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Dear arts and entertainment fans:

This page is prepared specifically for arts and entertainment. The page is in honor of “Kokhob Selam” who nourished Jebena in its older version.

Share and enjoy: but keep it light.  Plenty of space at awate for political debate in the articles pages.



  • Beyan

    Taking time out from the daily grind to pay tribute to Ustaz Abbe Abdella who passed away last week. May he rest in peace:

  • Apologies Jebena visitors,
    The Jebena page has reached to almost 1100 and we cannot have it go on indefinitely. As you might have noticed, the architecture of the page is not proper; we had to stop it for short time until awate 8.0 is launched, hopefully very soon. awate 8.0 will have a blog section which will be a better format. Anyone interested in writing about music and arts, can have a blog, provided they add value to the links they wish to post, just like Sal explained earlier today. Until then, we will be present you one such piece on music and arts, at least bi-monthly–naturally help is welcome.

    Old Jebena Page is here:

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatistas,

    Here is a song lyric for the latest single released by Almaz Aregay. What a song, what a wisdom. It speaks right to the heart beat of every Eritrean man, woman and child currently faced with the incredible ordeals befalling our people. This is truly how our defenseless people feel, and think about the lack of unity and trust among our opposition groups. What a timely song, and her facial expression portrays the feelings and emotions associated rather well. Enjoy!

    ኣይትዓንቅፉኒ! ህዝበይ ኣሎ ኣሎ ኣብ መዓት
    ብድምጻዊት ኣልማዝ ኣረጋይ 2014

    ስርዓት ምስሉያት ምስ ከደ ስዲ፡
    ጉዕዞ ተጀሚሩ ናይ ቃልሲ መንገዲ፡
    ደም-ስኒ ኮይኑና ፍርቁ ናብ ከብዲ፡
    ዝተዓገስናዮም ኣይወሓደን፡ ንክልተ ገጻት ናይ ሓንቲ ሰልዲ፡

    ንሕና… ሃገር ቴማና መበገሲ፡
    ውርጹጽ ብፖለቲካ እናሓየኹ ግሲ፡
    ንዘይተሓተ ሕቶ ይህቡ መልሲ፡
    ንሕኑቕ ምዉት ስርዓት ክኸፍትሉ መተንፈሲ።

    መሳልል ዝሕማሞም ውልቀ ፍትወት፡
    ቋንቋ ቀቢላ እናተጠማመቑ እምነት፡
    ወልፊ እዩ ምድሕርሓር ንህዝቢ ዝጎሲ፡
    ነዚኦም’ውን ሰውራ ኣፍ ኣለዎ ጋህሲ።

    ህጹጽ ሓድነት መድረኽ እናጠለቦ፡
    ደምና ክረግእ እትኸፍልሉ ግቦ፡
    የማን ጸጋም እትብሉ መንደልሓቕቲ፡
    ኣይክንርስዓኩምን ኢና ናይ ታሪኽ ተሓተትቲ።

    ኣንታ መን ኢኻ፡ መን ኢኻ፡ ደሓን ኣይትእቶ፡
    ንሓይሊ ቃልሲ፡ ንድሕሪት ትጎቶ፡
    ኣንታ መን ኢኻ፡ መን ኢኻ፡ ማእቶ ኣይትእቶ፡
    ክትሕቆን ኢኻ ብሰውራዊ ተፎይቶ

    ንሺሕ ሕቶ እንከለና፡ ሓንቲ ጥቕሲ፡
    ንሓንቲ ሓድነት ትደልዩላ፡ ሺሕ መልሲ፡
    ሕዱር ሕማም፡ ናይ ቃልሲ መንደዓት፡
    ኣይትዓንቅፉኒ! ህዝበይ ኣሎ ኣሎ ኣብ መዓት።

  • saay7

    Selamat Rodab and Tzigereda:

    From Tekle Tesfazghi’s greatest hits, this is the mid-chapter of his Great Love Affair.

    This song, “bisienetey dyu” is the part of the saga where he learns that the parents of his Love turn him down and he consoles himself “Gena iyu Edley”…and, in his case, it had a happy ending. For Rodab, because he likes classic. For Tzigereda because she suffers from an intense case of missing Eritrea.

    • Tzigereda

      Many thanks Sal!

    • Rodab

      Selam Sal.
      Thanks for the nice treat.
      I have a treat too. Meet one of my greatest artists. Sadly, he is one of those departed way too early. His last album was different in that he used a variety of instruments as opposed to just a guitar. I have the album I also found one song in youtube (he died shortly after his last album, btw. RIP).
      Of cource Jemal Romodan has re-produced most of Tsegay’s songs, but nothing like the original.
      Without further halewlew, I present the one and only, Tsegay Berakhi.

      • saay7


        Ah, Tsegai Beraki: he has had his songs covered by so many artists. Take “Afom MeAr Iyu/Intay yu rekhibuwa.” I have heard at least 3 artists cover it: first there is Jemal Romadan, who also covered (and by that I mean he ruined) Tsegai’s “Mai ende Hareme.” Then a girl band called Elitiz (cover sounds as bad as the name.) Then there is Yonathan/Lula Band who create a mind-blowing version of it. It is so good that awate actually created a video for it. Here it is (hope you like it):


  • Eyob Medhane

    Hello Everyone,

    Saturday is upon us, so is music time.

    Today’s music is exclusively selected for Sal and his favorite city…

    Singer is Yihune Belay. In my opinion, an extraordinary man, a pride of Ethiopians, especially to those of us in diaspora. A very well rounded guy. Businessman, well educated. SInger? Meh…. He loves Eritreans, too.. 🙂 According to his interview with BBC (which I have provided the clip below) He thinks there is NO problem between Ethiopians and Eritreans at all (hummm..little optimistic there, aren’t we Yihune?) Anyway, here is the song first and the very short BBC report following it…

    • saay7

      Selamat Awatistas:

      Before I listen to and comment on the video, I want to share a typical convo with Eyobai:

      Eyob: I got a story for you on your favorite city, Bahr Dar
      Saay: My favorite…haven’t been there.
      Eyob: Thought you told me you had.
      Saay: No, I told you I have cousins from there.
      Eyob: Ah, I could have sworn…
      Saay: Eyob
      Eyob: Yeah
      Saay: Thank you for not deporting them.
      Eyob: You are welcome.
      sway: And thanks for stealing the Palm Tree Blvd, the Asmara look, for your Bahr Dar.
      Eyob: Any time.


      • Kokhob Selam

        This is the city where I was brought up by the way. it is strange, I visited a lot of cities out side and inside Ethiopia but no city had attracted me like Bahir Dar. I know every one loves where he grow up , but I think Barhir Dar is exceptional as even those who didn’t grow up in this city love as soon as they visit. I love Bahir Dar and it’s people.

        • Eyob Medhane


          Ende?! Yebahir dar lij neh ende?! I knew there was something special about you 🙂 Yes you are right Bahir Dar is a really nice place…so I brought some childhood nostalgia to you through Yihune’s song…You are ver welcome.. 😉

          • Kokhob Selam

            Thank you Eyob. የዚች ከተማ ፍቅር ከልብ ኣይወጣም :: ኣንተ ደሞ ናፍቆቱን ቀሰቀስክብኝ : ኣሁንም ድረስ ዘመድ ኣዝማድና ጓደኞቼ ይኖሩባታል:: ባህር ዳር ለኔ ትልቅ ቦታ ኣላት :: in this music video I watch the house where I use to stay with my parents. but the city has developed very fast. even since last time I visited 1996 till now,there are a lot of jobs done .. I hope I will go very soon to visit Bahir Dar. Thank you once again Eyobay,

      • Eyob Medhane


        First of all it’s not only the palm trees that we ‘BORROWED’ (stealing is such an ugly word 🙂 ) In Bahir Dar, almost everyone rides bike. (A culture that is very alien to Addis Ababa, for some reason that escaped me)

        And yeah. You have been in Bahir Dar not your cousins may be under a different alias, because suspeciousllly, you know too much about the place to the level that only a former resident like Kokhob Selam should have known… So unless, you come up with a tangible evidence to show me otherwise, I still will continue to believe that you have been there…. 🙂

        You conveniently ignored Yihune’s declaration to BBC that “There is no problem between Eritreans and Ethiopians”… I thought you were going to snark the good man here a bit.. 🙂

  • haileTG

    ብኣንቶንዮ ተስፋይ

    7 ሕዳር 2014

    ኣውሎ ኣውሎ ኣውሎ

    ውሰዶ ውሰዶ……..

    ኣላሎ……የ ኣላሎ…..የ ኣላሎ…የ ኣላሎየየየ

    ካናዳ መጸ ክትወስድ ወርቂ
    ቻይና መጸት ክትወስድ ወርቒ
    ሶቭየት’ውን መጸት ክትወስድ ወርቒ
    ህዝብና ይጠፍእ ብዓጸባ ድርቒ
    ህ.ግ.ደፍ ዘመሓድሮ መራሒኦም ጸይቒ፡

    ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየየየ

    መላእክቲ ተሰዲዶም
    ኣቡናት ተሰዲዶም
    ኣንታ ህጻናት ተሰዲዶም
    መናእሰይ ኣዋልድ ተሰዲዶም
    ህ.ግ.ዲ.ፍ ታይግደሶም ዘይምላሽ ከብዶም፡

    ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ

    እሞ መላእኽቲ ጻድቃናት ካብ ተሰደዱ
    ኣቡና ካብ ተሰደዱ
    ኣንታ ህጻናት ካብ ዝተሰደዱ
    መንእሰያት ኣዋልድ ካብ ተሰደዱ
    ሰይጣውንቲ ሓዊ እንተኣጎዱ
    ህ.ግ.ዲ.ፍ ጽባሕ ዝስሕንዋ፡ ሎሚ የምበድብዱ

    ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየየየ

    መብራህቲ ኤለትሪክ ጠፊኡ
    ጸሓይና ደቢና፡ ጣቓ መሊኡ
    ህዝብና ከም እንስሳ ተዘሪዑ
    ህ.ግ.ደ.ፍ ሸኻና መንዚዑ
    ደለይቲ ፍትሒ ተላይ ንዑ፡

    ኣላሎየ ………………………………

    ወዳጀ ትዕቢት እንቕዓ ፈኸራ
    ኤርትራ ለሚዓ፡ ጸሞን ዝሓድራ
    ሓደ ልቢ፡ ዝተበታተነት ስድራ
    ጤል’ያ ወላ እንተነፊራ
    ዘይወግሕ መሲልዋ…. ኣብ ቦዅራ

    ኣላሎየ …………….

    ሰብ ከሎ፡ ሰብ ክምስል ዘይደሊ
    ንሱ ኣነ፡ ኣነ ንሱ’ሉ ነፍሱ ዘላሊ
    ታሪኹ ዝሸጠ ናይ ጨረታ ደላሊ
    ትምኽሕተኛ ህ.ግ.ዲ.ፍ ኣነ በሃሊ፡

    ኣላሎየ ኣላሎየ

    ንጸሓይ ብሰሜን እንተደልየ ብደቡብ ዘብርቕ
    ንደበና ኣዚዙ ዝናብ ዘውርድ በርሚል ዘዕርቕ
    ሸኻታት ዘልምዕ፡ ፈልስ ዘጽድቕ
    ወይ ጉድ ህ.ግ.ዲ.ፍዊ ትያትሮ መስሓቕ፡


    ስሓቕ መጸኒ እንዳበልኩ ኣውሎ
    ዘዘኪረ ህ.ግ.ደ.ፋዊ ውዕሎ
    ኣይትሃዙለይ ካልእ መዓልቲ ክቅጽሎ

    ኣንቶንዮ ተስፋይ

    7 ሕዳር 2014

    ሰዶ ሰዶ እንቶንዮ ሓወይ ሰዶ
    ህግደፍ በጋሚንዶ እዚ’ኳ ክውሕዶ

  • Mahmud Saleh

    ራውሃ ትመጽእ ኣላ

    Dear Awatista, KS, Semere A, Hope….this short meant to meet KS curiosity and semere’s hospitality (Ehmmm.) Enjoy. Peace wo salam.
    ፈርቂ ጉዕዞ ሂወት፡ ተፋሪቓ መዓልቲ
    ሓንጎል ርዝን ኢሉ፡ ረጢባ ልቢ
    ነብሲ ዝሕል ኢላ ለሚዳ ብልሃት
    ልቦና ተኪእዎ ንጽሕዶ ጭዋዳታት

    እጥምት ንድሕሪት የማዕዱ ኣርሒቐ
    ክንደይ ግዜ ዓሪበ ወክንደይ ግዜ ብሪቐ
    ክንደይ ግዜ ተሲአ ወ ክንደይ ግዜ ወዲቐ
    ክንደይ ግዜ ሓዚነ ወ ክንደይ ግዜ ጨሪቐ

    አወ እዝክራ ሂወት ናይ ንእስነት

    ፍሽኽታ ጎባልል ዝኩልዕ ደክሃመት
    ደኣል ጀጋኑ ዘረስርስ ንመዓት
    መሳርዕ ጀጋኑ ዘደፍር ጃጃዋት
    ሎሚ ‘ዚ ወደይ ኣብዚ ዕብመ’ዚ፡-

    ኣይምነዮን ንደቀይ ኣይምነዮን ንዓኻ
    ግን ኣይሃድመሉን፡ እሕበነሉ እብለካ
    ሓጻር ሂወት ጥዑም ‘ዩ ትርጉማ
    ካብ ኣርባዕተ ኩርንዓት ስድራ ኣቚማ

    እንታይ ደኣ ይምነ ባባ ማሕሙድ፡-

    ከኽትም እምነ ንሕንሕ ድኻታት
    ክምርት እጽሊ ሓጻውን ጥፍኣት
    ኣዕሚቑ ክቕበር ወረ-ኲናት ዛንታ
    ሰላም ክትረክብ መዕለቢ ቦታ

    ቶኽቶኽትን መላባዕትን ስርሖም ከብቅዑ

    ረገጽትን መለኽትን ብፍርዲ ክርትዑ

    መርባባት ሓሶት ብሓቂ ክብስዑ

    ዜጋታት ርህይዎም ብጽጋብ ክነትዑ

    ሕሽክብ ዓርርብ ባርካ- ቶጎርባ
    ስመን ክምለስ ሰላም ክዛረባ
    ዓባይ ሳዋ ክምለሳ በጋይታ
    ክምለሶ ባርካ መቓልሕ ረባባ

    እወ ሕልሚ ኣይኮነን፡ ራህዋ

    • Kokhob Selam

      Mahmuday, I know and I knew you have still hidden skill to bring to surface. this poem is again the best among your poems and if you continue you will still bring a lot. it seems the peaceful challenge you face is moving your feelings Lol. Hey, a lot of poems are there in your heart and you need to write them.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Salam KS; ከም ወትሩ ምትትብባዕካ የመስግን። Thank you dear brother.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Eyobay and Say7 Saturday starts first in my area. unless you want give instruction to our nature like DIA you will have to accept that reality. So ትዝታ here.

    • Kokhob Selam
    • saay7

      Selamat Kokhob Selam:

      With respect, you are violating the rules of video sharing. Here are the rules:

      1. Tell us something about the video you are introducing: the artist, the song, the short film, etc.
      2. Tell us WHY you like it or don’t like it; why you are sharing it with awatistas.

      Otherwise, Jebena is going to be a video dumping ground without any added value to awatistas. So please, all contributors, follow these two steps and we can make Jebena awesome.



      • Kokhob Selam

        sure I am going to do that next time. actually this was the continuation of “tzta” that I promised to say something about it. it was then already Saturday here and thought of warming up before you guys. unfortunately was unreachable showing connection error -database (something like that). Thank you.

        • Eyob Medhane


          One more rule that Sal, failed to remind you…Auto tunes need to have warnning disclaimer.. 🙂 Seriously, though..these days especially the 20 somethings are so hooked on computerized their voice, they are making it difficult to us what is what…Speaking of people who sing with their natural voices, I am still not done with you about your undeserved scorn that you dumped on Jano Band. I am on a mission to make you like them… So…please watch this and tell me what you think…

          • saay7


            Don’t listen to Eyob. He gave you a good Jano Band song, but here is their best: Ayrak. And I have improved on it by chopping it to the best part. Watch the quality of the video, the performance, the voice…the mixing… its got it all



          • Eyob Medhane


            You can stick to your story all you want, I never said such a thing…The director of the video is Aida Ashenafi…a woman with an amazingly artistic pedigree… Father a famous classical musician (Dr. Ashenafi Kebede) sister a famous (later disgraced, because that is what hollywood do to you) Soap actress (General Hospital’s Kisha Ward) named Senait Ashenafi, a sister a Florida county Judge named Nina Ashenafi…and NONE of this people are not Eritreans… 🙂

          • saay7

            Ha Eyob:

            I know, but if I had not said “the director of the video is Eritrean”, you would not have told the story you just told even if I had begged you. Mission accomplished:) And, yes, it is a great story and I think she was at the forefront of transforming Ethiopian videos from the same-o same-o to this high quality, hi-res, hi-def movie-quality video.


          • Kokhob Selam

            I am trying to see but I Couldn’t watch. it seems there is something wrong. I will try again tomorrow.

          • Kokhob Selam

            with all movements there is still originality. you mission to introduce me this band is successful to some level. now I will make my own research . Thank you Eyoubay. we will still have to say something about “tizta” but my system is slow today and I will do it next time.

  • Semere Andom

    A message of hope to Cousin Hope:
    Also to Teg. Mahmuday Saleh
    Welcome back Hope and I was impressed by your first comment. After working hard to master your style you changed horses: This song is for you, I hope you enjoy it. And keep the new style and new attitude. Do not let me down
    Also Mahmuday will like the beat of this song and I imagine him dancing and singing along but he will change the lyrics as follows:-)

    ዘመን ዳኣ ሎሞኢ ዲ’ዮ መጺእና
    አበይ ኔርካ ክብሃል ክሎ ሮማይ ወርሒ ወጼአ ብሕሽክብ
    ማይና ደኣ ሎሚ ዲ’ይ ፈልፊሉ
    ነቲ እምኒ ማይ ክነግስዖኦ አብ ዓራርርብ ኣብይ ኔርካ
    ቶኾርሚና ነርና ምስ አሳፋሕና ናብ ሽዕብ ገለብ
    ናብ ሽዕብ
    አብይ ኔርካ አበይ ኒርካ፣ ፌን ኩንታ ኣያ ዓልካ
    ዘመን ክም ዝመጽ ቀድም ዘመን ተተምቢና
    ታታ ክንብል ዝጀመርና ምቑጽጻይ ክመይ ጌሩ ሕጂ ተሰዊጥካ
    ሰሚዐካ አለኹ እዚ ብትሕቲ ሃገራዉነት ከየሕትተካ

    እዋእ ርሲዕዮ እምበር ኣነ ‘ውን ቀደም ‘ዩ ርሒብለይ
    እንተደልይ ብጉያ ንቢሲ
    ፊን እንተቢለናኒ ድማ መኪ ተወጢሓ ናብ ጎላጉል ዲሲ
    ሾዖይ ይመስለኒ ዘልኹ አብ ጎላጉል ኣውገት
    አይብልካን ክይብልኑ ብዓል ናይትሪካይ
    ንምንታይ ንጉስ ቀይርካ ከይብልኑ ብዓል ዳዊታይ
    እምበር እማንካ
    ራሕበት ኮይኑለይ
    እስክ ሓንሳእ ኣኽይፍና ይዓኺ ተወደብ እስክታ
    እሽም: እሽም: እሽክትሽም!

    • Kokhob Selam

      ማሕሙዳይ በል እነሀልካ ኣዘንጊዑ ኣብ ኣንጎሎ ተጸብዩካ :: ” ክልተ ዑፍ ብሓንቲ እምኒ ” በትን ን hope መርገጹ ከትርር ይመኽሮን የምህሮን :ትኣመር እዩ : በቲ ድማ ይጫረቕ :: ኢሂ ድሃይካ እስከ ኣስምዓና :: ፍቅርኻ ሕሱም እዩ ከምትፈልጦ :: ንስኻ ዘይሃለኻዮ ዕላል ጎዶሎ እዩ ::

  • Kokhob Selam

    እንዳ ዓዋተ : እስከ ፍሽኽ በሉ !

    ኣደይ ራህዋ ኣይግድን ! ሎሚ ምሸት ጓሂ ዝወሓጠን እየን ዝመስላ :: ወላ ‘ኳ ቡን ከፍልሓ እ ንተጸነሓኒ ኣብ ገጸን ዘይዕግበት: ተስፋ ሙቅራጽን : ሕርቃንን የንብብ ኣለኹ ::እቶም ምስአን ዝጸነሑኒ ኣጋይሽ ግን ከምልማዶም ወኻዕኻዕ እዮም ዝብሉ ነይሮም :: ስለ’ ዚ ዝኾነ መርድእ ወይ ካብ ደገ ዝመጸ ዘይጽቡቅ ወረ ከምዘየለን ግዚያዊ ብስጭት ከምዘለውንን ኣረጋገጽኩ ::

    ኣደይ ራህዋ ድሓን ዲኽን ዝብል ሕቶ ኣቅረብኩለን ” ኮኾብ ወደይ በቃ ኩሉ ስቃይና ተረእዩኒስ ቅሩብ ሓሳብ ውሒጡኒ ” ይብላኒ :: ኣቦይ ሰመረ ተቀቢሎም ” ሎሚ ‘ኳ ዋዛን ስሓቅን ከይፈጠርካ ክትወጽእ የብልካን ” ይብሉኒ :: እሂ ኣደይ ራህዋ ሓንቲ ዋዛ ዶ ወስ ክብል ኢለ እንተሓተትኩወን ” ኣይ ሎሚስ ዝበልካ ተበልካ ‘ኳ ዝስሕቕ ኣይመስለንን ” ይብላኒ :: ትቅብል ኣቢለ በላ ኣነ ድማ ነቲ ዓለም ዘብርህ ፍሽኽታኽን እንተዘይኣምጺኣዮ ኮኾብ ኣይኮንኩን ይብለን እሞ ” እስከ በል ግን ብግጥሚ ኣቅርባ ይብላኒ :: ጆባእ ኣደይ ኣርሀት !

    ……. ምህለላ ህግደፍ ……….

    “ኣንታ ፈጣሪ ንዓኻ ዝለመኑ:-
    ጾሎት ዝገበሩ የዕርፉ ይቐስኑ::
    እንተ ንዓይ ወላ ዘይትሰምዓኒ :-
    ሰላም ኣይረኸብኩ ርህዋ ኣይትበኒ ”

    እናበለ ኣስተማሰለ እቲ ህግደፋዊ :-
    ኣዝዩ ደኒኑ ክመስል ባሕታዊ ::

    “መዓስ እሞ ትእሎ ንራህዋ ንሰላም :-
    ብዕልኻ ትቕሎ ትቀርብ ናብ ጸላም :-
    ረብሻ ኮይንካዮ ፍጡር ወዲ ኣዳም :-
    ሓሰድ ምቀኝነት ወሪስካዮ ካብ ቀድም ::”

    በሎ ፈጣሪ ብምቅጻል :-

    “እምበር ሕራይ እስከ ኩሉ ይህበካ :-
    ሓንቲ ቅደመ ኩነት እንተተማእዚዝካ :-
    ትእዛዘይ ብገባብ ግርም እንተፈጺምካ :-
    ብዝሃብኩኻ ዓጊብካ ንሰብ ከይበደልካ ::”

    “ሕራይ ፈጣሪ ይፍጽም ዝበልካኒ :-
    ዝበልካዮ ይገብር ሕጂ ንገረኒ ::”

    “ግርም በል ንስኻ ዝበልካኒ ሕጂ ክህበካ :-
    ግን ክንዲ ክልቲኡ ክህብ ንጎሬቤትካ :-

    ሓንቲ ቪላ እንተለሚካኒ ሕጂ ትረክብ :-
    ጎረቤትካ ድማ ክልተ ይወሃብ ::”

    ህግደፋዊ ተመልሶ ሕማሙ :-
    ወዲ ድሙ ከም ቀደሙ :-
    ክሓስብ ጀመረ ተገሪሙ :-
    ጎሬቤቱ ከጥፍእ ወሲኑ ዛዚሙ ::

    ንፈጣሪ ሓቶቶ ሓንቲ ዓይኑ ከዐውሮ :-
    መእንቲ ጎሬቤቱ ክልተ ዓይኑ ክስውሮ ::

    ሻቡ በሎ ፈጣሪ –

    “በዚ ምኽንያት ኢና ፉንፉን ጌርናካ :-
    ሓሰድን ዓብላልነትን ኣትዩ እዩ ኣብ ደምካ””

    በሎ ንብለኩም

    ኣደይ ራህዋ ብሰሕቕ ክርትም በላ::ኩሎም ስሓቑ::ስሒቆም ምስ ወድኣኡ ግን ተገምጠልኩዎም–ኣነስ ክትስሕቁ ኢለ እምበር ህግደፋውያን ፈጣሪ ኣይፈልጡን እዮም – ብምባል ዛዘምኩ እም ጭንቀትን ሕርቃንን ኣደይ ራህዋ በነነ ::

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

  • Kokhob Selam

    ኣደይ ራህዋ ኩነታት ዞባናን : ኩነታት ስግር ዘለው ሃገራትን ብዙሕ እዩ ኣሻቂልወን :: መዓስ ‘ሞ ፈሊጠን እቲ ትኽስ ዘይብል ተጋዳላይና ኣርቂቑ ይዕዘቦ ከም ዘሎ :: ሻቅለኣን ግን ኣብ ቦትኡ እዮ ዘሎ :: ህግደፍ ነዚ ከምዚ ዝበለ ኩነታት ክትምዝምዝ – ክትፈጥሮ እትኽእል ሸርሒ ክህሉ ከምዝኽእል ክንጠራጠር የብልናን :: ክኸውን ሎሚ ኣትያቶ ዘላ ዓዘቅቲ ዕድሜኣ ዘሕጽር ስለ ዝኾነ :: ሓንሳብ የሁድ :ሓንሳብ ሱና : ሓንሳ ብ ሽዓ : ሓንሳብ ተዋህዶ : ሓንሳብ ካቶሊክ : ሓንሳብ ኣልቃዒዳ : ኩሉ እናበለት ዝተጻወተቶ ብፍሽለታ እዩ ተረጋጊጹ ::እሞ ዳዕሽ ኮይንካ ምፍታን ወይ ዳዕሽ ፈጥርካ ምድንጋር ዶ ከየሕፍራ ! ገለ ዶ ክንብል. ?

    . . . .ኣትኩሮኻ ወገን . . . .

    ይሃብብ እዩ ዘሎ :-
    . . . እቲ ንፋስ ኣውሎ :-
    ዞቦና ይኾሎ :-
    . . . ይዞሮ ይዕብልሎ :–

    ሓደገኛ ማዕበል :-
    . . . እናመስለ ቀሊል :-
    ኣዝዩ ዝሻቕል :-
    . . .ሓላይ ንኽመስል :-
    ህዝብታት ይዕብልል ::

    እሞ ጠንቀቕ ወገን :-
    . . .ከይትብል ደንግርግር :-
    ሓደገኛ እዩ ዘመን :-
    . . .ከይንስረቕ ሃገር ::

    ብሰንኪ ገባቲ :-
    . . . ማእዘና ከይንስሕት :-
    በዚሖም መዝመዝቲ :-
    . . .ኣድቂቕና ንጠምት :-

    ኣይትተሃመል ወገን ብሜላ ህግደፍ :-
    ብዙሕ እያ ትፍትን ቅልጽምካ ክትዓጽፍ :-
    ኣብ ኣጋ ዓወትካ ሓይልኻ ከይሰንፍ :-
    ኣቶኪርካ ተመልከት ምስትብሃል ኣይትግደፍ ::

    ናይ ብሕሶት ጉጅለ ወዲባ ወዳዲባ :-
    ዘይፈልጡ ግሩሃት ኣእትያ ተጣቢባ :-
    ከይትፈጥር ኩናት ልቢ ሰብ ሰሊባ :-
    ተጠንቅቕ ተመልከት ዕድል ኣይትሃባ ::

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

  • Nitricc

    “ If you hail from Ethiopia, then teff is no stranger to you. In fact, it is the stuff that the local staple bread – injera – is made from. The 4,000-year-old teff, or by its botanical name Eragrostis tef (literally meaning “the grass of love”), is an annual grass indigenous to the highlands of the Horn of Africa, namely Ethiopia and Eritrea. The seeds do not resemble the more common triticum grains (wheat, rye, oats, etc.) but look very much like bird seed. Some 3,000 seeds weigh a measly one gram. In fact, the word “teff” comes from the Amharic word teffa, which means “lost.”
    That is, the seeds are so small that they can easily get lost.
    For a food to be a staple in any part of the globe, it must be sufficient to sustain life. Teff is such a food, having very high calcium content, complete proteins (all eight essential amino acids), carbohydrates and other minerals such as phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc. It is also a rich source of dietary fiber. Unlike regular grains, it also has vitamin C. In comparison, teff has twice the amount of protein, five times the fiber and 25 times more calcium than brown rice, the staple of the Far East.
    Something that will especially endear it to many is that it is totally lacking in the protein gliadin, making it gluten-free and suitable for celiac sufferers.
    A promising, high-yield crop, teff can be grown in almost any climate that is frost-free.
    It has been receiving worldwide attention not only for its benefits to humans but also as a nutrient-rich foraging crop for livestock. Locals even use the straw, mixed with mud, for building purposes. The yield is so high that in 12 weeks, half-akilogram of teff seeds can produce one ton of crop, hundreds of times less than the requirements for planting wheat.
    The famous Ethiopian bread injera, a flat bread, very similar in appearance and texture to a pancake, is prepared with the consistency of pancake batter and baked in a skillet on a hot stove or fire. That’s where the resemblance with pancakes ends, though, because injera is not a sweet bread. In fact, it is quite sour (for Ethiopians, the more sour the better), made with sourdough, wild yeast.
    Used in a similar way to Mexican tortillas or Israeli lafa, injera is eaten wrapped around spicy meat or vegetable dishes.
    While injera is the traditional use, teff flour can be used as a wheat flour substitute for anything from breads to cakes.
    Since it is gluten-free and thus has trouble retaining its structure, when making bread from it, it’s recommended to use loaf pans to support the shape of the loaf.
    Since teff grains and flour remain a marginal market in Israel, they are not easily obtained.
    Certain markets in cities with a large Ethiopian representation stock them as do a number of health food stores (although they hike up the prices).
    While Israel has only half the obesity rate of the US (14 percent vs 32%), we would still be wise to look south to this promising grain and its effects on the local population – Ethiopia has a 0.7% obesity rate and is world renowned for it middleand long-distance runners.
    Perhaps this is because of the overall Ethiopian lifestyle, but it could very well be due to this nutritious staple grain”

    Reading this Israelis news paper; I thought I will say something abot regarding the runners.
    In some degree Teff has contributed to the Ethiopian runner’s success. It is true that Teff is high in Iron and it turns out to help runners in moving haemoglobins in exchange of oxygen during enduring run. However; the main success of the Ethiopians is due to the skinny cuff. The skinner the cuff, the less surface area of the muscles and the less oxygen you use to sappily it. The less oxygen to your cuff muscles, the more for the lungs and the more in turns the more you run or have great endurance.
    Kenyans don’t consume Teff but they are very good at running because they have skinny cuffs and legs.

    • Kokhob Selam
      • haileTG

        Thanks KS,

        I enjoy Almaz’s songs alot, she is real talented. This one is an early seasonal gift for those ሕዱር ሕማም ናይ ቃልሲ መንደዓት፡ pulling their hairs out because PFDJ in going to be investigated inside Eritrea 🙂

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Bravo Food scientist. I will teach you more.

      By the way, do you know Bao-bab, locally, we call it Dileb (STJ and Mahmuday may not it better). I did a research on this wild fruit (actually very rich source of Calcium and vitamin C). Read,;

      If you are a patient learner, I will teach you more about Eritrean foods.
      By the way, you better study food science to help your people in securing food.
      Anyhow, great read about teff; Thank you Nitrikay

      • Nitricc

        Hey Tes, I mean to thank you for your last post on there thread regarding plant intelligence. Very interesting! I suggest you stop this nonsense about politics and get into teaching us. You opened the whole new game with that post, again thanks.
        Back to this thread. I am not really food scientist but I have a great interest and informal research in the subject of food. I figure, if I am going to look for it three times a day, why not be informed what goes
        in to my body. Actually I am eager to share with Awtistas what ever my findings but I never got around it. I will do tho.
        Regarding Eritrea and food security, well I am not an expert in this matter but my proposal Asseb for part of Gojam was just to accomplish food security in Eritrea. The idea behind that proposal is if we can get our ORGANIC food by farming in Gojam, then we can shut down any farming activity in entire Eritrea for a few years so the soil can regenerate with few smart fertilizers while the farming land is recovering; then you implement aggressive and modern farming methods by educating every single farmer in Eritrea. The idea is to have strong and smart Eritrea in all aspects of life. So, while I am trying to put something together, not only I am interested to learn from you but I appreciate it very much.

        Now, do you agree with my line of thinking to shut down the farming land for say 3 to 5 years? This is done to regenerate the soil’s fertility and educate the farmers modern agriculture methods. What say you? Even better, do you think Eritrean farm lands are over used? What can be done to triple and quadruple our production in agriculture sector?

        i have few ideas but let’s hear your take.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          Hi Nitricc,

          First, your Bartering proposal is morally, scientifically and politically is unacceptable. I will not disturb Gebena with my hard comments but think on an economic term called “comparative advantage.” If we are good in providing services then we can specialize on this line and Ethiopians can specialize on producing foods. While one leaves his own resource and look for the other.

          Second, your 3-5 years shut down proposal is just a jok. Eritrean land has been shut down for the last 50 years. First, Ethiopia and then PFDJ. We should open our land to farmers. But not for military farmers. More, we should change our agricultural systems. PFDJ did not practice so far any agriculture. Today around 95% of the entire population is dependent on agriculture (before it was 80%). The target soon after PFDJ fall will be to leave 30% of rural people practicing agriculture within 10 years. And within 30 years, less than 10%. We have the sea, good potential for tourism and trade. We need to build more than 10 ports. I have a proposal for that and I will share with you another time. For now, have a good weekend.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Comparative advantage explained:

            suppose: We get profit from a service provided to Ethiopia and of course other countries in Assab port generates one billion dollars a year.

            And suppose, we import agricultural goods (specially, coffee, crops like teff and fruits) of around 100 kg for every Eritrean per year and suppose the cost of this 100 kg is 100 dollars, then, we will buy goods which will cost us 6,000,000 (Eritrean population) x 100 dollars (cost of every 100 kg) = 600,000,000 dollars.

            Then, we still have a net profit of 1000,000,000 – 600,000,000 = 400, 000,000$ (Export-Import difference). This 400 million dollar is enough to run the health sector of the entire Eritrean people (which will help us to be free of foreign aids hence the real “self-Reliance” policy).


            This is just an economic activity in connection to port Assab. The rest, we have plenty. In fact, Eritrea is self capable to feed its people. Even we don’t need to import crops. By the way, for the coffee, we have “salt” for exportation.

          • Nitricc

            Tes, since 1950’s the price of food went down while the cost of health care went skyrocketed. there is a very good reason for it. so, the reason i want to farm my food in Ethiopia is simply; Ethiopia have the best land to produce a best food. sure we can charge money and import crops from Canada, America and you name it. but the quality of the crops is nothing but empty calorie.
            so, my idea is to invest in a quality food instead of investing in a equality of health care. the gretest medicine is food, not pills. i will share in very detail.
            we will continue on this one.

          • dawit

            Dears Nitricc and Tes,
            Sorry for injecting myself in your beautiful discussions I am really enjoying it. It is much fruitful discussions than our dull political argument. As they say in economics, trade is a win-win situation and no body loses in trade. But unfortunately Nitricc your proposal of growing your food in Ethiopia is not practical in todays political climate between Eritrea and Ethiopia. As soon as you start your farm Ethiopian will say you came to exploit Ethiopian resource. If you were from India, Holland, Germany or Saudi Arabia, you will be considered as investor and you will be welcomed. That is the unfortunate reality. Hopefully this will change and peace will prevail in the region and the two nations would use their resources to the benefit of both people.
            Peace, dawit

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Nitriccay,

            Today’s agrifood business is changing. “Produce and consume Locally” is the new approach now. When you produce locally, you conserve the environment, the ecology, the biodiversity, the culture and tradition as well as the know how. Importing from Canadian market or else is not a good strategy. We need to change this first. On foods grown in Ethiopia,I have told you that Eritrea can feed itself. The only thing we need to do is to change our agricultural policy.

            Let me share with you on such policy changes. In the 1950’s, Food security policy was the main issue (where PFDJ is still stuck on) but today providing safe, all time availability, “GOOD Food”, environmentally friendly food should be provided to every individual. In projection, “every individual has a right to good food and at a fair price” This is a summary of my recent conference participation in Italy on “Origin, territory and Diversity”.

            America is not in the right track regarding food but I will help you to have an introduction to “Slow Food Movement” . “for more google please). I have more to share in this regard.

            I will assure you again: “Eritrea has a very high potential to be self-sufficient in food” No need to look for other land.

            Dear Nitriccay, you are right when you advice me to concentrate on my profession. But, it will be hard to practice what I have with the current PFDJ system because of this I am here to take my responsibility in changing the system. I am not against Eritrean history, I am not against development. I am here for development, I am here for showing the ignorance of PFD

            policies hoping that either way I have to share my take.

          • Abinet

            What is so special about Assab port that cost ethiopia 1billion a year ? In my opinion it is better even to pay more to Djibouti than eritrea. Not only they are reliable ,more importantly, we trust them . They stood with us in good and bad times.
            Tes, if you want to export salt to buy coffee, get ready to produce a lot of salt . I really don’t know the current price of salt and coffee. But , I remember long time ago, 1 Kg of salt was 0.50 cents where as a Kg of coffee was $12-15 depends on the quality. Remember , this is not export quality coffee .
            Since this Gebena section, I have a question for you . Do you like your coffee with sugar or with salt? I like mine black with no sugar . Starbucks double espresso is the way to go in the morning.

          • Nitricc

            Tes, i don’t think you understood what i am saying.
            I don’t see any immoral about swaping what you don’t have. no one is taking advange over no one. i don’t think you understood what i was trying to say. i am observing the agriculture system and its method and i am stunned, they are able to grow anything on it. your assessment it has been shut down for the last 50 years is simply incorrect. Zoba Makle and Zoba dobub is tosted.
            i am not guessing on this one but i am looking at it. it is true, Gash-Barka might be usable and it might not be over used due the war but still it needs study in order to maximize production.
            regarding the see, well, that is a different story and the potential is huge, but it won’t substitute land farming, it compliments it.
            again, swapping what you need is not taking advantage but business. i think you are watching to much western drama. i see nothing wrong with it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            hmm, dear Nitriccay,

            I got your scope. You didn’t understand my terms. Anyway, I will not disturb Jebena. I will discuss with you on the forum comment section.

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          By the way, you are very well come.

  • haileTG

    መጽወትቲ-ሞባእ፡ ብጎሓላሉ ክእከብ፡
    ዉልደ ካህን ዓስኪሩ፡ ኣእዳዉ ብደም ክሕጸብ፡
    ብጹዕ ወ ቅዱስ፡ ክቕንጠጥ ብዓለማዊ ሰብ፡
    ሰዶም ጎሞራ ተባሪዑ፡ ሰሪ ሓጥያት ሰበብ።

    ውሉዳ ክጠፍኡ፡ ድራር ዓሳ ወይ ብሳንጃ ብኻራ፡
    ብትዕቢት ዝተወጠረ ልቢ ዘይዓጅቦ ክሳራ፡
    ብጃምላ ክትጉሕጓሕ፡ ሃገር ብሃገራ፡
    ስራይ’ዶ ይኸውን፡ ካብ ኢዳ፡ እከይ መጋብራ፡
    መንፈሳውያን መራሕቲ፡ ዓገብ በሉ፡ ይኣኽላ ኤርትራ!!!

    ኣብ ገምገም ጸድፊ፡ ተንጠልጢላ ብፈትሊ፡
    ኣማኢት ኣሻሓት፡ ብጎረቤት ክማዕቆቡ ንመዕቀሊ፡
    ሬሳታት ዕሸላት፡ ብዘይ ንቡር ፍትሓት ክገድፉልና ጠሊ፡
    ልቢ ዘይቋጸሩ ህጻናት፡ ካብ ሕቑፊ ወላዲ ዝፈላሊ፡
    ምስትውዓል ድዩ ዕሽነት፡ ንዘይተርፍ ኽፉእ ክትጽበ ብዓቕሊ!


    • Semere Andom

      ናይ ህግደፍ ሲ ኣለዎ መወዳእታ
      ሽሕ ዓመት ዶ ከይነብሩ ክም ማቱሰላ
      ቀሪቦም ‘ዮም ክኸዱ ኣዎድዶ ጥራይ ‘ቲ ባዴላ
      ግና አይትዛነ ገዲፎም አለዎ ሕድጊ ሂወቶም
      ወረስቲ ናይ ዓራቶም
      ነቲ ፍርዩ ተፋረዩ ዎ ምልእዋ ለመሬት ብፊደሉ ኣተግቢሮም
      እቶም ወረስቲ ዕራቶም ኣይኮኑን ጥራይ ፍረ ዘርኦም
      ተወሊጅ አለው ተጻይ ‘ቶም ውሉዳት ድቂ ዊሉዳት
      ይጸውዩ ክማኻ ብኹለን ቋንቋታት
      ይትንትኑ ንዛንታኻ ብኣንክሮ
      ተሰናቢትካ ለይትኹም ትኹን ልዋም
      ተቋጺርካ ድሮ
      ጸላም ተኸዲኖም ይሰድኻ ንዒላ-ዕሮ

      መን ‘ዮም እቶም ሓድጎም?
      እወ እቶም ኣብ ልዕሊ መቃብርና ንደምና ጨሊጦም ዝሰሰኑ
      ገሊኦም ነብያት ሓሶት
      ገሊኦም ሃዋርያት ጥልመት
      ብሕርካም ናቅፋ ዝሸጡ ንፍትሒ ንበረኽት

  • Mahmud Saleh

    sealam sem A

    ናብ ዝኸበርካ ደብተራ ሕፉናይ ወድ ኣቡየ ዓንዶም

    You have been identifying the prophets and the faithful, the heroes and the villains, the leaders and the followers, the thinkers and the actors warning us of follies awaiting us in disguise of romanticizing the ” G” word, demanding that we shake our love for the “E” word, as in Eritrawnet, a man whose action helped two unlikely allies in the persons of dawit and abraham እዚ ‘ኳ ክውሕደካ!! My friend sem A, as long as you cling to “my way or the highway” as Hope would repeat it, you will remain to be the subject of my poetic practice. And you never know how effortlessly it flows when you ratchet up your ” alliance of murderers” rumbling. Ya zemeeli Semere haka hazhi alqesidah alqasirah (TabEan mn AEmaQ Qelbi) Here is this short poem from the depths of my heart, my friend semere.

    ናይ ሰመረ ጽላለ
    ዓቐኑ ክንዲ ገለ
    ሕፉናይ ኣብ ጽላለ
    ብማዕዶ’ዩ ዝልለ
    ውዒልዋ ሎሚ ንኹሉ ከራኽብ
    ወረቐት “መወሳወሲ” ክዕድል ክጽብጽብ
    ነቲ ከደራይ ከሕልፍ
    ነቲ ቀይሕ ከተርፍ
    ነቲ ዶጭዳጭ ኢልዎ
    “በትረ ፍትሒ” ቢልዎ
    ነቲቀጢን ቢልዎ
    “ህድድድድዳድፍ” ቢልዎ
    ፍጹም ተደናጊርዎ

    ንኹሉ ኣንዲድዎ
    ነቲጽቡቕን ሕማቕን
    ጽሩይን በካልን
    ዝብላዕን ዘይብላዕን
    ዝድርበን ዝእከብን
    ፈውሲ ይደሊ ኣሎ ሕፉናይ
    ከምጁይ ድምድሙታይ

    ናይ ሕሽክቡታይ
    ሓንገሉ ዘጽርየሉታይ
    ወይስ “ፈሽ” ኣበልከኒታይ
    ታይ ታይታይታይቱታ
    ቱታ ቱታይ
    “ሓደ ልቢ” ካብ ወሰድዋ
    “ሓደ ሓንጎል” ዘይነቕርያ
    ዘይንውንና ብዘይሕርያ
    ዝሰምዐ ተሎ ይድገማ
    ቁልቁል ኣፉ’ቲ ዘይደገማ

    • Kokhob Selam

      ማሕሙዳይ ቀዲምካኒ ! ንሰመረስ ኣነ እየ ሓሲበሉ ነይረ :: በል ክእለት ይሃብካ እምበር ዋዛ ኣይኮነን ወደያት ::ኣንበሳ እዩ ሕጂ ዓጢቁ ክመጸካ እዩ ::

    • Semere Andom

      ስለምንታይ ዘይገርመና?
      ታሪኽ ስለ ዘንበብና
      ከምታ አመሎም ሓድሽ ስም ጠምቁዃ
      እንተተምሰለሎም ይጅምሩ ኪዳን ምስ ነብያትን ሓሶት
      ታሪኽ ተወክስ ይብሉዃ ታሪኽ እንዳ ደምሰሱ
      ጭብጢ ይሕቱዃ ንጭብጢ ምስ በረዙ
      ምድግጋም ይጽልእዎ ሐቂ እንትኾይኑ
      ይርዕምዎ ግና ሓሶት እንተጸውዩ
      ንሳ ንኽትንግስ ይምሕሉ ብስም ነቢ ሓሶት
      ይጓንዩኻን እንክልኻ ሃዋርያ ምስተርሆት
      ንመካ ገጾም ይስግዱ ወዲዮም መስቀል
      ይብሉኻ ኣለናልካ ግደፎ ሸቅልቅል
      አብ ክንዳኻ ንሕና ክንሰግድ ክንምህለል
      የውደኽድኹ ፈዳሕዳሕ የብዝሑ ይጭድሩ
      አበይ ነርካ ንሰማያት እርትራ ብዘይ ምሳልል ክንድዪቦ
      ንታባታት ሳሕል ብዘይ እግሪ ክውጥሖ
      አባይ ንርካ ንጎላጉል ባድመ ብዝይ ሳንቡእ ክንሳጎሮ
      ነቲ ሂወት ዝሃብካ ክይትዳፍሮ

    • Kokhob Selam

      ማሕሙዳይ :- ኣይበልኩን እንዶ ኣይብለኩን : ግን ኣቤት ከመሕረልኩም : ይበል! ንሕና ድማ መን ቃላት ቀመረ – መን ሓሳባቱ ኣስፈረ ክንዕዘብ ኢና ::