametime resistance too. In contrary to the Awate great scroes 14 years ago Wedi Afe said Democracy for Eritrean is not good – Ezi Hzbi Ezi HaraDi’U KmeRts Eyu. we have now proof it was HalewleW. Side by side to his HalewLoW what he said was also questionable to his previous praise by some as smart leader first he belittled Eritrean people as animals second he does not know democracy nor he know how to build democracy. While this BlaSH leader Suffocated Eritrean people for 14 years the Awate team thought us how democracy brews. Therefore as the A’NaN/ruined leader claimed democracy is not as ready made food/GeAt or it is not you can erect as statue in weeks or months but it is a work that begin from bitter mess then filter through many challenges/disagreements that also passes series of phases and in many years.

  • haile

    Selamat Awate 7.0 engineers,

    Let me first wish you success with your endeavors in your planned upgrades. Many smart awatistas have beat me to it in suggesting clever ideas. Even Nitricc had me laughing when he was fondly nostalgic about the days back then when he spent talking just to himself. In awate 7.0 may be he should be secluded as a respected African witch doctor, and we can visit his den whenever we are looking for enlightenment on what is stupid with our argument.

    Now that there is little new stuff I can suggest, let me ask you, if at all possible, to bell those commenters who just have nothing to say other than cheap insults. We can then all go off for a break when we hear them approaching:) Apparently, cyber belling may be possible by means of color coding a commenter’s content from Red Hot = must read to plain white = best to ignore (white meaning a psycho undergoing treatment)and other colors in between:-)

    If my suggestions is deemed inhumane, well I hope you think of another ways of implementing the belling concept. Status is a great motivator, I hear some say:)


    • esquire


      This is the dumbest idea I have ever heard anybody say.

      • haile


        ..tsk tsk..if you ever attended mekhete, you’d have thought this one above was the best idea ever after the slice of bread (tinglish: zteqerdede bani) 🙂

  • Abay

    Good media. My suggestion:
    1. enable sharing mechanism to social media like twitter, tumbler, etc…
    2. Always publish reminder for civilized comments
    3. keep the good work

  • Ermias

    This the best Eritrean website, by far, hands down. I have followed it since its inception. I am extremely excited for Awate 7.0 the way it is described in this article.

    I have to admit, with the exception of Nitricc getting on my nerves from time to time, every single day, I learn a whole lot about my country and its people from every article and every commentator. This website is teaching us to be tolerant of each others views and ideas. The majority of us Awatista agree that we need the Eritrean regime completely uprooted. That is probably just about the only thing we all agree on. The rest of our opinions lie on the whole spectrum from one end to the other. Yet, we all come here and discuss our ideas with great communication and professionalism. I am extremely gracious to the Awate Team for allowing us this free medium to express our frustrations, thoughts, differences, and our anger at the PFDJ regime. They could easily filter out the things they don’t like to hear but they have big shoulders and the accommodate all of us. Kudos to AT for a job well done. This is what Eritrea needs, diversity and tolerance of all ideas. AT is leading the way towards achieving that. Long live awate.com!!!

  • rodab

    I have nothing but admiration for this good website of ours. As we enter version 7.0, I would like (ideally, that is) to see the following:

    1- the ability to edit/correct comments: All of us make spelling/grammar errors. Some of us let it go, others use the reply button to forward a corrected version thus unncessarily contributing to clogging. So having the ability to go back and edit would help in keeping comments clean and orderly.

    2- Length of comments: some of the comments are too long, sometimes even longer than the head article being discussed. Although reading them is optional, if I could choose, I would prefer to read short and diversified comments from as many people.

    3- Female participation: Generally speaking our sisters are likely to possess “voices of reason”, as Ermias put it nicely. And this is true specially compared to us – the sometimes clueless males (no offence intended here). And so it can only be positive if more and more females participate. The website has graciously extended the previllege of participation to everyone so I encourage our sisters to come swinging and tell us what’s on their mind.

    4- Relevance. Many of us, if not all, comment on topics that are unrelated to the main article. On this one, my view is it should be acceptable to do so. Many times, I found these pieces of comments to be more relevant and timely to issues on the ground than the main articles. But of course the discretion belongs to the moderators…

    On a side note, I am very very impressed with the content of comments and the ability of our friends to put their thoughts into words. With every passing day, it seems that everyone is getting better and better at debating skills. Nice work and I hope it somehow help in the real world out there.

    • Nitricc

      You people are genetically impaired to tell the truth.
      Which women in awate forum is a voice of reason?
      They love Weyane and undermine Eritrea and everything Eritrean
      They all love the coward YG
      Who is the voice of reason?
      Dude, stop kissing their behind. The truth is they suck.
      Tell me who is the voice of reason, who?
      Stop, it, Ermias said it and I have put him in his place. He is just like a butt kisser.

      • tezeta

        I guess you are not married and have no idea what a woman stands for. May be you never had a women in your life that you respect. May be you are raised by men only.
        Poor you. I pity you. You need to apologize for women since you are chauvinistic in your view and have no respect for women. My blood is boiling since you used inflammatory words against women(Just kidding). Women of the world, let us stand up against such chauvinistic macho men like Nitricc! If we don’t stop you now, you will be like Wedi Afom.

        • esquire


          I am going to let you in on a little secret: Nitricc was raised by wolves.

          That’s why he is fearless and likes to tell it like it is.

          • tezeta

            Thanks for the little secret. I am surprised that he is raised by wolves not necessarily by a she-wolf otherwise he would have some manners. Telling like it is; is not tantamount to being rude and chauvinistic. I can’t stand male chauvinism.

          • esquire


            I meant it as a compliment by the way 🙂 Legend has it that Remus and Romulus, the founders of Rome, were also raised by a wolf. So you’re in good company my friend.

          • tezeta

            The twins were raised by a she-wolf (lupa). Nitrice must be raised by a wolf as the little bird tweeted to me earlier. Stand on your ground, my friend:-)

      • Sami

        Make the font size bigger. 8.5 is too small.

        • rodab

          Excellent observation!
          You know I zoom in every time I come here and when I visit other sites right after this, it becomes too big and I zoom out back to the original view.

    • saay


      web 2.0 means just that: the readers set the direction of the website. Now, this website made a call to all Eritrean women to participate. (We did a special editorial on that.) This is because we know a _____ (country, region, company, website) that doesn’t utilized 50% of its talent is courting disaster. Please help us: talk to your friends, sisters, cousins: participate. And if they can’t participate, tell us what we can do to make them comfortable enough to participate.


      • esquire


        You are a smart guy. I would have thought that you would be able to figure this one out by now: The Reason You don’t have women on your website is because women are staunch supporters of the The Lion of Nakfa. And they don’t like to see him disrespected. He is fair to women, genuinely believes in women’s rights and can be counted on to protect the Eritrean State.

        Additionally, women are loyal creatures. They are principled. They will stick by you through thick and thin if they believe in you. They are not like men in that regard. That is why awate team or any opposition team has been unsuccessful in attracting women.

        • saay

          Nice try, Esquire 🙂

          There are no female writers in any of the Isaiasist websites either. Make a mental list. Count with me: one, uh, one, uh, one….

          Xactly. 🙂

          The problem is: we know each other real well. We confess our weaknesses; enda Isaias gn your slogan is “Jahra + shiTara = xbaH ngho yfTerela.” You have been kicking the can down the road for 22 years now. At some point, you are going to run out of roads, cans and shoes. It’s the law of inevitability.


          • esquire


            It is the law of inevitability. Had there been a market for your and your likes ideas among Eritrean women, they would have “inevitably” gravitated towards you. But they haven’t!

            In the marketplace of ideas, Eritrean women have rejected what the opposition is selling. It does not appeal to them. And that is the truth.

          • Ermias

            “Jahra + shiTara = xbaH ngho yfTerela.”

            Saleh, anta chiw zibelka wedi shuk eba eka.

          • rodab

            One way to measure as to which side women belong to is to go practical and list public figures. If I ask you to name females in support of dictatorship, you would probably mention Sophia T/M. Ok no problem. And I will mention Selam Kidane (sorry Selam this is just a little silly example). So they cancell out and the score board is blank now. But then I will go on the offensive and mention giants who are on the side of justice such as Aster Fizihatsion, Aster Yohannes, Miriam Hagos, Senait Debessay, Elsa Chirum, Meron Estifanos and Dr. Alganesh Fesseha, among others. Then what will you bring to the table? You see, you lost 🙂

          • Papillon

            Hey Sal,

            I am still laughing. “At some point, you are going to run out of roads, cans and shoes. It’s the law of inevitability.” Good one.

          • yohannes

            dear awate ,saay,gadi etc,,just i want ask you a question,your website it started i dont know exact how many years but i believe its more than 10 years old,in those years what do you produce, if some body works he gets salary, if a merchant sells some thing he gets profit some times he can loose too,if a farmer plough his land ,sigem ,mashela if there is a good winter plenty of rain he can get a good produce, if there is not plenty of rain,he can get nothing,but you guys exept insulting isayas can you please tell me what else what good to eritrean people you did,year goes another new year comes,isayas is still in asmara,even now if you start 7.0 ,100.00 its going to change nothing,my belief any change in eritrea comes from inside eritrea,not from salih, gadi ,california,newyork(un office)

        • Abe z minewale

          “attracting women” like Haregu Keleta of hadas Eritra who got attracted to ????

  • Wediere


    I hope awate 7.0 is not full overhaul that would have us disorientated for sometimes to workout how to use the new set up.

    The English Arabic and Tigrigna combination has been tried many times and it seems it has been hard to manage, the same is observed in Asmarino. I hope you are not going to mix them all in one front page as it used to be, having an entry link to both language sections has probably discouraged some of your writers and led them to move on elsewhere where both languages are prominent. Rather than suggesting, probably I better wait for the surprise on this one.

    On the Art, I hope you have a talent like aminarts.com, I have seen some on Facebook that are very good, hope awate will present an attractive platform for our artists to show what they have. I think this one will boost participation of our youth.

    Awate MaEbel……the first one you did, stayed relevant for quite a while. ….looking forward for more of that.

    On the forum, Jebena needs proper upgrade…..having all posts in one thread is just what killed it from the get go…..thanks to Kokhob Selam the house poet that kept it going. Jebena should accommodate all our hateqetew so the response to articles are focused to the topic. Sometime you notice an unfinished debate being restarted in a following article, 50% blame goes to Jebena. Even Nitricc vs Haile did not last long, I mean Haile backed off like Bruno vs Tyson.

    Your update sounds you are confident that come 1jan, awate will look different….now the expectation is high :)….pressure on you, relay to the web designer.


    • Nitricc

      Wediere I agree the Jebena should be given seriously up dating. Remember on the older version I used to have my own space, where I talked to my self. So, I agree if Jebena is up and running, I would not even bother wasting my time with Tigryans and the likes of YG bull crap.
      Wediere, you are in trouble, never tell the truth. Now, Haile and SAAY they will come to get you. 🙂
      Anyway, I am looking forward to have my own “Hidmoy”
      I also suggest the name Jebena to be dropped and replaced by ” Hidmona”
      Jebena implies a waste of time. True, ask any habesha, they wast their time in drinking coffee and gossip.

      • saay

        Nitricc (the independent):

        We would love to give you Hidmoy. But, you have to observe the posting guidelines. You have to graduate from the University of Awate (UoA) with distinction. Really, now, do you read what you write? It is insults, followed by name calling, followed by insults. Keep up ma man, the word is civility.

        Now, give me your AFC and NFC picks 🙂


    • saay

      Selamat Wediere:

      We hear you loud and clear:

      1. We are NOT going to have the English/Tigrinya/Arabic all appearing in the front page. When you try to be all things to all people, you become nothing to all people. Awate is an English language medium, with Arabic and Tigrinya sections.

      2. 99% of the art in Facebook is substandard. Sorry. I mean, come on: Isaias face transposed on a rat? We are NOT going to lower our standards. People have got to elevate their game.

      3. MaEbel Awate is coming…but that is an awate 7.1. In the meantime, enjoy the 27 radio stations, short wave, middle wave, long wave radio stations 🙂

      4. Poor Jebena. It probably will be ‘accidentally” dropped and crack.


  • Papillon

    Dear Awate Team,

    All the power to you! I am sure the great man himself (Hamed Idris Awate) is looking down from above with a big smile on his face for he is immensely proud of you (Awate Team) as you make us proud as well. And to all of you PFDJ zombies, eat your heart out! We will fight you and fight you until the snake and in-flesh manifested evil spirit is turned into dust so that we make sure that he doesn’t come back.

    • Nitricc

      Papillon, what up?
      Forget about fighting the PFDJ and the supporters. You don’t have what takes. Look at your group, they arguing about something that happened 50 years ago. Yep, read your coward boy, YG’s posting and you tell me.
      At least, we, the PFDJ talk about future,
      How do we build this nation where every Eritrean treated with dignity.
      How can we right all the wrongs done in the past.
      How can we reconcile and heal the wounds .
      How can we defend this nation from any perceived danger.
      How can we insure every citizen of this nation has the right to every resources of the nation equally.
      How can we teach every arrogant and ignorant asmarino, that Eritrea belongs to all Eritreans .
      We belive The kid in kerekebet is equally Eritrean a kid in Asmara
      We believe Eritrea paid the untold price not just to another begging African country.
      We believe your cuisines, the Tigryans should mind thier on freaking business.
      We believe and believe from the heart, Eritrea will be worth every price thar was paid.
      The question is what you and your pathetic oppositions do you believe?
      Every time I see you and your cowards articles the more I am thankful the constitution is not implemented. I am thrilled election is not held.
      Let the people like YG die of and then go on with political process.
      If you don’t believe in Gedli, you are not Eritrean. Simple.

      • Boston

        Nitricc, what other voices do you hear?

  • Faro Fremale

    Dear L.T
    I do not know who you represent with ‘we’?! if you [we] have nothing to do with Ethiopia, why bother to write so often about Ethiopia? It is your right to learn any language you like but do not impose your choice ‘arabic’ on other nationalities. There are nationalites in Eritrea who are proud of their native language, who prefer to learn in Tigre, Billen, Afar… than in a foreign language.
    It is not appropriate to say’you can not develop if you just speak tigrign or amharic’.It irritates Tigrigna as well as amhargna speakers. I believe, your intention is not to irritate others! As I understand, your intention is arabazation of the Horn, I do not have a problem with that as far as it is good for the people in the Horn. I leave you with the amharic adage ‘tsidkun qertobish kuneniew biakelilish’.

  • Website Administrators,

    Are we seeing a revamped or radically changed web site? Will you get rid off the annoying ads?

    Have you thought of building a business model to achieve political as well as business goals, like killing two birds with one stone. For example, are you planning to sell any product or service to at least pay your site’s host?

    By claiming that you are a leftist, are you not limiting the left-right political spectrum to only one side of the political dimension-the left? Do you measure the website’s success by the number of visitors only?

    There is no mention of Gedab news which appears on the site once in a blue moon. I presume you are doing away with it, are you not?

    If you are saying you ” want to make awate.com a one-stop website for news and information consumers” , you must be suggesting that you will from now on post news articles related to the horn of Africa whether or not other websites have first broken the news.

    Will commenters be able to upload images, use blog tags, and edit their comments? Given the few number of bloggers at your site, have you ever considered such eloquent and persuasive commenters as Haile the gr8, Serray, Papillon , and Eyob to write blogs/articles.


    For me , the website’s goal still appears to be as ambiguous (not narrowly defined) as the cause(s) of ghedli 😉

    • zegeremo

      lol…why are you keep coming then? Is that because you are bored of ego-infested unionist/ Ethiopian websites? well, whatever your new year’s resolution is just don’t let your ego take over your life.


  • L.T

    We are changing our calenders becouse we have nothing to do with Ethiopia,now in Eritrea all children must learn Areb language.I want to read and write Areb and Italian.Tigringa we can talk only at home and our neighbors are almost all talk Areb.You can not develop if you just tslk Tigriang or Amharinga.

    • wedi Forto

      Awate Staff,

      First off congratulations on the upcoming improvements on your website. I and thousands of your visitors eagerly await the launch day!

      One other thing I hope: for Awate version 7.0 to auto-translate L.T.’s gibberish into human readable and intelligible words. I doubt this person’s words can be translated into English, but I have high hopes that somehow Web 2.0 is smart enough to know that L.T.’s comments are closer to Tigrigna than any other language and automatically translate it to Tigrigna and place it on the Tigrigna page. Or if it is too Greek for Web 2.0, it can drop it silently into the ether! I really cannot make heads or tails on what this L.T. person is saying.

      • Nitricc

        Hey leave LT alone.
        Have you ever took thermodynamics? That is what LT is.
        You think you got it and you don’t but when finally you figured it out. It makes sense.
        LT is thermodynamics, because you can not understand LT , it does not mean LT is wrong, it means your dumb.

      • saay

        Wedi Forto:

        Web 2.0 means that the reader sets the tone. Would you like to volunteer to translate the awesome streams of consciousness that LT shares (for those who are not on LSD or some other psychedelic drug and get what he is saying)?


        • Sabri

          Dear Awate Team,

          It is good to hear that you will launch your new version soon. In the current comment section many different topics are mixed. This creates disorientation. This problem
          can be fixed in many ways. I believe you have already think about it. In anyway my suggestion is:

          1. Create a new discussion forum where different threads are clearly marked. In that way people can easily navigate in those different topics.

          2. Keep the current comment section but strictly restricted to discuss only the topic of the article.