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YG’s Dilemma: A Compass Can Only Draw A Circle

Yes, Eritrea is in perilous condition. Its economy is stagnant…. Inflation is soaring and people are suffering. The youth, the military, and the population are all fed up, and rightfully so.  The so-called leaders failed and failed miserably. Our political order is non-existent and we blame no one but ourselves. This is our mistake, our…

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Philsophical Enklil Part 2: Mystifying The Obvious

After filtering out the background noise of YG articles, what we are left with is just simply intellectual stuttering. This stuttering of YG has been going on for far too long with utter disregard to fact, truth, or decency. Day in and day out he has made a mockery of everything Eritrea and what Eritreans aspire for. It is shamelessly driven to prove a philosophical point that cannot withstand the smell test let alone a thorough analysis. Yet he goes on to stutter endlessly.…

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Philosophical Enklil Part 1:Discuss Fishing Without Mentioning Fish

Recently, I have read articles written in that attempted to address the existence of alleged “child soldier” in the Eritrean struggle during liberation war against Ethiopia. Yosief Gherberhiwet (YG), What the Book of Martyrs Doesn’t Say: Part I and Part II.  There was also Zekre Libona (ZL) with his The Eritrean Revolution and Its…

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