Tuesday , September 28 2021
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Comparing Two Commissions

It was in the old days when the hand picked members of the constitutional commission of Eritrea were busy touring the nation teaching and explaining the need and importance of a constitution. The constitution’s final draft was obvious for any critical observer—it wouldn’t divert an inch from what the EPLF …

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On Semere Tesfay: Giving Up Justice In pursuit Of Security

Recently Semere Tesfay posted an article titled, Challenging The Rhetoric  & hypocrisy of violent regime change,  at Awate.com. As I understood it, in essence the article argues that we should give up the pursuit of justice for the sake of security, peace and harmony in Eritrea. Many would find the …

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A Testimony On Milkias

Milkias is special when it comes to exposing the tyrannical regime’s brutal nature and cruel treatment of its own people. He is not saying it only now, when everybody has taken it as a fashion to write and talk about it, but long time ago, right in the middle of …

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