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Orphans Dining At The Miscreant’s Table

Self-identification is an essential facet of self-determination; a reviving society habitually pursues the quest for self-identification. Responding to the collective question of “who are we” construes a stumbling projection for any community to define its cherished common values, to collectively counter social wrenches, to regain deprived rights and chart its …

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In The Foxhole Where He Belongs

After the humiliating defeat of the Axis powers in the Second World War, Mussolini, Italy’s prime minister and the leader of Fascism, was captured attempting a flee to Switzerland. Of course, he was later summarily executed and his dead body brought to Milan. As the Mussolini’s corpse was displayed in …

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The Pseudo PFDJ Cartel

I do advice you not to waste your time reading the Eritrea AlHaditha garbage of December 1st 2009, just gaze at the dim face of the bloody dictator, indicators counting down to last day, scroll down and look at the picture of a new found celebrity, a Muslim student wearing …

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