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The ELL: Context And Method

Disclaimer: Say you are telling a friend in Adi-Qontsi about an argument you had with an ugly woman in Siberia, who had long nails. Your next-door neighbor (you never mentioned her name) jumps in and starts explaining. Applying simple logic: (a) your neighbor thinks she is ugly; (b) she has long nails; or (c) she is up to something. The probability of meeting an ugly woman from Adi-Qontsi in Siberia and meeting her again next-door in Adi-Qontsi a week later is close to zero. Since probability can never be zero, however, in case you find anything offensive, please skip because if you obsess on these things, they become about you. If you get to that stage, stop reading and meditate about the wrongs you might have done.

Help Needed

I am definitely one of those who get obsessed with some stupid thing and stuck mainly for lack of perspective. Most of the time the culprit is a simple idea that I picked from a nightmare. Think of this for example: in my typical nightmare, Eritrean opposition appears to you as being about “opposition” as a cause – not a means to an end but the end itself. In this scenario, opposition organizations and politics, as old as the stars, are born out of opposition parents before Eritrea had a government to oppose and they always become opposition long after the PFDJ is gone. They come to thrive “as pigs in a puddle” and you are in the middle of it all. Read the lines a couple of times until you feel it has become a reality outside your making. Now you should feel that “the opposition” is more of a liability to the struggle for change than an asset. I will give you the details of the nightmare below so that you may consult a dream-dictionary.

The Forums

The puddle has more to it than you would like to believe. The “criticism” side of opposition cyber-activism is saturated with the Tigrigna version of the disability of Eritrean politics of change. That is how we come to own the license to bash the “Tigrigna elite” and assume as given “the Grand Conspiracy” of the Tigrigna. The only problem you need to deal with (as a Tigrigna basher) is that “you should not generalize”. It is out of question even for intelligent Tigrignas that ‘some Tigrigna elite are doing conspiracy’. The logic of this (you may say straw-man fallacy) is simple – there are crimes being committed, therefore there are criminals on the loose and “bzey-Tiwy’wy” – ‘the criminals are Tigrigna and please help catch them’. The other side (lowlander and Muslim) – as featured in the nightmare I am telling you about – is a black box that no one dares to open for the simple assumption that ‘you cannot blame the victim’. If you want to try, some proficiency in “double-talking” is required.

There is no question that, the Arabic language side of the Eritrean cyberspace is way ahead of the English or Tigrigna sides of Eritrean debate forums in terms of excitement and relevance of substance debated. That is why almost every new organization fertilizes in those forums. Tigrigna language material is too descriptive or trivial to be of relevance. Coalitions of “halelew” and “inkililo” experts have taken over the couple of English language forums driving the once vibrant space into the corner of irrelevant. Traditionally, Eritrean English language forums have their roots in an environment when three assumptions used to hold: (a) Eritrea having nothing to do with Ethiopia was a fantasy never tried before; (b) opposition activists posing on Ethiopia’s lap was fashionable revolutionary defiance of taboos; and (c) sub-national grievances overwhelming and subsequently crowding out the Unionist agenda was unimaginable. Now that these assumptions are dead, leaving three naughty kids that do not look like the parents at all, English language forums and their esteemed writers are stuck wrestling the ghosts.

Conversation in the Arabic language forums, however, is an encrypted exclusive monologue among lowlanders in a way that does not reach out and is, therefore, incapable of making up for the death of English language media. The main dialogue in all Eritrean websites takes place among individuals posing as “hardcore opposition” freelancers distancing themselves from any responsibility towards the organized opposition. English language opposition websites take extra precaution and do not even publish original statements of political organizations (for fear of being misconstrued) and take extra effort to distance themselves from acts of ‘the uneducated commons’ not fit for ‘the elite’. Both Tigrigna and Arabic forums do publish original formal statements of organized groups and individual unassociated “abukato” carry out the covert action always making sure not blow off the ‘educated cool standard’ distance from ‘the mob’. Two things define the “educated cool” standard: (a) conviction that association to ethnic politics is shameful; (b) conviction that only when they intend to do ethnic politics do opposition activists organize and give themselves a name (“yeHfirom”).

The Task

As someone whose membership application in the ELL is still in the air, I will try my best to prove my worth, by assuming the best in this new and very promising initiative that many lowlanders are vowing to make into a success story. In my personal opinion, it is the Tigrigna above the rest who should be most eager for this experiment to succeed. What makes the ELL a critical part of a responsible solution is its rejection of under-table time bombs for “New Eritrea”. We still need to test this presumption and only time will tell if its leadership and activists are up to the challenge. We (all of us) will put the text to the extreme until we figure out whether it is another ostrich in the sand or a new brand of opposition politics in the making. Let us hope that we make it before the disguised Unionists end up castrating the optimistic start.

We have had a bit of an experience, as you may remember, with a few “ostriches” that promised a lot more than the ELL and had a much better chance of success. The first was a group of organizations (theological Islamists and federalists) who called themselves “the Tadamun” and came at the most opportune time that any political adventurer could ever hope for. The opposition was broken, lowlanders were helplessly attentive to anything that could inspire hope, and swarms of land-grabbers were red-handed right in the act of making history. Later we discovered that it was actually “opposition politics” at its best – some guys were looking for votes at an ENCDC conference, got the votes they needed and sneaked out of the deal.

Around the same time, a group of mysterious intellectuals (it could be Mongolian secret service for all I know) declared something called “Covenant” and published a whimper document under the name of an absolute hero in our history. For those who never read the document, 75% of it was explaining and apologizing because some “lowlanders” (the authors) called themselves “lowlanders” (or versions of it), 25% was begging and prostrating for the “chauvinists” (in “No-Name” brand) to have mercy on lowlanders. We all stopped, braced and waited, if there was any more to it. Nothing happened. Several opposition conferences, deep to the ears in Ethiopian stink, passed and we started looking for some “intellectuals” who might have had something in mind or come up with some surprise plan. Nothing happened.

This time the ELL came with the “Wathiqa” which in fact does not say much more than what its predecessor had said in absolute terms but showed signs that are more specific on the lowlander side. At least we know and trust the people here and we have already seen very uplifting activities and unprecedented excitement on the ground. As you might have noticed in the couple of articles, following many of my favorite writers in the Arabic media, I did put a few more words into the mouths of the authors (beyond what the document actually said) because I hope (plus “Hushukhshukh”) that was what they really wanted to say. Trust your instinct and if anyone tells you the Wathiqa or any of its authors wanted to say different, give them the boot. Even if they never said what I said they said, that is what they would have said if it were not for embarrassment from the coffee-shop Unionist friends. Should we let the personal convenience of “shy leaders” dictate our politics? If they insist, then you should know they are actually the disguised Mongolian Unionists mentioned above and another boot please. Remember, we are not playing the “sleeper” in this “cultural revolution” and your job description as an enforcer of this glasnost is to purge the doublethinks out of the ELL and tell them ‘not this time!’

The Mandatory of ELL

The attitude I have described above is the minimum condition for joining anything that has to do with either this ELL and if it is aborted for any reason the next ELL, as it is strictly dishonest to push the disguised Unionist agenda in this new excitement. It is critical for the leaders to appear strong and defiant – not broken and apologetic – against pressures to pull the movement back to the puddle. You may say you do not have to be offensive to appear strong. I say if you are not saying something “offensive” to someone, chances are you are not saying anything that matters to anyone and your silence is as good as your nonsense. If you are one of the adherents of the “educated cool standard” obsessed with the sexy look, or the “ri’esi Akats” who think “sub-national” is a last resort that, Eritreans should only follow after exhausting other options, you are in the wrong time zone. “Sub-national” is where the new Eritrea or any “rights-based” nation building anywhere on this planet must start the brick-by-brick bottom-up process. You MUST assume that debate on the “what” part of the equation is sealed for good by what the ELL Wathiqa represented as an Eritrean citizenship where we (lowlanders) can impose the conditions of our “equality under the law” to the extent that we do not infringe on the equal rights of others.

There are two critical conditions that are necessarily built-in as part of this specification:

  1. Rejection of Trickle-Down Formulae:

The initiative rests on the belief that (as far as lowlanders are concerned) the core challenges causing “inequality under the law” in Eritrea cannot be resolved by simply setting up a democratic regime (with all the “rule of law” and “justice” claims) under or after the fall of the PFDJ. It is a rejection of the conception of “democracy as a trickle-down system of rights” and a move towards the conception of “democracy as a preformatted system of peacefully managing deals among components.” The “preformatted” adjective of democracy is where the ELL resides. Whether you like it or not, “democracy” is neither necessary nor sufficient for a system of managing sub-national grievances to the satisfaction of all to emerge. If any ELL members or leaders actually believe that a democratic regime is capable of delivering “equality under the law” for lowlanders, then they would be playing typical dishonest opposition politics because unless they think you are stupid they would never try to convince you that a fragmented opposition for “democratic change” needs more of the same.

  1. Rejection of Excessive Orientations:

The initiative rests on the assumption that Eritrea is composed of a finite number of ethno-regional components. That is why, it is easy to envision a one-time deal that will structure and set the rules of the game for non-stop free market transactions among an infinite number of combinations of individual preferences, which may range from political orientations to your favorite chewing gums. As per “the sealed what” of the Wathiqa, the ELL’s mandate is strictly limited by the imperatives of reaching a deal with the other components, primarily the Tigrigna, on the parameters of a nation that we (lowlanders) can all call home and nothing more! “Tigrigna” in ELL’s dictionary is not some racist specification of an ethnic group premised on bloodlines but a restricted reference to those who sustain the PFDJ regime as a Tigrigna Supremacist regime.

The Optional of ELL

This is an internal dialogue among members. Please skip if you are not an actual or potential member unless you are interested in the gossip. What follows in this section is optional. I might be wrong in what I am trying to promote and there might be better ways that you know of. Because the “how” is what matters most, it is also the arena of our internal hopefully healthy competition over which orientation or strategy becomes the rule of the game in the operational of the ELL. The intention is to contribute to internal conflict of ideas that is necessary for dynamism.

The “mandatory” of the ELL sounds sweet and you are smiling. Hidden in this conception is one little thing you should know and all ELL “abukatos” should memorize. It is not within the mandate of the ELL to produce “the good citizen” for either this Eritrea in both PFDJ and opposition versions or that Eritrea, which will be born the day the anticipated deal is signed with fellow ethno-regional components.

The good citizen is not the creation of blanket prescriptions of how individuals should behave or what they should believe in. Only God can create humans and once created we should learn to take them as given. Good citizens are those who ask their leaders: “who are you to tell me what to do?” That is why we have Muslim lowlanders and Christian lowlanders, feminist and non-feminist lowlanders, Islamists and communists, nutcases and knuckleheads, pro-opposition and anti-opposition, as well as “nHna nsu” and “nsu nHna” – all of whom are “good citizens” as far as the ELL’s mandate is concerned and as long as they agree that lowlanders deserve equality under the law. The implication of this conception is that under no condition should the ELL or any of its associates behave as a retail outlet for some opposition (or PFDJ) agenda that may represent the personal political preference of some gang of its leaders or members. The tendency (if any) to piggyback the agenda of opposition organizations or their coalitions including the ENCDC to the ELL initiative must stop immediately or put on hold until an inclusive conference mandates the specifics. Thank You!

Now that we are done with the ELF series of organizations that obliterated the lowlands polity into endless tribal and clan divisions, I do not think it is a smart idea to trigger a new ELL1, ELL2 and ELL3 series. The sad reality is that, political orientation in Eritrea – including the broad division into opposition and government camps – is not a random grievance-based distribution. Especially in the case of lowlanders, political affiliation follows tribal and clan lines and mimics the positions of respected dignitaries (some of who may support or oppose the PFDJ) in local communities. Building political mobilization on inferences and presumptions of the position of individual grassroots without accounting for the impact of opinion makers whose role in the rational community is to aggregate individual preferences is a post-dated license to failure.

Example: say we go door to door asking grown-up and able Eritreans if they agree for the PFDJ regime to be removed. We find out that 99%”strongly supported” the idea and 98% demanded that after being removed, PFDJ leadership be handed to them for crushing. If you decided to start an organization to remove the PFDJ, what proportion of the ones you polled do you guess would show up and enlist to die for the noble goal under your leadership? The answer is “none” because it is the 1% who said “strongly disagree” who take the role of aggregating the votes of the 99% in operationalizing them into political action on the ground. That is where the opposition is wrong. The moral principle that no “good citizen” will be able to skip is that avoiding “worse” take precedence over generating “better”. The “good = bad” (neutral gear) point of departure is always today’s situation. Even if it is hell today (as it actually is in Eritrea), it is still the “neutral gear” point of moral reference. You cannot convince people on “today is horrible” because “worse” and “better” are about tomorrow and tomorrow is about the extent to which they trust you will deliver as promised.

The Method

The secret that you may not have thought of before is that no bloodshed at all – not a drop of blood – is required to end Tigrigna ethnic supremacy in Eritrea, while it is virtually impossible to effect “democratic change” through revolution without destroying the state of Eritrea and a lot of bloodshed. Focusing the struggle on a specific set of people, who happen to be Tigrigna, doing things that the majority of Eritreans (including Tigrignas) consider as disgusting and wrong unleashes the powerful weapon of “shaming ethnic fanatics” invented and perfected during the armed struggle. The premise that fuels the destructive capacity of shaming as a political weapon rests on the presumption of good in others. On the surface, the thing may look rough, ugly and offensive. In essence, the message that every Tigrigna who does not subscribe to the sickness would take is this: “you are too good to let those stinky supremacists continue to abuse your fellow citizens.” If you meet any Tigrigna who gets a different message, he is definitely sick.

Every political organization, which was destroyed by another organization during the armed struggle, was first successfully branded as an organization of some ethnic fanatics. I am challenging you to find a counter-example. Where this label stuck in people’s heads, the opponent was gone usually within weeks. For some reason, religious labeling does not seem to work. It did not work when “niHnan Elamanan” labeled the ELF as “Islamic”, when the ELF labeled the EPLF as “Christian”, and for a quarter of a century when both secular and theological Islamists labeled the PFDJ as “Christian”. The “Yemin” (Muslim) label might have worked on handfuls of activists but their movements never died and they did come back much stronger.

Today, as we are labeling the PFDJ into a “Tigrigna fanatic”, so many have threatened or tried to counter-mobilize the Tigrigna. It will never work because in the court of public opinion of the most descent nation on earth, Eritrea, where you are accused with a crime, you first have to be cleared of your label as “possible criminal” before you are allowed to accuse others. The only and the shortest way to defeat the PFDJ – excepting “Acts of God” – is by branding it as an organization of ethnic fanatics. We have plenty of evidence to prove beyond doubt to all Eritreans that the PFDJ is what it is – a Neo-Nazi Gang. You may use this weapon and take us through the shortcut for a radical change that is good for every Eritrean (Tigrigna and non-Tigrigna alike). Evade this shortcut and you will end up in the garbage bin of bankrupt opposition organizations in Ethiopia shopping for hired hit men to destroy your own country. It is your call!

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  • selam

    Fair play is lost when common sense is defeated by the theory of Frankenstein rule.

  • Ted

    The article criticized the English and Tigrigna authors as repetitive and uninspired. I think, it it is absurd. I don’t get what he meant, the language or the people who use the language. Unless the author is Reshaida ethnic origin , he is using a borrowed language(Arabic) as any one of us who uses English. Speaking of labeling, which the author is guilty of in every other sentences of the article, he disapproves any labeling of political organization from the fact ELF as Muslim and EPLF as Christian because it didn’t work. I agree. Where did this ” Today, as we are labeling the PFDJ into a “Tigrigna fanatic”…………We have plenty of evidence to prove beyond doubt to all Eritreans that the PFDJ is what it is – a Neo-Nazi Gang.” come from? In my book, it is the worst form of labeling. The irony is he wasted his time in English to “Coalitions of “halelew” and “inkililo” experts” .

    • selam

      It would be far bad if he wrote in arabic because in arabic websites , i mean eritrean arabic websites there are no weyane cronies or any like that so there is no message that will pass. Because what you have in the arabic website is Eritreans who put their point of view no more no less. In the english websites there are so many cronies from both sides , i mean HGDEF and WEYANE.
      I hope this post will not be deleted i guess.

    • Solomon Haile

      Selam Ted,
      I just want to jump in a swing pool in the shape of a. As well as shouting “canon ball” In American history for example, “pig”… This is when I head Younis’: You probably want to meditate because…” Reread and reconsider Ali Salim’s Dreams and Nightmares. Within context, Ali is right when he says you probably have done something wrong and… I should not include my self, delusionaly I may add, into either (sigma standard deviation) extreams, elites/depleted s… because of the mother tongue… My point ELL reminds of American history usage of the word “pigs” when used by the deprivation of the inalienable rights of congregation and … Expression … And…. Staying within the LAW- international or otherwise… I reserve the right to emphatically state I am a Tigrigna Lander. So while I would use a military term “About Face” rather than u temples… I shall now for clarity state meditate and re read Ali Salim’s ELL so that as he warned it does not become about me or Ali Salim. Deductive logic and existential circumstance of the collective however –> double look or simplification of “opposition,liability,..) And gates and non normal distribution curves rather…chi^ … To Adi QonTsi and beyond. Pardon my gibirish. Solo

  • selam

    Dear Awate,com moderator , I am appealing to you i mean yes to you. To open my account which is under my name SELAM. would you do that , as i am using some one account.

    First it is not that i hurt some one , if you can read the comments from our neighbors towards me they are equally even i mean bad . No matter what and how they try to explain the end result was insulting , so i urge you to open my account as you hold it banned under your regulations . Would you do that.

    At the end i want to thank you for not jumping after tigraionline.com , awarama.com and all the trash websites they have.
    Thanks for holding the gold standard.

    • selam

      still my acount is banned , can you release it. You said you will

  • T..T.

    Canada’s Nevsun Bisha reassesses and speaks out:

    What at first was considered minor damage as the consequence of the vandalism is now recognized as something that needs complete replacement of the plant. The cause of the damage remains undetected for up to 99% because there were distant and near explosions.

    There were unaccounted people or reported as missing but thanks to dedicated employees who snatched them back to safety from those associated with criminal agents licensed by the Eritrean government, who were intending to send the missing personnel to disappearance and hold them for ransom.

    Score: Company speaks, government does not.

    • dawit

      Your Source? Awramba?

    • selam

      Reporting the truth is an important goal for professional journalists whose reputation depends on it.A number of countries around the world prohibit the dissemination of false information, even if it is not defamatory in nature.But
      open lies still have a lot of work in Ethiopian open democracy , why is that , I hope you T.T will give us a good reply.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Friends! why do we ignore the above article ? I am sure Ali didn’t write such type of article without thinking a lot to put his ideas taking care of every world,phrase and sentence. No that is not fair. This article is written by Ali Salim Not Nitriccay.

    Dear Ali salm, I have to read more than 3 times (you know I am very slow to understand). But this time I was trying find something to agree with, just to find failed badly. lucky me, 1- I never agree with someone who blame without evidence. 2-I never agree with those who try to demoralize the revolutionary. 3- I believe the enemy of enemy is not always a friend as the friend of a friend is not always a friend.
    but let me accept one truth- you are great challenger.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hi Kokhobay,

      The the three principles you laid down in your comment, you ought to “hold them as true”(and they are”, and they will take you all the way to your homeland. Good recognition on your side to the fact. You have them brother.

      Amanuel Hidrat

    • Mizaan

      KS, you agreed with him actually because he said “English language forums and their esteemed writers are stuck wrestling the ghosts.” As you noted as well, people are ignoring the heavy weight subjects he raised and we are all talking about some useless things. AH invited us to comment on the article but the focus is elsewhere. Mahmoud Saleh and Hayat Adem have page long commentary’s on their observations of Nitricc.

      A couple days ago, I was a total loss reading an article here because people were commenting about Bisha bombing but the article was about Hamdan and his lies. I was trying to connect the dots and I blamed AT in my heart for how poorly they wrote the article only to find out later that Hamdan and Bisha had nothing to do with each other, or I think that is the case.

      So it would be very nice if people can debate the articles. If there is nothing worth debating about the article, that is good because then the AT people may take a quick nap.

      • Kokhob Selam


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear all;
    Honestly, it was one of a kind weekend.
    1. My first son graduated from college, after four blood-sucking years; we did a long drive followed by a house party…it was rejuvenating. Thanks Semere, Fnote Selam, Abi and Rahwa. That’s all about good news of the past week end.
    2. Nitricc got smacked, not once but more than twice. No doubt many have celebrated it. It’s unfair. The young man was abused and pushed by some smooth-talking folks; others using more vulgar and abrasive languages. This man was concerned about Dedebit-originated defamatory and derogatory languages and behaviors which clearly targeted Eritrea and its people. They called us deformed people with artificial identity; they called foreign invasion upon us; yet they are now partying as if this venerable website belongs to them more than it does to a young Eritrean man who felt anxious by their intrusive, abrasive and destructive behavior aimed at the core of Eritrean identity and sacrifices. The people of Tigray are proud neighbors and we will live along their northern border with peace once these war and hatemongers are defeated. This individuals don’t represent Tigray masses, and even not the historic TPLF.I do have respect for those Ethiopians who are discussing openly here, stating clearly who they are; and I respect their views. I know who they are and I don’t expect them to be more than who they are; they are the scouts testing Eritreans’ endurance, signs of what to come in the future if the current government in Meqele (that’s were the center of gravity is) doesn’t change its calculation. So, what’s wrong if nitric describes those who are in Eritrean skin as dedebitawyan if deep in their psyche and heart they dream the disintegration of Eritrea? Why should questioning one’s identity be a banning call for someone as energetic as Nitrickay? This young man was called every denigrating names and, sadly, I did not read warnings of moderators telling the other side to stop their harsh treatment akin to mob style vilification of this young man who has only one weakness- an extreme fear of TPLF lead Ethiopian policy towards his country of Origin.
    – Why should questioning once loyalty (dedebit) be a banning factor? Am I not told of Sahel…nakfa borne thinking, etc.
    – Why suspecting some one as a paid agent be a banning cause? Haven’t I been called A chauvinist? Haven’t I been told chauvinism is equated to upholding the ideals of tegadalai? Was not I called a pfdjite?
    Yes, rude and rough language should be banned; anything that generalizes ethic groups…religions…should be warned, but not calling a political commentator who she/he is.
    3. We have been reading bogus reports and exaggerations… analysis of how strong Emama Ethiopia has become as if air raiding an undefended area is a big deal; that’s without going into how ill-informed the people who were doing all the “plannings’ and “what comes next” type of analysis are. Hayat Adem, the person poor nitric was warned of telling her that she was working for the destruction of his country, actually wanted that the “air raid” was not enough. She always called for an all-out war. This is a person who has not experienced a single night in the horror of war. Yet she always pushes the kids to die for her. Yes, she is known for her unofficial role as the spokes person of the warmongering elite of Ethiopia. What’s wrong calling her who she is?
    The man who shone out during the weekend debates is tes. Now, this is the puzzle for Gual Adem and Co: if they could not win tes, a man who is known for equating PFDJ with the Nazi, who do they think they will win? Is it because of this that they have given up on their people?
    Sensible people would have highlighted the following:
    a/ If indeed it happen (and I have concrete evidence it did not happen the way it was reported), it’s an unprovoked act of war.
    b/ In the meantime, when both governments didn’t comment on it, it should have been handled that way. Thanks to technology, today, anyone can call anywhere in the vicinities and get exactly what happened. You may even have folks who work there and other connections; you don’t need to go banana. Aigaforum hailed it as an act that would put Ethiopia to the ranks of Israel and America. Really? How difficult is it targeting a huge site? How difficult is it to import navigation and targeting tools? Ethiopia is that backward? And this is in attacking a country that lacks effective air defense, an early warning systems…thanks to the crippling sanctions. Why is all that zeraf..zeraf? Wasn’t Mengstu penetrating a better defended liberated area? Forget about it. It just tells you the qualities of minds we are debating. Of course, they all got it wrong.
    c. The focus should have been put on preventing a tit-for-tat pattern where things could go out of control. For those politically motivated, drooling for power, they can entertain the images of carnage, and the fragmentation of a nation as long as that gets them to Asmara. Yet a great majority are exhausted of this scenes and they are kin to see better scenarios of effecting change. Not through the death and sweats of the poor and the young, anymore. You want to do it that way, go do it.
    This has been in tribute to the one and only one Nitrickay, and I will observe a semi-silent mode until this young man comes back. Unless, cousin Hope’s Dx hits me; How many times did he say he was gone for good?

    • Semere Andom

      Dear Mahmud:
      Again congratulations about the success that the family you co-head (I know sal’s rsearch shows that the woman is the head of the Eritrean household and the man is ceremonial just for the WeliE Ele :-)) has acquired. I can imagine you were absent minded during the commencement speech as your mind darted to your treks under the back breaking Sahel trenches so the future generations will not go through it.
      Oh Nitricc: he was not banned, he did not like the rules, it is ironic given his field and his passion for commitment and sacrifices for the cause you believe in. His insulting comments were deleted and he wanted to revoke someone’s identity because they disagreed with them and you should discourage that. I believe that Hayat is Eritrean, yes I did not see her ID card or I do not know if she voted no or yes in the referendum , I believe that she has a love for Eritrea but I do not agree with her for Ethiopia to effect regime change in a vacuum—without the opposition is ready as that could mean occupying Eritrea. But I as you know my pre-condition to get the help from Ethiopia.
      I think all Eritreans want to keep Eritrea separate from Ethiopia, but those of us who see the danger PFDJ poses to make that dream disappear into the ether see nothing wrong with the help. The worst thing would be for Ethiopia to keep the status quo and clandestinely help some useless (not government quality) armed groups to slowly destroy the PFDJ that is in the verge of collapse and then we end up fighting each other for power and in the process making Eritea a text book failed state and a hide out for Islamic terrorists from Yemen and other places.
      The exchange with Nitriccs should not have gone that low, but if he is doing it with Serray, with Yodita, with Hayat with Emma and Sem and with many many others then who is at fault? you seem to blame the rest of us. I think Nitricc will behave in one condition and for that to happen I recommend that AT bans the following people: Sem A, Hayat, Serrray (if he decides to show up). Nitricc will be very responsible when these Dedebitans are gone

    • Kokhob Selam

      Mahmuday, congratulation,

      But today you are supposed to take rest and by that complete rest. you are suppose to threw every electronic item, the keyboard and the stupid box attached to it (the CPU). I want to see the well balanced Mahmuday struggling to be good to every side which I couldn’t and never will.

      unfortunately, you have been missing awat dot com and you were in hurry to write which wasn’t you. it seems Mahamuday is lost somewhere in his child exam…Lol. just lough and pass this one.

      you know, Mahmuday the world is round they said “al gred yahkum b’ayamu” – the monkey should lead when his time come – ether the lion or the monkey that is for us to go through and test the journey of being governed. the wise is the one who enjoy the reality even standing alone and suffering.

      in your today’s post you have lost some of your qualities which I never expect. for me you are higher than that all and I want to learn form you a lot. Nitrickay ? I want also to see his posts always ጠስምን መዓርን እንድዮ ዝለኽየኒ !!
      but don’t worry awate team will not let him down. in fact I want to post against all opposition and become PFDJ on this site if he is not appearing very soon strong like before. who do we have here to talk with more than Nitricc ቅድሚኡን በጅኡን ይስጠሓኒ ! do you say are you sure Kokhob well our Jeberties use to swear “LAH MEL KURUF YEBL’ANI” and now really LAH MEL KURUF YEBL’ANI.

    • guest

      Brother Mahmud Saleh.
      Mashaallah and mabrook to your son and family. May Allah bless your household and protect you from evil eyes. AMEEN

    • sara

      alf -mabrook to you, your family and of course to eritrea.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Selam Mahmud;

      Congratulations to your son, yourself and the rest of your family on the achievement and graduation of your son. I wish him all success in his next career.

    • saay7

      Hala Mahmouday:

      Congrats on the college-graduation of your son! Hope his siblings follow in his path and make dad proud.

      On your other son, Nitricc “ane Haw Selass”, I am afraid he is acting a bit “toothless.” The memrHi from Halefti was a common-sense message from the moderators trying to make sure the forum doesn’t descend into total anarchy. He needs to do minor retooling and come back. He is one of the few who forcefully tells people he admires greatly (including Isaias Afwerki and his party) how and why they are wrong. Many of Nitriccs critics haven’t made even a quarter of that journey: they are still repeating the talking points of their beloved vanguards, whether ELF, EPLF or TPLF.


    • Hayat Adem

      1) Congratulations on the college success of your son.
      2) Why would you be even lying on this small issue of Nitricc? You said he was banned. He was not. He was asked to respect certain rules which are out there for all of us. Then he threatened to exit. The forum moderators appealed to him to stay around. You advised him to just observe the rules and not call it a quit. if so, why do you present it here as if he was banned?
      3) It is the rule of the forum, not mine. I’ve never asked the forum to stop Nitricc from calling me dedebit or agame or adigrat, or paid attendant. The truth is I never felt irritated by his call outs. For me, he is a zero-impact person. As much as i don’t miss him I don’t also mind his presence. But I’m not here to lobby for change of rules. I’m here to observe and respect them whenever they are communicated and known to me.
      4) You said Nitricc has been abused. Interesting take! How exactly was he abused? Yes, he was very vulnerable. That is why he has spent most of his time goofing around and attacking everyone. But that is a weakness he brought from home. If he didn’t get his immunity from home, his last hope was to get it from his mentors. He should have been told to be patient to learn and listen more than honing and horning in, to substantiate allegations or refrain from advancing them, to be decent in his language and lessening of his lies. You failed him, as a mentor, in sense you didn’t help him get the right tools. You praised him as a fighter while he is a quitter. You praised him as a truth-teller, while he was not even close enough. You used him as a mere cannon fodder to say nasty things you yourself don’t want to say.
      4) Please stop misleading people here. The truth is you are not more loyal guard to the good of Eritreans than me just because you were tegadalay or because you love ghedli, eplf, and PFDJ than I do. We simply different understandings. The difference is I try to show you how wrong you are by arguing. You try to silence me by going to non-issues such as I’m a sellout or dedebit or half-blooded.
      5) I didn’t cheer up the raid. Because it is not what I’ve in mind as the best way to deal with our situation. If it happened, it was not meant to help Eritreans. Why I need Ethiopian intervention is not for sake of punishing PFDJ. It is for the sake of solving Eritrean problem. This raid, if it happened (it seems there was some kind of event, no clue how big) is not based on Eritrean interest and I’ve a fear it might even complicate the problem and add more misery.

      • Mizaan

        Hayat ADEM,

        Your comment above will bring back Nitricc. But Mahmoud Saleh may claim all the credit and rewards.

        • Hayat Adem

          Mahmuday must know something that he sounds hopeless about his return and started blaming others for Nitricc’s exit. Saay affectionately said about him that he was acting “toothless” using Nitricc’s favorite signature. But I am reading a lot of love and sympathy from members for Nitricc unexpectedly since his departure. People started missing him already. Actually, he tried to come back through the back door a couple of times but the gate keeper told him to come walking on the lighted street. My feeling is Nitricc has gone for good. But if I’m wrong and he comes back, he will be more of bearish and less bullish; and if I’m still wrong and he comes back intact and toothy Nitricc as we know him, I’m used to and immune to him. All is well with me of him.

    • Ted

      Mahmud, Congrat, congrat congrat,

      ” Is it because of this that they have given up on their people? very true. tes was saying the right thing in that respect.. It is natural for Nitricc to be offended when these malicious hired guns spew their venomous rant against the people he loves, who wouldn’t. Nitricc shed your skin and come back with a thicker one.

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Hello Mahmuday,

      Congratulation on the success of your son. There is nothing that make parents more happy than the success of their kids, I can see from distant your “Fegegta Getseka”. I wish you, his sibling will follow suit.

    • tes

      Dear Mahmuday,

      First of all CONGRATULATIONS a million plus times. Good fathers are nurture good children and achievement is a measure. I am so happy and sending to your son and your whole family a bunch of flowers. And here is a song to your son:


      On the other talk, about Chauvinism, you mistreated it. It is not attached with the ideals of tegadalai, but with an intention to legitimize the power based on merit of past achievements, like what PFDJ introduced the “Yikealo-Warsay relationship” – the master-slave relationship. Let’s have a short visit to Putin’s Russia to understand what it looks like.

      On the other aspect, man, I am not fighting to enslave my people but to liberate. I am fighting for FREEDOM from the dictatorial system we have. I am not fighting to replace with other type of killers, the killers that I know very well, Ethiopia. I know what it will be the day Ethiopia lands to my country.

      People like Hayat Adem are war mongers and they like blood. They are vampires and hence Ethiopian intervention for them is to satisfy their blood thirsty belly.

      People like Semere A. look as if they lost any hope for the defeat of PFDJ. They are of no shame to bless killers as they believe that the people left after is enough to be admnistered. Their hate to PFDJ by default extends to the people.

      Dear Semere A., I know PFDJ is a hateful junta but to bless other coutries to invade your own sovereign country makes your equally guilty as that of PFDJ. If you are a man, fight to death. Don’t hide behind the comfort sofa and encourage killers to invade Eritrea. PFDJ will go, JUST don’t give-up. I encourage you to gather your energy and fight against the system not against the people. PFDJ system is an ideology, and ideology can only be fought through its counter-ideology.

      Dear Mahmud Saleh, I love my people and I don’t want a single blood to come out again. We bleeded more than Enough.

      Here is what I wrote today in FB and I found it perfectly matching my approach for fighting against PFDJ.

      “Under no circumstances do/will I support any external aggression towards any country of the world and particularly my home country-Eritrea and its people. Systems come and go but people have been there and will be there as far as human being exists. If the people of Eritrea think the system they are in is incapable of representing them, let them pay the price and over throw it. If they are not ready to pay the price and bring the change that is needed, let them face it. Because the consequences of enforced changes could be worst than what we think or imagine. “It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free” Niccolo Machiavelli”

      Source FB friends share.


      ++ Invitation to only one but is open to all applicants

      On this occasion, I would like to invite (seriously) one from the Awate Forumers to my graduation day that will be held in September 2015, in Milano, Italy. If anyone of you is interested, let me know and I will send you an invitation letter for your VISA processing.

      — I am inviting because Awate Forumers are now part of my family and is an expression of my LOVE no matter how bitter political differences we have. Ideas fight ideas but FRIENDSHIP keeps those ideas together.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Congratulations, and thanks for the invitation.
        Dear AT and all those of you who extended your congratulations on my son’s graduation, thanks a lot.

      • Hope

        huhuh Prof Tes,
        I will be in London, Oslo, Frankfurt ,Geneva and Zurich in September—-what a coincidence.!
        Hope to see you then–

        • tes

          Dear Hope

          Warmly invited then. You are welcome and keep in touch.


      • Semere Andom

        Dear Tes:

        I think you were hanging out with hope, you are mimicking his “if you are a man and if you have courage lines.” 😉

        I admit that your position of Eritrean problems must be solved only by Eritreans is the popular feeling, but it is mendacious and dangerous and to advocate contrary to it will brand someone as anti-Eritreans. Your mendacious slogan will give you embraces from the vast majority of Eritreans just like romanticising Ghedli, but it has no truth for reason I have stipulated before and what Emma asked you to disprove, “Eritrean armed struggle was victorious when Eritrean did the heavy lifting, owned the vision and got support from outsiders, both financial and military.” Instead of disproving that you opted for tirades. The offer is still open to prove it, take your time, but do not take as long as what it took for Fermat’s Enigma to be proved:)

        “Eritrean problems only by Eritreans” is crowd think, while being part of crowd give one comfort, safety and sense of belongings the danger is crowds get massacred too.

        I am not calling for Ethiopia to go invade Eritrea, oust PFDJ for us and occupy us. Is this clear?

        I am telling you dismantling every PFDJ tentacle, economic, spying apparatus by whoever has the wherewithal is good. This is taken from Ghedli, our Ghedli never targeted Ethiopian civilians, but attacked airports, banks, prisons. True or false?

        If the Bisha incident is true, I have no problem with it, I do not consider it an attack on Eritrea’s wealth or sovereignty except for the smarmily ignorant, PFDJ is extracting the wealth and using the money to repress, suppress and murder people. The attack on Bisha is something that the armed groups should have done before and the project should not have taken off in the first place. What is wrong with disabling the tools of that are stealing our wealth, namely Nevsun, PFDJ and the machinery?

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Semere,

          Well said in a nutshell to those who demand courage when they themselves haven’t the stamina of courage to show off. But………….But, Isn’t it an irony to demand courage from those who were there before them, when courage was demanded and have given everything they were demanded? The courage is demanded now form those who were not there, but have the audacity to give us a lecture about courage, to secure the sovereignty of our nation and extricate our people from the grip of the despot and his party, who became the sole culprits of all of our ills. Ask them to show themselves before asking to others especially to those who have been there.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • tes

            Dear Amanuel Hidrat,

            My respect to you remains as it is. But, I see a flaw in your lines. Do you want to join the Koboro war junkies? If it worked, those opposition who channeled themselves behind Ethiopian invasion of the 1998-2000 could have succeeded if blessing for invaders was enough by itself. An opposition is not one that comes within the package. Ethiopian invasion is not for our problems but for their own problems. If we are going to solve our problems, lets come to the forefront and fight. Blessing is guiltness.

            We are opposing PFDJ supposrters not because they are PFDJ but because they are koboro junkies for what PFDJ does.

            Even Hayat Adem refrained hereself from being a koboro war junkies. This glorifies Hayat’s political stand. She is not after and taking opportunities but calls an open help from Ethiopia to intervene in Eritrea. This is political purity. But Semere A is coming from nowhere and bites the drum heavily simply because Ethiopia take action for her own strategic interest. Even he didn’t ask, why forget respcting the international norms.

            Dear Amanuel, you are a respected man. Kepp that value.Coming and being an active observer of the koboro war junkies is against your values. If you respect law, simply respect it. If not, injustice has never brought justice and you know more than anybody this unless you are in the last stage of losing your more than 4 decades hope for an ABSOLUTEFREEDOM.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dearest tes,
            your permission to say a word please,

            I don’t see any single person who allowed the military interference of Ethiopia. But I see you repeating the same. Amunuel was always against every external military support since our national struggle days. for your information I know this gentle man personally and I am sure he has some information about me and we have been challenging such type of dirty politics in the field. we know very well how politics works in tactic and principle. and as we said the TPLF interference in our national conflicts didn’t serve and as the result Bademe and all the stories of today are faced. that is the worst crime EPLF leadership has committed and the price has been paid by our people also by the leadership of those day – see what is happening to them one by one.

            Semere didn’t say he support, nor Hayat said so. What so far I read is to use logistical service from Ethiopian government. No party or individual has supported such Idea. even I don’t believe Ethiopian government will think of it. they don’t have to do or think about it simply they can jump do it themselves if they need and are sure of the result.

            I know why PFDJ supporters and reformers exaggerate and blame the Idea of getting logistical support but what I don’t know is why you are repeating the same PFDJ and reformers tactical words against the real change makers. please help .

          • tes

            Dear KS,

            I never said Amanuel supported. I clearly stated his values which I have much respect and to keep that. I respectfully called him to be strong as before no matter how hopeless the opposition may look like.

            But concerning Semere A, man, I will leave to the public. Logistics is different and blessing other’s action is different. Are you trying to protect him? I am on a single issue and better not intervene.

            Concerning Hayat Adem, dear Kokhob Selam, are you ok this evening?

            For your last statements, for repeating tones of PFDJites and reformers, man, you know my lines. Don’t go that low. If it is for peace that you are doing, ok, I can see your positive moderation, ዓገብ “ከምኡ ዘይበሃል፣ ኣይትትረር እንተበልካ ጽቡቕ’ዶ ምስ ኮነ ሓቀይ?”። ናይ ወራዙት ዘረባ’ዩ ነሩ።


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Tes,

            you must know I don’t ask such questions to someone I have no hope and is really PFDJ supporter and reformist. I ask because I believe your are among who want to see real democratic Eritrea and to see horn in peace. so don’t be disappointed.

            so let me say it again the way you want me to say it… ከምኡ ዘይበሃል፣ ኣይትትረር ። :: please smile !

          • tes

            Dear KS,

            if that is so, I accept with a pre-requisite again. Eritrean sovereignity should always be our reference for our struggle to bring justice back home and everywhere in the world.

            Even world powers go in front of the international community to make their case accepted before they attack any country. They go for attack always after agreement reached is not true but at least it comes to the world attention. There is no doubt that PFDJ is a terrorist regime but the world should be convinced and proof from all dimensions. Only then the sovereignity issue can be questioned till the accused ends. But a single country to take action for its own interest is illegal and unacceptable.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,

            take my word and record , If Eritrean sovereignty will be touched, the main cause will be PFDJ. the present of PFDJ only put Eritrean in danger. and every single pass, Eritrean nationalism is going down. but someone has to take responsibility and should not expect any change from the PFDJ.

        • tes

          Dear Semere A.,

          First of all, I am not against asking financial help, asking a place as a base like that. My take on Eritrean problems by Eritreans themselves is very clear: respecting Eritrean sovereingity as it is and no country to country intervention, we as Eritreans can launch our mission from a place that is conveninient for us. If Ethiopia allows, as it has already, well and good. From all dimensions and from all directions, we have to attack PFDJ including destroying its basic econonomic institutions.

          What I oppose is, when another country interfers in our problems.

          If PFDJ is arming rebel groups and if he considered as a terrorist funding junta, those based in Ethiopia are also considered as terrorists funded by the hosting government. These days, Ethiopia is hosting a number of armed and unarmed opposition groups targeting PFDJ. PFDJ considers them as “terrorists”. On the other hand, PFDJ hosts a number of armed opposition groups who fight against Ethiopian government and hence PFDJ is funding terrorist groups. To recap, from the other perspective definition, both are terrorist funding regimes.

          First, I would like to ask you that, are these opposition groups see themselves as terrorists? We Eritreans, who are stationed in Ethiopia, see ourselves as justice seekers who oppose the dictatorial system in Asmara and we fight against it. We don’t see ourselves as terrorists.

          The same on the other hand, Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Eritrea see themselves the same as we do for ourselves.

          This being on how each group see itself,

          Suppose, Ethiopia destroys the port of Massawa and already it has done recently to Bisha mining center. And the reason given is because “Eritrea funds terrorist groups”.

          As a counter action, suppose, Eritrea destroys one economic center, like that of the Grand Dam project, or like big factory situated in Tigray. And the reason given is because Ethiopia is arming terrorist groups.

          For the time being, lets forget what will follow next.

          Then, who did wrong in attacking the other?

          I know you will come up with the incapability of PFDJ regime to take such measures. I want to tell you, don’t under-estimate your enemy. PFDJ is worst of all enemies. he can turn into ashes for what ever he wants no matter what the consequence is. And I am quite sure the revenge will be 10 folds as that of Bisha. In fact, already, a measure must have been taken inside Ethiopia and what Ethiopia did is probably a counter-attack. But PFDJ will not do it directly but indirectly. You know the means. Ethiopia is foolish to take such open measures against a sovereign country.

          Therefore, what has been taken is not to our objective. It is a counter-attack between two soverign countries and I oppose


          A wise advice to Ethiopian government: If you don’t want PFDJ to arm terrorist groups (as you call them but they never call themselves as such), stop arming the Eritrean opposition groups as we are terrorists in the eyes of PFDJ (we don’t call ourselves as terrorists and we are not but PFDJ calls us as such). We the opposition are not there to you but for ourselves, for our own problems. But I call you to give us a base no matter how harsh measures will be taken against you for your kind help for the oppressed people.

          A message to PFDJ: We the opposition groups residing in Ethiopia are not terrorists but justice seekers. We are fighting to dismantle your system as it is against our basic survival. Ethiopians are allowing us their land and financing us not because they are safe but at the cost of their sovereignity. We will fight you inside our own land but Ethiopia will be our strategic place until we hold a place inside our country.


          Dear Semere A., you asked me to disproof a flaw statement. I have little interest to disproof a statement which is said when a man falls into lame excuses and lost all hope from his people. What made me conscious about that statement is more than I ever imagined. I will refrain from putting more sentences about it but it is a good indication why we are as we are now.

          Semere Andom, I have never oppposed any financial help from any willing government or organization. In fact, last year, I was putting my proposal to take a loan from the world bank or any willing force. I put that to be independent on our financial resources. If we have money, every place is convenient to take serious measures against PFDJ system.

          I am not a man who simply prays to remove a system. All measures are on a table. For this, I commend all actions taken by Eritrean oppistion groups, be them inside Eritrea, in Ethiopia or any where else. I commend all websites, activists, parties, human right activists, etc, who are fighting to let PFDJ to be weeded-out.

          Therefore, my statement regarding “Eritrean problems by Eritrean themselves” is not a of the crowds but a sovereignity based approach. Mind you though, I am not in doubt of my country sovereignity. It is according to International treaties: Nations should not attack nations. If I am against this international treaty, then call me a naive person. At the same time, I am not dump to state, “A country does not attack another country”. My take is, if it attacks, it is against sovereign law treaty and is condemned by law.

          On the other hand, according to international treaties, “no country should arm terrorist groups”. But, my simple question is, who is the terrorist?

          It is an open secret that PFDJ funds terrorist groups. Terrorists are against everyone. And must be condemned and all necessary legal actions must be taken against. For this, PFDJ government is sanctioned two times and is under sanctioned. Ethiopia is number one to to go the UNSC and accuse PFDJ. As it is an open secret, UNSC council passed a rule that sanctions this regime.

          But the UNSC didn’t pass the sanction because PFDJ funds terrorists that mainly targets Ethiopia but the international community, the Al-shabab. No mention is there accusing PFDJ for arming Ethiopian opposition groups. And hence, PFDJ is free of such accusations and so is Ethiopia.

          The assumption I did above, concerning, both countries arm terrorist groups (Eritrean opposition force residing in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian opposition groups residing in Eritrea) is not yet acceptable by the international community as such.

          This being the counter argument, let’s come back to you.

          Unlike Hayat Adem, you are not calling Ethiopia to intervene in Eritrea. In fact, Hayat is a brave lady to call such openly. But you are blessing the action taken by Ethiopia, uplouder, መጣቓዒ ወዳሲ ኮንካ ተርፊካ, similar to Koboro war jankies but not for PFDJ but to Ethiopian actions. Worse, you came with your economic tool to tell me to apply an economic profit margin with minor errors. Shame on you. We are talking here about “Life” not about money. We all know what war is and we can not make profit analyis. But, but, if it happens, no choice and no calculations, just we go into war.

          Your blind opportunism comes, as a prominent koboro war junkie you are, you want to come after Ethiopia, when they destroy everything and kill everybody and administer the “No-man’s Land”. How guilty you are dear Semere?

          Dear Semere, your extreme hate to PFDJ is making you an irrational kobor war junkie. You could have applied a simple logic of what a sovereign state is and how it is treated according to international laws.

          Some high lights


          And if you have time though you are busy with your koboro war junkie mood.


          Last, if you are fighting for justice, do justice.

          Saying this, I will be available around for more string rebuff if you are not satisfied.


          ++ Dear AT, I want you to be a little bit patient until I finish with Semere A, the new koboro war junkie. I want to teach him what a sovereign state is.

          ++ Dear Semere A., our friendship is still alive. Sometimes politics gets sour. Just take it in this way.

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam Mahmud Saleh,
      Congratulations is in order on your son’s graduation.
      Your “vast” statement today have gone a little too far at times for me to agree with you whole heartedly. Setting those aside, I wanted to focus on your central note, Nitricc.
      As you might have noticed in the past, me and Nitricc are not the best of friends, but were not enemies either. I chose after some attempts on my part not to respond to his excesses. Let me confess to you that of all the notables I came across at Awate the two people I don’t mind having beer with are Nitricc and Hope. We have of course to exclude Eth./Eri politics and religion from our conversations.
      Nitricc comes with an abundant sense of humor. His occasional addressing of some high sounding commentators or PHDs by stating first as “you are not very smart, are you?” almost always cracked me up. I cannot forget once out of the blue he , tongue in cheek, introduced us to his “new girl friend” picture with beer bottle lids as ornament.
      I guess, I can equate him with a sort of chemical compound, salt, (chew) I like just enough not too much.
      As a political person I think of Nitricc as the “red neck” version of Mr. SAAY. He deeply cares about the core story of Eritrea he wants to preserve no matter what and is very protective of it.
      I hope he, Nitricc, realizes that the owners who are engaged in a very serious matter genuinely like him and want him to stay with a little consideration to them. They cannot write a guideline that ends with except Nitricc. (I hope he never changes his nick either) If everybody becomes like Nitricc most of us will not be here to access knowledge and ideas from the participants of Awate University.

    • Saleh Johar

      Ahlan Mahmoud, I know the feeling, you must be very happy, deservedly. It is not only your son who graduated, you also did as parents. Congratulations.

      It seems you were away for too long because you came back and jumped in hastily–maybe it is the graduation excitement. It is understandable.

      Nitric has been on this forum since its inception. I know him for the last dozen years or so. As such, he has invested in Awate Forum enough to claim ownership. However, administering this forum is not easy and you can attest to that. The biggest disappointment is when mature people chose not to control themselves and unnecessarily increase the workload on the moderators.

      I remember AT stated that most of the members are on the whitelist, meaning their comment will bypass moderation. If it is delayed, blame it on disques, but once on a whitelist, it is not moderated. For that to work, a little responsibility is required. Most of you are on the list and I know how much workload that eliminates.

      AT (Id I may speak on its behalf) will never allow this forum to degenerate to the level of dehai message board or some other vile forum. The primary objective of this forum is to discuss topics in a civilized way. To do that, there are laws that govern the interaction. Any member who violates the guidelines must be doing it knowingly, let alone veterans of this forum. And when the guidelines are violated, no wasTa, no amalaj, and no nepotism will work at all.

      Having said that, you concluded that Nitric was banned. It is not true. You can check the comments. Nothing like that happened. But it is all right, Mahmuday, it is the graduation week blues 🙂 Nitric was asked to refrain from using abrasive and making unfounded accusation. That is not a difficult request, and I hope he will think it over and come back rejuvenated.

      Nitricc’s account is active and it will remain so. The choice is his because the forum cannot have tailor made regulations to fit each member–and it is not secret that I like him. But the moderators do not debate the regulations when they apply them. And if changes are required, they consider the feedback from members to improve the forum, as always. Some might wish to transform this forum into a violent wrestling arena, but it will remain a debating and discussion forum.

    • Hope

      Mash’allah wo Mebrook Naye wo naye ONLY!
      Welcome back Big Bro!
      -Dehaika Elibde.
      The SheHAnful wo- berad Shai is in a triple order,Sir!
      No worries,Nittric is loading up his guns as we speak.

    • Nitricc

      Mahmuday; congratulations my man! Please extend my congratulations to my brother who made it through. As happy as I am my brother is graduated from collage; at the same time I was thinking; how does some one fill Mahmuday’s shoes and measure up to his accomplishment in life. Think about it?

      The man goes out and dedicates his life and his entire young and productive age for the greater good. And concludes to its conclusion! Then he moves on, with completely different difficult and challenging; the American life; face on, especially after his young and predictive years were spent somewhere else. Easley and understandably he could have thrown the towel and stick the fork and get a job do something to survive; No; instead, he hits the books and goes to collage; work and pay for it while maintaining family. If that is not challenging and daunting enough; his sends his child to collage and his child graduates. I know I am simplifying it ridiculously but I just want to show the drift. The moral of the story is …
      There is the humanity dream; when you gave up your life for a cause. Check!
      There is an Eritrean Dream; when you witnessed the reality of the independence of Eritrea. Check!
      And there is the American dream; when you formed a family; you send your child to college and graduates. Check!
      Mahmuday; now, do you understand why I call you the greatest? my hero!Sir! Again congratulations.
      This where I get in to troubles; when I see people like Mahmuday and what they have done in their life; I am motivated to no end, to do more, to be better. At the same token; when I see people with wasted life and have absolutely nothing to show for calling and whishing war to my people and my country; I simply lost it.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Good to see you buddy; just observe a few rules and get back to business.

  • Mizaan

    Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt sign an agreement or accord if you will over the water use of the great Nile River. Egypt and Sudan have been given assurances that once the reservoir for the massive dam is filled up, 3 to 5 years, the water can only flow in its natural course which is downstream. Plus they will see only about 20% reduction in volume as the reservoir fills up. Egypt cried the Nile is not just a source of water but a source of life.

    Oh my! What’s PFDJ gonna do now? Another hope blown by the wind.

    • Hope

      Come on Mezan,
      At the end of the day, Eritrea and Eritreans will benefit more than any East African Country from the Dam—in the near future.
      Consider the red sea/Dankalia natural Dam—,which will cover the whole Africa and th ewhole Middle East with the cheapest but the cleanest Energy!
      Worry more about the idle Aseb Port,where Djibouti is taking over despite its technical and size issues.
      China taking over Djibouti rather than over Aseb?? Bad news….for Eritrea.
      Not sure what this PIA is dreaming about.
      More worrisome is that Sudan might betray us—and turn against us as it did in 2000 in Tessenei when the worst thing happened in Eritrean Military History!But they will pay the price though!
      Unless the weyanes bomb the Potash Mining, no worries for the next 200yrs,Mizan.PIA will be gone for good and Eritrea and Eritreans will rightfully claim their Land and resources and use it to the best capacity and Eritrea will be better than Singapore or Israel or Switzerland.
      Mark my word!

      • Mizaan

        Hi Hope. Don’t you wish you were home in eritrea with your family? What a feeling it would be to have the professional careers we have here serving our own people! So I hope your last statement wishing eritrea to be like Singapore comes true in our life time. I have never been back to eritrea but I went to Kenya many years ago. I felt at home franky and I can only imagine how it would feel visiting Eritrea. I am getting nostalgic here but your last statement gave me hope.

        The reason why I was happy about the Nile accord is because that isolates PFDJ even further for obvious reasons. So any possible way that squeezes out PFDJ I am in support of. Ethio military intervention is very dangerous. Isolation and internal implosion is the best case scenario. But that leaves remnants of PFDJ with lots of opportunities to take control.

  • Mizaan

    Dear Ali Salim, one would have to write an article to comment, debate, agree or disagree with your entire article. But I agree that the forums are generally too much blubbering than discussing on anything of substance. Look how many times this website has to tell its commenters to act like adults. But I have no idea about the Arabic website. I don’t even know of their existence as I can’t read, write, or speak Arabic.

    Your last paragraph caught my attention. You make a profound statement there:

    “The only and the shortest way to defeat the PFDJ – excepting “Acts of God” – is by branding it as an organization of ethnic fanatics.”

    But I would modify this to be a more accurate reflection. The only and shortest way to defeat the PFDJ – excepting “Acts of God” – is by branding it as an organization of REGIONAL fanatics. All Tigrinya speakers are not fanatics of PFDJ, not even close. PFDJ is highly resented in the entire zoba debub as they call it. Its only fanatic supporters environs of Asmara and north of Asmara all the way to Massawa. That is about it. There is a lot of reasons for that dating back to the creation of PLF and EPLF.

  • selam

    I will wait for his Arabic and Tigrina commentators to come and lecture us how to comment.Unless every thing in this article seems nice for me.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Hello Awatistas,

    “English language forums and their esteemed writers are stuck wrestling the ghosts,” said Younis Hussien, aka Ali Salim. What is you take about his characterization? Have a say on it.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Amde

      Well he wrote it in English and posted it in an essentially English forum h. Methinks he is fighting ghosts too. Ghostbusters anyone?