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Massawa’s Cultural Heritage: Through the Prism of PFDJ

This investigative report was published on June 23, 2003. Two days ago, Asmara, Eritrea’s capital city was designated a “World Heritage site” for its buildings that were built by Mussolini’s Italian Fascist colonizers less than a century ago, and are affectionately promoted as “Art Deco”. Nothing indigenous about it. The 2003 Gedab investigative report focused on Massawa…

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A Thorny Path: the Life of Woldeab Woldemariam,…

14 Jun 2017 Dawit Mesfin Comments (25)

There were very few actively engaged citizens who withstood the test of time and lived through Eritrea’s past struggles.  One…

Eritrea Might Sever Diplomatic Ties with Qatar

13 Jun 2017 Gedab News Comments (30)

In a press release issued by the Ministry of information yesterday, the Eritrean government supported the cutting of diplomatic ties…

Isaias’ Never Ending Border Drama

07 Jun 2017 Awate Team Comments (553)

Since the decision on the delimitation of the Border was delivered by The Eritrean Ethiopian Border Commission on 13 April…

Archives: Reasons To Doubt Reliability of ICG’s Report

02 Jun 2017 awatestaff Comments (186)

Today’s archive material is a Gedab News report from November 8, 2007. Since then, at least once every year, an…




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