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Daily Archives: November 3, 2017

To My Dear Father

It has been about forty years since I saw you last. I am writing this open letter because instead of the usual intent of letters, which tend to be private and intimate; why this open letter, well, because you are Eritrea’s father. Eritrea’s grandfather. Eritrea’s big brother. Open letter because there is 93 years-worth of…

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Eritrean FM Appears Without His Chaperone

10 Oct 2017 Awate Team Comments (307)

The “National Council of Eritrean-Americans” organized a seminar in which Osman Saleh, the Eritrean Foreign Minister, and Yemane Ghebreab, "adviser"…

Terrerti And Their MP Aunts

05 Oct 2017 Saleh "Gadi" Johar Comments (268)

[this is an archive edition of Negarit from August 2, 2004 and maybe you could see how today is what…

Eritrean Economy: Transportation Crisis And Turf War

02 Oct 2017 Gedab News Comments (186)

A turf war has surfaced and it involves the Eritrean ministry of transportation and the economic arm of the ruling…

Territorial Integrity v. Human Dignity

29 Sep 2017 Beyan Negash Comments (363)

The motivation for this article culminates from the ongoing intense discussion that continues to precipitate based on the talk that…




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